i get to see his sexiness up close and personal

23. Dirty Talk
Word Count: 222
Written by: @unpredictable-firecracker

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You were jogging down the hallway to get to the jet. For once, the mission hadn’t gone to hell which meant a little more chatter from everyone on the team. There was one person however, who was especially talkative.

“That was sexy as hell, baby” Bucky huffed through the comm.

You had just taken down a man in a thigh chokehold that you’d been practicing. You grinned and continued down the hall, now knowing that bucky could see everything you were doing from his sniper position.

“I am going to have to see that up close and personal after this” He murmured. You heard what you thought was sam groan.

“Well, Sergeant, you are gonna have to earn it” You smirked as you jumped out the window.

“Oh, believe me baby, I will. And you will just be dripping before I even do a thing. It’s a good thing we have our own floor because I am going to make you scream my name when we get back. God, not going to stop all night. Take you on the floor, the wall, the bed, the counter.” You felt your stomach flip, he was feeling very talkative today

“Hello? You guys know we are all on here too, right?” Definitely Sam.

“Oh I know.” And you swore you could hear Bucky’s cocky grin.

The Protector

Request: 6 and minhyuk of monsta x !!

6) One of your bias’s group members tries to break you two up.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Monsta X Minhyuk x Y/N x (ft. Wonho)

Type: Angst/Fluff

I leaned against the door frame, waiting for someone to answer the buzzer at the Monsta X dorm. I hit the button again, grumbling to myself. There were seven boys in this place and one of them couldn’t come down to catch the door?

“Coming!” a voice called into the PA system. I wasn’t exactly sure who the voice belonged to, but at this point I was just thankful to be relieved from the elements.

“Yah, hello gorgeous,” Wonho smiled, easing to lean on the opposite side of the doorway. “What brings you here today?”

“Hoseok,” I nodded, trying not to pay attention to any of the looks he was shooting in my direction. “I told Minhyuk I was coming by today?”

“Oh, you aren’t here to see me?” Wonho cooed. “What a let down. When are you going to spend some time with me?”

“Maybe when I’m not dating one of your members,” I nodded, shouldering past him.

“Ah, come on Y/N,” he whined, following behind me. “You know I’m only teasing…but you do know like half of us had crushes on you before Minhyuk got around to confessing, right?”

“If by half, you mean you, and by teasing you mean completely serious, sure,” I muttered, entering the kitchen. Minhyuk was standing at the coffee maker in just a large sweater. I may have shown up a bit too early, but I didn’t exactly mind what I saw.

“Aish!” Minhyuk gasped, his face red with blush. “Jagi!”

He turned quickly, sprinting into his bedroom.

“I wouldn’t have ran,” Wonho whispered into my ear from behind me, setting his hands on my hips.

I shook off his hands and shot him a glare. “Really Hoseok.”

He smirked, cutting his eyes at me, and shooting me a quick air kiss.

“You’re delusional,” I sighed, rolling my eyes. Minhyuk reappeared with pants this time, the blush never having left his cheeks as he walked up to me.

“Jagi,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me gently on the forehead. “You surprised me.”

“I’m sorry,” I cooed. “I rang the buzzer about fourteen times. I thought you would’ve known it was me.”

“I was blow drying my hair, I didn’t hear anything,” he sighed, taking hold of my hand and leading me toward his bedroom. As we turned into his bedroom, I chanced a glance at Wonho. He was glowering in the same spot I had shaken him off at.

Minhyuk plopped onto his bed, his arms extended out into my direction. I curled up next to him, sighing in contentment. He nuzzled his face into my neck and made a satisfied squeak.

“You’re always so warm,” Minhyuk whispered, wrapping his leg around mine. “It’s so nice having my own Y/N space heater.”

“Mmm,” I hummed, kissing him on the forehead this time. These types of days were my favorite types of days to spend with Minhyuk. Lazy days and lazy cuddles were Minhyuk’s forte and I had no problem with that.

“Hey,” Wonho whispered from the door, interrupting us. I rolled my eyes, trying to hide my aggravation from Minhyuk.

“What’s up?” Minhyuk asked, smiling at his member. Why did Minhyuk have to be so trusting and kind?

“Jooheon asked if you’d make him a coffee?” Wonho asked. “I don’t make it the way he likes.”

“Oh…uh, right now?” Minhyuk stuttered, looking to my face and frowning.

“Yeah,” Wonho nodded. “He’s being whiny.”

Minhyuk sighed, pulling himself up from the bed and climbing around me. He winked and gave me a quick kiss before leaving the room. Wonho turned, watching Minhyuk walk down the hallway and began shuffling toward me. He sat down beside me on the bed and looked up at me through his lashes. His oversized tank top hung from his body, exposing nearly all of his chest.

“Give it up Hoseok,” I grumbled, leaning back on the bed and closing my eyes. Maybe if I couldn’t see him, he’d disappear.

“You’re the only person…besides the members…who calls me that. Why?” Wonho asked quietly.

“To remind you that you aren’t this sexy character you portray through Wonho,” I spat, sitting up and giving him a glare. “You’re Hoseok, the biggest nerd I know. You need to get over yourself, and get over me.”

“You’re the only girl I’ve met since we debuted…that has made me feel anything Y/N,” he sighed, putting his head in his hands. “I never thought I’d be one to get in a relationship or married, until you walked through the door.”

“Hoseok!” I gasped, waving my hands into the air. “I am with Minhyuk. You remember him, right? Your member, your teammate, your family.”

Wonho sighed, shaking his head. “I’m a terrible friend,” he choked. “I’ve been so selfish.”

“Welcome back Hoseok,” I said quietly. “It’s been awhile.”

“You know…I picked the name Wonho…to be the protector of Monsta X,” Wonho continued solemnly. “But I haven’t really protected my friends…have I?”

I placed my hand on Wonho’s knee and patted it. He gave me a weak smile as we heard Minhyuk come trotting down the hall.

“He is whiny,” Minhyuk laughed, coming through the door again and climbing to sit behind me. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and gave Wonho an award winning smile. “So what are you two talking about?”

“Just about how…devastatingly cute you two are,” Wonho chuckled, standing and dusting off his jeans. “I’ll let you two continue being adorable.”

“What a weird guy,” Minhyuk giggled, wrapping his legs around my waist and pulling me backwards. I hit at his hands and wiggled around trying to free myself.

“Let go Minhyuk!” I gasped, overcome with a fit of laughter.

“Never,” he yelled, pulling me even tighter into his arms. He poked my nose with his finger and made a squeak noise. “You think we’re as cute as Wonho says we are?”

I smiled, rubbing my nose against Minhyuk’s. “I think we’re even cuter.”

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verschwindens  asked:

What do you think of Bucky becoming Captain America? I myself am very partial to Steve Rogers being the only Cap. It's like how War Machine can out on a suit, but he isn't Iron Man. Tony is. How do you think the MCU will approach this?

To be honest, I loved this concept in the comics, and if they do it right, it will be both brilliant and absolutely heartbreaking to the extreme. I’ll put spoilers for comic stuff behind this:

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So here’s the play by play
- Mark was supper happy like he was smiling from the time he came out. He’s also VERY pale. He has a very long neck and a LOT of teeth but in a good way lol he looks unreal to be honest. Like a little prince. He’s VERY small too. Seeing him in person and how genuinely happy he was to be there and perform made me like him even more if that’s possible. Shout out to that pink suit lol was cute

-Yug is pretty tall VERY CUTE nice thighs. He was very playish and happy the entire time. He has a really nice body. Very proportionate :) Man he came out in some leather pants and I swear my life got a little better. I think he could make a good model once he gets his man stature lol so cute and fluffy!

-BamBam…oh BamBam…HE DONT CARE ABOUT THE HATERS! He was very fun to watch. He acts very much like a typical teenage boy. He did this dance on the floor and slid his hand between his legs and told everyone over 20 to dream about it tonight. Jackson mocked him after. They nasteh. Also I ain’t never in my life seen legs that small on a boy his age but he’s still very young. He will get his man body eventually even though he wants to be full grown now.

-Jr surprised me. Idk if it’s because I never payed close attention enough to him but he a low key freak trying to poke people’s eyes out with his hip thrust lol. He also gives off a vibe that they know not to push his buttons LOL my hand bigger than his too. Just wanna throw that in there

-JB man JB real sexy TBH like he was looking so good tonight with his killer thighs. I guess I use to think he had a very hard attitude but I can see he just gets shy really fast. He has a BEAUTIFUL smile up close omg! Like it’s one of those smiles that makes you melt.

-Yungjae was definitely still sick and I worried for him the entire night and I think everyone else did too. He is a precious person and He looks even more handsome in person. I was shocked he is SO cute omg. But I wanted to give him medicine and a blanket so he could sleep. It seems as though he was taking it very slow tho. His throat seemed very irritated. His members and the back up dancers would constantly see if he was ok or just rubbed his back and such the entire night

-CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE HEART THROB JACKSON WANG! MAN THIS DUDE IS AS AMAZING AS YOU THOUGHT! He is so passionate and funny. I don’t think he should be first tho in Hi-Touch. I literally saw him and everything else was a blur. Man if I ever met my perfect man it would be him. I always thought he was prettying thick but he’s actually very small VERY small.

-The Walk Through…One thing I would have to say is that the fans were way over the top when the members walked through. like I started having anxiety just watching. I was constantly counting them to make sure nobody got pulled out of the group. People were running from their seats and at one point Jackson was two arm lengths away from me and I couldn’t even see him because of the girls. Security could have been better but at the same time these fans are way to old to not have self control. Other than that it was fine. BamBam told everyone to go back to their seats for safety. Jr looked a little eh when he got back on the stage but I think that’s just how he is lol Yug looked happy the entire time tho LMAOO!

Over all they kill everyone when it comes to fan service and I think that comes from the diversity in the group and where they come from. Yes they are all short lol well yugs tall but I’m 5'9 and They were all around that height or shorter. They truly made the money I spent worth it. I would definitely go see them again it was amazing. Their talking portions was like watching the live taping of their YouTube channel show lol just crazy. I had an awesome time. SubK did a great job as always. I would never be able to deal with some of the fans there but they kept their cool.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane before OT begins 10/18/2014

Ok ok ok. So. Blackhawks vs the Predators. It was a frustrating and amazing game. I’ll admit I spent most of my time when they weren’t actually playing watching Jonny. And when I couldn’t see Jonny I’d watch Kaner. Kaner is so much prettier and smaller in person. I didn’t get super close, but even from where I was sitting these things were a solid truth. In the warm up before the game Kaner was stick handling like a boss while Jonny was practicing shots and gliding around on the ice, watching his teammates and randomly looking up at the jumbotron with his mouth hanging open like a beautiful doofus. It was pretty entertaining.

Watching him skate is both enthralling and sexy. I know people like to make fun of the fact that he’s ‘clumsy’ and that he falls down on the ice 'a lot’. But he’s much more agile and smooth than people give him credit for. And he works so so hard. I think part of the reason he comes off as clumsy to people is that he’ll contort or twist or flail his body around in whichever way he can to keep the puck. On the ice he fights with literally everything he has. It’s crazy to watch.

It’s also hard to watch him be hard on himself. Kaner too. I didn’t see them joking around a lot. They seemed pretty in the zone from the moment they came out on the ice. The whole team really. 

Funny things that did happen:

-Jonny did a little smash bros body slam with Shawzy during warm ups

-Shawzy then trailed after Kaner for a bit tapping Kaner’s skate with his stick to get his attention before skating away like a 4 yr old

-Like 6 sticks broke on the ice, it was unreal

-Seabs blocked a puck with his body and became the goalie he always wanted to be after his stick broke

-Before the guys came out they showed them outside the locker room playing that hackie sack ball game they like to do, which I don’t understand at all, and Kaner won, of course, and had this stupid pretty smile on his face, just silly gleeful and somehow also smug?

Obviously the highlight of the night for me was Jonny’s game winning goal and being there to see it. And his speech afterwards. He’s so awkward about praise, but the little crinkles around his eyes when he smiles are possibly the cutest fucking thing ever. And no I’m not bias. This is just a fact. Accept it into your life.

Also Corey Crawford is amazing at everything. And he deserves to win the Conn Smythe, like, immediately. The End.

Lil Sis (Derek luh)

*Nate Pov*

“Y/n can you go and get me a beer please” I ask my little sister. “Yeah whatever” she replies. Y/n lives with me. She’s been living with me for a while now. Tonight I had my friends over to smoke and talk. We haven’t seen each other in a while because we all have been busy or we just never thought about hitting eachother to hang out. But tonight I invited them over to have a guys night but my sister is here.

“Man your sister is pretty hot” G whispers to me.

“And have you not see that ass” Johnson added

“Damn the things I would do to-”

“Alright all you shut the fuck up” i say pretty heated at the thought of them wanting to fuck my sister.

“She is three years younger than you guys so shut up and I would never let none of you date her” I say glaring at them all.

“Where is y/n with the beers it’s been 20 minutes” jj says looking around.

“Yeah and have you seen Derek he was here not so long ago” Sammy chimes.

“They are fine” i say slouching in my chair.

* y/n’s point of view*

“Can you get me a beer” Nate says. Why doesnt he just get it himself? what the fuck. “Yea whatever” I say honestly not caring. I get up and go to the kitchen. I open the fridge and grab the beer at the bottom. I close the fridge door and walk back to the living room to give Nate his beer until I bump into somebody chest. “Hey watch where your going” I mumble. The person chuckles. I look up to get a glimpse of his face and damn. He was sexy. He had this jawline that any girl would drool over if they saw. “Oh gosh I’m sorry lil mama” he says wiping the beer off your face with his thumb. I notice he is staring at my boobs. I look down and see that that beer got on my shirt and now you can see through it. Great move y/n. Bad idea to wear lace black bra. You snap your fingers in his face to get him to stop looking “Perv much” you say joking. “Sorry I’m not use to seeing girl’s breast when I barley even know there name” he says smirking at me. I blush. “My name is y/n” you say putting down the beer. “My name is Derek, You don’t happen to be Nate’s little sister” He questions “Yea I am” i say. “Okay well nice to meet you” Derek saying smiling. “Hey wanna talk somewhere more quiet” he says. “Yea lets go to my room” I say taking his hand and leading him up stairs to my room. I open the door and sit on my bed. “Do you mind if I change my shirt really quick” I ask him already knowing his answer. “Do whatever you need it’s your room” he says quickly. “Okay” I giggle at his nervousness Maybe I can have alittle fun with him.
fic: What Would I Do (Without Your Smart Mouth)? - (Olicity, T, 1/?)

OHP Prompt: College AU
Team: Queen Smoak
Words: 1,601

Thanks to the new rules, the thing I’ve been trying to keep pared down to 1k words all day, I don’t have to keep pared down any longer!  So there’ll be more of this very soon, soon as I can write it! 

“Where are you at?” Sara’s voice asked.  Felicity shifted her grip on her cellphone as she quickened her pace across the quad.  

“I just left the library,” she replied.  The days were already shortening and classes had only just started the week before.  Only a month ago, the sun had still been shining at 8 o'clock at night but now, darkness was gathering quickly across the campus of Northwestern Pacific University.  Felicity spotted a few other students across the quad, hurrying to wherever they were headed. Everyone was in pairs or groups, she was the only one walking alone. 

“Lis!  You promised you’d start for the apartment before 7:30!” Sara chastised.  “Go back to the library, let me come pick you up.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Sara.  You’d have to park and then walk to the library and that would mean you walking alone in the dark,” she pointed out.  “The apartment is just a few blocks away, I’ll be there before you know it." 

"Alright, just… stay on the phone with me okay?”

Felicity chuckled, rolling her shoulder to better secure her knapsack as she passed the student services building and pushing her glasses up her nose with her free hand.  “Sure will.  Will help the time pass quicker, right? Wanna play Twenty Questions?" 

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Jack Gilinski Imagine


‘The story of my life  i take her home i drive all night to keep he warm and time is froooozen’ you were screaming the lyrics to The Story Of My Life by One Direction while the music blasted from your car speakers. You moved your head back and forth. The loud beat and rythmic melody filled your ears. Even though the music was kind of distracting you still kept both of your hands on the wheel and your eyes looking straight forward at the road. Suddenly a white light blinded you. A loud “Booom” followed while you blanked out..

“Oh God!” You heard a scream, but you still couldn’t make out what had just happened. “Oh God are you ok?!!” You heard a male voice say. “Uhh…” Was all you could reply. You felt a pair of strung hands lifting you up and carrying you. You looked up and saw the most gorgeous face you had ever seen. You stared and studied every single feature of him. His brown hair, perfect lips, dark eyes. The guy put you down on the cold green grass. Reality hit you, you were starting to realize what had just happened eve though all you remembered was the white light and the loud “boom”.

“I…I.iiii m so sorry” the gorgeous guy whispered. “I’m fine” you said trying to get up. He held his hand and helped you get on your feet. “It was all my fault…” He started. “ I should have been paying attention”. You looked around and saw that your car had a huge dent on the front. “Oh no!!” You s reamed and ran up to inspect the car. “ I’m so sorry..” He repeated. You felt your legs wobble and you almost dropped to the ground when the same strong arms catched you. He looked into your eyes, pushed your back and helped you get stable. “I don’t think you are fine, let me drive you home.” He said. “What about my car?” “I already called a truck, they are going to take it to the work shop”. He replied. “No!” You said coldly. You werent going to let a stranger that had just crashed your car drive you home. “Please it’s the least I can do” he said. And then again he is really cute and he does owe me a lot.all those thoughts ran trough your head. “Fine!”. A small smirk appeared on the guys face. He held your waist and walked you to his car opening the passenger door for you.

“I’m jack by the way.” He blurted while buckling his seatbelt. “I’m y/n” you said. “ I like it” he said reparative g your name over and over again. You giggled at him and he flashed a sexy smile to you. Ohh he has dimples, you thought to yourself. That is too cute!!! “So Y/n where do you live?” He asked. You have him the directions to your house. You both sang along with the radio. It was so wierd how you felt so close to a person you’d just met. Specially since you are very awkward with boys. You arrived at your home.

“Hey jack can I have your number?” You asked. You watched his face get flushed and his lips curve up into a smirk. “ what you wanna see me again?” He asked sheepishly. “ No! You have to pay for my car damages!” He looked a little disappointed, his lips curved into an circle and let a a soft “oh”. “Unlesa you want to meet up again?” You said Trying to break the awkward silence: You exchanged phone numbers. You said your goodbyes. He walked closer to you, and kissed you on the cheek. “I will see you soon y/n” he wispered directly to your ear. “I’m so sorry again"He apologized, and with that he got in his black jeep, and drove away while you watched him disappear i the horizon.