i get jealous easily ok

Dating Derek Hale Would Include:

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  • Well, first off, I think we all know he’d be really defensive and always try to protect you. 
  • Even when it’s not really necessary? For example: 
  • “Where were you? I called you 6 times and sent you a bunch of texts! I was worried sick!”
  • “Ok, but like I was gone for an hour and I told you I was going on a hike?”
  • And he’d get incredibly jealous very easily 
  • “Ok, but Danny’s my best friend and he has a boyfriend…so to answer your question: no, he was not hitting on me.”
  • Being the push over in the relationship, and Derek always gets what he wants basically
  • “Oh, don’t you give me those puppy eyes, Hale! I’m not falling for it this time!”
  • “Aaaawww, but please?”
  • “Fine!!”
  • Finding out that he’s actually naturally good with kids and they love him (he’s just a big softy)
  • Watching him work out all the time and occasionally joining him when you’re up for it (his routine is probably pretty hardcore)
  • He’d hate PDA and always put a tough act up, especially in front of the pack, but in reality he’s puddy in your hands and basically everyone knows it 
  • Following that, you’d be the only one to genuinely make him smile and laugh (*that gif though…*)
  • You’d basically teach him how to let loose
  • Shirtless Derek walking around all the dang time tbh 
  • Him always running his fingers through your hair
  • Hearing him whisper, “Oh my God, you’re so beautiful.” at least 50 times a day
  • Being really competitive over dumb things
  • “I bet I can carry more grocery bags than you.”
  • “Oh, you’re so on Y/L/N!”
  • And you being his anchor