i get too attached to players

hi, babes !! my name is kaela and i’m so stoked to be here !! i’m so late tho rip !! under the cut, you’ll find some information about both of my muses, as well as some connections for them !! i’m so excited for you to love ‘em down !! please like this post or message me to plot, and i’ll get right to you !!

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yonin777  asked:

Top 5 Mass Effect characters, Top 5 animes and Top 5 Fictional Species

Hmmmm… Does Andromeda count? Do player characters count? I’m gonna assume so.

Top 5 Mass Effect Characters: Liara, Fem!Shep, Peebee, Mordin, and Kaidan

Top 5 Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Yuri on Ice, D.Gray-Man, and… idk i don’t watch too many anime anymore, though there are a few i’m still attached to even though they’re kinda cringe-worthy. I’m not listing them here because i know i’ll get hate in my inbox for my fourteen year old self’s tastes, but yeah

Top 5 Fictional Species: I’m not sure if u mean like unicorns and shit or like Asari, or if elves count? honestly i’ve never thought about this but i’m gonna say that the Salarians and Asari are very cool. very, very cool.

2015 song plots/aus! pt 1

SORRY; Justin Bieber

  • is it too late now to say sorry? ‘cause i’m missing more than just your body.

muse a is the innocent one, who finds themselves falling hopelessly in love with the wrong people. thinking muse b is the right one, muse a gets attached. however muse b is just a player - a “fuckboy” (doesn’t have to be male) - and uses muse a for their body/for sex. muse b and their friends had a bet: to bed muse a and keep it going without getting attached. however, muse b really falls for muse a. and when muse a finds out what’s been going on, they call everything off. 

HELLO; Adele

  • i was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, to go over everything.

muse a and muse b have been split up for two years. they’ve avoided each other despite the fact that they’re from neighboring towns. starting off as high school sweethearts, and before that, close friends, the two made a pact: if they weren’t married by the age of 22 (or any age), they’d marry each other. muse b has been thinking about that pact a lot lately, since the age given in the pact is rapidly approaching. when they’re about to call muse a, they get something in the mail from muse a themselves - a wedding invitation. plot twist: muse a is only getting married to avoid the pact because they don’t want to be hurt/heartbroken. by muse b yet again. or muse a is only getting married to bring themselves to the attention of muse b. 

DRIVE; Halsey

  • all we do is drive, all we do think about the feelings that we hide // would it really kill you if we kissed?

muse and muse b are best friends. deciding to leave their home state and go on a road trip, though being in such a small space with the other makes them develop less platonic and more romantic feelings for each other. it either blossoms into skinny love, because neither want to admit it and ruin their friendship, or it turns into one awkward road trip.

TEMPORARY FIX; One Direction

  • if you’re not hooked on anything right now, i can be your vice.

muse a and muse b have been dancing together all night at the club, after muse a had a falling out with their significant other. muse b and muse a end up hooking up. they were friends before that night, but they weren’t this close, nor did they see it going here. muse b wants to be with muse a any way possible, and all muse a wants from muse b is just a no-strings-attached friend with benefits. so muse b gladly complies.

Pokémon Go

Players in the city: I’m level 15! I’ve caught a ton of rare pokemon, and hatched a dozen eggs! It’s so nice to get out and enjoy the sunlight!

Me, who lives in The Deep South™: I walked for twenty seconds, and it’s so hot. I can’t grip my phone because my hands are too sweaty. My clothes are attached to my skin like velcro. I’ve caught 500 Pigdeys and two Spearow. I’m out of Pokeballs because there isn’t a Pokestop in a fifteen mile radius. I am dying.


The Yeti Lives!

I decided to fire up my Gamecube Game Boy Player attachment, to get some better quality images of Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Game Boy Color.  Honestly, this is the only one of interest.  They included the Yeti in Ski Free! 

That icy bastard was picking its teeth afterword with one of my skis too…  Looks like it put on weight since the last time we saw it (see lower image of Windows 3.1 Ski Free!).  Probably due to eating wave after wave of skiers.