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You're seriously delusional if you think Ragnar was in love with Athelstan. He loved him in the same way I love my friends. I'll tell my male friend who is as hetero as I am "I love you" to his fucking face and hug him without the fear of being branded as a homosexual because it's a familiar and platonic love, not a romantic one. Sometimes I think people who ship those two have had neither a good family or a true friendship. Also, pls, I need a gif of Ragnar crying in the rain ;_;

I interpreted it one way and you another. You are basing your interpretation on your own life (which is commendable BTW, men like you are rare), I’m taking into account the entire series and all of Ragnar and Athelstan’s interactions. A scene of Aslaug directly asking Ragnar if he loved her and him responding with silence occurred, followed immediately by a scene —the full version which includes Ragnar propositioning another threesome and grabbing Athelstan’s ass— of Ragnar gently holding Athelstan’s hand and telling him that he’ll follow him wherever he goes. Ragnar later refuses to have sex with his wife and then tells Athelstan that he loves him and he can’t ever leave him. The message from the writers and director couldn’t be any clearer! To Ragnar his wife is just a vessel and mother for his children (he once felt lust for her, but now literally NOTHING), but it’s Athelstan he truly loves. And let’s not forget that Ragnar is canonically attracted to Athelstan in every sense including a sexual one, as he propositioned sex with him early in the series. Their relationship may have never had the chance to be consummated in that way, and thanks to Floki we’ll never know, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Ragnar’s feelings for Athelstan were deeper than he’s ever had for anyone (I don’t even think he loved Lagertha as intensely and I know he loved her very much and still does), and yes that includes a romantic attraction. If you think they are just bros, you are deluding yourself. Watch the scene again, there is no way Ragnar meant that in a platonic way. He is shaking with emotion, and I have never heard the phrase uttered with such longing and truth. He could have said, “I need you to stay because you are my closest friend.” NOPE. He said “I love you,” just like any man in history has ever said to the person they were in love with. 

And I could talk about so many scenes you are not puzzling into the full picture: All the times they’ve risked their lives for each other and saved one another, the significance of the arm ring scenes in S2, Ragnar’s torment over not knowing if Athelstan was alive during their separation, a raven visiting Athelstan’s window in Wessex to remind him that Ragnar is thinking about him, Athelstan’s choice to follow Ragnar no matter what the status of his religion or whether he is one of his people or not, Athelstan’s immediate guilt over having had sex with Judith (compare Athelstan’s face after she tells him she loves him to his face after Ragnar says it, THERE’S THE TRUTH) upon Ragnar’s return and implication in their conversation that Athelstan is a free man who can do what he wants with anyone, not just women (”Are we still talking about women?” in 3x04). 

After the “I love you” there is a moment that Ragnar thinks that Athelstan is rejecting or leaving him and then Athelstan assures him that wherever he is, he will also be. Ragnar then lets out a sound like a gutteral sob mixed with sublime relief and clutches Athelstan in his arms. In all my years I have never heard such a sound, it is the moan of a man who loves another with all his soul. 

And finally Ragnar is completely shattered that he may not be able to spend eternity with Athelstan once he enters the next life. He’d rather be with Athelstan than any of his loved ones, his wives, his sons, his friends or so called friends (looking at you Floki)… for Ragnar that sun sets and rises with Athelstan and always has.  But Athelstan’s memory will live on through Ragnar, though Ragnar will be changed forever because of this tragic and insufferable loss. When Athelstan died so did the Ragnar we once knew. Athelstan was his light.

Of course there’s no denying they were best friends, but to diminish what they really were into something as banal as that doesn’t seem fair considering what they’ve been through and meant to one another. Their relationship was the best written, most meaningful and beautiful on the show (perhaps that I have ever seen portrayed on screen), whatever way you see it is meaningless to me.  I believe that Ragnar is attracted to women in a sexual sense, but romantically and in every other way he is attracted to Athelstan and the same could be said about Athelstan. Just because two men fall in love doesn’t mean they have to be labeled as gay or bi. But that’s beside the point because to me Athelnar transcends lust or sex, it’s a love so pure, special and deep that it is almost undefinable. 

And you add a gif request at the end? Are you fucking serious?  Well I had planned on gifing the whole private funeral scene and Ragnar’s “rebirth/transformation” at the end anyway, but it wasn’t because you requested it.