i give up!!!!!!!!!


Here’s a request @sexrotten did a shitton of time ago. I’m so sorry for taking to much time ;; Morty in sodas and skateboards from the color palette I reblogged a while ago. 


I have updated my rules slightly ( i know it’s not the best description, i’ll be doing further editing at a later date. )

it includes alterations in the following : 

• there will be no smut on this blog as of now. it doesn’t mean i won’t be shipping, it doesn’t mean i won’t share nsfw hcs and perhaps images but it does mean for my own comfort i’ll no longer be writing it.

• no one is to attempt to force my muse to act a certain way. Manipulation in all forms is a completely different topic. I’m talking about “ shoving things down my throat “ in the terms of how you think / want him to act.  ( i apologize if this comes across as blunt or rude but i made him a certain way and that is how he is. )

• i’ll becoming slightly more selective on who i ship with. There will have to be alot of development and chemistry between the two characters in order to formulate a ship. Wolf’s had a pretty crappy past, he’s not gonna be so quick to trust / like someone let alone ‘ fall in love ‘. 

hey everyone, i know i haven’t been living up to my promises, school hit me hard. because it’s way after halloween, i’ll have to give up on my little project. i apologize sincerely. 

btw, please turn off tumblr’s newest addition “best stuff first”, i beg of you. this addon only causes chaos and massive activity drops on all blogs across tumblr.

happy november everyone, i can only hope to start posting again soon. maybe i’ll be able to do something around thanksgiving break!


Me helping my bestie identify joy in rv’s new mv so he can finally understand why I soak my panties every time I look at her

Also…my boss overruled me in this morning’s manager’s meeting. I didn’t see “the strange lady” on the agenda, as I’d sent him a request to put her on it to discuss whether or not we should permanently 86 her, present a permanent trespass notice, and if she shows up afterwards just have her arrested for trespassing.

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*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*