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I See the Light - NOUĂ


SUMMARY: When an opening for your favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, you take your chances and audition. To your surprise, you got the part. But there was always a catch. Your Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the womanizer of the entire Disney cast. Will you two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between you both?

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: oh goodness, i’m adding 5 more chapters because… because i am lol. this a filler but i feel like it’s slightly important?? idk.


The next day at work was harder than the day before. You couldn’t get the kiss out of your mind - the way he felt, tasted, and made your heart beat so fast that you were sure you almost had a heart attack. It was all so frustrating. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

And having to face him and be around him for hours throughout the day was even worse. He became even more attractive, if that was even possible. But every time it was your turn for a break you’d disappear from his sights.

But you couldn’t hide away for too long. Steve usually found you and would call Bucky over, having to put on a show for everyone to watch. Especially when Steve would call Natasha over. 

You decided that the further you strayed from Bucky, the better - or so you thought.

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Okay so this is how Theo looked at Liam when he saved him, again, from the wild hunt…

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Honey this face is hot, i can’t even… tbh that’s when i started shipping them hard. but i feel so sad that Jeff Davis is not going to make them canon like wtf. scott has malia, lydia has stiles, mason has corey. but what about Liam? what about Theo? enough w the queerbaiting already Jeff.

i swear if we don’t get this kiss or something of the sort. i will fly my ass there and sue them. x

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your writing is so good!! good luck on the blog! fake dating is like. my heroin, dr2 boys fake dating their s/o and realizing they have feelings for them after a pretend kiss?

I had a bit trouble with this one so I hope you guys enjoy it

Hajime Hinata

  • He only agreed to this to help you get rid of this creeper who was following you around
  • Unfortunately even after a few fake dates he was still around
  • “Hey Hajime I think I know how to scare this creep away.”
  • He turned towards you only to have you lean in close, your hand on his cheek bringing him closer
  • Oh god.. his heart was pounding and he couldn’t help the blush that come across his face
  • “There I think that scared them.” You leaned away from him (making him feel a bit sad?) with a small smile
  • He was to flustered to say anything as you walked away satisfied
  • Oh no… oh this was bad
  • What was he to do now that he realized he’s fallen for you
  • You only say this relation as fake after all

Nagito Komeada

  • It was probably his fault that you two had to fake date in the first place
  • (Probably because of his luck)
  • And he constantly apologized yo you for putting you in this situation
  • (You shouldn’t be force to act this way with scum like him)
  • And then you two were put in a situation where you were forced to kiss (or at least seem like you were kissing)
  • He muttered an apology as you lean in close  to give the illusion of a kiss
  • Oh wow… he never notice how cute you looked with your face flushed and leaning in like that
  • (Your lips looked really soft too)
  • He unconsciously leaned in as you pulled away from him
  • “There I think that convinced them..” You muttered as you looked away
  • You started to walk away before you looked back at him where he stood in place, a shocked look on his face
  • “Are you coming or what?”
  • He nodded slowly and started to follow you
  • So this is what love felt like huh?

Gundham Tanaka

  • Both of you had no idea how this situation came to be but you both had to pretend to be in a relationship for a short while
  • It seemed to be going okay
  • But then the dreaded fake kiss had to happen
  • He was blushing darkly and refused
  • So you sighed and yanked him down to your level and…
  • Kissed his cheek
  • (But it did look like you kissed him on the lips)
  • “Was that so hard?” You asked annoyed
  • Meanwhile he just stood there a hand placed on where you kissed
  • This was not good for him at all

Kazuichi Souda

  • Both of you pretended to date after Sonia and Gundham got together
  • He had a crush on her while you had a crush on Gundham
  • And you used this ‘relationship’ in order to spy on them
  • “Shit! Their looking this way!” He exclaimed, panicking
  • “Wait I have an idea! Follow my lead!” You ordered as you leaned in to his face
  • Oh boy you were really close there..
  • He gulped and leaned in to meet you, unconsciously closing his eyes
  • He could feel his heart pounding loudly in his chest
  • (He sure hope you couldn’t here it)
  • But before you two could kiss you stood up
  • “Damnit they left… Ugh!” You said frustrated as you stomped your foot on the ground
  • “I’m leaving… I doubt we could follow them any farther.. since we didn’t even see were they went..” You muttered as you walked away defeated
  • You left him there still frozen in thought
  • Oh fuck
  • Oh fucked he liked you
  • And you like Gundham
  • Fuuuuuuuuck

Nekomaru Nidai

  • So it turns out he got tickets for a famous athletes of his game
  • And you were a huge fan of this athlete and wanted to go
  • However… the athlete request he bring his significant other
  • So you two pretended to date
  • You were so happy and excited to watch and he was cheering his athlete on at every moment
  • (Literally you two were so loud)
  • And then…
  • The kiss cam played on showed you two
  • You both blushed and looked away from each other as the crowd cheered you two on
  • Then you plucked up enough courage to lean in and give him a fake kiss
  • (The audience went wild)
  • You leaned away embarrassed and tried your best to pay attention to the game
  • Meanwhile he was too distracted by his fast beating heart
  • This was bad

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

  • It was his fault you were dragged into this
  • He lied about having a significant other to his clan and well they wanted to meet them
  • He couldn’t ask Peko… so that left you his closest friend
  • He apologizes for asking you for this and promises to make you it up to you
  • So you two pretend to be together as you have a dinner at his family’s place
  • However it seems that they don’t seem to really buy it that much..
  • You had a brillant idea how to convince them
  • And so you leaned in and made it seem like you gave him a kiss
  • And they seem to buy it
  • And the night goes on as you enjoy the dinner
  • Meanwhile Fuyuhiko has a permanent blush on his face that doesn’t leave
  • Oh fuck this was really bad for him wasn’t it

Teruteru Hanamura

  • So it turned out he told his mama so much about you that she thought you two were dating
  • He couldn’t break her heart and tell her you weren’t
  • So he begged you for to pretend to date him for a while
  • (Like literally begged on his hands and knees)
  • And you agreed since he was your close friend
  • So you guys went on a bunch of pretend dates and made sure to take pictures for his mother
  • All went fine until she wanted pictures of you two kissing
  • You sighed but agreed to pose for a picture
  • You both blushed as you leaned in and make it look like you two were kissing
  • (How would he never noticed how nice smelling your hair was?)
  • You immediately backed away as soon as the picture was taken
  • He couldn’t help but blush after the picture was taken and watched you leave
  • Welp… now he had to figure out how to woooh you

Ultimate Impostor

  • The situation was awkward for both of you
  • You both were blushing all the time on your fake dates
  • Things were going okay until you two had to fake kiss
  • Both of you were panicking internally
  • “Follow my lead.” He muttered to you and leaned in
  • You gulped and leaned in to meet him
  • And he made sure to make it look real while not kissing you at the same time
  • He pretended to be fine while internally he was screaming
  • All this time he had a crush on you
  • Fuuuuck

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Wearing Bim's casual shirts while waiting for him to get home, especially on the weekends cause Wilford always makes sure they have at least every Sunday off. His surprised face when he sees it for the first time and he instantly grabs your face, gently of course, to kiss you. "Babe, is this my shirt? No don't give me that deer in the headlights look, its okay honey."


My little heart was not ready to picture this scenario, and I am 100% behind this. 

Bella: Omg. I love this show. I can’t wait to see who gets voted off the island. KISS KISS KISS! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHTTTT!!

Nina: *sighs softly*


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If you feel comfortable doing this, could you do one where you give them their first blowjob?

asdfghjkl eeek!


-”uh you sure? i dont want to make you do anything you dont wan-nnnng”

-bites his lip when he sees you bobbing your head up and down

-brushes your hair out of your face, and cant help but lean his head back in pleasure at the sight of you looking up at him 

-”fuckkk… baby” him just repeating that every 6 minutes at least 


-it becomes a thing where you tease him and usually go down on him and give him a blowjob, he accepts his fate and jokes about it like “this is for life y/n.. i feel it”


-you suggest it and he kisses your temple “okay.. if you dont want too i get it..”

-you start to tease him and rub him through his boxers and he closes his eyes in pleasure and leans his head back 

-”oh god.. wow…. fuck fuckk”

-he bobs your head down and up and he loves it when you look up at him 

-he groans alot and curses too much 

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Bloopers are great but consider this: Malec makeout scene UNCUT

ok so here’s the deal idk who you are so i can’t speak for you but fellow ladies in the malec fandom: y’all need to think before speaking because sometimes the things you say about malec sound so umm fetish-like and it’s just…don’t. we can do better and i love malec kisses as much as the next person because they are so sweet and full of love but i don’t need to watch them try to swallow each other’s faces all the time… i’m kin with the representation and scenes we are getting in general and by the looks of it it’s only gonna get better so ummm no…and also i just want to see matt say fuck for five minutes straight because it’s funny as shit

One of the reasons why I loved Yes Man so much, is because it hit a personal note with me as well. It reminded me of my Senior year Homecoming float, which was KISS themed:

And I didn’t get to go to the parade, but that day my entire class spent the school day painting the KISS makeup on their faces. It was really neat and it’s something I’ll always remember.

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Can you do one of eric comforting when you get jealous when other girls are all over him

omgawddd LOL ;)

-Cant help but chuckle to himself 

-”baby, pls, relax.. relaxxxxxx…” his hands are on his hips and he can’t help but grin at your sour face expression

-Puts his arm around your shoulder and kisses your neck,”cmon, baby im with you aren’t i?.. they dont mean nothin’ compared to what you mean to me”

-sees you rolling your eyes, and sighs and fixes his cap, and approaches you and holds your shoulders and bends down a bit to get you too look at him and hes like “y/n. i love you. not them, but what can i say… i guess other girls find me somewhat attractive..” you roll your eyes and try to walk away and he sighs and bites his lip “well how do you think i feel when guys are all up on you? godd..THE FEELING iS MUTUAL!.. now stop your whining and let me love you.. i love youuuu…”

-you eventually come along and hug him and he cant help but laugh, he finally found someone that was into him as he was into you <3 

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i'm new here and i think ur drabble game is so cute!!! can i get 55+65 with jonghyun from shinee?

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

Jonghyun’s grunts of frustration had stopped you from falling asleep. “Have you tried counting sheep?” you asked, shuffling closer so you could kiss his exposed hip. “There’s a herd of them!” he groaned. “But they’re not helping,” he ran his hand over his face. 

“I was ready to sleep, but he woke me up with his crying,” he chuckled as he eyes the baby monitor that sat on the bedside table. “Welcome to fatherhood,” you murmured, fingers coming to gently rub his back in attempt to soothe him. “He’s worth it. I’d give up sleeping all together for him,” he said happily. “Even if he does like vomiting on me.”

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

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[ one can only imagine lol hope you enjoy and thank you for requesting!! ]

Rated (SM) for slightly mature.


➸ There was nothing rushed during your little shower session, Jin was definitely going to take his time with you. Thankful he had time off to spend with you, he wanted to make it last for a long as he could - from slow kisses to the slow rhythm of his hips as he easily slid into your entrance. Soft moans would fall from each of your lips as they barely separated from one another, you hands caressing his face while his would travel from your thighs, hips, to waist. He didn’t leave any patch of skin untouched, neither did you. Everything about this moment was perfect and filled with bliss. It was as if the whole world had stopped for the two of you…but unfortunately, that’s unrealistic thinking. 

“Could you two stop blowing up the goddamn water bill?” 

Jin nearly drops you at the sound of Yoongi’s voice, you letting out a small squeak as he presses you even farther into the wall, his chest smushing into yours to hide you away from the sudden intruder. 

“Yah, Suga! Why didn’t you knock, that’s so rude!” 

“So is using up all the hot water. Do it in the bedroom, like normal fucking people.” 


➸ You’ve been needy all day, and when he was finally home, you weren’t wasting a second more. He wasn’t complaining - hell - he was hoping you were in the mood anyways. Things didn’t take long to escalate as Yoongi had no trouble taking you from behind, smirking lazily at the sounds you didn’t even bother to cover up. 

“That’s it, baby, let me hear how good you feel…” 

Constant whispers of unholy things were enough to increase the volume of your moans, not taking into consideration that you two wouldn’t exactly be alone for much longer. Not even 30 seconds have passed when a harsh knock came to the door, but Yoongi didn’t falter into his thrusts - he didn’t even stop. As he continued to pound into you, he answered to whoever was at the door. 

“I’m busy.” 

“Yeah, we know! We all heard you from the front door! The FRONT DOOR, Yoongi! Could you keep it down a little?” 

Min Yoongi grins so devilishly at the back of your head, you could feel chills run down your spine. Gripping your hair tightly to tug your neck backward, you could now see the mischievous look in his eyes; he was up to no good. 

“Sure, no problem.” Without even missing a beat, Yoongi starts back up again at an inhuman amount of speed, finally hitting that one spot over and over again that both made you see stars, and scream at the top of your lungs. By now, the neighbors could probably hear the two of you as well. 

“Is this down enough for you?” They could practically hear his shit-eating grin, all glaring at the door as it seemed that now there was no stopping him. 

He was smart enough to lock the door. 


➸ The two of you just couldn’t wait; didn’t even get fully undressed until after you stepped into the shower. Namjoon watched you intensely as he undressed you from your now drenched shirt, licking his lips at the mere sight of the water dripping down your body rapidly. 

“Fuck, I’ve missed you, jagi…” He groans before pulling you closer to continue the make-out session you started in the living room. Reaching in between the two of you, you eagerly gripped his already throbbing member causing a strained moan to escape past his lips in surprise. 

Namjoon practically panted in your mouth as your pace picked up in no time, him letting you touch him for as long as you wanted as he placed one hand to the wall to keep his balance. 

“Namjoon, did you break my headphon-OH. OH OH OH I AM SO SORRY. IGNORE ME, YOU SEEM BUSY, ILL ASK LATER BYE.” Hoseok flailed, almost slipping on the rug on his way out, almost forgetting where the door knob was as he dramatically exited the bathroom. 

Both you and Namjoon stared at the door with raised eyebrows, him shrugging his shoulders while you giggled softly while shaking your head. That small interruption didn’t kill the mood at all for the two of you, as he stared down at you with lust filled eyes and a slanted smirk. 

“On your knees, babygirl.” 


➸ It was the end of your anniversary date, which consisted of dinner and a movie. He wanted the night to be perfect, and boy did he deliver. Hoseok was nothing but romantic and gentle with you all night, everything just all cuddly and calm. The warm water that cascaded down your still clothed figures felt so relaxing - his soft kisses that trailed from the side of your face to your neck almost had you practically melting in his arms. Your hands ran through his damp hair, while his were placed firmly on your hips, as the two of you basically slow danced in the shower. 

“You’re too good for me, Hobi…how did I get so lucky?” 

He chuckles softly, now nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. “That’s my line, jagi…I should be asking you that.” 

It didn’t take long for his sweet kisses to turn into sucks, as he marked all of your favorite spots that he’s memorized all too well. Your bite your lip to keep quiet, knowing good and well that the others were in the bed by now…or were they? 

“I’m telling you, Jin-hyung, I turned off the shower an hour ag-OH HOLY SHIT!” As quick as the door came open, it was slammed shut. You and Hoseok now stared at the door in pure horror, covering each other up - even though neither of you was naked yet. Quickly turning off the shower, Hoseok steps out right as Jin opened the door once again - only this time with his eyes covered. By now, Jungkook ran back to his room in embarrassment. 

“I don’t care what you two were about to do in here, it’s none of my business. But, for the sake of Jungkook, and my innocent eyeballs - could you lock the door next time?” 


➸ Just like Hoseok, it was more a soothing type of shower session between the two of you. He sat on the shower bench while you straddled his lap, your bra still intact as Jimin just teased the straps, him smiling teasingly in the kiss as you hissed at him when he would tug it far, only to then let them snap back against your wet skin. 

“Jimin, I swear to God if you do that one more time, I’ll-”

“You’ll what, baby, huh?” His smile drops as he dared you to finish that threat, the hands that were placed upon your upper back now dangerously low on your ass - giving you a warning squeeze. “Did you forget who you talking to for a moment there? Does daddy need to punish you?” 

Before you could even respond, you could see the color drain from his face as his eyes drifted to something that was behind you. Tilting your head to the side in confusion, you turn to see what he was looking at, only to let out a scream in shock. Taehyung stood there in complete horror, unfortunately walking in at the wrong time. 

“I-I…I have no words…”

“Tae…how much did you hear?” Jimin gulps, afraid that his friend might have just discovered a little too much about himself. 

“Enough to where I want to shove pencils in my ears. Dinner’s ready, by the way, but it looks to me you’re already about to eat-”

“Y A H.” Jimin exclaims, Tae shooting his hands up in surrender as he starts to exit the bathroom with still a look of horror on his face. “Don’t tell anyone about this, please. I’m begging you.”

He shrugs, a small smirk starting to creep upon his lips. “Will daddy punish me if I do-”



➸ It was, at first, a solo shower. You had just gotten home from work, your day already starting off shitty - but that really took the cake. Not only did most of your co-workers call in sick, but they did it on the day where you have the most crowds. You were practically drowning in stress that you almost punched a costumer in the face. In conclusion : worst day ever. 

The dorm was empty by the time you got there, mentally thanking the man up in the sky that at least you came home to some peace and quiet for once. The warm water was exactly what you needed, but yet it wasn’t enough to fully relax you. Sighing heavily at the fact of not being completely satisfied, you lean forward to turn the water off - feeling defeat. It wasn’t until you felt a pair of cold hand grab your waist, and spin you around did you accidentally turn it to freezing ice water before letting out a small scream. Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to seal you screams with a kiss, letting you register that it was only him as you finally calmed down. 

“You jackass, don’t do that! One of these days I’m gonna stab you!” You couldn’t help but giggle as he started placing kisses all over your face, your lips trembling as the cold water draped over your bodies. 

“With what? Soap? Your shampoo bottle?” He teased, while continuing to place kisses anywhere and everywhere. “You looked a little down, so you can’t tell me that didn’t brighten you mood up just a little bit, jagi.” 

You wanted to punch him for almost giving you a heart attack, but you were happy to see him. Taehyung was actually the last puzzle piece to help turn this sour day back to sweet. Leaning into him closer to further his pecks into something more, the door to the bathroom was practically kicked in, and in came six out of the seven members as they all rushed into the small bathroom - Jimin holding a bat, while Hoseok started swinging at the air. 

“Y/n! Are you alright?! We heard you scream and- oh.” Namjoon pushed his way in, only to see that it wasn’t what they thought at all. “Seriously? Why can’t you do this at your own place - some of us have to shower in there, too!” 


➸ You moaned into his mouth shamelessly at the pleasure he was giving you, the rushed movements of your mouths only making the bathroom much more steamier than the hot water. He wanted to use up all the time he had with you, knowing that his hyungs would be home soon, Jungkook wanted to use this opportunity to make noise as much as possibly. With one hand he held your wrists together, while the other rubbed your clit in slow circles, the water giving spectacular lubrication as you whimpered at the feeling. 


“Please what, Y/n? You’re gonna have to be more specific~” 

“Please g-go faster, please..!” You would cry, the teasing no longer tolerable as you were now reduced to begging. You would give anything to cum, even so much as scream his name while his hyungs were home. Be careful what you wish for. 

“Jungkook, are you watching porn again?” Jimin opens the door, only for both his eyes and mouth to completely bust wide open in shock. Jungkook being Jungkook quickly pulled away from you to cover himself up - only to then realize that you were naked as well, to then cover you up away from Jimin’s amused stare. 

“J-Jimin, don’t tell Jin-hyung! W-We were just uh…saving water?” 

“Oh, don’t worry, Kookie. I won’t tell him that you’re committing unholy things in his bathroom.” Not even five seconds later, “SEOKJIN! GUESS WHO’S MAKING BABIES IN YOUR SHOWER.” 

Jungkook, not even giving a shit anymore, would practically run after Jimin naked - leaving you to stand in there confused and sexually frustrated. 

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- Their first kiss happens one weekend during their Sophomore year of High School. They’re hanging out in Richie’s room (one of the rare occasions where he lets Eddie into his house before they start dating, since he’s scared of him seeing his mom).

-They’re chilling in his room, laying on their stomachs on Richie’s (messy) bed. Richie has a CD he made playing on his desk. They have a bag of cheetos between them and cans of coke on the floor in front of the bed.

- Suddenly Richie gives Eddie that huge shit-eating grin that Eddie’s so accustomed to and starts getting antsy from staying in the same place for a while. He starts poking Eddie and just being annoying while laughing super hard.

- As a payback, Eddie takes a handful of cheetos and smears it all over Richie’s face, getting cheeto dust everywhere. He’s grossed out but he’s also laughing, as it seemed to shut Richie up pretty quick and he was trying to rub the orange powder off his skin.

- Richie starts attempting to rub his face on Eddie’s shirt and even on his cheek just because he knows it’ll piss him off.

- Eddie starts shrieking and laughing so much, telling Richie to get the fuck off of him. Richie replies by pretty much telling Eddie he brought this on himself.

- Their faces get really close and they pull apart, embarrassed. Richie gets up and goes to his bathroom which is attached to the side of his room so he can wash his face and hands, and even washes his mouth with mouthwash while Eddie watches, confused as to why he’s going to such lengths.

- Richie lays back down next to Eddie and they continue reading. Richie gets bored and antsy again, so he decides to fuck with Eddie a bit.

- He starts to bring his face really close to Eddie and stare at him. Eddie pretends not to notice and just continues reading the comic book in front of him, only casting super quick side glances from the corner of his eye and hoping his cheeks aren’t red.

- Richie is annoyed by Eddie ignoring him, so he gives him a small peck on the cheek before jumping off the bed so Eddie won’t slap him.

- But instead of getting pissed, Eddie just gets flustered. He asks Richie, “What the fuck did you do that for, you weirdo?” but says it with a small smile. Richie asks why “Eds doesn’t want a smooch from Ol’ Richie” and tells him to pucker up

- Richie tries pecking at his cheeks again and Eddie’s swatting him away, telling him he doesn’t want to catch whichever multitude of diseases are festering in his mouth.

- Richie pretends to be offended and says “But I just washed my mouth, didn’t you see? Nothing festering in here, I can assure you. I gotta keep my dental hygiene impeccable anyways, you know my dad is a dentist”

- Eddie goes, “Yeah, and the rest of your hygiene suffers for it.” They both laugh. Richie, still pretending to be hurt, moves away from Eddie to sit up a bit farther away on his bed.

- Eddie sorta feels bad and tells Richie his hygiene is fine and that he actually smells pretty good most of the time; he’s not as gross as Eddie always says he his. This is Eddie’s attempt at being serious.

- They’re quite for a second after this moment of seriousness and then burst out in loud laughter. Richie thanks Eddie for that incredible compliment.

- Eddie’s hurt that Richie was laughing at his sincerity and says that’s the last fucking time he’s ever complimenting him, and shoves him over.

- Their laughter dies down and Richie asks, “So… you’re not completely repulsed by me?” Eddie shakes his head no.

- “You don’t think I have AIDS or Cooties or anything like that?” Again, Eddie says no.

- “Can I kiss you, then?”

- Eddie’s not surprised because they’ve been leading up to this for a while, and they’ve had crushes on each other for months if not years. Even so, he’s still super flustered and his heart his beating so fast.

- He nods his head yes, and he’s the one that goes forward to connect their lips.

- After they move back, Richie takes a look at Eddie’s tomato face and starts laughing at him. “… EDS, WHAT KIND OF FACE IS THAT”

- Eddie’s like “WHY DO I EVEN LIKE YOU”

- Eddie starts to get up, and Richie pulls him back down. In a rare moment of cheesiness (Richie is totally a hopeless romantic at heart), he tells Eddie how happy he is since he’s had a crush on him for so long.

- Eddie’s super happy and they’re super cuddly and close the rest of the night.

- That night, Richie calls Bev and is like “BITCH GUESS THE FUCK WHAT!!” She’s so happy for them that she screams on the phone after Richie tells her.

- That night Richie can’t fall asleep and his cheeks hurt from smiling too much. Eddie can’t sleep either because every time he thinks about it he has to use his inhaler.


i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh