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Can You Hold Me?| Dean Winchester

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My first Dean fic, and of course it’s going to be filled to the brim with ANGST. Please give criticism and be gentle. I’ll get the hang of it. 

 I’m just now into the first ten episodes of Season 10, so bear with me here. Requests for Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Castiel, Gadreel are OPEN.

Prompt: When Dean comes to you after having been cured of his demonism, he sees the effect it had on you. Set during late Season 9, early Season 10. 

TW// Demon!Dean in itself should be a warning alone, abuse (which he’d never do but..), ANGST

Song Lyrics come from Can You Hold Me - NF

Let me know if I should start a tag list!

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purplecyphers  asked:

Okay, since Aug 1st is my birthday, I would love to see what kind of surprise Sport would have for the first time Robbie's birthday comes up after they start dating. (Also, this is the same username and icon as my AO3 account, just FYI.)

I’ve been trying to do these prompts in the order I’m sent them but I couldn’t resist getting this out now. Sort of a continuation to this prompt. 

Happy birthday, my dude! I hope you like how I filled in your prompt!

Robbie stood speechless in the middle of Lazytown plaza. The big wooden stage necessary for most town events was up. It was ladened with bright packages of all shapes and sizes, all bearing tags with “To Robbie” written in big childish letters. A large ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY” banner was hung across the stage above the mound of gifts. On a picnic table in front of the stage was a two-tiered, purple-frosted cake with unlit candles covering the top layer. 

Standing beside Robbie was Sportacus. He watched, silent, as Robbie did a slow circle in place, wide eyed at all the decorations. 

“No one’s going to jump out and yell “surprise!”, are they?” Robbie asked, suspicious at the lack of children.

Sportacus shook his head, “I know you don’t like crowds very much. Everyone is playing at home. We have the afternoon to ourselves!”

Robbie waved a hand at the stage, “Are those real gifts or just wrapped up boxes?”

“Of course they are real! The kids spent all of yesterday getting them together.”

“And the cake?”

Now Sportacus looked away, “Um, I made it.”

Robbie peered closer at the frosting, “It’s stuffed with apples, isn’t it?”



“No! It’s a real cake, Robbie. I’ve been practicing.”

No wonder Sportacutie looked nervous. Had he really worked so hard with sugar just to make something for Robbie?

As if sensing his question, Sportacus said, “I wanted to do something special since this is the first year we have been… together for your birthday.” The elf’s face was red. “I wanted to make this memorable.”

Robbie swiped his finger through some frosting and licked it. It was superb. And the mark in the frosting revealed chocolate cake beneath. 

“How is it?” Sportacus asked, sounding like he expected the worst.

Robbie closed the gap between them and captured his boyfriend in a tight hug, “It’s perfect,” he said.

Sportacus sagged against him and held him back, “Oh good, I was so nervous.”

“Really? I couldn’t tell at all.”

Sportacus pulled away and punched him lightly in the shoulder, “You don’t get to be mean just because it’s your birthday.”

“Yes I do. Don’t worry about the cake. It’s easily the second best gift you’ve ever given me.”

“The second?”

Robbie wrapped an arm around Sportacus and pulled him close. He put his free hand to his ear, “Listen… do you hear that?”

Sportacus was quiet for a few moments, “… No?”

“It’s absolutely silent in this ridiculous town for the first time ever. THE best gift you have ever given me.”

Sportacus started laughing.

“Shush!” Robbie snapped, “You’re spoiling my perfect present!” Sportacus covered his mouth with a hand and kept giggling. Robbie smiled and kissed his cheek.

Soon they had eaten the lunch Sportacus had prepared and Robbie had opened all his gifts. It had been blissfully silence all afternoon, apart from their own voices. Robbie enjoyed it immensely. When it came time to light the birthday candles however, he felt like something was missing.

“There’s a few problems here,” Robbie said. Sportacus tensed up. Robbie hurried to clarify, “Not with today! That’s not what I meant, I love this and I love you,” He kissed Sportacus’ cheek again to prove it. “But we have all this cake that you can’t help me eat and you will probably be disgusted if I try and eat the whole thing myself so…”

Sportacus’ worried look had been transforming into a blinding grin the longer Robbie spoke. 

“And those brats are probably going stir crazy right about now…” Robbie muttered. 

“Are you sure, Robbie?!”

“Oh just get them out here.”

Beaming, Sportacus put his fingers to his lips and let out a sharp whistle. Five cheering children came charging out of Stephanie’s house, already singing “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs. Robbie rolled his eyes as they ran over. Sportacus grabbed his hand and pulled him down for a kiss.

“Happy birthday, Robbie.”

I’m gonna get sappy here for a moment, so bear with me

I only started posting original content on here about five months ago, and I never expected the kind of reception that I got.

 I can’t tell you how Gosh Darn happy you guys have made me, and I can’t thank you enough. It’s your reblogs, kind and inspiring tags, likes, funny and interesting asks, uplifting comments, and amazing fanart that show me your interest in what I do. And as a creator, that just makes me wanna cry tears of joy.

thank you

anonymous asked:

hi! so your shading style is literally my fave haha and it's really different from any tutorial I've seen so far :o could you just give a quick insight on how you approach it? do you use a big brush and go erasing? do you use a softer brush often? I'd love to understand your workflow, I just think the texture can get in the way of that kind of interpretation sometimes so I can't really figure it out myself c:

I use the marker brush and regular brush found here for everything you see here. 

Alrighty since my coloring style has changed from what’s in my silly tutorial tag to now, I’ll do a quick lil thingy ding. //Using Kimou because I’ve missed him and also because he’s pale as mess so it’ll be easier to see what I mean. (please bear in mind that i’m not a v good teacher, but i’ll do me best~)  

Ya start with your nerdlord in tight pants. Nice. Flats and lines are grouped together here, with texture on another layer. (i leave the texture on from the get go cause I tend to smooth too much otherwise)

New layer, using straight up black to shade. Now ya break down the figure into the big chunks with shadow.Ergo, front leg vs. back leg, hair in front vs. hair in back, arms forward vs. behind, you get the idea. This part is a little subjective, but this step is to focus shadows on shape.

Same layer, and still black as before. Now you work in the areas untouched. This is when you think of form. The knees come out, the wrinkles case lil shadows, values change on a person’s skin from section to section. 

Still black and same layer //I sorta shade the face and hair different. At this point I don’t have a set way to shade hair hahhh. But for the face, you just sorta bring forth the natural contours. 

This step is sorta tricky in writing. Duplicate that shade layer (this layer now referred to as shade2), and then you’ll want to duplicate the flats and group/merge it in shade2 above your other shade layer. Now you deepen and saturate those colors as far as they can go. You’ll set this layer to overlay. 

This is what it looks like when set to 25% overlay, which is my default. Now the shadows don’t look as flat~ Merge everything save for the texture.

I smooth the hair on the original layer and draw over it typically so there ya go.

New layer. This is another overlay layer, but right now it’s set to normal so you can see what I did. Using a fitting saturated color for each section of the shadows, I went and made them more lively. This doesn’t have to be everywhere, just in the areas of bigger shadows.

Here’s that layer set to overlay. also, blushies. Voila! You done.

This method is actually the quickest I’ve ever had thus far, and it’s what I’ve adapted for my job too ^^/ It only sounds complicated in writing, but I guarantee that this is super super simple. 

Fic not-rec (reminder)

I notice that the despicable rape story on AO3 that is masquerading as a piece of rebelcaptain fanfic (the one I was writing about here)  has just had another chapter posted today.  So I just wanted to flag up a quick reminder/note to anyone who hasn’t seen it before.  Please don’t start reading this unless you are okay with reading something very, very unpleasant.  This story is grotesqely sadistic and moreover serves both characters absolutely vilely.  I find it baffling that the writer has apparently enjoyed reading genuine rebelcaptain fics in the past, when their own work is basically a mockery of the ship and the fandom.

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Taking advantage of @theragamuffininitiative‘s WIP tag that was for anyone. ;) Thanks milady! 

The rules are simple: Post the first line of your WIP (or a line you’re particularly proud of) without context, then tag as many people as you wish! If you don’t have a WIP, share a line from one of your favorite books!

It’s still very very much a WIP and hasn’t been beta read yet, so please bear in mind (i’m starting to lose nerve now). But here it is:

Rounding the corner Mirijane was met with yet another long hall of doors, none of which led to where she was looking for. I wonder how many people get lost here on a regular basis? This place is so massive, you’d think a school for the super wealthy would invest in some directional signs Mirijane thought as she retraced her steps once more.

A full semester spent there and she still managed to take 3 wrong turns looking for the music club. Light shining through massive windows highlighted the ivory trim on the light pink walls of Ouran. An unnecessary embellishment to be sure, but Mirijane had to give create to the interior designers. It all looked stunning. And for a lost student like herself, it gave her something to admire while wandering. 

The single pair of clicking heels echoing on polished marble reminded Mirijane that everyone was still inside their respective clubs, studying/socializing in the libraries, or had already gone home for the day. Which meant Mirijane was doomed to roam the expansive halls of Ouran Academy alone like a ghost until she ran into another living soul, or finally stumbled upon her destination.

{ from my OHSHC fic Lady of the Host Club (title also a WIP) }

Its only the intro so nothing is happening yet, mainly just world building.😅😓

I’ll tag: @jaegereska, @levele3, @endorathewitchwriter, @onoheiwa, @leavesoflothlorien, @magically-strange, and anyone else who’d like to (i know i’m forgetting other people)!

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average hours spent sleeping – 5-6 hours during the week and 9-10 on the weekends, though that’s slowly starting to decline as finals get close… 

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number of blankets i sleep with – I sleep with one, I sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend, so we keep each other toasty :3

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Seventeen at the Library

Wonwoo: “Welcome everyone to the magical world of reading”

Seungkwan: “Oh Yay” *claps sarcastically*

S.Coups: “We’re at the library so no more fooling around, I don’t want to get kicked out like what happened at the restaurant okay? You can borrow two books each”

Mingyu: “I’ll race ya”

DK: “Oh it’s on like Donkey Kong”

Woozi: “and yet you don’t like it when we call you that…”

Mingyu: “Ready, Set-“ *runs ahead of everybody*

DK: “you chEATER!!”*chases after mingyu*

Hoshi: “Not fair you started first” *joins race*

S.Coups: “this is not a race… ugh what did I just say?! Were you guys even listening to me?!!”

Joshua: “I’ll go get them” what an angel

Dino: “Me want join race”

Jeonghan: “No you’ll be a good boy because that’s how I raised you”

Wonwoo: *closes eyes with open arms and embraces the beauty of literature*

Wonwoo: “This is a holy space where books are respected and loved by all”

Vernon: *uses book as an eye mask on his face as he sleep drools*

Seungkwan: *makes a stage out of books and starts singing*

Dino: *building a house using the books*

Jun & The8: *playing jenga with books*

Mingyu, Dk, Hoshi:*now throwing books at each other, playing tag with Joshua who couldn’t control them and ended up joining them*

Woozi: *uses a stack of books as a stool to get other books on higher shelves*

Wonwoo: “Words cannot be used to explain the agony I’m going through right now”

Jeonghan: *holds Chan’s hand as they go to the children section*

Jeonghan: “okay sweetie let’s pick out some books to read”

Dino: “I want this one”

Jeonghan: “Goldilocks and the three bears?”

Dino: “The papa bear is Coups hyung, Mama bear is you, baby bear is me”

Jeonghan: “Awwww my baby… then who is goldilocks”

Dino: *looks at Joshua* homewrecker doyougetit?

Jeonghan: *note to self to stop flirting with Joshua in front of Chan*

S.Coups: “Okay kids so did you pick out the books you want yet?”

DK: “I’ve got one book…”

S.Coups: “Okay great give it to me so I can check it out for you”

DK: *hugs book tightly and shakes head furiously before running away*

Coups: “Come back here Dokyeom!”

Wonwoo: “nOooOoOOoo!!” *falls on the floor and cries*

Jun: “What?”

Wonwoo: “they banned me from borrowing books from the library because I have an outstanding book that haven’t been returned”

Jun: “Where did the book go? Is it at the dorm if not we can just go get it and return it so you can borrow more”

Wonwoo: “it’s gone! a certain someone that I won’t mention their name decided to use the book to throw at pigeons…”

Mingyu: *backs away  s   l   o   w   l   y*

flashback to 3 days ago at the dorm:

Mingyu: “AHHHH save me wonwoo, there is a pigeon at my window and it’s going to eat me!”

Wonwoo: “Why would a pigeon want to eat you?”

Mingyu: “because i ate his cousin yesterday so he must be here for revenge!”

Wonwoo: “You ate a pigeon?!”

Mingyu: “No i ate fried chicken!!”

Pigeon: *flaps wing*

Mingyu: “AHHHH its going to fly into my room” *grabs something to throw at the bird*


Mingyu: “oops” 

Wonwoo: “I hate you” *stabs mingyu in his mind*

Seungkwan: *looks at the books at the counter that the members picked*

Seungkwan: “Who borrowed ‘How to grow taller’?”

Woozi: “Shut up if you still want to live”

no pigeons were harmed by mingyu during the writing of this scenario 🐦 ❤️

Like or Reblog if you enjoyed it or thought it was funny or if you want me to continue the Seventeen at the _____ series ❤️ ✨ let me know if you have any places in mind 😍 💫

✨ You can read the previous editions here: Seventeen at the Restaurant Seventeen at the Carnival | Seventeen at the Mart | Seventeen at the Mall | or you can check out my Masterlist   ✨

Well damn...

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I’m starting to get the kicking under the ribs and — holy shit — it hurts. And hands and feet poking out each side of my abdomen a lot more often too.

How is it possible she’s going to get bigger? There feels like there’s no room left and I am in so much discomfort with the weight bearing on my pelvis and spine.

I’m not even looking that big yet either, especially for over 30 weeks now, how is this even possible.

as you all know (or may not) – yoo hyejung was created the day the drama was born. which was the 20th of june in the year 2016. the amount of relationships and plots that she’s been in is truly amazing. and i’ve hit 500 followers. wow, halfway to 1000. so! this is y’know, an appreciate post for those who’s been a great help of helping hyejung grow. thank you all for giving me the opportunity to write with you!

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WOOO! PARTY!!! I wanted to do something a lil extra in celebration of reaching my follower goal and stuff! I didn’t want to just do a follow forever because I wanted ALL of my followers to get to participate in the celebration (since an FF is just for people I follow). Anyways, I have three small things that you can win if you want to join this lil party!



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She awoke with a start, silent tears streaming down her face as she looked around and tried to get her bearings.  "Jesus Christ,“ she said quietly, palming at her cheeks, trying to erase all evidence of crying.  It wasn’t until she realized that someone else was in the room with her that she stopped her motions and bit her lip, hoping against hope that they would think she was still sleeping.