i get more sarcastic as the year goes on

cinnamonrollsapphic  asked:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I'm a bit new to the book side of Tumblr and I'm trying to get to know the people that run my favourite blogs! @once-upon-a-book-nerd xx

Hey! <3

Um, well, I suck at this, but here goes nothing:

* I’m almost 28 years old
* I live in Romania
* I live with my boyfriend and 3 dogs and 2 cats 
* I obviously love books more than air
* I’ve had this blog for little over 2 years
* aside from reading, I love singing and playing World of Warcraft
* I consider chocolate a basic food group
* I’m occasionally funny and sarcastic 

That’s all I can think of, really. I’m not that interesting haha :)

Welcome to Booklr! <3

Hugs! <3

Ask me things :)