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Anniversary Giveaway Entry

My favorite Choices story is Endless Summer. I’ve been playing Choices from the very beginning but I didn’t let myself get too invested in the fandom aspect until Endless Summer came along. I love all of the other games a lot, but nothing has been more fun than scrolling through this website after an update, reading through the many theories about this story. I love the plot, the music, the art, and I especially love all of the characters. 

The cast of Endless Summer are all so amazingly different and so vital and important to the storyline. From Jake and his nicknames and survival instincts, to Sean and his natural leadership quality and ability to stay calm under pressure, to Estela and her mysterious nature and overall badassery, to Quinn and her heart of gold and unwavering hope. From Diego and his friendship with the MC and never ending media references, to Raj and his hidden genius and comic relief, to Craig and his unbelievable physical strength and loyalty to those he cares about, to Zahra and her sarcasm and hacking skills. From Aleister and his aloofness and infatuation with Grace, to Grace and her optimism and endless comprehension of all things, to Michelle and her medical knowledge and drive to go after what she wants, and finally to the MC and their incredible bravery and sense of adventure. These twelve have come so far since the very first chapter of book 1 and it’s been great watching them grow and learn to work together and really care about one another. 

The background characters in Endless Summer are really interesting, as well. They each have their own mysteries and stories and seeing those stories become intertwined with those of our main group is exciting. Also, we get to travel around a strange island with a blue fox-like creature that can breath ice! It’s so fun!

I also really like a lot of the elements incorporated in Endless Summer. I like the relationship system, where certain things you say or do will help you build a better relationship, and that now we can test those relationships with the tough choices, even though some are hard to pass. I like that it’s split up into acts and that each act gets a finale and a bonus scene, depending on whether you find clues throughout the chapters. I like that the clues all help build up the mystery of the island. I don’t even mind spending a lot of diamonds on this story because learning more about the characters and the island itself is always worth it. 

This story is really complex and you can just tell that a lot of thought has been put into it. I was a fan of the tv show Lost and it was the first major series I’ve ever seen from the very beginning to the very end. This story and Lost have quite a few things in common – a group of strangers on an island who have some great destiny and must learn to work together to survive. I know I’ve kinda already mentioned it, but the way the main group has come together, especially during the big finales, is my favorite thing ever. I love seeing them use their own personal strengths to overcome obstacles and I reaaaaallly love that they’ve gone from a group that’s kind of broken to a group that refuses to leave anyone behind. 

There are so many more things that I could say about Endless Summer but this is already unnecessary long and basically an essay, so… Thank you so much @playchoices for creating this story and for the opportunity of this giveaway. Happy one year!!!! <3