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Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you (part 3)


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Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus, Young!Reader x Uncle!Elijah

I took a deep breath as the cold air pricked my skin. * why is it so fucking cold *. I pull my jacket closer to my body as the wind blows down the school hallway. “Hurry up Y/n,” my friends Jason and Kara say waiting for me at the gym door. We were heading to the gym since we have to go talk to our gym coach about the pacer test along with meet Hope. ^ Whoopee!^

“Slow down guys remember crouches,” I say tilting my head to the crutches in my hands. “Sorry Black Canary,” says Jason using my nicknames while scratching the back of his head as I finally catch up with them. “It’s fine to let’s just go before lunch ends I am hungry,” I said as we head into the gym when I remembered my plan. I still need to give Jason and Kara the goodbye letters. *Oh yeah soon I won’t see them for as long as they think we will. At least now I won’t be able to bother them anymore. Jason won’t have to wait for me at the end of the street so we could talk. And he could go out with Hope like he wanted to. Kara would have less competition when it comes to ballet tryouts. I am doing them a solid they don’t need to baby me anymore. No one will not even myself* I thought. *The voices will stop no more looking at the knife, in lust. Or wanting to kill someone, along with dreams of torture*. ^Yeah honey like we said your end is the end^. I felt like screaming as the Voice poisonous sound rings through me.

“Hey are you ok, ” asks Kara. “Yeah don’t worry about it I am just thinking about something,”.^More like hearing something, but don’t worry it will end soon just remember the goodbye^.

“Hey if you guys don’t see me for a while, remember that I love you guys ok, “I said not looking at them to see their faces.

“What do you mean are you going somewhere ?” Said Kara frantic, she was always caring for me but if you annoy her too long she will fight you in a heartbeat. “No nothing major just you know visiting some family for a while, ” I said as Jason goes to talk to out gym coach for us while we talk. ^family on the other side^

“But why all your family lives in New Orleans?”She asked. “No not all of them I have am Aunt who lives in Maryland,”I lie.^Ooohh lying you your best friend when you know it’s your last time to see her how pityful^

“How long is a while? Wait are you sure cause Hop–”

“Look it doesn’t matter what Hope says or doesn’t I am nor Hope nor will I ever be.  I am just going away for some time and to answer your how long question. I am not sure but I will come back ok?” I lie. *Thou I hate lying to them it is necessary for their own good. She doesn’t need to know, I am just a burden her parents don’t even like me as they prefer Hope. Once again Hope wins The Voices in my head win. But soon it won’t matter I am ending this soon maybe in the next life I will be happier. *

“Plus I am going cause of family issues something happened with Hope and they think it’s best I go away for a while. just for two weeks,“ I said then took out her letter. ” Here in two days open this letter if I don’t tell you everything that’s going on OK? But you gotta promise me that you won’t tell Jason, I will tell him later on in the day okay.“ She nodded. I wanted to tell her more. Tell her everything but I knew if I did then she would try to convince me not too which wouldn’t help anyone.

“Hey,” said Jason poking my cheek and breaking me from my thoughts. “Huh,” I turn to face then but both of then have confusion written on their face.“Sorry just thinking of when we are going for the trip,” I said acting excited.

“Are you sure?” said Kara death staring me in the eyes and poking my chest. “Yes, Kara I am 100% sure now stop poking me,” I said moving away from her so she nor Jason can poke me. Jason frowns while Kara fake cries. “Oh hey guys,” said Hope as she joins us. We haven’t talked ever since she came into my room last week, which I am grateful for but sadly she decided to hang out with Kara, and Jason. I don’t get how someone can be so fake. She acts like we never had a problem with each other in the first place.*^I do it’s just like how you’re being fake about killing yourself^ Ignoring the voice to best I can I focus on what it in front of me. Jason and Kara are laughing at some joke Hope said. *Jason, kara I am going to miss you two so much but this is for your own good you guys can’t be doing this to you guys, pulling you into my life no point punishing you guys for my sins and mistakes.* I thought.^Yet here you are still in their lives hurry up ^ 

“Yeah I  just a lot on my mind,” I said leaning onto him. Jason, Kara and I always had this kind of relationship. Always caring and supporting each other.  *It doesn’t matter now does it. It’s too later be thinking about that, not like things will get better or something.* I thought as we were about to enter the cafeteria when Kara was called for early dismissal.^finally your thinking like me so why don’t you finish it ^ I felt like another person was in the room whispering this in my ears, but guess what I am falling for it.

I pull Kara in for a hug, not a side hug like I normally do but a full one. I take in her scent as she wraps her arms around me. She smells like strawberries and banana. I felt happy in her arms as her body heat radiates onto me.I felt at peace, nothing could make me mad, or want to cry, the bad thoughts went away. I was at peace and happy, but like all good stuff, it must come to an end  "See you tomorrow,“ she said as we let go then ran off. I felt tears prick my eyes. “Come Canary time food,” Jason puts his arm around me as we went over to the lunch line.^Yeah get your last meal before you pass^ said Voice, might as well give it a name since it will with me till my end.

——————————-Time skip bros end of the school day ———————

I took a deep breath as I walk over to the outside bench with Jason, my crush, behind me. “Hey, are you OK?” He said as he places our stuff down and takes a seat. “ Yeah Just haven’t been getting the best sleep,” I sorta lie.^liar liar death on fire ^

The truth is that I try not to sleep at all and use coffee creamer to stay up planning my end and writing my goodbye letters. Half of my goodbyes are finished. And I already choose the outfit I am going to wear. Just cause I am going to die doesn’t mean I cannot be happy as I do it. But mostly it’s because at night I have nightmares and I wake up screaming which annoys the living hell out of everyone at home, one way to not annoy them is to not sleep ya know.

“So when do you want me to come over for Ms.Greene’s. Project ?”

“Oh right about that—”. ^You can’t cause I am going to kill myself ^ I shake my head trying to get those word out of my head.

“Let me guess I can’t cause of family issues and you cannot come to my house cause Your not allowed out the house for reasons your not telling me,” he said. I felt guilty for leaving him hanging so much lately. We have been best friends since pre-k. We used to play with the building blocks as Marcel would take us to the playground. I sigh as Jason rubs the back of his neck.”What is up with you ever since Kara and I have been hanging out with Hope and you got your leg hurt you have just been so distant

“Look Jason I know I normally tell you everything but honestly. I think I just need some space,” I said. I grew cold with every word I said to him. I am not sure if it was because of the cold but I knew it was most likely for the best. ^You’re going to die soon don’t make it harder for us ^ said Voice in my head.

“So are you still gonna come to my basketball game today after school right?” His eyes lighted. I  wanted to yes so I can see crush the  other team.“ No, I won’t I got to head to the Quarter house,” I said to him. His smile disappears from his face.

“B-but you always come to them so we can have Ice cream,” I take a deep breath .*I wish we could do that forever * I thought as I took his hand in mine  "Look Jason I know we always do that but I can’t this time —“

“Ahh  Y/n there you are.  ” I said Uncle Elijah and Hope. I quickly let go of Jason’s hand and put my hands on my crutches. * shoot I forgot Uncle Elijah was picking me and Hoe I mean Hope up* I thought as Jason picks up his books. I opened my mouth to talk him but he was already walking away. “I will finish Ms.Greene’s  project on my own. let you have some Space,” he spat out the words like daggers then disappeared in the distance between us.

I place my stuff in my backpack, slipped it on and went to Uncle Elijah and Hope beginning our trek to the house.

I pull out my iPod and headphones and start listening to ‘work out’ by j cole. He is one of Jason and I favorite singers. We walked together for thirty-five minutes before Uncle Elijah actually talks to me. Hope is on Uncle Elijah back since she got tired ten minutes ago from walking.

*honestly Uncle Elijah the Little shit can walk on her own  * I thought and continued walking thinking about Jason and I’s relationship if still even have one after today. ^what is there to think about it’s over and you ruined it ^ I felt my heart churn at her voice. *shut it voice*


It’s been two hours since we got home and so far, it’s just been Mom and sperm donner yelling at each other about something that is most likely about Hope or some ‘new enemy ’. I sigh as hear another vase slams my door again. *Uncle Elijah going to yell * I thought. At first, when they occurred I was scared out of my mind, but now I am used to it it doesn’t matter.

^Honestly, what is there for me to worry about. I am not gonna be here in the future so I am fine Right? Why don’t you just pick up a knife and slit your throat no one will notice your dead until the deed is done^. I hugged my pillow closer to my chest and pushed the hollow feeling into the back of my mind. I found these thoughts popping up in my head more often lately. Maybe it was bound to happen you know. ^So what are you gonna go^ said the voice.  

I get off of my bed and walk over to my closet, get into my good bye clothes (https://www.polyvore.com/my_good_bye/set?id=215314515), my wonder woman hat on top. I grab my birthday money and Uncle Elijah old phone which he let me have, doesn’t have a sim card but it still works, and the directions to place. I grab the rest of the letters I need to give and put them in my backpack. “Now the major problem getting out of this house,” I said until it finally hit me.

 I took off all of my bed sheets, which were a lot by the way, off from the bed then threw them out the window. I placed them in a way that they fall one on top of another. I took the pillow cases off of my pillows and threw them down as well. I tossed out my crutches. *I Hope I survive * I thought as I balance standing on the edge of the window. I pull the pillows to my chest and do the leap of faith from assassin’s creed, but it was kinda hard to do with my hurt leg. I groan as I hit the ground even though I made a pile it still hurt. I grabbed my crutches and struggled to get off of the blankets. Once that was over, head straight for Rousseau (Marcel and Cami’s bar). By the time I got there Cami’s shift was hadn’t begun yet thankfully. The room was full of people. I was about to take a seat when ” Y/n what are you doing here,“ said Marcel after I nearly have a heart attack. Thou would kill me it’s not the way I want to go.

 “Oh hey Marcel, how are you?” I said giving him a fake smile but I knew he wasn’t falling for it.“Nice try Y/n ” he said as we take a seat at a nearby table. “So mind telling me what you are doing here?” “I wanted to give this to you,” I said taking out the letters for him and Cami. “They are thank you letters for you and Cami. I wasn’t able to give Jason his either so can you give it to him? ,” I place them onto the table and slide it over to him. “I was hoping to see both of you here. but since Cami isn’t here can you please give this to her?” I query.

 He nods his head and takes the letters. I fight the tears and smile that threaten to break my heartless facade, but I couldn’t help but smirk at knowing those who I truly care about knowing how I feel about them. But as soon as it came it went.“So mind telling me what you are doing giving this to me,” he asked. *Oh Uncle Marcel even thou I didn’t say it a lot to you ‘I love you ’ you may not be blood but you are no water* I thought as I give him a smile. “No Uncle Marcel just a simple thank you letter were supposed to write and deliver one to those who you love,” I said getting up from the table and left Rousseau, leaving Marcel alone looking at the letters.

 _________________________time skip arrival death place_______________

“Finally” passing the entrance of the local indoor pool. No one was here other than me. I passed the locker area and went to the pool. *Huh the little shit is about to do it finally. Thought you were gonna plague the world some more. I don’t see why you are here still you made it this far let’s do it shall we* I wanted to fight the voice but I knew it was no choice. The reason I chose the pool was because of it the one place that no one would look for me. 

When I was young Jason and I would come here with Cassandra Winchester sometimes we all would just play on the not deep side of the pool, but we stopped once she left for a mission and never came back. I highly doubt Jason even remembers this place. No one else knows about this place since I never told anyone about it. The light from the water light up the entire room so it wasn’t dark. I didn’t take off my shoes or jewelry since they all had meant something to me. I walk over to the deep side of the pool that was 7ft. “Goodbye life,” I said then dropped into the water. 

The cold temperature pricked my skin but I didn’t let it bother me as I sank to the bottom. My vision was blurry but I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the water or lack of oxygen. I felt my body slowly sink close to the pools floor*Finally this is it. You free now you don’t have to burden others with your presence.* I thought as black spots blur my vision. I suddenly felt more tired than usual. *maybe a good rest* I slowly close my eyes and release the all the air in my lungs as darkness kills me.

_________Third POV at home_______________time past____________ _____________________________________________________________

No one notices how Y/n has jumped from her bedroom window over Klaus’s screaming. Kol rolls his eyes as his brother talks about how high and mighty he now that he is a hybrid. “Dear Brother Niklaus might you please stop screaming before Hope wakes up,” said Elijah Pouring himself a drink of whiskey. “Klaus opens his mouth to say more but nothing comes out. He storms out of the house slamming the door in his rage making Hope stir in her sleep. “Well that was dramatic,” said Hayley walking into the living room with a tea in her hand. “Has anyone ever told you that is how this family works,” said Cami sitting down next to her. “Cami doesn’t your shift start soon,” said Elijah, Cami chokes on her drink then runs out the room to get to work.

 “Mommmmyyyy!!!!!!” Screamed Hope, the Originals immediately run to her side. She was inside her sister’s room with a letter in her hand. Tears ran down her cheeks as Hayley comforts her child. “Hope what’s wrong?“Said, Elijah, while taking the letter out of her hands. He nearly passes out from what he reads.“There is one in everyone’s room” Hope stuttered holding onto her mother. Elijah hands the letter to Kol, who just stared dead at the letter noticing Y/n’s handwriting, Elijah walks out the room and quickly collects all the other letters.

 “Hope what happened?” said Kol trying not to be angry after reading Hope’s letter.

“Y/n is committing suicide,” she said.

 Everyone froze upon hearing this. That one of their loved ones was willing to take their own life and no one knew why or how she would scream in her pillow at night or how she tried not to sleep til the point she naturally has insomnia. “Why would she do that?” Asked Freya. 

“Why wouldn’t she, you always favor Hope more than her. You didn’t even notice that she was kidnapped,” said Kol glaring at him family “Brother do we—” “STOP BLOODY LYING. DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER HER MIDDLE NAME OR THE LAST TIME YOU LET HER CHOOSE FOR HER BIRTHDAY,” screamed Kol. “You ignore her cause she is human. Cause she isn’t as powerful as Hope. Yet you forget that you were once the same as her but at least we had someone who noticed and cared at least we had each other,” said Kol. “Rebekah,” he said pointing to her “ you have been begging for a human in this family and when we finally have one you ignore the girl”. Rebekah opens her mouth but no words come out. 

“Aaahh and the mother,” he said turning to Hayley. “You wondered about how you treated both of them so badly, but guess what you did even worse you only cared for one,” he spats. Hayley glares at Kol but knows deep down is words are completely right. She never once thought about what Y/n would want to do for her birthday or how she would drink coffee in the morning. “You people may not care for her but I do and I won’t let you people be the reason of her death,” said Kol, storming out the house. Everyone one froze upon hearing these words. The thought of Y/n finally ringing in their heads. Hope dries her her eyes and pulls her mom into a hug. 

The despair was too great that you could cut it with a knife. “I will begin a locator spell,” Freya walks out the door with Y/n’s necklace to begin the spell. Rebekah follows silently out of the house. “Elijah w–"Hayley opens her mouth to ask him a question when she already knows the answer. ‘Was Y/n ever treated like Hope’. They all knew the answer is ‘No’. “ Hope honey its time for bed, ” said Hayley.“ Uncle Elijah will look for Y/n and by tomorrow we will have her back I promise she will be back alive,” Hayley pulls hee daughter in for a hug, Elijah leaves the room but not after placing all the remaining letters on Y/n’s desk before leaving. Hope nods her head and gets ready for bed by herself for the first time in her life. Her mother asked if she needed help, but she denied it and continued on her own. "Mommy you should go find Y/n I will be fine,” Hayley nods and follows her request and leaves the house.

Canadian Irish dancing champ wins 7th world title in Dublin

Brampton, Ont., native Michaela Hinds is celebrating her seventh win at the World Irish Dancing Championship in Dublin, in what she says was her final competition.

In the world of Irish dancing, Hinds was already a standout. She entered the competition with six world titles under her sparkly belt, the most awarded North American in the history of the so-called Olympics of Irish dancing.

Ahead of travelling to Dublin, she admitted she was nervous.

“When you go back to defend a title, I find it a lot more stressful than winning the first time because everyone’s expecting so much from you already, and you have to give that much more than you have in the previous years to keep standing out from everyone else,” said Hinds, 21, said in a phone interview with CBC News.

After the competition, she feels it’s time to hang up her shoes, at least as a competitor. 

“This was the last age group that I could probably dance in,” says Hinds. "Also, my body is falling apart after all these years of dancing.“

Dancing on a broken foot

Few things illustrate her dedication to Irish dancing more than the fact that last year she danced on a broken foot that was still healing from multiple fractures.

How did she do?

"I ended up winning it,” she says, matter-of-factly.

That Olympic-athlete-like dedication is evident in everything Hinds does. In the months before competitions, the Sheridan College kinesiology student is at the gym at 5:30 a.m. for a workout and again after her college classes three times a week.

On top of that, there’s dance classes three times a week, for hours, plus the workshops on the weekends.

Hinds says she never eats out with her friends, but makes her food at home, focusing on lean protein and vegetables to keep her hard-working muscles in top shape.

“Definitely she has talent but I’d say her biggest strength is that she has determination and [a] work ethic you just can’t deny,” says Kathy Irvine, one of her teachers at the Butler Fearon O'Connor School of Irish Dancing in Brampton.

Irvine has been working with Hinds for more than a decade and was a multiple Irish dancing champ herself. But she says she was happy to see her student top her record, and then some.

“She perfects every minute detail of her performance, including the way that her shoe is tied.”

A global dance phenomenon

Her dominance over a form long ruled by dancers from Ireland is indicative of the increasingly global popularity of Irish dance. A quick glimpse at the competitors at the World Championships reveals a diverse and multicultural group of performers.

Irvine says the success of Hinds, stretched over a decade, played no small part in making Irish dancing a global phenomenon.

“I think Michaela’s success has proven not just what Canadians can do, but what one human individual can do.”

Also surprising to an outsider’s eye is the pageantry involved: heavy, bejewelled costumes and spray tans are de rigeur, and girls and women compete in heavy wigs of Shirley Temple-like curls. Apparently it’s a historic nod to the roots of Irish dancing, where children would attend dance classes right after church, their hair curled and wearing their Sunday best. 

Hinds says the outfits help get her “in the zone” before competing. "You’re an artwork and you’re making artwork.“ 

Life of a retired champion

All that will be difficult to leave behind, but Hinds plans to stay involved in the world of Irish dancing by receiving her certification to teach. Eventually, she would like to study to become a midwife.

She says she won’t miss those 5 a.m. workouts, but will probably always stay active.

"I feel like it will be very different, I don’t know what I’ll do with my time. My boyfriend will be happy.”

For all her athleticism, Hinds sees herself as an artist, too.

 "When you walk on stage, you’re setting foot on a blank canvas and you’re about to paint a masterpiece, but through dancing.“

BTS Reaction to you (wife) wanting a girl but only having boys

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“Well…I guess we could try again…if you really want one.”

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“Don’t you think we have enough already?”

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“Anything to make my yeobo happy!!”

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“Well, I do like the act of creating children.”

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He has said that he wants 4 boys and 1 girl

“Well the universe is just making sure we get all of our boys. I’m sure this one will be a girl.”

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“More kids you say?” *secretly planning an army of his offspring to take over the world*

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☆mccree x reader where they're going shoe shopping for shoes for a dance, and when they find a pair they like mccree is like "allow me" and slips them on her feet followed by "a perfect fit, darlin" and they try dancing in them and mccree says "I could watch you dance the night away in those shoes, darlin"

A/N: This is the last request that isn’t from literally an hour ago, so I’m confident in saying that I’ve finally caught up with my inbox! This request was a little… specific… But I’m happy to oblige! Still planning on keeping that open-door policy on my inbox, but just be aware that I probably won’t get to your request immediately.

A sigh escaped your lips as you entered yet another shoe store, McCree’s spurs jingled slightly as his boots collided with the hardwood floor. Overwatch was hosting a gala in Commander Morrison’s honor, and every agent had been given a month’s notice to prepare. McCree had dragged his feet on preparing, assuring you that there would be plenty of time to find outfits for the both of you. He wasn’t wrong, he had a sharp black suit prepared, though he was adamant that he’d still wear his spurs, even if it was a black-tie event. You had managed to acquire a smooth black silk dress with silver accents, highlighting your curves. McCree had been quite vocal in his appreciation of the outfit, though there had been unforeseen difficulties in finding a matching pair of shoes. “What about these ones?” McCree held a pair of black stilettos, smirking slightly as he extended them towards you.

“No… How about these?” You replied, withdrawing a pair of brown comma heels. McCree shook his head, emitting a hum as his eyes fell on a specific pair. You turned to examine the pair he had found, a delicate ankle strap situated on top of a black heel, silver accents similar to those of your dress tastefully lined the sides. “Those are…”

“Perfect?” McCree interrupted, plucking the heels from the rack. “Allow me.” He motioned for you to sit on a nearby stool, chuckling as you removed your canvas sneakers. “A pretty shoe for a pretty lady.” McCree sang, slipping a shoe onto your right foot, almost gasping as he removed his hands. “Well, look at that, a perfect fit.” He smiled, slipping the other shoe onto your left foot, chuckling as it slid on as smoothly as the last. “Well, what do you think?” He stood up, offering his hand to you.

“I think they fit great, but we’ve gotta see how well they work in motion.” You laughed, grabbing his extended hand, smiling as he pulled you to your feet. You stumbled for a moment, regaining your balance almost immediately, strutting confidently around the store. “What do you say we give them a little test run?” You laughed, offering a hand to McCree, “We will be dancing at the gala, I hope?”

“Of course.” McCree laughed, grabbing your hand with his own, wrapping his free arm around your waist, pulling you close. The two of you delicately maneuvered around the store, your movements as natural as walking, as smooth as water, and as iconic as McCree’s southern twang. “I could watch you dance the night away in those, darlin’.” McCree winked, releasing you from his grasp. “I think we found your shoes, Cinderella.” You each laughed, waving over the attendant as you slipped back into your sneakers. “We’ll take these.” McCree spoke, handing a card to the employee.

“An excellent choice, Mr. Reyes.” She disappeared behind the counter with the shoes, prompting you to smirk at McCree.


“What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him.” McCree laughed, making his way over to the counter, signing the receipt that had been printed for him. “Ready to get out of here?” He asked, grabbing the bag from the attendant. You nodded, looping an arm around his free one, nuzzling close to him.

“Thanks, Mr. Reyes.” You joked as you exited the store, intent on getting your ensemble ready for the gala later that evening. You had cut it close, but you managed to find the perfect outfit.


“ 👀👀 ”

Just got on and took some random pictures for y’all right quick, just to show some face before I tell y’all some news i been planning on telling…. Reasons of why I been so happy. Today I just did a random day of shopping and found some cute ass outfits for the week. (not the news just thought y’all should know. My wardrobe finna get like @helloitskeetz). I’m gonna just say, Watch my pics for the news 😊 Hey Babies!!!

Event: 100 Days Celebration since Lily’s birth

it’s already that time huh… Time went so quickly and little baby is growing up so fast! *CRIES

What is 100 day’s celebration?  It is old tradition to celebrate a baby’s arrival and introduce him/her to family and friends on either their 30 day or 100 day birthday.  
When does is start? 1st of July
How long will it last? Till 1st of August! ^W^
What I have to do to join? It’s simple! Just send me a message or ask that you want to join or simply reblog this post so I can see that you joined! OWO 
Do I need anything additional? Well… it would be great if you could attend in formal outfit, happy mood and maybe something for the baby! ^W^
What will I get from joining? Possibility to interact with other awesome muses and mun’s that you never had interacted before! OWO 
If my muse is England or Latvia, can I still join? Absolutely! OWO The more the merrier 

Event starts: 1st of July 
Event ends: 1st of August
Requirement: wear formal wear, smiles and good food! Just joking! 

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“Happy birthday, baby!” Eric said, shaking me awake. “You gotta get up. I have some cool shit planned for us today.”

“Ugh, Eric..” I groaned, opening one of my eyes and checking the alarm clock. “10:00? I thought it was earlier than that.” I said, rubbing my eyes and looking over at my boyfriend. I smiled. “You’re wearing the outfit!” I said, referring to my favorite look on Eric- his black pants, his Denver Broncos sweatshirt with his combat boots and his hat on backwards.

“Yeah, I knew it was your favorite. I dunno why though, it’s so casual.” He chuckled, moving the hair out of my face. “Well, I have us breakfast downstairs from Mcdonald’s and as i said earlier, i have some cool shit planned for us.” He said, moving off of the bed to where i could get up.

“You don’t have to do this!” I said as he placed his hand on my back, both of us walking down the stairs of my house. “Um, yeah i do! My baby is turning 21, that’s pretty special.” He said, pulling out the dining room chair for me and handing me my food.

“What are we gonna do first?” I asked him, taking a sip of my coffee. He swallowed his bite of food, turning towards me. “Well, I thought I could take you shopping for whatever you wanted. I can take you to that makeup store and get you that thing you wanted.” He offered, taking a sip of his drink.

“You hate going shopping, and you’re offering to take me to a makeup store?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. “Where is my Eric and what have you done with him?”

He smiled. “It’s your birthday, babe. We can do whatever you want.” He said, placing his hand on top of mine. “Now eat up, we have a long day ahead of us.”

30 minutes later, I was dressed and in Eric’s car as he drove me to my favorite shops.

“I honestly think i’m the only guy in here.” Eric mumbled, standing close to me as i looked at different shades of lipsticks. I swatched two on my hand, looking at which one i should choose.

“Which one?” I asked Eric, showing him my hand with the two swatches. He looked confused. “Um, they look the exact same?”

“No no no, babe. You see, this one has more of a velvet finish and the other one is more matte.” I explained, grabbing the matte lipstick and wiping the swatches off of my hand with a paper towel.

“Whatever you say..” He sighed, picking up a black sparkly eyeshadow. “Woah.” He said, pressing his finger into it, making the pressed shadow break up into millions of pieces. The powder got all over him.

“Oh shit!” he swore, wiping the black shadow on his jeans and putting the messy product back. “What did you do?” I asked, looking over at him and the black eyeshadow all over his finger. “Uh.. I kinda made a little mess, here..”

“Aw, babe.” I said, grabbing a makeup wipe. “Do you need some help?” I asked, wiping his finger off. “There. Now, let’s go, i found what i needed.”

We made our way to the checkout and Eric paid for the lipstick. “Thank you, baby!” I said, kissing him on the cheek as we walked back to the car. He smiled at me. “Anything for my girl.”

“Well, where to next?” I asked, looking over at Eric.

“I’m gonna take you out for a light lunch, and then the real fun begins, princess.” He said, placing his hand on my thigh.

We drove to a small deli, ate a quick lunch. We then went to a small animal shelter. Eric stopped the car. “Okay, babe. This is one of your big presents,” He said, smiling at me. “We’re gonna adopt a puppy!”

I squealed. “Really? Oh my god!” I said excitedly, reaching over and hugging him tightly. “Thank you thank you!” I yelled, kissing him all over the face. He laughed. “You’re welcome, baby. Just stop screaming.”

We went in and looked at all of the puppies until a little pug caught my eye. “That one, Eric!” I said, picking up the small animal. It’s little tongue reached out and licked me on the hand lovingly. “It’s so cute, Eric! I’m gonna cry!” I said, tearing up.

We did all of the paperwork and went to the pet store and got the things we needed. “You think of a name yet, baby girl?” He asked, putting the small pup. “Hmm. Rebby.” I said.

“Rebby? Wonder how you came up with that.” Eric laughed. I giggled as we pulled onto our street.

“What are we doing back?” I asked, confused.

“Well babe, Dylan is gonna take care of the pup, and i’m gonna take care of some things, and then you and i are gonna have an amazing dinner.” He said.

We walked in and have Dylan the puppy and everything that it needed.

“Now, babe. Go to our room and open the box laying on the bed and follow the instructions, okay?” He said, kissing me on the forehead. “I’ll see you later.”

I walked up to Eric and I’s shared room and looked at the box on the bed. I raised my eyebrows, walking over to it and opening it to find a dress- the one i was looking at a couple weeks ago when Eric and I were out. I smiled and pulled it out, finding beautiful heels along side it, and a necklace.

There was a note that read i should get ready and meet Dylan back downstairs when i was finished.

I quickly did so, smiling at myself in the mirror.

I walked back downstairs, grabbing my purse, to see Dylan in a nice suit. “Y/N, you look beautiful.” He smiled, giving me a hug. “What is happening?” I laughed.

“Well, follow me.” He said, leading me outside and locking the house up. There was a very nice Limo outside, which i looked at shockingly. “Um, okay?”

“Get in!” Dylan said, opening the door for me, crawling in behind me. The car started and we drove away.

“Dylan, what is this?” I asked as he handed me a glass of champagne. He looked off, pretending not to hear what i said.

After a nice conversation and laughs, the car stopped. Dylan looked at me and grabbed my glass.

“Are you ready?” He asked, climbing out and opening the door for me. I chuckled. “Ready as i’ll ever be?” i said, even though it came out more as a question.

There was a long path of string lights leading up to one destination, i was guessing. Dylan held out his arm as we walked the path.

“Dylan, what is this? Oh my god!” I gasped covering my mouth with my hand. “Eric!” I smiled, walking up to my wonderful boyfriend.

“Hey, princess.” He smiled, kissing me on the head.

“Did you do this?” I asked, looking at the beautifully decorated canopy tent. He nodded. “Do you like it?” He asked nervously. I nodded quickly and kissed him softly. “This is absolutely beautiful.” I said, speechless. He grabbed my hand and led me under the canopy tent.

“I got your favorite meal.” He smiled, pulling the chair out for me. I sat down as he pushed it in, walking over and sitting down himself. Dylan walked in with two wine glasses, filling them with alcohol. “You two crazy kids have fun, okay?” He said, smiling at the both of us and walking out, leaving us alone.

Dinner was amazing, and Eric and I laughed the whole time. Tonight was an amazing birthday. But, towards the end, it seemed Eric was nervous.

“Baby, are you okay?” I asked, placing my hand on his. He nodded and gulped.

“U-Um,” He said, inhaling sharply. “Y/N, I love you with all of my heart,” He stated. “You have made my life a million times better and i couldn’t be more thankful for you, baby girl.”

He walked over to me and kissed me softly. He then proceeded to grab a small box from his pocket and get down on one knee.

“Eric!” I gasped, tearing up a little bit.

“Y/N L/N, i couldn’t imagine life without you. Will you marry me?” He asked. I nodded and smiled, tears falling down my face. “Yes! A million times yes!” I said as he slipped the beautiful ring on me. We shared a sweet kiss. “Eric, this is wonderful. This is the best birthday ever.”

this is so shitty, it took forever, its long as fuck, i’m tired, i hope you like it beb!

Wishes Do Come True

A/N: Okay so this took longer than it actually needed to. Honestly I just didn’t feel motivated at all, and had no ideas but I can’t sit around and do nothing forever. So here is an anon request, a Phil Lester x Reader fanfiction! This could have been more fluffy but I just didn’t know what to do, sorry ^^

Request- Hey ! Can you write a Phil Lester imagine please? Fluffy of course ^^

Word Count: 1, 706

Pairing: Phil Lester x Reader

Warnings: Swearing every now and then

Your POV 

“Would you please just come?" 

"Dan I can’t afford it you know this." 

"I’ll pay.”

“Dan you don’t need to-" 

"No. It will be a pleasant surprise for Phil, you haven’t seen each other in years! You guys are…close friends he’ll love it." 

"Fine. When am I flying out?" 

"January 29th”

“Of course the day before his birthday, who would have thought of that.”

“Thank you Y/N this means a lot to me, I wanted to make Phil’s birthday a good one." 

"Yeah yeah whatever." 

I hung up and dropped my phone onto my bed, me flopping onto the bed with it. Dan has been bugging me about flying to London as a surprise for Phil’s birthday. Phil and I met at VidCon 2 years back, and haven’t seen each other since. But we have had Skype calls almost everyday since then. I don’t know why Dan was so insistent on me coming, he offered to pay for fucks sake. I accepted his offer because let’s face it, I miss the fuck out of Phil. His presence just makes me so happy and honestly, I would have figured out a way to gain the money to pay for a flight anyway.  

Having a long distance…friendship is quite complicated, and it sucks ass. Lately we haven’t had the time to Skype each other because Dan and Phil have been planning their tour, and I’ve been busy with my YouTube channel. Dan is so sweet for helping me out, Phil is one of my best friends that I may or may not have feelings for. I would have told him by now but having a long distance friendship is tough as it is, imagine having a long distance relationship? And plus, I doubt Phil thinks of me other than just a friend.

I got up from the bed and scanned my room for things I might take to London. Dan mentioned I will be there for a week, so I need to pack a week’s worth of clothes. I walked over to the dresser and chose some decent outfits after dragging my suitcase out of the closet. I dragged my feet to the washroom, grabbing a toothbrush, some makeup, and a hair brush. After an hour of figuring out what to pack, I grabbed my phone and texted Dan. 

Y/N: What about hotel?

Dan: Booked for one night under your name.

Y/N: Wait one night? I thought I’m staying for a week.

Dan: Well we have an extra room you spork

Y/N: Touché. Okay so what’s your game plan howell?

Dan: Well I was thinking that after we sing happy birthday and Phil blows out his candles, you come into the kitchen and BOOM SURPRISE

Y/N: Okay but how am I going to get into your apartment

Dan: God you’re so american, IT’S CALLED A FLAT

Y/N: Stfu it’s the same thing.

Dan: I’ll visit you in the hotel and give you extra keys.

Y/N: Fine. See you in a week.

Dan: See ya

-Time skip- 

After waiting impatiently for a week, the day has finally come for me to fly to London! I woke up at balls AM in the morning to get on a 9-hour flight. It was torture.  

I was stuck in a middle seat between a couple, who was arguing the whole flight. Although I had my headphones at least so I blasted my music the whole time. After 9 torturous hours I finally landed in London, and texted Dan once I arrived.  

Y/N: I just landed.

Dan: Alright I’m near the carousel. I can drive you to the hotel.

Y/N: Ew you’re so british, "carousel.”

Dan: Nvm I’m leaving. you can get a taxi.


Dan: Fine. I’m waiting. Phil is going to be v happy to see you. 

The heat rose to my cheeks when I read Dan’s text as I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked off the plane heading towards the “carousel” as Dan would call it. Once I got there I looked around for a tall mother fucker wearing all black clothing, and to no surprise, I found him quite easily. I walked up to him and greeted him with a hug. 

“Oh fancy meeting you here! Do you come here often?” Dan said, pulling away from the hug. 

“Oh yeah all the time.” I tilted my head, and laughed. “Can we just pick up my luggage and go, that was a terrible flight." 

"Of course.”  

We grabbed my luggage and headed to a car outside of the airport. Dan drove me to the hotel and checked me in, making sure I was okay and we had everything planned.

“Okay so, at 2:00 we will sing happy birthday to Phil and blow out the candles. I will text you when we start singing." 

"So should I be at your apar- flat around 1:50 or something?" 

"Yeah that sounds good." 

After setting our plan up, Dan left so I could get some sleep after that horrible flight. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. 

I woke up super ecstatic about today. Even if Phil wasn’t too happy with his surprise, I’d still be happy to see him. I chose my outfit, and put on my makeup. I needed to text Phil happy birthday, so he didn’t think anything suspicious was going on. 

Y/N: Happy Birthday Philly! Hope it’s a good one :)

Phil: Thank you! We definitely need to skype tonight.

Y/N: Of course 

I put my phone away and stared at the clock until it hit 1:40. My phone vibrated and I grabbed it out of my pocket to see who it was. 

Dan: Cake is coming out soon. GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE WOMAN

Y/N: pushy much

Dan: No comment 

I hauled a taxi and told the taxi driver Dan and Phil’s address. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, I was so nervous to see Phil again after two years. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and check the time 1:50 right on time. I ran up the billion stairs to their apartment and silently opened the door. I snuck past the kitchen to drop off my stuff in Phil’s room, and silently walked over to the kitchen. I heard singing coming from the kitchen and slowly made my way over to it. Everybody started counting up to Phil’s age, and I heard his voice for the first time in forever. 

"Guys this is going to take forever." 

But everybody kept counting anyways. After the counting I heard cheering and Dan voice. 

"Phil, what was your wish?" 

"Well I can’t tell you it, it won’t come true.” Phil chuckled. 

“Good morals because I think it did.” Dan laughed a bit and looked over to the door. I could feel the butterflies stirring in my stomach, because of Dan’s comment and the nerves. 


“Oh nothing let’s eat cake!”

I tiptoed into the kitchen and held my finger up to my lips so if anyone saw me they knew to be quiet. I finally got to Phil and gently tapped his shoulder since his back was facing the door. He turned around and his face lit up.

“Y/N!” He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him closer as I was laughing. 

“Happy Birthday!” I giggled, still hugging him. He put me down, and pulled away but his arms were still wrapped around my waist. 

“How did you get here?” He couldn’t stop smiling. 

“Friendly elf Dan paid for my flight and planned everything." 

"See your wish did come true.” Dan chuckled.

“Dan I wasn’t his wish but nice try.” I could feel my face turn red once Dan said that. I looked up to Phil who was also red, and he let go of my waist. He turned to Dan, muttered something, and turned back to me.  


Phil was just as charming, and attractive as I remembered. I stood by him the whole party and we caught up on everything we missed in the past few weeks of not Skyping. After everyone left, Phil began asking me questions. 

"How long are you staying?” We sat down on the couch and I stared into his captivating blue eyes. 

“A week. 

"Where are you staying?" 

"Here” I laughed. 

“What?” Phil sounded pleasantly surprised by me saying that. “Where’s your stuff?" 

"Well Dan said I could stay, and I dropped my luggage off in your room if you don’t mind." 

"Of course I don’t mind Y/N. This was the best gift I got for my birthday.” He looked over my shoulder blushing once he said that. 

“I wouldn’t say it was the best.”  

“Anyway, I’m gong to let you sleep. Goodnight.” Phil got up and gave me one more hug before heading out the room. 

“Phil?” I had to ask him something that was bugging me the whole party. I needed a straight answer.

“Yes?” He popped his head back in the room, still smiling. 

“Can I ask you something?” I look down at my hands, and started fiddling with them. 

“Something wrong?” He sat down next to me again, and gave me a concerned look. 

“What…what did Dan mean by your wish came true? I mean we’re close but how could I possibly be your wish?” I look up into his eyes again, getting lost in how beautiful they were. He was quiet for a few minutes, and finally spoke. “You know what, never mind I shouldn’t have asked that I’m sorry.” I got up from the couch and headed towards the stairs to their office.  

“Y/N wait.” Phil grabbed onto my hand and I stopped, turning to face him again. “Can I…can I kiss you?” He asked, his cheeks had a rosy tint on them. I nodded frantically and cupped his cheeks, kissing him. His lips were soft, and warm, and the kiss was everything I expected it to be. He wrapped his arms around my waist like he did earlier, deepening the kiss. We both pulled away and he rested his forehead on mine. 

“Now my wish came true.”

Birthday Dinner:Harry x Reader

Request: A oneshot with Harry where you’re Sirius blacks daughter please? Except maybe without the whole Jily betrayal so they’re all alive and happy and she and Harry grew up together and maybe it’s over the holidays and the marauders,lily and the weasley family children come together to finally get Harry and her to confess they’re feelings and start dating? Like maybe they use jealousy&other failed plans til something finally works please?

Warnings: none :)


Originally posted by bibliophilebunny

“Dad, will you please relax,” I say as I finish cleaning my room. “There, are you happy?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am,” Sirius says.

“I don’t get what the big deal is, it’s just the Potters,” I mumble as I turn to my wardrobe to pick out an outfit for the night. Dad had been getting the house ridiculously prepared for our company, and I swear I have never seen the floors of Grimmauld Place shine like this before. I didn’t even know they were capable of shining at all.

“The big deal is that it’s Christmas,” he says. “And your birthday.”

“My birthday’s always been on Christmas, Dad.”

“Not your seventeenth birthday…” he says with a smirk. My eyes shoot to him.

“You did not,” I warn. “Dad, tell me you did not plan a surprise party for me, or I swear I will kill you.” He just smirks and shrugs. I groan and crash down on my bed.

“Relax, (Y/N), it’s just the Weasley’s and Granger’s,” he says, mocking me.

“Really?” I say, hopefully. He knows how much I hate large gatherings, but when it’s this particular crowd, it never feels too big.

“Really,” he says, and I sigh in relief. “Now, get ready, they’ll be here in an hour.” and he heads downstairs.

I pull on a dark maroon high necked blouse, white skinny jeans, and a pair of black booties, and meticulously style my (y/h/c) hair into a fabulous high ponytail before fixing my makeup. I admire my very properly badass apparel before heading downstairs to help out my Dad in the kitchen.

“Bets on who gets here first?” I ask him.

“Grangers, definitely,” he replies, pulling a carrot soufflé out of the oven; one of my favorites.

“Oh totally,” I say as I hear the doorbell ring. “I’VE GOT IT!”

I run to the door and open it to see, as predicted, Hermione and her parents standing on our front step.

“Oi, watch the hair,” I laugh as she attacks me with a hug. “It’s good to see you,” I say pulling away.

“You too! Happy Birthday! And Merry Christmas!” She says holding out a small stack of gifts.

“Oh thank you! And merry christmas to you, too!” I pull her inside and greet her parents as well. They each take a seat in our living room with my Dad while Hermione and I head up to my room, the walls clad with signed posters of my favorite bands, some moving and some not.

“So,” she says, jumping onto my bed, “who’s your latest target?”

“Who says I’ve got one?” I ask, climbing on after her.

“(Y/N), if I know anything about you it’s that you always have someone in mind,” she responds, taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

“That is not true!” I say, blushing a bit, but honestly, there was one certain person that popped into my head.

“Alright, sure,” she says, dropping the subject, but smirking at me nonetheless. I hear the doorbell ring again and squeal as I race down the stairs to answer it. I am immediately faced with a sea of red hair as I look at the Weasley family in front of me. A rather tall wizard with a ponytail and a leather jacket is the first to sweep me up into a hug.

“Bill! Hi!” I say, now blushing rather furiously. Bill had always been my childhood crush, and the two of us get along famously, despite the age gap.

“How’s it going, (Y/N)?” He says as he reaches to pat the top of my head. I swat his hand away with a “don’t you dare” look in my eyes, and greet the rest of the family.

Ron, Hermione and I start to pull away from the crowd when the doorbell rings again. I feel my heart leap and butterflies in my stomach and I don’t know why, but I don’t squeal and run to the door this time. But Hermione does. She opens the door to reveal my Dad’s best friends, Lily and James, and their son/my best friend. Harry. My eyes lock onto his emerald green ones and a huge grin breaks across both of our faces. He runs to me and picks me up and spins me around, yelling, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and I’m giggling profusely. Finally he sets me down and I get a good look at him.

“You–you’re wearing a suit. Why are you wearing a suit? You never wear suits,” I say, rambling a bit.

“Eh. I felt like dressing up a bit,” he says. “You look amazing.”

“No need to sound so surprised, Potter,” I say elbowing him in the ribs. Out of the corner of my eye I see my father and James laughing at us from the corner of the room.

Ron, Hermione, Harry and I rejoin the rest of our families in the kitchen as we sit down for dinner, the four of us rounding the end of the table closest to the door.

“(Y/N), I heard you and Seamus broke up,” Ginny says from a few seats down, making me blush yet again.

“Er–yeah a couple months ago, actually,” I respond, taking a bite of the carrot soufflé.

“Are you dating anyone now?” she asks me.

“Ginny,” Ron snaps lightly from across the table. The unspoken words in that were “Shut. Up.”

“It’s alright,” I say smiling at him. “No, I’m not at the moment.” I resist the urge to look over at the dark and messy haired wizard sitting next to me.

“I heard from Parvati that Cormac McLaggen fancies you,” she says. I feel both Harry and Ron tense up next to me, knowing full well how much they dislike said wizard.

“Cormac’s a sleaze,” I rebuke, and Ron relaxes a bit, but I don’t feel the shift in tension from Harry’s side.

“I’m–Um–excuse me for a moment,” Harry says, scraping his chair back and getting up from the table. The table goes practically silent and all eyes are down at my end.

“I–er–I’ll be right back,” I say, following him from the room.

I follow the sound of his footsteps to the room with my family tree painted on the wall and find Harry pacing back and forth.

“Hey, are you alright?” I ask, knowing fully well he was not alright. This is not what alright looked like on him.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m fine,” he says, forcing a smile.

“Don’t you dare lie to me, Harry Potter,” I say stepping nearer to him and grabbing his hand. “You’re my best friend, you can talk to me.”

He lets out a deep sigh and looks back up into my eyes, shifting nervously. “I–er–bloody hell,” he begins running his other hand through his hair, making it even more messy than before, “I fancy you, (Y/N).”

At his words, I feel my stomach lurch as the butterflies go crazy and a smile spreads on my lips. “You do?”

“Yeah, I do,” he says, now smiling a bit, too. “A lot.”

“Whoa,” I respond. “I–er,” and I laugh a bit. “I do, too. Fancy you, I mean.”

He looks at me with disbelief and a little shock. “You do?”

And now I giggle a bit. “Yeah.”

And suddenly I’m in his arms being twirled in the air again. He sets me down and brings a hand to the back of my neck and pulls me in as he connects our lips in a gentle but passionate kiss, and I completely melt into it. He wraps his other arm around my waist, holding me even tighter to him. After a couple minutes of just the best snogging session I’ve ever had in my life, and cut way too short, I pull away, remembering we’re supposed to be at my birthday/christmas dinner.

“We should probably go back in,” I say.

“Just a minute,” he says, pulling me close again. “D’you wanna be my girlfriend?”

I smile even broader, “Of course.”

He links his fingers with mine and we re-enter the kitchen, and I notice three things happen:
Ginny gasps.
Hermione holds a hand out to Ron and says “Pay up.”
And I see Harry’s and my Dad fist bump.


I made this outfit for DGRequiem’s May contest.  I didn’t win, but I really didn’t expect to, with the level of my sewing skills/knowledge.  My plan was to just end up with an outfit for a doll that I’d be happy with, and I accomplished that.  The contest challenge was to combine parts from different patterns.  I combined four to make this dress (Celestial Sailor Costume, Princess Pack, Mermaid Dress, and High Fashions).  I wanted to get her painted in time for the photos, but that didn’t quite happen.  I still want to paint quite a bit more on her headpiece, and maybe touch up her face a little. 

Jumin Han x Artist! Reader (part 11)

The holiday season passed with plenty of parties and formal events. 

At Jumin’s side you were an unstoppable force of dazzling elegance, charming everyone from business executives to party coordinators. Everywhere you’d looked, weather online or the grocery store’s magazine rack, the public was enamored and buzzing about Jumin Han’s new girlfriend.

It was strange to go from being relatively unknown to recognizably famous, but you’d done your best to embrace it. Of course, no matter how proud Jumin was of you for doing so, not all of it had been a walk in the park.

There had been many times when you’d found yourself wondering if you could handle the challenges of Jumin’s world. Though he’d introduced you to kind and respectful people, there were still those who belittled you because of your education and career. They were the type of people who liked to brag about vacation homes, private jets, and designer jewelry, so you hadn’t really taken their thoughts to heart, but it hadn’t been pleasant to deal with.

It had also taken you some time to learn ways of the nosey reporters. Sure they’re friendly on camera, but as soon as they’re off screen most of them are actually quite rude. Of course the photographers are worse. Those guys are willing to do anything for a perfect shot, so you’ve become good friends with security as a result.

The new burdens had left you feeling stressed out, but you responded by putting on a winning smile. It hadn’t been easy, but it became clear to you early on that Jumin was often too busy for you to become totally dependent on him. You’d often told yourself to push through it, thinking that he deserved a strong partner that could pull their own weight.

Eventually, your motivation dwindled. Little things were upsetting to you, much to Jumin’s bewilderment, but he’d done his best to accommodate you. In the end, because you’d insisted you were ‘fine’, he’d figured giving you space was the best way to help. 

After days of short conversations, worried looks, and bittersweet avoidance you’d finally reached your limit.

Jumin has a habit of not picking up after himself. Years of having a maid make that understandable, but after a long night of being paraded like a show pony, you’d been less than happy to find the pile up of wing-tipped shoes blocking the door. 

“Can’t you clean up once in awhile? God, it’s like you don’t even care,” you had huffed while kicking his shoes aside.

Around that time, Jumin had been working on securing an important contract for the company. He’d spent an increasing amount of time escorting you to extra parties in hopes of becoming close to the CEO that would sign everything over. Like you, he had grown tired of retellings of the same jokes and stories over and over, but the amount of profit the company would see had kept him persistent. So naturally, Jumin had found your whining about the shoes to be just another test of his patience.

“Call up a maid or clean it yourself,” he had said rather dismissively. You can remember wondering if it had been a wise choice to move in while watching him brush his teeth. “I’m not asking for much,” you had sighed while flinging off your heels. “You don’t have to get mad.”

After rinsing his mouth, Jumin had turned to tiredly look at you. “Me? What about you? I don’t know what’s going on with you lately, but I don’t like it.” You’d turned away from him saying, “Don’t give me that. You’re the one that’s been dragging me out every night. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I’m not interested in hanging out with old people?”

He’d scoffed and laughed dryly. “Old people? Fine, I won’t ask you to come next time, but tell me why you’re really upset.” The calmness of his voice had only frustrated you. “Is this about the story I told at the banquet?” he’d asked, oblivious to your glare.

Feeling fed up that he thought you’d get upset over something so petty, you’d huffed and said, “No. Stop bringing that up and quit bothering me about it. I’m sleeping in the other room tonight.”

You’d left his room quickly, not even stopping when he shoulted, “Kitten, I’m sorry! Come back to bed!” After locking yourself away in the guest room, you’d heard him come knocking on the door. “Go away! You have Elizabeth to keep you company!” you’d shouted bitterly.

Jumin’s voice had gone from apologetic to annoyed. “Christ, will you please just open the door? I can’t believe you’re acting like a child!” That had made you gape in disbelief, so your next move was to open the door and say, “Don’t you know when to leave someone alone? In case you didn’t get it, I don’t feel like talking to you!”

“I’m aware of that!” Jumin had retaliated. “What I can’t understand is why! I’m doing all I can to make you happy! I’m sharing my home, giving you money, planning trips and dates! Does it all mean nothing to you? So many people would kill to be in your position!”

Your voice had rose to a shout, to match his. “You think I don’t know that? They’re the ones making me feel like trash! Like I don’t deserve this!” He’d watched you throw down pieces of the outfit you were wearing, clenching his jaw at the sight of it. “Sometimes I don’t know why I bother! I was doing just great without it! I don’t need your stupid clothes or your damn money! You can take it all back!”

“What are you talking about? You can’t seriously be upset over a few bad opinions!” You can remember the disappointment in Jumin’s eyes, and how he seemed to deflate a bit. “It’s not easy for me to stop caring, Jumin! They’re constantly telling me that I’m only an embarrassment to you! I mean think about it! There are plenty of other women who would be better for you than me!”

Your voice had begun to lose it’s power as your eyes teared up. “You should be with someone who-” He’d cut you off, shoulders slumping as he asked, “Who what? Can’t hold a decent conversation about anything other than their newest yacht? I’m surprised you think I’m that shallow.” The mix of hurt and pity in his face had left you speechless.

“I’m not trying to make you feel bad,” he clarified, “but you shouldn’t think you’re unworthy of me. If anything, I don’t deserve you. All this stuff we just yelled about? It happened because you’re too caught up in worrying about my image, even though you’re struggling.” He’d given you a faint smile then, returning to the familiar softness he saved only for you. “You’re really too nice for your own good, ___.”

The rest of that night had been spent with Jumin taking care of you. For every time you’d tried to say anything bad about yourself, he’d hushed you and given a compliment. He’d rubbed your shoulders and combed your hair before joining you in bed with a purring Elizabeth. Although he’d said he would stay awake until you were asleep, he was drifting off as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The reason you’re remembering all this now, in the backseat of the car while Driver Kim hums along to his tunes, is because you’re unsure of how to feel at the moment. You know that if Jumin were here with you, he’d have something reassuring to say, just like that night, but all you can do is wait for the call he promised to give you.

A sigh comes out as you rest your head on the window. The coolness of night comes through the humming glass, so you close your eyes and breathe it in. “Please don’t worry yourself, Miss ___,” Driver Kim laughs. “I’m sure your dinner with Mr. Chariman will go well.” 

You sit back and meet Driver Kim’s smiling eyes in the mirror. “I can’t help it! This is the first time he’s ever invited me to anything…” Driver Kim hums, crossing his hands one over the other as he makes a turn. “Ah, but Jumin will be there too, won’t he? If I’m not mistaken, it seems to me that Mr. Chairman only wishes to be acquainted with his future daughter-in-law.”

You laugh, looking down shyly. “You’re terrible for teasing me, Mr. Kim. Jumin and I haven’t even said we love each other yet.” He laughs, deep and low. “That will come and go before you know it, but I do apologize for speaking so freely with my future mistress.” He gives you a slight tip of his hat while you break into a laugh. “You’re as charming as always, Mr. Kim.”

He waves off your words with a good natured smile. “Think nothing of it. Mr. Han wouldn’t approve if I dropped you off looking so worried.” Nodding, you turn your attention back to the window and allow yourself to be comforted by the thought of Jumin caring for you. 

Outside, it seems you’ve entered the heart of the city. The buildings are tall and shiny, reflecting your passing car in the tinted windows. Masses of people bundled up in coats and scarves are busy going about their business, probably heading home from work. You sigh upon seeing a couple holding hands and another wearing matching outfits. Why hasn’t he called yet?

The car pulls into an underground parking garage where Jumin’s chief of security is waiting to escort you. “Have a good evening,” Driver Kim calls as you wave goodbye. Following the chief closely, you make pleasant small talk as he ushers you into a golden elevator. “Has Jumin arrived yet?” you ask. He shakes his head. “Mr. Han hasn’t contacted me, but his flight landed not too long ago. I’m sure he’s on his way Miss ___.”

You nod with a sigh, feeling sort of floaty as the chief leads you into a luxurious lobby. He offers you a seat in a waiting area occupied by a few people. They eye you curiously, no doubt wondering why you need a body guard, but don’t ask. To make yourself stick out a little less, you ask the chief to sit beside you instead of standing behind your chair.

There’s a steady trickle of people entering and exiting the revolving doors at, what looks like, the main entrance of the building. A few of them have shopping bags advertising various stores, so you lean over and ask, “What kind of place is this, Chief?” He takes notice of the way your eyes brush over the crowd and tells you that this building is actually a mall. “Chairman Han lives on the top floor,” he explains.

You ask why, but the chief only shrugs. “I’ve heard it may be related to his last partner, but it isn’t exactly my place to say Miss ___…” You allow the subject to drop, figuring Jumin will probably say something about it later. After checking your phone for missed calls and not finding any, you grab a magazine and flip through its pages rather impatiently.

“Is there…anything I get you, Miss ___?” the chief asks, noticing the antsy bounce of your leg. “I can see the food court from here.” Thinking about it for a moment, you sigh and tell yourself to relax. “If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d like some coffee,” Nodding, the chief rises and tells you he’ll be quick.

You watch him go, wondering if he’s disobeying orders for the sake of cheering you up. Technically you’re never supposed to be alone, but there’s always the possibility that Jumin ordered the security team to value your happiness as well as your safety. Imagining Jumin lecturing a room of scary men about your favorite things is a strange image, but you know he’d do it without hesitation.

Somehow, that comforts you, so you lean back and make an effort to relax. You close your eyes, listening intently to your surroundings as your mind goes quiet. The world vibrates with passing conversations, filling you with useless information as some faint jazz loops on in the distance. Heels click, jackets swish, phones chime, children wail, and you focus in on the sound of the door.

Each time you hear it’s squeaky rotation, you open your eyes and hope that it’ll be Jumin walking in.

Eyes close, squeak squeak, eyes open…a man in a hat.

Eyes close, squeak squeak, eyes open…a lady with too thin eyebrows.

Eyes close, squeak squeak, eyes open…not Jumin.

You close your eyes again, this time willing it to be him, and wait. There’s another noise from the door, but you don’t check. You hear a pair of footsteps get close, then stop. “What are you doing here by yourself?” Jumin asks. You look up at him, smiling as he looks around for any sign of the chief of security. “He left to get me a drink,” you explain while taking his hand. “Isn’t there something else you have to say?”

He helps you up. “Oh, yes. I couldn’t call because my phone died and I couldn’t find the charger.” You give him a tired look. “You’ve been in Hong Kong for five days! Are you really telling me you couldn’t ask to borrow one?” Jumin blinks, then frowns. He never considered it, did he?

You groan, but hug him anyway. “You’re here now so I guess it doesn’t matter, but don’t do this to me again! I really missed you.” He laughs, squeezing you tightly. “I know. I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to pack an extra charger next time.” He pulls away, just as the chief arrives back with your coffee. “Mr. Han! It’s good to see you,” he says, handing you the warm cup. “How was the flight?”

Jumin nods. “Good, but I’m a bit tired. Thank you for staying with ___ while I was gone. We should be fine now.” Taking that as his official dismissal, the chief  wishes you a good night before heading off toward the elevators. Jumin places his hand on your shoulder and asks if you’re ready to meet his father.

“No,” you admit with a laugh. “I think we should get it over with though.”


Jumin leads you by the hand into his father’s dining room. It’s a surprisingly modest place with a minimalistic touch, but you get the feeling that it’s not suited to the tastes of the chairman. Jumin’s father is sat at the table looking more casual than you’ve ever seen him in a navy tracksuit and polo. His attention is focused on a TV broadcasting a golf tournament, so he jumps when his son says hello.

“Oh! Is that you Jumin? Come sit down. The food’s almost ready.” He waves you both over with a little chuckle. “It’s good to see you again, ___,” the chairman says giving a little nod. “I was just thinking about you after seeing some articles about the mural you finished. I still can’t believe you convinced Jumin to help you with all those kids!” he laughs.

You glance over at Jumin, who gives a tired smile. “I think we both had a good time after he got over the initial shock,” you say giving his hand a squeeze. Jumin laughs. “I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true. Those children were very demanding…” You laugh, remembering how relieved he’d been when the kids finally got tired of bothering him.

In truth, you had both been shocked that day. Although you had been preparing to meet with a class of elementary students, you hadn’t expected them to be so young. Their teacher had explained to you that they were the most talented students in their grade after seeing your momentary panic. You had doubted their level of professionalism, especially when they had challenged Jumin to a game of tag, but they’d ended up being very hard workers.

“Well I’m sure they liked you, son. I was told by your assistant that they sent in some fan mail while you were away,” Chairman Han says with a laugh. “Oh, speaking of that, how did Hong Kong go? Is the branch up there doing well?” You listen as Jumin breaks down the trip for his father, who nods approvingly upon hearing the good report. “Ah, leave it to you to get things settled. Well done, my son.”

You can feel Jumin’s mood lighten as he accepts the praise. “Thank you father. I’m sure we can expect increased profit within the first half of the year.” Chairman Han smiles, but waves the conversation along. “It’s good to hear that, but did you remember to bring back any gifts?” Jumin’s eyebrows furrow in confusion. “Gifts? Were you expecting such a thing, father? I’m sorry, but I didn’t think to buy anything.”

Chairman Han smiles fondly. “Oh I didn’t mean for me, Jumin. I was just thinking that ___  here must have spent the entire week waiting for you to get back!” He chuckles at the dawn of realization that passes over Jumin’s face. “Don’t feel too bad,” you say giving his hand a pat. “I know you’re busy with company stuff and, to be honest, I spent most of the week working on commissions.”

Though you smile, Jumin can see the slight sadness in your eyes. He imagines you waking up alone, eating alone, feeding Elizabeth 3rd and painting alone. However it’s the thought of you sleeping alone, in his bed too big for one, that makes him feel the worst. “I’ll make this up to you,” he promises.

The usual warmth of your smile returns, much to Jumin’s relief. “You’d better,” you tease nudging him with your arm. “You still need to make up for not calling me too.” Jumin sighs. “I thought I was forgiven.” You roll your eyes. “You’ve been gone for five days! I waited very patiently even though I was all alone, with no one t-”

“Fine.” Jumin says, shaking his arm free of your grip. “Just wait until we get home.” Chairman Han laughs. “Young love works in mysterious ways. Seeing you two almost makes me wish I still had Eva around.” You send Jumin a  curious side glance. “Really?” he asks, making a face. “Isn’t she the one who insisted you decorate this way? I thought you hated it.”

“I do,” Chairman Han admits with a laugh. “…but I miss how sweet she was.” Jumin sends you a quick look before saying, “I’m sure you don’t mean that, Father. Didn’t she did try to make you quit golf?” The chairman nods. “Yes, but she did it for my benefit! Something to do with getting old faster, I think.” Jumin blinks in disbelief. “She canceled your membership to the country club without telling you!”

Chairman Han only shrugs. “It was her way of looking after me.” Leaning back in his chair, Jumin looks over to you for help. “I think what Jumin’s trying to say,” you begin, “is that Eva might not have been your best match, Mr. Han. I have to agree with him because it sounds like she wasn’t very honest.” Nodding, Jumin adds, “Yes, that’s exactly it.”

Reflecting on this, Chairman Han purses his lips while rubbing along his jaw. Jumin does that too when he’s deep in thought, so recognizing the action brings a smile to your face. “Well, when you put it that way, I suppose I should be more careful. Maybe it’s time to schedule another meeting with the matchmaker? Then again, I did meet a woman at that new year’s party…”

You weren’t expecting the chairman to move on so quickly, but Jumin seems relieved that his father isn’t thinking about Eva anymore. “Oh, you know, that’s another thing I’ve been thinking about,” Chairman Han says with enthusiasm. “They had a really great string ensemble at that party! I was actually able to get a picture with some of the members!” He pats his pockets before producing a smartphone, which he hands to Jumin.

Leaning over, you watch as Jumin swipes through several photos in the chairman’s gallery. The musicians are dressed in concert black, smiling alongside Jumin’s dazzled father as he attempts to hold some of their instruments. Most of their faces are forgettable, but one of the violinists really sticks out to you.

He’s a young man, probably in his late twenties, with swept back hair dyed to be platinum blond. His features are angular in the kind of way that make him both handsome and pretty, while his lopsided grin gives the impression of a laid back attitude. His eyes are wonderfully dark, a little sleepy, and so thickly lashed, you wonder if it’s mascara. His rounded glasses suit him perfectly.

“I know this face,” you say pointing him out to Jumin. “We went to the same high school and college together.” Glancing over at you curiously, Jumin asks his father for the name of the violinist. “Him?” Chairman Han asks, taking the phone back. “His name is Z.G. Choi. I remember because he told me I had something stuck in my teeth.”

Hearing his name surfaces a lot of memories for you.

“Z.G.? What a strange name,” Jumin murmurs, noticing your quietness. “You went to school with him?” Nodding, you smile softly. “Yep. He was a music major so we didn’t see each other too often, but we crossed paths enough for me to remember him.” Shrugging, you laugh a bit. “I guess I’m just shocked to see someone else from my tiny hometown doing so well.”

Chairman Han places his phone facedown on the table. “Where did you say you were from again? Somewhere in the mountains?” You nod. “Yeah, it’s about an hour outside the city. We’re known for the natural hot springs, so it’s a popular tourist spot. Not many people actually live there though.” The chairman nods. “That sounds lovely. I can’t remember the last time I vacationed somewhere quiet,” he laughs.

“We should take a trip up there soon,” Jumin suggests. “I still have to meet your parents, right?” You ask if he really means it, feeling a bit shocked. “Of course. Why would I lie about something like that?” he laughs squeezing you hand. “I don’t know,” you admit. “It’s just…I haven’t been in contact with them for a long time. I can’t even remember the last time I visited.”

Jumin puts his arm over your shoulder and squishes you into his side. “That’s okay. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to meet your rich and handsome boyfriend.” You smack his chest lightly, smiling at the smug way he said that. “Where’s this coming from?” you ask with a laugh. “You sounded a bit like Zen just now.” He makes a face and tells you he was only joking.

“Whatever the reason, I’m sure your parents would love to see you again.” Chairman Han smiles. “Why wouldn’t they? You’re such a sweet girl.” You laugh while Jumin nods in agreement. “Thank you, Mr. Han. I guess I’ll have to give them a call soon.” He nods with an approving chuckle. 

Jumin and his father continue to talk, but you tune out their conversation and lose yourself in the TV. The camera is doing a close up of a golfer’s disappointed face after he messed up a clear shot. You wonder if he’s feeling the way you are, slightly sick. “Are you alright?” Jumin asks. You nod, but give him look you’ll know he’ll understand. We’ll talk later. Please don’t ask. 

He gives you a smile, but it’s not entirely happy. Jumin doesn’t like it when you get like this, but you’re thankful that he steps up to do most of the talking until the meal arrives. It’s delicious, as expected from the chairman’s personal chef, but you have to make a conscious effort to keep eating. You’re relieved when things begin to wrap up.

The chairman thanks you for coming while Jumin helps you into your coat. “Take care,” he says giving his son a hug. “Make sure you get to sleep soon. I don’t want anyone telling me you called in for a half-day tomorrow.” Jumin groans, but promises he’ll be there on time. “Goodnight, Mr. Han.” you say as you’re lead from the dining room.

He waves, watching the two of you go until you’re out of sight. Once he hears the front door shut and his son’s voice disappear, the chairman sighs and places his hands on his hips. Family, he thinks, is getting more important the older I get. Shaking his head, he wonders how long it’ll be until Jumin has kids of his own.

When Chairman Han turns in search of the TV’s remote, he’s surprised to find a disposable coffee cup abandoned on the table. Its green color is striking against the white of the tablecloth, so he picks it up feeling a little curious. A quick shake lets him know that there isn’t much of the drink left, so he begins to take it over to the trash. Turning the cup over, he discovers your name written in a barista’s neat script and smiles.


“So…what was bothering you?”

You sigh and bury your hands deeper into your pockets. “Do we really have to talk about it now Jumin?” you ask. He looks up and down the street before apologizing. It’s still pretty busy because of the shops and cafes that, despite the late hour, still have plenty of customers. “I don’t mean to be unreasonable,” he says. “…but I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do to make you feel better.”

The look on his face makes you feel bad for keeping things from him. “Ah, well…the whole family thing,” you begin. “I don’t think we can do it.” Jumin becomes extremely concerned, slowing to a stop. You have to pull him out of the way of the people trying to get by. “What?” he asks. “You don’t want to be a family?”

Realizing how that must have sounded, you quickly explain. “I didn’t mean it that way. I was just thinking about my parents and…I don’t think I’d feel comfortable seeing them.” Jumin lets out a sigh of relief, but continues to frown. “It’s…not because of me, is it? Would you feel embarrassed if I met them?” You quickly shake your head, removing your hand from your pocket to hold his.

“Jumin. I’m so proud to be with you,” you say reassuringly. “There are just some things that I’ve been avoiding…that make it hard for me to go home.” Nodding, Jumin’s expression is painfully neutral. He must be trying hard not to show anything. You squeeze his hand, giving a tiny smile. “I’ll tell you, okay? I just need to think about it first.”

“Okay,” Jumin says after a moment of searching your eyes. “Let me know when you’re ready.” After a moment of sharing ‘are you really okay’ kind of looks, you resume your stroll down the sidewalk. Jumin is glad you don’t let go of his hand, even when the crowd gets so thick he has to walk behind you.

The sky seems unusually dark with the moon hidden behind the clouds. From every direction, you feel attacked by the amount of noises that bombard your ears. Somewhere, distantly, you can smell street food. That makes you think of Zen and his love for fish shaped bread, or Jaehee and her convenience meals. You’re overwhelmed by the use of flashy colors in advertisements, sure that the only thing keeping you grounded is the solidity of Jumin.

You feel two kids brush past you and hear their rushed apologies as they zip off toward a quiet section of the street. Watching as they kneel in front of a line of gum ball dispensers, you’re unaware that you’ve begun to walk in their direction. Upon getting closer, you can see that there aren’t any gum balls in the machines, only rounded capsules with prizes inside. The kids seem to have each won something they like.

As they zip away, you’re left standing with Jumin in front of the dispensers. “I don’t have any change,” he says in response to your expectant look. You give a small ‘oh’ and begin to walk off before Jumin pulls you back. “Hey. Let me go buy something. I’ll come back with the change, okay?” Before you can respond, he asks you to stay put and disappears into a nearby store.

In no time, Jumin returns with a tiny shopping bag and a pocketful of change. He gives you a few coins to start with, dropping them into your palm with care. Choosing a dispenser filled with stickers, you twist the knob after inserting the money. “Let’s open them all at home,” you say giving your prize to Jumin. He nods, placing the capsule in the shopping bag before helping you gather more.

The bag grows fatter each time an orb is added. The plastic stretches more and more until Jumin has to begin pocketing some of the prizes. It’s a hassle to keep them all from springing loose, but he’s glad to see you smiling again. “Let’s go home,” you say dialing Driver Kim.


Jumin falls onto the bed with a flop, releasing the bag as it finally bursts open. “Oh no!” You laugh as the capsules begin to roll away. Elizabeth 3rd is monetarily frightened by the commotion, hiding away under the bed as you scramble to pick them up. After a little help from Jumin, you empty his jacket pockets and sit across from him on the bed. With all the prizes gathered between you, it’s almost like you’re a pair of birds guarding a nest.

“Which do you want to open first?” he asks picking up a few of the colorful ‘eggs’. You think about it, then decide to go by color. “Red first,” you say gathering up as many of them as you can. They must all be from the same machine, because each of the red orbs has a sheet of stickers inside. You open up the next color, orange, and find cute animal keychains.

The yellow capsules have rolls of patterned tape, green ones have temporary tattoos, blue ones have erasers shaped like fruit, and the purple ones have little hair accessories. You have a fun time putting those in Jumin’s hair, but they end up falling out because he keeps messing with them. He’s not too crazy about the tattoos, but you convince him to let you put a cat on his upper arm after telling him you’ll do the same. “That way we’ll match!”

At some point, you forget the tattoos completely and begin decorating Jumin’s face with stickers. In return, he takes his own sheet and does the same for you. Whenever you add something, he does too. By the end, you’re sporting a face full of cats and hearts while Jumin has plenty of sea creatures and a big ‘I love you’ across his forehead.

It isn’t until you hear Elizabeth making noise under the bed that you find more unopened capsules. You fish them out and throw them onto the bed, quickly realizing that there are some different colors. Jumin opens a golden one while you open a white one. It ends up being a bouncy ball, which you throw for Elizabeth to chase. After opening the last one, a black capsule containing a small slinky, you ask Jumin what his had.

He smiles, the whale sticker on his cheek peeling off a bit. “Close your eyes,” he says hiding the prize from your view. You shut your eyes and smile when you feel him take your hand. He asks if you’re ready, so you nod and hold your breath as a ring is slid onto your pinky. “Okay, open.”

Bringing your hand up, you admire the chunky play ring with a laugh. It’s a golden band with a heart shaped jewel in the center. “Jumin,” you say in mock amazement. “It’s beautiful.” He laughs before showing you the inside of the capsule, which holds more variations of your ring. “Do you like them?” he asks jokingly.

You laugh and begin putting the rest on. “Yes. Wear this one,” you say sliding a silver band with a pink heart onto his pinky. It only goes about halfway before getting stuck, which makes you both smile. “I appreciate the attempt,” Jumin laughs. Taking your hands, which gleam with the fake jewels, he asks, “Did this make you feel better?”

Nodding, you lean forward and give him a quick kiss. He smiles, pulling you toward a clear section of the bed and lying down. Snuggling into him, you know that tonight you’ll get a full night of sleep. “Auntie’s going to be upset about the mess,” Jumin mumbles after a moment. You hum in agreement. “I guess we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.”

“I don’t think that’s how that saying goes,” you laugh. He tells you not to worry about it, then asks if you saw the thing he bought. “What is it?” you ask not bothering to move. “I’ll go get it,” Jumin says sitting up. You whine as he leaves you, pouting as he takes a minute to dig through the mess.

Jumin comes back, grinning as he hands you a post card. It reads ‘Greetings from Hong Kong’ and has a picture of the city on the front. You give him a look, but he can see the smile you’re trying to hide. “What? You don’t like it?,” Jumin asks mischievously. You throw it back at him, but it loops off in some unfelt breeze.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Jumin coos when you roll over with your back to him. He cuddles up to you, determined to keep you from squirming away. “I can see you smiling,” he laughs giving the skin under your ear a kiss. You roll over to look at his sticker covered face, closing your eyes as he leans in for another kiss.

“Ack! I think one of your cats fell off!”


Part 12

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Wedding Themed Sentence Prompts

Send one or more of the following to my muse to see how they respond! 

  • “Are there going to be strippers?”
  • “Are you getting cold feet?”
  • “Can I wear black to a wedding?”
  • “Can you act a little more enthusiastic, please?”
  • “Does this outfit say ‘I’m really happy for you but you should have picked me’?”
  • “Honey, I love you, but if you call our wedding a party one more time…”
  • “I can’t help it, I always cry at weddings?”
  • “I can’t plan a wedding all by myself!”
  • “I don’t have anyone to walk me down the isle.”
  • “I don’t need a wedding planner, how hard can it be?”
  • “I just want our wedding to be a fairytale…”
  • “I just want to get drunk on champagne and dance.”
  • “I never thought s/he’d be the first to get married.”
  • “I thought i would be the first to get married.”
  • “I’ll be the best maid of honor/best man that anyone ever had!”
  • “I’m saying yes to this dress!”
  • “Is the theme of this wedding ‘Tacky’?”
  • “It’s my duty as your best man to throw you a bachelor party that you probably won’t remember.”
  • “It’s my duty as your maid of honor to throw you a bachelorette party that you probably won’t remember.”
  • “It’s not over until someone gets hit on by the brides drunk uncle.”
  • “Just like every other wedding the ultimate goal is to sleep with a groomsmen/bridesmaid.”
  • “Lets just skip the wedding and go straight to the honeymoon.”
  • “Maybe you shouldn’t be marrying him/her.”
  • “Maybe you’re rushing into things.”
  • “My ex-boy/girlfriend is getting married, apparently.”
  • “Now that’s a ring.”
  • “Oh, I’m not invited because I slept with the groom/bride like 100 years ago.”
  • “Our honeymoon is officially booked!”
  • “So, did you say yes?”
  • “That could have been me… so glad I got out when I did.”
  • “There better not be any strippers!”
  • “We’re getting married tomorrow.”
  • “Weddings stress me out.”
  • “You better not shove cake in my face.”
  • “You can’t wear black to a wedding!”
2NE1 reaction to their kid and wife showing up as a surprise backstage after a show

Requested by @kpop-reactions-and-recreation aka the sweetest human being

As we all know by now, Gong Minji has left 2NE1. I won’t take her out of my 2NE1 reactions, since she truly still is 2NE1 to me. So these reactions will be continuing as OT4 no matter what! That’s all, hope you like it. I actually love how it turned out.

Y/D/N = your daughters name, Y/S/N = your sons name. I think you get it

CL: Chaelin just finished the show and was walking backstage with her girls. It was the final stop of the tour and they we’re all a little emotional. The crowd had been amazing this night and Chaelin felt so lucky. As she was standing talking and thanking her stylists she heard a little familiar laugh. She turned around and saw her little three year old running towards her. “Mommyy” she yelled while running. Chaelin placed her hands on her mouth in shock to see her daughter after the month long tour. It was truly the way to end the month. “Hi, baby, come to mommy” she said sweetly with tears in her eyes. She hugged her dearest baby girl so tightly and kissed her forehead. “Mommy missed you, baby, have you been eating well?” Her baby girl gave a happy nod and kissed her moms cheek. “Other mommy is here too.” she then said smiling. Chaelin raised her eyebrows in surprise and started spying around the room with her eyes, until she spotted you standing in the corner smiling. “Oh my…” she whispered, handing Y/D/N to Dara, who friendly took her in her lap. Chaelin ran to you and kissed you passionately. “I missed you so much” she said with a shaking voice. “I missed you more, Chaelin.

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Sandara: Dara had just gotten changed from her on stage outfit and was packing up her stuff. “Come to the hotel when you’re ready!” she said to the girls before leaving to finish her plan of getting some coffee. She grabbed her phone before leaving and sent a text to her darling waiting at home; “Make sure my little prince sleeps well. And you, jagi, sleep even better. I miss you two every day. One week left and i’ll be there!” It didn’t take long for her to get a text back saying; “I miss you too. Love you” Dara smiled a happy yet sad smile and pushed the back exit door open. She lift up her gaze and couldn’t believe what she saw. You and your sleeping son were standing on the parking lot. Dara fast-pastly walked to you two and hugged you tight, whispering “What are you doing here”. “I’m here to see my wife, who I missed too much to wait.” you said smiling. Dara smiled another sad yet happy smile, but this time it was mostly happiness. “Let’s get to the hotel, we need to get my little prince sleeping in an actual bed, not in strollers.” She took your hand and you two got in the car. During the quiet car ride she randomly grabbed your hand. “Now that your here, I feel like I can’t let go.” she said, still focusing on the road. You smiled and closed your eyes to relax.

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Bom: Bom walked out of the dressing room back to the backstage to say her last thank you’s to the crowd. Her tour was ending and she was sad yet happy about getting to go home with her wife and 4 year old kid. She bowed to everybody and thanked them. As the staff was slowly leaving, she noticed her baby girl sitting on the couch with a huge moomin in her arms. Bommie quickly ran over to her almost screaming out of excitement. “Y/D/N oh I missed you so much! Have you been nice to Y/N mommy?” Your daughter nodded smiling and gave the moomin to Bom. “I brought your moomin to you, you left him at home.” Bommie laughed and patted her daughters head. “Aniyo, I didn’t. I have many moomins.” she then continued whispering; “But this ones my favorite” making her girl laugh. “Bommie-ya” you said behind her. Bom turned around and jumped up to hug you. She hugged you tightly and didn’t let go. “Thanks for coming. I’m so glad to go home. Let’s have a family day tomorrow.”

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Minzy: Minji waved her last goodbye to the amazing crowd of the show and blew a few air kisses. The concert was full to the max and the crowd had been insanely loud that night. Minji stepped down the stairs to get of stage and helped Bom climb down with her insanely high heels. She wandered a bit backstage, since she didn’t really have anything to do. She then heard a familiar scream; “Mom” yelled a tiny voice which got Minzy to turn around. She saw her little son standing with you holding a sign that said; “I love you Minji-mommy” Minji broke into a huge smile and laughed her way to you two. “Hi baby boy” she said kissing his cheek and lifting him up. She then kissed you. “I love you jagiya.” Y/S/N told Minzy to put him down. She did and saw her son walking towards CL, Dara and Bom, who were standing there looking at your family’s cuteness. “Thank you aunties.” he then said and hugged all the girls separately. Minzy took your hand and whispered; “We taught him well, jagiya”

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Yet another late night doodle. 

I was originally planning on drawing Adult!Jinora but decided against it. I dunno,I feel like she gets plenty of love from fans and I hardly see any Ikki fanart and I love her. SHE NEEDS YOUR LOVE GUYZ 

External image

I’m very happy with her outfit. I think it reflects on Ikki’s upbeat and cheery personality. I also think Ikki’s the kind to be influenced by her idols or people she admires,namely Korra which is why I gave her Korra-esque hair ornaments.

I hope you like this! Might do more in the future.  

Ikki © Nickelodeon
Art © Me

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yes i cant wait to see u do wonder woman main outfit! :D Do u have any plans for when u are going to make and wear it?

I’m happy you’re excited haha!!
Right now I gotta focus on my Dragoncon cosplays, even tho I reaaaally wanna get started asap. Hoping to get a makeup test going soon tho!!

i don’t feel very strong or fearless or proud today, but i figure these are the days it’s most important to be around community and loved ones. happy Seattle pride day, y'all. ❤️

custom pinkie cooper doll

Ah man I’m really happy with how she turned out. I hadn’t originally planned to make her a rabbit, but it just happened. ;) The eyes are 20mm glass eyes, which fit absolutely PERFECTLY fyi. It’s too dark in my apartment right now to take any decent photos, but these will do for now.

Also I don’t have any good clothes for her. Hopefully soon I can get her some cute middie blythe outfits!