i get lost in your eyes

He touched the scars on her wrist. A mixture of short and long slashes that seemed to have been there for so long.

He sighed and asked incredulously. “Why did you do this?”

She smiled at him, but there’s a hint of sadness in her eyes. Unconsciously she rubs her wrist.

“You know…when you’re too caught up with words but it’s the only thing that’s keeping you sane, you write. You write even if you can’t write no more” she said.

“But why write on your wrist? I don’t get you.” He asked again.

“It’s easier to carve everything in the skin, because if I write it on a piece of paper eventually it’ll get lost, or be taken away from me just like everything I’ve ever known that has now slipped into oblivion. So I write it here because even if it hurts, even if it will leave me scarred forever at least it’s real, it’s permanent unlike my happiness.”

—  When a writer runs out of paper

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You think the illusory heroes with no eyes is bad, then imagine the Whitewings reaction when the see "Marth" WITH NO EYES! (Zeke will quip that he looks familiar)

Catria: And to think, I used to get lost in your eyes. Now… um… Well.

Camus: You… wh… listen, I have an extra mask. Just– just take it, please.

  • dumbledore: attention students! this week we've decided to change the house colours because i lost a bet with professor grubbly-plank. so! your new house colours will be...
  • dumbledore: hufflepuffs get heliotrope and lemon. don't know how that's gonna look, but hey, you'll be easier to spot!
  • dumbledore: ravenclaws are looking fashionable in vantablack and 'pinkest pink', not sure how we're gonna manage that.
  • dumbledore: slytherins get cerulean, just like draco's eyes in bad fanfics. sorry, orbs.
  • dumbledore: and gryffindors wear tie-dye exclusively now. yes, even your underwear.

“I looked over at Harrison. He was … God, he was just so handsome. No. No, more than that. He looked like he could lead the charge into battle, take the hill, win the duel, be leader of the gluten-free world, all without breaking a sweat. A hero’s face—a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow—watching the horizon for danger in the form of incoming indigenous armies, reflective, concerned eyes so deep in thought you could get lost down there and it would take days to fight your way out. But why run? It couldn’t really be a hardship to find yourself lost in such a place with all that wit and ideas safely stored there. Hey, man! Wait a second! Share the wealth here. Give the face to one man and save the mind for another and both would have plenty. But no! This was the ultimate living example of overkill. So how could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me? No! Don’t tell me! The fact is that he was! Even if it was for a short while.” - Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

I’m not writing to you to tell you what you’ve done wrong. No, I think we moved past that point. Today I’m writing to you to tell you what you deserve.

You deserve to love someone who is ready to get lost in your eyes, who embraces your flaws and your quirks, who laughs at your horrible jokes like I did and who smiles in between kisses. You deserve someone who makes you smile so big that your cheeks hurt, someone who picks up the phone for you in the middle of the night and who’s there to hold the pieces of your world together when you feel like everything around you is falling apart.

And I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted and I’m sorry you weren’t what I expected. I know it’s not my fault and I know it’s not yours. Let’s put the blame on something we can’t control like bad timing or too much work or the weather, maybe? Something that makes us feel less responsible for ending something beautiful. Something that makes us remember a wonderful time for exactly what it was: talking deep into the night, stained coffee cups and dancing in the rain.

Even though it ended (not on good terms, either) I just wanted to wish you well. The happiness we had is the happiness you deserve for the rest of your life. I just wanted you to know. And I hope you never forget on nights that are too short and days that are too long for you to remember.

—  an open letter to you
i could write you a paragraph about how the way you smile gives me butterflies. i could write you a page about how my skin tingles after you touch it. i could write you an essay on how often i get lost in your ocean blue eyes. i could write you a novel about how much i love you… but you wouldn’t read it.
—  you wouldn’t care
There’s something pulling us together and I can’t put my finger on it like how I could when you dragged me by the hands out onto those lost, lost streets from when we first met. Everybody laughs, it can’t be your laugh, can it? We all have a story as old as pain, some lovers change us into an ending that we’ll always smile at, but can’t watch or finish reading– you don’t know the things that you do to me. Maybe in some ways, you barely know yourself. Having lived in your skin for that long, having to see through your eyes for years. You may never know how I see you, how I feel you, but we’re never together. Lost, lost like how I get when we’re sitting besides one another, this chapter doesn’t end well for us. I blow out the candles and pray the stars don’t show your signature, the moon is heavy when the sun is dry. I never knew love until I met love, I didn’t know that you could be this sweet. We live this life and never think, we feel our ways into our next mistake, we blindingly accept our love that wasn’t meant to be and yes, why yes, of course it’s okay to stay sober. When the tea is calm, when the world stops spinning and when my thoughts sleep, rest doesn’t come easy when you’re running through each memory trying to make me remember you. It doesn’t get easier than this, but it’s also difficult. You live life and never expect dreams to become real, it’s nice to say that I’ve had a dream about you, but it ends with us letting go. I could talk to you for hours, I should have talked to you for hours, I would’ve talked to you for hours… but it’s not right and it’s like a rose that wasn’t supposed to grow in a garden that’s so far from home. I didn’t know a thing about love until I met you on those lost, lost streets. Maybe it’s better this way. To remember you as this. Beautiful, beautiful. Maybe it’s like a scratched cd. I’ll loop your smile into my memories. I’ll play you everyday. You’re my favorite song, but even songs must stop end when the beat stops. You’re my favorite everything, gravity doesn’t know how you do it, but you’re always pulling me back to you. I can love you, I love you, but that’s all that we’ll ever be. That’s it though, isn’t it? Knowing that I love you now. Right at this second, even if we’re gone in the future. Now, this moment. It’s all that I am. We may change, we may be different, but as long as I love you now… the search for who will be on those lost, lost streets, it’ll always be us to me.
—  scratched cd hearts without a beat
By Royal Decree (Part 11)

Summary: Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?

Word Count: 1,873

Warnings: None.

“By Royal Decree” Masterlist

A/N: Finally! Omg, I hope you guys enjoy this part. Sorry it’s a little short, but I wanted to put out something today. 

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Steve’s lips against your own was something you had wanted for a while. Hell, you knew there was something between the two of you that went further than the friendship that had blossomed. Yet when his lips parted to take your bottom one, you couldn’t revel in the sensations, you couldn’t let yourself get lost in how good it felt and how you had desired this for so long.

The ring on your fourth finger suddenly weighed too much and your eyes opened. Stiffening, you pulled away from Steve, shaking your head as you tried to not look as guilty as you felt. He looked momentarily startled before a range of emotions flitted over his face that let you know that he wasn’t happy about having the kiss be cut short.

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Attention followers in or near Olympia, Washington, USA!

I know this isn’t quite what I normally post but this is Thorin Ukko and he has gone missing near French Road NW in Olympia. This is being posted on March 12, 2017

He belongs to my best friend in the whole world and they’re very worried about him. I’m across the country and can’t help search so I’m asking any of you who are nearby to help keep an eye out for Thorin.

He’s sweet and friendly but sometimes shy and was wearing a red collar with grey pirate-cats on it when he was last seen.

A reward is being offered. If you or anyone you know spots Thorin, please contact Ohkaleidoscope@gmail.com.

If I get any updates I’ll be sure to post them. This post and any updates will be tagged “lost pet” and “finding Thorin”

Thank you for your time and attention. Reblogs are appreciated. I’ll update the original post with updates in addition to reblogging.

Update 3/21 - Thorin is still missing! There was a sighting on 3/17 by the Texaco near Evergreen and one on 3/20 on French Loop.

If you or anyone you know is near Olympia, please spread the word! I’m feeling very helpless that I can’t go out and help look and this kitty means the world to my friend.

Thanks to everyone who’s reblogged, sorry for the delay between updates!

So do it. Open your window while you sleep- open it so the dreams can get in, and maybe you’ll see dark gold hair and his eyes staring right into your face with that slow-then-fast grin of his. Maybe you’ll catch his scent on the breeze that carries the sun with it, and you’ll ache for what he gave you, an age ago and yet so close to now that it’s almost right here. Maybe you’ll feel his touch and his whisper in your ear, the ‘your eyes are so blue it hurts’ and the way he catches his breath when you walk into the room.

Open the window you fool- what’s life without it?

—  j.f // night time thoughts and a sunlit morning memory • excerpts of stories I will never write

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Request: I was wondering can I have a request of Dean x reader where they use to hunt together and dressed kinda like a tom boy but Dean loved her and the she went on her own for a bit then like years later she’s like all hot now like wears heals and looks badass ?? Thank you!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: A little bit of some cute Dean…

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a mother can be a monster when she has needles for teeth and cuts your face open when she kisses your cheeks and then sews you back together, over again, because she braids your hair so tight it rips your skull like teddy bear flesh, (all soft from the lipstick skinned child love from your little brother, smelling of his baby spit and dust bunnies) but like I said you rip open.

you leak stuffing, and she spits her sour wine spit into your hair for not being able to keep yourself together,

when she tells you to bring your brother some milk for his nightmares and when you walk into his room he screams at your face. reverberating into a film noir, horror flick that teen hearts race to, secrete fluid to, you are the monster. you are the creature feature angry, wild eye boys overstep their bounds to at the drive in. you are the acre of corn maze kids are getting lost in on Halloween night, you are the yelp when the lights go out and he puts his tongue in. the fake blood is gushing, the twins are asking if you want to play. no one can tell the ingenue’s scream from some slut in a broken down truck.

your googly teddy bear eye is popping out by a rusted spring. you look like the black and white Frankenstein your brother cried to with your fathers hand keeping his twisting neck still. to make him a man. for the greater good, that loves the ready made microwaveable skin of young boys. and you big sister, taller than the tree he climbs, you let him fall now, your winter branches weak from the arthritic rain falling from crying stars with daggers in their white knuckles. heaven is poisoning us tonight.

who is protected? who is just lost? I’m asking because I see his pubescent emotions weigh on you like the Christmas lights flickering out beneath the heavy snow. our tree is naked and shivering, it’s leaves like impulsively cut hair falling across the cold mud flesh, and freezer burnt feet. you let him fall. you gave him scars. everybody always says you’ve got your mothers eyes, and you’re a monster

so why don’t you just dig in?

—  1. tales from your house at midnight

“It’s a party?”

Yes.” Dandy rolled his eyes and pulled you roughly along through the hotel hallway. “I’ve told you now for the billionth time. I’m a very special guest that they are honouring for my performance at the freakshow. And you’re my plus one. Now hurry up, your slowness is irritating.”

Walking into the room, you greeted by all sorts of people. They all had the same energetic, wild atmosphere around them but none of them stood out just as much as the host of the party. You had thought he was watching Dandy at first, but his eyes were strictly on you. His expression looked lost, dumbstruck, but his eyes remained dark and longing. 

“What is he staring at?” Dandy demanded, pulling on your arm a few times to get your attention. 

“I don’t know,” you confessed, watching as the host began to walk over. “But I’m sure we’re about to find out.” 

The man smiled when he reached you and and took your free hand, giving it a small kiss. “I’m James Patrick March, and you are?”

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hiiii~ i saw that you lost some of your HCs in your drafts so i'm just gonna resubmit mine just in case - RFA/V/Saeran going with MC to get her first tattoo or when she tells them she just got one done :D what the tattoo is of is totally up to you!~

A/N; When I went to get my tattoo it didn’t hurt at first but when it was starting to hurt way more I started like sorta making faces from the pain, Right then this guy walked past the tattoo shop, He looked in and we made eye contact while i was making faces in so much pain. He laughed 

second A/N: I felt really bad for not posting anything today since I was working on my presentation all day, SO it’s super late right now and I’m forcing myself to stay awake to post at least one lmao, and I gotta wake up super early to make food for everyone then finish writing my presentation omg


  • he’s so nervous on MC’s behalf 
  • He’s probably more nervous than MC 
  • He squeezes MC’s hand so hard
  • It should be MC who squeezes his hand but whatever 
  • as soon as the needle touches MC he screams 
  • wtf Yoosung 
  • He was so scared of that it would hurt MC that he swears he felt the pain 
  • He loves the finished work 
  • He sort of wants to get a tattoo after this but is too scared of the pain 
  • Helps MC with the aftercare a lot 


  • He wants to get a matching tattoo with MC but it could affect his job 
  • But he will so go with MC to get their tattoo 
  • he jokingly suggests that MC get a tattoo of his name or his face
  • no
  • He makes sure MC eats and drinks before getting the tattoo 
  • holds their hand the entire time 
  • ok but when its finished he’s so happy with the result
  • it looks so good 
  • and somehow MC just became even more attractive wtf 
  • He’s always looking at it but hes too scared to touch it even when its fully healed, just in case he accidentally hurts MC 


  • She isn’t too sure about this at first 
  • She’s just worried it might affect future jobs or that MC will regret it 
  • MC assures her that they do want this and are sure about it 
  • She suggests that MC doesn’t get it at a too visible place tho 
  • But she is supportive of it 
  • Like Zen she makes sure MC eats before and also has a snack with her in case MC needs it while getting the tattoo 
  • shes always asking MC if they’re fine during it 
  • when the tattoo is done she really likes it 
  • it turned out better than she expected 
  • :0!
  • She helps so much with the aftercare of it. 
  • she’s a saint tbh 


  • He’s against it 
  • He think’s tattoo’s are tasteless and unprofessional 
  • MC insists they will get a tattoo and they want Jumin to come with them 
  • He doesn’t want to see someone stab MC with a needle that will pretty much just leave a colorful scar wtf 
  • “Ok fine, If you won’t go with me I’m just gonna assume you don’t care where I will go get it~ I have a friend who does tattoos at home I guess I can get them to do it, They’ve been practicing for a month so They’re really good” 
  • ok no
  • Jumin knows that’s unhygienic and risky 
  • He knows MC wasn’t being serious but he can’t risk that just in case
  • He ends up going with MC to an actual tattoo shop with real tattoo artists 
  • MC ends up getting an amazing tattoo
  • and Jumin does actually like it 


  • boy’s gonna be jumping in the chair with MC
  • He’s really supportive of the idea 
  • When MC is getting the tattoo he shouts words of encouragement 
  • “You can do it MC! I believe in you!” 
  • “Seven I’m just getting a tattoo” 
  • right after MC’s tattoo is done he will probably get a matching one 
  • He keeps forgetting that the aftercare tbh 
  • accidentally touched the tattoo once when it was still healing 
  • he freaked out 
  • it just hurt for a little bit, it was fine he barely even touched it 


  • He’s blind, he wont be able to see the tattoo
  • Still he goes with MC to get it 
  • he holds MC’s hand while they’re getting it 
  • when it’s done MC describes the tattoo for him in as much detail so he can sort of get an idea of what it looks like 
  • he can tell MC is really happy with the result 
  • so that makes him happy 


  • “Hey, I have an appointment to get a tattoo” 
  • “Okay, Cool” 
  • “..Can you come with me?” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “I need support!” 
  • He does come with MC to get the tattoo 
  • He’s not really excited for it 
  • When MC is getting it done they squeeze Saeran’s hand 
  • at one point it hurts so much they end up digging their nails in his hand 
  • ok but why does he find that hot 
  • MC is so happy with the result when they’re leaving 
  • He does like it too. 
  • He knows a lot about tattoo aftercare so he’s really helpful with that 
Thor learning about periods would include

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  • him finding you tampons in the bathroom
  • “what are these strange little things?”
  • putting it in the water
  • seeing it grow bigger
  • you entering your bathroom to see Thor looking at a wet tampon with fright in his eyes
  • “Are you okay, Thor?”
  • “Why do you keep these little robots in our bathroom, my love?”
  • explaining what period is
  • him almost fainting
  • “so you bleed … constantly?”
  • telling him about tampons and how to use them
  • him looking like a confused puppy
  • “you pet these little things in … there? inside of you? what if they get lost there?”
  • laughing at his adorableness
  • “but i don’t see how that is fair to you”
  • him being super-duper protective of you when you’re on your period
  • going to Asgard and telling his friends about periods
  • them being mortified
  • Lady Sif laughing at them
  • bringing you asgardian remedies
  • being your slave for a week
  • instead of pads, he buys you diaper because they’re “way more efficient”
  • making painful and hurt faces when you have cramps because your pain is his pain
  • playing with your hair because it always calms you down
  • not letting anyone come near you when you’re on your period
The Seven Deadly Sins - Part 4

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Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Word Count: 9.5k

Genre: Angst, Smut

Series: 1. Lust2. Gluttony |  3. Greed (1) |  4. Greed (2) |   5. Sloth |   6. Wrath 7. Envy

Comment: Just like with the first part of Greed, it came out so much longer than I expected it to! Still, I hope you guys are able to get through it an enjoy it <3

Description: Seven men helped shape you into who you are. Some lovers, some friends, some enemies, all of them left a long lasting mark on your life, for better or for worse.


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Dear Future Wife...#664

That moment when we’ve been making out and we pull back to take a second…to check in or catch our breaths. The way you look at me and you’re not really smiling, but your eyes are sparkling and I get lost in how many colors blend into each other…I feel you holding my face or scratching up my sides softly. You might laugh at my hair sticking up or just sigh like you’re the most relaxed and happiest person in human existence…That moment wraps me up in a safe bubble and nothing else matters but how warm you are against me and how perfect it feels to be with each other.

Life flies by, and it’s easy to get lost in the blur. In adolescence, it’s ‘How do I fit in?’ In your 20s, it’s 'What do I want to do?’ In your 30s, 'Is this what I’m meant to do?’ I think the trick is living the questions. Not worrying so much about what’s ahead but rather sitting in the grey area - being okay with where you are.