i give up!!!!!!!!!

Can we talk about how fucking good Matthew looks with that damn eyeliner???

Somebody needs to give me a scene now where Magnus applies some eyeliner on Alec’s eyes and then they’ll go to “Pandemonium”, Magnus showing off his gorgeous boyfriend, including a hot, sexy dancing scene.

Excuse me, I just need some air now.

in honour of Jackson’s Birthday, I’d like to bring this video back

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i have no idea what is that e_e make it easier for me

Demi and Selena were in a “friendship” movie on the Disney Channel called Princess Protection Program that everyone called a G-rated lesbian movie bc of how gay Selena’s character was for Demi’s.  First off, her name is “Carter.”  It was like a hate to love kind of friendship.  And instead of going to prom with dudes, they went together with a bunch of other girls.  In the end, Demi’s character became queen and they both become secret agents together to protect other princesses.  I watch it 3 times a year man.  Fuck it, I’m gonna rewatch it tonight.

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  • Qiu Tong: [appears in Sun Jing's field of vision}
  • Sun Jing [inside]: my favorite human has arrived. They are cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet them in a manner indicative of my appreciation for their existence.
  • Sun Jing: hey nerd

look guys I’m so fucking excited about the idea of a malec “waking up together” scene but istg if magnus has makeup and/or perfectly styled hair in said scene I’m suing the showrunners

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Hooow about... Nr. 3? I would just send a picture of a heart that I doodled somewhere... but maybe you're more interesting....

Aww that heart would bring so much joy though. Literally spreading love :D

And uh… idk about mine. I’m a bit embarrased because apparently… the last thing i drew is a serious all out thing that i never bothered to finish… and it wasn’t royai… *blush*

*runs away sCREAMING*