i get obsessed so easily

INTJ Confession #115

I hate getting obsessed with things so easily. Nobody else around me seems to care about the things I like, and it’s frustrating. While I don’t want to annoy anyone, I also feel like I’m gonna implode if I don’t get my thoughts out.

Obligatory fandom obsession spiral apology post

So…. Y’all may have noticed I kind of got on a RWBY kick.

If you have no idea what it is, hate it, or otherwise are displeased at the amount of rwby on your dash, I’m very sorry. Forgive me. I just missed this show desperately, and yes I know it has flaws and a lot of people hate it but dang it my husband and I are desperate for contact with anyone else who likes it and finding content for it helps keep us sane as we spend the week between eps theorizing our brains out as a distraction from homework.

So… sorry. I’ll go back and try to tag all the posts I have so far with ‘rwby’ so you can blacklist if you want.