i get to wear my nice boots

Hi my name is Alex Sportscandy Sapphire Aerobics Busybody the Tenth and I have short cobalt blue hair (that’s how I got my name) with silver streaks and black tips and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Magnús Scheving (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Íþróttaálfurinn but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a sports elf but my ears aren’t pointed. I have tanned white skin. I’m also an aerobics champion, and I live in a town called Lazytown where I’m the town nice guy. I’m a hero (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly blue. I love Academy and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a white and blue shirt a with matching vest and blue striped track pants, a hat and tall blue boots. I was wearing dark black eyebrow pencil, mustache wax, white mascara and chapstick. I was walking outside Lazytown. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very sad about. Robert Rotten stared at me. I waved at him.

Didn’t Think I’d Get A Response || Part 2

Prompt: Tom, Reader, Zendaya, Harrison, Jacob, and Laura have to leave Earth because of a deadly radiation. There’s only one ship left to board. But there’s a catch only 2 out of the 6 of you don’t have a suit.

Warnings: Fluff, Sad, Language, Implying Laura’s a bad person (Lots of love to Laura), mentions of cheating, mentions of dying.

Word Count: 2,386

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: So the story continues! New character! :)

 ~D.T.I.G.A.R Masterlist~


“…Y/N?” You glanced at the walkie talkie on the counter, you immediately grabbed it pressing the talk button.


“Yea, its me, you can turn the power on now, I’m on board.”

“Copy that” You pressed the button. Hoping that it worked.

“Good job Y/N” Tom said. It did.

“Thanks, may we meet again Tom”.

“May we meet again” You put down the walkie talkie.

Tears started pooling in your eyes. You observed the room you were in, it was quiet. The only noise was the sound of your beating heart and sniffles. It was empty and you were all alone. You didn’t want any of this! You changed your mind…you were getting the heck out of here. You frantically started trashing the whole room as fast as you could. Tearing everything apart. There was a couple boxes but you couldn’t find a suit.

Just when you were about to give up you saw a safe. The same safe that you and Tom tried opening, but the only problem was that you didn’t know the pass code. You picked it up and threw it across the room. It pried opened.

You ran to it and looked to see what was inside, and what do you know, there was a fucking suit. Who keeps a suit in a safe?!

You didn’t even hesitate to put in on. Making sure everything was securely on you glanced at the timer on the projector and saw that you had 2 minutes remaining. That’s usually how long it look for a rocket or ship to launch. You grabbed the walkie talkie and sprinted to the door, you took a deep breath and swung it open. 

The ship was still there thank god!

You ran as fast as you could. You really should of thought ahead of time because how the hell were you going to get in. Every door was closed off. You looked everywhere and noticed an emergency exit door on the left side of the ship. You bolted to the door and started banging on it with your fist. 

“LET ME IN!” You cried out

“PLEASE” You knocked harder.

Just as you said that the ships rocket blast went off.

“Oh no” You thought. The ship was launching into the sky. There was a small 6 inch wide floorboard you were standing on. You were probably 100 feet in the air. You were holding on for dear life.

“SOMEBODY LET ME IN” You started crying. 

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Handsome Jack getting dressed in the morning
  • Jack: I love this jacket
  • Jack: what a bangin sweater
  • Jack: hot damn what a nice waistcoat
  • Jack: all of my clothes are perfect
  • Jack: because I am perfect
  • Jack: I'm gonna wear all three of these layers
  • Jack: look at these boots I should just wear BOTH pairs today
  • Jack: I'm gonna layer my masks together it's TWICE the ME

so.. i went to dollar tree today to get a drink and see my old manager and this older man was walking up to the door as well, and he had to have been in his 70s or 80s, and since im younger i got to the door first and he starts going ‘no! no! youre a woman!’ once he got closer im like alright whateves so he gets closer and looks me up and down like im a piece of meat and hes like 'mhmmmm youre a woman’ and im not wearing anything to show anybody part off. i have on plaid and jeans with some boots. nothing sexy. and so i hold the door open for him and he walks in.
so i get in after holding the door for a few other people to go out and i find out he looked at a female worker the same way and told her 'mmm you got a nice backside’ and to which she replied 'yes and im happily married’ and he goes 'so am i but thats not gonna stop me’ and he chuckles and so she told my old manager and he ended up doing it to yet ANOTHER female worker. my old manager literally had to keep an eye on him and when we walked to the back, i was looking for a certain candy and she went to go look for it, she couldnt find it so we headed back to the registers and we happened to pass by the man and he looks at us and goes 'hello hello hello’ in a smug gross way and my manager just smiled, because its her job, and when we got to the front of the store to check me out she goes 'what an old pervert. if i could i would handle this very different and have him taken away by the proper authorities.’
all in all, no matter what age you are, catcalling is disgusting. no girl wants it. we are NOT a piece of meat for you to size up. and also, just because someone has fat sacks on their chest does NOT mean we go by the social standards.

Where the World is in the Making - Chapter 4

Homestead AU - Kristanna

He had a wife.

He had a wife, and she couldn’t cook. She didn’t know how to make bread. She didn’t know how to weed a garden, or care for chickens, or preserve food, or anything practical. She could barely lift a bucket of water, and the dresses she wore were fragile things that kept her sister busy with mending. Her soft palms were livid with blisters after just two weeks. Her pale skin had burned with a painful red flush on the first day.

But she never complained, and he never had to tell her anything twice.

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Rule 8: Never Take Anything for Granted (Part 1)

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

Pairing: (eventual) Gibbs x Reader

Warnings: none (just some flirting and fluff)

Word Count: 3,320

A/N: The beginning of my Gibbs x O.C. (Gina) story! I mentioned this in the teaser, but I wrote this over a year ago and was into planning out O.C.s pretty intensely. Her faceclaim is Christina Hendricks and to be honest the character is loosely based off of my own personality and interests. Obviously I don’t really write O.C.s anymore, but thanks to my amazing beta @amanda-teaches this baby is hitting your dash! Feedback is especially appreciated!! If you know of any NCIS peeps who don’t follow me, pass this baby around!

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Raptoramaker- Pharah watches Amelie (preTalon) dancing ballet

You got it! (partially inspired by THIS video, which you should definitely watch for amazing and subtexty dancing)

It my mother who pressured me to go along. “It’ll be good for you, habibti,” she told me, licking her thumb and threatening to try and clean something off my cheek with it, despite the fact I was twenty-four years old. I managed to wrestle her arm away. She huffed at me. “Fine, suit yourself! Go along to a nice concert hall with a big glob of whatever-that-is on your face,” she said, waving her hand at me. “Just wear something nice, okay? That white shirt, that’s nice. Or, if you can’t wear that, at least a bag over your head so people don’t say, ‘There’s Ana’s girl, what on earth is she wearing?’”

Seriously… “No one’s going to say that, mum, it’ll be dark. No one will be looking at me.”

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Little things

You fall in love with the little things about someone, like the sound of their laugh and the way they smile, the way they smell like home and how they know how to comfort you. These little perks can, however be the exact things can make you fall out of love with someone.

Unfortunately my other half, or ex other half had told me this. He said that he loved me but the little things didn’t matter any more and he was ready to experience more. I understood I mean I couldn’t say no. It had been a long time coming and now I could solely focus on my career.

I got up off the mat and forced the ref to raise my arm as I won my match that night. I snarled at the crowed and rolled my eyes snatching my hand back and circling the ring before jumping out and marching up the ramps, swaying my hips and doing my signature pose at the top.

Once I entered the curtain I hugged my opponent before she went to get changed. I grabbed a bottle of water and chugged half of it wiping the sweat off my forehead and placing my hair in a messy bun.

“Hey darling” my best friend in forever Tyler said to me as he hugged me. He instantly pulled away making a yuck sound. “Eww sweaty sweetheart” he said curling his nose. I just giggled and rolled my eyes.

I started to walk past my best friend and he instantly starting walking in pace with me. “So me the lads, the ladies, including you are going out tonight to celebrate the end of tour, nothing fancy just a little get together some drinks.” Tyler started walking backwards infront of my wiggling his eyebrows.

“I don’t think I’ll go” I said shrugging my shoulders and walking past Tyler. “Pete will be there” Tyler said back facing me. I stopped dead in my tracks. Ever since my break up I had my eyes and heart set in one person. That being pete Dunne. “I’ll show my face” I smiled at Tyler before he shit me with finger guns and walked off leaving me to get ready.

I ended up just wearing some nice jeans and a fancy top with my boots. I texted Tyler to pick me up as I didn’t want to show up by myself.

Before long Tyler showed up outside my hotel room door and offered his elbow to me which I took with a giggle. Tyler and I waltzed down the street catching up and gossiping about the people we were touring with. Tyler was honestly like my twin brother. We were born a few weeks apart and we were exactly a like.

A soon as we entered the bar Tyler led me to a free bar stool next to mark andrews. “Ello lovely” mark said kissing my cheek. I smiled at the man and made small talk with him.

“Hey Y/N your mans here” Tyler whispered causing me to turn to the door. In entered Pete, his cocky smile, floppy hair, gorgeous skin. And of course he walked straight over to us.

After our greetings Pete and I talked. “So how’s David?” He asked about my ex. “Oh well we uhh broke up, he wanted something different” I said shrugging sipping my drink. “Oh well I’m sorry” I could hear the awkwardness on Pete voice. “It’s fine it was a long time coming” I smiled placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“Wanna leave?” Pete said quickly. I was a little taken back but I nodded as Pete grabbed my forearm and pulled me out the bar. “Fuck” I said my breath clear in the icy English air. I then heard a faint rustling before I felt a large weight on my shoulders and an instant warmth engulfing me.

I smiled at Pete as he let his arm linger on my shoulder and our noses inches apart. I could feel his warmth breathe on my fave and the scent of his cologne all around me. I watched as his eyes lingered on my slightly parted lips.

Then as if nothing, one arm round my shoulders another round my waist Pete leaned in and kissed me gently. His lips were soft and I melted in his embrace.

We parted only millimetres between us. “So I’ve sorta been waiting for you two to break up so I could do that.” Pete whispered. I smiled and let our lips touch once again, this time I had no intention in letting go of someone that easily.

No Control | Chapter Five


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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To read previous chapters, you can go here.

*Gif is not mine.*


“Micky, darling!” my mother answers, all rainbows and sunshine. It’s late afternoon over there, and I can see she’s sitting on our back deck, tea mug in hand. Her long blond hair is pulled back at the sides, the rest of it flowing in the breeze. Her green eyes are sparkling, crinkled at the edges with her smile. She looks just as good as the photos of her from when she was in her twenties, just with a few laugh lines thrown in over the years.

“Hi, Mum, how are you?” I ask, trying to keep the camera pointed away from Harry. I’m leaned up against the car door, keeping Harry away with my foot where he’s trying to scoot closer to me, laughing.

“I’m great, sweetheart. Just enjoying the nice weather for once,” she says with a little huff and a playful roll of her eyes. She squints as she look around the screen. “Where are you at? That’s not New York.”

“I had the concert last night, remember? I’m still in Jersey.” 

“Oh, that’s right! One Direction. Ugh, those lads are so adorable! You had meet and greet tickets, right? Did you get to see Harry? Is he just as cute in person?” My mother has just steam rolled this conversation. I give Harry pointed look over my phone to say, ‘See, I told you she’s in love with you.’

He laughs kind of loudly, alerting my mother that someone else is around.

“Is that Trevor? What was that look for? Mick, darling, where are you?”

“I’m just in a car, Mum. No, it’s not Trevor, he’s in the hotel.” It’s no use lying to my mother; she’d just pull the information out of me eventually, anyway.

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So you want to study abroad in Florence?

Good choice! Prepare to have the best time of your life and never want to come back! But studying abroad isn’t all flowers and rainbows. Shit happens. Sometimes serious shit. Sometimes really fun shit! So I’m here to let you know the truth about living in Firenze.

  1. Don’t bring anything you don’t want stolen. This even includes things you plan on keeping in your apartment. I unfortunately knew of several instances where girls had their credit cards stolen by a roommate, where roommates stole their belongings, and where roommates let strangers into their apartments who they didn’t trust. Seriously. Your grandma gave you her wedding ring and you always wear it? Not in Florence you don’t. In fact, this goes for studying anywhere. Leave that stuff at home. Only back the bare basics.
  2. Know where to eat. As nice as it is to sit across from the (fake) David in Piazza Signoria, the food ain’t. I’m going to let you in on a secret: any place where there is outdoor seating is more than likely a tourist trap. That means overprices, low quality crappy food with a view. Instead opt for places down alleys, further away from the tourist attractions, or on the southern side of the river (Arno). If you need any recommendations, let me know.
  3. Know where to eat GELATO. Omg. I cannot stress this enough. My family ate so much crap gelato because they didn’t believe me when I said it wasn’t the good stuff. The good stuff is hidden. Literally. Like, it’s stored in metal vats under the counter. If you pass a gelateria where it looks like a unicorn threw up rainbows all over it, then it’s not real gelato. Real gelato are all pale, natural colors, hidden in metal containers, and CHEAP! Gelato shouldn’t be more than one euro fifty or so for a scoop. Of course, there are exceptions sometimes: my favorite gelateria was right next to the Duomo. It was pricey because of location but it was also organic and HEAVEN!
  4. People there can be creeps. It’s not Italian men, either. It’s men who come from other countries, look semi-Italian, speak Italian, and prowl on Americans who are drunk and stupid. Don’t get wasted. Just don’t, you’ll be a target. Twice I heard girls screaming in the streets at 4am, and I’m not the only one who has. Americans are stupid and think it’s cool to get belligerent and plastered. That’s how they get their stuff stolen (which happened to almost everyone I knew).
  5. Know your cappuccini. Similarly to gelato, it should be cheap––somewhere between 1.20-1.50€. Also, Italians drink cappucini for breakfast typically. Drinking any espresso with milk after around 11pm is considered taboo, and in more rural areas they won’t even make it for you saying it’s for your health. But in places like Florence they’re used to making it so it’s not an issue, but prepare to get looks. Again, I know the two best cappuccino spots in Florence, so let me know if you need recommendations. 
  6. Bring sturdy shoes. I killed the pairs I brought. My thick boots were worn down to almost nothing by the end. The uneven, cobblestone streets are harsh on your shoes, so bring ones you don’t care about and leave the heels at home. If you’re determines to wear high heels when going out then bring wedges.
  7. Do touristy shit. But don’t do it all at once! My roommate and I paced ourselves which made it nice for weekends when we had no excursions or trips planned. We weren’t bored and we could go hit up a Florence museum or church we hadn’t visited yet. So as much as you want to do everything ASAP, try and space it out!
  8. Speak Italian. Please, please, PLEASE try. They LOVE when you try. You will feel so stupid and lame trying to speak it because you will sound white as hell, but trust me, they love when you try. I never met an Italian who scowled at my attempts at speaking. They were so happy to help me, teach me phrases, and complimented my accent (which is such a nice feeling!). So try, try, try! Even if they speak to you in English, try Italian first.
  9. Keep track of your money. Euros go a lot faster than American dollars. We did a lot of shopping at the .99€ shop down the street but that was more like $1.36 or so. You might think, “Wow, €40 for this shirt, what a deal!” when really that’s closer to $55. Try not to overspend, and if you have an apartment with a kitchen, try to cook most the time! Seems counterintuitive since you’re in Italy, but your health and wallet will thank you.
  10. Let it goooooo. Forreal man, you’re in one of the most incredible cities on the planet. Try and move past homesickness and go outside and enjoy the scenery. Trust me, it really helps. Buy some wine and cheese and sit by the lake (yes, you can drink in public, it’s a beautiful thing). Go to aperitivio (buy a drink, get unlimited free food!) before dinner and relax. Instead of going out or traveling every weekend stay in the city and try and make it feel like home: eat, explore, savor. I can’t stress how awesome this experience is, and letting go of restraints like homesickness, diet plans, and shyness can really help you have the best time possible.

As always, let me know if you need any advice or tips for living in Florence. I hope this helps you all x


What I Pack For a Convention Day

Most comic-cons and conventions typically have their rules posted on their website. Make sure to check ahead of time to avoid the hassle of an issue regarding types of bags allowed and what items are allowed.

First off, pick a bag you will be comfortable carrying all day. Do what you think will work best for you, maybe a crossover/messenger bag, or a tote and a fanny pack might work. I don’t like to carry a separate purse, so for me, the bag needs to have multiple compartments and room for smaller items I might purchase.

Water. Super important. I live in Phoenix so I have been well trained to always carry water with me. For a day at a convention, I would suggest freezing a bottle and then only freezing half of a second bottle, then topping it off before you leave for the convention. This is where reading the rules in advance come into play. Maybe you need to have bottles factory sealed etc. I have a friend that brings her refillable bottle and uses the water fountains. For me, I don’t want to worry about misplacing it, so I bring two plastic bottles. Do what works for you, but if you are allowed, you should pack water. (Who wants to pay for bottled water there? Not me!)

I pack my two waters wrapped in paper towels and place them into a plastic bag. This helps deal with the icy bottles “sweating” and you don’t want them to get anything nice in your bag wet. I like using see-through bags. Just in case you need to have security check your bag, this helps put them at ease and makes things easier.

Snacks. Conventions can be long days and you don’t want to spend time in line just getting something to carry you through. Having a small variety of granola snacks and treats help a ton and they allow you to save money for more special purchases.

Phone and charger(s). I always pack portable chargers along with a wall charger. You might not have planned to be live tweeting or texting with a friend from Tumblr you plan to meet up with, but it happens and you need to have that phone charged. Make sure to pack all cords needed.

Your wallet. You will want to buy stuff. Have your wallet in a safe, designated location in your convention bag.

Mints. I tend to live off of mints at conventions. So I pack more than maybe most would.

Toiletries.  I utilize a small makeup bag for these items. It’s  great to have something like this for a long day. These items would include, but not limited to: feminine products, aspirin etc., bandaids, eye drops, toothbrush, toothpaste, earbuds, coin change, pen, hair tie, cough drops, nail file, makeup, etc.

Other items I pack near wallet for quicker access: Chapstick, Kleenex, hand sanitizer and wet wipes

Any items you like to have autographed. Keep these items in their own plastic bag. You want to protect these items the best you can, but also have quick access to them.

Working Markers/Pens. Depending on the situation, you might need to provide a pen or marker. Be ready. If it’s a paint style pen, prep it.

Schedule. I like to pack a highlighter or even post-it notes to help mark what events I want to attend. If the convention has a phone application, that can be awesome too.

A book or magazine to read/something to do. There might be downtime and your feet might be too sore to walk the exhibitor hall. I don’t like to waste power on my phone, so I typically will pack a book. You never know if you will get stuck in a longer than expected line or you just want to relax for a few minutes. Just don’t pack something too heavy, you have to carry this bag.

Your tickets! If they are physical tickets, printed or on your phone. Make sure you have them! If you are buying at the door, make sure you know if they take your form of payment and that they still have tickets available.

Other things to consider:

Items for cosplay. Are you going to be in costume? Be prepared so you don’t end up with a massive wardrobe malfunction. I pack: Mini sewing kit, glue, extra pantyhose, back up parts/pieces and any needed makeup or hair items. For Phoenix Comicon, I knew I would be taking public transit. I packed a pair of thin flats to change into so I didn’t need to wear high heel boots on the light rail in 100+ degree weather.

Prescribed Medications. This will be a long day, be ready with anything you might need.

Camera. I typically just use my phone, but if the convention allows photos and you want to get some nice shots, pack it. Remember though, you will be carrying it with you all day and you might have to remain in your seat during panels. 

Feel free to add any tips/suggestions you may have when you reblog this post!

I Knew I Shouldn’t (Part 6)

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Loki x OC

Warnings: Language

Loki POV

“The tea was a nice touch, Amora.” I commented casually, watching her from across her table as she dabbled with her vials. “Trying out your potion on Dreyna and I.”

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Ok imagine a fantastic beasts fic but in the legendary style of my immortal

My name is Newt Artemis Fido Scamander and I have messy reddish-brown hair and hazel-green eyes that make the fan girls weep. A lot of people tell me I look like Eddie Redmayne (A/N: If u don’t know who he is then get da hell out of here!) I have pale freckled skin that burns and freckles even more in the sunlight. I’m also a wizard but I got kicked out of Hogwarts because I’m too nice a person and took the blame for a crime I didn’t commit. I’m a Magizoologist (if u don’t know what that is then get da hell out of here!) and I always carry around my suitcase full of creatures. Today I was wearing my fabulous long blue coat with a shirt, a waistcoat and a smart bow tie as well as practical leather boots and trousers. I was in New York and it was December so there was no sun, which I was happy about. A group of New Salemers stared at me when I went to the bank. I told them I was a Chaser and grinned at how clever I was.


I turned and it was…Porpentina Goldstein! (But we all call her Tina because she hexes you for calling her Porpentina)

“Hello, Miss Goldstein. What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Did you obliviate that no-maj?” She asked.

I didn’t know what a no-maj was so I didn’t answer - I was about to ask when I saw my Niffler scurrying up the steps to the bank and I had to leave.

IS it good? PLZ tell me beastz!




Am I funny yet?

The Flash: Danielle Panabaker on the rise of Killer Frost and discovering Savitar's identity
Get ready for some Killer new powers.

Since The Flash began, fans have wondered if and when we’d see Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) transform into her villainous comic book alter ego, Killer Frost. Now, after meeting the Earth-2 Killer Frost last season, and seeing Caitlin try and control her growing powers – and simultaneous dark tendencies – all season, that time has come, as Killer Frost has become fully unleashed. 

 With the most recent episode finding Killer Frost not only on the loose, but teaming with The Flash’s arch enemy, Savitar, I spoke to Danielle Panabaker about the fun of finally getting to play out this storyline, Savitar’s secret identity and more.

IGN: This is a dark time for Team Flash, but is this a fun time for you getting to explore such a completely different side to your character right now, especially after you got to sort of do a test run with the Earth-2 version in Season 2? 

Danielle Panabaker: Yes. I’m so excited! Obviously, I knew about the comic books and that Caitlin Snow becomes Killer Frost, so it’s something I’ve been excited about for years. I’m just thrilled. Also, this year as well we started working on the costume for Killer Frost many months ago. Those are the things that get me so excited and I just couldn’t wait to suit up. I’m such a girl too. The look has been so different between season 2 and 3. I love figuring that stuff out and collaborating with everyone on the show. 

IGN: You can see your new costume in the images released from this week’s episode. It sounds like you really got to plan ahead on that? 

Panabaker: Yeah, absolutely. Maya [Mani], the costume designer, the first time we went in it was just as a chat. She didn’t have any ideas yet and I had done some research looking into what Killer Frost looked like in the comic book. And the one thing I really wanted was for her to have boots this time. So many of the images I found, Killer Frost is wearing boots. So that’s something that we did. 

IGN: In the last episode, Barry talks to her in the future and she’s completely turned her back on her friends still. Is it looking pretty dire as far as any chance of getting through to Caitlin beneath that Killer Frost exterior? 

Panabaker: Yes. My understanding is that Killer Frost has been inside of Caitlin Snow all season and has been dying to get out. Now that she has been released, so to speak, I don’t think she’s interested in taking her toys and going home nicely. 

IGN: Killer Frost knows who Savitar is, but we don’t yet. Did you learn the truth when you filmed that episode? 

Panabaker: I’d been told or heard through the rumor mill who Savitar was a few months prior to when you actually see the reveal in the episode. So I knew what they were building up to. So hopefully when people find out who Savitar is they will both be surprised and say “Of course, why didn’t I see that coming!” I’m excited for the reveal. 

IGN: Julian saved Caitlin against her wishes, turning her into Killer Frost. Even in her transformed state, is there a lot to dig into with the two of them and everything that’s happened? 

Panabaker: What’s been explained to me is that Killer Frost does have Caitlin’s history. They have the same memories and they remember the same things. I actually think that gives Killer Frost an upper hand. It means she knows a little more about Team Flash than they know about her.

IGN: I feel like this has to be a very fun time for you as an actress. I think about the last two episodes and in one you’re Caitlin, whose life is in danger. The next episode you’re playing a newly born Killer Frost, but also an imprisoned Killer Frost in 2024. Is it kind of an embarrassment of riches? 

Panabaker: I’m so lucky and so grateful that I’ve been given so many different opportunities. I’ve had some time to figure out the various characters and spend some time – For me it comes from developing the look; getting into the hair and makeup and wardrobe. It was really important to me that Killer Frost in prison look different and a little bit rattier. Obviously she’s not taking care of herself. I feel grateful and lucky. It’s been a fun ride. 

IGN: Your show goes so big as far as the alternate realities and alternate timelines and futures. For you guys on set, do you laugh about where you are and keeping track of what’s going on sometimes? 

Panabaker: A hundred percent. I’m always looking at Carlos [Valdes] or our incredible script supervisor, Lexi [La Roche] and going “Wait, can you slow down and explain that to me one more time?” Just so I’ve connected all the dots as we’re making this show. 

IGN: Speaking of Carlos, Cisco and Caitlin are such a great dynamic on the show. Is it funny for you guys to have yourselves suited up and playing out super powered battles?

Panabaker: I’m such a kid. I just love it! I remember being excited the first time I saw Carlos in his Vibe jacket, his new suit with those crazy shoes. I enjoy it. I think I have a bit of a childlike spirit. I enjoy that we’re playing make believe and dress up every day. 

IGN: We’re going into the homestretch here. What would you say people are in store for as it all comes together? 

Panabaker: In episode twenty, which airs this week, I’m excited for people to learn who Savitar is. I am also really excited for people to get a chance to see some new Killer Frost powers in tomorrow’s episode. She’s going to come at them guns blazing and I’m excited to see what that looks like as well.

me: this year’s gonna be the year i get used to wearing heels

also me: *cries when i have to stand for more than like an hour per day*

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Can you do one with the companions reacting to sole belly dancing for them please? I think I might have asked for this from someone already, but it was really late, I was more than a little drunk, and I don't know if I actually did or not...

Anon, you’re a beautiful sinner of course I can do this one for you

Cait(Platonic): What in fuck are ye’ doing? Hey, hey now I didn’t say stop did I…

Cait(Romantic): Near enough the same except now its between “What in fuck are ye’ doing?” and “God I love this perfect idiot”

Codsworth: Is this a new Post-war Commonwealth thing Sir/mum?

Curie(Patonic): Tries to hide her giggles as Sole shakes their hips for her, just can’t but laugh and get a good look at Sole’s figure

Curie(Romance): Checks Sole’s physique for “science” to her they’re perfect, also when Sole’s stomach is close enough she can’t resist but to reach out and caress it

Dogmeat: Jumps up and down excitedly with Sole as they shake what they’ve got round the room, absolutely no idea of what’s going on 

Danse(Platonic): Soldier… SOLDIER, STOP.IT.NOW and for god’s sake put your uniform on before Maxson sees you

Danse(Romantic): Well, err… I can say with total honesty you have my full attention… 

Deacon: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT COSTUME?!?!?!? Can I get one? I’m thinking in a nice orange? :D

Hancock(Platonic): Joins in, gets with the groove and air spanks Sole

Hancock(Romanctic): Joins in, wearing nothing but his awesome hat and his boots… kinky ass lil ghoul

Nick: Woah… slow down there slick, rock the kasbah too hard you’ll knock the damn place down.

MacCready(Platonic): Err, dancings cool an’ all but we ain’t making a lot a caps here boss

MacCready(Romance): I have no idea where you got the costume, but right now I’m feeling we try that thing with the Mutfruit again?

Piper(Platonic): Laughs hysterically, takes a picture and looks at it when she’s feeling blue about Blue or in general

Piper(Romance): Takes a picture, keeps it in her naughty drawer, instead of laughing sits and bites her lip suggestively at Blue, tells them to save the costume for later :3

Preston(Platonic): Uhm general? *Sole keeps dancing* Oooooooookayyyy then

Preston(Romantic): Babe? You wanna explain the costume? NOT that I’m complaining, I’m just curious if… its… going to be around later 

Strong: Puny human want put on more armour if want to survive… Heh Human dance funny, but not stop get killed by brother mutants

X6-88: Sir/Ma’am first off, holy shit that’s hot, but you can’t run the institute in that costume…

+Maxson: Picks up Sole, takes them to his quarters and gives them some of the best if not slightly strange sex of their life

Some light hearted sin after the tearjerker, enjoy! :D

A Jealous Klaus is a Dangerous Klaus

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Tittle: Jealous Klaus is a Dangerous Klaus

Pairing: Niklaus x Reader

Requested: Yep

Rating: M for Mature

Warning: Smut, spanking, rough sex, unprotected sex cause vamps, daddy kink

A/n: So Niklaus in this will have two sides, a gentle and loving one and his usual self. I did this because I feel like with someone that he truly loves Niklaus will be a kind gentle vamp with her and her only.

  “Oh come on Niklaus please.” I cried, hugging the satin sheet around my body as I moved towards where the angered vampire was standing. He had his back to me as he stared out the window. I knew my wanting to go to the party the Salvatore brothers were hosting, angered him, he hated Damon and Stefan, but I had promised Elena I would attend. Over the centuries that I have been alive I have only ever had Rebekah as a friend, and now I had Elena. I was determined to keep it that way.

  “Y/n I have said no.” Niklaus grumbled, the muscles in his back tensing as I wrapped my around him from behind, my head falling onto him.

  “Klaus, my love, I will be perfectly safe with you being there. Plus Damon and Stefan are really not as horrid as you believe. They are actually quite pleasant, and well Damon reminds me of you in a way. Both of you have a hard, murderous exterior, but a kind and loving center.” I hummed, smiling as I pressed a kiss to the middle of his shoulder blades.

  “All the more reasons to have you stay behind. If a Salvatore brother reminds me of you then you are certainly not going.” Klaus snapped, his eyes softening ever so much as he turned to me. “I can not lose you.”

  “Oh my sweet Klaus, you will never. Have the past three centuries not proved that? I will always be yours, and I will always be your wife. My heart is yours.” I whispered, smiling as I leaned up to press a sweet kiss to his lips.

  “Good, I still don’t like you going, but I know that look, you are planning on going anyway. Always willing to meet my wrath.” He mumbles, rolling his eyes as I giggled.

  “The rest of the world may view as a monster and are terrified of you, but I am not one of them. I know that no matter how mad you are, you will never harm me.”

  “One of these days I am going to prove you wrong about that.”

  “You have been saying that for as long as I have loved Niklaus, so please do not be insulted when I assure you that I know that is an empty threat.” Nik glowered at my words, his mouth falling into a shocked o as I slipped out his grasp, making my way slowly to our large walk in closest. “What does one wear to a party with teenagers? I suppose a evening dress would be to much?”

  “That it would. Most girls where a simple dress, your black one will do nicely.” He sighed from his spot in the middle of the room.

 “Oh perfect.” I sang, humming to myself as I slipped on the soft black cotton over my head. I let my head fall to the side before pulling out a small jean jacket Rebekah had insisted I get, and pulled on. Once I was happy with my outfit, I slipped on a pair of black high heeled boots and ran from the closest, squealing when I was instantly pulled against Klaus’s chest. Before I could question anything, he placed his lips on mine in a heated and passionate kiss.

  “Remember you are a married women.” He breathed out against my lips. I hummed, my eyes fluttering shut as he kissed me again. I melted into him, loving the soft side that was showing. It was a side I hardly ever saw, and when I did, I relished in it.

  “How could I forget, I have loved for over a thousand years Niklaus.”

  “And I you.” He said softly, his hand cupped my face as he pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Hurry back to me.”


   “I’m not going to lie, I never thought Klaus would let you out of the house.” Elena screamed over the music, her body pressed tightly to my side as she reached up to my ear.

  “How many times must I assure you this Elena, Niklaus is not the monster you all pain him out to be.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes as she raised an eyebrow at me.

  “Sure sure, look I hate to do this, but I need to check on Bonnie, will you be okay by yourself for a bit?”

  “Of course.” I assured her with a smile, waving her off towards the witch was standing, her gaze wide as she watched Elena and I.

  “I will see you soon, I promise I won’t be to long.” Elena promised, smiling at me before she ran off towards her friend. The moment she was alone, I let out a soft sigh and looked around, smiling to myself when I noticed Stefan smiling at me from across the room. Quickly I made my way towards him, giggling when he instantly broke into a wide grin.

  “Stefan.” I said happily, my smile growing when I gave him a quick hug.

  “If it isn’t the only member of the Original gang.” He laughed, smiling at me as I rolled my eyes at him.

 “What will it take to prove to you that they are not as bad you believe that they are?” I huffed.

  “Nothing, to me they are awful bunch. They are going to need to prove that they are what you say.”

  “You are impossible! Honestly why would I be with Niklaus, married to him, if I was not sure there was a good man under his angry side?”

  “I’m sure they could find a way. Now lets drop this subject. I want to tell you about what I caught Damon doing this morning.” He gave me a wicked grin before he jumped into the story.


  My wife was trusting, the most trusting person I know. It was one of the things I loved most about her, it was also one of the things I hated. Her trusting nature meant that she sought out the good in everyone, and more often that not, it ended in her being in danger. It was because of that, that I was had I followed her to the damn party. I started to grumble to myself as I made my way into the party, glaring at the pair of teenagers making out in the middle of the doorway. I was just about to tell them to break it up, when Y/n laughed reached me over the blaring music. Instantly my attention turned to my wife, a jealous rage ripping through me when I saw her.

  She stood in the middle of a group of drunken teenagers, with none other than Stefan Salvatore. The two were close to another, Y/n face lit up with laughter as Stefan told her some story about his brother. I growled low in my throat, not taking my eyes off of her as I made my way towards her. Before I could take more than two steps she turned her head towards me, sighing when she noticed my facial expression. She muttered something to Stefan before she ran towards me, using her vampire speed to reach me within seconds.

  “I thought you were staying at home.” She sighed, her gaze soft as she reached up to brush her finger tips along my cheek.

  “I was planning on it, but I thought it was to risky to leave you alone. Turns out I was right. You have barely been here for all of an half an hour and already he is flirting with you.” I growled. Before she could say a word I scooped her into my gaze, running back to the house.

  What was suppose to be a 20 minute walked turned into a two minute run thanks to the vamp speed, and I wasted no time in running into our a bedroom. Without missing a beat I set her down, capturing her lips with mine as I pushed up against the wall. My hands moved over her quickly, ripping her jacket off and throwing it to the side.

  “You are mine.” I growled as I pulled away from her lips. I smirked as her breaths started to come in pants, a low moan echoing in the back of her throat as my lips attached to her neck. I grazed my teeth over her skin, the act earning a salutary moan from my wife.

  “Oh Niklaus.” She breathed out, her hands digging into my shoulder as I nipped her neck. “I am yours, always. Stefan is a little boy compared to you.”

  “He is.” I muttered, smirking against her skin as I ripped her dress in two, letting the fabric fall to her feet. Once was she was free of her dress I stepped back, my eyes wandering over her as I took her in. She was left in nothing but a baby blue lace bra and matching pantie set. Her breasts were raising and falling quickly as she watched me, her eyes wide with desire. Her hair was a wind blown mess, but still managed to frame her face. “I don’t like you with Stefan, you are to happy with him, it’s to natural. I am going to have to remind you of who you belong to.” I growled. She let out a whimper, the sound causing my cock to twitch in my pants.

  “How are you going to do that?” She asked, biting her bottom lip as she smirked at me. “Daddy.” She purred the last word, a gasp leaving him lips when I moved us to the bed, bending her over the bed. Quickly, faster than she could wrap her head around it, I pulled a silk rope out from under the mattress, wrapping one end of it tightly around her wrists, bounding them together. I let my hands run over back, my finger tops barely touching her. Her back arched as she let out a moan.

  “Like this.” I purred, smirking at the surprised gasp that left her lips when I ripped off her bra and underwear, throwing the shredded fabric to the side. Keeping a smirk on my face, I pulled the silk rope that was wrapped around my hands, causing her back to arch again. I knew she was about to answer when I let my hand fall onto  her back side with a loud slap.

  “Oh.” She gasped, her bottom moving back to meet my next thrust, this time I aimed a little lower. As my hand slapped her ass, the tips of my fingers slapped against her core, a cry of pleasure leaving her lips.

  “I’m doing this because you made me jealous. You talked me into letting you go to a party I was uncomfortable with you going too.” I explained, smirking as she moved back to meet my slap again. “I am going to spank you thirteen times, I want you to count. If you be a good girl, I will reward you.” I purred, groaning when she instantly nodded. I raised my hand again, let it slap against her ass and core again. This time I held my hand to her, pushing my fingers in between her folds.

  “One.” She panted, a moan worthy of a porno movie escaping her lips. I smiled and repeated the motion, each time my beautiful girl counting each of her spankings. One she reached thirteen I started to massage the now pink skin, moving my hand down slowly so it slipped in between her folds. Instantly I let out a groan. She was dripping. “Oh god baby, who are you so wet for you?”

  “You daddy, I am wet for you.”

  “Good girl princess.” I hummed, smiling as I quickly removed my pants, I kicked them to the side, and quickly pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it to the side. “Daddy is going to take you like this.” I hummed, letting out a groan as my harden member slipped between her soaking wet folds and into her center.

  “Oh yes.” She moaned, throwing her head back as I started to thrust quickly into her. I ran the rope free hand, up her ass to grip her hips, holding her against me as I continued to thrust quickly into her.

  “Oh my darling, you feel so good. Over a thousand years and you still feel so good.” I moaned, letting my fingers dig into her hips as I started to pick up my pace.

  “Oh fuck Niklaus yes.” She moaned.

  “Princess I am going to cum.” I groaned, crying out as she moved her hips back to meet my thrusts. “Fuck.” I groaned, throwing my head back as I came undone, Y/n following quickly behind me.

  “Good dammit Klaus, maybe I should flirt with Stefan more.”

  “So you admit that you were flirting with him.” I growled, my hand wrapping around her hair as I pulled her back, my lips attaching to her neck. “Perhaps you need another lesson of who you belong to you if you are still thinking of flirting with another man.”

  • Aries: Puts on the first thing they see even if it doesn't match
  • Taurus: Today is a good day for sweatpants *says same thing everyday*
  • Gemini: I should wear this in case it's hot, but what if I get cold? What will I do then?
  • Cancer: *Tries on everything* DO I EVEN OWN ANYTHING
  • Leo: Hey this makes my boobs look nice lets do dis
  • Libra: I can't pick someone pls help me call the fashion police
  • Scorpio: Why can't I just go naked
  • Sagittarius: Do these cargo pants match my hiking boots
  • Capricorn: All black.
  • Aquarius: *only wears light reflecting clothing in hopes of attracting aliens*
  • Pisces: It's pink I'll wear it
my breath is for holding

A/N: for @bisexualbvffy, for i love lucie more than robber au’s. and i love those a lot. 


Lily finds their add on Craigslist:

Girl needed to rob stores. Wig wearing skills a must. Good legs preferable.


She turns up at Remus’s house in a black wig, wears it ten minutes into the ‘interview’ and then takes it off. “My wig wearing skills are excellent, and I’ve got great legs” she says into the silence.

“You’re hired” says Sirius over his chip bag “I love redheads.”


Yeah, that’s how she joins the group.


They’re in the middle of a supermarket in Easter, stealing a life size chocolate dog because Remus said he would pay them all to ‘help him a achieve his life’s only goal’ and ‘yes I am being perfectly serious now everyone get in the car’

“This is dumb” James is looking around the shelves, because even though it’s four a.m. someone could still see them and he doesn’t think he could take going to jail for stealing a chocolate dog.

“Potter, don’t be such a downer” Lily is leaning against a shelf, eating skittles she hasn’t paid for and still wearing the pink wig from that jewellers job they did four days ago. “Live in the now.”

She throws a skittle at him, and Peter yells “lift with the legs!” very loudly in the background.


Lily turns up, smoking profusely, and Peter opens the door to the apartment.

“I’ve got our next job.” She says, breathless, and holds up a printout of an antique shop with an entirely gold cabinet for sale. “We’re fucking robbing it” she pushes past him and barges into the living room, where James is eating crackers and Remus is googling how to hack security cameras because it would be cool to know how to do that.

She flicks a sleeping Sirius on the eyelid. “Black, get up, we’re planning a goddamn heist.”


There is something particularly satisfying about stealing things. About holding something that is taken, that absolutely does not belong to you. A sudden rush of blood to the head, veins upstanding on the back of your hand.

Lily ends up at their apartment, eating food and watching their TV despite no one actually inviting her. Remus drops out of Uni to focus on being ‘a professional thief’ as he tells the others, and ‘to find himself’ which he tells his mother. Peter breaks his toe running into the bench drunk and they all wait for him at A&E, Lily and James both get kicked out for smoking so they go out back and James blows smoke rings while Lily pretends not to be impressed.


“Oh my god, I can’t believe you nearly got us caught. I cannot believe you’d had sex with that hotel clerk and couldn’t remember. Oh my God. You’re terrible Sirius. If I end up going to jail because of your sex life I’ll murder you and then confess so I can go away for that instead”

“Sorry, holier-than-thou-Wormtail, I forgot, of course you’ve kept track of every single person that you’ve had sex with.”



“Did you find the spare key” James is hopping from foot to foot, strongly considering leaving the house and its five TVs, for another night when his balls aren’t in danger of freezing off.

“Clearly not. If I had found it we would be Inside” Lily walks the rest of the way towards him, not the most affable when cold. She stares at the cat flap again, and James blanches.

“No. No, Evans.” Lily raises her eyebrows and James can see the stark contrast of her, pale neck against pulsing hair. He is all at once very aware of his skeleton inside his skin, how large it is, poking elbows and harsh knuckles. He feels too big for the space.

She kicks open the cat flap, and look up at him “you’re the one always going on about how you won that gymnastics competition when you were nine. Let’s see if you’ve still got it.”


Sirius circles the date on the calendar and writes, in the square with sharpie ‘THE DAY WE MADE IT BIG’

“Making it on the news once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times and we’ve hit the big time. We are officially criminals folks, we’re had THREE featured break-ins on the news.” Remus sits back against the couch, stealing Peter’s beer in celebration.

“It doesn’t get better than this” says Lily sarcastically, sitting on the bench with her boots in the sink and drinking wine from the bottle. She passes it to Sirius whose spread flat across the tiles, still wearing the rope wire from this morning. James lets his head drop back against the door and raises his beer, half-drunk, a sort of toast to their careers.


“You look nice”

“Lily, stop lying. I look like a bag of fabric with legs.”

“Yes Potter, but a nice bag of fabric. A bag of fabric to believe in”


Sirius forgets to turn the alarm off.

“OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. THIS IS IT- WE’RE GOING TO JAIL” Peter is on the verge of tears, and pronounces ‘jail’ like it’s a swearword.  Remus is pulling up the blinds- presumably to jump out the window.

Lily can hear the wailing from where she’s parked at the official ‘getaway driver’ two streets over, and lets her head drop onto the steering wheel. Fucking morons. Inside the house, James has picked up a vase and Sirius is sweating profusely while holding an armful of stolen jewellery.

James throws the vase at the alarm. It stops. There is a silence. They can all feel Lily’s disapproval from two streets over.


“You want to know something funny” It’s Lily’s voice down the phone, and James blinks at the sudden abruptness to the beginning of the conversation.

“Not particularly but seeing as it’s you”

“My mother wanted me to be a lawyer.” She says and it takes him a minute to process this. She’s giggling down the line and he starts smiling before the full irony has set in. Then he’s laughing, and he can all at once see her leaning against her fridge, giggling into the phone, hair piled on her head like a mound of blood.

“That’s the best fucking thing I’ve ever heard”


On Remus’s birthday they go to a park and try to take the swing set.

“It’s going to have concrete foundations” says Peter flatly, for the fifteenth time.


Sirius whoops and James starts digging again with renewed vigour. Remus sits on the slide, touched and too drunk to realise that this is a bad idea.


Lily smiles again- the parents are looking- and tugs at her skirt.

“-got to be in bed by eight, right Tom?” the boy looks up, bored and nods without caring. The mother turns back, “we’ll be home by 11, there’s money on the table,” Lily nods and feels her wig pitch forward slightly. Fuck.


They leave, tearing down the driveway. She sighs, leaves Tom downstairs with the TV and goes upstairs to see James sitting at the window in a black ski mask. She opens the shutter, grinning.

“We’ve talked about this. You look dumb in the ski mask.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I look good in anything” he turns to watch the car turn out from the street and focuses on anything other than her legs under that skirt, “What’s the bet they’re going to an orgy, the Dad looked shifty. If they’re leaving their son alone on a Wednesday night to go to an orgy they deserve to be robbed. That’s just a fact.”  

She laughs, and takes off his mask, throwing it in the gutter before he can stop her.


She falls asleep on their living room floor while they’re planning to steal their landlord’s speaker system after he raised the rent on their apartment. James sort of, stands there, considering picking her up but then again, she’d probably punch him on reflex. She did that once, when he poked her after they were on the train back from that art thing where she’d shoved some priceless paintbrush in her bra while the lights were out.

He throws a blanket over her legs, and then ends up sleeping on the living room couch because he couldn’t make himself leave. What if she woke up and didn’t know where she was? He reasons with himself sleepily, and ignores why this matters to him, why it bothers him so much that Lily might wake up and be afraid.


They try to pawn stuff at their local pawn shop and, well, Sirius ends up pocketing a bunch of rare baseball cards from the pawn shop, then trying to sell them back to the owner. The rest of them bolt, and then draw straws to see who has to go bail him out.

“I’m letting you know that you’re a moron” says Remus, swinging the car keys around his finger and staring at a sullen Sirius through the cell bars. “I’m only bailing you out if you give me the ten dollars you owe me”

“No. I am in jail. I refuse to pay you money while I’m rotting away in a cell.”

Remus leaves, and come back to the apartment to see James and Peter rolling around laughing, while Lily talks into the phone, sniggering “Yes Sirius I do know he left without you… well you do owe him ten dollars… oh don’t be so ridiculous you can to remember your days on the outside, you’ve been in jail for literally three hours… if you call yourself a jailbird one more time I’m hanging up I swear”


“Stop moving”

“Shove it up your ass” She’s jittery, bumping on her heels as he fixes the rope wire to her waist. His hands are on her stomach, fingers over her hipbones. Jesus, is it cold in here? She’s got goose bumps.

James stands up, hands on her waistline. She can see the lock of his jaw, the smooth column of his throat. “Stop worrying” he says and her heart is pounding so hard she might have internal bruising.

“I’m not” she lies. There is something caught in her throat, she wants stand here with him very badly for as long as human legs are psychically able to take weight.


“Oh god. I’m retiring. I’m fucking retiring, Jesus, I can’t take this”

“How does one retire from stealing things?”

Lily looks up, glares, and shoves Sirius down into the sewer water. “We’re never robbing the Smithsonian again” she says, as she waits for Sirius to stop coughing up human piss.


“We could do this you know” she points at the paper. Everyone is looking at him.

“We’re going to get caught” he says.

She grins, and he forgets his entire argument, where they are and what his name is. “Like hell we will”


(They get caught)


It’s a fucking museum job, and the details are boring but it was raining and the walls were thicker than they thought and the air vents cleared the smoke a lot quicker than they were meant to and then there was Lily, standing with a $300, 000 painting in her hands with no cover and in the same room as seven armed security guards.

He sees the whole thing in slow motion, her, with the painting, the guards open mouthed. There is a split second where the entire room is shocked, and all he can think about is how she’s going to go to jail, and how hard it will be to never touch her again, to go back to a life without Lily sitting on his bench with her feet in the sink smoking his cigarettes.

Then, Sirius appears, with a gun stolen from a distracted security guard, firing upwards into the skylight and yelling nonsense.  It’s raining glass, pouring glass, there is a waterfall of glass in the room, and Lily drops the painting and grabs his hand and then they’re running with Sirius in front and there is so much yelling and his head is pounding and it is as if the entire world has become a grey area, because for a minute there was an entire life where he never saw her again and he is still shaking from it.



On the drive down the Mexico a week later, after flying to California, driving to New York then flying up to Toronto to lose the cops, Sirius is still ranting about it.

“I can’t believe, after everything, you’re the one that gets to be famous. We discovered you. We found you. We pulled you from the gutter and it’s you that’s #15 on MI6’s most wanted and have your own logo on the news. Unbelievable.


Peter hits him over the head with the car map book, and Remus almost drives into the barrier he’s laughing so hard.

“When we cross the border you have to wear this” James says, pulling out an all-black ski-mask and waving it at her. She stares for a minute, dumbstruck, then grabs his shirt collar and kisses him so forcefully his heart forgets itself.

“I would rather go to jail than wear that mask” she says once she’s pulled back, and his lip splits from smiling so hard