i giffed on the plane lol

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Where do you think Shawn would like to kiss his SO? Like what part of the body

OKAY PEOPLE HERE WE GO *puts on seatbelt* IT’S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE (in no particular order)


He loves skinship and he spends half his day nuzzling your neck. He wakes you up with gentle kisses, his lips wandering up and down the length of you neck, gently grazing the sensitive skin, nibbling on your ear, kissing the juncture of your jaw. 


FOREHEAD KISSES WITH MENDES ARE REAL AND NO ONE CAN SAY IT AIN’T SO ANYMORE even if you’re his height he would just kiss your forehead. At any given time you can expect his soft lips pressing tenderly to your forehead… It’s really sweet and pure yet can be incredibly intimate. He does it all the time to show his affection, especially when he can’t kiss your neck (e. g. in public)


Again the height plays a major factor in this… AND AGAIN, it’s incredibly tender and pure and he just wants you to feel how much he adores you in the most innocent sense of the word what better way to show you he loves all of you than while kissing your nose while he is balls deep in you am I right?



SKINSHIP SKINSHIP SKINSHIP while you’re all cuddled up against him and all he can reach is your shoulder, while you’re on the plane, when he picks you up in his arms and you are wrapped around his middle and he can’t wait for his lips to touch you again…

(sorry for overusing LOL gifs but they have such a cosy feel??)

god this is gonna look so dope when i’m done fuck


“I was sitting next to this girl on the plane the other day, a Latin orator. She was like, ‘What are the band called?’ It was really hard to tell her. They’re two words that really fucking should not be together” -Alex

Honeymoon Sweetness

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REQUESTED BY @pinkrima​: Can I request a jungkook smut when he is my husband and we head to new York for honeymoon: )



i told yall i was working on a new scenario. lolol + it’s a mf smut. btw, this was longer than i intended to write. lol but it’s okay. also, like i just had to use that gif as well, bc it’s funny. haha :p i hope you enjoy this!! just a little something as well since it’s been forever since i’ve posted. i hope you’ll like it! enjoy! ~ 

The one thing you’ve always hated about traveling was the jet-lag. After many hours of sitting on a plane, you finally arrived at your destination - New York - with your newly wedded husband, Jungkook. You could tell from the look on his face that he was also as tired as you were and hitting the hotel right away was not such a bad idea after all.

“Are you tired?” You asked after getting a hold of all your belongings off the bag check-in. He shook his head, but you knew he was lying.

“Jungkook, if you’re tired we can just head to the hotel and then tomorrow we can go sight-seeing, plus it’s getting late.” You looked out the window and saw the sky already turning a darker shade.

“_____, it’s only 5 PM.” He took out his phone, showing you the time and you had an “oh” shaped around your mouth after realization.

“Then, why is it turning dark already?” You furrowed your eyebrows, looking back at him.

“It’s Daylight Savings Time, hun.” He chuckled. “But if you want to, we can head back to the hotel and rest for the day. I am getting a bit tired now since we’ve been standing for 10 minutes just to get our bags.” A little smile rested on his face.

“See, I told you, you were tired.” You said to him, nudging him by the elbow.

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Is there have one gif-set on all together Conan’s skills and talents.

  • Skateboard
  • Snowboard/Ski
  • Soccer
  • Defuse the bomb
  • Perceiving
  • Solve codes/puzzles
  • Aim and shoot
  • Parkour
  • Play Violin
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Planning ahead
  • Have a knowledge of how to fly plane/copter (non-canon, I’m sure he can do it.)
  • Driving boat
  • Knowledge of basic Science and Medicine
  • Almost die multi times
  • Making friends with law enforcement 
  • Hiding (lol)  
Funny Parallel between Regina and Hook

I was thinking about this while I was walking through airports last week and had asked beegoddess to kindly make gifs for me.

Notice how Regina takes Emma’s punch like a BOSS!

While Hook… well… goodnight.  LOL!

Hahaha!  I was just tickled and actually laughed to myself while walking up the ramp to board the plane.  I loved it and thought it was so funny.

Regina Mills is BADASS!!

“Thank you.”

Me:  I love you. *giggle blush*

Playing With Fire - Part 8


a/n: couldn’t find any good gifs for this part, so I just used pics lol. enjoy this chapter! <3 

Pairing: Cameron Dallas x Reader x Nate Maloley

Summary: Y/N travels last minute to New York to visit Nate who is currently on tour. 

Word Count: 3.1k

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Hiiii! kkkkkkk Tao and chanyeol in that gif reaction made me fall on the floor with laughter kkkkk Can you do their reaction to them coming back to their dorm and finding a life-sized picture of themselves on the wall? (As if one of the other members was playing a prank)

Hiiiiiiii :) I’m glad you liked it! hahha

Lol I think this will be funny ;)


Lay: *looks at the picture like:

Suho: *Laughs while secretly planning how to kill all the other members*

Chen: *The next morning*

Chanyeol: *Who is this intruder*

Luhan (Ft. Sehun): *Afterwards* “Come here you piece of——-“

Sehun: Oh is that me? Oh I look so cute awwww so squishyyyy


Kris: …………………. *omg how did they find my pre-debut pictures*

Kai: *runs for his freaking life*

Tao: “Yea I know I know I’m about to enter the dorm I’ll get you your OH MY FREAKING” 


Hahahahahaa I had so much fun making this! Enjoy! xxx

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I love that Josh was stealing her snacks on the plane *wink*

Lol. Yeah. And I like that Josh isn’t the only one who steals the others snacks.

Jen just took ownership of Josh’s prize like it belonged to her in the first place. Get used to it Josh.

Anyway their level of comfort with each other is amazing and adorable.