i get really attached to bands


Tegan: This is my favorite song [hang on to the night] off our new record. When Sara sent it to me I tried to get her edit the lyrics and what’s really frustrating about being in a band with Sara for 20 years is that she pretty much has never done anything I asked her to do. But there was the lyric change I wanted in the chorus which she didn’t do. And then record came out. Almost immediately people online attached to the song, specifically people who were suffering from anxiety or people who have tough time and I was like, “Oh my god, I almost ruined Sara’s song”. And I wanted formally apologize, because now it’s my favorite song and when I sing the chorus I’m like, “Oh, it’s good. Almost fucked that up." [x]

I really hope fangirl doesn’t portray young female fans in a negative light, like we already have this stereotype attached to us which causes us and the bands we like not to get the respect we deserve, and I hope it gives more of a realistic light to how we actually are, like it’s not all screaming and crying over some guy in a band cause you wanna marry him (well sometimes it is I guess) but the music comes first. the music always comes first. that’s why we’re here in the first place.

It’s not even technically fall yet but I hate summer so much I’m really eager! I’ve been meaning to make this follow forever since I hit 5k, which was about a month ago, and now I’m FINALLY DOING IT i need to stop procrastinating

SO THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE BLOGS HERE!! You’re a big reason why my blog is the way it is and I love you and appreciate you and you all can talk to me whenever you want and I’d probably give you one of my kidneys if you asked (please don’t ask for one my kidneys I’m pretty attached to both of them)

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Let’s talk about twenty one pilots...

Let’s talk about Twenty One Pilots here for a second.
I think that the reason kids get so attached to this band is because they hear the music first. They hear how it goes from dark to happy ukulele and they can relate to that. Then they hear the lyrics. And the really attach themselves to them, because Tyler is so open about things. He sings about depression and suicidal thoughts and a lot of us know what thats like. Tyler makes things mean something to us and we realize that we can’t give up because there’s so many things that mean so much and we cant just give up on that.
…just my thoughts…

no offense but in my humble homo opinion i think the clique is turning out EXACTLY like the mcrmy because 21p are this band that like promises to save your life or some shit and they make really relatable music thats relatively universal so these insecure and very young and uneducated and vulnerable kids latch onto them because FINALLY someone who understands but they put the band on a pedestal and treat them like gods and kings and saviors and it just creates a SUPER violent and hostile environment because these kids get SO emotionally attached to the people and the music that when a fan (older usually) points out problems or fuck ups they take it as some kind of personal attack and feel the need to go down swinging trying to defend their faves. Like to the point where theyre willing to send death threats and hate and make people afraid of them because how DARE you say something I Dont Like about the band that SAVED MY LIFE. Which im not trying to rip on people who say that someones music saved them or something because i cant count to you how many times ive talked about how if mcr or panic didnt exist id be dead. Im just saying that these kids get really extra about it and take it to a whole new level. And honestly my advice to these kids, as someone whos been apart of the ~mcrmy~ and has had many years of experience in these sort of…. cult like bandoms. you have to realize that 21p did not save your life specifically. It was you. You saved your own life. You were the one who got up in the morning and lived life and faced the day, you were the one who accomplished that one Thing, you were the one who decided to not Do It (whatever your It may be) And 21p was just there to help you along the way. They were like a good friend cheering you on and giving you some tools to cope. But YOU were the one with the strength to help yourself and youve gotta understand that. So with that in mind you need to mentally bring josh and tyler down from their very high pedestals and treat them as what they are: human beings who fuck up and do and say problematic shit. Theyre grown men, i think they can handle constructive criticism. and if they cant well… maybe they shouldnt have gotten into this business. Because thats a very huge part of it. If youre 14 years old and in a literal tizzy because you think tylers going to have a mental breakdown over some 17 year olds on the internet sending him a couple tweets asking him why exactly he wouldnt tweet about the same sex marriage ruling, you need to caaaalllllmmmm down and realize you are a child and he is a GROWN ass man. Stop blowing this shit out of proportion. You act like people are sending him the kind of hate YOU SEND OTHERS. Which is ironic and hypocritical. Like… you get mad at people sending tyler criticism and blow it out of the water and call it deplorable hate so in response you????? send more hate????????? ok. ANYWAY the point im trying to make here is that ive been there done that. Ive seen this shit before and i know shit aalll too well. So please for the love of god take a lesson from me and dont get yourself almost fucking sent to jail over this band ive seen that shit happen in the mcrmy before where kids would send really fucked up hate and end up having their fucking IP’s tracked because they just so happened to fuck with the wrong person and they had the god damn police called on them. Take a breath and think before you hit send alright? 

Just. Dont take this the wrong way. Just take this as a seasoned bandom hoe passing down generations of knowledge down to less seasoned bandom babies. Dont become the exact shit that you hate.

have you ever get too attached to band member and you realised that you start to fall in love with them? When I mean ‘love’ it’s not the way fan love their Idol but it’s like you really fell in love with someone that knocked out your book at the first day of school dweublneihhvq



Ridiculous Booty Burn with Stretch Bands!

As you get stronger you will need to keep challenging yourself. One of the best ways to add resistance is with stretch bands! Legit, after I did just 8-10 of each move, I wanted to stop and take a break. This is the INTENSITY I want you to feel with Pilates!

1. Single leg butt raises x 10 ea side
2. Single leg butt pulses x 10 ea side
3. Hamstring curls x 10 ea side
4. Rainbow butts x 10 ea side

All I did with my Stretch Bands was tie them into mini loops on each end and attach it to my chair! Really so much you can do with these guys.

I’m doing a daily giveaway for stretch brands until July 1st if you repost the #journeytosplits image! All winners will be announced on @poppilatesofficial then.

If you want your own set now, you can get them on bit.ly/stretchbands - each comes with 3 levels of resistance!

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signs as ashton’s quotes

aries: apparently I had a boner in the acceptance video…

taurus: i wouldn’t like to kiss a kiwi fruit.

gemini: some people are sass monsters on twitter. like honey, you need to chill.

cancer: michael, you are YELLING.

leo: calum literally proposed to me when he asked me to be in the band. he got down on one knee. it was really romantic.

virgo: wearing green underwear today, i feel like a frog.

libra: this morning i ate a huge omelette and i don’t even like eggs.

scorpio: i am allergic to cats, the cat in ‘don’t stop’ was actually a very small fury human.

sagittarius: remember kids: don’t get emotionally attached to a band. you’ll get pregnant and die.

capricorn: i’m not dating anyone. i don’t even know where i am half of the time.

aquarius: i also dress up as a sexy fairy.

pisces: do i look like i know how to twerk? i’m a small blonde boy.