i get that this is for drama but why

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I personally think people loved Scotty T because of the massive personality change from being on Geordie Shore. The UK public love to see the real side to people. Which is exactly why Vicky also won I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this year too. I highly disagree that he was a boring housemate, somebody being loveable and friendly does not automatically make them boring and unworthy of winning. The same way, causing drama doesn't automatically make them a winner.

From what I’ve heard of him he was known as a charismatic party boy who fucks a lot of girls on Geordie Shore, which is exactly what I saw on CBB. He didn’t show a different side of him at all. He was completely one-dimensional as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, we saw ALL sides of Tiffany. We saw her anger, warmth, funniness, frustration, and empathy. She was multi-dimensional on the show. We saw her at her worst and we saw her at her best and people STILL loved her which is EXACTLY why she should have won the show.

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this isn't meant to be rude or anything and I'm not trying to upset anyone, but aren't sociopaths and narcissists on the same spectrum as people with bpd? I just don't see why people with bpd get so much attention and the others don't. you can't favor one mental disorder over another. it is not something to be romanticized.

bitch how can you come into my inbox, when you don’t have a personality disorder and tell me not to take this rudely

1. sociopath & psychopath are slurs used to target people with personality disorders, and unless you’re someone with a personality disorder, you can’t reclaim them.

2. you’re implying people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are bad people because of their disorder, which isn’t true at all and makes you sound like a total ableist asshole.

3. literally no one is romanticizing them? we are talking about our experiences and what we have to deal with on a day to day basis. we suffer a great deal and bpd is one of the most common yet most misdiagnosed disorders because of the stigma surrounding it, like most personality disorders. 

4. if someone with a personality disorder wants to talk about their symptoms & you want to call them attention seekers, you should probably shut up. people with only depression, anxiety, & the rest of more favorable disorders to neurotypicals get treated way better than people with personality disorders. personality disorders literally stem from childhood trauma & abuse more often than not.

5. why do you hate people with personality disorders?

  • STEP 33
  • Yagami Riku (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)/Fujiwara Takeru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
  • Prince of Stride - Rajisuto! Mini Drama Collection

Radio of Stride Step 33 ~Mini Drama~

This is the mini drama from Step 33 of Rajisuto!

It’s autumn, and the boys get paired up to do an assignment for art class.


Takeru: I’m not good at drawing. That’s why I don’t like participating in art class. I’m not in any way interested about art in autumn. And yet…
Riku: I like to draw, more or less. That’s why I’m okay with participating in art class. Doing art in autumn isn’t that bad, too. It’s fun, and actually suits the season! And yet…
Takeru: How did this happen?
Riku: How did this happen, anyway…?


Riku: …Fujiwara. What’s this? A meteor? A pumice stone?
Takeru: It’s your face.
Riku: The hell it is! My face isn’t littered with craters and bumps!
      Hnn, but this kinda reminds me of something…ah, I know, it looks exactly like our bakery’s new product: Made with real baron potatoes: German Potato Bread!
Takeru: Good for you, Yagami. You’re now a new type of bread.
Riku: “Fills you with energy! Made with real baron potatoes: German Potato Bread Man!” –of course not! This won’t do!
Takeru: …But the ‘baron’ part sounds good to the ears, doesn’t it? Makes you feel like royalty.
Riku: Um…'baron’ does sound good– Mwahahahaha! Call me Baron Yagami! –no! We’re talking about your drawing here! Why is it so awful!?
Takeru: And you’re surprisingly good at it…
Riku: You think so? Hehe, your distinctive trait is definitely your glasses. I really tried hard to draw them as accurate as possible!
Takeru: Good job.
Riku: What’s with that tone…?
Takeru: Haah… I want to go home.
Riku: No, you can’t! If you submit this work, we absolutely won’t get a passing score! Need I remind you we’re paired up to draw portraits of each other for this assignment.
Takeru: I’d rather draw Sakurai’s portrait than your baron potato-looking one.
Riku: Eh…? Uh, it’s…unusual of you to say something about Sakurai-san so straight up…
Takeru: I’m sure I’ll be able to draw her hairstyle easily.
Riku: Ohh, she always puts her hair up in twin tails, I see– wait, that’s your reason!?
Takeru: Alright, let’s go look for Sakurai.
Riku: Wait wait wait! If you draw Sakurai-san and she ends up looking like a baron potato with twin tails, you’ll just traumatize her!
Takeru: Don’t worry. I think she will look more like a Kita Akari or an Inca no Mezame…
Riku: So she’ll still look like a potato! And how much do you know about potatoes, anyway!?
Takeru: Then you draw Sakurai. And let’s just submit that as mine–
Riku: Wow, now you’re just being thoughtless about this…
Takeru: But I thought autumn is about art!
Riku: Uwah, your face looks scary…!


Takeru: I’m not good at drawing. That’s why I don’t care about art in autumn. I want to run soon…
Riku: I like to draw, more or less. That’s why doing art in autumn isn’t so bad…or so I thought, but I take that back.
      I want to run soon… Sakurai-san…

Baron potatoes
- commonly known as Irish cobblers outside Japan. They’re called 'baron’ in Japan because of the person who brought them to the country, a certain Baron Ryokichi Kawada.
German Potato Bread Man - a reference to the classic anime that stars a personified sweet bread: Anpanman.
Kita Akari and Inca no Mezame - these are other types of potatoes in Japan.
You can see a summary of common potato varieties in Japan on this site :)

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You mention his ex getting married & I'm still trying to understand why she would announce her engagement 6 months after the fact, on his birthday. Maybe it's my inner drama queen but that's some ulterior fuck you move right there. Like what happened to cause all anger. Anyways... Moving on. He looks really happy at that Vienna ball, so that's really all that matters. She gorgeous and looks like she could rock some killer outfits on the red carpet, so I look forward to that!

Well, nobody really knows what went down between them but Jai and Gemma, and it’s not really our business anyway. I’ve heard that their breakup was sudden, and bad, and it was her that did it. 

I hesitate to write this as it’s pure speculation, and based on no fact, but I have my own theory of why they broke up. She and Jai were together for almost eight years, and it never went further than living together. However, on her Wikipedia page, it states she announced her engagement to “her partner of 18 months”. If you do the math, it seems she was with her now-husband before she and Jai actually broke up. 

Again, that is based on nothing but my own little “hmmmm” moment, and is not fact. 

I think it might simply be that Jai is no longer a factor in her life, and she is trying to forget him completely, though I think she could’ve chosen her timing a little better. If that’s the case, where she was purposely setting out to hurt him, then good riddance from his life. He deserves better than that, and hopefully he’s found the right woman now. 

I agree, his new girlfriend is beautiful, and I hope we start seeing more of her. I just hope that the hate and bashing I’m already starting to see stops. People know absolutely nothing about this woman, but are already throwing unnecessary  shade her way. Like “who is this bitch?” 

This woman has done nothing wrong, and her only “crime” it seems, is landing the guy everyone wants. I’m not hating on her, I’m giving her props! If she’s special enough to land Jai Courtney, she must be one hell of a woman :) 

I’ll get off my soap box now lol. 

Okay, I’m gonna admit it,

I’m 51% Bellarke trash, and 49% Clexa trash. But oh boy, after this episode I’m feeling like sinking both ships myself, I’m so disappointed in all their choices. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hella good drama, and I can’t wait to see more of it, but it’s all just UGH!!!!

First of all, WHY ARE WE EVEN TRUSTING LEXA AT ALL?? She betrayed Clarke in the most despicable way, in the most inconvenient moment. Honest to god, when she first showed up in S3, my reaction was ugh, you!!! I like her, I truly do, but I DON’T TRUST HER. At all. 

Next, Clarke, I’m gonna give her a benefit of the doubt that she might have some plan, even though we all know she doesn’t. She’s good when cornered, but not very daring when it comes to plotting revenge.

And lastly, Bellamy, DUDE! this girl has been choosing everyone BUT you for third season now, LET IT GO. Walk away. Okay, sure, Gena thing fell through on the account of you being too trustfull (and to think people judge me for my trust issues), but surely there’s someone else worth your time. Seriously, Clarke’s not for you. She may have chosen you in the book (I don’t know, I haven’t read them yet), but TV show is obviously not your forte.

And make no mistake, I consider this move of Clarke’s as a betrayal of Skaikru. So, writing this, I’m actually coming to the conclusion that Clarke and Lexa deserve each other. They make a perfect couple. A pair of backstabbers not to be trusted. 

At least Linctavia is at least somewhat functional. 

But in the end, the only ship worth a damn on the 100 is Raven and happiness. 

And Minty. 

Oh, and Jasper and a good bitchslap to snap him out it. Seriously dude, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!

The only man who can understand my moodswings, tantrums, dramas. The only man who can understand why I always get angry over small things, because he knows I care. The only man I shared spoons, forks, hankies, bottled waters, plates, clothes with. The only man I’ve got comfortable with and the only man who keeps on telling me I am beautiful even though I just woke up and I don’t have any make ups on. The only man who would just stare at me while I am sleeping and could still adore even if I am drooling in his arms. The only man who would not get angry even if I am picking in his nose and smearing it on his lips afterwards.

I love you with all my heart and I will always look up to you. You mean so much the world to me and I promise to be a better girlfriend for you. To more road, mountain, nature adventures. To more pictures to be sent to each other. To more love letters to keep. To more memories and to forever.

Happy 888th day monmiel! 😍😘💏💋💞 #monmiel

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Sorry but if you all know that cules take these things seriously and get salty why do you all keep on making those jokes and than complain when cules get mad and want to "defend" their club and players ? I mean you all say "it was a joke, it was a joke" "why do all cules don't get that and make this drama" like wtf Why do YOU all Madridistas don't get that we don't understand your jokes and find them funny or something ? I mean if you post something like this, it's clear that a drama begins

listen I got some news besides the fact that it isn’t this real.
I literally talk shit EVERY SINGLE DAY and I don’t tag my post bc they are on my blog for my followers to read and are obviously meant for my fandom and not y'all’s. YOU barca fans make jokes daily but you don’t see me hunting down OPs and starting all this drama bc 1) I can handle rivalry and 2) I can scroll and unfollow ppl who post what I don’t want to see. It’s LITERALLY that easy.
I joke bc I like to fucking joke and im allowed to on MY blog. Block me or block my post if you guys are that mad about it I can’t even believe the stupidity levels I’ve seen tonight. And the superiority complexes get a fucking grip over a damn club this why I can’t stand none of y'all

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just wanted to let you know that not all americans are obsessed with appearance and are aware that there are many problems with our country such as healthcarewhich is why we are trying to get sanders in office :) not to be condescending, but im pretty sure england does a lot of the same things we do, i.e cosmetic procedures. it kind of sounds like you are acting like you guys are better than us. we know we have issues, we don't need people shitting on other things besides those issues.

i know not all americans think like that!! i wasn’t referring to all, just something happened that made me talk abt it lmaoooooo! and i wasn’t trying to sound like england was better than america tbh like our prime minister fucked a pig………. both countries are as awful as each other (e.g. both western countries who bomb innocent civilians in places like syria) but we have different issues and quite a few americans are SUPER patriotic and can’t see past the issues and proclaim that america is the best country in the world!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!! that’s mainly a lot of republicans as i understand it. when i went to america you couldn’t go more than a couple miles without seeing the american flag - it’s slightly sickening when in the uk almost everyone is complains about our ugly country

“Let’s face it, Freak Shows are a very rare thing nowadays. TV has stolen their audiences but Lenard Alersson plans on getting people back to the Show. He’s collecting Freaks here and there to put into his show.

Mr. Alersson has named his show Alersson’s Oddities. The title Freak Show has been so overused so why not give his a fresh name? Yes, all Alersson’s Oddities needs is, well, human oddities!” 

  • No OOC drama at all! If I even see a hint of it I will kick both parties from the group.
  • Be respectful of each other.
  • Please try to be active, if I don’t see any activity from you within 2 weeks then you will be removed from the group.
  • You don’t have to have seen Freak Show but before joining at least read the summary and plot of the season.
  • This verse will contain very heavy, triggering topics. So please if you are accepted tag your triggers.
  • When writing threads or posting in the verse please tag it as v. oddities 
Submission form
  • Mun’s name, age, timezone:
  • Muse’s name, age:
  • Deformity/Condition/Ability:
  • A short bio about your character (about half a paragraph or more): 

    (Example: Latyor Alersson is the founder and ringleader of the show. Born with ear malformation, making them extra long and pointed. This caused teasing among his peers through his youth and he tried to cut them off at some point. However as time went on he came to see the malformation as a blessing and accepted them as a part of him.

    Later on in his life he became fascinated with freaks and freak shows and felt empathy for them, he wanted to help freaks who weren’t in shows so he started his own.)
Submit your apps here x
Open Slots (Keeping the number of participants to 12)
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Stay away from Thea.
– No, I… I can’t.
She’s not safe when she’s around you. I’m not sure anybody is when you lose yourself to this rage. You love her. And that’s why you’re going to do what I’m asking.

Another magnificent performance by Debnam-Carey in the latest episode of CW’s The 100. The actress shines on screen as she receives the well-aimed splash of saliva on the left side of her perfectly shaped face. She keeps a stoic posture as she gets called a “bitch” by her on-screen love-interest, Clarke Griffin (actress Eliza Taylor). The drama continues.
—  about Alycia Debnam-Carey in 3x02, Wanheda (2)

@poshcy​ There are 2 things I love!

1. the Lord Jesus Christ



okay okay okay, so right after BTS debuted (2 years ago) Namjoon and Yoongi got invited to this radio show’s 1st anniversary thingie, where the MC interviewed them along with a few other underground rappers including this FUCKO named B-Free.

here’s a pic: 

look at this dick ^^^ (why’s he wearing glasses inside a coffee shop??)

okay, anyways, so everything is going great. Real fun, real interesting, then B-free notices how many BTS fans are in the audience and things. GET. HEATED.

so this other guy and Namjoon are talking about BTS’ album (the first one, O!RUL8,2?) and the dude goes “would you consider it to be hip hop?” and Namjoon is like “yeah” and dude goes “hip hop is more of an attitude, I’d say your album is just rap” and then B-free goes “not even that, its just an album with rap in it” 


and so Namjoon is all like “yikes!” but just trudges forward, explaining how he totally gets what they’re saying (he’s being super duper respectful here) and how he used to be an underground rapper like them and he’s trying to balance out the rap and hip hop in their genre and style. 

then the conversation shifts and the MC goes “so how do you feel when you put on make up for a show?” and the word he uses for make-up (boonjang) means like disguise but then B-FREE OUR FAVORITE DICK FACE goes: “no that’s not boonjang! that’s “yeojang”!” (which is when males disguise themselves as females) 😑😑😑😑


(look at Yoongi!)

(he is killing this JERK-OFF in his mind!!) 😑😑😑

Okay now Namjoon is still being a little sweetie and Yoongi is like “yeah Imma let you have this leader” so Namjoon says that he’s still uncomfortable with wearing make-up and understands why the underground scene would make fun of idols for wearing it, but he also understands the kpop industry and knows why he has to wear it (good bby) 😊😊😊


he calls out Namjoon for being two-faced. Saying stuff like “So what is it you want to do really?…If you say its awkward and you don’t like it, then why are you doing it? and what do you want to do?” 

and while B-Free is just WAILIN’ (Whalien 52, buy on iTunes support our boys ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ) on BTS, Yoongi reaches for his mic and there’s this cute exchange where Namjoon gives his hyung his mic since Yoongi’s isn’t working 






its actually pretty mild, Yoongi is super polite but super direct and just lets B-Free know that he just wanted to be able to reach out to as many people as he could with his music (he includes Namjoon in this wish as well).
He talks about wanting to be a sort of bridge between the kpop industry and underground hip hop rapper scene. 
He then talks a bit about his experiences as an underground rapper and producer and how he experienced a lot of hardships in Daegu and how it was really tough BUT THEN B-FUCK OFF INTERRUPTS AND GOES: 

“Oh so you went to Seoul because you didn’t want to experience any hardships?” 

(I’m him ^^^)

Yoongi continues to be very polite even though he’s obviously ruffled and he goes: “No I came to Seoul cuz I wanted to continue to do music with my hyungs and because I wanted to gain recognition” 

and B-Free once again interrupts and goes “So its just about money?”
(really dude? 😒😒😒 bad taste) 

and Yoongi is like “no” he says he’s happy to have a broader audience that he can affect with his music and he’s very very grateful. 

After this things get even more heated (can you believe it??) because B-Free won’t shut up (he’s being super rude! Leading pointless conversations on a radio show that he’s a guest on) and B-Free asks the boys how Bangtan became Bangtan. 

Then Namjoon–god bless him–goes on this boring as shit ramble about how the group was just a hip hop group with no dancing but it got messed around until it became the BTS we know and love today and THEN


B-FREE GOES: “…You know, like SUGA said before about how he faced hardships and that he couldn’t make a dime, well, that was the case for all of us too. It’s like that for everyone, but the difference is, are you able to withstand it until the end…? I just feel like you and I are people who could have been walking the same path, but you weren’t able to resist the temptation.” 



Then Yoongi goes (god bless him) 

“I don’t really understand what you mean by temptation.” 

You can tell he’s pissed. EVERY ONE KNOWS



Like, brah, B-Free, be free and  let it go

So the host is like trying to get everyone to chill out and tries to change the topic but B-FUCK is like “I’MMA LET YOU FINISH BUT–” and then he’s going on some thing about BTS using the backtrack of Kanye’s song Black Skinhead and rapping over the original lyrics and how disrespectful that is. 

And Namjoon just kinda goes “well the lyrics were really R-rated so we had to change em so that it’d be appropriate for our fans and it was only used as background music for our dance” But B-Free isn’t having it.

And if I’m being honest, I don’t really get it…but like, does B-Free need to be antagonizing these two boys on this radio show in front of people like??? Cool your jets man! 

Originally posted by animatedtext

By this time the MC finally gets B-Free to SHUT UP and things move on and the radio show closes up…


If you’d like to watch a video of it in English here ya go! x 👈👈👈

So anyways after this, everyone goes home BUT B-FREE IS STILL NOT DONE! Boy still has shit to say!

A bunch of angry fans start tweeting B-Free about how disrespectful he was and he just goes: “Truly bless to have come from nothing and have people talking about me. only makes me want to work harder and make better music and maybe i can be a better person in the process. i just make fun of things from a perspective where if a man wears make up and dance like lady gaga, i just meant to make fun and that’s it.”


Originally posted by fiercegifs



Then he goes on to tweet some cheeky shit about how he’s getting so much attention and how these fans need to chill and find themselves a boyfriend

He also posts this picture:

“calm down…” targeting BTS fans who were at the radio show 

Obviously someone is having some jealousy issues here, like: YIKES

The best part is, is that BANG PD makes this tweet: 

“I think that speaking what’s on your mind is the basic attitude of hip hop. But no matter what the genre, shouldn’t you know when the time or place is or isn’t appropriate? It was another’s party to celebrate their one-year anniversary. If you can’t keep what you have to say to yourself, wouldn’t it be better to not come on?” 

Yessssss! 👏 Get 👏 him 👏 DAD! 👏

Namjoon just so happens to drop this “TOTALLY UNRELATED TRACK” about people not taking idol rappers seriously…like okay, sure Joonie, you’re not just trying to roast B-Free, sure…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

here it is: x

And here are some of my fav lyrics: 

-Yeah I’m a fucking monster idol. young fans hate me cuz I’m a fucking monster. Hip hop fans also hate me cuz I’m a fucking idol rapper who can’t come to their concert

-Doing music that I wanted to do, being able to say the things I’ve wanted to say, the moment I waited for, the fact that I can attain the dream I was desperate for

-I’ve included here the thoughts of mine, of someone who’s just had a lot on his mind and has been craving for something




Y’all know Cypher Pt. 2 right? Did y’all hear Yoongi’s verse? Did you know it was basically signed: “To: B-Fucko, Sincerely: Min Suga”? No? Well now you do!

Here’s the song we all know and love: 🙌

And here’s Yoongi’s verse: 

My domain is dopeman.com, scolded many with a mic
Speech and action are like shackles,
my crime is assault with my tongue
You’re so bad ever since you were born
If you’re gonna whine about this beat, just leave
Look at the arrogance of the hip-hop con artists
When you were playing underground,
BTS was playing at ground level

Compared to you who sleeps all night,
I’m a workaholic, shoppaholic

Overspending on my pens that are more in number than
your fans, if I go all in and shoot, it’s a goal in
Goal in, I’m ballin
, when I hear your rap,
I’m about to throw up
My voice even bewitches your girlfriend
The studio is my playground,
my partner is a pen and paper

You think being escorted makes you powerful,
I hope you put down your mic
If I’m the sun, you’re the moon,
because when I rise, you go down
All you hip-hip designer brand bastards,
come down from the foamy bubbles
Hey you brats, your crappy rap is a burden to others

Take a break and wait, just go to Hawaii, go home**
See how far I go, all the rotten roots will be replaced
Everyone, let’s play a game,
without efforts, you’ll just be grieving
You think you can do music?
Just go look for a part-time job*

Although your short and thin career
will get you nowhere I hope you survive,
keep rotting away, that’s your label

Your life is like a mudfish, your rap is recycled
You save up and divide up the flow,
write it up and use it again
Hey beat, know that you’re embarrassing,
just with 24 measures, you lay down sick
Compared to your size, your rap is so thin
Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you
I’ll put a period at the artery of your music career

(I bolded the parts that matched up with the topics that were discussed at the radio show and the shit B-Free was throwing at the boys) 
*B-Free mentions during the interview that he currently had a part time job to help pay his bills or something and I thought that this line drove home the point that Yoongi was rapping with B-Free in mind…

EDIT: **
Omg! The most helpful anon helped me come to this realization! I knew that B-Free was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and then moved to Seoul to pursue a music career buT IT DIDN’T CLICK UNTIL RIGHT FUCKING NOW THAT OUR GOD MIN SUGA PUT THAT IN HIS SONG! Like if you were kind of on the fence of “hmmm maybe Yoongi’s verse in Cypher Pt. 2 is about B-Free maybe noooot.” NOW THERE IS NO EXCUSE! Yoongi made DEAD SURE everyone knew who he was dissing on! 
Holy CRAP! What a brave and smart move! Yikes! 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

So that there my friends is the tale of B-Free and our BTS boys…

But wait!

There’s more!

Just recently our favorite fuck-off, B-free made some tweets regarding his past behavior (I’m honestly surprised this guy is still relevant like ???) 

so we’re like: “cool…thanks I guess? I mean you’re still an ass-hat, but sure.”
(also this was right after BTS got major worldwide with HYYD2 like, how convenient you felt remorseful right about now…) 😒😒😒


When pressed by Army’s to properly apologize to BTS he goes: 

(oh wait, there’s more!) 

(to be fair, Army didn’t need to be antagonizing him like this, like yeah, let him do his thing wtv–idk when he was gonna see BTS next time, but if he wanted to do it face to face, let him do it face to face…no reason to ride his ass about it…
but from a totally biased point of view…DRAG HIS ASS!!

And then, our mighty hero (who had so much wonderful character development in the last like 3 hours) takes his last breath, and falls: 

Good heavens what a piece of work

And that my friends, family, country-men is the full story! (as I know it) 

Will we get a response from BTS?
Will Namjoon release another song thats-not-about-B-Free-but-totally-about-B-Free-at-the-same-time?
Will Our Lord And Savior Min Yoongi finally rid this world of the scum that is B-Free? 



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Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series (How to Get Away with Murder)

Thank you, SAG-AFTRA, for this award. You know, there’s a famous saying that ‘I am not who you think I am. You are who you think I am.’ I think about that because people are always saying, 'Wow, Annalise is an anti-hero. Don’t you worry she’s not likable? Don’t you worry that she’s not a mentor? And I always think: Why do I have to be a hero? Why do you have to like me? Why do I have to be a mentor? My job as an actor is to create a human being to the best of my ability. Flawed, messy, maybe not always likable. Maybe not cute. But it is my job and I do it to the best of my ability and I get so much joy out of being an actor. I thank all my fellow actors on How to Get Away With Murder. It is such a fabulous young cast. It has been the joy, pleasure of my life. Thank you so much. – Viola Davis (x)

Saitama and Genos Spoilers from the 2nd One Punch Man DVD Bundle

In the OVA, Saitama apparently invited Genos to join him in a public bathhouse. Japanese twitter users are wondering why would Saitama want to spend extra money to go to a public bath house when there’s a bathtub at home? If he wanted to conserve energy and save money, he would still have to pay for the public bath so…why…? Speculation concludes that he wanted to go because he wanted to take a bath with Genos LOL

Also, Genos’ character song is apparently very deep and moving (probably talking about his past) but because Saitama-sensei is here now, he is happy. Oh, one more thing– the Drama CD is like a standard BLCD LOL. While it’s pretty obvious that the only thing Genos thinks about is Saitama, in return, Saitama thinks a lot about Genos too so…

I’ll get my DVD tomorrow (1/29 in Japan), so I’ll be able to translate all of this properly then! BUT OMG THE SAIGENOS. SAITAMA HAS NO CHILL INVITING GENOS TO FESTIVALS AND PUBLIC BATHS GDI

We don’t give advices to each other. We do monitor each other’s performance, but since we do not have much experience (in acting), we tend to have thoughts like “who am i to give advices”. We cheer a lot for each other instead. We tend to say things like “ah you did really well in that scene"or "Be careful when you film on set, don’t get injured” a lot. More than anything, not just me, but all of our members has experience in acting, we know very well the difficulties faced on set. That’s why we comfort each other. Practicing and going through script lines with the members….. i for one am not able to do that. (laughs) It just feels too funny and awkward.
Aaron Butterfield’s Article

So, Aaron Butterfield’s article is up, and it’s sufficiently researched and not a shitty mockery of Larries. That’s amazing! I enjoyed reading an outsider’s perspective. 

But I also want to point a few things out as food for thought when people are considering the significance of this article:

  • Breatheheavy.com is a celebrity news site, yes, but it’s a Britney-centric one that houses the largest online Britney Spears image gallery, so it’s one step up from a fan site
  • Aaron works for Attitude magazine as a copy editor, which is a perfectly respectable journalism profession, but he is not a contributor on the Attitude website, and the article was not published on Attitude.com. 
  • Breatheheavy.com is a much smaller site than Inquisitr. Breatheheavy.com has approximately 89,000 facebook likes and 28,000 Twitter followers. In comparison, Inquisitr has almost 2 million facebook likes and 54,000 Twitter followers. The wider impact of the article as published on breatheheavy.com is not significant. 

So while it’s awesome people outside of fandom in the journalism industry have started to take note of the bullshit surrounding this band and are motivated to write and publish an article about it, the impact of this is not that great outside of our fandom, at this point in time as published on this site.

That does not mean you should dismiss the article or decide not to tweet Aaron your gratitude and praise. Just bear in mind the reach of this article is not that great.