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It’s very personal to me...

You know when there’s this certain thing.. a certain type of story that you just love with all of your heart. It has always been in your mind. You’ve always imagined it. And it’s not just a story or a taste or a type.. it’s your weakness, your fantasy, a very special, secret place in your heart. 

When you imagine a story with specific details and special things that pulls at your heart. And then you find a show that has all that, as if it’s been taking straight out of your dreams, made just for you. It’s your own fantasy land. Your very own world. A place you run to, and just hide there when you’re upset and it makes you feel better because it’s very beautiful, even if it’s sad sometimes. A place that gives you wonderful feels and it cocoons you and it’s just everything that you want and need. It’s simply….. perfect. It’s personal. 

That’s what The Blacklist used to be for me. That’s what season 1 is to me. That’s what Lizzington is to me. It has a very VERY special place in my heart, I can’t explain it. And it just breaks my heart, it really hurts to see where this show that used to be… all of that, is heading. It’s like they’re taking away something so special away from me, robbing me of my own dream, my own special world. But I still have hope. I always will. And maybe I’m a fool for that. Because I can never give up on this show, more especially Lizzington, for all the reasons stated above. I really can’t explain it. I don’t know how. Does this make any sense?

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What art piece took the longest to do?

Jin: What art piece took the longest to do? Well I remember I did draw this like a year or 2 ago and it took me about 2 weeks?? I think..

Jin: Yoongi gave me a photo of us at the park and it looked really pretty but now I dont really know where the original photo went.. maybe its with Yoongi..
OH! and I did this digitally so it took me quite a long time


yo holy shit

perhaps the best thing tumblr has collectively done in the last few months is accept the mcelroy brothers and their doings into their hearts


Soo, I’ve decided to open commissions on OC latch hook rugs again since I recently finished one and I can use it as an example ^^; 

So! The way it’ll work is that you’ll send in a piece of art of your oc that you want it to be of and I’ll go out and buy the yarn and keep you updated as I work on it. I’ll also mail it to you when I’m done with it so you have to be able to get mail ! Try to keep pictures simple though as it isn’t that easy to make them based off of super detailed characters,,

 All of them will be around 9″ x 9″ (or larger) and will cost $10 for the supplies and shipping (sorry but the yarn isn’t cheap ;;) 

I do have two left that I still have to do (one that I’ve started on today) but I’m going to buy yarn tomorrow so I thought I’d put it out there ^^; 

Also the time that it takes me to do it will vary depending on the project but keep in mind that I am still a student and I have things to work on outside of this ;;

So here’s one that I finished a few days ago (character belongs to mecc/cchi) 

[First is the front of it and the second is the back]

And that’s about it ! If you’re interested just send me a message or an ask !

Mob, its not polite to flirt with someone in a relationship.

This is fanart for my fic, A Matter of Time. 

(Do not repost my art/remove caption.)


while my feelings on the new tri episode are………………….not any better than my feelings on the rest of tri, there were plenty of cute frames w/ the girls, so even though the series is technically over have a bonus femslash feb icon group!

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What's your new idea?

season 2 young justice au!!

there’s not a clear timeline on when jason became robin and died in canon, so i can just handwave it and say jason’s alive and doing his lost days thing by the time s2 has rolled around

that’s where things get interesting. the reach are looking for people with metahuman genes, and the lazarus pit isn’t exactly metahuman genes, but it’s something different. it’s not atlantean and not natural and it clings like a residue to jason. 

(the reach might not even recognize it as the same thing that clings to ra’s al ghul because have they ever actually met him in person or did they always just talk with the light over their oversized television screens? probably the latter.)

the reach like to kidnap kids with metahuman genes, but above all they like to kidnap kids that no one will miss. jason is wandering through europe all by himself, training; he checks in with talia every week or so, but she mostly leaves him to do his own thing. 

he’s an easy target.

talia doesn’t even worry for over a week after the fact. it’s not like they keep in contact that closely. and by the time she realizes something’s wrong – 

she doesn’t really have any idea where to start.

when the young justice team finally infiltrate the reach’s base, jason’s been there for weeks. 

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(For those who don’t know, Keone Madrid is the choreographer behind Fire, BST, and Not Today! BTS has been huge fans of his work even before debut, as seen in this photo, and now they’re getting personalized choreography from him and his team!!)

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hey man have u read the article from reuters on trump's call with putin about nukes and how trump thinks the new START was a bad deal for the U.S.? X_X

I’ve been slow to get to this ask and yep, so the US needs more nukes to be the ‘top of the pack’? My dude, the United States ain’t called a superpower for no fucking reason. ‘Most powerful country in the world’ is not an exaggeration. I’m constantly flabbergasted at how much American politicians behave like their country couldn’t easily completely annihilate others. American military spending alone just dwarfs many of the other world powers combined.

This man doesn’t seem to understand how American nuclear proliferation is going to incentivise other countries to get in on the game again. The P5 members stopping their nuclear testing has been a massive step forward in making the world safer. But yeah-just what we need right? Maybe we can scale it up so there are enough Titan missiles for everyone to destroy human civilisation 20x over instead of 4x over instead. Let’s just make it a splendid Götterdämmerung.