i get points for making 6 posters

Study tips part 1

Ok so I have gotten so many asks wanting study tips so I have come up with the best list I could think of. This is a fun list and I will include what I recommend you do and then what I actually do… I’m not the best person to take my own advice!

These tips aren’t gospel and they are just what works for me. 

1. Find a nice quite space to study

Find what’s best for you, do you like studying with a group? Do you like a nice quite library or do you prefer to study alone at your house? 

The library is great, it has internet, support, heat and so many sources available to you.  So many of my friends take advantage of the heating in the library, paying for heating as a student isn’t always something we can do so go where you can get warm and comfortable.

A study station with a group of people is my personal favourite. I like having a familiar place that I can return to everyday and is out of the house. This year 8 of us worked as a group asking each other questions or studying quietly, it’s nice to have the support there and it’s good to get out of the house.

Studying at my desk at home is the option I used to prefer. I liked being comfy at home in my pajamas eating loads of food and generally being a slob. I found that this eventually affected my mental health and made me feel horrible. I loved being able to be a slob but it wasn’t for me.

2. Eat!!

Eating is so important and it is often forgotten, it is vital to nourish yourself. You need to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is really important, remember you are wanting to nourish yourself but if you are running out of food or if you are feeling lazy and feeling that making breakfast seems like too much of an effort then just eat something, don’t go without food!!

3. Hydrate

You need water! You need so so much water, you probably think you are drinking enough but you aren’t, drink more!!! If you don’t like drinking water for some crazy reason then add some squash to water or try infusing your water with fruit to make it more appealing and tasty. Don’t replace water with juice, coffee, energy drinks or anything else, you need water!!!

4. Take notes

Make notes whatever way suits you, posters, cheat sheets, flash cards, using a dictaphone, drawing pictures, spider diagrams… there are so many options! I will make another post at some point about all the different types of notes I use. As the exam date draws closer my favourite option is posters. I use loads of different colours and A3 paper.Get yourself some nice stationary and paper and you will be more motivated to get work done

5. Take breaks

Don’t sit for hours at your desk, take some time to stretch your legs, move around, get fresh air and have a cup of tea or coffee! 

6. Exercise

Do some exercise, no matter how small it is really helpful. Exercise is important to use up the physical energy you usually use up moving around doing every day things. Sitting at a desk studying is exhausting mentally but not physically. It can be hard to sleep if you keep sitting still all day. Go to the gym, do some yoga, pilates, run, boxing, walking… do what you enjoy! 

7. Sleep

You need sleep to remember things, no matter how tempting it is to stay up a few extra hours and try get some more content covered. You need sleep to process the information you read and learned that day. Sleep is important!!