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ASTRO Reaction To Meeting Their Ideal Type + Ideal Type Description

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Could you do ASTRO’s reaction to meeting their ideal type? Thank you!

MJ: *I think he’d be with someone with a puppy-like personality like his, another prankster. But at the same time, she’d be a bit calmer, less willing to do the most crazy things, especially if they are dangerous. Still, she’d be fun loving and his biggest fan, constantly giving him encouragement, especially when he needs it.*

*Meeting His Ideal Type*

*I picture this happening when he goes out with a couple of the members and he’d be working on making them laugh while they waited for their food and she’d giggle at the next table. At that moment, it’d be his goal to make her burst out laughing. When she finally did, he’d lean over, compliment her on her laugh and then give her his number with a wink*

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JinJin: *he’d want someone much calmer than MJ, but still slightly more adventurous and outgoing than he is, someone who can make him be a bit more outgoing himself but not so outgoing he’d feel like he’d hold her back. Someone who’s definitely a bit more mature, too, and a good cook with a soft heart and idk why I think this, but a sweet tooth.*

*Meeting His Ideal Type*

*I picture this happening in a music store where they reach for the same stuff and he’d be surprised to see her reaching for the same CD as him. He’d let her have it of course and they’d strike up a conversation about their music tastes, nearly spending half an hour talking, not stopping until he really has to leave, so he gives her his number so they can keep their conversation going*

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Eunwoo: *I think his girlfriend would have to be really kind and caring, capable of being his support system and someone he can rely on feel comfortable with, certainly someone who sees him as more than a pretty face. Someone who he can be real around. I think he gets stressed and anxious easily so he’d need someone who can calm him, balance him, ground him, simply by being around. A girl whose smile seems to magically make everything ok for him*

*Meeting His Ideal Type*

*I think they’d meet in a way that immediately shows her kindness, how she can easily read him. Like maybe at a coffee shop where she’d accidentally spill coffee on him and she’d be immediately helping him clean it up, then clean up the mess on the floor and get him another coffee without a second thought. That would really impress him, sticking in his mind, and when he runs into her at the same coffee shop and he makes it his turn to get the coffee, and then they’d sit and talk and he’d realize how she makes him feel and the rest would be history…*

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Moonbin: *I think he’d want someone who is less outgoing than he is, so he’d be able to pull them out of their shell and get them to have fun and open up. Seeing someone open up and become warmer and happier with him is something he really enjoys. As he’s such a driven and happy person, he would even want to have the role of pushing and encouraging another person to fulfill their influence. This baby just wants to spread happiness and the love of life to his partner.*

*Meeting His Ideal Type*

*I picture this happening when he goes to a party and sees someone that’s not quite involved. He’d immediately want to get them involved and having fun, he’d enjoy the challenge but at the same time he wouldn’t want it to be that hard, something where him just asking her to join in would get her involved. At the end of the night, they’d both be having so much fun together, they’d want to do it again so they’d exchange numbers*

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Rocky: *I think he’d be with something that’s a performer, probably a dancer. He enjoys pushing himself and watching himself grow, so he’d want someone that would playfully compete with him and push him to be even better, professionally and personally. He’d crave that challenge and give and take in a relationship with shared passions and drives.  Really just someone who every day encourages him and makes him want to be better*

*Meeting His Ideal Type*

*It’d probably be at some kind of arcade or something where they end up playing the same game and the loser, whichever one, challenges the winner to a second game. A million matches later, they’re both almost high from their victories and shared fun that both of them want to do it again so they exchange numbers.*

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Sanha: *I picture him with someone that’s not all that mature, like on the same level of maturity that he’s on so they don’t make him feel like a kid, he gets enough of that being the maknae. At the same time, he’d want someone who kind of takes care of him, pushes him to be a bit more responsible and make the right choices. Also someone who’s generally positive and laughs easily. He’d really love getting her to smile, it’d make him feel all warm inside.*  

*Meeting His Ideal Type*

*I picture this happening like at Karaoke (friends of friends) and she compliments him on his singer, saying there’s no doubt in his qualifications as a vocal, ya know, fluffing his ego. And he’d be beaming, which would make her smile, and he’d get caught up in it. At that point, he’d spend the rest of the night trying to get her to smile because of him, even singing a love song duet with her. It would take long for her to be enamored with him either. After that though, their mutual friends would probably have to push them to get them together*

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Relationship with Big Cass would include;

this is for those who requested this :D

the other include series posts would be here <

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Also send in requests for other Superstars or the Topic, i.e. Dates, Relationship, Kisses

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  • Watching football games in his hotel room between shows as you lay lazily on the bed
  • Giving him shoulder massages after long days
  • Kisses with you sitting on top of the kitchen counter
  • Or the bathroom counter
  • Or any counter because he’s so damn tall
  • Going to different halls of fame when you are around the country
  • Making meals together while you sing
  • Braiding his hair when you are tired and giggling when he makes a face when seeing himself in the mirror because there’s so many braids
  • Random boob grabs
  • The days that you try to be mad at him because Enzo is constantly walking in on the two of you and you grumble every time because Cass just laughs and kisses your cheek
  • Picking you up and carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch waiting for him to get home from RAW
  • Snuggles in bed when you feel so safe
  • You not understand how he does certain things and he just mocks you by saying ‘You can’t teach that.’
  • Heavy kisses where he picks you up and presses you tightly to the wall, leaning his body against yours as his hands go to your hair
  • Being fascinated with how big his hands are compared to yours
  • Eskimo kisses
  • Riding his thick thighs with heavy sighs, his lips nipping at your neck

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okay so im a total junkrat junkie (ahaha bad jokes) could i maybe get some headcanons about how he acts around the person he likes (or is dating whatever floats ur boat)? maybe tying into the height difference 'cause he's so damn tall? (the dude's 6'6" hes a damn tree??)(i'm a guy n' im like 5'4" idk if that matters lmao)

Being around the person he likes makes Junkrat act more over-the-top than usual, trying to show off by exploding things or just by making occasional puns to brighten up the mood. 

If you’re shorter than him he’ll often offer you piggyback rides (and sometimes by that he motions to Roadhog while giggling at his own joke). But bearing in mind that the guy slouches a lot the height difference wouldn’t be very obvious.

He will definitely constantly talk to Roadhog about you and the guy will just grumble occasionally to let him know he’s listening or just nod his head from time to time. Eventually he will shut up when Roadhog gets irritated about the whole “(y/n) this, (y/n) that” all day long.

Whenever you’re around he will call you over and start a small talk, his back slightly more straightened than normally with the hopes that you’ll find him more attractive that way.

But of course, he can also get very embarrassed from time to time - mostly by Roadhog’s doing - which lead him to awkwardly scratching the back of his head while laughing awkwardly. He will try to distract you from whatever has been said about him in hopes you didn’t hear/won’t poke fun at him if it’s really embarrassing. 

A while after the embarrassing moment Junkrat will pretend as if nothing happened but he will subconsciously look down at his feet every now and then as a sign that he still didn’t get over it.  

(I feel ya buddy, I’m also a short guy - standing at 5′6 - but hey, it’s not that bad)

I would make a better boyfriend

It was the summer of 2014 when She told me I would make a better boyfriend than most guys. It was a hot night and we were in my room. The smell of hash and tobacco was heavy at the back of our throats. I was desperately pinching a torn bit of a visiting card into a filter and making jokes about my little hands. She was giggling, her wavy hair a dream and her voice the sweetest lull.

I haven’t thought about that night in a while. It was atleast 52 hours. 52, long, stoned hours. I haven’t thought about what she said till tonight.

If I think back to what we shared, the magic gossamer strands constantly gripping us and tripping us into situations, I can only hear laughter, taste tears, remember stories and long, long, comfortable hours. Nothing sexual, nothing that I can define in worldly terms. It was a soul connection, unconditional love. (And hence, it survives to this day)

She made me think though. She made me realise we all just want to be seen as us, no bodies, no physical restrictions. It doesn’t mean you disregard beauty- even outward. She has been the one person who will randomly compliment me about very specific things like,
‘You know look very pretty today, your hairs the right kind of wavy, it’s reached the perfect length’
Man. I thought I was the lucky one. Where was this love stemming from? How did She know me so well? How did she know what I was thinking when She was so different? But then I realised the most important thing: the love you give, you receive tenfold. Man.

I would make a better boyfriend than most guys. Tis the truth. Because I looked at her and saw Her, the kernel of her soul. I saw what she was at her worst and best and accepted both as my own. I listened, I loved. I appreciated. And most of this was wordless. Almost all of it. And done without any reason, any real hope of reciprocation (is that a word? Well I’m always making my own so..)

Love is strange. We have defined it so many times that we are exhausted with the idea. We hear things like,
‘I’m done with love.’
‘I think I’m just not made for love’
We are stupid.
Love is in us, it IS us. Love is freedom and carelessness. Love is laughcrying and crylaughing. And we are always lucky enough to attract it if we want it for the right reasons. Love can’t be defined. It is everything. I’m convinced.

I have thought a lot about love and how it has manifested itself in every corner of my life and it’s amazing. Because I love love. I’m a lover of love. I think it brings out the best in me and I feel saved.

I would make a better boyfriend because I truly believe in love. At every turn.

I was on the way to the beach with a new-ish, old-ish friend and obviously (thanks to the little curious caterpillar in my brain) we started talking about love. I told him my vagina is connected to my brain and he laughed and was one of the few shrewd people to say,

‘Fuck. That’s not easy then’

Exactly. It’s not. For me loving love is easy but it’s the attitude that’s the issue. I want it all. I want the persons thoughts, dreams, fears, giggles, years, tears, body and life to love. The whole thing. Or none. All or nothing.

It’s not easy but it’s so amazing. I might make a better boyfriend than most guys but that’s only ’cause Love has got me by the balls..

Dating Ashton
  • Sitting on his lap well he’s messing around on the drums
  • Giggles, giggles, and MORE GIGGLES
  • Working out with him
  • Laying under him while he does push ups, kissing you every time he comes down
  • Having to buy a million jars of vegemite a week
  • “Stop being so damn adorable y/n”
  • Hugs from behind
  • Hardcore make out sessions
  • Going on a lot of random adventures
  • Getting funny selfies from him when he’s on tour
  • His mom (and family in general) adoring you
  • Deep late night talks
  • Him getting you flowers and teddy bears and a bunch of cute stuff just randomly
  • Him constantly reminding you how much he loves you

I realized I haven’t done anything for Ash yet so this is for all of you Ashton girls!!(: