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Cecilos Week, Day 5: Free Day

[cartoon spring noise]

SO UH for Free Day i decided to redraw a short comic i did all the way back in 2015 for a particular scene in “antiques” (that i’m very reluctantly linking for the purposes of comparison because ouch old art hurts to look at weeps).

this is something i was wanting to redraw last year and never gotten around to, so this was fun, and it’s pretty uplifting seeing improvement in the art!

this scene never fails to make me laugh, sharing a “highly relevant report with important information for everyone in town” INDEED!

(note: i’m sorry this and the next two submissions will be a day or so late, i’m still planning to try and get all prompts done regardless!)

Sa­mot­ność spra­wia, że sta­jemy się bar­dziej su­rowi dla siebie sa­mych a łagod­niej­si dla in­nych: i jed­no, i dru­gie czy­ni nasz cha­rak­ter lepszym. 

An OFFmatsu dump after this post because the idea still plagues me. Read caption for clarification.

 I’ll maybe draw Sugar!Totoko next? And scan my sketchbook. I have a Final Batter, a Japhet!Todo and a Judge!Ichi in there.

Someday it’s gonna be enough to build a whole blog maybe. 

Sa­mot­ność spra­wia, że sta­jemy się bar­dziej surowi dla siebie sa­mych a łagod­niej­si dla innych: i jed­no, i dru­gie czy­ni nasz cha­rak­ter lepszym.