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The Different Parts Of Louis Tomlinson

sooo i’m sure there must be about a thousand masterposts on louis but i decided to do just one huge, massive masterpost because i just wanted to get all of louis in one thing. seems impossible bUT LET’S DO THIS!

(this is long as fuck and i’m not even sorry)

(credit to the owners of the pictures and gifs used in this thing; i do not own anything besides the stupid comments, if you want credit to be given to something of yours let me know here!)

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Relationships are about Respect


You and Niall had started dating and he knew that you were different when it came to sex. But Niall just thought you were holding onto your virginity until marriage. 

But you weren’t doing that. You just…. There was little to no sexual drive. It was rare you felt yourself get wet and wanted more than just the kisses you two sometimes shared. 

You were asexual and you were confident in that. But this new relationship… It made you nervous about what would be done in the future between the two of you in regards to your physical nature.  

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Hi! Nice to meet you. This is a post for other blogs to use as a reply to all stressed and worried people in your ask boxes. I guess it’s a humble thank you to the bloggers who spend so much time informing and entertaining us. I don’t think this will be a blog for real, but heaven knows I love to type so we’ll see. I’m not even much of a 1D fan, I came here in November because I ran into the story of that rainbow bear and here I am, a 39 year old Americana country fan with a 1D tumblr dash. Sigh. For now, this is my one off attempt to reassure people that: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

I guess this post is mostly for larries, although ultimately it doesn’t really matter what you believe about any babies that may have been born or any girlfriends that may have been fake or boys that may frequently be secretly fond of each other (obscure Willie Nelson reference there). What matters is: EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

And by ‘everything’ I mean mostly One Direction as a band. Let me take you back to this moment:

These are happy people. Why? Because they DID IT. They started five years before this moment, scared little boys who didn’t know each other and who had thrown themselves into the big bad machine that is the music industry, and yet they lived to tell. They are, like that Potter kid, the band that lived. This was so unlikely. And this is also why EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

An even more important, though less awww-inducing, image is this:

We see three things of importance here: 1) a band that’s intact and successful and strong, 2) Simon Cowell in the dark, forced to watch without a single thing he can do, and 3) the reason why this is happening in the first place, projected on the screen behind them: they are friends. (God knows how that happened by the way. How do you throw five random kids in a cauldron and out comes a band of brothers who genuinely love each other? THAT to me is the main love story in this band, frankly.) Anyway, this is also why EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

See, what they have done is not something that has been done before. They escaped Simon Cowell. The business Simon runs is simple: he has the X Factor as his breeding program. He makes the most promising performers sign some kind of near-slavery contract and sucks them dry for a few years. He has no intention of nurturing their careers. Too much trouble. He prefers to tie them down while they are still naive and desperate for a break, and when this cash cow dies, he moves on to the next one. Five years seemed like a long time in 2010, probably. His thinking was: soon enough these kids will be fighting over egos and money, and we will feed off the drama, get one or two solo careers out of them, and that’s it. Next, please. This has happened with all of the other X Factor acts. All of them. Google X Factor contracts and that’s all you need to know.

Of all the things you can debate in this fandom (god, so many things!), this is the one issue that I think we have to be united in. We can discuss solo careers and closets and stunts and babies and larries and antis and family members’ social media and deeper meaning in lyrics and whatever else until the end of time, and I will be very happy to agree to disagree on all of those things - because we know fuck all, to be honest - but this is the one thing that needs to be clear to everybody. Cowell needs power as his oxygen, and for him to have a fighting chance in this stage of his career, he needs to prove that One Direction as a band will fail without him. At the end of their contract he needs to destroy them, destroy their images and their fan base, in order to scare his other acts into submission. I’ve been told his empire is not doing very well lately and I’m eager to believe it, but you bet he will not go down without a fight. He will use every dirty trick in his book and that is a big ass book. The man is ancient, he’s had time to write it. Biblical proportions, is my point.

One excellent strategy is to destroy the fan base by the good old tactic of war lords: divide and conquer. Get that bunch of passionate people to fight each other instead of fighting you, and all you need to do is watch the casualties fall, while you yourself are sipping cocktails in the sun and patting yourself on your pec implants.

And that’s where we are now. The boys are winning this, but the last battle is the ugliest. The most important thing is: how big will be their army be when the dust settles?

So I would like to ask everybody to do two things: 1) assume the boys know what they’re doing, and 2) agree to disagree.

If you are an anti, no problem. For all I know, you could be right. Just don’t call all larries bullies, although I’m sure some of them are. Do your own thing and be happy. If you are a larrie, great. Ignore people who feel otherwise. Don’t take the bait in your inbox. I’ve seen really kind and wonderful people struggle with that so I’m sure I’m grossly underestimating how bad it gets, but try? Please? Just think: that message is Voldemort himself, stirring up trouble. I am made of teflon and I’m not falling for these tricks.

If you are a het Harry stan*, wonderful. Let others dream their gay dreams and you dream yours. You are certainly not alone. (If you prefer one of the others, just read that sentence again and do a find-and-replace Harry with Liam/Niall/Louis/Zayn thingy in your head. Sorry.)

If you are any other type of fan, I am so sorry you got into this mess. Just play MITAM and ignore the yelling behind you, I guess.

If we manage to stay out of each others hair, then we will all enjoy these boys for longer, and I think that’s the point of it all. We want more albums, right? We all want more shows, more awards, more Harry/Liam/Niall/Louis to lust after or more Larry moments to make gifs of, more lyrics to overanalyse… By not fighting the little enemy, we beat the big enemy. And when we all do that, guess what? EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Anyway, so that’s it. I don’t really know how this became such a Martin Luther King let’s-do-a-group-hug type hippie post, I am so sorry. The thing is, the future will be interesting. Boy bands generally don’t cross over into a long career, so it’s going to be an adventure into the unknown. I for one am looking forward to whatever happens next. For now, 1D’s friendship has already beaten Cowell’s cynicism and that’s a win like no other. (Damn, I did that hippie thing again. Again, so sorry.)

So to get back at my original point, the one I was trying to make to all of the worried anons in other people’s inboxes… The boys are working with some excellent people, have supportive families around them, they have survived so much already, and they probably know what they’re doing. If they need to do more weird stunting and smoke screen bullshit and jumping through hoops to get there, let them do it. They will lose a few battles but they are winning the war. And try not to get worked up about the details, because - you’ll never guess what comes next, and thank you for reading all the way to the end, btw -  I promise you, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

* btw, by ‘het Harry stan’ I meant the lustful type, although there are of course many many straight fans who like him the most without the need to jump his bones, larrie or no. I wasn’t trying to be all-encompassing in my categorisation and I am sloppy with labels anyhow, because I like to be. Not dissing straight people at all! Anyway, this clarification was brought on by my very first anon message! Thanks, anon.

Best Thing I Never Had

December 16th 2014 

 Dear whoever will read this, 

 I was so dumb. So pathetic. I almost believed him when he said “I do”. He threw away 4 years down the drain for what? A shag? A drunken kiss? It doesn’t make sense to me why he still continued to meet this women for love affairs, if love could even be described in that twisted relationship. That dreadful day was horrid, I walked in on it though I didn’t say much, I observed. I observed the way her hands fell through his brown locks, I watched as she kissed her way down his body so effortlessly as I had done many times before and when she fell to her knees he had spotted me. I was caught. The look he gave was one for the books, he was shocked, shaking even. I could only mask the tears I was holding in & shook my head before I closed the door. He made no effort to come after me, which made me realize maybe he wasn’t the man i had fell in love with after all? I knew that women who was in our bed, a woman we’ve made fun of many times for always being a drunk mess down out the bar we always went to.  

To dwell on the past will not get me far, but I refuse to forgive him and what he had done. As that hurt me more then it apparently hurt him when I signed the divorce papers which resulted in me giving him the house keys along with the ring that held the past promises of our forever. His eyes had welled up with tears but mine had unfortunately stayed solemn. I was numb and lost throughout that whole situation, till now what happened still leaves me questioning who I was during the divorce. 

 I cannot change the past I could only focus on the present, because life is very short. Hating him is something unjustifiable, I could never. I am disappointed and hurt yes, but no I do not feel hatred. Why her? Is my question. Did she have a slimmer waste? A smile so porcelain? Or was it the fact that she was younger? Who knows now honestly. For in fact it happened and we could not change that. Sitting here writing this down in a journal is a sense of gratitude, I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to meet someone so loving and caring. Those 4 years were absolutely perfect, perfection at its finest when we showed up to events or parties. He always made sure I had on the most gorgeous dresses. Always bought me heels that I felt I could never show off, but he made me feel special in a way I’ve never felt before. 

 That is why it still boggles me as to why he broke what we had, I mean was she worth it? The continuous relationship they both had, for 3 months was it worth it? Again I am forever grateful to have had such a experience but in all honesty he shocked not only me but everyone around him. Never once had anyone thought he had it in him to be unfaithful. Especially his mother, who continuously called me for a while which resulted in me changing my number. I no longer wanted any connection to the Styles family, nor anyone else connected with the man who broke my heart into pieces. 

 Tabloids and articles were quick to find out about the apparent affair, taking this woman to places he never once took me, giving affection to someone he knew for a short time. I was so naive during his affair, always believing him when he said he was recording late or he was spending the night at Liam’s house. He made me feel like a burden every time I asked him if I could join him in the studio, telling me he couldn’t do that because of company rules. He always told me to ignore the press, saying what they write is all lies to break us up, “what they write is bullshit baby, you have my heart so keep it with you”. What lies those were. But what had I been doing while waiting for my husband to return home? I was cooking a wonderful meal every night for him, cleaning up the house to make sure he never felt uncomfortable in our shared home, and looking my best so that he could look at me the same way he looked at me when we first met. What had he been doing? Well you and I both know who he was with, and what he was doing. 

 January 20th 2016 

 Now two years later I am still the same, same hair and eyes, same smile although it’s more wider, and with a loving boyfriend who I can call mine and only mine. He makes me feel happier then I had been all those years ago, he gives me attention and he treats me like a princess which is such a wonderful feeling. I had been deprived of that beloved feeling for a while, I am so happy to say this man I now have possession of is a wonderful breath of fresh air. He is no Harry and somehow someway I’m glad he is not. Because that’d mean he would be busy with work, and give excuses of his whereabouts. 

 I heard he hadn’t been with that woman long, but he apparently has a new interest which was one of the Jenner’s I suppose, I’m happy he now has someone by his side, I do hope he found all the sense of comfort the world has to offer. I guess what he has is special, so I greatly wish that my ex lover treats her the way she should be treated. I hope he continues to be happy. 

 January 23rd 2016 

 I don’t think he saw me when I ran by during my morning run, but I kept my head held high. I saw him, he looked very different. His hair seems to have grown quite a bit, and he looks imaginably tired. I held a frown, work must be stressful for him, he was always one to sleep at an according time, unless work was in the way that is.

 He approached the bench I was sat at, and gave a toothy grin as he looked down at me with a look of fascination. I only nodded with a small smile and got up to greet him with a shake of the hand. No butterflies nor tingles were felt during our contact and in no way did it hurt me. Giving a nod to the stranger I once knew, I turned the volume up and began to walk, but I felt a tug on my sleeve stopping me from continuing. I didn’t need to turn around and see who had done that, because well it was an obvious guess. What he had said though, will always surprise me. 

 "You know some would call it fate, and some would call us meeting here together a second chance“ He spoke, softly almost in a whisper, not even his voice gave me chills anymore which was ironic seeing as I used to love the rough edge of his voice. I turned to look at him with an emotionless expression, my ears deceiving me with what I was hearing. Had he been serious? My heart hurt for how much of a nitwit this man was, you aren’t going to throw away our marriage for a whore then proceed to lie to me, in no way was he going to leave this park until he heard about the damage he had caused me.

 ”Now that is something completely and utterly ignorant of you to say, aren’t you in a relationship? You prick how could you stand here and say something so vile, you never thought of me during whatever you and her had, I never crossed your mind, I felt emotionless those past few months do you get that? You cheated on me! You lied to me and all of your friends around you! Do you understand what I had to go through, constantly feeling as if I did something to you, always wondering if it was the way I looked or the way I dressed? You don’t get to say us meeting is a second chance because I refuse to give that to you, I don’t know what you thought approaching me was gonna do but look where it put you mate, in a sticky fucking situation. Now I am so sorry you feel that way, I really am. But we have both moved on and I can actually say I’m happy, I do not want to dwell on the past nor change what happened, because it’s over with, you did what you did for a reason. I want what’s best for you and that is not with me. If it was, we would not be standing here infront of random people in a park confessing the downfall of your fucking mistake two years ago. We are divorced and broken up, do you understand? You threw away 4 years for some whore you met a bar, you know that does say a lot for someone who vowed that in the end it’d be me and him with as much children as we wanted and beautiful continuous love until the day we die. I do hope you find some sort of happiness with someone you deeply love and I am so sorry but that person will not and won’t ever be me. You had one chance, one shot at a true fucking happiness Harry, and you blew that for some pussy that could of had so many infectious diseases because that’s how much of a whore that woman was. Your fucking mistake you bastard, I spent two years thinking about what I had done to make you cheat on me, to make you call someone else your lover, but then I thought of it and came to the conclusion that you didn’t love me at all. So after this please don’t stop me and don’t try to contact me in any form, have a wonderful rest of your life, karma’s gonna bite you in the ass you asshole"

I was done, it was like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. He was no longer a burden to me, no longer on my mind and persona. 

 Please, have a great rest of your life. Who ever you end up with it will not be me. For you lost me when you made up the decision to break your promise of forever. Goodbye H.

Did you like it? Please tell me! Part two in Harry’s POV? Requests are open! 

Let's take a little journey

*sigh* so there’s been a ton of shit going on with the boys lately and I was looking through my gigantic folder of random gifs and shit and I decided that a journey to the land of the fetus 1D needed to happen. (Warning there will be a lot of Larry moments so bear with me heh heh)

so here we go my friends, come join me

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Preference #65: Frenemies at the High School Reunion (Requested)…

(This is for the anon who asked for, “you two are dating and you go to your high school reunion and an old friend of yours hits on him and you get jealous.” I forgot the jealous, part so… just pretend you’re jealous please.)


“(Y/n), how have you been,” your best friend from high school came up to say hello. “Great, life’s been good. This is my boyfriend Louis,” you gestured to your very well cleaned up man. You then introduced her explaining how you guys went way back. He smiled and took another sip of the beer he was drinking just nodding a little. “Wow, no one expected you to have a boyfriend, period. Now you show up with this handsome specimen.” She shifted her weight and decided on a more seductive pose. She smiled and flipped her hair. “I get where you’re coming from, (y/n) is in a completely different league than all of the people in this room. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you are single.” He was getting sassy, and your old friends eyes furrowed. “Yup, just playing the field, I’m not ready to be tied down to one person yet. Might as well have fun while I still can, I’ll have time for that when I’m in a wheel chair.” She gave him an “up to no good” smile. “Well with that attitude I wouldn’t be surprised if you were alone in your wheel chair…” “It was so much fun seeing you again,” Louis was about to do something he was going to regret so you grabbed his hand and led him to get some more drinks.


Your friend hugged Harry for a little too long and whispered something into his ear. His face grew angry as he looked to her. “What do you think you’re doing, you two are supposed to be friends,” he took a quick sip of his drink and continued to fume. “Baby, its ok,” you tried to calm him down. “No (y/n) it’s really not. Your so called friend just offered to be something on the side if I ever got bored,” his breathing was out of rhythm. What she said infuriated you too, but you didn’t want to cause a scene. “Baby,” you grabbed his shoulders and made sure he could see the calmness in your face. “All that matters is that you said no,” you smiled which seemed to calm him. All of a sudden a man came up introducing himself as your friend’s boyfriend. You quick said hello and could see Harry chewing at the bit to give him a piece of his mind. “We have somewhere to be,” you suggested yanking him out of the situation. “No we don’t, he needs to know what a skank she is,” he was trying to turn around. “Not the time or place, besides I need you at home now,” you smirked as he got distracted by your offer. You were over it, besides you couldn’t resist protective Harry.


“You my dear are gorgeous,” you walked up a little bit after Zayn had introduced himself to your friend. “Yes and taken, by this stunning beauty,” he snaked his arm around your hip and kissed your neck. “(Y/n), no way! Sorry, I didn’t know.” She seemed uncomfortable. “Why exactly did you think he was here? I mean if he was not someone’s date he would have had to be in our class, and you would have remembered Zayn. Don’t you think,” she seemed at a loss for words. “Well it has been a pleasure, but me and my lady have a few more people to see before I get her home,” he smiled very politely as he led you both away. “How were you two friends,” he questioned shocked. “I was her friend before she got to the, friendly, stage,” you tried to put it nicely. “Friendly,” he questioned your choice of words. “Other than that she’s not so bad. You on the other hand have been the perfect gentleman this evening. I love you,” he spun you in his arm so he could get his other one around your waist. “You my dear are gorgeous,” he mocked your friend and then kissed you like he meant it, “I love you too. I’m over this, how about you?” You nodded ready to be alone, and away from the old drama.


“If you behave like a good boy, I’ll reward you when we get home,” you offered an unsatisfied Liam as you went to go talk to an old teacher. You noticed that he ran into one of your old friends. It shocked you when she started getting a little grabby. She was playing with his tie as he just nodded his head. “It’s been fun catching up, but I should go find my boyfriend,” you told you old math teacher. “So you’ve met my friend,” you interrupted the groping going on before your eyes. “Yes, honey,” he kissed your cheek “she was telling me of all of the fun times you two had.” “Of course, I see nothing has changed with you darling. Excuse us,” you suggested too angry to stay and make small talk. “Really,” you questioned angry as you dragged Liam away. “You said I had to behave. I was trying to be polite; I didn’t want to make a scene. I was just as uncomfortable as you. Please (y/n), I was just trying to make sure that I would get my reward. Please, tell me the deal is still on,” he begged with his big innocent eyes and brushed your hair behind your ears. “Fine, but only because you look dam good in that suit and I am the envy of every girl in the room right now,” you kissed him to make sure that everyone knew he was taken.


“Wow (y/n) you have sure done well for yourself,” Your friend complemented. “Thank you, I’m just happy that I finally figured out what I wanted to study. My degree has opened countless opportunities.” You both picked out some food from the table. “I was actually talking about the Irish hunk you landed,” she pointed to Niall fixing the bust of her dress and batting her eyes. You smiled passively, you liked to think that you had more accomplishments in your life, but it all came down to the fact that you snagged a famous bachelor. “Yes, I am eternally blessed to have found him,” you placed an arm on his as you moved down the buffet line disappointed. All of a sudden he was turning around to face your friend. He let the water he had just put in his mouth drip out and looked to it dripping down his suit with a dopey face. “Actually, I am the lucky one, to have snagged her. She’s so smart, funny and talented. I love (y/n) to pieces and would be lost without her.” You gave him an appreciative smile and his grew at the sight of yours. “Shit, I’m so jealous. Does he have a brother?” “Sorry, he’s taken too. I’ve hooked the last one,” you couldn’t help but kiss your adorable boyfriend once you got out of line.

Tamo’s Harry Imagine Request

“Hate Me”


You had known the boys of One Direction for about a year. You were close with all of them, well, all of them except for Harry. For whatever reason, he made it seem like you were the most terrible person he knew. Of course you were always nothing but kind to him, but when he wasn’t completely ignoring you, he was mumbling something about you under his breath. You didn’t get why he despised you so much, but you were going to find out. You had asked all four of the other boys about it, but they all said that even when they tried to talk to him about you, he would simply get up and leave. You were at a small party at Niall’s house with all five of them and a few others, when you felt someone grab your arm and drag you away from where you were standing. You got pulled into another room, and you turned around to see Harry after he closed the door. You were alone.
“I hear you’ve been asking about me,” he said in a not-very-happy tone.
“Yeah, I have.”
“Why?” His face was serious. His eyebrows were slanted inward and his grip on you was tight. For whatever reason, you found him fairly attractive in that moment.
“What have I done to you to make you act this way with me?”
“You didn’t answer my question.”
“I was asking about you because I want to know the answer to what I asked.” He shook his head, his hand removing itself from your arm.
“Why do you care?”
“Because for some reason, you matter to me. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you mean a lot to my friends, or maybe it’s because I have feelings for you. I have no idea. I sure hope it’s not the second one.”
“Why can’t you just except that I’m not fond of you?”
“Because you have given me no reason as to why you hate me!” You were heated. You could feel steam coming out of your ears.
“Why don’t you hate me back? I treat you like dirt.”
“Because I wouldn’t want you to feel the way that I do. I wouldn’t want you to feel terrible about yourself because I’m a nice person. I have never disrespected you. So why do you disrespect me?”
“You’re supposed to hate me! That’s what was supposed to happen!”
“What are you talking about?” He turned around and ran his fingers through his hair, facing his back towards you. He had a really nice back. You couldn’t help but stare at it. He turned around again and you looked away immediately.
“I treat you the way I treat you because I want you to hate me.”
“You’re making no sense.”
“From the minute I saw you, I knew that I was gonna fall for you. Hard. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to fall in love and get serious and have to go through what Zayn and Louis and Liam go through. You see how miserable they are without their girlfriends. I didn’t want that. So… instead of going after you, I did the opposite.”
“That’s messed up.”
“I know. I thought it was a good idea at the time. I thought that if you hated me, it’d be easier to move on, but… you don’t hate me, and now I feel like the biggest jerk on the face of the planet. You’ve been nothing but lovely and perfect and just… amazing. Even when I was a total ass to you… you just smiled at me and left me feeling terrible. Over this past year I’ve realized that I don’t even care anymore. I don’t care about distance or heartbreak or the fear of settling down… I just want you. So bad. And now, I can’t get you.”
“Did you not hear me when I said I thought that I may have feelings for you?”
“I did… but that doesn’t matter, does it? I can’t even forgive myself for being such an idiot, how are you supposed to forgive me?”
“I don’t need to. I don’t hate you, remember?”
“But you should! God, at least smack me or something! I deserve at least that!”
“You really want me to smack you?” He nodded, connecting his hands in front of him. You came up to him, taking a breath before lifting your hand. The second he shut his eyes you lowered it, looking at his vulnerable expression. You stepped closer to him, and before you could think it through, you kissed him. He reacted right away, kissing you back and taking your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tilting your head more as he deepened the kiss.
“I really thought you were gonna hit me for a second,” he breathed as you pulled back, looking up at him.
“I did too.”

Hope you like it Tamo! xx

1:13 AM

I was bored

yes i got very carried away

yes it is very long

yes you will be unstable by the end

yes larry is real

ok we’ll jump right in..


this wasn’t necessary louiS

you can see they are trying hard not to smile

but they are failing

but did they forget there are 3 other members of one direction??

now i can’t see through bodies but im sure louis pushed poor zayn’s hand off harry???

like i sad i can’t see through bodies

where do I even begin with this?????


louis was being a little shit haha

well it was obvious they were singing to each other bc they were looking at each other the whole time and lets not forget lyric changes???

now take this how you will but idk if he was joking or not but yeah idrk

we can hope and pray he was telling the truth

i think louis thouched harry’s thigh??? bUT HARRY’S FACE AFTER JC


so you should watch this interview if you haven’t already bc i think they are talking about more than mario????(especially if you pay attention to the others’ reactions ha)

did you really need to move your hand loweR???

i dont even want to talk about this

i told you i got carried away, didn’t i oops

well im pretty unstable hbu?

i dont need to say anything


there was no need






ahh yes

more thigh touching





i cant breathe


why aren’t they allowed t hold hands bc it is so obvious they are dying to


now i really need to talk about this because louis does the sign for ‘beau/lover’

and then harry just touches wear louis just touched bc he feels loved

and then



lets move on to some whispering

louis actually smooths harry’s cheek and cups his face??/?

like harry was just going to put his hand up

but louis wanted to be cute and loving i

louis is literally squirming

i would give up my parents life savings to know what he was saying

WARNING: the next couple gifs are very upsetting

they put their heads down the same time ((mirroring))

they were asked the same sort of question..

louis looks at harry

harry looks at louis

they all look sad

i am sad

apparently they kissed heRE???

it really looks like it 

louis deffinetly puts his hands around harry

the rest is unclear Sigh

ok imma talk about how awkward louis looks with this girl (i lAUGHed)

it may be bc she is a fan

or may be bc he is gay


just something for you to think about

(he looks so cute) but lets not forget about the day harry couldn’t sit down bc paiN 


now lets finish off with my fAVE larry moment

(prepare yourself)

so they both look at each other the same time

and harry is already smirking

then so does louis







um this took me like 3 hours to make?? oops.


Anonymous said:

Hiii ! Don’t know if you’re still taking requests, you probably have a ton, but if you are could you do one with Harry and a girl (her name’s Betty, black hair, brown eyes, 5'6). She’s an actress and has a sex scene to for a big movie with another actor and while Harry is apprehensive, Betty reminds him that it’s just part of her job and it’s not like anything’s actually going to happen, but Harry, still feeling unsure, reminds her that no one can give it to her better than him. Thank you!! X

Of course my love, and congrats, i chose yours to be posted tonight and i hope you really

enjoy it ;) btw love the scenario! And i hope you enjoy it!


I came home from a massive role audition, which was called ‘Bad Neighbours’ and to be honest its not like anything i would have done. Ive been in a lot of romcom films but never anything that has nudity and full sex scenes in it, so it was different, but my manager said it would be my big break working with Zac Efron. The only thing im worried about is telling Harry about this. He knows that Zac Efron has always been my teen crush, from watching high school musical ive always loved him. Don’t get me wrong im so happy to be with Harry, but ive always had a crush on zac since i was 5. Not really 5, but you get the gist.

“Babe” I yelled through our new unfurnished home filled with blankets and boxes. “Im in the kitchen” He responded. As i got closer to the kitchen, i smelled my favourite meal being cooked, lasagne. “Hey Harry, aw what’s this” I was surprised by the whole kitchen was lit up with candles, and the table was neatly set, with two glasses, champagne, and three candles in the middle. “Well, i haven’t seen you all week, and i know you have a job too, but i only have a few more days off before i have to fly back out, and i felt like i had to do something for us, and without the boys” “Babe that’s so romantic, i love it” I walked over to Harry, kissing his soft lips, his teeth grabbing at my lower lip. He slowly made the passion deeper, has his hands slowly went to the sides of my face, and my arms wrapped around his waist. I started to moan into the kiss when i realised that i had to tell Harry the good news. I slowly let go of his lips, really not wanting to either, but i knew that we can finish what we started later. “I wish i could kiss you forever” Harry smirked has he started to walk over and take the lasagne out of the oven. “Don’t worry, you will.” I giggled as i walked over to sit down. He cut out the lasagne and put it on my plate, and a bit on his plate, and set them down on the table. “Grazie” I said thank you in Italian to him, which made him smile when he sat down opposite me. “I love it when you talk in a different language to me, its so hot” I started to blush, looking down at my first mouthful of the cuisine. Half way through the meal we were laughing at what happened him and the boys today, when he then changed the subject before i peed myself. “So, how did your audition go?” “Well, i was going to tell you later, but i got the part” Harry jumped up from the table and started to do a funny dance. “I knew you would, im so happy for you” Harry shouted and continued to do his dance. “Harry sit down, i have to tell you something” Harry stopped his silly dance, and looked at me with concern, and walked over to sit opposite me again, holding my hands. “Yeah?” “Um, well, in the movie, i have a boyfriend, and hes being played by Zac Efron” “Baby that’s wonderful, hes your crush since you were in the womb” I giggled because the hardest part is still yet to come. “But in one of the scenes we had to audition for, it was a sex scene, and so me and Zac, kind of, had to look like we were, you know. But we weren’t.” Harry’s face went blank. “So your telling me for you do well in this movie, you have to pretend your having sex with this loser, when in reality your dry humping him until hes hard and he gets to touch you?” His face was filled with anger and security at the same time. “Well, yeah, it is acting so hes not going to get, you know, excited.” “How do you know that? His dick wont know if it acting or not!!” “Harry stop over reacting, your just blowing this out of proportion. You let actors kiss me” “Yeah i kiss is a kiss Bet, but a sex scene is on another level” We were now both standing. “Harry its no different to my past. Before i met you i was being touched by other boys, and you know i wasn’t a virgin when i met you, so don’t act like you’re the only one that’s hit it” I started to get angry, how dare he. Harry started walking over to my small frame, making me feel slightly intimidated. “I don’t care what or who do you did in the past, your mine now, and no one can touch you or make you feel the way i can make you feel” I knew where this was going.  

He backed me up to the island in the middle of the kitchen, making my butt hit it when i walked to far back. “No one can make you scream the way i do, no one can fill you the way i can” His hands made their way to my bottom, giving it a tight squeeze in both hands, making me moan in anticipation. “You see, even my touch can make you cum in your pants” His words really did have an affect on me, and i didn’t even know it. “You want me to make you feel good baby?” I moaned as he moved my hair to my other side, sucking on my sweet sopt behind my ear, surly leaving a mark. “Beg for it baby” “Please Harry, just make me feel good” “Say it louder” “Please Harry make me cum everywhere just by touching me” He then pushed me around so my back was facing him. “Your going to be shown how its done, and ull forget all about that Zac Efron dickhead” He then touched the back of my head as i moaned at his sentence. He then lowered his hand to my upper back, pushing me slowly forward, until my breasts and face was smushed against the island’s flat surface. His hands went lower and lower until they curved around my ass, giving it a smack, a hard one. I shouted at the surprising hit to my skin, making Harry giggle. He then lent forward, kissing my neck, as his hands went down to unbutton my jeans. His hands near my core where making me want to snap and just take control, but i knew tonight, it was his turn.  He then pulled down my jeans to show that i was wearing his favourite underwear, black lace thong. “Look at your little pussy, ready to be fucked” He was into a lot of the dirty talk, another major turn on for me. His fingers went down to my thong covered pussy, moving his fingers gently up and down, making me groan at his touch. “So wet for me, not a surprise, your always dripping” “Because of you baby” I turned my face around to see his face with a tiny smirk at my last comment. His hands just took their time and roamed around my bottom half, taking me all into his memory for when he leaves for tour, he has something to get him going by himself. “Babe i wish i could fuck you forever, your perfect” He whispered as his head came back down to kiss my cheek that wasn’t resting on the island. As Harry was bent down, i felt his full hard on sticking into my ass through his jeans, making me groan. “Harry, your so hard already, watch you don’t cum in your boxers” “I nearly am with the sight of you baby” Him grinding his hard on into my core as he said that last comment into my ear. He then raised up, and i felt alone for a second, so i turned my face around again to see behind me. Harry was taking off his boxer briefs, as i seen his hard on just spring up, letting it lose. You sometimes forget how big he really is. “Baby your so hot like that, you have no idea” He commented has he started to pump his rod in his right hand to get it even more hard for me. He quickly walked over and put his left index finger over to my thong, taking it off, also brushing my clit so dangerously slow, causing me to buck my hips upward, making my bum stick up in the air. When my thong fell to my ankles, i suddenly felt his tip go straight to my wet folds, rubbing his pre cum all around me, teasing me. “Babe, please” I begged. “Say it” “Harry ive waited all day for this, please just fill me” “Cmon baby you can do better than that” He started to giggle under his breath as his tip was just at my entrance, ready for his length to stretch me. “Harry Styles if you don’t fuck me now, ill leave here and go and fuck Zac” That’s all he needed. His quickly filled me up with his fully erect dick, making me moan at the satisfaction of entering me alone, let alone fucking me. “Your mine you little slut” He started to rock his hips furiously, making his tip hit my g spot with no problems, making me start to scream. Harry hands travelled to my hips, guiding me over his slick prick with ease. “C’mon baby say my name” “Oh Harry baby” He was quickening his speed, making it deeper than i thought he could ever go. “Im so glad your on birth control so i can feel all of your little tight cunt” His right hand went to his mouth, letting his hands gather some saliva, bringing it to my clit, rubbing it as fast as he was pumping, making me want to loose myself. I could start to feel the pressure building in the pit of my stomach, and i knew i was on the edge of the best orgasm yet. “Baby im almost there” I squelled as he started to thrust slower, but deeper, his fingers going to town on my clit, making me then roll into my satisfying orgasm, making my head feel light. “Oh Harry, fill me up baby, i wanna fell you cum inside me” My legs started to shake, making Harry hold them to sturdy me as he was still trying to reach his high. It didn’t take long before his high was reached, letting me take all of his spurt of cum which shot up inside, also spurting out a little, drippling down his length. His breath was then let go from him holding it in when we was cuming, leaning down over me, giving my lips a kiss, then down my neck. His length quickly softened inside of me, and has be got up, he slipped out of me with ease, leaving me feel a sense of emptiness. “Babe, you just seem to amaze me more and more” He helped me pull my thong back on, and turned me around to face him. “That’s my job. What this relationship would have been like it was just the same pleasure over and over. Surely it has to get better the more we do it” “Bet, it defiantly get better, I love you so much” He wrapped his arms around my waist, his fingers tugging at the hem of my shirt. “Harry, please, not again, im so tired and i have to go to work tomorrow at 6am” He slowly lifted the shirt off my body, never responding to my statement. He quickly tugged his shirt off his torso, and putting his oversized shirt over my small frame. I slowly looked up at his as his hands returned to my waist, resting there. “I love you so much too Harry” I replied to his last statement as his lips lowered down to touch mine, making the butterflies flutter inside. “Lets go to bed babe” His forearms pressed against my thighs, under my bum cheeks, lifting me up. My legs automatically wrapped around his lower torso, and my arms wrapping around his neck, kissing him so full of passion and love. “And lets do a few rounds before we have to go to work”



Five: After The Breakup (with gifs!)

Harry:you used your key to unlock the door, not wanting harry to know you were ever here. “y/n?” you hear from behind you and turn around slowly, “what are you doing home?” you ask quietly and he shrugs. “didn’t feel like recording, why are you here?” you turn back towards the stairs and close your eyes to stop tears, “just came to pick up my stuff.” you can hear his breathe catch as he follows behind. you ignore his presence, pulling a suitcase out of the hall closet before walking towards your closet. there wasn’t much stuff left, you had been coming here secretly for the past week. “why are you doing this?” he asks and you stop moving around, turning to face him. “because i can’t trust you.” you say softly and he frowns. “why? why can’t you trust me y/n? i’ve never done anything to betray your trust, not once.” his eyes had gone cold and his jaw was hard, you turned around and started packing again. “that’s a lie and you know it.” you yell, “i know tabloids are never something to go by, but when there are pictures of you hanging all over girls, girls hanging all over you, that’s not nothing harry.” he shakes his head. “they’re fans, what am i supposed to do? deny their photo request?” he asks sarcastically and you roll your eyes. “no! but you tell them that the way they’re touching you is inappropriate, you tell them that you have a girlfriend who wouldn’t approve.” you explain, tears threatening to fall down your face. “y/n,” he sighs, “this started out as nonexclusive, when did it become something more?” he asked and you scoffed. “is that really what this has always been to you? some fling? me moving in with you was part of a fucking fling? us loving each other is a fling? what is a matter with you?” you scream, throwing things into your suitcase before shutting it angrily and zipping it quickly. “what do you want me to say? to do?” he pleads. you close your eyes, taking a deep breathe before turning to face him. “i don’t want you to do or say anything anymore, i wanted you to fight for me, but now? now i don’t care.” you shrug, pushing past him. “y/n-” “goodbye harry.” you murmur, wiping your tears away furiously. 

Liam: "so,“ you start, "i had written this really sappy thing about these two but i think i’d rather just tell a story.” you close your eyes. “emma and i have had our weddings planned out since we were six years old and they were set in stone, beach ceremony, hotel roof reception, three tier vanilla cake, white and sunset yellow as the color scheme and finally, the guy of our dreams and i remember the day that she came home after meeting him, she came in smiling wide and gave me this look then she sat down took my hand and whispering, ‘he wants chocolate cake.’” you laugh, “and i said 'dump him.’ but she shook her head and smiled even wider, if that was possible, 'no’. and i knew if he was good enough for her to changer the flavor of her wedding cake, that they had something real. so congratulations niall and emma, you’re lucky enough to have someone who will love you even with your faults.” liam takes the microphone from you and smiles softly before starting, “i remember niall coming home one day and sitting down with the guys and me, he said he had met the most beautiful girl in the world, and that’s saying a lot since we’ve seen most of the world. i remember we laughed at him and then all of the sudden it’s been a year and a half and i don’t think i’ve ever seen two people more in love than them. niall, emma, never stop because your love is the kind of love we dream about, your love is the kind that gives us hope for our own love.” liam looks at you before turning his stare back to them, “congratulations on finding that and not being stupid enough to let it go.” he holds up his champagne glass before handing the mic back to the dj and walking over to you. “can we talk?” he whispers in your ear. you nod before following him inside the hotel, “where are we going?” you ask. “my room.” he mutter, pulling out a key card. he opens the door and you walk in. “what did you want to talk about?” you ask. “i love you.” he whispers and you frown. “liam,” you start but he cuts you off, “no, i love you y/n and i don’t know what to say to fix this but i love you, i love you with everything i’ve got and i need you to understand that.” he whispers. “telling me you love me, after we’ve broken up won’t fix everything liam.” you whisper. “what will?” he asks quietly, “tell me why you’re afraid of commitment, why did it take you so long to admit you love me? and why didn’t you tell me about how badly your past relationships ended? how did they end so badly? and why won’t you ever just let me all the way in?” you cry. he takes your hands in his. “y/n, please.” he pleads and you shake your head. “no liam, a speech about how you love me won’t fix this. if you want to fix this answer my questions.” you say. he stays silent and looks at the ground. you pull your hands away. “i can’t be with someone who who’s afraid to be with me.” you whisper, leaving him in his room. 

Louis:you watch as louis laughs with the blonde girl who’s holding onto his arm for dear life. you knew you had ended things, but you also knew that he loved you and you still loved him, so it still hurt to watch another girl with him. you look away, tears forming in your eyes. “hey y/n, what’s wrong?” your friend slurs, throwing an arm around your neck. you point to louis and the girl, who is now tracing the tattoos on his arm. the tattoos you went with him to get. you see him pointing to certain ones and explaining what they were and each one he pointed to, you knew the story behind. “what a dick.” your friend mumbles and you shrug, turning your attention back to him and the girl. she points to one that’s placed on his hip bone, usually covered by an article clothing. he frowns and you know why, it’s your initials, you have the same tattoo, right underneath your bra line, only with his initials. when she looks back up at him he’s glaring. she frowns and you can see him telling her to go, she does. he looks around the bar, and you two make eye contact, you look away quickly grabbing your bag and coat, before taking off in the way of the exit. “y/n!” he yells and you turn around to find him jogging towards you, you know you can run but he would catch up. “y/n, come get a drink with me.” he says once he’s reached you. “louis, i don’t know if that’s a good idea.” you say and he smiles. “why not? just two old friends catching up.”  he nods his head towards the bar. “okay.” you say following him there. “how’d it go with the girl?” you ask as the two of you sit down. he shrugs, “obviously no very well if she’s not in my flat.” you frown as you think of all the girls who have probably been parading in and out the place you used to share with louis. “why are you frowning like that y/n?” he asks coldly. you ignore the question, “what did you tell her about the tattoo?” you ask. he glances down at where yours would be seen if you weren’t dressed and back up at you. “told her it was a stupid mistake, then she tried to push so i told her to fuck off.” he shrugs. “and is it?” you ask. “is the tattoo a mistake?” he shakes his head. “no. the person i got it for was.” he answers and you gasp at the cold words. “louis-” “you know, you were the one who broke up with me, right? you were the one who ended things y/n, why does it matter who i hook up with or if what i say hurts your feelings?” he asks. “i loved you.” you say tearing up, “and just because we broke up doesn’t mean i can turn it off just like that.” you stand up. you see him reach out to comfort you as if it was an instinct of his, but he retracts his arm and looks down at you. “it does for me." 

Niall:it had been a week since niall had come to you with heartbreaking news that he had cheated on you while on tour within you first few months of being with each other, and you had cut all contact with him. not answering calls or texts, avoiding him completely and it had been working until tonight. "what are you doing here?” you ask not looking at him, just searching for your keys. “can we talk?” he asks. “i don’t think so.” you mutter, finally getting a hold of your keys. he stands up as you unlock the door. “please.” you shake your head before opening the door and trying to slam it, but he catches the door. “i don’t want to talk to you.” you say dropping your bag on the coffee table and throwing your coat across the chair. “okay, i’ll talk, you listen.” he says following you to the kitchen. “i know what i did was wrong, but you have to understand something, i was scared, i had never felt this way about anyone and it scared me, you scared me.” he states and you scoff, “that doesn’t give you a right to cheat on me!” you exclaim. he nods, “i know, i’m so sorry, but y/n, i love you so much and i don’t want to lose you. you’re the only girl i’ve ever felt this way about, i can’t lose you now.” he says. “you’ve already lost me niall.” you say and he looks to be on the verge of tears. “please, i know you may not love me, that you stopped loving me the second i told you about the girl but i need you.” he pleads and you sigh. “i never stopped loving you, i just stopped showing it.” you say, he falls on his knees, hugging around your waste, as if he’s begging, “please, y/n.” he pleads and you’re both crying by now. “i think you should go.” you murmur. “please don’t do this y/n.” he begs and you take a deep breathe pulling him off of you, “niall please don’t make this harder than it already is.” you murmur and he nods. “i love you.” he whispers before walking out. “i love you too.” you cry once he’s left.

Zayn: you watch as zayn flirts with the girls crowding around him and shake your head. he had never been a good boyfriend, and really he wasn’t a boyfriend to you at all. you watch as he throws his arm over a girls shoulder and whisper something in his ear that she giggles at, and that’s when you decide it’s time to go. he watches you grab you stuff before realizing you were leaving. “where are you going?” he asks, pulling at your arm. “home.” you shrug him off. “why?’ he asks curiously and you smile sadly. "because i don’t want to watch you pick which girl you’re going to bring home tonight.” you says and he rolls his eyes. “come on y/, we’ve been friends for years, this has been a tradition for us.” he exclaims and you shake your head, “well i don’t want to be a part of it anymore.” he scoffs, “because we broke up?” he asks, “come on y/n it was your own fault that you lost me.” he smirks and you smile, “no it wasn’t zayn, cause you can’t lose something you never had.” he looks at you shocked, “y/n-” “no zayn, you may have said we were something and that you were mine at one point but when? because i can’t remember a time that ever happened, so you see zayn, i’m not leaving because we broke up or because i lost you, i’m leaving because i’ve finally realized that you were never mine, and you will never be mine and i’m tired of being treated like shit just for a chance that i’ll never get." 

authors note: this literally took three hours to write 

so zayn’s is really short but probably my favorite, -(^.^)-/

harry and liam’s gifs/lines are from one tee hill. louis’ is from gossip girl. niall’s i have no idea, so if someone does, message me it so i can credit zayn’s is from the movie how to lose a guy in ten days. 

i hope you guys liked it. thanks for reading it even if you didn’t like it. have a great week <3 

by the way, sorry for any mistakes it’s really late and i wanted to post it.


Tanks = Death for us all.

Warning: this will hurt.

Lets speak harshly on the following pictures.

lets begin with Louie.

Louie is so photogenic. Like come on!


Even with his eyes closed he is killin’ em’ dead.

BEANIE, SOCCER, AND TANK? you stylish angel!

I approve of the back as well.

This may just be his absolute best picture

I don’t need a face. just inked arms please!

never mind I am wrong. this is perF!

on too NIALLLL

Has smiles for dayz

We get so much from this picture. I can’t…FRAT.BOY.NIALL.Look at that potential chest hair. Thank you for your everything.

Serious, its hard to continue a post with Niall in this picture. he’s too cool for school. Or sleeves.

Zayn is doing kind of hurt to perfect Niall.

Put those guns away!Snake with Blue eyes.

Close your mouth. You are drooling.

Now class if you will follow me to the Harry part of this post

I want to the air he is walking through.

ugh please Go away. No I’m kidding come closer!

yeah you are dismissed. NOT!

His eyes are burning he is looking at.

his arms are so immaculate!!


Then you get little scribble of art on his arm.

Unleash… THE ZAYN!

Heavy Breathing is occurring



He is a doll in every single way.

You’ll need that redbull when I’m done with you!

You all remember this Zayn. do you? you should.

He so damn cheeky!

I will worship and forever appreciate Zayn’s stance and vest. (no sleeves. it counts)


all sweaty in dat tank. come and get me!

And at last. the final leg of our painful journey. Liam. in. Tanks.

Let’s take it slow guys.

This chest hair and this… everything is too much.


Where do they find these clothes with no fabric.


work it out! WORK FOR ME!

the biceps are flexing without permission!

Black Tank Liam is the best Liam.

This is about as close to perfection as we are getting.

ANNNNNND This happens. I’ve never once seen an arm look so attractive in my life but goddamn Liam. SING TO ME! Yeah you can keep staring at the Gif. We are all.

Now pick your hearts off the floor. I’m done.

Check, Please? Chapter 18

I would be lying if I said that the next morning wasn’t at least a little bit awkward between us – but it was that kind of excited awkward that you feel at the beginning of a new relationship.  I tried my best to push last night out of my head as far as the fight went and just enjoy the little touches or playful kisses that Harry showered me with any time we passed each other in the hallway or bathroom or kitchen as we got ready for work.My cheeks were sore from smiling before we even left the apartment. 

I wasn’t paying attention to the time that morning.  Harry and I arrived 30 minutes early to the studio.  Not even Anna was there yet.  I shrugged my coat off of my shoulders and looked around for something to straighten up or mess with until at least the other models showed up.

“So what are we shooting today?” Harry asked, sitting on the black velvet couch in one corner of the studio.  My skin tingled as I thought about what happened the last time we sat together on the couch.

“It’s a new line called Christoph and Company.  I think the designer is from Austria or someplace just trying to expand his work to America.”

Harry nodded. “What did the clothes look like?”

“A lot of black; that’s really all I can remember.” I laughed as Harry frowned and looked down at his attire: black jeans with his black boots, a black v-neck, and of course, his black beanie.  Harry was the king of black.

Harry grinned as he watched me step gawkily around the studio.  I pulled at the maroon backdrop tried to look at where it was hooked, just triple-checking that it was still hooked in okay.  I pulled my phone from my pocket and looked at the time.  We still had at least ten minutes before anyone arrived.

“Maybe I should go get my camera set up,” I suggested, sticking my phone back in the pocket of my dark jeans and picking at a loose thread on my teal silk blouse.  I watched the loose fabric as it waved gently in the breeze that blew through the studio as the air came on.

“Just relax a few minutes.  The camera takes like, two seconds to set up,” Harry persuaded me.  I looked across the studio at him.  His eyes burned into my skin as rubbed his chin and gazed at me.  Shivers went down my back as he stood up slowly, extending his long body and not taking his eyes off of me. “Scotlan…” He called me, his voice low and raspy. 

I couldn’t control myself anymore.  I sprinted at him and threw my body into his, hoisting myself up and locking my arms and legs around his neck and waist.  He squeezed me tightly between his arms and allowed himself to fall back onto the couch, laying down and brushing my hair back out of my face while we parted our lips and began to play with each other’s tongues.  He ran his hands up my back, pulling my shirt up higher around my torso.  I nearly bit Harry’s lip off when I heard someone on the other side of the studio cough.

I stood up quickly and straightened my shirt. “Golly, you scared me shitless, Payne-o.”

Liam’s eyes were wide as he looked from me to Harry. “I’m so sorry-” he blurted.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry’s rigid body stand up straight and tall.

“Can we help you?”

Liam tried to regain his composure but I could tell he was still thrown off by what he just saw.  Who wouldn’t be?  “I just- Scotlan… I- I mean, we- Mr. Kyrie and I talked about me quitting and coming here.”

“What?” Harry asked, his voice just on the verge of sounding irritated.

I ignored Harry’s annoyance but took his hand to make sure he didn’t think I was ignoring him completely since Liam was here. “That’s great, Liam,” I said, smiling politely. 

Liam grinned and looked around the studio.  “Mr. Kyrie was really happy that you gave me the opportunity.  He said it was probably better that I was here with a newer, fresher group of models than his old people.”

I laughed and nodded. “Well I’m glad you’re here.” I squeezed Harry’s hand.

Out in the hall, I heard the front door open. “No, Tim! I’m not doing that! Why? Because we can’t fucking afford it right now!” Anna was shouting into her phone.  Her voice wasn’t as echo-y as she disappeared into our office.

“I just thought I would come early to drop off my paperwork and see if there was anything more I needed to fill out,” Liam said after a short silence.

“Oh!” I dropped Harry’s hand.  “Usually Anna gets those things but she seems a little… busy right now…” I took the papers from Liam and flipped through them, walking to the computer desk in the other corner of the studio.  I glanced up at Harry who was standing with his hands jammed in his pockets, staring Liam down.

“Um, Liam.  Are you set to work the Christoph and Company shoot today?” I asked.

Liam grinned and nodded.

“Good,” I breathed, returning the smile. “Do you want to kinda get set up in the dressing room?  Each of the boys have a locker.  Here is your lock.  We don’t really use the locks though,” I laughed as I wrote down his combination on a small strip of paper.  “None of us will steal anything from you.”

Liam took the lock and the combination from me and turned to leave the room.  “Oh and Liam?” I said quietly.  He hummed and glanced my direction from the doorway.  “I’m really sorry you saw all of… that…” I motioned toward the couch. 

Liam threw his head back and laughed.  “It’s okay, Scotlan.  It’s not like I haven’t done that with a girl before.”  With that, he left.  Once I knew he was out of earshot, I turned to Harry.

“You asked him to quit and come work for you?” He asked, his hands still shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans.

I tried not to roll my eyes. “Yes, last night before we got high.  He’s-“ A good model, I wanted to say, but I hesitated, not wanting to say anything more that might officially set Harry off. “-nice.”

Harry didn’t seem to hear me.  “Why did you apologize? He walked in on us, he should apologize-“

“Christ, Harry-“ I gritted my teeth and kept my voice down.  “If you didn’t have your head up your ass you would have heard that the first thing he did was apologize, which he really didn’t even need to do.  He walked into the STUDIO.  I’m his boss sitting here getting cozy with one of his coworkers in the office.“

"Oh, so now I’m just a coworker?”

I glared at him.  "You know what I meant.  If he walked into our own, private rooms at the apartment or something, it would be different.”

“Not like I get much action at home anyway-“

My face fell.  “Harry, we’ve been dating two days! Don’t you dare play that card on me.  Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you right now?”

Harry glared at me.  I couldn’t help but feel like he was trying to come up with things to argue with me about.  How had we switched from perfectly lovable to dangerously volatile in a matter of two minutes?

“AHHH!! IT’S THE HAPPY COUPLE!!” Anna screamed.  I spun around slowly and was immediately swallowed in an almost-painful hug.  Anna bounced up and down with her arms around my neck.  “I am almost happier for you guys than I am for myself and Timothy.  Actually, I am happier.”  She took a step back from me and looked at Harry. “I might be happy enough to actually hug you,” she said quickly.  Harry chuckled and stretched out his arms toward her.  Anna shrieked and ran into him, nearly knocking him to the ground.  When I was least expecting it, she extended her arm out to me and yanked me into the hug with them.  “Oh my god, you guys are so perfect together.  I’m glad you finally figured it out.”

I buried my face into Harry’s chest, mainly to hide it from Anna, but before I knew it I was sniffing Harry’s cologne – still the cologne I bought him that he hated so much - and kissing the bare part of his skin.

“So now that it’s appropriate, tell me what you love about Scotlan,” Anna demanded, leaving the two of us in a sideways hug and leaning back against the doorframe.  Harry took a deep breath and kissed the top of my hair.


Anna frowned. “Really, Harry? That’s horrible.  That’s something Tim would say about me.  You two are better than that.”

Harry shrugged. “It’s true though.”

I giggled as Anna contorted her face and started to tap her toe on the ground impatiently. “Give me one thing you love about her now.  I’ll let you off the hook with just one thing, but later you’ll have to provide me with a list of things you love.”

“Okay, okay…” Harry said, rubbing my shoulder and biting his lip as he thought. 

“It shouldn’t be this hard, Harry,” Anna groaned monotonously.

Harry rolled his eyes at her.  “I love how devoted she is to her work.  She’s always been so picky about who works for her and with her because she wants it to be perfect.  I shouldn’t – I mean I don’t - doubt her choices when it comes to pictures or models because I know she just wants all of us to succeed.”

I peered up into his face.  He gazed down at me, his eyebrows furrowed just a tiny bit and a silent apology scribbled all across the green in his eyes.  I knew he was addressing Liam and his overreaction just minutes ago.

Anna sighed.  “That’s why I’ve been with her the longest.  I am perfection in human form.”

Harry and I burst into laughter.  Anna stomped her foot and stormed out of the room.  Harry grabbed me again and pulled me to him, pressing his lips against mine forcefully while we finally had another moment alone. “I’m sorry, I just get a little jealous-“

I widened my eyes and kissed his nose. “A little?”

It wasn’t long before the other three boys arrived.  Chrisoph called and let us know that he was running a little late, but that was probably a good thing.  Niall was more hungover than I even knew was possible and kept throwing up the black coffee that Zayn was pouring down his throat.  Louis’ lip wasn’t swollen anymore but the discoloration around the pink corner of his mouth made it look like he tried to pierce his lip unsuccessfully with an old diaper pin.  I worked with Anna’s concealer to try and cover up the spot, avoiding Louis’ eyes as I stood six inches from his face. 

“What happened to feisty Scotlan? Hmm?” He cooed softly. “Who is this timid and shy Scotlan?” He tried to tickle my stomach but I slapped his hands away.

“Oh, fuck off,” I grumbled.

“Aha, there she is…” He grinned.  "You’re not going to apologize for tearing up my face?“ He whispered tauntingly. 

Niall ran past us into the bathroom and hurled up more coffee.  I looked over at Zayn who looked like he hadn’t seen the light of day in years. “You all look like a bunch of fucking duds, do you know that?”

Zayn laughed and ran past me to the bathroom after Niall, kissing me on the cheek as he passed.  “I think it’s all almost out,” he said, referencing the alcohol in Niall’s stomach.

I took a step back and admired Louis’ lip.  “You all need makeup today.  You look like zombies.”

Harry moaned loudly from across the room and stood up shakily.  He stepped toward me, wobbling back and forth with his arms stretched out in front of him.  Clearly not amused, I watched him approach with my hands on my hips.  Only after I allowed him to throw me into a dip and kiss my lips repeatedly in front of Zayn, Liam, and Louis did I hear the front door open.

Christoph’s assistants helped the boys get into their clothes and provided a little bit of makeup help on their own.  I was relieved any time Harry grinned at me or blew me a kiss, but I couldn’t help but be worried that he would snap and become angry again for no reason.  My worries seemed to disappear as I started taking pictures.  I couldn’t tell who it was effecting the rest of the group, but someone’s positive energy was radiating to the other boys – even hungover Niall – and making this photo shoot eighty times better than any other photo shoot I had done before.  Everyone was so focused but still managed to have a ton of fun just being together.  Even Mr. Christoph himself joined in on telling stupid, cheesy jokes.  It seemed like having Liam there completed the group.  The pictures looked so much better with the five boys all hanging about and any time I got a picture with just four of the boys, it was obvious something was missing.  Through the camera lens, Harry seemed to be glowing.  Any time I had the camera on him, he seemed to sense it and would stop and smile at me.

“We will surely be coming back,” Mr. Cristoph’s heavy accent bounced off of the walls of the studio.  He shook each of the boy’s hands and beamed before kissing Anna and I on the cheek.  “Not only were the pictures phenomenal, this was the most energetic shoot I’ve ever been to.”  He sighed and looked around the studio once more.  He mumbled something in a different language before grinning and leaving the studio with his assistants.

Anna clapped her hands as the door closed behind him. “Ahh!” She squealed. “You guys looked so fantastic, I cant even- ugh. Let’s go out for celebratory drinks!”

“Noooooo,” Niall groaned, clutching his stomach. “Please noooo.”

Harry wrapped his arm around my neck. “I have a date anyway… so…”

I blushed and looked down at the ground.

“I think I’m gonna go home and sleep,” Zayn said, yawning.

“You need some sun, mate,” Louis said, patting his friend on the back. “Anna, let’s go on a date.”

Anna’s eyes lit up and flickered my direction.  I giggled as I tried to watch her sort out the situation in her head. “I’m… married,” she stuttered.  I knew she had a crush on Louis ever since we started working together.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  She never did anything about it though, claiming he was out of her league.  I was just as surprised as she was that Louis asked her out, but at the same time I hoped it wasn’t just him asking her out knowing he would get laid tonight. 

Louis frowned. “Did I say date? I mean drinks.  We need to talk business.”

Anna smiled. “I can do that.”

After a moment of awkward silence between the seven of us, Harry steered me with his arm toward the door. “See you all later then!”

“Lock up!” I called back to Anna who was too busy planning her date with Louis to hear me.  I knew she wouldn’t forget though.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that we’re not helping Anna stay faithful to her husband?” I asked Harry as we drove to the apartment.

“Ex-husband.  They’re getting divorced.”

I cocked my head. “Already?”

Harry nodded and squeezed my hand. “She asked me about the reunion while you were taking shots of Zayn and then ended up telling me about their divorce.  Tim drained Anna’s bank account… of course.”

"Already?!” I gasped.  Harry hummed a yes.  I shook my head. “She will never learn, I swear…”

“She needs a rich husband-“

“Someone who is really the man in the relationship-“

“Someone not afraid to put her in her place…”

I giggled. “Maybe Louis will be a good thing for her.”

Harry and I discussed potential husbands for Anna all the way home and all while getting ready for the date.  Harry wouldn’t tell me where we were going but told me to dress nicely.  I snuck into his room while he was in the shower and saw that he laid out one of his sleek black suits with a slim gray tie, so I slipped on one of my gray fitted dresses and some plain black heels.  After a full day of work, I didn’t feel like doing much with my hair, so I twisted a few pieces into a loose braid on the side of my head and let some of my natural curls fall down the sides of my face.  I sat on the couch and watched the TV as I waited for Harry to finish getting ready.  While he was still in his room, I heard a knock on the front door and walked slowly to answer it.

Niall hung in the doorway, a bottle of vodka dangling in his fingers.  His blonde hair was a scraggly mess compared to what it was earlier that day and his face was wet… from tears?

“Niall, you okay baby?”  I asked, supporting his body and carrying him to the couch.

He sniffled and shook his head. “Bailey threw me out-“ He croaked.  I didn’t know much about Niall’s relationship with his ex Bailey.  I knew they lived together and fought all the time but then made up like they were still dating.  They saw other people and never hung out together unless it was in the house. “She said I was a hopeless drunk and kicked me out…” Niall belched loudly.

“Damn, Scotty,” Harry called from down the hall, laughing. “That was one hell of a burp.”  He laughed as he walked down the hall to the living room, all dressed up in his suit.  His pace slowed when he saw Niall and realized the burp wasn’t mine. “Niall, you okay mate?”

“Bailey threw me out!!” Niall yelled, clearly irritated that we were making him repeat it so many times.  I rubbed his back as he buried his face in his hands.  “I just love her so much and I can’t stand to be without her-“ He blubbered.  He took a long drink of vodka and sighed. “I don’t want to be alone.  That’s why I came here.  You guys are my best friends-“

“Niall, we’re going out on a date,” Harry interrupted him rudely.

Niall’s eyes began to water more as he looked up at Harry. “Oh,” he whispered.

“Well, we were…” I breathed.  I looked up at Harry. “We can go tomorrow, right?”

Harry’s face fell and he rubbed his temples with his fingertips.  I could tell he was pissed, but not at me.  Niall had done this once before.  Harry and I left him on the couch, thinking he would pass out or be okay alone, but he left the apartment while Harry and I were out and ended up getting mugged and robbed in an alley.  There was no way that we could leave him again.  Goodness knows where he might wander this time.  I stood up and walked to the laundry room where we had extra blankets.  When I walked back to the living room, Harry had already grabbed a pillow and a glass of water for Niall.  “You can sleep on the couch,” Harry was telling him.  “If you need to throw up, throw up in here.  NOT on the floor.” He slid a small trash bin toward Niall’s head on the couch.  I kicked off my heels and crouched next to Niall.

“Wanna watch a movie?”

Niall nodded and gripped his empty vodka bottle like it was a teddy bear.

“What movie?” Harry asked. 

Tears returned to Niall’s eyes. “A happy one…” he whispered, looking past the TV and out the window at the setting sun.

We watched all of the Disney movies that we could.  The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty… drunk Niall was completely into all of them.  Halfway through Peter Pan, he passed out.  Not wanting to move, I stayed curled up in Harry’s arms as we both squeezed onto the small chair beside the couch.  He kissed my forearm.  “Tomorrow for sure, Scotlan.  I’m taking you on a date,” he whispered.  I giggled.  He picked me up and carried me all the way to my room, not putting me down even when he locked the door and hid the keys from Niall.  He covered my stomach in soft kisses as he took my shorts off for me in the dark and undressed to jump into my bed next to me.  I thought the night might have been more exciting… but even without the excitement of a surprise restaurant and matching date outfits, I still went to sleep grinning. 

anonymous asked:

val when are you coming back? liam is getting so much hate and i am sad we need you!

Awww hon i cannot use the computer rn, I am seeing as much as i can from my phone but admittedly i dont WANT to see too much cause it’s just so damn tiring. Liam doesnt deserve all this hate and it’s making me sad too! Apparently he called a girl hot and another shitstorm started? Like, how do we even know he did and, if he did, WHATEVER?!? Do the people that critisize him actually ever go out and socialize or nah? And did they skip the ages from 15 to 25 and went straight to their fabulous and mature (…) selves?!? Like wtf why is this boy crucified its like he pissed on half the fandom’s Cheerios!!!! He complains about people waking him up by ringing his hotel room? What an ungrateful arse!! He apologises? What a fake bastard that never assumes responsibility for his actions!!!! The ONLY thing that’s ever really bothered me (tho ofc everyone has the right to be bothered by whatever the fuck they please, it’s the CRUCIFYING that drives me up a wall) was the Duck Dynasty stuff but apart from it being shady as fuck from start to finish, he (or whoever was responsible) did try to clarify, plus I know Liam! Is one dumbfounding tweet gonna make me change my entire opinion about a person that’s been out there for ages?

And you know what, I am gonna GO there, I am gonna talk about the double standards here: I don’t see all those Larry shippers twisting their panties about Louis’ bullshit tweet that hurt so many ppl, or his support of those BB homophobic people, and I don’t see anyone saying Harry is hopeless cause of that blackface instance and the headdress etc! And /I/ am not twisting my panties either! Because if a fandom is able to grant Louis the courtesy of doubting that he tweeted that shit, so will I. But dont fucking deny Liam the same thing cause that makes you a hypoctite. And as for Harry, he’s young, he can learn, as long as he doesnt have ill inentions I am willing to look past his actions cause thats what people DO. They make mistakes and they learn from them and especially when that happens in front of the entire world its good to be more lenient, even if they never apologise for it *cough*. And frankly? I dont fucking care what the others do!!!! I love Harry -and Niall for that matter- and I certainly dont love Louis, but point is I am here for Zayn and Liam and I dont need to tear the rest down to justify my love for them. Should I be like “Zayn’s voice is amazing, Louis’ is dreadful, suck that Louis fans!!!”. Like, why be so immature and hurtful?! No member in this band needs to be torn down to justify the love for any other member. And the fans of someone don’t need to see all this negativity directed at their faves, not from people who contabtky use doubke standards, not from people that dont give abd never gave a fuck about said faves, not from people that actually have no reason to rant abd rant about people they CONFESS to not care about, ie people they dont KNOW in the least!!

Im not saying “dont complain”, “dont critisize”, but if you have such precious angelic faves that never do any wrong and when they do it’s never them but someone else typed the words for them or sedated them and put them in native costumes or something, then why don’t you kindly write sonnets about them and let other people do the same abt their own faves? The thing is once AGAIN he didnt do anything groundbreaking other than a rumour (?) that he called a girl hot (oh hold my poodle he DID NOT commit tgat heinous crime?!) and some cryptic tweets?!? Like?!? Oh and we all know if the same had happened with Harry in Liam’s place everyone woukd be like “Modest planted that to reinforce his womanising image!!” Or, lhe was being sweet and complimented her on her good looks”.

But you know what, why am I even up in arms about this. It’s not like all these ppl are ever gonna acknowledge their bias and tone it down. And I am gonna repeat I am only seeing whatever the tumblr app shows me which osnt much (but enough to disgust me). When I am back at the computer I’ll try to reinforce a new policy: block the shit out of hateful ppl. They aren’t gonna change, they arent gonna stop bullying him, they arent gonna stop calling themselves the victims. So its up to us to just remove their negativity from our dashes and be done with it.

Oh and btw, I can now put this out there: I am on kinda-hiatus bc of a health issue. And I hope I’ll be back in time for tour gifs but I cant promise anything. Till then, I think it’s time to realise the hate wont stop, and just learn to ignore it. Dont feed the trolls and let them believe Liam is a three headed monster out there to corrupt the world with his pathetic personality. If facts and agunents to the contrary havent convinced them so far, then lets not sweat it anymore.

Love youuuuu! (And do feel free to unfollow and block me if you do believe Liam is the antichrist, I dont even heck that stuff fyi).

(And sorry tumblr app wont ket me tag rhis, also sorry for the multiple typos!)