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US Presidents As Dril Tweets
  • George Washington: another day volunteering at the betsy ross museum. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the flag. buddy, they wont even let me fuck it
  • John Adams: "ah boo hoo hoo i want to post Foul comments to content leaders" Fat Chance, Dimwit. I will annihilate you under bulwark of the Law and God.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Q: If your post was proven by a counsil of wise men to be racist, or bullshit, would you bar it from the record? A: I do not delete my posts
  • James Madison: (sniffing a crumpled up one dollar bill i found on the floor of a dog kennel) ah.. thats greenbacks baby
  • James Monroe: for decades i have traversed the unforgiving mountains and rivers of south america, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fabled "ass downloader"
  • John Quincy Adams: "This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender," i holler as i overturn my uncle's barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit
  • Andrew Jackson: handing Faves over to my enemies is FRAUD !! base, contemptible FRAUD!
  • Martin Van Buren: Food $200
  • Data $150
  • Rent $800
  • Candles $3,600
  • Utility $150
  • someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying
  • William Henry Harrison: (spends all of 7 seconds skimming some blog posts) yep. just as i knew all along. having pnuamonia is good
  • John Tyler: fuck "jokes". everything i tweet is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. twitter dot com. i live for this
  • James K. Polk: thhere is no such thing as charisma, and art is fake. the only metrics by which we must determine the worth of a man are Strength and Wisdom
  • Zachary Taylor: the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. i hoot & holler outta the building while a bunch of losers tell me that im dying
  • Millard Fillmore: trying to heal..... please donate to my go fund me... $10 will make me less racist... $100 will make me extremely less racist...thank you...
  • Franklin Pierce: blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin
  • James Buchanan: #NationalGirlfriendDay please cherish your gal's.. in honor of us, the single Boys who must sacrifice all companionship to #CarryTheBrand...
  • Abraham Lincoln: unloading an entire belt of ammo at me with a minigun or some such device will now get you "Blocked"
  • Andrew Johnson: who the fuck is scraeming "LOG OFF" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never log off
  • Ulysses S. Grant: i regret being tasked the emotional burden of maintaining the final bastion of morality and Nice manners in this endless ocean of human SHIT
  • Rutherford B. Hayes: using the toilet when i hear Our national anthem start to play. i do what i must. i stand tall in complete agony; as shit runs down my leg,
  • James A. Garfield: too much truth in such little time. feeling the heat cominh down to silence me... signing off........ for now
  • Chester A. Arthur: i WILL wise the fuck up. i WILL super charge my content for 2017. i WILL get blue check mark
  • Grover Cleveland: the way i see it, people who come on here and submit content that is not up to par, could possibly be considered the "Villains" of this site
  • Benjamin Harrison: i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
  • William McKinley: boy oh boy do i love purchasing large amounnts of Fool's Gold. wait a minute... fools gold fucking sucks. this stuff is no good..!! Fuck !!!
  • William H. Taft: ah.. the perfect Souffle! cant wait to dig in to t(*EVERY PIPE IN MY HOUSE EXPLODES AT THE SAME TIME, COVERING ME IN SHIT AND BOILING WATER*
  • Woodrow Wilson: the conflicted supersoldier stares over the horizon as he smokes a cigarette. "war is the most fucked up thing ever." he takes a sip of beer
  • Warren G. Harding: somebody please Bribe me
  • Calvin Coolidge: aggressively joyless oaf hhere. painfully obnoxious respect demander checkign in. extremely dim witted frowning man looking for pals
  • Herbert Hoover: it is really quite astonishing that I have yet to win The Lottery, given how good I am at selecting six numbers and saying them out loud
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: ive never heard of this “europe” but it sounds like a big bunch of shit to me
  • Harry Truman: everybody wants to be the guy to write the tweet that solves racism once and for all because it would look good as hell on a resume
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower: my "F*&k It!! Let's Go Golfin" t-shirt maintains a tenacious stranglehold on my life. after 1,125 days of Golf my body is twisted, deformed
  • John F. Kennedy: when you do sutuff like... shoot my jaw clean off of my face with a sniper rifle, it mostly reflects poorly on your self
  • Lyndon B. Johnson: incredibly handsome , charismatic famous boy credited with ending income inequality after saying that slumlords should be called "dumblords"
  • Richard Nixon: i attribute the complete failure of my brand to the actions of detractors, oor my “trolls”, as it were, as well as my own constant fuckups
  • Gerald Ford: shutting computer down until the shitty moods & attitudes can fuck off., if you need me ill be on my other computer, sititng 60° to my right
  • Jimmy Carter: i warnned you all that bad things would happen if you kept letting your wives wear jeans. AND NOW LOOK! the damn gas prices are up again
  • Ronald Reagan: spend a lot of time thinking about how sometimes even war criminals can be heroes sometimes... Dont like it? Click the unfollow buttobn
  • George H.W. Bush: just thought off an idea i believe to be bad ass. lets find the address of the leader of isis, and mail him/ her pieces of our SHIT
  • Bill Clinton: were at the point now, that when i offer to impregnate my girl followers, people assume my motives are sexual. disgusting, grow the fuck up,
  • George W. Bush: friday night gathering up together a big pile of things i like to respect (flags, crucifixes ,etc) and just roll around in it ,give kisses,
  • Barack Obama: my IQ has increased 10 points ever since i stopped tollerating people mucking about, on the time line
  • Donald Trump: no
I embarrass jerk customer in front of date, forcing him to eat crow.

Just saw the other post on the front page, reminded me of a story during my time as a waiter.

So the place I worked at was pretty nice by normal standards, but for my area it was basically one of about 3 nice places to sit down and eat in a 30 mile radius.  HAd a guy come in shortly after open one day, said he wanted to reserve a table for that night and wanted to know if we could “make it special”

He had flowers he’d purchased, and he asked if we could bring them out during the meal.  I said it was no problem, and even let him fridge the flowers in back so they’d be nice and fresh for that evening.  He also wanted a “secluded” table, I looked at the reservations and he was the only one, so reserved about 6 tables around the fireplace for him, and told the other servers to only use those tables if we got busy.   This was all in front of him, I felt like we were sort of helping him plan, it was fun, and you don’t get a lot of chances to do something nice and rewarding waiting tables so we were all on board to make it an awesome night.  When they arrive I’ve got the table done up with candles and we ended up being really slow so I was able to give them the entire fireplace room to themselves, and put everyone else in the main dining room.

The dinner went off without a hitch, I gave them a free wine tasting, free dessert, brought the flowers out, the whole bit.  The guy’s date was positively beaming.  I felt great, and the rest of the staff just thought it was a really neat little evening we’d thrown together for these folks.

I saw them get up to leave, and grabbed the little black book we’d put folk’s bill in to see if I’d gotten a nice tip or even a nice little thank you or something.   So naive!

There was their ticket, and the tip line had a big fat line drawn through it.  This was 100+ dollar meal.  I’d been stiffed plenty of times, usually you just shrug it off and on to the next, but the fact that this guy had asked for service above and beyond made me see red, before I could even think about it, I was fast walking up to the happy couple, I caught them right at the front door.

“Was everything all right with your service today?’ I heard myself asking.

The lady starts to beam, "It was SO wonderful thank you SO much!”

Dude gives me the look.  That look of, “Oh shit, don’t fucking bust me out dude.”  The panic in his eyes seals his fate.

“Are you sure about that?” I ask, and flip the bill book open, and point at the tip line.

The lady gasps, “You didn’t tip him?!”

“I uh….forgot….I have money in my car”

She looks at him incredulously.  He “runs out to his car” and grabs me a wadded up five, that almost certainly came from his pocket, not the car.  Put it in my hand while giving me a death stare, and they walk out awkwardly.

TLDR: Ask for over the top service and leave zero tip?  I will ruin your date.

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reddie prompt! eddie gets cast as the lead in a school play and he has to kiss the main female, richie gets so jealous he does everything in his power to join the cast too and ruin the play

I’ve used this prompt to make a second chapter in my Reddie fic! So bless your heart anon! First chapter here. Second is below!

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MTL likely to want an independent SO?


Jin - Sagittarius is one of the most adventurous signs and they value independence a lot. Also, his capricorn venus means he’s attracted to people who give off a mature responsible vibe and have established careers. A confident self-sufficient partner is a plus for him.

Hoseok - Aquariuses are the rebels of the zodiac and hate feeling restricted or tied down, so I think he’d feel most comfortable with someone who’s independent enough to give him some space from time to time. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like affectionate people, though, he certainly does with his pisces venus.

Taehyung - Capricorns are all about business and want a partner as competent as them. They’re attracted to hard workers and people who just have their shit together in general. However, they do like spoiling their partners so you’d have to be willing to let him pay the bill from time to time

Jimin - Although libras are known as the flirts of the zodiac, they crave a partner who makes them feel wanted. They usually have a lot of options and move on quickly if someone is too aloof. Also his scorpio venus and mars make me believe he has a possessive streak, so someone very independent might turn him off.

Yoongi - His aries venus makes him very fun and childlike in love, and he’d want a partner who can entertain his antics. Someone too “mature” is a turn off 

Jungkook and Namjoon - Both virgos, the helpers of the zodiac.They live to serve others and like feeling as if can they provide for their loved ones. Someone independent who refuses their help may make them feel a bit useless.

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Money Well Spent.

Request - Could you maybe do a SUPER fluffy Happy/Pregnant!Reader one with Happy being super protective and all around involved with the pregnancy to the point the guys want to hit him if he tries to show off his Old Lady’s belly pics ONE MORE TIME??? Kozik being godfather and crying/threatening lives would also be awesome (though I know this is a LOT)

I’ve never been pregnant so I apologise if I got anything wrong, and for it being so short. I also included the baby being born but I can always rewrite it if you don’t like it! - Red_w00dy xoxo


Groaning as you climbed out of the car, you slowly made your way towards the clubhouse with one hand pressed against your aching back and the other resting on your swollen stomach. You were eight and half months pregnant with your first child and were calling in to see your Old Man, Happy, on your way home from the hospital. Much to your surprise, Happy had been more involved with the pregnancy than you’d expected. You’d assumed he’d take a laid back approach to the whole situation but you couldn’t have been more wrong. He came to all your scans with you, spent all his free time decorating the baby’s nursery in anticipation of its arrival and constantly went out of his way to make sure you were comfortable. You couldn’t ask for anything more, he’d been perfect ever since the pair of you had found out you were expecting.

“Y/N, what are you doing? Come on, let’s get you sat down!” Kozik exclaimed when you entered the building, rushing to escort you over to the couch where Gemma and Tara were sat deep in conversation.

“I can’t wait to get this baby out of me, I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my entire life” You yawned, relaxing into the soft leather and smiling at Gemma who had began to run her hand over your large stomach.

“I can’t wait either, I’m so excited to meet my godson for the first time” Kozik grinned, perching himself on the edge of the pool table. Ever since you and Happy had asked him, he’d made it his mission to be the best godfather he could be.

“What makes you think it’s going to be a boy, Blondie? For all you know it could be a girl” You enquired, raising an eyebrow at your husband’s best friend and smiling when you felt your baby kick inside of you.

“I have to agree with Kozik, Y/N, you’re definitely having a boy. I’m even willing to bet money on it” Gemma interjected before Kozik could reply, dropping a ten dollar bill on the table as Tara and Kozik did the same.

“You’re all gonna be shit out of luck when I give birth to a beautiful little girl then, aren’t you?” You smirked, adding to the small pile of notes in front of you. Happy would kill you if he found out you were betting on the sex of your unborn child again.

You continued to argue about the baby’s gender for another hour, maintaining that you were going to be having a girl, not a boy. The conversation soon turned to Happy becoming a father, the other two women coming to the conclusion the baby had no hope of being normal with Happy as the child’s father and Kozik as it’s godfather. You pointed out that Abel was fine despite having grown up around Happy and Tig of all people. Tara simply replied that they had only ever left Abel alone with Tig once, and had decided never to do it again after Abel had returned home wanting to grow up to have as many girlfriends as his Uncle Tig had. You made a mental note not to leave the baby with Tig when it was born, deciding that having Kozik for a godfather would be enough craziness for the child.

“All I’m saying is that I’ve already seen the pictures today, Hap. I didn’t mean any offence by it” Juice rolled his eyes as the guys entered the room, referring to the maternity shots that Happy liked to carry around everywhere with him.

“You saying my girl isn’t beautiful or something, Ortiz?” Happy growled, clutching a photograph in his hand and blissfully unaware of the fact you were stifling your laughter in the corner.

“She’s stunning, hottest pregnant chick I’ve ever seen!” Juice stuttered, backing away from the Tacoma Killer with a fearful look in his eyes. “I just mean you could show someone else instead, maybe someone that hasn’t seen them a million times”

“Good luck with that, Juicy,” You laughed from where you sat, attracting the attention of the members of the MC. “He’s shown them to everyone, including the mailman, the guy that came to fix the boiler, the old lady that asked to borrow some sugar…”

“Why do I not find that hard to believe? You should have seen Romeo’s face earlier, I thought he was going to shoot himself when Hap started telling him about your birth plan” Jax chuckled, the guys seating themselves in various chairs around the room.

“You told a guy you barely know about me giving birth? What were you thinking?” You scolded, motioning for Opie and Bobby to pull you out of your seat so you could storm over to where Happy leaned against the bar.

“Thanks a lot, brother,” Happy muttered under his breath, moving to rest his hands on your bump when you finally reached him. “All I said is that we weren’t having an epidural if we could help it”

“And you think that’s something you say to someone that you’ve met on a handful of occasions? You’re ridiculous, Happy Lowman” You shook your head in disbelief at your man’s actions, covering his calloused hands with your considerably smaller ones on your pregnant stomach.

You both fell silent when Kozik mentioned the bet behind you, your face indicating your embarrassment as Happy shot you an amused look. All the guys voiced their own opinions of what you were going to be having whilst adding ten dollar bills to the pile. Bobby, Juice, Opie, Jax and Clay agreed with Gemma, Tara and Kozik that you were going to have a boy, leaving Chibs, Rat, Tig, Phil and Piney to support your firm opinion that it was going to be a girl - a little SAMCRO princess as Tig had expertly put it.

“It can’t be a girl,” Kozik frowned, directing everyone’s attention to where he was standing. “I don’t want to spend my final years chasing guys away with Happy. They’re called the golden years for a reason”

“Tough shit, ” Happy growled, resting his hands on your hips when you turned around to face the rest of the room. “If it is a girl, all of you better be prepared to scare any potential boyfriends away”

“Happy, we’ve talked about this” You sighed, resting your head against his chest and allowing your eyes to flutter shut, feeling his lips press softly against your forehead.

“I don’t care, babe. She’s never going to have a boyfriend, not if I have anything to do with it” He replied gruffly, tracing circles into your hips as you fought back the urge to sigh at his behaviour.

“Our daughter will be allowed to date whoev-” You snapped before a sharp pain in your stomach cut your sentence short, followed by a damp feeling in your underwear and water trickling down your legs.

“Babe, what is it?” Happy quizzed frantically, moving to stand in front of you and stare down at the floor where a puddle of water had began to form on the ground by your feet.

“Hap, my waters have just broken” You breathed, his eyes widening as Gemma immediately took control of the situation. She sent Happy to go grab the bag from his dormitory, threw her car keys to Kozik so he could drive and beckoned Tara to come help her lead you outside.

“Oh fuck, what are we supposed to do?” Kozik panicked, helping you into the back of the car with Tara as Happy jogged across the lot. “Happy, do you have everything? You got your toothbrush? Y/N’s toothbrush? The baby’s toothbrush? Wait, the baby won’t have teeth… will it?”

“Kozik, just shut the fuck up and drive me to the fucking hospital already!” You screamed when another wave of searing pain coursed through you, causing you to grip Happy’s hand in an attempt to block out the pain.


Nine hours later you found yourself gazing fondly at the baby girl in your arms, Happy perched on the edge of the mattress with his arm draped around your shoulders whilst smiling down at your newborn daughter. Tufts of black hair poked out from underneath the little pink hat she wore, her big brown eyes that resembled Happy’s so much staring up at you both. You couldn’t fight the overwhelming amount of love you felt for the newborn. You looked up to meet Happy’s gaze, nodding at him to signal that you were ready for him to bring in the MC that you knew were waiting outside the room.

“Guys,” Happy grinned when they entered, waiting until they had all come in before he spoke again. “I’d like you to meet the newest member of the family - Isabella Sofia Lowman”

“That’s a beautiful name” Tara commented, both her and Gemma pushing through the crowd of men to stand next to you and look down at the baby in your arms.

“We named her after Happy’s Mom and my Aunt Sofia” You informed them, nodding your head towards Kozik to come forwards so that he could meet his goddaughter.

“I don’t want to drop her,” The blonde fretted when you handed her to him, stray tears falling down his cheeks when he caught sight of her properly. “She’s gorgeous. Hey Hap, we’re going to have trouble keeping the guys away from this one”

“You’re telling me, I’m going to have to send her to an all-girl’s boarding school or something” Your husband joked, moving to stand at his best friend’s side and gently brush his hand across Isabella’s cheek, Kozik rocking her gently in his arms.

“Oi Kozik,” You said after a couple of minutes, blue meeting brown as he raised his head to look at you. “You owe me ten bucks”

“Best ten bucks I ever spent”

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i have trouble doing big bills, esp since i havent been able to work in a while... but if youre paying for smth around $30 and ur payin with a $100 and give me change after i give u the damn $74 u needed im gonna get real damn confused and you dont need to complain about (even jokingly) to my coworker and next customer in line that its sad kids cant do math anymore! sayin shit like that doesnt help you fuck!

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I hate "If you can't afford a vet, you can't afford a pet" posts assuming people knew they couldn't afford a vet. No one plans to lose their job, become terminally ill, get hit by a car, or any of the stuff that wipes out emergency funds. And then your options are beg for money and get shamed for it, surrender your pet and get shamed for it, or try to help your pet as best you can with no money and get shamed for it. I wish petblr was more inclined to offer actual advice instead of soapbox rants

The mantra “If you can’t afford the vet, you can’t afford the pet.” is meant to be an impulse check on people to prevent an animal being purchased or picked up on a whim.

But it would be better to ask an impulsive person things like: “Where are you going to house it?”, “How are you going to feed it?”, “Who’s gonna clean up after it?”, “How much of your time does it need every day?” and “What will you do if it gets hurt or sick?”

If some one is fretting over how they are going to put food on the table or pay their bills that month, that person does NOT need to go out and bring home a new pet right then.

Being a breeder who also rehabs, rescues, and fosters, I know how it is that rescue folks get so jaded.

When all you ever see is excuses for abuse, neglect, and abandonment, you stop believing that any one is ever telling the truth about a bad situation.

But shit really does happen unexpectedly to good people that forces them to give up an animal they genuinely loved and wanted to keep for its entire life.

And it royally pisses me off when the same person that calls “neglect!” if the animals is kept in a bad situation screams “Abandonment!!!” when the owner of that same animal concludes that they are not able care for their pet correctly and opts to give it up in hope of finding it some one who can get its needs met.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t is NOT the situation rescuers should be trying to force people or their pets into, and that is EXACTLY what shaming does.

Shaming a person who is trying to do right for their pet is not going to help that person OR pet.

No matter how much shit you’ve seen in rescue, you can’t tell at a glance exactly what’s wrong or how that situation came about, so you should never assume the worst before everything else has been ruled out.

Shit happens.

No one expects to lose their job, crash their car, have a heart attack, or be put in the hospital.

The hurricanes that rolled through recently should be proof enough that you may not necessarily have months to prepare for relocating and no one plans on losing their home.

No one expects a fire. Or a flood. Or a tree falling though their roof in a storm.

NObody in their right mind goes looking to adopt a pet they know they are allergic to. Allergies CAN and legitimately DO come on suddenly.

Guys, even a vet can’t take one look at an animal and know exactly what’s wrong.

Not even in “simple” cases like obvious malnutrition.
While emaciation *can* be and often is caused by plain insufficient feeding; it can ALSO be caused by a large gut load of worms, a bacterial infection, a glandular problem, or age related organ failure.

If a vet can’t tell which of those it is just by looking at a skinny animal, a rescuer has no business assuming at a glance.

Two things rescuers need to remind themselves with every new case:
1.) Don’t assume, find out. Assumptions help no one.
2.) Education is more effective than shame at preventing future neglect.


How to survive on minimal money

I’m so sick of reading all these “how to save money” articles that only tell you to stop buying a morning coffee that you don’t buy anyway because you can’t afford it in the fucking first place. 

ANYWAY, as a person who never seems to have any money, and nothing to show for my lack of money, here are my tips for people in similar situations so that you don’t die. 

1) Start a budget book. I bought mine about 3 years ago for £3 from WHSmith. When you get paid, write down how much money came into your account, then immediately deduct every single bill you have to pay from that amount. Now you know exactly how much money you have to spend for the rest of the month until the next pay day. Write down every single thing you buy and exactly how much it cost, including cash withdrawals. Yes it’s boring, but holy shit it will save your ass so many times knowing that you’ve already accounted for all your bills.

2) Stop shopping in Tesco/Sainsburys/Asda/Waitrose/etc etc. Just stop. Holy shit just stop it. Tesco sucks the life out of me just walking in there I swear to god. Switch to Aldi and/or Lidl. They’re cheap because they give you ONE option of each thing. One type of tinned chopped tomatoes. One type of washing up liquid. One type of ketchup etc etc you get the idea. Their toothpaste, shower gel and baby wipes are pretty damn good and cost about 50p. Like, for fuck sake stop paying £1 for one damn cabbage. YOU DONT NEED TO SPEND A WHOLE QUID ON A FUCKING CABBAGE. 

3) Aldi and Lidl post what their offers are going to be for that week on their websites. Read them before you go shopping then decide what you’re going to be eating for that week based around what’s on offer. Deals on diced chicken and microwave rice? BOOM you’ve got yourself a cheap ass curry to last you at least 2 meals. 

4) Pinterest is your friend. You can look up anything in the world. From budget meals to how to make your own washing powder (if you really wana risk that…I wouldn’t personally but you do you). 

5) Join a Facebook selling site. Find one that’s based where you live and turn on the notifications. You’d be shocked to know how many people give away free sofas and washing machines. Fucking LOADS. You never know what people might be chucking. 

6) If you drive, stop driving like an asshole. A happy car means less petrol usage and less repairs (I HAVE LEARNED THIS THE HARD WAY, TRUST ME THIS IS VALUABLE INFORMATION).

7) Turn your lights off when you’re not in a room. Turn your heating down and put on a jumper. Candles are effective ways of combating both of these things. Candles are your friends. Go to the poundshop and buy candles. You’d be surprised how quickly a small room heats up with a couple of lit candles. 

8) Stop going out. You can’t afford to go out. If you keep going out and then complaining that you’re skint, get off this list. This list is not for you. You’re a jerk. If you must drink some alcohol, buy a cheapo bottle of wine (Aldi does a banging white for £3.89 a bottle wayoooo) and roll around on the floor of your own house.

9) Sell all your stuff. I’m almost 100% sure that if you have a job, and you at one point lived with your parents, you will have stuff in your home now that you don’t need. I have a pair of Urbanears headphones 2 feet away from me right now that I got as a gift and I know I won’t use. No one watches DVDs anymore, so Music Magpie those dinosaurs. Don’t forget about that stuff. Sell it. Sell the shit out of it. 

10) I know I’m going back to the whole food shopping thing, but I think most of the time this is the only thing in our lives that we can really control how much we spend. Gonna get it all out of my system now, ready? Make a list of what you’re going to buy a stick to it. Try to buy ingredients that can be used across multiple meals. Take tinned soup to work for lunch instead of spending £8 a day on disappointing sandwiches in Pret. Cut out meat as much as you can. SLOW COOKERS ARE YOUR FRIENDS! I know we’re trying to save money here, not spend it, but buy ‘A Girl Called Jack’ by Jack Monroe and it will show you how to eat on fuck all money without eating supernoodles for 3 meals a day. I recommend the mixed bean goulash, it will give you the farts but it tastes awesome. If you do find yourself in Tesco in an emergency, take a stroll past the reduced isle. Best reduced stuff to get is always meat (put it in the freezer) and cheese. I have at least 2 loaves of bread from the reduced section in my freezer right now that cost me 6p each. FROZEN FOOD IS GOOD, ESPECIALLY VEGETABLES.

11) Change all your suppliers. Electricity. Gas. Internet. Whatever. Go to uswitch and do it. It’s really not that hard. Okay, internet is a fucking faff but gas and electric are not. You might already have the best deal but you wont know until you look so go look. 

12) Loyalty points are the bomb. Get a card for every god damn shop you’ve ever been in. It doesn’t cost you anything, so start saving up those bad boy points now. When I first moved into my flat, I bought all my home essentials (milk, clingfilm, washing up liquid etc etc) all on my Nectar points and what would have been a £70 shop was fucking FREEEE.

13) Lastly, before you buy anything, stop and ask yourself, “do I actually need this thing?” You already know the answer. You know it. You already know it. No. You fucking don’t. You don’t need that thing. I was in Wilkinsons like 2 weeks ago and I almost bought a new roasting dish because the one I already had was “too big”. How the fuck can a roasting dish be too big? So your food is a bit more spread out, big fucking deal. There, you see? I just saved myself £6 for a piece of shit I didn’t need. You don’t need those shoes. You don’t need a limited edition bluray copy of Blade Runner with director’s cut . You don’t need a new ironing board cover with Batman on it. You. Don’t. Fucking. Need. It.

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MRS prompt: finding old love letters

“Hey, Scully,” Mulder called, flipping through a familiar-looking notebook as he walked into the room she was packing.

“What?” she asked.  She knew she recognized the notebook in his hand, but couldn’t place it.

“Who’s Patrick?”

“Patrick?” She squinted and wiped the back of her forearm against her forehead.

“Dear Patrick,” Mulder read.  “I dreamed you kissed me at summer camp and we went swimming together.  You told me not to tell Billy that you kissed me because he would punch you in the nose, but I said if Billy punched you in the nose, I would punch him back.  I know how to break his nose because Dad taught me how to punch.  Love, Dana.”

“Oh my God,” Scully chuckled, dropping the dish rags in her hand and reaching for the notebook.  “Can I see that?”

“First, I need to know more about this Patrick,” Mulder said, holding the book out of her reach.  “Who is he and did he ever kiss you at summer camp?”

Scully jumped up and snatched the book out of Mulder’s hand and flipped it open.  “He was one of Bill’s best friends,” she said.  “I don’t even think he knew I existed.  i was in love with him when I was about twelve.”

“I like this one,” Mulder said, leaning over Scully’s shoulder and stopping her from going any further in the book.  “Dear Patrick, I am more than Billy’s little sister.  When I said hello to you today at church, you told your mom that I was Billy’s little sister and you didn’t even tell her my name.  I forgive you, though.  Some day, people are going to say oh, there’s Billy Scully, he’s Dana Scully’s brother.  Love, DANA.”

“Where did you find this?” Scully asked.

“Taking the boxes out of the basement like you asked.  I opened up one with your name on it and a whole treasure trove spilled out.”

“What else was in there?”

“School stuff, trophies, some file folders.  This was just too interesting to wait.”

“I wonder how Mom ended up with it.  I wonder why I didn’t throw it out.”

“Maybe your love for Patrick burned too hot.”  Mulder swiped the notebook back from Scully’s clutches and flipped through more of it.  “Dear Patrick, If it’s because I’m twelve, I’ll understand.  I’ll be thirteen in eight months and Mom says I’ll be able to go to the mall by myself like Missy does.  Missy didn’t get to go to the mall by herself until she was fourteen, but I’m more responsible and mature, Mom says.  I also know I’m smarter than Jenny Flaherty, so I don’t know why you want to date her.  Billy says boys don’t give a crap about brains, but I think he’s wrong.  I do love nothing in the world so well as you.  Is not that strange?  (That’s from Shakespeare.  I didn’t even read it for school, so see, I bet Jenny Flaherty doesn’t even know Shakespeare)  Love, Dana.  Damn, Scully, you were vicious.  Poor Jenny Flaherty.”

“Wonder where she’s at today.”

“I’m more interested in the current state of Patrick.”

Scully smiled a little sadly and went back to cleaning and packing china.  “Killed his first year of college by a drunk driver.”

“Shit, really?”

“Yeah.  Bill was given a weekend pass from boot camp to attend the funeral.”

“Did you ever tell him?”


“No, Patrick.”

“No.  I just wrote him letters I knew I’d never send.”

“Sort of like…”  Mulder stopped and then shook his head.

“Yeah, sort of like the ones I write to William,” she finished, glancing up at him.

“Could I read those ones some day?”

She licked her lips and rubbed imaginary spots off a plate with too much determination.  “Okay,” she finally said.

“I’ll get back to work on those boxes.”

“I’ll order lunch soon.”

Mulder came back over to her and put one arm around her, leaning down so his lips brushed her ear.  “I love nothing in the world so well as you,” he said.

“I know,” she said, setting the plate down so she could put her own arms around him too.


hello everyone! first of all, could you all please for the love of all that is both holy and unholy stop sending shitty messages to cass because i have my inbox turned off!! don’t put that on her. that’s not her responsibility. if you have a problem with me or some shit you can’t possibly go without saying to or about me on this hellsite, find a way deal with it on your own. talk shit to your friends, indirect me, @ me, whatever. i mean, i will ignore it because i literally do not give half a shit anymore, but PLEASE stop putting it on other people. i’ve had my inbox turned off for over a month because of you shitheads. because i am Dead Tired of y’all weaseling your way into my inbox every fucking time i post something you don’t like or agree with. none of y’all pay my bills and until you do, i’m going to post whatever i damn well please on my blog because it’s…my blog. this is my downtime, not my job. 

so now! bc apparently some of u seem to think you have some insight into my mind and feelings, allow me to clear some things up for u:

  • i’m not a houie or ‘soft houie’ or whatever tf u all are calling it these days. i still VERY much believe harry and louis are together and VERY much in love, as they have been since the beginning. i’m a larrie, ride or die, and i’m currently riding thru the city having a fucking blast, baby. that said, i also don’t agree with…probably 96% of larries these days on an array of things and frankly find a lot of the things i read embarrassing 🤷🏻‍♀️ but honestly who cares. whatever. *** **.
  • re: eleanor/elounor: i don’t…ship elounor. i’ve never understood the whole like. shipping but don’t actually believe they’re together thing? so i just don’t rly do that? however! i also don’t think she’s a demon or the devil or a “swine” as some of you have so eloquently and maturely referred to her. i just don’t. and y’know what?? i don’t think louis does either. i think he’s better than that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so whatever. sue me. i think she’s adorable and i like the way she dresses sometimes. i’ve always posted her and if you’ve been following me long enough, you’d know that. blacklist is ur friend. anyway, i’ve been over this approximately one thousand times and i’m not about to make this one thousand and one. so that’s that.
  • i’m not another harrie larrie who’s ~bitten the dust~. i’m here, bitch. and i love those two fuckers (four fuckers, really) more than anyone or anything in the world and i will be here thru it all and support every endeavor they have in this lifetime and the next and you will not find me speaking one ugly or negative word about either of them publicly or privately. i literally adore them and more importantly, i TRUST them. i trust them to know their lives and relationships and careers better than i do. so excuse me for not spending energy going on about how shitty and terrible everything is. i refuse to see it that way. sorry* for being excited about harry’s album. i’m sorry that i don’t find it shady or absurd. i’m sorry that i’m excited about whatever louis’ working on with whatever team he’s working on it with. i’m sorry that i haven’t created my own expectations for the boys and their careers based on ?? god knows what. that’s not my thing! if harry wants to drop the next iconic hiphop album at 12:37am on march 25, 2017, i will be the first to tattoo HEEZY TAUGHT ME across my chest. if louis wants to be the next big country music star, saddle the fuck up cowboy i am here for it. i’m here for them, together and as individuals, thru whatever they wanna do. 

i’ll just wrap this all up by saying this: i don’t have the time or energy for drama or negativity anymore. i’ve spent a lot of time feeling like shit and generally wanting to be dead, but i’m finally FINALLY excited about life again and i’m not going to let any bullshit that i cannot control get in the way of that. i don’t see the point. it gets you literally nothing but misery and anger and nowhere but a constant state of anxiety. i might voice my opinion sometimes, but generally i’m just here. ignoring the negative and focusing on the positive and getting excited about things! because i just refuse to live any other way anymore. so if any of this is a problem for you, that’s fine. unfollow me. i’m not paying your bills either. you have no obligations to anyone or anything on this website but yourself, so take care of you.

*jk i’m not really sorry about any of this oop !

You know what I love about ‘The Doctor Falls’?

The commentary on LGBTQ+ people was just stunning, and made WEAT so absolutely worth it for the deconstruction it did to the horrible tropes that have affected minorities for so long. And as a LGBTQ+ I really appreciated what Moffat did.

Like, Bill was seen as a monster on the outside. People were afraid of her. And yet she was still human, she still felt everything, had feelings, had emotions. Yet she endured all the pain, all the heartbreak, and the sorrow. And in the end she was rewarded for that strength. She was granted love, a new life, the whole wide universe.

That’s one of the most beautiful messages Moffat could have given our community: Don’t give up. Work through the tough shit life throws at you and you will have everything you could ever want. You will live happy.

And it made me cry so much.

I never doubted him, for one second. I knew he’d come through and wouldn’t leave things so bleak, upsetting, and depressing. His endings are always about hope.

So thank you, Steven. Just…thank you. Those scenes with Bill and Heather kissing, and also walking hand in hand out of the TARDIS into the vast universe beyond willl be ones I look back on as the definitive moments of his era, and probably of the show’s history.

No jokes I need Kate Stewart and Bill Potts to meet and Kate to IMMEDIATELY take Bill under her wing like a tiny gay duckling. All her gruffness, all her sharp edges fade away and there is the Kate Stewart that sees Bill for who she is, who thinks she’s darn swell, who wants to look after her. I need her teaching her about aliens, about girls. I need her taking her home to meet her wife, show her how GREAT life can be, if you do what makes you happy, if you love who makes you happy. And they all grab a bottle of wine, and hang out for hours in Kate’s backyard, and they hang shit on the Doctor. They talk about space, science, time travel. They talk about what Bill wants to do with her life. They talk about how nice is it to love a girl, how nice it is for that girl to love you too.

K-Fans analysis: KADI Jagiya moment




Do y’all remember this moment?

Some of you are skeptical (“hm perhaps he did call Kyungsoo jagi”), some of you don’t believe in it (“nah man that’s just ur delu instinct”), some of you totally buy it (“fuck yeh he did call him that”).

That’s why now we’re gonna discussing about this moment.

This analysis is taken from naver blog; http://blog.naver.com/illibell97/220379341693 written by kfans.

So, to those who said that only international fans make theories, mate you need to leave the rock you have been living under and go fucking expand your knowledge.

Lots of fucking clueless people act like they know shit these days (even tho I’m in delu team I’ve never claimed my words as facts, but these ‘ohemgee we r so smert, we know stuffs’ people dare to do that shit even tho they don’t have any proof to back up their irrational statements hm nice confident you have there)

Oh, btw I want to confess about something first.

2 days after the DP news in April, someone sent me the link of this naver blog.

I didn’t understand shit that was written there (I knew the naver post was talking about KADI etc, but I didn’t know what the hell the post’s precise topic) and bc of that this person translated it for me.

I wanted to post it right away, but she was like, “nah man shit is on fire now, wait until things calm down” and ofc I complied.

So it means I have been hiding this material for a month from y’all.

Damn I’m actually a bit shady too lelelelelel. Wut other shit do I hide from y’all hm I wonder ah fuck im being shady again lelelelelelel nah man i know nothing


This is just fans analysis, mkay?

So if some hoes complain about the shit i post istg I will—

—sigh… nah man I won’t do anything bc I’ve already run out of fuck to give.

Like really really really run out of fuck to give. My fuck-o-meter is at its lowest point now.

I’d prob read the complaint/rant, breathe out some air from my lungs through my nose in less than a second duration (to show the world how fucking amused I am by the totally not-boring and not-repetitive words of complaint), then move on with my life.

It’s not like you complainers pay my internet bills. 

Why should I give a fuck about your bitching anyway? If u don’t like it then don’t read it lelelelelelelelelelel (motherfucking block me bruh)




- I’m going to refer the person who wrote the blog’s content as OP (Original Poster) – also OP is Korean, means OP’s native language is Korean, means OP knows shit about his/her language.

- OP put a disclaimer on her post, because it’s just a mere fan’s analysis after all, like I’ve stated above. DON’T FORGET THIS YOU COMPLAIN-FUCK-ER.

- The key points that you need to pay attention on the video are: Jongin’s mouth and Suho’s [pissed off] expression.

- Also my engriseu is not always on point – so do pardon me for any errors. Not all people speak/write like Queen Elizabeth II of UK.

- And for the people who don’t know; 자기야 (‘jagiya’ | ‘chagiya’, but since ‘cha’ sounds similar with ‘ja’, people use ‘jagiya’ as the romanization version of it) means darling/honey/sweetheart that you can use it to your boyfriend/girlfriend – and the shortened term of it is 자기‘jagi’ (google translate this shit if u don’t believe me)

Let’s watch the video.

This is kfans analysis;

The words below are NOT the exact translation of the analysis on the picture.

The picture (statement) above was the original analysis.

This is basically what OP said;

“We can see Jongin’s lips formed, like he was saying ‘a-i’   – that means “kid” in Korean.

But if we look at the HD version of the video, there was a consonant too before the ‘a-i.’

1. jongin looked around before saying anything and covered his mouth to the audience

2. whatever jongin called kyungsoo, it’s something that only kyungsoo knows he calls him like a nickname or based on the mouth, in korean language, it can only be one word - jagi.

3. junmyeon’s reaction is enough to raise suspicion and why he glared at jongin only AFTER he said the word, but not before.”


Let’s elaborate some shit.

1— In the beginning of the video Jongin was looking around before he turned to face Kyungsoo.

Then he lifted up his right hand to cover his mouth. His hand indicates he was creating a personal space. He was being secretive, he didn’t want the crowd’s gaze “invade” him.

Then he said something, and Kyungsoo turned to face him.

It’s clear that he didn’t say “Kyungsoo” or “D.O” or “Hyung” if we look at his mouth.

So how did Kyungsoo know Jongin was calling him? 

Why Kyungsoo turned around to face Jongin?

Lay and PCY were standing on the same line (as Kyungsoo – Kyungsoo was standing between them), but they didn’t look at Jongin / didn’t respond to Jongin’s call.

With just one look and one word from Jongin, Kyungsoo immediately turned his head to face to Jongin.

The person who sent me this shit said something like this;

“It’s a bit odd that Kyungsoo immediately turned around. From what I’ve heard our subconscious mind will hear if we’re being called if we are already familiar with the name (nickname).”

It means whatever word Jongin was using to call Kyungsoo at that time has been used for a long time. In other words Kyungsoo is used (already familiar) to be called with that name/nickname/word by Jongin.

2— Previously it has been stated by OP that Jongin’s mouth was forming the ‘a-i’ shape. OP also has stated that ‘a-i’ mouth-shaped means Jongin was saying “kid”.

In Korean language, if you want to get kid’s attention, you don’t say ‘a-i’ to call them. 

You would say ‘ae-ya’ instead bc ‘a-i’ is only being used to describe “kid”

아이‘a-i’ is a noun and it means “kid”.  

That word is only used to describe a kid, like “this is a dog” kinda shit. Not to call them. Do you call your dog; “dog”? No. Because that’s a lame ass name and it shows how uncreative you are as a pet owner

Also on the other hand, without this ‘a-i’ vs ‘ae-ya’ thingy, this shit is already suspicious enough bc;

Why on earth Jongin called Kyungsoo as kid? Kyung is older than him.

So the possibility of Jongin called Kyungsoo as “kid” (‘a-i’) is zero (due to the reasons that have been stated above).

Thus it means Jongin did call Kyungsoo as something else, and it’s not ‘a-i’ but a word that includes ‘a-i’ vowels and a consonant word.

According to OP, the consonant is ‘J’ [ㅈ]. Why? It’s like this… Jongin only said a word with two syllables, right? ‘???’ consonant + ‘a-i’ vowels

Apparently according to OP the only (2 syllables) word that exists in Korean language that’s able to use this combination (‘???’ consonant + ‘a-i’ vowels) is only jagi. Therefore why OP said the consonant is ‘J’.

Obviously idk shit about korean language, but im gonna trust OP’s explanation about this Korean consonant/vowels/syllable thingy.

3— Now let’s talk about Suho’s expression.

Suho stuttered when he said the introduction (9 – 11 secs)

“Our members will…” he turned around during this part and saw Jongin facing Kyungsoo’s direction (he was still smiling).

“Introdu-” this is when Jongin said something to call Kyungsoo, look at Suho’s face.

“-ce ourselves now…” Suho moved down his mic and looked back at the translator (according to people who have attended the concert the translator would often stand not too far away from them)

Then he looked at Jongin and Kyungsoo. His face looked displeased. He looked pissed off imo.

Why would his expression turned weird when he saw Jongin called Kyungsoo, and why he checked on the translator after Jongin called Kyungsoo?

This means Jongin did say something that shouldn’t be said on stage. If it was regular/harmless nickname Suho wouldn’t react this way.

I conclude this yeh, Jongin did call Kyungsoo jagi. But im crazy so….lel

Also, when KADI leaned towards each other to whisper, Suho looked at the crowd – look at his expression, he looked concerned/worried. 

Imo he was looking for cameras, fans always bring that long-big ass camera to the concert to get HD picts / fancams of their idols. But why?

Ah, another thing, OP also stated something like this (if it isn’t written on the screenshot, then just open the link to see OP’s statement – it’s in Korean tho, obviously, duh).

“My sister who works in media and went to Exo’s concert said that she finds it peculiar…

When Kaisoo would whsiper, Jongin would be mindful of the mic, and they always turn off their hand mics, and they push away face mics.

Other members don’t do that. That’s why when they’re doing ments, you can sometimes hear what the other members are saying.

At that time, everyone was arguing it wasn’t jagi but tbh I thought it is.

Everyone was arguing it wasn’t, all international fans (the majority of international fans said it wasn’t), so I just kept quiet. I think this is the same for all translators too.”


If y’all gonna bitch about this post – go ahead man, fucking do it. DO IT. 

anonymous asked:

People are so rude to debt collectors like me!! They scream and curse because they're sick of us calling them.....but apparently what they don't get is that THEY ARE IN COLLECTIONS BECAUSE THEY DIDNT PAY THEIR BILLS ON TIME. That's not my fault! They should be thanking me for notifying them about the situation they're in, giving them a chance to clean up their credit report. Like, these people have had months to pay their bills, sometimes years....but I'm the bad guy?? 🤔

Some of them are in tough situations where they can’t pay their bills. Even after months or years of not paying them. Having time to pay doesn’t mean you’re in a position to. I get that this job sucks for employees, but it sucks for everyone else too. 98% of these people know they’re in debt. They know their credit is shit. They don’t want to be reminded that their life is falling apart. I’ve been there. I know people who have been there. Maybe they don’t know what you’re going through, but at the same time you don’t know what they are going through. Imagine getting these calls two or three times DAILY even at your job. Imagine getting those same calls when you found out your dad died, your car got repossessed, your kid’s cancer relapsed, you just got an eviction notice, etc. People end their lives because of debt ffs, this isn’t just a customer bitching about an item being out of stock. Of course people are going to be upset! I think a lot of us that have been paid minimum wage, not given enough hours,  have been between jobs, laid off, or fired can understand why that is. Retail might be better for you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and morally. -Abby

anonymous asked:

Jack doesn't give a shit about any of you. You're fucking blind if you think that. You pay his bills and make him rich and an online celebrity, and you do that just by buying into his shit and thinking you're important to him. You're not. He doesn't even know you.

Originally posted by welcome---to---the---jungle

Uhhhh, I don’t know why you would come to me with this statement. But you have so I shall respond accordingly. 

What you think of Jack is entirely your decision. And I respect that. 
But, what I don’t respect is you coming to me with accusations that are completely uncalled for and unjust. 
Come to me when you have a coherent argument and valid reasons to why and how Jack is the fake person you believe him to be. 
Because throughout the years, I have seen nothing but adoration and dedication from this man about his community and channel. 

If you do not like/enjoy or you believe that Jack is somehow a scam or a fake person, then just leave. It’s that simple. 

Love or Hate (Part 2 of 13)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. After a series of unfortunate events, will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,759

Warnings: language, excessive snark, childish behavior

A/N: Part two of my third drabble series. Bucky has most definitely been showing his inner dbag lately, hasn’t he?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 -

Originally posted by likemadeofstarlight

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Fuck Greg. Just from Patreon he makes over $4,000 plus Lainey’s little bit which is over $1,000. All together they make over $6,000 a month on Patreon alone! 

Both Greg and Lainey get on YouNow almost every single day. I’m not sure how much they average on tips per day. But regardless it’s still money in their pockets. Greg still sells merch, and his shitty books as well. He still gets money from YouTube. Not as much as he used to but still the money is there. So does Lainey. 

And this stupid mother fucker decides to make his channel a paid channel. Which okay that’s not where I have the problem. TallVideos said that he was automatically charged when Greg did this. So if that’s true anyone else that had a card connected to their account was also charged. That means people who did NOT agree to being charged for that had money taken from them by Greg. 

I call him a stupid mother fucker because he then makes a video crying about how some people say they can not pay to watch his videos. Makes a whole fucking video crying about how the IRS is about to rock his fucking world for the scam he was trying to pull with them. Compares himself to bands and their t-shirts. (He literally charges the same amount for his own t-shirts.) Cries that people say that he isn’t worth the $.49. (He isn’t.)

Cries about never having a real “bond” with his fans. That all it was was the fans getting something and Greg getting nothing. Nope Greg didn’t get anything but views which got him money, attention, his wife, the girl he cheated on his wife with, ect. But that’s not good enough? Selfish fucking fans. He then says YouTube is all about satisfying the viewers if you can’t do that you’re shit. If someone doesn’t like your content no they aren’t going to fucking watch it? Are you stupid? It’s the same with any kind of entertainment? All musicians, actors, even fucking porn stars know this. You don’t get to blame people for not fucking watching you.

HE LITERALLY TALKS ABOUT ENTITLEMENT. A grown ass 30 year old man with two children, wife, and several pets who has made money from screaming at people, harassing people, bullying people, making fun of serious topics, and literally just humping things who owns hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, furniture, cars, houses, and luxury items IS CRYING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE BEING FUCKING ENTITLED. 

Not everyone wants to work the jobs they work. 99.9% of the fucking population doesn’t want to work the job that they work. But because they are responsible adults they fucking do it because they have families to take care of and bills to fucking pay. They keep their hobbies but understand that we have to be responsible and we can’t just depend on others to pay our fucking bills for us! 

He literally brings up the whole killing himself thing again. DISGUSTING. 

“People talk about his finances like they know whats going on.” He says they wouldn’t talk if they actually knew what was going on. Greg we don’t have to know specifics about your fucking finances. We see your house, we see your cars, WE SEE YOU FLY A FUCKING PATRON TO YOUR HOUSE. We see a grown ass man making horrible financial choices and crying and blaming everyone else for those problems. A responsible adult would do what they had to to make sure they have a stable income to deal with any financial issues that are going on. Such as getting an actual job, selling unnecessary luxury items, or downgrading their living situation to be more affordable. So yes we will keep talking and keep pointing out the bullshit.

“I make content for people who care. It’s never been about anything else.” Bull fucking shit you always bring up subscriber counts to smaller channels to make yourself feel better. And you’ve talked shit on the majority of your fans before. So don’t act like you give a fuck about who’s watching as long as they are watching and giving you money. 

He uses the word survive so much I want to vomit. Again fuck you Greg you make more money than 99.9% of your fucking subscribers. Most of which are under the age of 18 that can’t pay for your Patreon or even your Youtube Channel. The rest are probably young adults trying to go to school or even just working minimum wage. Those people will make $7.25 an hour to pay their bills. In one month they will make $1,160 if they work 40 hours a week. And thats BEFORE taxes are taken out. You want to talk about surviving? TALK TO YOUR FUCKING FANS. What you make from Patreon in one month is what your subscribers will have to work 6 months for. Most of them will never be able to own a home. Most of them will not be able to afford a brand new car. Most of them will not be able to afford to buy groceries as often as they need. They will not get to go on vacation. They will not be able to afford luxury items at all. They will feel fear every time they miss ONE day of work for being sick because they can not afford to miss that day on their paycheck. So before you use the word survive again TALK TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY STRUGGLING YOU PIECE OF SHIT. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO THEIR MONEY BECAUSE THEY LIKE YOUR CONTENT. 

To be a fan of something doesn’t mean to pay for that something. I do not pay every single band I like. I do not pay every single YouTuber I like. I do not pay every single person I follow on Instagram. I do not pay every single person I follow on Twitter. You can be a fan of something and never pay one single penny to that something. 

Guilting people for not paying you is complete bullshit and you are fucking disgusting. 

I feel so strongly about this because my family has been poor my whole life. As a child I was told I would start developing ulcers if I didn’t stop stressing out about money. I always feared for my mom when it came to bills. When I finally moved out on my own I couldn’t afford to pay for groceries, couldn’t run my heat in the winter, couldn’t use my air conditioner in the summer, ect. I lived in an apartment where they literally had to warn me that before they repainted they had used lead paint in the apartments, the cops made regular visits to arrest my neighbors, and I couldn’t go outside at night because it was dangerous. I had to work at McDonalds to pay my bills. Sure as shit didn’t want to but as an adult I knew I had to get a job and any job was better than none. 

Just this year I came across a job that allows me to live comfortably and to build up a savings account. I have to work 64+ hours a week but it’s a job I care about. In this job I have to take care of people who have repeatedly punched me in the face, thrown up on me, shit and pissed on me, screamed at me on a daily basis, ect. It’s a hard job but I do it. I care about these people even after all of the hard times that come with them. I don’t quit and ask everyone else to pay my bills for me so I can go do something I like that won’t pay my bills. No I go to my job and I keep my hobbies for my free time. Because I’m an adult and I understand how the world works. 

Embracing the Suck

The title of this post was appropriated from one of my instructors and good friend Ken, whose writing I unfortunately can’t redirect you to since it doesn’t exist. Sorry!

I have been thinking a lot lately about the psychological side of fencing and specifically about self-improvement. There are a couple of skills I’ve managed to get quite good at. Fencing isn’t one of them, yet - but I am definitely a lot better than I was one year ago, applying similar strategies to skills I’ve learned in the past. There has always been a prevalent commonality in the way I approach the task mentally. 

This is a really long post, so if you are short on time, just skim to the bold parts.

The first thing to do is define your objective. You want to get good at something, simple enough, but useless bullshit as far as a real goal with a tangible measurable result goes. What’s getting good actually mean? Will you know when you’ve reached it? It’s something you kind of have to define for yourself, but a useful one for me has always been asking myself: “Can I actualise my will using this skill?” For example, I know I am alright at programming, because most of the time if I set out to do something using that skill I manage to do it. I know I am quite effective at painting and drawing because I can imagine how I want something to look and then execute it to a standard I am satisfied with - the gap between what I wanted to do and what I did is narrow, if existent at all. This is how I view self-improvement at fencing. I decide I want to reduce the gap between my will to carry out an action, and the actualisation of it. So far, it has served me well enough.

Something which has been very important for me in everything I’ve ever improved at is to let go of any desires to be better than others.
There are two reasons it’s shit to advance your skill just to be better than others: First, once you achieve that goal you will stagnate. This is a big problem in fencing as we often have limited access to skilled opponents. If you are satisfied with your progress when you win a bout against a local someone who seems good, you’re lazy and people with a good mindset will continuously overtake you in ability.
Second, it makes you an asshole. Peers are the single most valuable resource in improving yourself in a skill, and the more of them you alienate, the less of a buff you get from their friendship, collaboration, and general investment in your improvement. We often get newbies or pedestrian fencers who don’t show up much. If they are friendly I will always tell them exactly what I find difficult to counter and how they can kick my ass next time after sparring. If they’re a dick, to me or to others (espescially newbies), I basically don’t care if they ever show up again, so I ignore them. I am sure plenty of others feel the same way, or at least, I am sure nobody goes out of their way to help assholes improve. Don’t underestimate the importance of social buy-in. Do what you can to encourage your friends and prefer positive interactions with peers in your chosen skill.

While in various forms of art you perform solo it’s quite obvious the detriment being over-competitive can be, it’s not so obvious in fencing. I mean, it’s a competitive sport, so there has to be some level of rivalry. But it can be framed very positively. Your aim is to be better than yourself. The good thing about this is the road leads to perpetual improvement - it’s always possible to get better. It’s also optimistic, measurable, and very achievable. It’s also possible to measure your own improvement by whether or not you’re capable of “not getting hit by that guy” or “covering against that chick’s unterhau” or whatever. You can re-frame what would be a negative comparison with a peer to something focused on self reflection.

Be realistic about how badly you want to achieve this. I would think for most people it’s easy to tell when you’re driven towards something. You think about it all the time and get anxious if you aren’t doing enough of it. Analyse your feelings about your goals and make a realistic assessment: What do you actually want? How serious are you about trying to achieve it? Does your dedication match your goal? If not, change your goal or your level of dedication. Special hint if you are wondering how to assess your level of dedication: If you walk away from the task cause you suck at it, you weren’t dedicated: you walked away.

Last and maybe most important is to learn to embrace the suck. Any skill worth learning will not give you instant gratification. You will suck at it and have a shit time probably for years, and even then, if you really really love it, you will never be satisfied. As an artist I do pretty well - well enough to pay bills and create mostly anything I like - but it’s still a path of gruelling pessimistic dissatisfaction, and a desire for more. If you are really on this path, all the things that suck about it will be a treasure to you. You’ll embrace it with open arms, as another step on the way. It’s normal and perfectly functional to kind-of sort-of hate the activity you love.

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A letter to Chris Chibnall: Please don't fuck this up

So, the time (lord) has arrived. We finally have a female incarnation of the Doctor. Hooray! Well done, Chris. You knew there would be backlash and that some people wouldn’t be able to take a time-travelling immortal alien being a woman of all things but you weren’t a coward and did it anyway, good for you! But your work isn’t nearly done yet. It isn’t enough to just have a main female character. I know that you’re the writer, and I should just trust you to do your thing, but there are some things I have to say. 

Just, please don’t fuck this up.

The Doctor is still the same person even though their gender has changed. Yes, their personality and character might change with each regeneration, but that is only on the surface. At the soul, at the core, they are still the same person. Same software, different case. Thirteen’s personality is yours to mould, but inside she is still the same person, the same immortal being who has seen war, and peace, and suffering, who has seen humanity both at its best and at its worst, who has seen a thousand, a million different, new places and is still filled with wonder every time that door opens. Who can see the whole universe, everything there is, was, will be, everything that must happen and everything that can not, and claims to never get involved but can’t bear to walk past a crying child. Who is wise, and ridiculous, and above all, kind

And that is the most important thing. Sometimes writers forget that “strong female character” is not a synonym for “badass woman who doesn’t give a shit and can take all the bad guys out and look good doing it” (and because I know people are gonna be like but Rose/Martha/Donna/Amy/Clara/Bill weren’t like that!!“ I’m talking about characters in their own right who exist as more than sidekicks, e.g Missy or River). And yes, characters like that are fun, but we deserve to have female characters that aren’t cut from the same mould every time with a few different toppings to differentiate them. Allow female characters to have flaws beyond just being ~morally grey~. Female characters shouldn’t have to be absolutely perfect at everything just to earn respect. The Doctor may be many things but they are not a badass. When we say we want a female Doctor, we don’t mean a Missy-River-Quill 2.0. I don’t want the Doctor to suddenly turn into Black Widow as soon as he becomes female. 

 I want a Doctor who can still never quite get the Tardis to the place she wants to go, who still forgets where she’s parked the Tardis when it’s invisible, who still shorts out the psychic paper if she tries to pretend to be a *mature and responsible adult*. Who is still wise and ridiculous and kind; never cruel or cowardly but still rather a coward than a killer, any day. Who cares, and who does things because they are the right thing to do, without hope or witness. Give her weakness (and, in case I can’t stress this enough, something more original than morally grey). The Doctor always needs their companions. Let her need them. Let them teach her and help her grow. The Doctor is flawed. The Doctor needs their friends. The Doctor loves and cares about their friends; their friends “always have been the best of (them)”. The Doctor would and has been, in the past, willing to sacrifice themself for their friends and becoming a woman won’t (and shouldn’t) change that.

Please don’t fundamentally change the Doctor’s character because they have changed gender because they are still the same person, the same heart and soul. 

Oh and please, please, for the love of god, please, don’t try and stuff in an unnecessary male love interest. 

 That is all.