i get so many compliments on this bag

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-slides in- So how about some headcanons for what the horror bros would do when they first get to the surface???

*dramatic gasp* what is someone as cool as you doing in my askbox of all places???????? seriously that ficlet you did for UF!Sans cheating on his partner with his soulmate FUCKED ME UP

also @funsizedkola your ask is pretty much identical so I will be answering it here if that okay 

Some generic headcanons: The transition is obviously not as smooth for the horrortale denizens as it is for the others AUs. I think the cannibalism thing could potentially be overlooked (it was a desperate situation and we’ve been known to overlook this thing before) but layering a basic prejudice against monsters with their general mental instability…….yeah, its a bit of a mess.

Many of the monsters end up either dead or contained simply because they are too violent, but a surprising number of them do make a genuine attempt towards reintegration, even getting the help they need. Its not perfect. But its a life.


-Refuses to go to therapy or seek any kind of professional help. “don’t need anyone poking around in my skull ‘cept me” he said when Aliza brought it up. Fingering the massive hole in his head as if to prove his point.

-Probably transitions the easiest out of all of them, if only because he doesn’t expect to be welcomed. At the same time he is constantly ready for a rest and so never fully lets himself relax into Surface life until years later.

-Doesn’t go back to work at a lab or even open a hot dog stand. too many loaded memories in all of it. He spends most of his time at home. Reading when he’s feeling lucid enough for it. Staring off into space when he isn’t.

-Oddly enough I can see him spending a lot of time at a Mcdonalds???? I think just something about buying shitty cheap food and holing up in a corner booth for a few hours with a laptop would make him feel remarkably like his old self. One of the few places where he doesn’t attract too many stares and where the only interactions he has to have are ordering food. The staff gets to know him on sight and introduce him to the McGangBanger. (oh gods, a romance between Axe and a Mcdonalds cashier would be super cute actually……I might write that….)


-Has a hard time making friends but he’s just so genuinely friendly he can’t help but turn a few people over to his side. Where he really shines to short little interactions, how he gushed about the dish he was plannning to make to the lady who bagged his groceries. His beaming compliments to the guy who made his coffee. Little stuff that slowly gets people to see past his appearance

-He cries the first time he walks into a supermarket. Like, full meltdown cries. He hasn’t seen that much food in so long.

-Loves the Food Network, he and Axe binge watch it on nights when neither of them can sleep. 

-Kids love him. More specifically, they love to climb him. Can you blame them? He looks like a friendly white tree.It freaks the parents out when they find their little angels scaling a tall-ass skeleton with stained broken teeth but its fun while it lasts

Massage - Part One

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: none for this part!

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Notes: Sorry I haven’t been around much, guys! Life has been a bit hectic lately. As always, I appreciate the feedback. :D  Love you all!

Part One

I never thought being a physical therapist would put me in situations like the one I was in right now. Heck, despite my smart mouth and all the trouble I got into, I’d managed to successfully get a degree in physical therapy and a good job by the age of 26. I was good at it too.

That meant, however, I was always on the clock. In order to get my name out there, I would accept cases outside my work hours. I would go to people’s houses, places they worked at, you named it. Whatever emergency they had, my patients could always count on me.

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So at Jaxcon I carried around your Father of Murder Jr. bag for my photo ops tickets /slash purse. Not only did I get a ton of compliments but it started so many conversations (a lot with volunteers) about "how much I love Scout's work". I was looking at some stuff when someone said 'oh hey, they are selling her stuff over there'. So I wandered 'over there' and found the table with not only your stuff but the Angel Blade hair sticks. I ended up talking about your art as much as SPN at the con!


not that many years ago, after a lot of rejection from art communities, i was really intimidated to put my stuff out there to such a big audience. and now i get the chance to read something like this


this is so cool. you’re all cool. the coolest.

and yeah, a little bit of what i’ve got will travel around without me throughout the con circuit with zerbe! i just bring the ol’ books to the table. c:

Anonymous said:

SCOUT. Ok. Did u ever watch NCIS? Seasonal 2, ep 12. Our favorite Chuck plays a shit head lobbyist. And it’s on TV now and I’m cackling bc this episode was 12 years ago, and he’s such a babyface!

omg i have not seen that but like

at nashcon i should run into the r2m panel real quick and ask a question and just say

“hi. i’ve never seen supernatural but i’m a huge fan of NCIS. rob–actually, you’re my favorite character. i remember season 2 episode 12 like it was yesterday. i’ve never seen someone sell the shithead lobbyist role so well. can you tell us what you did to prepare for that?”


So here are a lot of pictures of me at Bristol Ren Faire in my lovely new dress! I got quite a few compliments on the dress and the Jaspers bag, and was called a “lovely lady” so many times I was split between wanting to float away or to hide under my own skirt.

I have more pics of the actual faire (lots of pretty clothes and and faeries), so I’ll post them after I get some sleep.

If you want to read about my day at the Faire, it’s here!

Being Yourself

Everyone needs that boost of self esteem especially when your a teen. It’s when you have some faith in yourself and show the world your natural beauty. You are a firework. Explosive, dangerous, beautiful.

I know that we’ve all seen photos with models without makeup on and it’s been a bit of a downer but you have to remember they get paid to look like that. What you have to remind yourself is that you are beautiful and so is everyone around you. Work on your inner beauty, a well nourished and loved body will shine straight through and illuminate.

Let your hair down. Keep it natural, don’t curl it, don’t straighten it. At least try it for a week, see how many compliments you get. You will become less stress free as it will flow naturally. You won’t have to worry about it looking bad because you know it’s a part of who you are and that it will always be beautiful. And, it will be extra good for your hair. Nobody likes split ends or handfuls of hair. Nobody.

Try not to use your makeup bag that you have, don’t use anything out of it. I know that it may be hard to accept but  your body shouldn’t be getting use to makeup yet as your skin is too young. So, don’t use it, don’t use it for school, don’t use it to impress people; just let your skin be free. It will make it a lot softer and less oily. If you’re thinking, ‘NOOO the world will see my face!!’, try to just use make-up for fancier occasions and not for school. 

You need to have your own style, don’t copy other people. Everyone has their individual preferences and style. No one should be judging you because you wear what you want to wear. Either it be skirts or tracksuits, it shouldn’t matter because that’s what you feel comfortable in.

Show your true personality to all those that you meet. You have the ability to be nice to everyone as well as the ability to be rude to anyone. Always try to be kind, that reflects true beauty, however if the person calls for it be a badass bitch to that she-devil, that will reflect a strong character. 

Do what you want. If you want to give someone (that deserves it) a piece of your mind, give it to them. If you don’t want to sit with the same people at lunch, don’t! Do something to make you feel better about yourself, because when you feel good and know how beautiful you are everyone will see it as well. 

Xo Tara

You know what I absolutely love about Valentine’s Day? I get chocolate in my own weight from the fans and they’re all so delicious. I can’t even zip my ‘Keep away from Niall’ bag from how many I got this year. Before you all start asking about sharing, you must give me a real good compliment if you want one of my chocolates.