i get to use vibrance now


I got asked by people who never made gifs before how I make and color them, and since I already made a tuto how I gif, it’s time I show how I color them

what you’ll need:

  • basic gif making knowledge (I made a tutorial here)
  • photoshops cs5/cs6/cc (I’m using cs6)
  • a pen so you can sign a contract with the devil

I’m going to try to explain how I usually color my gifs with some extra explanation and comments on how and why. I go like this on almost everything and it works like a charm.

so, from this:

to this:

tutorial under the cut!

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Aah sorry for not getting round to your asks until now, I got a few asking about tips so I thought I would do a nice big post to answer them 
I’ll include some tools that I use as examples, hopefully that’ll help ^o^


~ U s i n g   W a t e r c o l o u r s ~

Some general tips:

1.  Try not to mix too many colours. You’ll lose their vibrancy if you do and they’ll become muddy. At most, I only mix two colours. 

2.  Always have clean water. If the water is discoloured, this affects the colour of your paint. 

3.  Always have lots of tissue. Trust me you’ll need it! haha (for dabbing up paint when you’ve put down too much, mistakes, spilling water… etc)

4. Use a palette, any will do. Wash it often~

5.  Rubber: one that doesn’t smudge and is soft enough to not rip the paper if you rub out a lot like me. I think I use soft staedtler brand. 


~ E x a m p l e s   w i t h   p r e t t y   p h o t o s ~

T e m p e r a t u r e
Watercolours dry differently depending on how hot it is where you live (I live in the UK, it’s cold so it takes a while to dry. I’ve also painted in Thailand where it’s hot as well as humid, and takes just a minute or so to dry). 

This is importantttt
If the temperature around you is colder, it makes it easier to smoothly blend paints. Example:

And if the temperature around you is hotter i.e you live in a hot country, they can look blotchy-er? Basically some areas dry faster so they make a not so smooth pattern, but it makes nice texture. Example:

T i m i n g
For blending, timing is crucial because at what stage you add it, it brings out different kinds of blending. This is related to the wet-on-wet technique actually.

- if you add paint to water or paint on paper while it’s still wet - it’ll blend smoothly. (look at the first example picture)
- if you add paint to water or paint while it’s damp and about to dry, it makes a sort of snowflake appearance as it tries to spread. Example: 

B r u s h e s
Main brushes I can think of:
- spotter - good for small detail (I mainly use these)
- rigger - long and good for detail and holding more water/paint (and these)
- round - good for spreading lots of water/paint
- flat - standard brush
- fan - spread a light wash of water paint
- mop - spread a lot of water

In the photo are my brushes from right to left: Liner/rigger, spotter, round/mop, rigger, rigger.   

Synthetic brushes are good, but they wear out quickly. Animal hairs are more robust but expensive.

P a p e r
I can’t stress enough how finding the right paper for you is. Let me show you how paper can really affect your paints, and why there are lots of them around.


Same drawing, but different paper. The first is thin paper, the other is something like 200gsm. All paper are different. So it’s best to try them out!

The thicker it is, the more likely it’ll be ale to hold more paint/water. This 200gsm paper can’t take much water, however in small amounts it really shows off the vibrancy of the paint and holds it well and allows it to blend well. This is paper from a Muji sketchbook (photo below) and I also use Arches paper.

P A I N T S !!!!!!

Oh yeah this. Generally, the more expensive it is, the better quality/more pigmented (vibrant) the colour will be. So if you’re starting out, I recommend that you start with some cheap okay ones, then move on to the expensive ones (that way, you can appreciate the quality and also get used to them).

These are the paints I use:

Yeah I only use paint tubes (just preference really. I’m not sure if tubes are more pigmented, but I guess they might be since you’d have to add water to the dried stuff?)

I use from left to right:
- Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolours (really intense super vibrant watercolours)
- Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache (the flesh tint is great for skin)
- Winsor and Newton: Artists’ Water Colour brands (various colours and good quality)
- Winsor and Newton: Professional (same as above)
- Winsor and Newton: Cotman (basic colours and good quality)
- WHSmith watercolours: (student grade (cheap) and not very vibrant in colour, but has some colours that are good)

Apart from the WHSmith ones, I’d say they’re all good brands.


Okay I think I’ve covered most things. Sorry this is so long to read, but I hope it helps anyone (/^▽^)/ ☆☆☆

Gif Coloring Tutorial

I was asked how I usually color my gifs, so instead of giving a brief explanation about what I do, I decided to make a tutorial going over each step in case anyone wants to follow along. Not every step is necessary, you might want to skip over some if it’s not to your liking or your gif doesn’t need it, but I like modifying each thing one by one so I can easily go back and fix whatever I didn’t like.

Since I mostly gif Lucifer, I’ll focus on that particular show, but you should be able to apply the same technique with other shows. These are some examples of what your gifs will look like using the same psd (with some adjustments for each):

So with that said, let’s get our original image from the left to look like the one on the right.

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soft pastel-y ish giffing + colouring tutorial

ahhhh such a professional title 

so someone requested i do a tutorial on how i make gifsets but they didn’t request a specific set though so i’m just gonna do it on my most recent one (if there are any other ones any one wants to see then drop me an ask

all the gifs above used this colouring although it will not work for all scenes (trust me i learned this the hard way) but with a bit of tweaking it can work for a fair few

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anonymous asked:

can u do an icon tutorial??

Sure, so I’ll show you how I make my 100x100 icons.

Warning : This tutorial is me trying to explain something in english (not my first language) so it’s a complete mess and I’m terribly bad at explaining things so send me an ask if you don’t understand. This is certainly not the easiest or the smartest way to make icons but it’s a method I’m confortable with.

For this tutorial, you need :

  • Photoshop (I use photoshop cc 2017 but any version should work)
  • Basic photoshop skills (how to crop, sharpen, color, use psd …)
  • hq screencaps
  • patience

Right now, I’m making a DCTV icons pack so I’ll show you how I made this Felicity Smoak icon :

Tutorial under the cut!

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crystallisingsins-deactivated20  asked:

Ajnjsbndjs hOW do you do it? your Pictures are literally my life! like you are a Wizard (/ ̄ー ̄)/~~☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ are you using Reshade 2.0? cause i need them settings <3

awww omg thank youuuu ;-;.. i’m using 2.0. i know there’s a 3.0 version out because i reshaded Second Life briefly before I came to the conclusion that i didn’t like it. i heard some simmers are able to get Reshade 3.0 to work for your games now which is great tho. 

i hope you’re able to see the screens below but there are my settings for DOF, Ambient Occlusion, and Ambient Light. i use some other shaders too like FXAA, SMAA, LumaSharpen (those 3 are always on) and then CeeJay’s Bloom, Sepia, Vibrance, and ToneMap but I believe the last 4 are on the default settings and i use them sparsely. 

Ambient Occlusion:


Ambient Light:

anonymous asked:

I absolutely have to say that your art is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!!! I can't get enough of it, and every time I see a new post from you, it makes me silly happy! I love the soft beauty of the colours, I love the vibrancy of emotions that you create, I love the way you capture the characters as if they will come to life any second now! I love every little detail and could go on and on and ON telling about it! Thank you for sharing your art with us, and please never stop creating!

Oh my god! This is literally the nicest thing someone has ever said to me. Thank you so much for this sweet message!  ❤︎ ❤︎ Ahhhhh, I don’t even have words to describe how happy it made me.  I think I need a moment omg…  ❤︎

i. coloring gifs: scenery

so since i’ve been asked may times how i color my gifs, i thought i should make a tutorial!

you will be needing:

  • photoshop (i use cs5)
  • knowledge on how to make gifs and some basic ps knowledge)
  • good quality videos to make gifs from
  • the ability to understand my very confused and badly explained tutorials

in this tutorial we’ll be going from

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gif colouring tutorial

anonymous asked: what’s your fav psd to use?

first off, this is only a colouring tutorial, if you do not know how to gif in general, you can check out @itsphotoshop or @chaoticresources, the two best photoshop tutorial blogs, about how to do that first, as i have not done a tutorial on how to gif.

i don’t use PSD’s, i colour each gif individually. but since the anon also told me they’d very much like for a tutorial on my fave colouring, i’m going to do three! one is color porn (ish), one is pale (ish), and another is a regular base colouring i use a lot when i don’t want to enhance too much.

here are the three end results:

*forewarning: this post is very long and very very image heavy.*

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How to: Color dark scenes (the Echo Cave case)

Since a lot of you requested help for dark scenes, and how to brighten, and color those hard pain in the ass scenes that are the Neverland ones, I decided that instead of releasing my colorings, I would make a quick tutorial on one of the hardest scene imo, the Echo Cave.

You need basic knowledge of Photoshop, how to make gifs, and how to use layers. But It’s not as hard as it looks like and the method is basically the same when it comes to dark scenes, blueish tones.

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youngstilinski said: "ugh teach me how to gif/edit and all that bullshit pls"

I’m probably not even qualified to answer this question, but here goes.

Nick I don’t even remember if you were joking I just saw this in my inbox and now I was like “oh okay here goes”.

The most important thing in editing and gifs is the coloring, so that’s what I’m going to give a tutorial of.




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