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My Loyalty is to Swen.

Ok, so a lot of push and pull going on in the fandom right now. I’m concerned for some of you, I know how much this meant to you and to us. Totally gonna go candid for a minute though.
I don’t think I will continue to watch ouat. I knew swanqueen was never gonna happen. It’s way too good of a story, and even if they did tell it, they would butcher the shit out of it. So here’s my reasons.
I’m not going to watch ouat anymore because I genuinely loved the characters. Emma, Regina, snow and charming, belle and rumple etc. It was an interesting show that laid out a process of magic built upon stories we were all familiar with. The storybrooke arc gave a whole new page in these characters. It flipped back and forth between lives and painted a complex but understandable storyline.
I haven’t seen anything resembling that show since the frozen storyline. I hung in there. I supported the down episodes and kept my hopes up that it would pull itself up and be the story telling we had come to love. Again, regardless of swanqueen, I still enjoyed the stories.
-I do not want to watch a show where they have taken two of the most admirable women in fiction, women of strength and valor, of character and poise, and turned them into dumpsters for male abuse and manipulation. I mean since it’s a family show, young women should be prepared to be treated like that right? Replace a storyline about fairy tales with the cold hard truth of spousal abuse. Don’t they call that show SVU?
-I do not want to watch a show that uses romantic body language and dialog between main characters to deliberately fish for the lgbt audience and yet insults the community by refusing to acknowledge that we swen, exist. Again, this is not about sq, it’s about exploiting a fandom and misrepresentation of an entire community. And if you don’t think that is wrong, shame on you.
-I shipped emma and neil. I shipped emma and august. I shipped regina and daniel. I shipped swanqueen since 1x1. I shipped exactly all of the ships. How on earth could I not ship cs or oq? How did I literally miss the boat on this one? Because it is just hands down, bad fucking writing. It’s forced, it has no substance and the attitude of fans supporting it is pathetic. Literally being spoon fed garbage, asking for more, and lookin over at my steak of an otp, which in no way even threatens their precious beards, and calling it delusional. The irony isn’t lost on me. They actively bully the swanqueen fandom and every new episode is just a testament to how supported they are.
-They have completely disregarded their own “rules”, shit that was impossible 3 episodes ago is now full on possible, and it’s the only thing that is important. This happens every week now. Can you imagine that working out in any other coveted media? For instance, It took rumple a century to build the bricks for that curse to happen, and transcending realms was insanely difficult, and now it’s just like “hey I’m gonna pop on over to the (insert realm here) for a (insert excuse to keep cs and oq’s lame ass stories going) need anything? Oh, I also don’t need to explain how, because we don’t do that anymore. We have literally run out of ways that this could make any sense so we’re just gonna disregard what we have already established”
-I honestly think that they owe donation to some amnesia reasearch or foundation because memory loss is the staple of every single season. I have studied magic for years, craft, history, culture, and lore. I personally guarantee you all that their are in fact other spells and curses than just memory loss.
-I haven’t actually “watched” since like the middle of season 4. I simply look up from the computer when I hear Regina’s voice and I dissect the scene to see if it can be used for sq manips. I haven’t paid attention in awhile, and I almost felt bad because I thought it was because sq hijacked my brain. But in all actuality it’s because the shit just isn’t interesting anymore. You watch, you go on what you know to perceive the logical outcome and boom, fuck you for thinking this was a show that followed it’s own god damn premise.
-It has been my honor to support the needs of swen by this blog, writing romantic sq fanfiction, making art and comical posts. And sharing all of yours as well. I think of all of you as a large, slightly neurotic but well meaning family. My family. And I couldn’t be prouder. But the queer baiting is hurtful. It’s hurtful to this fandom and to the lgbt community. Which is also my family. And nobody hurts my family.
-Lana and Jennifer are just precious human beings that support so many great causes and charities, and communities, that I don’t want to associate either of them with media that supports what has been going on in the show or supporters of certain pairings. I know they have contracts, but the fact remains that these two are not supporters of certain messages this show is sending.
-I don’t appreciate that mental instability is advocated because of “love.” It’s highly insulting to individuals in recovery who fucking know better. If it’s gonna be in the script, call a spade a spade and don’t blanket that shit over and pretend that everything will be okay if the character just gets the pairing they desire. Mental instability is a life long issue that people struggle with everyday. Inaccurate representation and using it as justification for lack of genuine writing is dangerous. Believe it or not individuals living in recovery would also like to be accurately represented. We happen to live in a society that likes to blame terrorism on mental instability. And that shit is just Un fucking acceptable. It’s bad enough to have an MHD but to represent it as just a love struck phase is not a good message for children or anyone for that matter. Threatening suicide for attention? No other way to keep that sad sack, shit train of a pairing going? No other way to bring that scene together? What the actual fuck were they thinking?
-I thought that I felt inspired by the show. But I was wrong. I started writing again when I found the sq fandom. I have never wrote a ouat fanfiction that wasn’t sq. They get zero credit for everything this family has built. The turned their backs on us the minute they let YNB sit on that panel after the shit that came out of her disgusting mouth. Also, shitty actress that has spent years misrepresenting the African American community. How many times can you play stereotypical unruly black woman and still have self respect? Apparently infinite times. The entire fandom deserved better than that.
-I have been disappointed in the direction of the show before, when it became apparent that swanqueen was just a mass delusion we were all suffering from, because none of us had ever had a relationship or a friend so we couldn’t possibly know the difference between the two, and that being the only thing in our fandom to be acknowledged. Again, this particular rant is not one of their refusal to write the goods, it’s a rant about the impact that this show has on so many and how important it is to be mindful of the things that you are representing or misrepresenting on television. I could give exactly zero shits as to who ends up with who and it’s directly because of the terrible writing and insensitive attitude these assholes have shown toward their fans.
-I’m almost thankful that they don’t have more poc rep. Because I fear that between the direction of the show and shitting on their fans, that they would just balls to wall butcher the shit out of (insert ethnicity here). Racial insensitivity would just be the icing on the cake and all of a sudden everyone who has ever enjoyed any part of the show is now a dick. They killed both black guys. All two of them. Which may not be as bad as trying to write for the characters in this particular case. I can see it now, (Season six, the heros fight a race war. Because fuck poc, and let’s ignore this and keep the attention on the pirate and whoever that hot blonde is now.)

So no, I’m sorry, I hung in there. I supported, I accepted, and I went along with the story as it was being told. But this is no longer the show I was a fan of. The main characters don’t have an arc anymore. They are just completely different people for the sake of ratings and it’s a shame because this could have been one of the best shows in the history of television. It had the recipe for greatness and ground breaking story telling, and now it’s just shit soup for the sake of getting as many fans as possible. And shame on them for the way they have treated their fans.
And if you haven’t heard it today, I appreciate you. This fandom has honestly saved my life on more than one occasion.
#Viva la swanqueen # viva la swen


Blah blah hate yourself fatty! blah blah why won't you just hate yourself already?! blah

A troll who I’m not going to link to submits:

You know, if you guys were really happy with your body image, then you wouldn’t need to go on here and cry about it.

Who’s crying about it? I love my body. The only people crying about it are fat-hating trolls like you.

If any of you belived that you were actually happy and healthy, then you wouldn’t need to write a sob story about how everyone else is hating you.

We don’t run this blog to convince fat people they’re happy or healthy – that’s their business, and since everyone is different there are unhealthy fat people and unhappy fat people as well as healthy and happy fat people (and lost of combos of those) and you know what? THAT IS OKAY. :)

Also, what does me being satisfied with my health and happiness have to do with other people hating or not hating me? I wasn’t aware that being happy or healthy magically makes discrimination and oppression disappear. Discrimination and oppression are societal attitudes that aren’t directed at me personally, but what the culture has deemed my fat body represents. Whether or not I’m happy or healthy has no bearing on whether fat haters gonna hate (or not).

Deep down in the pit of your cavernous stomach, you must realise how fucking unhealthy and unattractive you really are.

You do realize that if my stomach was cavernous it would be large and empty, right?

The cool thing about people’s health is that it is not determined by some faceless troll on the internet. Trufax! Whether or not you think I’m healthy (or happy) has no bearing on whether I’m happy or healthy. 

And why do I care how attractive or not I am to you? Do I know you? Are you challenging my husband to a duel or something? Piss off, creeper. I give exactly zero shits about what makes you horny.

And you’re justifying your monstrous behavior by blaming everyone else for your bad habits and bad choices.

Monstrous behavior? Okay, let me get this straight. You think that me existing as a fat person who doesn’t hate herself is on par with murder, abuse, torture, and war? 

You trolls are so ~*~DRAMATIC~*~. Why don’t you go start another trollbleg with an “ironic” privilege-esque title so you can troll us again after we block you and har-har with your 4chan buddies about how you got some “land whale” to respond to you.

Keep sending us the comedy gold, bub. The mods here and our sixteen thousand followers appreciate it.