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naley appreciation week: day 5 ⇒ favourite quotes
There’s only a couple of things that I’m certain of in life and one of them is that  matter what happens, you’re gonna be the one wheeling me around when I’m 80.


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Mylene Cruz and The Soul Madonnas performance + reactions

And she’s even alive.

“Dimmi perché quando penso, penso solo a te, 
Dimmi perché quando vedo, vedo solo te, 
Dimmi perché quando credo, credo solo in te grande amore,
Dimmi che mai, 
Che non mi lascerai mai" 

(”Tell me why when I think, I just think of you, 
Tell me why when I see, I see only you,
Tell me why when I believe, I believe in you only great love, 
Tell me you never, 
That will never leave me”)

Grande Amore - Il Volo

When half the class aces the test and the other half completely bombs it with no in-between.