i get it

You guys, tonight’s the night!! Rhett and Link are gonna be on The Tonight Show! Again! I’m so excited, even though I’m still laughing at “teaodorant” from 3 months ago. But I’m excited to see them tonight. Also, I really hope Fallon gets them to do Mad Lib Theater, I love that bit!

really aggressive angry reminder that:

akaashi is the only fukurodani player who will consistently do extra practice with bokuto, so he’s unlikely to run away from him at any point in time.

and everything just got really … quiet. and i don’t do well with silence. or change. three times in six months i’ve found myself surrounded by boxes. and that’s just the thing, is that nothing really stays the same, you know? and getting angry won’t stop it. no amount of bloody knuckles or aggression will make it go away. i have to learn to be okay with change. i have to learn to unpack. and i’m working on it. i’ll keep working on it. i’ll learn to be okay.

I just had a revelation. Maybe I was never interested in going to an HBCU because it isn’t MY history. Oh my god. Although I understand them and celebrate their importance/success, I never felt the same attachment or pride or want for them. It confused me when people tried to push me to go to Spelman as a black girl that was brilliant and didn’t understand why I just….couldn’t relate. AH!!!! It’s not my history! That’s why!!!