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If you are a book lover, or if you appreciate librarians or if libraries have been a second home to you, you will relate to this speech. Hillary explains why librarians and libraries are critical in today’s time. She even gives a shout out to Harry Potter! You should watch it (x)

  • *the lab*
  • Sherlock: *sulking*
  • Molly: *working* It's all in your head, you know.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* No. He's got it in for me.
  • Molly: *chuckles* He's a cat.
  • John: *confused* What's the matter?
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Oh, Sherlock's declared war on Toby. He thinks he hates him. I've told you not to antagonise him.
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* And I've told you, when we're in bed, the only pussy I want to see is the one beneath your nightie.
  • John: *mortified* I swear to GOD.
  • Sherlock: Swear all you like; won't stop being true.

KAITLYN LIAO → The Freshman
Women of Choices Aesthetics [#08]

“We shouldn’t keep them waiting, though, or my dad might burst in with a rainbow flag in each hand preaching about marriage again.”

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ok but i wanna see pj fight fresh one day. that'd be fun to watch.

Well… Honestly - it would be interesting to see PJ holding up ink barriers as defense as he runs from universe to universe - having Fresh keeping up pace and on his pursuit. But in the end - it’s a being who doesn’t want to fight go up against a parasite who moves from host to host to survive and if needed to fight in order to keep going - they would. 

On his own, PJ has barely any motivation to keep going and to not just surrender and get his blemish on the universes wiped clean. 

But if it was after PJ met Omni and they were there? Then he would at least be the distraction that can get Omni (and Mono of course!) out of harms way. 

Cause gosh - I mean - I do love Fresh as a character. Him being unable to feel but hides it up with radical lingo - it gives a lot of complexity to him. But in a moment where Fresh needs the next host asap and will do anything to get it (due to running on the pure instinct of ‘survive’)? And if PJ was in that same area? Well - I know who would win in that scenario no doubt. 

Writing is hard. 

You have times when you can write 50 fucking pages in a week, and times when you spend hours looking at your text and not finding the motivation to write. 

There are times when you’re so hyped in your story that you create entire parts of it in your brain, and times when you’re already thinking about writing something else. 

There are times when the words flow easily, and there are times when you can’t write anything at all and you force yourself to finish that damn scene.

There are times when you see yourself writing the ending, and times when you wonder if you’ll ever manage to finish your story.

But hey, that’s okay. That’s writing. You can’t be productive all the time. Motivation comes and goes, and you can’t really control that. Writing is a journey and the road can be rough, so you have the right take breaks.

 Don’t give up on writing, though. It’s worth it.

You should have told me
When I was with you
You should have said it
To my face
But you didn’t
And I didn’t have the strength
To beg anymore
So I left
And you
You let me
—  enlightenedreader ~ 18/05/17 (2) ~

lowkey really wanna change my url to something either andrew related or maybe soc but i can’t pick or find anything that i love with every finer in my being s i g h