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Headcanons for the boys and their s/o's meet-cute? I'm craving some fluffy first meetings!

The chocobros’ first meetings with their shy and short S/O (who is from the real world and finds herself in the world of Final Fantasy XV).

Man I love when I get to kill two birds with one stone. Nonny 1 and Nonny 2, I’ve got you both covered! I’m doing mini scenarios for this one, too, because it’s easier to tell a story that way. They’ll still be pretty long, so don’t worry! Side note that my headcanons are gender-neutral whenever possible, so the S/O will be called “them” instead of “her”.

Noctis met you at a rest stop. He isn’t one to initiate conversation, but you definitely caught him staring at you on more than one occasion. He knew he was caught when he noticed you blush and look away–then take a look back at him. Gladiolus also noticed the interaction: “Better go talk to them,” he told the prince, grinning from ear to ear like the smug bastard that Noctis immediately assures him that he is. They argue and you stick around to watch because, well, two guys going at it in the middle of a convenience store is kind of hilarious. Gladio asks if you’ve ever seen a prince so bratty, and you had no idea that Noctis was the Noctis. The more flustered you get, the more flustered Noctis gets, and Gladio decides that you two should get acquainted. 

Ignis was shopping for ingredients in Lestallum’s market when he moves his arm in such a way that he almost wacks you in the head, prompting you to duck out of his way and force his attention on you–not exactly what you wanted, but okay, cool, you can roll with it. “I’m very sorry,” he apologizes, readjusting his glasses even though you thoughts that they looked perfectly fine on his face. “Am I in your way?” You kind of forget how to speak because this stranger is talking to you. He looks your age, but he’s wildly attractive and dressed very formally, so you’re even more nervous than you naturally would be, but somehow, by some miracle of the Six, an introduction slips out of your mouth. He’s taken aback, and he finds you rather charming, so you spend the rest of your time at the market together.

Gladiolus is taller than everyone, so he’s pretty used to just about anything that comes at him. It’s you who isn’t used to this; your nose is right in front of his bare chest gods damn it and it’s kind of freaking you out–oh, Six, is he talking to you? He’s a friendly guy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he made conversation while waiting in line at a store or sitting at the counter in the diner. You stumble right over your words, blush, and are definitely making a fool of yourself, but he’s still talking to you. He’s even smiling at you. Something about him, in spite of his incredible stature, is so calming and welcoming, so bright and friendly, that you slowly start to feel yourself relax. And when you start to open up a little more to him? He gets nervous because you’re so genuine with him, and he finds himself trusting you way more easily than he usually trusts others.

Prompto is our most extroverted guy here, but that’s a lot of learned behavior. On the inside, he’s constantly doubting himself and worrying about how others see him. So, when you meet in Galdin Quay, he’s worried that your shyness means that he’s doing something wrong–until he makes a particularly dumb joke and you crack a smile. He even thinks you’re laughing. And that makes him blush as red as a tomato and laugh: a sound so nervous and awkward that he even judges himself. But he decides to go with it, playing into whatever made you laugh to see if he can do it again, and he does. Prompto makes friends by being bright and joyful, and you expressing that gives him a major confidence boost, if only enough of a boost to keep talking to you and ask for some way to keep talking to you after you part ways.

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I have been assured by a teacher that I may not wish to dumb myself down now (I'm a girl) but when I am single and in my mid twenties I will do so to attract a man (b/c few young men like women who are 'more intelligent'). Do you agree with this? And do you think you'd ever 'dumb down', i.e pretend to be less intelligent, for a man?

Hi Anonymous, 

This is my fifth attempt at typing a response to this ask. There’s so much wrong with what your teacher said that I’ve found it difficult to unpack it all without writing an essay, but in short: no, I do not agree. 

First of all, it deeply upsets me that an educator would say this to a young woman. It’s beyond patronising and reinforces so many damaging ideas. The idea that women should dumb themselves down for any reason; the idea that by your mid-twenties, you should by rights be so desperate for a man that you should be willing to do anything to get one; the idea that the state of being single is so terrible that you must get out of it by any means necessary; the idea that all men are unable to deal with intelligent women.

“Single and in my mid twenties” is a perfect description of me. I recently turned 25 and have been single for all but three weeks of my life – and I’m happy. I enjoy being single. I have the career I’ve always wanted and I’m happy with my independence. There will be people who don’t believe me when I say this, because the link between being single and being “sad” is so deeply entrenched in our society, but I promise you, it’s true. I don’t feel compelled to dumb down for a man (or a woman, for that matter). I know the pressure to do that exists – I felt and often succumbed to it at school – but now I’m an adult, and I’ve started to look at society’s expectations with a critical eye? 

Not a chance in hell. 

Some more thoughts: 

1) Men are not a monolith. It is ridiculous to suggest that all young men are intimated by intelligent women – in fact, there will be men out there who find their wives and girlfriends attractive because they are intelligent. Your teacher must not think much of them. 

2) Being single in your mid-twenties is fine. Being single in your thirties or forties or fifties is fine. Being single your whole damn life is fine. There’s this notion that at some point you have to “settle down and have a family” – you don’t. If you want to, that’s great, but it’s not a requirement. Let’s normalise being single. Let’s celebrate being single. Let’s not think that young women are abnormal if they’re not a relationship. (You know how we call men bachelors, but women spinsters? Yeah, that. Enough of that.)

3) Ask yourself a few questions: Do you really want to be with someone who can’t deal with your intelligence? How loving or real will that relationship be? What does that say about your partner, and how much they value and respect you? Do you want to spend all your time acting? What’s better: being single and yourself, or in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you and your mind? 

4) Know your own worth. This is one thing I’d tell my younger self if I could. You do not need anyone to validate you. You do not need anyone to complete you. You are a whole person. You are an amazing young woman with the world at your feet and a whole life ahead of you. You are enough. You will always be enough.