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Hey Rae. Can I get some advice? I'm really scared. I haven't been ~me~ for a while and I thought maybe I was just going through something but the longer it lasted the more I feel like it's not just a phase. I think I need to talk to someone but I don't want to tell my parents (I'm in high school). Things are getting bad but I think my mom will be mad (or won't believe me) if I tell her.

first off, i am so proud of you for reaching out for help. thank you.

i always recommend talking to a school counselor. they have experiences with handling situations like this. some school nurses are a help too.

i wish you the best sweets.
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intro post~*

ok it’s been a little while since i made an intro post and i’ve gotten some new followers recently so here you go!! 

listening to this rick and morty piano comp and accidentally opening the doc today is making me really nostalgic for bumming around in my basement at home with my friends and eating like…shitty wawa and china king most of the time and now im thinking about getting wawa on the way to tech and how wawa is only meaningful because it was accessible by newfound Car when i wasnt really supposed to go, between school and school, with gu and rae, and idk. there’s too much freedom? in this life now, in college in general. there’s no…come hang out in my basement after school, my mom’s cool with it so this will be our place and it’s special. we can walk to my house together and we’re stuck together in the same class for two hours and we go through life together and solve issues together and that…sort of experience. no we’re trapped in class at the same time so let’s make the most of it and chat on a google doc because we’re all the entertainment we’ve got at this moment. i feel like there was fun in that restricted environment, maybe somewhat more meaningful, and i kind of miss that vibe? of high school. i probably wouldnt if i had to go back to it but…college is….not as, as,,,….strongly communal? in a sense. not as structured with the same people, and not as..like, we’re going to defy the school and work we’re supposed to be doing to hang out. idk . there’s some of all of these concepts at mcad, but everything im thinking of right now is so strongly high school and i probably only miss it out of nostalgia but it’s a very specific feeling and thing that im feeling / remembering / thinking about rn and i do…miss it, i miss those types of friendships? i don’t want to go hang out with taylor on my spring break once because im free to go there whenever, i want to carve that time out of school and. idk. i don’t want to have to ask haley to hang out and drive to his house and have unlimited time, i want to sit next to him on the bus and invite him over because we don’t feel like ending our convo. i want to bullshit with racheal driving somewhere we’re supposed to be going together. i want…assigned purpose to the connections? for life to tie us more strongly together again. i want sarah to live down the street from me. this is such a ramble and i dont even think it will make sense reading it back. barely coherent concepts and i dont think i can tie them together better. at least without thinking more on it. i miss you guys. i miss sitting next to you, and walking home with you in the afternoon time that we get to take before your parents want to pick you up. i miss sleeping over together. i know we’re still friends, and i knew it would never be the same after graduation and that’s why i said goodbye so much before i left for the summer, as if we would never see each other again, hang out again. because the dynamic , of course it has, but the dynamic has changed irreparably, and i can’t help that i miss you all in the context i was closest to you, and i’ve made other friends but fuck it why can’t i care about high school friends? i wish we were still in each others’ lives, actually. i do really value the internet, and chats. i need to make more of an effort to talk to you all about our separate lives, but i don’t think you’ll have time for it, because i don’t even know if i will. we should all do something together, with purpose, over the summer, if im not whisking myself away to canada or finland or some fucking where else again. i…just…ah man this was all wine and sad r&m music and nostalgia ill let it stand without rereading it tho here we go posting that button whoo

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17. what concerts have i been to: during middle/high school i would go to concerts like every weekend to see punk bands and all the emo bands at the time lol but more recently ive seen beyonce twice, lorde, nicki, azealia banks, im so mad i didnt get to see carly rae during la pride last year

27. Three ways to win my heart: buy me food, a bottle of white wine, beer? cant think of a 3rd

42. A song that never fails to make me happy:

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i’ve literally been playing this song non stop, my room mates and friends hate me for it lol