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Cecilos Week, Day 5: Free Day

[cartoon spring noise]

SO UH for Free Day i decided to redraw a short comic i did all the way back in 2015 for a particular scene in “antiques” (that i’m very reluctantly linking for the purposes of comparison because ouch old art hurts to look at weeps).

this is something i was wanting to redraw last year and never gotten around to, so this was fun, and it’s pretty uplifting seeing improvement in the art!

this scene never fails to make me laugh, sharing a “highly relevant report with important information for everyone in town” INDEED!

(note: i’m sorry this and the next two submissions will be a day or so late, i’m still planning to try and get all prompts done regardless!)

Everyone is promoting this season as funny and sexy and honestly I’m soooo tired of it. When will they realize that the only thing we want is for the characters to have ACTUAL and ADULT conversations and solve their problems since they have a lot to figure out and THEN we can have funny and sexy. Seriously Jackson and April, Alex and Jo and Owen and Amelia haven’t talked to each other all 13b 🙄 but sure let’s have 38474839394 love triangles.

Library Calls

Here’s some bughead fanfiction that nobody asked me to do but I got bored and horny so…Also don’t read this if you don’t like smut or if you know me irl. I will die of embarrassment. This for all my fellow bughead sinners, so here goes my first fic.

Library Calls Pt. II: The Prop Room

Library Calls Pt. 3

Words: 1648

Warnings: Don’t read this if you don’t like Bughead smut, hoe don’t do it *does it*

Betty had just finished up her biology homework in the library when her phone started ring. The ring tone Candy Girl by the pussycats started blasting from her phone and before she knew it the librarian was giving her the stink eye. Great. As if she didn’t hate me more.

“Shush!” The librarian hissed as she fumbled for her phone’s silent switch.

“Uh-uh I’m sorry! I’ll just turn my phone off.”

She quickly silenced the phone before she could see the raven-haired boy’s smirk pop up on her phone. Jughead was calling her. Looking at his quite pleased with himself expression in the picture on her phone made her feel guilty for not being able to answer it. She knew she still had to finish AP English and Algebra homework before she could even indulge in seeing that boy. Having that boy even within walking distance was not going to help with her focus. Resist Betty, resist she thought to herself when imagining him strolling through the library in his leather jacket and oh…

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Note: Here is the Monsta X version of this request. For the Vixx version you can look at my masterlist which you find on the sideline on my blog. :)

Short backstory:

You have been together with him for a year soon. Everything seemed fine for so long, he was nice, funny and always seemed to know how to make you smile when you were feeling down. Now however he was different. He was gone untill late, barely talking to you and when you asked him about it he`d answer you with short annoyed statements, almost angry. You had tried talking to him more than once but he wouldn`t listen. This is what made you draw your conclusions and you decided it might be better for him if you dissapeared. So packing a small bag with your most needed belongings you ran away.


He is the leader of his own mafia gang so he had a lot on his mind. His attention was always on his work and in the mids of that he had completely lost track on how you were feeling. That`s also why he was so confused when he came home and you were gone only leaving him with a note. After reading it though he`d finally understand that he had indeed been so caught up with himself that he had neglected you completeley. Not wasting a minute more he`d set out to find you. With the help of his connection quickly finding you, only to be crushed the second he saw your tear stained face. He`d envelope in a big hug stroking your hair while letting you cry on his shoulder, whispering soflty.

“I am so sorry I made you feel this way y/n. I should have paid more attention to you. You aren`t useless. You`re very important to me. I promise I`ll make more time for you, so stay with me.”


The mission has taken up a lot of his energy lately. Every time he came home he`d go to bed as soon as possible and in the morning he`d be gone before you`re even awake. This morning it would be different however. He`d wake up rolling over before noticing that you side of the bed was empty. Getting up he`d walk through your shared apartment only to break out into panic when he saw your shoes and jacket gone and a letter by the door. Calling everyone he knew in the business of security he`d figure out where you were quite easy, also based on the fact that in some sense you`d hope he`d find you. He`d stand timidly a few meters infront of you head low, not being able to see your sad face. Before speaking up and walking slowly up to you taking your hands in his.

“I have been awful to you lately, haven`t I? I should have noticed but I was too caught up with these stupid things that are unimportant compared to you. Please don`t think you`re a burden. You aren`t. Y/n, I love you and I will show it to you. I will make it up to you I promise, please stay with me. I promise you won`t regret it.”


Finding your note by the kitchen he`d get mad instantly. Not at you but at himself for not noticing your feelings of loneliness and selfdoubt. He`d need time to calm down after having destroyed a few things too many in the apartment in his fit of rage. He`d proceed getting a few of his men in close proximity around you to guarantee your safety before making a plan on how to show you his love. He`d get a rooftop on a romantic spot and make sure all of your favorite things are there. Flowers, food, jewelery, expensive clothes, from shoes to dresses, lights all around, anything he could think of to make you happy. He`d know these things weren`t the reason you were with him but he`d be so scared of losing you he`d try anything for you to stay. Then he`d let his men bring you there. Upon your arrival he`d stand infront of you, impeccably dressed and showing you everything he had gotten for you. 

“This is all for you. And I will buy you more if you want. Anything you want, just please don`t go. You`re not a burden and you`re not useless Y/n. You are the only thing that keeps me grounded in this horrible business. I have been too blind to notice your feelings but now I know, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make you stay. So tell me what you want, I will gie you whatever you ask me for.”


This is not how he thought his day would go. He had made a good deal and was rather happy with the outcome of the hard work he had put into it. He would`ve noticed your increasingly saddened behaviour and was determined to make it up to you. He had planned to come home earlier, bringing your favorite candy and flowers and take you out somewhere fancy. However all that was shattered when he came through the door seeing you dressed into your jacket, shoes on and a bag in your hand. He`d be a little mad at first probably starting off rather unpleasand and ask you if he`s worth so little of your time you`d just run away like that, but his whole stance would change when you told him he`d be better of without you anyway as you`re probably just a burden. To this he`d drop the things in his hands enveloping you in a hug and sternly say

“How could you just ever think something like that? Y/n, you`re the best thing that has happend to me. I`m sorry I haven`t shown that to you lately. From now on please talk to me, scream at me if you have to. Don`t just run away like that. I won`t ever neglect you like this again, I swear.”


He`d find your goodbye letter one evening after coming home late. But not because you had placed it for him to find, in fact you were still struggling with the choice and decided to hide it untill you had made up your mind. Thining you were gone already Wonho would run into your shared bedroom to find you asleep, or rather currently waking up from his harsh entry. He`d instantly relax before taking you into his arms, holding you tightly as tears escaped his eyes. He`d literally beg you not to leave him. 

“Don`t go, please don`t leave me. I didn`t even notice that you feel this way. I am horrible, but I am selfish, I can`t loose you y/n. I promise I will do anything to make it up to you. I will change I swear. I love you y/n, i beg you, don`t leave me.”

man jooheon has been climbing my bias list lately that should be illegal


Jooheon was in a good mood when he came home early that evening. Stepping into the apartment he`d announce his early arrival, asking if you had dinner already or not. Upon not receiving an answer he`d og around the apartment searching for you but not finding you. Panic would rise and he was about to run out the door when he saw the note you had pinned on it. At first he`d calm down thinking it`s probably a note saying you were out getting groceries or something but his pulse would rise again when he read it. Now once again on his way out the door and in his car racing down the streets of the town he`d be filled With regret. After a solid hour searching he`d finally find you. Approaching in big steps he`d take you into his arms, frantically apologizing for his behaviour.

“I can`t believe that I was so blind to not see how you were feeling. You could never be useless or a burden. I`m so sorry that I made you feel lonely and that I was such a jerk to you. I understand that you would want to run away, and if this is really what you want then I won`t stop you. But know that I don`t want you to leave. I will change y/n. If you stay I`ll make you happy, i promise.”


Finding your letter he`d have to sit down first. He`d think about his behaviour, realising that it was true. He had been angry and ignorant, leaving you to your own devises even though he had promised always to take care of you. He`d Call you over and over untill you answer, the only thing leaving his mouth asking where you are. After finally getting an answer from you he`d be there as fast as possible. He`d stand infront of you, softly taking your hands in his, kissing your knuckles before speaking up softly.

“I broke my promise of taking care of you. I was blind to your feelings. I made you think these rediculous Things, made you think you were useless. I don`t know how to tell you how sorry I am. No amount of words can do that. But this opened my eyes. I never stopped loving you and I never will. You are the most important person in my life y/n. So I`m asking you, will you come away with me? We go away somewhere for a while and figure this out together. That is if there still is a together.”

O I forbid you, maidens a’,
That wear gowd on your hair,
To come or gae by Carterhaugh,
For young Tam Lin is there.

There’s nane that gaes by Carterhaugh
But they leave him a wad,
Either their rings, or green mantles,
Or else their maidenhead.

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till upon then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou’s pu nae mae.

Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
And why breaks thou the wand?
Or why comes thou to Carterhaugh
Withoutten my command?

“Carterhaugh, it is my own,
My daddy gave it me,
I’ll come and gang by Carterhaugh,
And ask nae leave at thee.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she is to her father’s ha,
As fast as she can hie.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the ba,
And out then came the fair Janet,
The flower among them a’.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the chess,
And out then came the fair Janet,
As green as onie glass.

Out then spake an auld grey knight,
Lay oer the castle wa,
And says, Alas, fair Janet, for thee,
But we’ll be blamed a’.

“Haud your tongue, ye auld fac’d knight,
Some ill death may ye die!
Father my bairn on whom I will,
I’ll father none on thee.”

Out then spak her father dear,
And he spak meek and mild,
“And ever alas, sweet Janet,” he says,
“I think thou gaest wi child.”

“If that I gae wi child, father,
Mysel maun bear the blame,
There’s neer a laird about your ha,
Shall get the bairn’s name.

“If my love were an earthly knight,
As he’s an elfin grey,
I wad na gie my ain true-love
For nae lord that ye hae.

“The steed that my true love rides on
Is lighter than the wind,
Wi siller he is shod before,
Wi burning gowd behind.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh,
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till up then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou pu’s nae mae.

“Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
Amang the groves sae green,
And a’ to kill the bonny babe
That we gat us between?”

“O tell me, tell me, Tam Lin,” she says,
“For’s sake that died on tree,
If eer ye was in holy chapel,
Or christendom did see?”

“Roxbrugh he was my grandfather,
Took me with him to bide
And ance it fell upon a day
That wae did me betide.

“And ance it fell upon a day
A cauld day and a snell,
When we were frae the hunting come,
That frae my horse I fell,
The Queen o’ Fairies she caught me,
In yon green hill do dwell.

“And pleasant is the fairy land,
But, an eerie tale to tell,
Ay at the end of seven years,
We pay a tiend to hell,
I am sae fair and fu o flesh,
I’m feard it be mysel.

“But the night is Halloween, lady,
The morn is Hallowday,
Then win me, win me, an ye will,
For weel I wat ye may.

“Just at the mirk and midnight hour
The fairy folk will ride,
And they that wad their true-love win,
At Miles Cross they maun bide.”

“But how shall I thee ken, Tam Lin,
Or how my true-love know,
Amang sa mony unco knights,
The like I never saw?”

“O first let pass the black, lady,
And syne let pass the brown,
But quickly run to the milk-white steed,
Pu ye his rider down.

“For I’ll ride on the milk-white steed,
And ay nearest the town,
Because I was an earthly knight
They gie me that renown.

“My right hand will be gloved, lady,
My left hand will be bare,
Cockt up shall my bonnet be,
And kaimed down shall my hair,
And thae’s the takens I gie thee,
Nae doubt I will be there.

“They’ll turn me in your arms, lady,
Into an esk and adder,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I am your bairn’s father.

“They’ll turn me to a bear sae grim,
And then a lion bold,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
And ye shall love your child.

“Again they’ll turn me in your arms
To a red het gand of airn,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I’ll do you nae harm.

“And last they’ll turn me in your arms
Into the burning gleed,
Then throw me into well water,
O throw me in with speed

“And then I’ll be your ain true-love,
I’ll turn a naked knight,
Then cover me wi your green mantle,
And hide me out o sight.”

Gloomy, gloomy was the night,
And eerie was the way,
As fair Jenny in her green mantle
To Miles Cross she did gae.

At the mirk and midnight hour
She heard the bridles sing,
She was as glad at that
As any earthly thing.

First she let the black pass by,
And syne she let the brown,
But quickly she ran to the milk-white steed,
And pu’d the rider down.

Sae weel she minded what he did say,
And young Tam Lin did win,
Syne covered him wi her green mantle,
As blythe’s a bird in spring

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
Out of a bush o broom,
“Them that has gotten young Tam Lin
Has gotten a stately-groom.”

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
And an angry woman was she,
“Shame betide her ill-far’d face,
And an ill death may she die,
For she’s taen awa the bonniest knight
In a’ my companie.

“But had I kend, Tam Lin,” said she,
“What now this night I see,
I wad hae taen out thy twa grey een,
And put in twa een o tree.”

—  Tam Lin, traditional Ballad as recorded by James Child (1729)
Library Calls Pt. III: Handcuffs

Hey y’all I know it took my ass so long to write this but I finally finished the last installment of library calls! I am so happy to see that you guys wanted a part 3 and I want to thank all of you who sent such nice comments! This is library calls part 3, a continuation of the prop room and…things get…interesting ;)

Library Calls PT I

Library Calls PT II: The Prop Room

Words: 1474

Warnings: Much sin ahead and if you don’t like bughead smut or know me irl do not read this. I’m serious. Run away, there is a lot of sin here. “Nothing to see here okay!”

“Oh you think my intention was to only make you scream for me once? We’re just getting started Elizabeth.”

He lovingly looked at her sprawled out on the dark leather. Her legs slightly tilted apart as he gazed down at her bare legs. He could see the glint of the herself still left on her thighs. He did that, he made her do that. It wasn’t his intention to seem animalistic but he was so goddam proud of what he could do to her. Suddenly all he cared about was her ass up against the leather and her blond curls spread out around her. He could see the light strip of blonde between her thighs and he had never seen anything, anyone, as beautiful as the girl before him.

In the haze of what just happened her green eyes looked up at him. She could feel his eyes trailing over her body, marking out what he had planned for it in his mind. All that she had left on was her grey crop trop she had borrowed from Veronica that was slowly riding up her chest. Her legs settled into the leather as she left her knees parted. She could still feel the quiver that had left her legs still  weak and draped over the cushions. It had felt like her whole body had gone into remission, recovering from the rush in her blood just seconds ago. His eyes were still lingering between her things.

He broke his gaze realizing that he had to continue. He wouldn’t let her get too smug about his reaction to her. He quickly looked around the room and suddenly a smirk fell onto his lips as his eyes found a pair of handcuffs. Oh, this is going to be fun.

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I hate all the negativity towards dream daddy thats sparked up again. Yes, ones a cult leader and all this bullshit, thats one thing. I dont gie two shits about his character, not my thing, but theres so much more to the game thats amazing. You can be a trans male and theres a canonly trans date-able character. These people have personalities and all tge dad humor and it has so much heart. Im just done with the hate….


An OFFmatsu dump after this post because the idea still plagues me. Read caption for clarification.

 I’ll maybe draw Sugar!Totoko next? And scan my sketchbook. I have a Final Batter, a Japhet!Todo and a Judge!Ichi in there.

Someday it’s gonna be enough to build a whole blog maybe. 

the zodiacs as the vaccines songs

aries - weirdo

taurus - melody calling

gemini - if you wanna

cancer - bad mood

leo - i always knew

virgo - no hope

libra - wetsuit

scorpio - under your thumb

sagittarius - teenage icon

capricorn - post break-up sex

aquarius - wolf pack

pisces - family friend

So….how does one motivate ones friends to running faster to the midnight showing to kingsman?

By imitating everyone’s favourite Scot!


“Ach! Come oan! I’ve *********************************************** and ah can still run faster than ye!”