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For the ask game: DK! :)

thank you for the ask!! ^^

DK: which song has your favorite lyrics? why are they your favorite?

i really like the lyrics in “Can’t see the end” for some reason :) it just really hit me when i saw the lyrics. the constant state of uncertainty, being compared to floating and getting lost in space :)

When I open my eyes in bed
I still haven’t come out of my gravity defying dream
Is it morning? Is it night? I don’t even know

Seventeen Asks!

thoughts on the Elder Scrolls races


  •  V I K I N G S
  • probably eat nails for breakfast
  • without milk
  • seriously though these guys have some issues with people drinking milk
  • their fashion sense is basically strapping as many dead animals to themselves as they can
  • punch each other for funsies
  • resolve polictical conflict by via shouting contest


  • commonly called high elves because they’re so fucking tall
  • fab
  • superiority complex
  • do not engage in magical combat with them because you will lose
  • will not rest until they have complained about everything


  • smol
  • chillest of the elven races
  • outdoor enthusiasts
  • archery skills to rival legolas
  • won’t eat their vegetables


  • furry
  • Khajiit likes to speak about themselves in 3rd person
  • nomads
  • it’s not breaking the law if no one sees you doing it
  • their hands are their weapons. no seriously they got claws
  • their king is chosen by the moons. I’m serious


  • like building empires
  • not very good at running empires
  • rich bitches
  • still sad because they lost sir patrick steward and his son sean bean
  • slapfights with the altmer 24/7
  • longing for the day when they will get their shit together


  • Edgelords™
  • their eyes are red their skin is blue they’ll probably set fire to you
  • ghost whisperer(s)
  • their gods tend to hold grudges
  • seriously dont piss of their gods they will fuck you over
  • kind of in a bad place after most of their homeland literally exploded


  • politics
  • will sell you for one cornchip
  • kind of the elves’ unwanted bastard child
  • secretly really good at magic
  • don’t like their rural cousins in the Reach very much


  • will knock you on your butt
  • P I R A T E S
  • What’s that? You wanna invade their homeland? I’m sorry your authority isn’t recognized in Fort Kickass
  • wanna see a magic trick?
  • no
  • no they don’t


  • lizard
  • can breathe underwater
  • history of getting fucked over by the dunmer
  • tree huggers
  • i still dont understand why their women got tiddies. but they do
  • maids: lusty


  • mean green killing machines
  • literally trained from birth to hand your ass to you
  • isolate themselves a ot
  • not that they have to try because they get shit from literally everyone
  • master smiths
  • their god may be a bit of a dick sometimes but he looks out for his people
  • resting bitchface
It Ain’t Me: Part 7

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Genre: Angst

Words: 2.4 K

Part 6 | Part 8

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BTS REACTION to stranger pulling your bikini string


You were just standing there at the shore, holding Jin’s hand as you swung your hands together. You laughed as he made a weird face towards you, making you throw your head back. But just as you started to laugh, someone pulls at your bikini strap, making you gasp as you feel a slap on your ass. Jin’s whole entire face went red with anger as he pulled you towards him. He didn’t want to cause a whole scene, but when the stranger slapped your ass, it set a whole entire different aura in him. He tied your bikini strap back on you, before starting to yell and make a bigger scene than he intended. You would have to hold him back from attempting to punch someone.

“You think it’s funny?! Come on, I’ll show you what’s funny!”

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon


He wasn’t much for public affection, except for the times when you would kiss his cheek or softly rub his thigh as he sat there. It was rare for the both of you to leave the house for a date, but this time was different. Yoongi wanted to make your anniversary special and he knew how much you loved the beach. He nodded his head in approval when he saw your bikini, but just as you were about to walk towards him and get in the water with him, you felt your bikini strap come loose, making your eyes go even wider when you felt a slap on your ass. You heard a loud growl escape Yoongi’s mouth as you were quick to pick up your top from falling before anything showed. Yoongi wasn’t one to hold back during these kinds of things, and you immediately started to panic as you pushed at his chest, trying to make him calm down. You placed your hands on his cheeks, trying to distract him, as you kissed him roughly. He growled against your lips, pulling at your waist and kissing you deeper.

“You’re mine, and I’ll go through hell if I let him get away with that shit.”

Originally posted by professional-fangirling


His eyes were transfixed on you the whole time, staring at you with admiration. The way you looked in front of him was almost unbelieveable. You were his, and he felt so special to be standing there with you. You caught eyes with him as he stood far away from you at shore while you stayed in the water. He smiled, chuckling softly as you tried to splash the water in his direction, begging for him to come in. But just as he was starting to walk in, a guy came up behind you in the water and loosened your bikini strap, making you squeak in surprise as you caught your bikini before it could fall. Namjoon’s eyes went wide, before they quickly turned angry. He was pissed, to say the least. You quickly strapped your bikini back up, watching as Namjoon started to march his way towards the man. You knew Namjoon would take things responsibly, but it still scared you shitless of what he would do if the stranger said the wrong thing to him.

“I think you just touched what’s mine.”

Originally posted by jeonyween


It was sunset, and barely anyone was even at the beach. He decided it would be a romantic idea to take you out here late on the beach, as it wasn’t too hot nor too cold. He was currently slow dancing with you, lightly spinning you, making you chuckle as you spun around. His eyes shined with brightness, his sunshine features showing through. Your fingers laced with his own as you stared up at him again, making your heart jump down to your stomach. It was always the good kind of heart jump. Just as you were stepping away from Hoseok, a male stranger pulled at your bikini strap, quickly running away as you gasped in surprise. Hoseok’s eyes went wide along with your own, before his eyes grew dark. You knew just how protective he was over you, so you quickly tied back up your strap before going to calm him down.

“Y/N, I really don’t want to let him get away with that.”

Originally posted by sosjimin


He was following you like a lost puppy all day, afraid that someone was going to take you away from him. You giggled, making his heart leap at the sound as he smiled sweetly at you. You smiled back in return, looking at him with love in your eyes. You didn’t want him to worry about someone taking you away from him, so you kissed his cheek, making sure everyone saw. His cheeks went red as his smile widened, making you chuckle once again. All of a sudden, Jimin’s arm snaked around your waist. You felt another pair of hands pull at your bikini strap, making you squeak, but thankfully Jimin’s body was flush against your own. You looked at Jimin, noticing that his honey brown eyes were filled with silent anger. You gulped, knowing how he got when someone messed with his girl. You reached behind you, tightening your straps again as he continued to glare at the man laughing while running.

“If I ever see him again, he’ll regret it.”

Originally posted by jeonyween


His dark eyes searched yours, making your heart flip as you caught sight with him. It wasn’t everyday your boyfriend took you to the beach. It didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the beach itself, it just had to do with the fact that you wore that swimsuit that drove him crazy. And he could tell it drove every other person crazy as well, much to this man’s dismay. His cleared his throat, heading towards you to wrap his arm around your waist. Just before he reached you, some male stranger on a bike rode past the both of you while untying your bikini top. Your eyes went wide as Taehyung’s eyes grew angry and more terrifying by the second. You saw his shoulders tense as you quickly put yourself back together. You were quick to rush towards him, his eyes never once leaving the guy on the bike as you hugged him tightly to prevent him from doing something you knew he would regret.

“He’s going to pay for that, no one touches my girl but me.”

Originally posted by jeonyween


His eyes were fixated on you the whole entire evening, making you sometimes wonder if you just looked wrong all together. You weren’t sure what it was until his eyes shot with jealousy whenever a guy walked past you both. You made an ‘o’ shape with your mouth before walking towards him to wrap your arms around his neck. His attention was immediately on you again as you smiled sweetly up at him. You ran your fingers through his hair, making him sigh as he stared at you with desperate eyes. He didn’t want anyone to steal you from him. Just as he was about to speak and tell his true feelings about his jealousy, a guy pulls at your strings while sneaking up on you before running away. Jungkook’s grip on your waist tightened, making you squeak softly as he started to shout at the male stranger. You could feel the large vibrations in his chest as he shouted, making you hug him closer to you as he starts to reach down and angrily tie your bikini back together after shouting.

“Hey! Don’t you dare touch my fucking girlfriend like that! I fucking dare you, asshole!”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

*jungkook’s gif has nothing to do with anything but hot damn*

- admin storm

I see your rocker/greaser Gladstone and I raise you- somewhere inbetween punk-rock/glamrock Gladstone who always gets into fights and has a bad reputation but somehow never gets suspended and repeatedly outs himself as a cutie by finding lost puppies (also you look me in the eyes and tell me Daisy never had a punk phase I double dare you)

obvs influenced by this from: GIGANT Poleca tome 199


Originally posted by fearless-man

Inspired by Harry Styles’ song ‘Kiwi’. Just an one shot without any connections to other stories I’ve written. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Smut

She’s driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it
I’m kinda into it
It’s getting crazy, I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it

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To Build A Home

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: Smut, little plot

A/N: I’ve been thinking about this since the moment the video posted on Facebook. Then @impala-dreamer started harassing me. In all fairness, I tortured her first, but semantics. Thankfully, @justjensenanddean created these lovely gifs and NOW I’m gonna be smutin’ all up in this joint. 

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aries - the sound of reverie
“It may be bittersweet / 'cause we’re no longer / seventeen, but we’re still young / so dance with me in naivety / and follow endlessly / in reverie”

taurus - how do you feel?
“Are you complete or is something missing? / so tell me / do your hands shake? / does your heart break? / when the earth quakes / whatever it is / whatever it isn’t / make sure that it’s real”

gemini - lonely
“the lovely little loneliness / would hold me down / under the sound of being found / but then it all turned around”

cancer - lost in nostalgia
“Don’t you get lost in nostalgia, no / turn something softer and lighter, yeah / don’t you get lost in nostalgia, no / it’s not too late, it’s not too late no”

leo - taxi
“I can’t say that I can make you feel / complete or free from your worry / but believe me when I tell you / "babe, you’ll never be lonely" / don’t you understand? / you won’t be alone again”

virgo - (un)lost (it’s from American Candy bc LLL doesn’t have twelve songs)
“With my eyes closed this feels like home / adrift in my own head / and all I really know is / whatever this is it doesn’t get easier”

libra - i only wanna talk to you
“You see yesterday, I said tomorrow / I learned today, tomorrow can’t be saved / and the less you know the more / you say you’re / broken, beaten / used and mistreated / tired, shattered / bruised and battered / the only thing I’m really sure of / I’m unsure about almost everything”

scorpio - black butterflies and dèjà vu
“Everytime I think of you / you crash like a rolling wave / you come around I lose my brain / can’t find the sound under my tongue / when I look at you”

sagittarius - bad behavior
“You’re insecure but don’t be / stay soft but don’t be gentle / it’s altogether mental / let’s go to a place where / we can forget we haven’t left the room yet”

capricorn - little
“Since life would be shitty before we move forward / I feel a sense of goodness sinking inside me / trembling in my soul / you should know / I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for”

aquarius - don’t come down
“To the lows and every high / he hellos and the goodbyes / In this moment, I could die with you / and we’re never going down / never felt like this feel before / dizzy, drunk, and beautiful / in this moment, I let go with you”

pisces - do you remember (the other half of 23)
“Do you remember / the days we were golden / we would surrender / to just letting go / for worse or for bette / far from pretenders / we said forever / forever ago / do you remember?”

Soulmate AU: You Share Thoughts with Your Soulmate

Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on how it moves, where the flow of energy goes, where it exits. Then, allow every thought to blur – 

Shuffle, shuffle.

– until all outside noises begin to fade –

Deep sigh.

–and only then does your inward journey of meditation begi–

Oh, don’t you dare look back! Just keep your eyes on me, I said, ‘You’re holding back’, she said –

“Please don’t take any offense to this, (Y/N), but please shut up,” Stephen muttered, his growing exasperation quite evident. He kept his meditating position intact, including keeping his eyes shut. He had no reason to open them. Not when he knew that you were currently slouching in a poor attempt to mimic his figure.

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Tom Holland - Surprise

anon request: Hello! Can you do a ‘dating tom and being Harrison’s little sister’ it’s very cheesy but I think it’d be cute and I haven’t seen one like it yet :) thank you!

part two

requests are open:))

Originally posted by parkrpeters

“haz don’t you dare be late” i growled into the phone. here i was walking through the airport in atlanta to surprise my brothers best friend tom on set of the movie he is starring in. spiderman: homecoming.

i was annoyed because i was stuck on a plane for nine hours. i didn’t want harrison to be late, he was gonna pick me up from the air port and drive me to set where everyone was.

i made my way through the large crowded airport happy to be back on the ground. my luggage rolled behind me, i scrolled through my phone changing the song when it buzzed with a text from harrison.

'don’t text and walk. it’s dangerous.’

i looked up and saw the bright blue eyes of my big brother. i began walking to the boy whose arms were flailing in the air trying to capture my attention. he began jogging toward me with his arms out stretched.

“buggy!” he shouted as we collided into a big hug. “haz!” i said excitedly hugging my brother. tom has kidnapped him for 92 days, he annoys me but a girl needs her big brother.

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—  ahs hotel sentence starters .

nsfw   and   triggering   themes   and   mentions   may   be   present,   such   as   blood,   gore,   murder,   death. 

  • ❛ What can you tell me about the people that come in and out of this place? ❜
  • ❛ And you? Who are you looking for? ❜
  • ❛ I can see the pain in your eyes. It’s very familiar. ❜
  • ❛ Do you really need to be so aggressive? Can’t you have some compassion? ❜
  • ❛ You get the hell out of here. ❜
  • ❛ I’ve seen what your caring looks like. We’ve all seen it. ❜
  • ❛ Do you know what this room used to be? ❜
  • ❛ I loved roaming the streets, devouring the pulse of the city. ❜
  • ❛ How come a girl like me ends up with tracks in her arms living in this dump? ❜
  • ❛ There’s a part of you that wants to get lost, am I right? ❜
  • ❛ I’ve tried it all, man. There is nothing better. ❜
  • ❛ In your black heart of hearts, you know. You’re just like me. ❜
  • ❛ I’ll show you what you’ve been dreaming of. ❜
  • ❛ You’re the greatest serial killer who’s ever lived. ❜
  • ❛ By the way, I’m not unaware of the obvious cliche here. ❜
  • ❛ You swear you don’t have any unfinished business here? ❜
  • ❛ I want nothing more than the dark silence of death itself! ❜
  • ❛ In other words, don’t haunt my hallways, bitch. ❜
  • ❛ You must have a lot of questions. I have answers. ❜
  • ❛ What’s the price I have to pay to be like you? ❜
  • ❛ I’m offering you eternity with your great lost love. ❜
  • ❛ If you want to feel the magic of cause and effect you have to have a purpose. ❜
  • ❛ This is my problem with police officers. All you care about is evidence. ❜
  • ❛ They got greedy, started taking things that didn’t belong to ‘em. ❜
  • ❛ You start to give, give it away before they can take it from you. ❜
  • ❛ I could see where they were headed. A tragic, wasted life. ❜
  • ❛ What I wouldn’t trade for a chance at that. ❜
  • ❛ I imagined you lost hope a long time ago. ❜
  • ❛ Can you say the same about your husband? ❜
  • ❛ And what are you asking me to trade for it? ❜
  • ❛ We are going total bye-bye, right? ❜
  • ❛ It was a special kind of love. Maybe a once in a lifetime thing. ❜
  • ❛ All the cracks and missing pieces came together. I felt whole. ❜
  • ❛ I’d found my soul mate. I couldn’t stop smelling his head. ❜
  • ❛ You think there is hope now? ❜
  • ❛ Getting high used to be like how you imagine heaven. ❜
  • ❛ I wrote a song with her. And then she wrote me off. ❜
  • ❛ This place is far enough away that it speaks to me. ❜
  • ❛ Oh, you’ve lost something. ❜
  • ❛ And now you’re frozen in time. ❜
  • ❛ Oh, we got a bit of everything. ❜
  • ❛ Can’t move forward. Can’t go back. ❜
  • ❛ That sounds obscene.
  • ❛ I Googled you. ❜
  • ❛ I wanted to save kids because I felt I needed saving. ❜
  • ❛ It was like I finally fell in love for real. ❜
  • ❛ I’d found my soul mate. ❜
  • ❛ Because I am stuck in this place, thanks to you. ❜
  • ❛ I could feel your longing.. ❜
  • ❛ Your undying loyalty. You’ll be working for me. ❜
  • ❛ Give it all away for free, and that way, you can pretend that it doesn’t hurt. ❜
  • ❛ We had a deal. We had a deal. ❜
  • ❛ I wasn’t more then four or five when the world started taking from me. ❜
  • ❛ You know what you do when all you know is people taking? ❜
  • ❛ That is my message to the world. ❜
  • *Jeff Davis while filming Thiam scenes*
  • Jeff: Okay, Cody, I need you to look at Dylan S. like he's the whole world to you and that you can get lost in those blue eyes.
  • Jeff: You as well, Dylan. I want you to look at him like you really know you can trust him with your life and you want to kiss him everyday until your lips bleed.
  • Jeff: But you're not gonna be canon.
  • Jeff: ...
  • Jeff: Ten points to Jeff Davis.
Imagine Flipping Out When You Wake Up to Steve in Your Bed

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you possibly write a part two to the Steve Harrington imagine where you were drunk and you cried about how pretty his hair is? Thanks!

Warnings: None

You can find the first part of this imagine here

From the moment you opened your E/C eyes, everything appeared normal. Per usual, you were awoken by the light streaming through your [choice of color] curtains precisely thirty minutes before your alarm clock went off. Like usual, you tossed over in your bed, fully prepared to take advantage for the extra half an hour of sleep when something struck you as strange.

There was an odd weight around your waist and warm breathing on the back your neck causing you to freeze when you realized that there was someone in your bed, sleeping beside you. Oh fuck, Y/N, what (who) the hell did you do last night? Slowly, you turn over in your bed to look at last night’s mistake, and were fairly shocked to come face to face with Steve Harrington.

He was sound asleep on the pillow beside you, his mouth hanging open slightly, allowing gentle snores to fill your room. In his sleep, Steve’s face was much more relaxed, free of the worry that had seemed to be an underlying tone in his eyes for the past year. Now, those deep brown eyes were closed, allowing his long, thick lashes to gently kiss his seemingly perfect skin. His hair, that god damn flawless hair, was a tousled mess of curls from sleep, and you had to resist the strong urge to lace your fingers through what you assumed would be incredibly soft locks.

Slowly, you maneuvered your hand from underneath the duvet and placed it on the pillow beside you, wondering for a brief moment how risky it would be to reach that hand out across your full sized bed and quickly run your fingers through it. Then, biting your lip, you realized that not only was that very risky, it was also super creepy. So, instead you opted for closing your E/C eyes and attempting to ignore the situation at hand for the moment in hopes that it would go away. That is, until the situation started shifting around in bed.

A soft groan left Steve’s lips as he stretched out in your bed, the arm around your waist tightened just the slightest bit, but enough to send you into a panic. You let out a squeak before you scrambled to the opposite side of the bed, effectively startling Steve enough to fully wake him and sending yourself crashing to your bedroom floor. A yelp left your body as you landed on your back, your E/C eyes blinked up at the ceiling owlishly, wondering where exactly you had gone wrong, when a concerned face filled your line of vision.

“Y/N?” the situation asked groggily.

“Steve!” you awkwardly shouted, “I uh-” you paused, a grimace forming on your face as you attempted to look anywhere but his face. “Come here often?”

Now, it wasn’t that you didn’t like Steve, in fact, you’d had a rather large crush on him for years. It was the fact that you couldn’t remember what happened last night, the fact that he was in a committed relationship and the fact that you couldn’t believe you had sunk so low as to have slept with a man in a relationship that had you not knowing how to act any other way than stroppy.

Steve’s face scrunched up in confusion as he started to respond, but before he could you jumped up from your position on the floor, your words leaving your mouth in a rush, “No, of course you don’t, this is my house, I come here often and I’ve never seen you here before.”

You rushed over to your chest of drawers and began frantically pulling them open to rummage through their contents to find a presentable outfit of the day in an attempt to avoid Steve in hopes that he would leave. However, when you peeked over your shoulder to see if he was gone, you found him observing a display of pictures of you and Nona that you hand hanging above your nightstand.

“I’m sorry, your still here,” you asked as you stood, your clothes from for the day clutched in your hands.

“I figured I could give you a ride to school, you walk usually, right?” Steve asked, having turned away from the photos.

“Uh yea,” you answered, though your tone of voice was questioning.

“So we’re heading to the same school, I could just take you there.” Steve smiled jigging his keys.

“Or I could just walk like I always do,” you said, an unplanned fake cheery tone lacing your voice as you made awkward hand movements.

“Is there something wrong Y/N?” Steve asked.

“Look,” You responded, running your hands through your H/L [curly/straight/wavy] hair, “It’s just that I’m not good at awkward situations, and this,” you gestured to him, “is an awkward situation.”

Steve furrowed his brows, his face contorting as a look offence took over, “I’m an awkward situation?”

“Yes!” you cried, “You’re with Nancy and you’re in my bed! I am not a home wrecker, I don’t do that kind of thing, I don’t try and steal other girl’s boyfriends, no matter how long I’ve had a crush on them.”

You tossed your hands in the air in exasperation as you finished, your bare feet treaded the plush white carpet of your room as you paced back and forth anxiously.

Before you, Steve dropped his arm to his side and tilted his head in a manner similar to a confused puppy. He approached you slowly and put a hand on each of your arms, a gentle look washed over his face as he met your worried eyes.

“Y/N, I promise you, nothing happened between us last night.” Steve’s thumbs were rubbing soothing circles on your arms as he met your eyes, smiling gently at you. “You were really drunk and you took a tumble off a table. I caught you, and you got a little emotional over my hair. I couldn’t find Nona, so I took you home,” Steve explained, and you found yourself getting lost in the depths of his brown eyes.

“The only reason I slept over is because you have a vice like grip, even when you’re passed out,” Steve’s lips up turned into a gentle smile, “You wouldn’t let me go, so I just stayed the night. But I promise, nothing happened.”

You let out a sigh of relief, your head falling down onto Steve’s chest because of the close proximity. “What will Nancy say though?” you murmured, your eyes looking at the floor.

You heard a gentle sigh leave Steve lips, one of his hands left your arm to rub your back comfortingly. Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest at the close proximity, and for a moment you wondered what it would be like to hug Steve daily.

“Nancy and I broke up last night,” Steve admitted, “She told me everything about us was bullshit, oh and that she doesn’t love me. So I don’t really think she’ll care about where I sleep anymore,” Steve finished in a quiet voice.

“Oh, Steve,” you muttered, lifting your head up to meet his sad brown eyes. You raised your hand to cup the side of face affectionately. “I’m sorry.” You wrapped your other arm around his waist and pulled him into a hug. Steve rested his cheek on your shoulder, slipping his arms around your waist and returned your hug, and you were sure it wasn’t you he was trying to comfort anymore.

“I’m gonna be ok,” Steve whispered, “It’ going to take a while, but I’m going to be ok,” he continued, and it wasn’t you he was talking to in that moment, but you decided you were going to answer him anyway.

“You will be, and if you need a friend to lean on, you can always lean on me,” you said soothingly, giving him a gentle squeeze. Steve pulled away to look down at you, there was a look in his deep brown eyes that caused your breathe to hitch in your throat. Slowly, Steve moved his hands up to cup your face, his thumbs stroking your cheeks gently before he leaned in and placed his lips on yours. The kiss was slow and somewhat hesitant, but it was also soft and sweet, causing your stomach to erupt with butterflies and your heart to soar. The kiss was also short lived, as you soon parted ways and touched foreheads, your breaths shallow from the excitement of it all.

Steve let out a breathy chuckle before he tucked his fingers under your chin to lift your face and press another kiss to you lips, smiling into it this time. And once more, your heart soared as you kissed the handsome man, fulling you to reach up and tangle your fingers into those beautiful brown locks like you had thought of doing minutes before. But through all the bliss, there was a small, nagging in the back of your mind that was slowing creeping its way to the forefront.

“Wait,” you said breathlessly, moving your hands from Steve’s hair and to his chest to push him away from you. When you looked up Steve had a look of hurt on his face.

“What?” he asked, “What is it?” Steve furrowed his brows as he looked down at your smaller stature, a frown making its way to his pretty face.

“I-” you started and stopped, closing your lips and licking them before you crossed your arms over your chest before taking a deep breath and starting again, “I don’t want to be your rebound. You loved Nancy, and those feelings don’t go away overnight, no matter what she did to you. I really do like you Steve, I have for a long time, but I’m not willing to be used for you to get over her. My heart can’t take that,” you explained looking up at Steve.

Steve swallowed slowly and pursed his lips together, “I understand that, I do need time to heal,” he agreed, “But I do want to be with you,” he continued, taking a step closer to you in order to close the gap you had created. “I’ve liked you since sophomore year, and I guess I never really got over it, because last night brought everything back up.”

“How do we do this then?” you asked, looking up into Steve’s enticing brown eyes that were full of both hope and determination.

“We’ll take it slow,” Steve told you sweetly, “We’ll just be friends for a while, then when the time is right, if we both still want this, then you’ll have all of me.” Steve kissed your knuckles softly and you bit the bottom of your lip to withhold the emotional tears that threatened to roll over your watermark at his heartfelt words.

“How does that sound?” Steve asked, a hopeful smile painted on his handsome face. Your heart fluttered at the thrill of the possibility, the possibility of one day having a future with Steve Harrington, and decided that was a risk you could take.

A smile slowly spreads its way across your face as you look him in the eye and say, “Perfect.”


LOL I laughed everytime I passed through this req in the ask box. Hope you like this! ^^

By the way. Part II of Penguins will be posted tomorrow. Be patient, you thirsty for Baeran souls :p

MC’s dad challenges them to a match


  • He was nervous to meet your father, but also super excited.
  • And now very curious on why did you take him to this dojo, weren’t you going to lunch with your dad?
  • “We will, if you pass the test, young man.”  Your father says in a solemn tone.
  • Puzzled, he looks at you, that are face palming on a corner, then he looks at all the judo students and your father adjusting his black belt, standing in position on the mat.
  • “What… what is happening here?” “You must fight for my daughter’s love, young man.”
  • Zen chuckles and is all like “Good one, dude. Now let’s grab lunch.” But no one in the room is laughing.
  • Oh… OH! Your father… your father is serious! HOLY SHIT!
  • Okay, he doesn’t know judo, but he had to simulate some fight moves for his musicals. He got this!
  • But man is so caught up in showing what he got he ends up saying the lines of this musical.
  • “I’ve faced thousands of fists, hundreds of swords, the scars in my body *takes his shirt off, gaining some ‘ohhhss’ from the female-and some male- students* prove that I’ve endured pain, but let me tell you, there’s no pain like the one that is being away from her, I’ll face millions of fists and thousands of swords to have her.”
  • He’s not even confused, he’s hurt when you dad starts laughing. “Wow, young man, you’re more dramatic than her, you make quite a pair.” You’re facepalming again as Zen laughs along and hugs you.


  • Boy dressed up so neatly to meet your dad.
  • So he’s feeling completely dislocated when you take him to this dojo.
  •  “Fancy clothes won’t impress anybody here, young boy, you must earn my respect showing your strength.”
  • The poor thing nods and says he’ll do whatever it takes to show his worth, he doesn’t even notice there is some student holding you in the back so he won’t see you squealing.
  •  “Very well, so now we fight.”
  • Well, shit! He thought it was something simpler like bringing his family here or…
  • But… fight? He never had to fight before! Well, only on LOLOL, but still…
  • However, he sticks to his word. Yeah! He’ll show his worth, if it’s not physical strength, it’s at least dignity.
  •  “Yes, sir. If it is for her, I’ll do it! I’ve lost an eye to protect her, I’m growing so much because of her… so I suppose getting beat up by the man who raised her should be an honor. Bring… bring it on.”
  • Yoosung gets really surprised when everybody turns against your father. “You’re a monster, professor!” “Ahh, the poor boy!” “You lost your eye for your girlfriend, dude?”
  • So your father admits defeat, glaring at you as you pamper your boyfriend elling him how brave he is.


  • A little nervous for meeting your father.
  • Slightly calmer as you bring her to a dojo.
  • No, not any dojo, the one she used to train.
  • So when she sees your father and your father sees her… well, for her it’s like fate trying to bring you to her life way before that it actually happened.
  • As for your father…  “Try to prove you’ve learned well, miss Kang.”
  • Not even fazed, she knows your father’s odd goofiness.
  • “Yes. It’s time for you to show you’ve taught well too.” OH WOW
  • Jokes aside, she really admires your father and his wisdom, and now she appreciates him even more knowing he raised you.
  • “I’m sure you did, considering you’re a good professor as much as you are a great father.” She says, lowering her head in respect.
  • Your father chuckles, getting up and offering his hand for her to get up too. “Then there’s no need for a match. I know you’ll be good to her as much as you were a good student.”
  • Just this time, because expect some friendly matches happening during your family gathering in the future.


  • He was the one to suggest a gathering with your father wherever he wanted
  • Oh, a dojo, huh? Ah yes, setting a meeting in his workplace shows his seriousness , Jumin must match this seriousness
  • And you’re like “Jumin, there’s no need for that. Please, relax.” “I’ll relax as soon as you father acknowledges me as being a man worth of your love.”
  • And he’s definitely not relaxed as your father shows up in his judogi, bowing in the traditional way before a match.
  • Jumin does the same, thinking this is the traditional greeting in your family or something like this.
  •  “Daddy, please… “ “No pleading, honey, your boyfriend already accepted the challenge.”
  • “Yes sir, challenges are not unfamiliar to me, since I’ve been facing the biggest challenge of my life ever since I’ve met your daughter. The challenge of being a suitable husband for her.”
  • “Whoa, did you just propose?” your father asks. “Yeah, Jumin, did you just propose?” your father and you are looking at him in awe.
  • “Why the surprise? It’s no secret I intend to espouse you soon, my love. As long as if that’s what you want, and also your family, of course.”
  • You and your father are looking at each other, like “what now?” “You ask me? I don’t know!”.  So your father decides to shrug and just say that lunch is ready.
  • And Jumin never knew he was being challenged for a match. He only did years later after he espoused you.


  • So so so nervous and trying so so so hard not to show.
  • But a dojo, huh? Cool, ah… ahahahah, cooool. Who’s nervous?
  • “Oh my God, Saeyoung! It’s just where he works, it’s not like he’ll actually defy you to a match.”
  • “I know, MC! Your father would never do such a thing! After all, I would have o show him no mercy…” he adjusts his glasses and does this super low voice.
  • “Is that so, young man? Then I’m glad we’re on the same page.” He yelps and grabs you by your shoulder as your father show up out of nowhere! Shit! Is he a ninja?
  • He had some basic martial arts training due to his time in the agency, but he’s all rusty these days.
  •  And come on, he doesn’t want to do this! He can show how much of a disappointment he is at a regular lunch.
  • “Ah, Saeyoung…” you hate when he starts the self-depreciative humor, so you hug him.
  • And he’s super flustered with your dad watching his, but… he regains some confidence.
  • “Ready, young man?” “Oh my God! Would you really hit a guy with glasses? What kind of example are you giving to your daughter?”
  • Your father notices the way you giggle and look at this ginger with so much love, so he chuckles and pats his shoulder. “Well played, young man.”


  • He’s so honored he gets to meet your father
  • And when he finds out about the dojo, he shows even more respect
  • Yes, if you had told him before, he would bring the photos he took in one of his trips to Japan
  • He’s sure he and your father will have lots of things to talk about such noble pedagogy.
  • So he’s quite surprised when your father says he can’t be with you if he doesn’t win a match.
  • “I’m sorry, sir. I’m not sure I follow. Is this… a match for her honor?”
  • Well, it wasn’t your father’s first idea, but now it is LOL
  •  “Sir, I don’t think this is right. Two men fighting for the honor of a lady in the 21st century? No, your daughter is a free smart woman who can protect her honor herself and make her own choices. I… I’m sorry, but I must refuse.”
  •  Meh, he’s no fun. So your father just shrugs, a little embarrassed because he thought the guy was serious.
  • And you would be squealing by how awesome his speech was… if…
  • You didn’t know he got it was just a joke from the beggining. Sneaky little V…
Sick Babygirl - pt.2

Genre: a smidgen of fluff and s m u t

Length: about 1,500 words

Kinks: dd/lg, choking, brat taming, predator/prey play

Originally posted by magiccastles

Jaebum had been taking care of you all week; bring you everything you needed or wanted, leaving practice early just to check up on you, and so much more.

You looked up at him, softly pouting as you made eye contact. “Daddy…” His petname rolling off your tongue and escaping your mouth like a sweet, peaceful song.

A bright smile appeared on his face, his cheeks turning a bright pink- just like they always did when you called him that during the moments alone you two had together. “Yes princess?” He asked in reply, gently caressing your face.

“You seem really tired. Are you sure I’m not being a bother?” You asked curiously, cuddling into the palm of his large hand, “I feel so annoying. You’re doing so much for me..”

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You were terrible with directions- the absolute worst, and it wasn’t an exaggeration. If someone plopped you five blocks away from your apartment, you’d probably walk the opposite direction and end up in the middle of nowhere! Although, there was one advantage to being clueless with a sense of direction- Harry found it absolutely adorable. 

“Okay, I put the location in Google Maps, so we should be fine.” You buckled yourself in before reaching up to adjust the mirror. “But the truth is, we probably won’t need Google Maps because I’ve already memorized the path to that cute little diner you said you wanted to go to.” You beamed, very much proud of yourself. You’d never let Harry know this, but you had spent the past week practicing the route of getting from his place to the diner. 

“A’right, love. I trust yeh. Hopefully, we get there before the sun sets.” Harry joked, smiling over at you when you rolled your eyes playfully. He always liked teasing you about how scatterbrained you were when it came to directions, and even though you didn’t really mind- Well, you wanted to prove to him that you were somewhat capable of getting from point A to point B without getting lost! 

“We’ll arrive in less than twenty minutes, and if I’m unsuccessful, I’ll treat you to your disgusting green smoothies for the next week.” You challenged, already feeling a little heated at the cocky smirk plastered on Harry’s face. You loved him dearly, but good God, he was irritating.


It turns out that putting yourself on a time limit wasn’t the best idea because that had definitely put a damper on your confidence levels to get you and Harry to this damn diner. All the roads seemed to look different, and you had forgotten your glasses so you could barely read the signs. 

In two blocks, turn left.” What exactly was a block? Was a block where the sidewalk ended? That seemed to make sense. Right? Or maybe it was-

“Yeh missed the turn.” You nearly swerved when Harry’s voice interrupted your oh-so intense questions about what a block was. 

“That’s fine, I’ll just… I’ll just U-turn!” 

“Yeh can’t U-turn here.” 

Wrong direction. Wrong direction.

“You’re not being very helpful, Siri.” You muttered, aggressively flicking the turn signal as you tried to figure out a solution. Maybe if you just turned on this street, you could drive back to the right route!  

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” 

“She didn’t catch that, Y/N.” Harry poked your arm, giggling when you swatted his hand away. He leaned against the armrest, watching you intently. “Y/N, yeh need to speak up fo’ Siri.”

“She’s a robot-” 

“She has feelings jus’ like you and me, love.”

“You sound insane.” You grumbled, stepping down on the gas pedal and keeping your eyes peeled for any familiar looking routes. Nada! 

Reminder: brunch in five minutes.” 

“You heard the woman, Y/N. Five minutes!” 

“Harry, I swear to go-” 

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” Quickly, you reached over and locked your phone, letting out a little huff. Siri was just as annoying as your boyfriend. 


Four wrong turns and forty minutes later, you finally made it. Except, this wasn’t a very triumphant moment. 

“So what have we learned?”

“Always listen to Google Maps.”

“And?” You let out a heavy sigh, propping your chin up on your palm as you looked out the window.

“Speeding through red lights to get to brunch isn’t appropriate.” 


“Siri has valid feelings just like you and m-”

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.


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i’m glad you made it to the end of this very odd blurb?? if you did you deserve a prize which i can provide for you in the form of this little project from @haroldslovekitten ! spoiler: you get to rant about relationships which is always great in my opinion. check out the link my friends! 

BTS Reactions - You get kidnapped and tortured

Warning - May be upsetting to some readers, contains bad language

The fist of your captor slams into your face again and you hear your head crack into the wall. You feel nothing for the numbness in your body, but the sound triggers a response in your body, and you cry out. It’s been 5 days of this. Constant torture, beatings and interrogations. You’re fast approaching your limit as the hope slowly begins to seep from your body. You would’ve thought your boyfriend would be here by now, but the fact that he isn’t puts doubt in your mind, as your captors love to constantly remind you. You spit out the blood in your mouth as you start to cry, wishing that you could just hold it in. You hear a cruel laugh, a door opening, a gunshot and then nothing.

4 days later, your eyes crack open, and you begin to stir. You hear grunt of acknowledgment in the corner, then a door opens and closes. You don’t really move at all until you hear the door open again, followed by your boyfriend’s voice.

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Thank you for 900 (:

Rap Monster: You had come home a bit late that night after studying all night with one of your classmates. Of course, dating BTS’ Kim Namjoon, you were always in the media. This time, you came home and Namjoon confronted you by sliding his phone to you where the headline was “Namjoon’s girlfriend caught being friendly with classmate.” “Joon, you don’t think this is real right?” “I don’t y/n, you tell me!” He ended up yelling at you, calling you a liar which ended up in him leaving you alone in your apartment. Namjoon came back to you laying on the couch, tear stains on your cheeks with puffy red eyes. He sat down, stroking your back softly, leaning down and kissing your forehead. “

“I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have done that,” he would whisper as you slept silently. “I’m so sorry..”

Suga: Suga and you haven’t been getting along as much as you would have liked to. He wouldn’t really take your feelings into consideration so this time, when you finally called him an insensitive asshole, he lost it. “Insensitive? Insensitive? Y/n, I am going through a lot and I have to balance work and you and you think you’re making that easy on me?” He raised his voice, making you wince. You ran off to your bedroom, locking the door behind you. You felt yourself shaking and decided to lay down next to the door. Suga had gone to get some air and when he came back, he unlocked the door to find you asleep on the floor. He lifted you up and laid you down in your bed, sliding in behind you. He kissed your forehead, squeezing you tight to him. 

“You are not too much for me. In fact, you are the right amount,” he said, whispering to you. “I love you so much and I need to show you that more.”

Jin: Jin hard started to feel like you weren’t telling the truth when you said you went to go see your friends. He had no reason to believe you were cheating but that’s what he was starting to think. You finally confronted you only to have you get defensive. “Jin, you’re my boyfriend. I love you. Why would I have any reason to hurt you like that?” “I don’t know y/n. You tell me damn it!” You felt yourself choke up at the thought of Jin actually believing that you would cheat on him. He stormed out of the house, leaving you alone and confused. You couldn’t help but cry yourself to sleep on the couch. When Jin returned, he had flowers in his hand and a box of chocolates in the other. He set them down and sat on the coffee table across from you.

“I shouldn’t have yelled,” he sighed. “I know you love me. I’m lucky to have you and I almost lost you tonight. I love you.”

J-Hope: You had planned to surprise J-Hope by coming home early but it kind of backfired in your face. You had gone to catch up with Jungkook, who introduced you to J-hope, and see if he would help you. Well, J-hope ended up seeing you two at the small coffee shop and nearly lost it. When you came home that night with his favorite take out and his favorite flowers, he was sitting at the kitchen counter, staring aimlessly at nothing. “Hobi?” You said softly, coming into the kitchen. “Why did you lie to me?” “What?” You asked. “I didn’t lie to you.” “This whole time I thought you were at your parents and you were with fucking Jungkook. I knew it was too good to be true. I knew you liked him.” “J-Hope, I got back-” “I don’t want to fucking hear it.” He stormed out of the house leaving you confused and sad. You ended up falling asleep on the couch, crying softly to yourself. J-Hope came home that night and immidately took you in his arms. 

“I’m so sorry y/n.. I should have listened to you. I should have believed you. I’m so sorry.” 

Taehyung: Taehyung came home that night in a bad mood. He wouldn’t talk to you, walking straight past you and into the bathroom. He didn’t come out until about an hour later, towel draped over his head. “How was your shower babe?” He didn’t answer you again. “Tae, what’s wrong?” He slammed the fridge shut, turning around with an angered look. “How come I had to find out from the internet that the ‘friend’ you’ve been going to lunch with is your ex-boyfriend?” You gave him a confused look. “It was in high school. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” “Not that big of a deal? It’s a BIG FUCKING DEAL!” He slammed his fist on the counter, making you jump. “Whatever y/n.” He walked back to your room and locked himself in there. You didn’t want to cry but ended up doing it anyways. You wrote Taehyung a small note and left it on the counter saying you loved him. You made a spot on the couch and fell asleep, sobbing quietly to yourself. He came out two hours later and read the note on the counter. He could feel himself choke up as he read it to himself. He came over and crawled up behind you. 

“I’m sorry. I’m a jealous idiot. I love you more than anything… I shouldn’t have yelled.” 

Jimin: Jimin isn’t the type to yell at you so when it does happen, you can’t help but be upset. You had come home late from work every night for the past two weeks. Usually, Jimin wouldn’t be upset but something really clicked in him that really made him upset. You came home to Jimin sitting in silence on the couch. “Hey babe,” You greeted him. He didn’t reply. “Well good evening to you too.” “Don’t,” he scolded. You raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong with you?” “With me?” he scoffed. “Why are you lying to me?” “What???” He got up from his spot and threw a magazine at you. “Why is it that you’ve been ‘kept at work late’ but here is a photo of you and your boss at dinner?” You were confused, looking at the photo that had several people cut out of the photo. “Jimin it was a birthday dinner and half the people are cut out.” “Why do you keep LYING?!” He turned around, yelling at you. This was the first time Jimin had ever raised his voice so you couldn’t help but cry. “I’m not lying…” He didn’t answer, he just stormed past you, slamming the door behind him. You didn’t know what to do so you crawled into your bed still in your work clothes. You cried for an hour before finally falling asleep. You were woken up by Jimin crawling in behind you. 

“I have come to the realization that I am being petty and that I miss you and I just jumped to conclusions. I shouldn’t have raised my voice. I love you.” 

Jungkook: You could feel that something was off with Jungkook but didn’t know what it was about. You had tried to confront him about it but he wouldn’t really say much. You hadn’t been doing too good yourself either but that wasn’t the point. Finally, after a week of Jungkook giving you the cold shoulder, you grew some confidence and confronted him. “Jungkook, what the hell is going on? You’ve ignored me, avoided me, come home late. What the hell is going on?” What’s going on?” He scoffed. “You tell me what’s going on!” He grabbed your wrist and slip up your sweater, exposing recently fresh wounds. You quickly pulled away, covering your wrist up again. “You lied to me y/n. You told me you would stop.” “Jungkook I’m sorry-” “NO!” He yelled, making you stop. “You lied to me. YOU FUCKING LIED!” You felt your bottom lip quiver in fear as he raised his voice. “I need some air.” He didn’t give you a chance to explain of even talk. You started to cry, curling up in the corner of the couch, falling asleep. When Jungkook came back, he picked you up and took you into your room. He set you down, crawling in next to you. 

“Please,” he whispered. “Please don’t be afraid to talk to me when something’s wrong. I love you. I care about you. I want you to be okay.” 

A New Chance

 Requested by anon:  Hi, can you please write imagine about Eric and Y/N? Y/N isn’t your typical Dauntless, she is great fighter and shooter, but she’s super shy. She has older brother, who’s Eric’s best friend. Y/N has a huge crush on Eric who loves to flirt with her and makes her nervous, because he knows about it.

 Pairing: Eric Coulter X Reader

 Word count: 1.105

 “Two options, (Y/N). Come with me and have fun or stay here and do nothing at all.” Kevin sits by your side on the couch, struggling to convince you to go to the Pit. Again.

 “I’ll take option two.” Sighing, you watch your older brother roll his eyes.

 You’re shy. That’s all. Most of the Dauntless like being loud and crazy, but you can’t get used to it. Maybe this is who you are. You rather stay in than go to the Pit and have everyone’s eyes on you just because you’re not dancing.

 “It’s hard to take you out.” Someone knocks and Kevin gets up and heads to the door. “Have you ever tried to make friends?”

 “Hello, Kevin. Trying to take her out again?”

 You feel your body freezing. It’s Eric again. You should try and get over him because he’s being your brother’s best friend since you came here one year ago. But no. Every time he comes here or when you bump into him in the corridors you feel those butterflies in your stomach.

 “Yeah. Guess what? She said no.”

 “I’m sure she’ll say yes if I ask.” Eric’s eyes lay on you as you struggle to take your eyes off him. “Would you, (Y/N)?”

 “No. I said I don’t wanna go and that means I’m not going.” You stand up, heading to the kitchen in order to run away from Eric.

 “I think she likes you.” Kevin whispers but you can hear every word he says.

 “You’re her older brother and you’re not even sure?” Eric giggles and you start feeling sick. How he knows? It’s not like you let him notice. Actually, you do your best to avoid him.

 “Well…” Kevin is thinking. He’s not very smart so sometimes he needs to take a break to put his thoughts in order. “(Y/N)! Come here!”

 Great. You didn’t see that coming. Taking a butter knife, you slowly walk back to the living room.

 “What? I’m going to make me a sandwich.”

 “Eric wants to take a small test. To see if you’re still as good as you were through the initiation.” Kevin playfully punches Eric’s shoulder, and you notice that Eric doesn’t like it a bit. “He’ll take you to the training room so you two can be alone. And take the test, of course.”

 Wide-eyed, you stare at your older brother. You know he’s lying but you just can’t manage to say anything.

 “Let’s go.” You barely hear Eric calling you before walking out. You need Kevin to literally push you out your apartment for you to start following Eric.

 “Look, you don’t have to do this.” Quickening your pace to reach Eric, you swallow your fear. “My brother is an idiot and I bet you have something better to do.”

 “Actually I do.” He keeps walking fast, turning his head a bit to look at you. “And I always wanted to get to know you.”

 “This is going to be a long night.” You mutter to yourself, your heart racing in your chest.

 “I hope so.” You jump when you hear his reply.

 When you get to the training room, it’s all dusty and dark. Nobody cleans it when there’s no initiation. You slowly walk towards the targets, caressing the many holes in it.

 “Let’s fight.” Eric’s calls you, but you barely hear him.

 “I miss it.”

 “You miss what?” He comes closer, checking on the target as well.

 “The feeling that I could be someone else. Someone… new.” Your voice is no mere than a soft whisper, your fingers writing your name on the dusty target.

 “You are someone new.” Eric takes your hand in his and suddenly you’re both writing his name next to yours. “You’re an excellent fighter. You’re brave and I’ve never seen someone hit the targets like you do.”

 “That’s not what my brother thinks.” Slowly you turn to face Eric, his eyes locked on yours. “He wants to throw me to the Pit so he can spend some time alone with his girlfriend but I never go to the Pit and… I’m just a weight on his shoulders and…” You get lost in your words thanks to the pain in your chest.

 “Well, I don’t mind you being shy. Why don’t you ask for an apartment?”

 “Kevin wants me to live with him. He thinks that our parents would want it to be like this.” Rolling your eyes, you stare at your feet. It’s weird, but a good kind of weird. Eric is better than you think.

 “Oh my Gosh, (Y/N) is chatting with you without stuttering. I really… ”Your brother walks in, wide-eyed. “Eric, how did you…?”

 You quickly turn to the door, waving at Kevin with red cheeks.

 “Kevin, I’ll ask for my own apartment.”

 “Why? I mean… It was Eric’s idea, right? I don’t know… Mom and Dad…” He comes close and you can notice that he’s confused.

 “Mom and dad aren’t here.” Eric looks down at you, a small smile on his lips.

 “Yeah…” Kevin spins around awkwardly, looking for the right words. “I hope you have a good… life? Oh my God, (Y/N), I know how our parents felt when we choose Dauntless.”

 “Kevin, I’m probably moving to the next corridor. Don’t freak out.”

 Eric takes my hand, making me forget about my brother. “Would you go out and have dinner with me? I promise we’ll pick an empty table.”

 “Uhm… You wanna go out with me?”

 “Yes. I told you I’ve been trying to get to know you.”

 “Are you for real? I mean… I’m a good fighter but I’m a couch potato.” You have second thoughts. The last thing you want is to disappoint Eric and ruin whatever this is.

 “Don’t worry about this.” Eric ignores you brother and slowly walks you to the cafeteria. “I’ve been trying to get to know you since I laid eyes on you.”

 “Don’t lie.” You mutter, looking at your feet.

 “You look beautiful when you blush.”

 Lifting your head to look into his eyes, you let out a sigh. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe this is the chance you’ve been trying to get.

 “Thank you.” You whisper, admiring Eric’s wonderful smile.

 “Anytime, (Y/N).”