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Oh for goodness sake.

“Joy, I know you say your husband supports you writing erotica but how can you Really be sure he doesn’t resent it?”

He supports my patreon. No, really. The great big doofus that he is, set up a seperate PayPal just so he could show his support for what I do. We spend hours going over how he can better help me work, offering to type up my notes and buying me dictation software so my hands wouldn’t hurt as much.

He helped me pick the cover art, we discuss what I do each day, what I’m thinking of doing next, if I have any plot issues I need help with. I’ve asked him to sit still while I physically climb over him to try and work out a sexy scene I’m trying to write but cant figure out the mechanics of without it turning into a game of narrative twister.

He’s the literal embodiment of “kick ass bb, I’ll hold your flower! 🤗🌹👌”, so yea, I’m pretty damn sure he’s okay with what I do.

OT4 Hypothetical: Rebrand and a Four Part Narrative

So, come with me on a journey. Bear in mind that I absolutely want OT4 back together post haste and I am prone to trying to see if I can make a case that what I want COULD happen. As always, I have no insider information and like to put together what if scenarios.

I’m going to start with the things that just don’t make sense to me:

  • This Town was promoted like a lead single of an album. Niall was everywhere. There’s no album announced, just an enigmatic Summer 2017 thought.
  • Just Hold On is being promoted as a lead single as well. Also no album in sight.
  • Liam has been talking about an album for ages but hasn’t dropped anything.
  • Liam involved in Babygate 2.0
  • Unsubstantiated rumors after unsubstantiated rumors about Harry dropping a solo album. And when I say unsubstantiated, I mean, if he signed a $80M deal with Columbia, why didn’t they put it in their shareholder letter at the end of the year?
  • For a band on hiatus they’re all in the media A LOT.

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listen, i know everyone wants tony to have this final big arch where he dies. and i’m in my corner wanting him to live out a happy life with pepper in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of genius little kids running around with baby DUM-Es.

  • Jungkook: fuck you
  • Jimin: fuck me?
  • Jungkook: yeah
  • Jimin: okay
  • Jungkook: okay
  • Taehyung, slamming door open: mAyBe oKaY wIlL bE oUr aLwAyS

Honestly though how did Wanda look into Tony’s mind and not jump back out, arms pin-wheeling as she backed away going “NOPE NOPE NOPE” because that boy has seen some SHIT

Like the memory of him being tortured in a cave attached to a car battery alone should have given her pause, not to mention a trusted figure PULLING OUT WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY HIS HEART

I’m watching house hunters with my mom and it’s a single woman with three cats And her friend is with her and he made some comment about coming along to prioritize her and humans over the cats And like she’s talking about how nice the cabinets in the kitchen are for the cats and he’s like ‘the kitchen isn’t a jungle gym for the cats’

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Hugo Vega, Mat Sella,
& Brian Harding
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I just had to read someone comparing Krymoar Ren to Prince Zuko and I think I temporarily altered which reality I inhabited to escape the rest of the sentence cause now I can’t find it so I can reblog it and demand in all sincerity, are you fucking kidding me