i getting really emotional goddamn


10 Days of Anime Openings by Hanakumamii
Day 4: Opening with lively theme
ONE PIECE  [ Kaze o Sagashite || Yaguchi Mari & Straw Hats ]


I think that’s what Derek’s going through, with the werewolf thing. He’s trying to figure out, “Who am I when I’m not a werewolf anymore.” - Tyler Hoechlin [x]


Happy energetic amazing Freddie, this must have been one of the last times he performed on stage if I’m not mistaken (?) (I know it’s playback but cmon he is obviously giving the performance his all)

Holy hell I love this song, I love this performance. I’m just getting really emotional over this goddamn man and his voice and music and everything

AH send help

I think that, you know… when people experience trauma, or when there’s been a loss, or they’re struggling with something, sometimes they act out and do things unconsciously. They’re not aware of what they’re doing, but it’s all connected to something traumatic for them. So I think that it’s Regina’s journey, she’s learning still, how to be a healthy human being. I think that’s part of her journey, and she learned a lot of her lessons from Henry. She really did, which is amazing. Children teach you a lot of things. Children are really magic. Because there’s a purity to children, and there’s an honesty. And I think that she has learned so much from him, and she was unaware of what she was doing a lot of the time. But this is her journey, and for me, I have a different journey. But I still am learning a lot of lessons in life.
—  Lana Parrilla on Regina’s journey + life experiences 

Thinking about freelancers and I’m what if there wasn’t always the leaderboard? While there was still pressure to be the best leader she could be, there wasn’t the number one pinned to Carolina’s back, and it didn’t drive her to extremes just to keep it there. There was still the typical sibling fights between North and South but they were the closest on the MoI without North’s name just one rank above her, constantly reminding her that she just couldn’t live up to her brother is anyone’s eyes. 

Just freelancers being a team. They care about each other and function well out on the field with Carolina as their compassionate but badass leader. Conversations in the locker room are lighter and Carolina offers Maine advice on how to improve his hand-to-hand which he grudgingly accepts. Wyoming and North sometimes just sit in each other’s company in the rec room because they’re both snipers so they’re patient and comfortable in the silence. Wash being the only one who likes Wyoming’s dumb jokes and is often the subject of his pranks because seriously Wash isn’t that threatening. North staying up with South as long as he can when she can’t sleep, and when he does fall asleep, South raids the kitchens with Connie.

There may be rivalries and clashes between freelancers at times but hey, being on the same ship in the middle of space for long periods of time does that to you.

And sometimes, just for a moment, Connie feels like she belongs.