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Hey cutie! Could you please do The8 from friends to lovers, if you have time. I love him so much so I would be super happy if you could do this request ❤❤

of course i can!!! and thank you for the other messages you’ve sent me cheering me on,,i have them all saved mwah~~
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  • you guys became friends after an argument,,,,,,,,,literally,,,,,,,
  • there was only one popsicle in your favorite flavor left at the 7/11 and you most certAINLY weren’t going to give it up to this random,,,tall,,,,,,,skinny boy,,,,,,,,
  • and the8 was glaring daggers back at you because his hand was already on the treat
  • and you’d tried to reason that you’d been in the store longer,,,,,,while the8 explained that his hand touched the popsicle first
  • and you guys could have literally stood there for the next hour,,,,but thankfully fifteen minutes later the manager came by and took the popsicle and dropped in the hands of a kid waiting near the counter
  • and before you or the8 could as much as speak, the kid was already unwrapping it and taking his first bite
  • that episode ended up with you and the8 standing outside if the 7/11,,,,,,,without popsicles,,,,,,,,,pouting simultaneously 
  • you both blamed the other person and left pissed,,,,,,,only to find each other again the next evening in the same 7/11,,,,,,,,
  • and basically this became a habit,,,,,,,you and the8 seeing each other in this grocery store and always getting into a little argument over cereal brands or soda preferences 
  • until it just became playful sarcastic banter and ,,,, you two actually started enjoying seeing each other,,,,,,,to the point where,,,maybe you weren’t 7/11 enemies but you know,,,,,,,,friends
  • and ok so maybe a couple of times you guys even walked home together from the 7/11,,,maybe bought some snacks together from street vendors,,,,,,,,maybe exchanged numbers,,,,,,,,,
  • ok you guys are friends LOL even if sometimes the8 teases you when you ask for bites of his food and he’s like oH are we buddies now??? and you’re like b OY you snapchatted me like an hour ago to invite me to hangout with you yes we’re friends now give me your food-
  • but one day you bump into the8 on a day where you didn’t plan to hangout together but,,,,,,you know he comes over to you and you’re in the supermarket looking confusingly at vegetables and the8 is like ruffling your hair and asking you whats up
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,i have to cook something,,,,,my friends sick and i want to make him soup but,,,,,,,idk,,,,,,,how to do that,,,,,,
  • and the8 raises an eyebrow and is like “him? friend? boyfriend?” and you’re like LOL no,,,,,,,,i wISH,,,,,,but yeah no can you put eggplants into a soup-”
  • but before you can pick up anything, the8 puts his hand over yours and is like “ill help you. no need to ask, i can see the desperation in your face” and you’re like heY DONT make fun of me rn,,, and he just smirks and takes your basket and starts filling it up with all these ingredients as you follow him around
  • and you ask him what this and that is and he’s like don’t worry, i know what im doing. trust me
  • and you don’t know,,,,,,how much you can,,,,,but the8 might be more helpful than a recipe off the internet so when you guys buy everything you invite him over
  • and for a moment,,,,,you don’t catch it,,,,,but the8 clears his throat with nervousness because,,,,well honestly this is his first time over at your place like this,,,,,, but he puts on a cool face and is like ok ok where’s your kitchen
  • and it’s cute,,,,,he makes some comment on how it’s a little messy but he expects it from you and you’re like HEY AGAIN WITH THE TEASING and he just laughs and you’re watching him,,,,,,,prepare everything like some kind of pro
  • and he’s got his sleeves rolled up as he’s dicing vegetables and he looks,,,really handsome and you’re like no no no whaT are you thinking this is the boy who has embarrassing nicknames for you and you get into petty arguments with him,,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,
  • and you look to see his concentrated gaze, how lean but still athletically built he is and you’re like oh ,,,,, oh no
  • and suddenly the8 is like “napkin,,,,can you hand me one,,,im sweating -” and you’re like oH right!!! and you get some from a shelf and come over carefully, dabbing at the sweat above his eyebrows
  • and the8 freezes because,,,,this is the first time you’ve touched him like this,,,,and before you know it your eyes meet and you stop too and ,,,,,,the8 is looking at you,,,,,intensely,,,,,and you can feel your cheeks heat up but you can’t???? look away either???? it’s like a spell is cast over you too
  • and the8′s vision flickers down to your lips than back to your eyes
  • and it’s like a scene out of a movie,,,,he puts down the knife he’s using for chopping and you put down the napkin and he’s suddenly so close,,,close enough for you to feel his breathing on your skin and,,,,,,,,then it’s like this situation calls for only one action,,,,,and when his lips settle on yours,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • it feels like the kitchen and the world has melt away
  • and ,,,,,,,,,, who knew about all this tension,,,,, between you two but also this ,,,,emotional attachment you two had grown and didn’t even know about,,,,,
  • but when the8 pulls back and you’re both staring at each other again you’re like ,,,, stuttering over your words but trying to say you need to hurry up you told your friend you’d come over by 8
  • and the8,,,,,in the most serious tone goes “ill go with you.” and you’re like ??!???? why,,,,,and he’s like “i don’t want you taking care of another man, ill help you out so he knows you’re just being a good friend.”
  • you want to roll your eyes,,,,,but also the words make you feel excited and you poke the8′s back as he’s cooking again and you’re like ,,,,,, “hey,,,,,,,,does that mean you’re the man i can take care of?~~” and he’s like HA i think you’d just make me more si-” but before he finishes he turns to see you pouting again and he pulls you into another hug and is like im joking, of course from now on : only take care of me, and ill only take care of you.” 
can i call you lils?

James has a little too much to drink, but someone lets him near his phone anyway. But maybe it was for the best. 

In which i am projecting my emotions and behaviours onto both James and Lily. I have done like 87% of this with various crushes over my lifetime. I am Embarrassing.

For the lovely @dearestdarling-dead and the wonderful @prongsno who already know about this fic :))))))) 

James / Lily

*bloop* Lily’s phone went off. *bloop* *bloop* *bloop* She glanced at the clock, it was 2 in the morning what was that boy playing at. This is what she got for leaving her phone on loud. This was Mary’s fault. Talking about how she had a special text tone for Sirius. It was cute when she did it. But Lily wasn’t dating James. Why did she have a special text tone for him. It was creepy. He was just a dumb crush.

Lily rolled over and closed her eyes, willing herself to sleep. But it was too late. Curiosity pulled at her hands. What was James Potter texting her at two in the morning.

She unlocked her phone. Four messages showed at the top of the screen.

James Potter 👨‍🎓✨:

“Lils… I love you”




Lilly practically dropped her phone and rolled over burying her face in her pillow. Her cheeks burned. WHAT !!!!!! This is a dream right. She didn’t actually just read that.

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author’s note: hi yeah sorry for re-uploading this. switched blogs. 

  • meet vernon, or by his korean name, hansol
  • so he was born in new york for a few years until he moved back to korea where the rest of his father’s family resided
  • unfortunately, due to his bi-racial ancestry he was often ostracized by the other kids
  • many of them called him rude slurs with little knowledge of what it all meant
  • they even made fun of his appearance
  • often questioning why he looked so different from them
  • this kind of treatment made him stand out in a way that he hated and as he grew older he developed an apathetic approach to it all
  • instead of letting them bully him, he fought back
  • often with words or fists
  • and from those altercations, he was sent to the office…. a lot
  • always reprimanded and told to do better, he really began to dislike school so he ended up ditching a lot
  • his parents weren’t quite sure what to do with him and actually considered moving back to the states and they did for a few years until vernon decided to move back for college
  • he did exceptionally well in the u.s. but still had the same indifferent attitude to anything else but his family and music
  • for him, music became an outlet
  • it allowed him to express himself freely without the backlash of others telling him what he did was wrong and that he didn’t belong bc for once he did belong
  • by the time he reached college, he dyed his hair black bc he was sick of the blond jokes and eventually he discovered the underground rap battle scene thanks to his classmate mingyu who later introduced him to his bff wonwoo and then seungcheol
  • the four of them hung out a LOT bc of their love for music and formed a mini rap group after they composed and wrote a song together
  • it was a mini cypher about their hardships and it turned out so effin’ good that seungcheol managed to get them a slot at the underground rap showcase
  • (this differs only bc you show what you got then participate in battles lw like an audition bc the people decide)
  • and well they made it
  • everyone thought the cypher was a hit and a bop
  • for once…. vernon felt accepted
  • he’s happier now with his friends but his reputation still speaks for him sometimes and on those occasions he’s grown not to care so much
  • a lot of the times he’ll stay in the music practice room just jamming out
  • especially if he’s created something that he really wants to share with the rest of the guys
  • bc you see he’s still trying to get comfortable with everyone else
  • trying to keep his place among them
  • bc he’s developed this idea that if he isn’t good enough then they’ll leave or forget about him or something cuz he’s not fully korean or fully american he’s in an odd in between where he has no other place to go other than that middle
  • bc he practices a lot in the music room, he’s there a lot
  • you notice this the times you’re passing between the music wing
  • of course, you don’t say anything or attempt to go inside since you really have no reason to but there’s something about him that really catches your eye
  • maybe it’s the way his eyes are close and he’s spewing words that you can’t hear
  • but the way he mouths come flows so smoothly and eloquently, you’re really tempted to listen
  • and plus he’s so freaking beautiful like jfc
  • the strong jawline and beautifully smooth features
  • once you saw his eyes open and they looked like so sad… so somber and so deeply filled with unspoken emotion that you actually wished to get to know him
  • but again too scared
  • so ur friend needs to use the practice room but she’s wayyyyy too scared to talk to vernon and ask
  • so she’s asks you to do it bc you’re usually brave and courageous
  • like you’re no stranger to calling someone out when they’re being an asshole
  • or how you kneed someone in the groin when that person got a lil (ok a lot) and then you ran off with the rest of your friends after that
  • so overall you’re a badass ok
  • and she needs you to do her this solid
  • so you’re like ‘ok yknow what it won’t hurt whateves’
  • that day as youre approaching the practice room, you peer inside to see him at the piano and you’re like ??? bc every time you’ve seen him he’s at least on the stage or somethin
  • and you knock softly and see him stir just a lil but he kinda ignores you bc he’s jammin (in reality he’s actually working on the melody for this new song on his bi-racial ancestry)
  • and man you end up going inside bc you’re friend starts texting you and you feel hella bad about making her wait and interrupting him
  • so once you go inside, he turns to look over at you and you almost freeze
  • almost
  • because he just looks at you with curiosity and confusion bc “??? cute person why are they in here???”
  • can i just drop in that vernon’s actually really shy with girls
  • like you’d think he’s a fuckboy or somethin but NOPE
  • he’s just a lil pink in the cheeks and you kinda stutter like “u-uh hi um my friend really needs to use the practice room and it’s her time and and and yeah sorry thatsongisreallyprettybtw”
  • and he gets a lil embarrassed and omg it’s really cute bc he’s supposed to be a bad boy
  • but this bad ass is just really flustered that you actually talked to him
  • cuz ngl he’s seen you once or twice in passing but he’s never been brave enough to wave or smile at you and it’s just- wow he never thought he’d have the chance to
  • and it kinda registers in his brain that you liked his playing and he goes “oh -um- thank you!” before he just leaves and you’re not sure how to feel or to make of the whole thing but man he’s so freakin attractive with his lw rough voice and you just think about him even more than you already did
  • it isn’t until maybe another week or two when you guys interact but that’s only cuz he stopped in during your session in the practice room with your friend cuz she told you she’d teach you and thinks to himself ‘wow they’re so cute and not too bad for a beginner’
  • and then you squeak a lil seeing him bc he chuckles when you mess up a lil and he’s like “sorry but you’re time’s up” and you and ur friend get embarrassed and apologize
  • he’s look straight at u he says “it’s ok see u around”
  • indeed he does bc one day when he gets especially upset bc someone in his history class starts shitting on bi-racial people and he gets so mad that he doesn’t bother fighting him he just up and leaves
  • instead of going to the practice room, he makes it about halfway near one of your classroom buildings for like cultural studies (so you know how marginalized anyone that isn’t korean is in korea and it upsets u literally anything about cultural and systematic racism sets in a raging tizzy where you will educate anyone that tries to spew hate)
  • and you see him
  • you see how he’s on the verge of frustrated tears and he nearly punches a hole in the wall when you say ‘fuck it i’ma ask him if he’s good’ and you approach him carefully
  • “heyy, you ok?”
  • and he blinks in surprise and looks at you and he actually forgets to feel shy bc he shakes his head but he doesn’t tell you to leave so you take that as a sign to just y’know stay there and let him know that you’re there for him and if he needs to let off some venting steam then you’re all open ears like you dont care if you’re missing philosophy rn this guy needs someone
  • so he tells you everything and he seemingly lets you in on what that dude said and you get so upset WITH him and it make you really mad and you go on a hude tangent about how the inequality of others and systematic racism needs to be broken bc everyone’s a fucking human who deserves to be treated equal and he’s like… in awe
  • no one’s ever gotten that worked up on his behalf besides his parents so someone finally like acknowledging that makes him really glad that he talked to you
  • and you guys end up at a cafe, just talking about everything bc you want him to feel better and he starts to cuz you’re beginning to take his mind off his original upset and the peppermint hot cocoa you ordered for you two and he’s like
  • “i really want to repay you’
  • and you brush it off like “nah it’s no biggie”
  • but he’s like “no srsly pls like you really helped me i insist”
  • and ahhh you relent bc he’s looking at you with lw pouty puppy dog eyes and just wow you get accustomed to hanging out with vernon and eventually exchanging numbers and stuff
  • every time y’all go out he’ll be like “i got it” and ur like “but you got it last time” and he’s like “i haven’t repaid you yet”
  • and it goes on like this for some time when you’re like “verNON CMON WHEN HAVE YOU REPAID ME”
  • and he’s like ….never
  • and you huff so he laughs a lil and is like “ok how about this? i can teach you piano and we’ll call it even then”
  • and so he teaches you ho to play piano and it’s maybe the second or third session when you two are just laughing and playing notes when you both just turn to look at each other at a moment when it grows a lil quiet
  • and
  • you
  • guys
  • just
  • kiss
  • it’s so soft and chaste but it feels so nice and right and he pulls away with very pink cheeks and almost apologizes if it isn’t for you shushing him with a peck and you’re like “that… that was nice”
  • and he goes “can we… do that some more?”
  • that basically establishes your relationship bc you’re both constantly hanging around one another and it just feels right man. it just goes so well bc you understand him and that really makes him feel like he’ll never be able to repay you
  • (and he’s constantly being so supportive and sweet with you and on the occasion he can be a teasing lil shit by pretending he doesn’t hear you when he’s playing piano until you give him a kiss and just aw)
  • whenever he gets upset, he goes to you and his friends actually notice just how happy he’s been nowadays like there’s no longer this dark looming cloud over him and he’s beginning to grow more and more confident in his abilities bc of your encouragement and support
  • you should see how grateful seungcheol is for you and mingyu and wonwoo they are genuinely grateful for you supporting and lovin their homie
  • and ok so he shows you that one song that really represents the heartaches and hardships he faced growing up and you’re damn near in tears bc this man really felt ostracized from other kids and it makes you even more passionate about advocating for the tear down of systematic racism
  • and that’s when he just realizes just how much he loves you
  • gosh, he loves how whole you make him feel and he makes sure you know it
  • “i love you, you know that right?”
  • he suddenly says this during your piano lessons
  • and you blink but you casually say, “I know. i love you too”
  • and he just nuzzles your neck and his voice a lil deep and raspy and hah this leads to a lw heated make out sesh until you get kicked out by someone wanting to use the practice room next lmao
  • and so y’all go off to your room since your roommate is out
  • and y’all do some things ya feel like it’s not fast or rushed it’s quite sweet and passionate bc vernon really wants to please you and appreciate you bc a part of him is so freakin scared that you’re too good to be true and you might just disappear before his eyes
  • but you show him and make him understand that you’re there to stay
  • the moments after you do it, you kinda just lay there for a bit and cuddle bc luckily your roomie is like “i’ma be out for the night peaceeeee” and ok
  • back to laying with vernon you both just talk your lil hearts out bc it feels so right to air out any grievances and when he tells you his fears
  • you kiss his knuckles and look up at him and just say “i’m here and i will continue to be ok??”
  • and he just looks at you so lovingly and gratefully and he pulls you into a tight embrace and says “i don’t think i’ll ever be able to repay you…. ever”
  • and you smile and just KO like that
  • so remember that beautiful rap about his indifferences? well you convince him to perform it at the underground showcase
  • and for once
  • he does it
  • the crowd went WILD & the rest of the boys were like “OwO” bc it’s one of the first time they actually hear everything that’s vernon’s been stowing away and bc of you
  • oh glorious you
  • you help him open up more and find comfort in his friends and trust them bc they’re so effin supportive and so are you and gosh
  • he truly feels whole and at peace with his identity
  • and ok the swell of pride and happiness he has for you whenever someone wants to make an ignorant comment about him is always countered with your defensive lecture and sometimes he has to drag you away before you can completely annihilate their ignorant asses
  • and ahhh it’s just so effin beautiful
  • y’all are just the most supportive couple of one another and so down for each other
  • he never laughs if you mess up on a piano note and he kisses you and hugs you and keeps you safe
  • it’s so presh
  • even mingyu is like “(’’’’’’: i ship it” and i’m p sure we all do