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Started a Symphony Surrounding Me (Alex Standall x Reader)

A/n: This took a very long time for me to begin! I hope you like it!

@xbarrjallenx said: Hi, can you please do 11 and 26 with Alex? Thank you ☺

Word count: 405

#11: “You know this song?” (I modified this one just a tiny bit, hope it works and you like it!)) #26: “Date?”


Song: “This Time” by Jonathan Ryhs Myers. From the Motion Picture Soundtrack, August Rush (one of my all-time favorite movies!)

Summary: Alex wants to ask Y/N out. But there’s only one way he can think of doing. 90’s style.

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A sigh left her lips as she slipped off her backpack and shoes. Smiling as she felt her feet finally getting a chance to breath. But she didn’t have a chance to lay down on her comfy black and white bed.

The sound of music came outside her window. It was loud, obnoxious and raising her irritation levels. She stormed over to her window, ready to yell at whatever douche bag was trying to ruin her afternoon nap.

She swiftly lifted up her window only to stop in her mid yell, astonished. Below her stood her best friend Alex Standall. With a boom box next to him, and a sign above him, which read in his messy handwriting, Go out with me? A soft laugh escaped her lips. Tears brimmed her eyes as she recognized the song.  It was from her favorite movie, August Rush. It was a love song titled “This Time”. She quickly closed her window and raced down stairs.

She swung her front door open to find him already on her front porch. Alex looked scared, terrified even.

“So, date?” Alex asked with a hopefull glimpse in his eyes.

She nods her head quickly. A wide smile forms on his face. He brings her into a hug, almost crushing her. They pull apart after a few seconds. They go inside her house, it was getting awkward just standing on the front porch.

You knew that song?” She asked still bewildered. He nods at her.

“How?” She asks again.

“I’m very observant.” He replies. This cracks a big smile on her face.

They sit down on the couch and turn on the movie. She snuggled up into his side, and as the song came on, she softly sang along. She couldn’t believe it, her best friend was now her boyfriend and she couldn’t be happier.