i get to start a bear tag now

Rules: Answer the 20 Questions and then tag 20 of your amazing followers you’d like to get to know better.
I was tagged by the lovely @audreybidwell, thank you for that! :)

Name: Katelynn

Nickname(s): Most people call me Katie, or Kate. For the longest time I NEVER went by Katelynn but I am now starting to use and respond to it. My family calls me Katie bug though.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 5′1″.

Ethnicity: Polish and Swedish.

Favorite Fruit: Watermelon.

Favorite Season: Fall.

Favorite Book: Dear John.

Favorite Flower: Zinnias are my absolute favorites!

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Polar Bears.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Tea!!!.

Average Sleep Hours: I sleep a lot. I sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours.

Cats or Dogs: DOGS. Everyone knows that I am obsessed with my dog.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Welp, there’s quite a few. Antonio Dawson, Peter Stone, Kim Burgess, April Sexton, Sylvie Brett. James Aubrey. Mike Dodds. Donald Ressler. Amelia Shepherd.

Number of Blankets: One, two when it is cold.

Dream Trip: Poland, England, or Hawaii. 

Number of followers: 810 lovely people

Blog created: I don’t even know.

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