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wedding night // a matty healy smut

word count: 3,280 (oops)

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 a/n this is quite long and there’s a lot of description toward the beginning because i really wanted you to get the vibe and atmosphere, sorry if it’s too much! 

 you drove through the beautiful clear night, moonlight cascading through the sun roof above you and matty’s heads. matty sat beside you driving, his hand lightly resting on your leg. you glanced at the car clock - 11:32. your head was still in the clouds from the night’s events. you’d just departed from your wedding venue, leaving the excited guests through a path of sparklers and laughter, and now was the first time all day that you’d get to spend more than a moment alone with matty. you looked over to your new husband and smiled to yourself as he focused on the road, navigating through traffic to get to the hotel you’d be staying at overnight before leaving for your romantic getaway the next morning. his face was stern yet beautiful, and you placed your hand on his neck, running your fingers lightly through the hair there before moving your hand down to his shoulder, where you rested it. this was your favorite kind of time with him - quiet, comfortable, peaceful. your eyes shifted down to his left hand, which now wore a thin band on the ring finger, and your breath hitched in your throat. he belongs to me, forever, you thought, and he would wear that ring as a public sign of devotion to me and me only. 

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*clears throat*

It’s Gucci


» You would spontaneously arrive at Yoosung’s apartment while he was in the middle of a dungeon in LOLOL

» “ M-MC! I’ll be right with you- NO MY BEST ATTACK IS ON COOLDOWN! WHY AM I SO STUPID! ”

» You pull up a chair, and analyzed the situation to see if you can help him out.

» “ The boss has a cooldown time as well. During his first cool down run and drink a potion to restore your health. As he attacks it shows his range. Try to run along the walls of the dungeon because typically he stays in the middle. During his next cool down your move should be available and you should be able to defeat him. “

» Yoosung’s eyes lit up like a child.

» He loved how his best friend and crush was good at his favorite game.

» “ I knew I was in love you for a good reason “ the blonde would think out loud.

» You smile but it slowly fades once you realize exactly what he just said

» ” You what?- “

» “ H-Huh? Oh! I-I said I knew you were my best friend for a good reason “ Yoosung stuttered out, his cheeks slowly turning pink.

» ” That’s not what I heard “ You mischievously smirked, noticing that the boss of the dungeon was defeated and his character stood in an empty room.

» You turned him around in his chair and straddled his lap so there was no way of getting out of his interrogation

» “ Why are you doing this? ” he whined as the blush spread to the tips of his ears and fingers.

» “ Because you like me ” you grinned from ear to ear.

» “ N-No! I don’t- I- uh- fine……. ” Yoosung avoided eye contact, looking down and twiddling his thumbs in his lap.

» “ It’s okay, I like you too ” You spoke in attempt to comfort him.

» “ What!? ” Yoosung would’ve leaped if you weren’t sitting on him. “ B-but nobody has every L-liked me be- ”

» Tired of his rambling you cut him off with a kiss and Yoosung finally achieved his first girlfriend.


» I feel like St. Seven would go all out on this

» You were staying over at his house, laying in his bed on your laptop probs trolling some hoes on omegle js

when the screen glitched out and went black.

» “ SEVEN IF YOU RICK ROLL ME AGAIN ILL BEAT YOUR ASS ” you called out but there was no response.

» Soon your screen went static, and then showed a note.

» Surprise Surprise! I have something for you but you can only get it if you follow my clues….. did that rhyme well enough? Whatever! If you’re really my best friend, you should know all of these things: 1st: Go to the location where I found my first love 💖💖💖 Keep your phone with you so I can keep track of whether you got it right or not! - 707

» ’ First love….. ’ you thought to yourself. ’ Honey Buddha Chips. ’

» You made your way down to his favorite grocery store before receiving another alert.

» Ahhh Honey Buddha Chips 💗 Funny, I met you here too 😁 Now now, what was my next clue? Oh yes right! 2ND, after we had our very first fight, where did I take you to make up? -707

» You sighed knowing that the location was a 10 minute walk.

» As you set off, you flashed back to the moment

» “ I don’t care if you’re dangerous! We’ve been best friends for like… 3 years! I’m not going to let go that easily so don’t you dare EVER tell me to get away from you because of your work! ” You screeched. Saeyoung sighed and shook his head, taking your hand and leading you outside. “ Where the hell are you taking me asshole!? ” He stayed silent until you arrived at a small ice-cream stand near his apartment.

» You smiled at the memory, arriving at your destination and ordering yours and his favorite ice-cream.

» Another note.

» Dayum, you’re good at this! Order me an ice-cream. Just a little request. Okay now here’s your final journey, you might wanna call a cab. Remember that one time I totally crashed your date with that perv? I’ll be waiting for you there. You better bring me that ice-cream and it better not melt! - 707

»You smiled and hailed a taxi, sitting in the back with Saeyoung’s ice-cream, telling him to head to the bowling alley

» Luciel was waiting there, smiling and holding a bowling ball.

» “ What was this all about? ” you question, handing him his ice-cream.

» “ Well…. I wanted to tell you something… but I wanted to make it special. Plus I needed time to do my laundry ”

» “ Are you serious? Well… why did you choose this place? ” You questioned, grabbing a ball, seeing that Saeyoung had previously got one.

» He didn’t respond, but he pointed up to the score board and went to bowl his turn.

» There were three names up on the board. Going down, they said:





» She knew that she had feelings for another girl, but she was way too nervous to confess it.

» There had to be a specific way for her to show her affection without being embarrassed but she couldn’t think.

» To get inspiration, Jaehee walked to the nearest coffee shop and ordered a latte.

» As she sipped the hot drink, the idea hit her. She ordered another one, remembering that you were going to work in about an hour.

» Driving down to the building she ran up to your office and left a small note tied to the drink.

» As you sat down, you saw the note saying “ I love you a latte ~ J.K. ”

» JK stood for just kidding but you knew what she meant 😂

Does Jumin Han Is Gay?

» You were absolutely, positively fed up right now.

» You stormed into Jumins penthouse( he gave you the key ), threw off your heels, and curled up on the couch in a little ball.

» As soon as he got home, Jumin noticed you.

» “ I take it the date didn’t go so well? ” he sighed, sitting next to you.

» “ It was absolute shit! All that perv wanted was a good fuck! Why can’t there be any men that care about personality instead of vagina quality? I didn’t even get to eat… ” You whined.

» “ I told you that all men you are ever going to date are stupid. I’ll call one of my best chefs to prepare a well balanced dinner ” Jumin began to dial a number on his phone.

» “ Are you saying I have low standards!? ”

» “ No… I’m saying I have very high standards. Why do you think I haven’t asked you out yet, MC?

» “ The hell? Is that supposed to be a confession? I thought you were better than that, Jumin Han? ” you blushed.

» “ I guess you can say it was…. how about I order that dinner for the both of us? ”


» Tonight was a very relaxing day for you. You had Seven drop off some chips and soda, Yoosung played some games with you, Jaehee went with you for coffee in the morning, and Jumin’s driver drove you everywhere to run errands.

» You haven’t seen Zen all day though…

»until he stumbled into your apartment wearing a purple bikini, drunk out of his mind

» “ MC! It was sooooo great tonight. Come here babe I wanna cuddle you ”

» “ Z-Zen, go put on the spare clothes I keep for you…. ” you stuttered out, your face a bright hue of pink.

» After getting dressed, he laid on the couch, snuggled up next to you.

» “ Let me get you some water Zen ” You shook your head, hearing him mumble something to a pillow.

» As you came back, Zen was in tears.

» “ Wait, what happened? Are you okay? ” you placed the water on the table

»" MC……. Do you love me back? I-I love you a lot….. but not how you’re supposed to love a best friend…. is that wrong, MC? “

» ” No, it’s not wrong “ you smiled.

» at this point your face has created it’s own shade of pink


» You were hanging out at Saeyoung and Saerans apartment, babbling about nothing.

» ” Hey MC did you know my brother like yo- “

» Saeyoung’s sentence was cut off by his twins elbow slamming into his crotch.

» He squealed, waddled off to his bedroom, and most likely cried himself to sleep.

» ” Saeran…… you like Yoosung!?!? “ you squealed.

» ” What!? No! I like you for fucks sake! “ he shouted, quickly covering his mouth.

Sorry that last one was short. Also sorry this took ten years! Ask box is open still. Much love :-)

Broken Pieces- Luke/Calum (Part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

She sat at the kitchen counter staring down at the bowl of Cheerios in front of her. Continuously she pushed the tiny O’s around with her spoon. She was trying to clear her head, to not think about anything, or anyone. 

Luke wasn’t sleeping on the couch anymore; he must have gone up to his room at some point in the night. Clearing her head just didn’t seem like something that could possibly happen, not in that house at least.

She looked up to see a very hung over Michael stumble into the kitchen in only his boxers. He looked at her squinting through his one open eye. 

“I hate you,” he mumbled as he made his way over to the fridge for water.

She laughed lightly, “Stop, you’ll be fine in a few hours,” she insisted.

He took a seat next to her at the counter. “How do you get up this early after drinking? I can’t even move without wanting to puke and you’re about to go running?" 

"Last night ended up being pretty sobering, honestly, I think that’s why I don’t feel so shitty right now.”

They both looked up as the front door opened. It was Luke’s girlfriend, bright and early. She glanced over at where they were sitting but didn’t give so much as a smile before heading up the stairs.

She looked over at Michael who she could feel was staring at her, he was sure to have caught her rolling her eyes before continuing to push around the Cheerios with her spoon.

“You gonna eat those or play with them?” He asked her, “and I thought you didn’t even like cheerios, didn’t we talked about this once?”

She laughed, “You know when you really want something? But they don’t have the kind you like? So you settle on something else that’s kind of similar… but not the same? And you keep trying it and forcing yourself to eat it, but at the end of the day, no matter how many bites you take, it’s not what you were looking for. Like at the end of the bowl you’re still going to be craving Lucky charms.”

“Okay damn that got dark, I can’t tell if you’re actually talking about cereal right now or if that was some kind of fucked up metaphor for Luke’s relationship.” Michael raised his eyebrows.

“I thought I was talking about cereal, but honestly I don’t even know now… I need to get the fuck out of this house before I turn into a full blown psychopath.”

“You’ve always had a dash of crazy,” Mikey chuckled.

She had to laugh with him; it was kind of true… But doesn’t everyone kind of have a dash of it?


He felt a cross between spinning and slightly drunk. He could hardly remember anything from the night before, he tried to go through in his head what had happened and how he ended up on the couch alone, but it was all blank. The last thing he could remember was her walking into their VIP section and smiling at him. He knew his girlfriend was mad, but he couldn’t remember much after that.

He looked over at his girlfriend who was asleep next to him. She hadn’t been there before, which meant she must have invited herself over, and that she wasn’t still pissed. At least he didn’t think so. 

He got up holding his head while looking around the room for his phone. He couldn’t find it anywhere and was hoping it was on the couch still or around somewhere. He crept out of his room quietly and made his way downstairs.

When he walked into the kitchen she was there, sitting next to Michael drinking some coffee. When she noticed him, her reaction was as though she was startled by his presence. He didn’t understand why, this wasn’t the first time she had seen him since she’s been there.

It was like she couldn’t wait to get away from him. She turned immediately pouring her coffee down the drain. “Hey,” she mumbled as she walked past him to the front door where she sat and put one her sneakers.

“Hi,” he said, grabbing the back of his head, feeling a bit confused. Michael sat watching the awkward interaction carefully.

He felt a pang in his stomach. He hated this, being in the same room as her, being able to see her, and talk to her if he could get it together, but nothing was the fucking same, and that was eating away at him.

“What the fuck happened last night?” he asked Mikey as he took some aspirin out of a draw. He noticed her look up at him from where she was sitting; the look on her face was almost disappointed.

Immediately she stood up, opening the front door. “Later guys,” she said unenthusiastically before running out. They both watched as she left.

“You were pretty fucked up last night man,” Michael told him, “You don’t remember anything?”

“No,” he shook his head feeling his nerves take over, “what happened?” he asked.

“I mean, I don’t really know the details,” Mikey shrugged, “but your girl ditched you at the club, said you were too fucked up and she wasn’t dealing with it… but she was kind of right in a way… you were way too fucked up to be there.” 

“That’s it?” he asked, “That’s not that bad she pulls that shit all the time, she’ll get over it.” 

“I guess, basically, other than that y/n convinced you to go home since you wouldn’t listen to any of us… so she brought you back here and I guess you were puking and shit.” 

He felt his stomach drop, “I was alone with her?”

Michael nodded his head, “Yea man, when we got back here you were out cold on the couch and she was sitting on the floor in front of you.”  

“Fuck,” he said slapping his had onto the counter, “Where was Calum? He didn’t come back here with us?”

“No, dude, I just said that, it was you and her.” Michael told him again. 

“Fuck,” he repeated beginning to panic, “What he fuck did I say to her?” it was a rhetorical question; he wasn’t looking for an answer from Michael.

“I couldn’t tell you mate, but she just said some weird shit to me about cereal so something must have happened.” He had no idea what Michael was talking about.

“Can I give you some advice?” Michael asked.

“No,” he answered instantly.

“Listen to me mate, I have an outside perspective and I’m just trying to help you out over here,” Mikey insisted.

“Fine, what?” Luke groaned.

“Well man, what are you going to do when she falls for Calum?” he asked pointedly.

“That will never fucking happen.” Luke snapped immediately.

“Dude, here’s how I see it… no one knows what the fuck your deal is, you mope around for the better part of a year and then on day you come home with this girlfriend and never mention y/n again, its fucking weird man… And now she’s here and I’m going to have to say there is a pretty good chance that she’s into Calum, but its also pretty obvious that she’s hung up on you still, who knows the fuck why…meanwhile no one really knows what the fuck you want considering you look at her the exact same way you did before she left and yet there’s another girl up in your bed. If you think that will never happen you need to get your head out of your ass because there is a very good chance it will and could already be.”

He felt his chest tighten. Just the thought of that made him nauseous. He couldn’t imagine her with another guy, and his best friend at that. He hated to admit it, but Michael did have a point. He was an idiot for thinking she was just going to ignore anything she might be feeling for Calum because of him when the truth was, he is with someone else. He needed to talk to her; he needed to know if she still wanted to be with him, if there was a chance that maybe they could be together again.

He knew it was wrong, but he didn’t love his girlfriend, not the way he loved her. A girlfriend was only a good distraction for him, a way that he was avoiding the reality that she was gone and probably never coming back, but now? She was back, and maybe there was a chance that she still felt something for him. He would leave his relationship to be with her in a heartbeat. He would do anything to be with her, he just needed to know if she wanted that too.


She needed to get out of the house for the day. Sometimes you just need to be alone and this is one of them. She snuck back in the house after her run and did everything she could to avoid everyone. Luckily when she got to Calum’s room he was still fast asleep so she could grab some stuff and shower real quick. 

She decided to go to this small beach on a bay she had found a few years back when she was visiting. She liked it because the color of the water and the way the boats were all docked reminded her of home. 

She didn’t want to think about anything. That was her goal for the day, to avoid her problems. She sprayed on some lotion and took one of her favorite Chelsea Handler books out of her bag. She just needed to laugh for a while, she didn’t even know when everything got so serious, but she hated it.

She hadn’t even realized she had fallen asleep until she heard her phone ringing. She sat up and dug it out of her bag to find a missed call from Calum and her phone vibrated as he sent her a few text messages.

-We’re having a party tonight

-Just wanted to let you know there might be people here when you get back

-… also where are you?

‘lol thanks for the heads up’ she replied, ‘at the beach, just needed to get out of the house for a while… you were dead in your bed when I left’

-I’m still fuckn shot haha see you later!

She opened up her book again and continued to read, breezing right through to the end but managing to kill some more time. She wasn’t exactly trying to prolong going back, but she definitely wasn’t rushing either.

She retied her black bikini top around her neck and pulled on her white jean shorts before packing her stuff into her beach bag to go back. She decided to walk rather than take a taxi since it was only around 2 miles away.

As she got closer to the house she could here people out in the back yard already. She approached the gate and punched in the code to get in. When she got into the yard there were way more people than she expected, most she didn’t know but there were a few familiar faces. 

Bryanna saw her walk in and approached her first with open arms. “Hey girl,” she said walking over to her, stopping to grab an extra Corona on the way. She handed her the beer when she got close, “You look so pretty!” she said tugging in one of her knotty beach waves.

“Thanks,” she said sweetly, “have you guys been partying for a while?”

“Noo,” Bryanna laughed, “people just started getting here like an hour or so ago…” she paused looking at her carefully, “how are you doing? .. I know last night was probably pretty weird for you.”

She shrugged her shoulders but forced a smile, Bryanna was a good friend to her, “Honestly, it was really fucking weird, and it like really sucked… I don’t know,” she shook her head, “I just want to forget about it.”

“Wait, did he like say anything to you?”

She tried to brush off the question but it was difficult, “I mean, yea kind of, but he was black out drunk so it doesn’t even matter.”

Bryanna kind of got the hint that she didn’t want to talk about it and changed the subject. “This is kind of lame, but I’ve really been wanting to play truth or dare recently we should try and get a game started!” she told her excitedly.

She laughed taking a sip of her beer and looking around at the people at the party, “I’m sure Mikey will be down, and you can obviously talk Ashton into it,”

“Okay yes! Awesome… lets go get some shots first, you deff don’t want to be dead sober for this… and then lets recruit some more people to play.” 

Before she knew it she was sitting around the fire pit with a group of people. Most of the dares had been outrageous but the truth questions were pretty fucking harsh too. This wasn’t your typical middle school game, that’s for sure.


He didn’t want to play, but his girlfriend insisted it and he knew she wouldn’t stop until he gave in. They walked over to where a bunch of his friends, and she, were play truth or dare. He stared down at his feet as his girlfriend asked if they could join the game. He could feel her eyes on him, being around her made him nervous, he still didn’t know what he had said to her last night, if he said anything at, all and he hadn’t had a chance to talk to her since she’d been gone all day.

“I love truth or dare,” his girlfriend announced grabbing his hand and forcing him to take a seat on one of the open chairs before hopping on his lap, “Whose turn is it?”

She was clearly going to try and ignore the fact that he was sitting right across from her with another girl on his lap; he can’t say he wouldn’t do the same if the situation were reversed. She wouldn’t even look over in their direction, instead she checked her phone a few times drinking her beer and waiting for the game to continue. 

“You can have a go,” Mikey told his girlfriend, we’ve all gone at least once. 

“Really? Okay!”

He watched as she looked up from her phone innocently before her eyes locked with his girlfriends.

“Y/N” his girlfriend said and he felt his heart drop, he couldn’t see her face, but he was sure she was up to something, “Truth or Dare?” she asked sharply.


She looked around at the group, she never expected this girl to even try and talk to her, and now she wanted her to choose truth or dare? She had a feeling she was looking for the truth and that was something she was definitely not trying to talk about. She could feel her heart start beating a little faster, her eyes fell on Luke who was staring past his girlfriend at her nervously waiting for her answer, “Dare” she said confidently, she couldn’t let this girl have any sort of satisfaction.

“Okay,” Luke’s girlfriend said, a smirk spreading across her face, she paused for a moment before raising an eyebrow, “I dare you to go kiss Calum.”

Her stomach immediately dropped, maybe she wasn’t hearing this girl clearly, she anxiously tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and could feel all eyes on her, “Wait, What?” she asked one more time to be clear.

“You heard me,” she said pressing her lips together smugly, “Go kiss Calum.”

‘Fuck you,’ was the first thing she thought but she couldn’t say it out loud. She swallowed hard, looking around one more time. Fuck this girl, she probably thought she was so fucking clever it made her blood boil. Her eyes fell on Luke who was no staring at her hard enough to burn. She had to do it; she couldn’t let this girl put her in a corner.

“Dare’s a dare, right?” she said trying to seem unaffected. She took one last long sip of her beer before looking around the yard to see where Calum was. 

She spotted him not too far away by the pool house talking to Jack and she began walking confidently in their direction.


“That was kind of fucked up,” Ashton said to Luke’s girlfriend.

“Yea,” Mikey agreed, “I kind of feel bad for Calum… this might like fuck with his head.”

“Whatever,” Luke’s girlfriend defended, “it’s just a dare remember, she said it herself.”

“Yea well Calum doesn’t know that,” he finally spoke up, voice low and cold. His eyes followed her as she walked through the yard directly to where Calum was. He felt his stomach in knots and his heart begin to pound, he didn’t know if he could watch; there was a good chance he was going to lose it.


Calum turned slightly to towards her as he saw her approaching him and Jack. His face always lights up when he sees her, it gave her butterflies, making this even harder.

“Hey…” he began to say but she didn’t even give him a chance to speak, she was on a mission and she knew if she stopped to talk she would chicken out.

She walked directly up to him, looking into his eyes and smiling sweetly before reaching up to slide one of her hands around the back of his neck and moving onto her tippy toes.

She pressed her lips against his without a second thought. At first he was confused for a second, he had no idea what was going on, but then, then he began to kiss her back. He leaned down into her kiss and his hands found her hips. He moved his lips perfectly in sync with hers as her chest met his. She slid her hand up the back of his neck, tangling it in his hair, embracing him for one more second. She tried to ignore everything she was feeling but it was impossible.

When she finally pulled away, everything came crashing down. The euphoria was gone and she was left with reality.

“What was that for?” he asked, a small smile spread across his lips.

“Fuck, Calum” she breathed looking into his eyes one last time, before turning and walking quickly back towards the house.

He stood there in shock, reaching his fingers up to touch his lips. He turned back to Jack, “That just fucking happened, right?” He asked seriously unsure.

“Yea Dude,” Jack laughed, “That was fucking hot.”


She walked back past where they were all sitting, everyone still staring at her. Luke’s girlfriend literally began to clap as she got closer. “Wow y/n,” she said obnoxiously, “That was one hell of a performance.”

Everyone glared at her, even the people who didn’t know something was going on could tell that something was up. 

She didn’t even stop to acknowledge her. Instead she walked directly past them to the sliding door, making her way into the house without a word.


He pushed he girlfriend off his lap and stood; he couldn’t take anymore of this. He ran his fingers through his hair before following her into the house without even thinking about the consequences.

He followed her past the living room as she made her way to one of the back rooms. She was about to open one of the doors when she stopped turning to face him.

“What Luke?” she snapped, “Why are you following me?”

He looked deeply into her eyes and her heart sank, “How could you do that in front of me?” he asked slowly, voice low, “that’s my best mate, how could you kiss him like that when you know I’m twenty feet away watching?”

“How could I” she asked, unable to help but laugh sarcastically, “How could I?” she looked up to the ceiling, “Fuck you Luke,” she said paused shaking her head, voice becoming heavier, “You got exactly what you were looking for… you have your fucking girlfriend who smiles for the camera and loves every second of it and she has no problem being all over you in public… you got your girl Luke” she said almost in disbelief, “… You got everything you wanted and do you know what I have?.. Nothing Luke… I’m fucking alone and tired of being torn up about you,” she didn’t even realize her voice breaking as the words came out.

“What are you talking about?” he breathed, shaking his head and looking into her now watering eyes, “I don’t care about any of that stuff, that’s not what I wanted,” he reached out for her, but she took a step back. 

“Please,” he exhaled, “the only thing I ever wanted was you.”

“Stop Luke,” she begged, “Stop saying these things to me, please, you’re messing with my heart and I don’t know how much more it can take,” she shook her head and a tear fell from her eye, “this isn’t fair.” 

She began to walk past him, towards the front of the house, “Where are you going?” he asked frantically, “You can’t leave again,” he managed to choke out.

“I can’t do this right now” she told him wiping her eyes, “Your girlfriend is probably looking for you anyways.” She shrugged giving him a sad smile before walking off. 

She heard him slam his fist into the wall as she pulled the front door closed behind her. Her heart was pounding and her hands were shaking. She needed to get away; it was the only thing she knew how to do.


He didn’t know how he let this happen again. How could he have let her walk away from him? He was angry with himself but more than anything he was broken. There was only one thing he wanted and every time he almost got a step closer to her he ended up two steps back.

He didn’t know what to say or do. All he knew was that she was the one he wanted, she’s always been the one he wants. She was the only girl he’s ever loved for sure and he would do anything for her.

He began walking back towards the patio where everyone was still sitting, some continuing to play the game. With every step he took a rage grew inside of him.

As soon as he approached the group his girlfriend stood up to face him. “What the fuck was that?” she bit, “Why the fuck would you go after her?” Everyone stared as she yelled in Luke’s face and he stood there without flinching. He appeared emotionless to them all, empty even.

“You can leave now,” he said steadily when she finally finished yelling and making a scene.

“What are you talking about I can leave now?” she snapped.

He clenched his jaw, slowly repeating himself, “I mean you can leave now, as in this is over, we’re done.”

“You’re a fucking piece of shit LUKE!” she screamed in his face. 

He shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe I am, but I’m not really sure why you’re still here.”

She threw her drink in his face, “You think I couldn’t tell you were obsessed with her from the second she got here?” she continued to attack him, “You think I’m fucking stupid? Well GUESS WHAT, don’t come crawling back to me you fucking asshole,” she shrieked before stomping off dramatically. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t” he mumbled before going inside, sure not to look at any of the faces around him. He didn’t care what anyone thought.


She began to walk down their long twisting driveway. Halfway to the gate she could see a silhouette in the dark in front of her. Whoever it was began walking in her direction slowly. She squinted her eyes trying to see who it was in the darkness lingering in the front of the house. Finally when he was close enough, she knew.

“Calum?” she said quietly, trying to get herself together, “What are you doing out her?” she asked. 

He dropped his cigarette, putting it with his foot before looking up at her. “I came to find you,” he paused. “… after you kissed me …. But you were already inside with him.”

Her heart fell, “You saw that?” she whispered.

“Not really,” he admitted, “as soon as I realized you were fighting I left and came out here.”

“Oh,” she said quietly. 

He reached for the back of his neck, “I just…” he hesitated, “I know you y/n… fight and flight is your thing, you’ve never been one to stick around after an argument,” he swallowed, “especially with him.”  He shook his head, his eyes were soft and understanding as he looked at her, “I don’t want you to leave,” he said nervously, voice low. 

She felt her heart skip a beat with his words. He took a step closer to her, wrapping his arms around her. She didn’t even notice he was standing in front of him crying. She was just so overwhelmed. “Don’t leave,” he whispered 

He pulled her into his chest and she leaned her head against him. They stood there for a while in the driveway, and he just held her. It was what she needed at that moment.

She looked up to him eventually, tears subsiding. “I don’t want to end up hurting you Calum” she whispered. 

He shook his head insistently, “You can’t,” he breathed. 

“I can,” she looked up to the sky, “you’ve seen it before, why would you want that?” she asked unsure.

“I don’t care,” he pressed his forehead against hers, looking down deeply into her eyes, “I just want you to be happy,” he whispered, “I don’t want to see you like this anymore.”

Part 6.5

Part 7


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We’re Really Doing This (Part Six/Final)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Y/D/N, Sam x Jo (Yes, I brought her back because reasons)

Words: 1637

Read Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

A/N: Thank you all for loving this series as much as I loved writing it!

You felt the sun soaking into your body and smiled happily. You looked over to your left and saw Dean and Y/D/N playing in the sand together. He would build a small sandcastle and she would knock it down, making him pretend to be all upset and sad. She would giggle and he would do it all over again.

           “Uncle Sammy?” Y/D/N looked around.

           “He’ll be here in a few minutes, Baby Girl,” you said.


           “He’s at the hotel with Aunt Jo,” Dean said. You still loved the fact that Sam and Jo had found each other. Everyone always thought Dean and Jo would end up together. But when Sam and Jo spent some time together planning a surprise anniversary party for your and Dean’s anniversary, they ended up falling for each other.

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Date Night - A TWFI Outtake

This outtake courtesy of @sarah8826 who requested a fun night out with our favorite couple during the first month time jump. Given that tomorrow’s episode is going to be angsty as hell, I thought tonight might be a good time for something a bit lighter. Not beta’d so any mistakes are 100% mine. 



She hasn’t seen him in a week, and she doesn’t expect to miss him.

She does.

Emma sighs, leaning back on her lumpy futon and glaring out the window, the roar of the freeway blasting through her windows. She doesn’t want to miss anything about Killian Jones. Not his smirks or his seductive glances, not the warmth of him beside her or the easy calm in the dead of night when he finds her in the kitchen.

Things are changing between them, and she isn’t sure she likes it.

She isn’t sure she doesn’t.

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Easy As Water

Fic Request: Stiles and Malia have already broken up. The whole pack goes camping. Cute and fluffy with Stiles holding Lydia as they sleep next to each other in the tent at the end?

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Author: redridinghood24

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