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Hey! I have only watched 3 eps of Kimmy Schmidt so far, but I'm loving it! Just wanted to ask your opinion on something: How do you feel about the sort of offensive comedy that Fey's shows so often consist of? I'm thinking specifically of Jane Krakowski's character being revealed to be Native American, and then she even has that necklace at the end of ep3. It doesn't really bother me, because I think it's a knowing, winking humor. Some people I know are bothered by it, tho. Thoughts?

I usually try not to pay attention to these kinda comments because I honestly think most of these people base their opinion on something they read on the internet or after they see a gifset instead of actually watching the series.

I understand that at first it might seem offensive that Jane plays a Native American. But if you watch the entire series INCLUDING the finale, the whole story comes from a good place and its actually refreshing that there are writers who dare to write about these true stories of Native American women who are not happy with their roots and try to be someone else only to figure out that you can try and change your outside but from the inside you are who you are and Jackie-Lynn (or Jacqueline) comes to terms with that. 
Stories like that or women who have been abducted and abused or been kidnapped etc are stories that comedy writers usually leave alone cause theyre considered “a no go”  while it shouldn’t because showing these women like they do in UKS as brave women who stand up for themselfs and make the best out of a HORRIBLE situation, to me is way better than making them look like helpless victims you just pity.