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Sailor Moon wants YOU to be safe!

Japan’s Ministry of Health is enlisting Sailor Moon to help contain the spread of chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS, among other STIs.

In recent years, sexually transmitted infection cases have spiked in Japan. During the 1990s, Sankei News reports that the number never got over a thousand, but as of this October, there were 3,284 people with reported STIs. 

The poster campaign features Sailor Moon and a reworked version of her original “On behalf of the moon, I will punish you!” catchphrase. Instead, the STI poster reads, “If you don’t get checked out, I will punish you!” 

According to Sankei, the campaign is aimed at young women in their teens, 20s, and 30s, but it’s also a good reminder for all. 

They’re even giving away condoms!.



First she defeated Goku now she’s defeating STI!

World hunger you’re next!

I’m back with another one :’) Okay, so this giveaway is just to support BTS. You guys probably already heard about their donation for the tragedy that occurred. Therefore, I wanted to support them and spread some love ♡ I will be giving away 4 WINGS: You Never Walk Alone albums. Two of the left version and two of the right version. There will be 4 winners, one for each album. Let’s continue on to love and support our amazing boys! (banner by: @busanie ♥)

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Pro-A.I. Propaganda Poster

This is for one of my classes’ final projects, in which we have to give our opinion on what will happen if/when Technological Singularity (aka bona fide Artificial Intelligence) occurs in our lifetimes. I am of the opinion that, should we create something that has its own intelligence/consciousness but is not human, we still have the responsibility of taking care of them — our proverbial children, if you please.

In other words: There’s too many movies were computer intelligence are evil, and I like to think that an actual AI can be a good person. So there :P

This poster also features/utilizes the idea that if an A.I. has a synthetic, physical body, it will start out as children and “grow” into adulthood. Or something. idk.

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I used to have this poster of Marilyn Monroe in my dorm room and every time I passed her, I tapped the poster for good luck on the test I'd have later that day. Now whenever I see Marilyn Monroe, I think about all of the good luck taps and if I see one in public, I give it a tap for old time's sake. I guess I haven't really changed much since, but whenever I see Marilyn, I know she's looking out for me.

i know this is an answer for that other post but honestly just on its own I love this. it makes me so happy. thank you.


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the crazy cat lady | 12.9.16

holiday cat cards by jamieshelman

thedancingcat by etsy shop jamieshelman is my favorite kitty illustrator on etsy. one of these days i need to commission a custom grizz-and-rog piece!! their holiday lineup of cards, posters, prints, and more is ideal gift-giving for any cat person on your list.

I see so much resolve in Ichigo’s face in that illustration that it almost hurts. And it’s not just his face, though it blows me away on a monumental scale.

Its the way his hand isn’t tightly clenched, but just loosely enough to convey how relaxed he is but at the same time filled with that nervous anticipation. How ready he is to tell Orihime how he feels, but still so humanly nervous.

He has been told for quite some time that Orihime is too good for him (in various ways actually). And even though Ichigo is the poster child for fighting against what others believe, I feel like it did stick with him a tad. Just enough to warrant Renji feeling the need to approach him.

And oh my gosh, what I would give to see what happened after this confession… because this precious Strawberry has been loved for quite some time now.


“I have always felt in extremes, it’s like there’s this electricity in my bloodstream. I just want to scream.” - a jason todd moodboard (s) for @hsinlvegas bc her presents are going to be hella late so i’m giving her this. ily!

I feel like the social justice movement on Tumblr started as a cause to help others, but, for the most part, quickly devolved into a posterity/popularity contest, where harassing people who disagree with the majority gives you “purity points.”

I know there are still some people who actually want to do good on here, but peer pressure is a very real and very scary thing, especially on here, and those people can be swayed into doing things they aren’t comfortable with at the risk of being alienated by their peers if they don’t comply.

That’s why blogs like this need to exist.

We need to, at the very least, let people know they aren’t alone, that there are people they can come to for support and reassurance.

-Mod Disgrace

My Heart Hurts

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I was former fic writer on Quotev, but I decided to take up writing again, so I’m kinda trying to get back into the groove of things, but I am currently accepting requests!)

Prompt Summary: You are a combat medic, responsible for caring for Poe after his crash on Jakku. Once he recovers, he begins flirting with you, coming to you for every single minor injury he has, not to mention cheesy medical pick-up lines.

Originally posted by whenviktorspeaks

He’s honestly too good to exist in this galaxy. Such a handsome, talented man, selfless and willing to give it his all for the people living in fear of the monster called “Kylo Ren”.

And who were you? A combat medic, a specialist, to be exact, just doing your part in keeping this wonderful, albeit cocky, pilot alive to fight another day. 

Meeting him, you could barely even believe it yourself. The Poe Dameron? The poster-boy of the Resistance? The living legend? Although, you could have met in somewhat better circumstances, considering the fact that you were focusing on getting his breathing back in order since his crash on Jakku while on a wobbly transport ship back to base. 

“Oh thank goodness, you’re awake!” You sighed heavily, after seeing him attempt to get up, only to groan in pain.

“Agh! Jeez, what happened?” He sat up a bit slower, inhaling sharply with every muscle movement while you helped prop himself up.

“You crash landed on Jakku after your escape. Gotta say, I was worried you’d be in a coma after seeing your state. You looked much worse for wear before I started treating you.”

“Well, I’m lucky. I’ve got myself a guardian angel.” He looked up at you slyly while you were checking up on the small stitches along his jawline.

“Very funny Mr. Dameron. You must say that to all the ladies.”

“Only the ones who save my life.” He gave you a small wink and you pursed your lips.

“Whatever you say.  Anyway, now to proper introductions, I’m- “

“Y/N. Don’t worry, I know.” He gave you a lopsided grin while you looked upon him questioningly.

“Oh! Uhhh, sorry that sounded weird. My buddy Snap told me about you. Said you fixed him up and was better in less than a week.”

You chuckled, glancing at your clipboard and checking his vitals.

“Well, don’t worry, Mr. Da-”

“Poe. Call me Poe.”

You felt a small heat rise to your cheeks as you continued, “Alright then, Poe, you should be back up and at ‘em in about a couple more days. I’ll check up on you throughout your recovery.”

“I’ll definitely be looking forward to that.” He winked, and you sighed softly, leaving him in his room to rest up.

“What is it this time, Poe?” You asked, not even bothering to look up from your case file on him. Ever since the two of you first met, you’ve become quite good friends, him always requesting you to be his doctor for every single minor injury he gets. Not to mention the growing attraction towards him.

His confident attitude and fatherly tone towards BB-8, who has taken quite the liking to you as well.

“My heart hurts.” He whined, clutching his shirt in an overdramatic fashion as BB-8 followed suit, circling around you.

“Could be something to do with your diet.” You noted nonchalantly, giving a small greeting to the spherical droid.

He sighed, and concocted another line.

“Well, my lungs also seem to be kind of a problem.”

“In what form?” You set his information files down and crossed your arms.

“My breathing gets funny when I’m around you.”


“Okay, maybe not the best line. Uhhh… How about this: I’m no organ donor, but I’ll give you my heart.”

“Stop laughing!” He chuckled alongside you while you gasped for air.

“Poe, are you serious? You really tried to use a pickup line on me?” You leaned against your desk, wiping a small tear from your face due to your uncontrollable laughter.

“Hey, a guy can try, right?” He stood up, puffing his chest out ever so slightly.

“Well, you know what, Dameron, you tried.” You walked up to him, giving a small, yet chaste kiss on his cheek, BB-8 giving a robotic wolf-whistle.

Immediately after, his breathing quickened as a clear blush came up.

“Woah, okay uhhh…Didn’t think my lines worked that well… Do you want to meet up, at the cantina tonight? It’ll be on me.” There goes the cocky pilot you once knew, as he now sheepishly rubbed his cheek, clearly blushing underneath his five-o’-clock shadow.

“Sure, my shift ends at six.” You smiled and left him in his room again, chuckling softly as he cheers from behind the not-so soundproof metal doors, as celebratory beeps and boops join in with his jubilant yells.

[Please do not repost]

A sketch based off of one of the new official art posters. Dazai forgot to finish up a manuscript, and now his deadline is here, and, of course, Kunikida is there to give his two cents on the issue (and probably help Dazai out a bit). I was going to draw more cuddles, but, I’ll leave that for later, I just got home from a trip.

Boueibu Collection Part 1 + My Bedroom!

So I know I promised to get this done before the new year, I am sorry but as many of you know I have terrible health issues and got sick again OTL

I finally cleaned up and organized my collection a bit. For my Boueibu collection, it is of course involving Io and Ryuu! Hence why my giveaways tend to feature the other characters more lol. So there are some other series where I collect certain characters, however my room consists of my collections for, Boueibu, Free!, Digimon, Pokemon, Card Captor Sakura, (Other Magical Girl series), Some of my Blue Exorcist goods, and various others… 

I will also be posting my Ioryuu doujinshi collection, giving my recommendations for anyone who wants to start their own collection! The Io and Ryuu body pillows will also get their own post! Plus I will be hosting my 3rd Boueibu giveaway! Although the rules for this one are quite different from the last =3 

These posters are in my art room, since I have no more wall space in mine xD

This room will also be covered in posters from Yuri!!! On Ice as well lol 

My bedside table, pills and other medical things are in the dish…

Tis where my glasses are, though I always wear contacts even when I don’t leave the house… I hate having to clean my glasses every 5 seconds, but I can’t see at all without them OTL 

My bed… I sleep on the edge xD

I originally started putting some of the charms on my wall due to ripping out the wall from moving posters… 

Little bit of a closer look!

Various plush pile + Digimon collections! 

Ryuji Suguro body pillow was a commission I ordered and then turned into a pillow =D 

Digimon plush + some figures etc. Also consisting of 2 plush commissions of my Digimon OC Mikumon! 

Here are my main Doujinshi collection! The top left box are my Digimon Adventure/02/Tri doujinshi, consisting Taishiro or just Koushiro (Izzy) 

To the right of that are my Ioryuu Doujinshi, as well as other Boueibu books, manga, novels etc.

The other top two boxes are Free! Mostly Makoharu or other ones focusing on Haruka. 

Bottom left are Digimon Tamers doujinshi, and the two boxes to the right of that are Blue Exorcist, consisting of everything to do with Ryuji xD Various parings! 

And the final box are more Free! and the start of my Yuri!!! on Ice doujinshi, all involving Yurio <3

My Koushiro collection =3 

My beautiful Mimi and Lilymon figure ;u; That was the biggest pain in the ass putting together, two things broke off and I had to super glue it… Still beautiful though!

My beautiful deceased girls and my fav girls from Love Live! Kaori, Yuuki, and Kanna are all dead, but besides loving the series I really love these characters, I think it’s because I relate to them a lot.

Most of my Haruka figures >.<

Some of my Pokemon plush collection

My Giant Lugia plush, custom made for me by Mangastorm! Lugia has always been my favourite legendary =3 

Io and Ryuu purses!!! I added a few extra charms on them xD I can’t wait for the shoes! They are so precious I hate to actually wear these lol 

So this is my dresser… Yeah it’s pretty crowded, it also is where I keep the rest of my Io and Ryuu charms/badges

Card Captor Sakura is one of my favourite series, and always will be! 

My St.Tail collection. The life-size staff is standing up to the right of these. St. Tail was the first manga I ever read and is still one of the best love stories I have ever known! Ruby, Meimi’s hedgehog is the reason I got my hedgehog =D Of course I named her Ruby as well! The picture of the cat is my baby Fifi, she passed away when I was 16. She was my whole world and losing her was the hardest day of my life, even more so then all my medical procedures put together. 

The rest of my Haruka things, also the Microphone and Music box from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, another favourite magical girl series of mine!

Io and Ryuu =D 

And yes, getting access to my jewelry dresser is a giant pain… 

… I may have a slight problem when it comes to collecting… Though the Pokemon plush collection started when I was 8 so… 17 years … 

Bulbasaur is my favourite xD 

So yeah that is my main collection, my manga and figures are in a different room… my hedgehog’s room to be more precise. It’s too hot in there for me so I don’t go in often lol. I might do a post of those sometime, depending on the reactions for this…

Up next are Ioryuu specifics =D Enjoy!

[Fanart] VIXX - Milky Way

I haven’t updated my Tumblr with any of my fanarts lately despite actually drawing a load of things the past few weeks! I’m just lazy ~ 

Also, I’ll be updating with details of my little Starlight package for XMAS/New Years to give out once I have received the products. There’s going to be artwork from Conception as well as stickers and mini posters. Hopefully they turn out good and I won’t be too embarrassed to send out to you guys <3 


I realized I still had 3 posters that just lay around and so I’d rather give them to  fans rather than being a cheap ass and trying to sell them.
( I have a kind heart people ) so ..

Prize available

3 official BTS posters from the WINGS Promotion


  •  follow my blog
  •  like and/or Reblog the post as much as you like
  •  but no need to spam your followers either, have mercy
  •  sending me a message to bribe won’t do, the winners will be picked randomly using a website / radom pick generator
  •  I will only send ONE poster per winner , that seemed obvious
  •  this give away is INTERNATIONAL so don’t hesitate to participate

the 3 winners will be contacted by myself via message ON TUMBLR to ask for mailing informations
the posters will be sent folded in an enveloppe not a tube

Deadline: February 1st 2017

Good luck ♥   

Kaede's Story?

There are some theories saying Kaede could die and Kiibo would be the new Main Character.

Just imagine that.

“I died? So early on…? Is the game over now…?
Wait- It continues?!
But I died! Im the Protagonist you can’t play the game without me-

I thought I was the important Character here. The one who saves them all. The one who writes their own story.

…And I got my hopes up…

Im such an idiot…
When I look back at all these early game Posters with Kiibo, Maki and Kaito…
I should have expected that.

This isnt my story anymore.

It’s game over for Kaede.”

My english is really bad and this isn’t even good, but im trying to give u guys Angst or some really fucked up theories ok-

Apparently a member of the Crewniverse, Kat Morris, made a livestream recently and was able to see this mysterious poster with a rather mysterious Girl. It has been confirmed previously that this silly character would reappear and this image could be giving us the name of the épisodio when this happens … What do you think?
Oh my goodness. My wish came true (I found it on a facebook page)

Things I Wish Someone Told Freshman Me
  • Have $100? Great. Put it towards an awesome pair of rainboots, NOT posters from Etsy.
  • Someone you hate from high school annoying you on social media? Delete them everywhere. Literally, it doesn’t matter anymore.  You’re a sophisticated scholar in Boston now, not some basic hometown drama. DE-LETE.
  • Want to meet your professors? Good, you should.  But, don’t go up on the first day of class and just give them your name.  Wait for a few classes, and then ask some good questions about what you’re discussing in class or (even better) ask them for some book recommendations. They’ll remember who you are, and it will be easier for you to approach them in the future. 
  • If you don’t know how to wear heels, then start out slow. DO NOT wear them to your first professional event because everyone will know. Also, Boston sidewalks are made of brick. Your heel WILL get stuck, on top of you not being able to walk anyway. 
  • You will get lots of emails for extra lectures, speaker series, consortiums, etc. Go to them.  Yeah I know you’re in class all day and whatever else, but if the topic interests you then go. Best case scenario, your professors will be there and will be seriously impressed and/or you’ll meet a future employer.  Worst case scenario? There isn’t one. Either way you’re going to learn something new. 
  • If you’re going out to eat, eat somewhere new every night. This city is too great and too delicious for on-campus Qdoba to be your default. 
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD take that lanyard off from around your neck. Seriously no one does that. Put your ID in a wallet and call it a day. 
  • Talk to your parents, even if its only a text every now and again.  After all, its kind of difficult to ignore the people who gave you life and then beg them for money over the holidays. 
  • Learn to do things on your own. Wanna go to the moves? Great, just go.  Don’t try and coordinate a million people to come with you. 
  • Become aware of yourself and your surroundings. DON’T walk three people wide on narrow sidewalks, DON’T talk loudly if you’re riding crowded public transit, DON’T make unnecessary enemies of anyone.  
  • You should want to build your resume, but it shouldn’t be the thing that gets you out of bed in the mornings. Focus on spending your time meaningfully and not just joining clubs because it sounds good. 
  • Go to the gym. No one said you can’t watch Netflix on your phone while walking on a treadmill…
  • Try and do something good and something fun every single day.  This is the beginning of your new community, so you should try and build it little by little every single day.
Things does not always go according to plan

Due to illness that has put me out of business for a week I have missed out on one of the things I was really looking forward to do whilst I had my internship in Nepal. The out-reach camps. Today is the main one and all I could do was to wave goodbye to Andrea and my stand -in Laura before I ran back inside the guesthouse with tears pouring down my cheeks…(no, that wasn’t really what happened, but it was a good story though, wasn’t it? 😄)
Luckily me and Andrea had prepared early for this camp, so I got to take part in making the poster and planning the content of the lecture on nutrition we were going to give. Andrea has to do the teaching on her own and she will of course manage that perfectly fine. Good luck Andrea, I am cheering for you, as always 👏🏼

(As usual the internet is not on my side. The picture might come in a separate post…😞)