i get four five hours of sleep every night i am losing my mind

Cold Coffee

Happy birthday @the-nerd-book-reader . I hope you had an amazing time today! I decided to write something for you, and I truly hope you enjoy it. You’re one of the most important people in my life, and I can’t imagine how it would be without you. I’m so thankful for your friendship, and I truly hope our friendship is forever. Love you loads x.

Draco was pacing back and forth in their apartment. He was desperate for some news. He loved the fact that his boyfriend was so passionate about his job as an Auror, but he couldn’t help the stress that came with it. Always worrying about his boyfriend’s well-being, scared for life that one of these days he might not come back home… He had spent the past five hours calling Harry without getting any answer. He then called the Ministry of Magic, to demand further explanations, but was quickly shut down, since apparently Harry was working in a top secret case, and they couldn’t reveal any information… They assured him that they would get back to him if anything out of the ordinary happened, but he hadn’t heard anything from them either. Harry was meant to come at 5 pm. It was now 10 pm, and Draco was starting to feel physically sick. He just wanted his boyfriend to be ok. It was all he needed.

Just as he was crossing the hall for the 584th time, he heard someone fumbling with keys. He lunged himself forward, immediately crashing against his boyfriend that had barely made it through the door, almost sending them both to the ground.

- “Where the hell have you been, Harry?! I’ve been worried sick, I called so many times, you can’t just do this!” Draco exclaimed, anger and worry filling his voice.

- “Babe, I’m so sorry. I got held up in a mission, and there wasn’t any way for me to contact you.”

- “How is it possible to not find a way to let me know you were caught up in a mission?! I’m always in constant fear of what might happen to you every time you walk out that door!” Draco yelled, tears starting to fill his eyes.

-“Draco, please be reasonable. You know the implications of being an Auror. I don’t just get to decide where I go on a mission. Things can’t be like that.”

“I am perfectly aware of how your job works, Harry, but I do hope you understand how I feel about all this. You’re my boyfriend, and it pains me to think that something might happen to you, I’m always waiting to hear a phone call from the Ministry reporting an injury, or…” Draco started crying. He was highly sensitive; he had always been. And Harry meant the world to him. Just the prospect of losing him made life unbearable.

“Draco, please…” Harry said, worryingly, while placing his hands on Draco’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Harry” Draco backed out and ran towards their bedroom.

 Draco couldn’t stop crying. It was ludicrous. He knew it. But he couldn’t stop. The War had left its toll on him, just like everyone else. He didn’t mention it, not to Harry at least, because he wanted to be perceived as strong. He didn’t want to be seen as the coward he’d been as a child. But he knew how terrified he’d been for his family. He knew he’d do anything to protect his family. And Harry was his family now. The idea of losing him was unconceivable. He loved him with everything he had. The love had started to blossom while they were still at Hogwarts, even though Draco only realised it after the War. By then he had thought it was too late, so he decided to move on. But then one night he saw Harry at some pub and it all came back. They started talking, and Draco’s feelings resurfaced, almost as if he’d never tried to push them away. They started spending a lot of time together, and Draco knew he was in deep trouble. He realised that Harry was it for him, that there wasn’t anyone else, only him. Four years later, and here they were.

Draco curled himself up in their bed, exhausted from all the stress and the nerves. He knew he just needed to sleep in order to calm down. He knew he was being dramatic, but he couldn’t help it. He would talk to Harry in the morning.

 Harry was a mess. He hated seeing his boyfriend suffer for him. Draco liked to pretend he was insanely strong, but Harry knew he wasn’t. He knew that Draco still had nightmares about the War. He himself did too. They had both been through a lot.

He sat down on their sofa and rummaged through the numerous things in his jacket until he felt something velvety under his touch. He picked up the black box and stared at it for a while. He’d known that this was what he wanted for his life after only a few dates with Draco. He fell hard and fast for the Slytherin, and soon realised that he was in fact the love of his life. The animosity between the two of them while at Hogwarts had always felt off, but Harry hadn’t given it much thought. After reencountering Draco, he realised what it all meant. And now he was sitting on their sofa, in their apartment, holding the rings that meant a lifetime of bickering, arguments, worry, but more importantly, love. He had planned to ask the question that night, but his job got in the way, and now Draco was upset. He knew all Draco needed was a proper night of sleep and they would be fine by the morning. With the thought of his boyfriend on his mind, Harry leaned back and fell asleep.

  The morning lights streamed through their bedroom curtains, illuminating Draco’s face. He slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust them to the daylight. As soon as they were fully open, he looked at the other side of the bed and realised it was empty. Panic coursed through him. He remembered the previous night’s tantrum, and hoped that everything was alright. As he got up, he heard some noise that seemed to come from the kitchen and immediately smiled. His boyfriend always made breakfast for the two of them, he was much better at cooking than he was. He freshened up before heading downstairs. As he reached the kitchen, he saw Harry sitting on the kitchen table, with a newspaper in his left hand, and a cup of half drunk coffee in his right hand. He noticed there were eggs and toast on the table, and another cup of coffee. He quietly sat down, and started eating. He could feel his boyfriend’s eyes on him, but he chose to ignore it. As soon as he took a sip of his coffee, he spat it out.

-“Merlin, Potter, this is cold! What is wrong with you?”

Harry immediately started laughing.

Draco raised his eyebrow, in his typical posh pose. “What’s so funny?” He tried to hide the smile that was threatening to take a hold of his whole face.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just… You only call me Potter when you want to tease me.” Harry said, with a smug grin on his face. “Are you still mad?”

“Merlin no, Harry! I’m so sorry for overreacting yesterday, I just had had a tiring day, and I was so worried about you that I let it get to me. I’m sorry.” Draco said, as he held his boyfriend in a tightening hug.

“Good.” Harry said, against Draco’s neck. “Because there’s something I want to ask you…”

Harry took a few steps back and dropped on his knee, earning a gasp from Draco.

“Draco, we’ve been together for 4 years, and these 4 years have been the most amazing years of my life. I already had feelings for you when we were at Hogwarts, but you know me, I’m the definition of oblivious, so I didn’t realise it at the time.” Draco laughed. “But then I saw you at that pub, standing near the bar, looking as gorgeous as ever, and I knew I was in trouble. You are the love of my life, Draco, I can’t really imagine my life without you. You and I have been through a lot, and we’re both still healing, but being with you has helped me in ways I don’t even understand. You challenge me, you complete me. I’m not whole without you. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to continue arguing with you about the silliest of things, I want to continue teasing you, I want to continue helping you heal, but more importantly, I want to continue loving you. Until the end of my days. Draco. Will you marry me?”

Draco was already in a sea of tears by the time Harry had finished his speech.

“What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“It’s a yes, you prat, of course it’s a yes!” Draco threw himself at Harry, wrapping his arms around him, as if he were afraid of letting go.  Draco wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Harry. Have kids. Grow old. That’s all he had ever wished for.

“I love you, Draco.”

“I love you too, Harry. All of you.”

“Really? Even my cold coffee?” Harry smirked.

“Especially your cold coffee.”

The Watchers

“When I was about five years old, my family moved out of our neighborhood into a nice, peaceful, safe neighborhood with a lake at the top of the road. It’s just your average southern neighborhood; dogs and children playing, people lighting small fireworks up at the lake on the 4th of July, the sound of teenagers starting up engines, that sort of stuff. 

My oldest brother was the first to think something was off with the house. For a while, he wouldn’t sleep in his bedroom. He was sitting at the table with my mom one day pretty soon after we had moved in (they were waiting for my other older brother and I to get home from school) and, very suddenly, asked my mom, ‘Do you feel them?’

My mom had felt something, and she tried to keep him calm and just replied with, ‘Yeah, but they’re just observing. They won’t hurt us.’

After a few minutes of little conversation, my brother said. ‘I need to go outside, I don’t like the way they’re watching me.’

She let him go, and, being the badass she is, went upstairs to chew a ghost up. She scolded a ghost for making him uncomfortable and told them that if they messed with her children anymore they had to leave.

My other brother never experienced anything in the time we lived in the house.

My dad said that he sometimes saw someone walk up our sidewalk and to the door, only for no one to be there.

My mom has seen whatever is in our house move things and she’s heard things, but nothing significant. She doesn’t mind whatever is there, and sometimes she’ll talk to them almost like she expects a response.

Now, when we moved into the house, I, as I said, was around five years old. I didn’t think anything of it. Sure, I’m sleeping in a room that used to be an office and it’s always epithet freezing cold or so hot you think you’re going to bake, but everything is great because I’m five and what do I have to worry about? Well, pretty soon after we moved in, I’d say about a year after, I had a dream.

In this dream, I was sitting in a chair across from a tall, muscular man. He was wearing an old fashioned army uniform (class A’s are what my brother has always called them.) and he had a large burn near his eye. His appearance didn’t scare me, as he was very kind. The way he spoke to me reminded me of the way that my own father spoke.he often told me about different subjects, but would skip over specifics that would help me figure out who he was. He told me about his daughter, but never her name. (Who also frequents our house and I have seen on multiple occasions. He told me that we, his daughter and I, would be great friends. He told me that he got his burn in an accident, but not anything else about it. 

Every time I dreamed about him, we were sitting in the same room and he would tell me different stories every time. 

Years went by, and around the age of thirteen I was alone in the house. So what? It would just be two hours for me to spend singing loudly and generally having a great time. I went to the fridge to grab a bottle of water, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something odd. A tall man was standing under the archway that lead to the garage. 

I froze, he was staring directly at me and wasn’t moving. I gathered up all of my courage, remembering everything my mom had ever told me about ghosts (she’s a fanatic) and turned around to face whatever was there. 

It was gone. Just like that, the man had disappeared. Being the young, stupid teenager I was (and still am) I called out, ‘Hello?’ There was complete silence. Of course, nothing should have responded! Why was I so on edge, this was my first time staying alone, so of course I was going to imagine things. Whatever, I brushed it off, got my water, and went off to do whatever it was I had planned on doing.

Maybe two weeks later, I was laying in my bed. In my bedroom, my bad had a small end table next to it and faced the door, with my closet being pretty much directly next to my bed. I have two windows on the opposing wall, neither with curtains. 

I was writing a essay for my English class when I found myself very uncomfortable. I felt like something was watching me, which wasn’t unusual in this house. But there was something different about this feeling. It almost felt like I was in danger.

I shook it off and kept writing, as the essay was due the following class and I had tons of homework to do. That nagging feeling of being in danger, being watched, just wouldn’t go away. Then I felt fine! It was like whatever had been watching me left, and I was okay to keep writing without looking at my door every two minutes. 

The hairs on my neck started to stand on end, and I whipped my head up, wondering what could be wrong. Almost on cue, my closet door shook so violently, I could have sworn it was going to come off of the hinges. All I could think was that was going to be my final moments. I was going to die, whatever was on the other side of that door was going to come in and kill me and no one would be able to do anything about it. 

So, I screamed. I screamed for my brother. ‘RYAN!’ 

He came running from his bedroom down the hall and almost took my door down while opening it. 

And it stopped. The door immediately stopped shaking. It was dead silent for a beat, and he asked what was wrong. I immediately started sobbing and telling him he had to sit with me while I worked and then we were leaving. After I calmed down, I explained what had happened and he just kind of stared at me.

The most recent thing to happen is that I’ve been seeing what I can only assume is the daughter of the man I dreamt about. She is young, maybe four or five, and has long blonde hair that she always wears half up. She had flowers in her hair and some kind of dress on. She never moves anything, doesn’t make noise, doesn’t try to make her presence known. She just watches. 

I’ve taken to calling out to her whenever I see her, asking her to come closer, asking her name, hell, I’ve even set out toys and waited for her to mess with them. Nothing, she just watches me while I do different things. 

So, I talk to her. I can only imagine that sound and looks crazy, but she seems pleased by it. I call her Genesis, a pet name, and it seems that she’s okay with that. She’s never gotten violent, but I’ve seen her get closer to me sometimes. I’ll feel her presence, sometimes I’ll feel something lay beside me in bed, something small, and I’ll tell her goodnight.

Maybe we’re all losing our minds, maybe these things are actually happening. All I do know is, our neighbors have even talked about seeing or hearing things in their own homes, so it’s not just us. I even read somewhere that my neighborhood was a plantation before everything was built up. 

I don’t know, but ever since I got my puppy, they don’t mess with me at night. Sometimes I still see them during the day, and my dog sees them too. He’ll look over in the same direction I’m hearing or seeing things. He doesn’t growl, so I know everything is okay. He’s just watching the watchers, I guess.”

By: @bethasaurousrex

Catfish || Conor Maynard

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summary: where y/n is convinced the guy she loves is a catfish

word count: 1.4k

request: Hi! I love your writing! Can you please do an imagine where Conor meets the reader on a chat room and they fall in love even when there’s distance between them and Conor is afraid to tell her who he is and when he does she doesn’t know who Conor Maynard is and it’s all funny and fluffy (idk if it made any sense lol)


She knew from the start that it wasn’t practical, but her head and her heart never typically agreed on important matters.

For months, Y/N found herself becoming completely infatuated with him.  He was the person she needed him to be, to be the comfort and escape from reality she so desperately wanted.  She found herself thinking of him all hours of the day, even making excuses with her friends to sneak in short a phone call, just to hear his voice.  However, there was one small problem: the pair had never met in person.  Actually— neither had a clue what the other looked like.

Late night boredom, which arose from avoiding a massive amount of uni assignments, somehow led Y/N to an online chatroom, something she hadn’t done since she was in her early teens.

It was all for fun, she didn’t expect anything to come out of it.

She spent over an hour chatting away with strangers, discussing shows and movies, and other aimless topics the others brought up.  It wasn’t until she mentioned her music taste that the two struck up a real conversation.   They bonded over old school artists, and it seemed that all of their most loved songs of all time were identical.

Y/N wasn’t sure why she had asked for his number rather than any form of social media.  Maybe she liked the anonymity of it all. There were no limitations when she couldn’t put a face to the person on the other end of the phone.  He felt the same. They had never talked to someone quite like each other. No judgements, no expectations, just a connection that was indefinable.  

Their conversations lasted all day.  From the moment they woke up to seconds before they went to sleep, they were talking to each other. She told him secrets she hadn’t ever explained to anyone else.  He told her she was the only person he felt like just wanted to talk to him for who he was, without any personal gain.  She never quite understood what he meant, but accepted it nonetheless.

It’s not to say that they weren’t curious.  Despite living a few hours away, they had made plans to hang out a handful of times. But every time they were set to meet, Conor suddenly had an emergency pop up hours before.  

Time after time, she had forgiven him, because she could feel that she was in love with him.  He reassured her that he felt the same, and that he wanted to meet her more than anything, but there were some things he couldn’t say no to.  It was always the same sort of excuse.

“Y/N, I really am sorry, something just came up with work.”

“At the job you never want to go tell me about,” she snapped.  They had been talking for almost a year, but he still avoided the topic, only giving minutiae details.  He said he worked for a music label in London, but couldn’t tell her everything in case he accidentally spilled something important.  “You know, I’ve always been honest with you, it’s not fair that you can’t be like that with me,” she added.

“It’s just more complicated than I can explain, I have to go. I’ll call you later okay?”

“I guess so,” she sighed before ending the call.

After he bailed for the fourth time, she was starting to think her friends were right.

She had waited five months before she ever mentioned Conor’s name to her friends.  She was apprehensive to what they might say.  And she was right.

“Y/N, how can you say you’re in love with someone and not have any clue who they really are? You don’t even know his last name. For all you know if could be a forty year old man and that’s why he won’t meet you, he’s probably a catfish.  This isn’t a real relationship.”

It didn’t make sense to the outside world. But it made sense to Conor and Y/N.  It was theirs, not anybody else’s.  They decided it wasn’t the right timing to make it official, since they weren’t just a short drive away.  But they talked about how maybe one day they could be.  She only had a few more classes until she finished her degree, then they could be together. But with the way Conor continuously backed out, Y/N didn’t think that dream was ever going to become a reality.

Every time her mind drifted to those thoughts, she was reminded of all the conversations they had, and what they meant to the both of them. All the times he told her that it had been years since he felt this way about someone.  He was telling her everything she wanted to hear, and maybe that was her problem.  Maybe it was too good to be true.

When he called her later that night, she was determined to get real answers from him.  No more fabricated truth, no more little white lies, he was going to own up to his dishonesty.  Either that, or she would have to try and move on.

“What would it mean to you if one day we just stopped talking?” Y/N said into the phone, walking around her apartment before settling onto the couch.

“What do you mean?”

“Like if one day I just stopped answering your calls or texts, if I completely cut you off.”

“I’d be absolutely devastated, probably cry a little,” he joked, unpacking a bag from his latest excursion.

“Well, I’ve been debating if that’s what I should do.”

He paused at the foot of his bed, taken back by what Y/N had just told him.

“And why would you do that? You know how much I love you, I thought you felt the same.”

“Well I know I love you.  But I don’t think you’re telling the truth when you say it to me.”

“What do you mean? I wouldn’t just say it if I didn’t mean it.  You know how hard it is for me to open up to someone, Y/N.”

“Because when you love someone you don’t keep things from them.  And make up excuses when you had plans with them.  Four times.”

Conor realized he was going to have to come clean about everything, unless he wanted to risk losing the only person who kept him sane in the past year.  “If I tell you everything, will you promise not to think of me any differently?” He pleaded.

“I don’t know why I would treat you differently, unless you’re a fugitive on the run from the government or something,” she responded.  

He smiled to himself before readjusting the phone to his ear. “First thing’s first, I don’t work for the label.”  

She waited patiently for him to continue, hoping everything would make sense in the coming minutes.

“I don’t work for them, but I’m signed to the label.”

“So you sing?”


“You never told me that,” she said.

“I didn’t want it to be a giveaway.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She asked, confused.

“Because I’m Conor…you know, Maynard,” he replied, sighing.  “If you heard me sing, you’d probably recognize my voice.”

There was a brief silence before she responded. He was terrified that he was about to lose the girl who made him believe in love again, all because he couldn’t be truthful from the start.



“Not to be dramatic or anything, but I really have no clue who Conor Maynard even is,” she laughed.

“Seriously? You really don’t know?”  He replied, half-offended, half-relieved. “You’ve never heard of the album Contrast? Really big like five years ago? It even went number one,” he joked.

“I’ve told you, I’ve never really listened to the radio, I only like old stuff,” she confessed, giggling to herself.  “I’ll google you, give me a minute.”

“Oh god..”

Scrolling on her laptop, she searched through dozens of articles and images.  “Apparently you’re famous.”

“I mean, I guess, yeah.  That’s why I didn’t want to tell you, everyone just wants something from me.  I can’t believe you don’t know who I am, I’m kind of hurt actually,” he said sarcastically.

“None of that matters to me, I love you for you.  Not because of an album call Contour.”

“I think you mean Contrast,” he chuckled.  It was like a weight was lifted off of his shoulder, he could finally be his full self.

“Isn’t that what I said?” She smirked to herself, still amused at the whole thing. “Now that the secret’s out, I expect a proper date.  And no more excuses, Mr. Maynard.”

“I promise, love.  At least you’ll know who to look for.  Do I get to see what you look like now?”

“Nope, I guess you’ll just have to actually show up this time,” she smiled.

hi i spent my entire afternoon browsing through your au prompts and saving pretty much all of them for future reference. i thought it was only fair i gave something back as a thank you, so i wrote some lists. i hope they’re helpful! i’ll write them all in here but feel free to make separate posts for them or let me know and i’ll write them separately


  • “i’m due in two weeks and we don’t have a single diaper i know it’s 3am but i need to get everything we need because no, we can’t keep a baby in the dog bed”
  • “hi i know you’re across the world in a business trip but our surrogate went into labor a week early so long story short you’re coming home to a baby i can’t do this alone get your ass in a plane”
  • “we’re at the er in the middle of the night wearing pajamas and scared as hell because our baby hasn’t moved in days oh the baby is just asleep? okay sorry broke your pen i’m just a really worried parent to be”
  • “i know it’s a weird craving but i want pickles ice cream i don’t care where you find it just GET IT also put bananas on it and chocolate chips”
  • “yes it is too early to install a car seat i’m only ten weeks pregnant”
  • “i’ve read seventeen books about pregnancy and i’m constantly worried about every single thing every book warned about but also trying to remain calm”
  • “i used to drink five cups of coffee before i got pregnant and now i’m going through withdrawal and i’ll slice your head in three if you give me that decaf crap again this is all your fault”
  • “hey honey you’re home i spent the last eight hours watching birth videos and i know i’m eight months pregnant but i changed my mind i’m not doing that birth thing no way”


  • “i know you hate my mom but i touched our newborn’s soft spot and it freaked me out so she’s moving in until the kid can walk and talk get used to it”
  • “i had no idea something so tiny could poop so much and oh shit, you have poop on your cheek and jesus christ how did it end up on my knee”
  • “you need to stop holding your child like it’s a time bomb whAT ARE YOU DOING SUPPORT THE NECK YOU DIMWIT”
  • “we went a overboard on the newborn clothes but our child was born too big for them and now we have nothing that fits them”
  • “we’re so sleep deprived we bathed, changed and fed our child’s teddy bear while it slept soundly for the first time in almost a month”
  • “our pediatritian fired us after calling them at 2am claiming our child had measles when it was just a diaper rash”
  • “you saw me napping with our newborn in my arms and started yelling about safety and how i could crash them in my sleep now the baby is crying and i’m crying and we both feel like terrible parents/partners”
  • “i caught you staring at our baby’s crib like they’re the love of your like and making sure they slept soundly now we’re both cuddling on the floor beside the crib looking at the beautiful little thing we made”
  • “we both have hundreds of videos of our newborn making accidental spit bubbles and no one cares but we’ll show it to literally everyone”
  • “i know they’re only ten days old but we need to look into good preschools already i’m serious”
  • “i left you alone with the baby for four hours and you dressed them in formal wear while you wear only a tshirt and underwear what HAPPENED here”


  • “you’re a really unpopular senator and i’m a journalist determined to make your life hell but fuck you’re cute when you stutter and did i said that out loud?”
  • “you’re the only barista at the coffee shop near my office that is working at 6am so you get to hear my undercaffeinated ranting about how much politics suck and oh shit sorry yes i am your governor i should not have said that”
  • “i’m the new governor’s bodyguard and holy shit no one told me they’re smoking hot”
  • “i’m the first openly gay president and all the republicans are Losing It including my parents-in-law which are the ones making this even more awkward by going on tv saying i corrupted their daughter/son”
  • “i’m a secret service agent having an illicit affair with the president of the united states i deserve another shot even if i’m saying these things to the entire bar”
  • “we’re both running for the same government position and things become so heated between us during debates people are starting to bet on when we’re gonna bang”
  • “we’re old buddies from law school and i helped you with your campaign and we fell in love but you’re married and about to become president wtf we do”
  • the good wife au
  • scandal au
  • “i think it’s really cute you come to the bookstore to work on your campaigning but shouldn’t you have a staff for that oh yes i can help”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for college? Not theatre specific but just the experience in general. I'm starting soon and am absolutely terrified.


  • Drink water.
  • Eat.  You will feel you don’t have time to eat, but you do.  Eat.  Do it.  You will thank me later.
  • Eat healthy, if you can.  College is often the first time many of us get a chance to eat whatever we want, whenever we want.  You will probably gain weight which is not the end of the world, but try to stay healthy, despite the new-found freedom.  You will feel more energized and focused if you do!
  • Remember, the freshman fifteen is real.  But it’s not exactly what you think.  Yes, we often eat a little (or a lot) worse than in high school because we are in control of all of our own food now, and many people are drinking for the first time, but keep in mind…Your body is also maturing at this age.  Have you seen the difference between many high schoolers and college students?  College students aren’t just “bigger,” they are more filled out, and their bodies are more mature looking.  Things are still changing your body as you enter your 20s, so don’t stress too much if your clothes don’t fit the same way as in high school.  That’s normal and natural.  
  • Always have a protein/granola bar/apple in your bag.  Something small and quick to eat when you’re really low on fuel.  
  • Go take walks.  It’s a great way to wake yourself up and get a little sunshine.  And it’s some nice “me” time!
  • Get your sleep!  Okay, I love sleep, and I never did an all-nighter in college.  I slept a good amount every night (except a few tech weeks, but even then, at least five hours!) and I almost never got sick.  Your body has a breaking point, and it cannot run on coffee.  Get your sleep!  You’ll be more efficient at your work if you do!
  • Be you.  Here’s the cool thing.   You are going to a new school, new place, new everything.  Even if you’re going to a school where you know a lot of other students, you get the chance to be whatever and whoever you want.  Whatever reputation you had in high school can go out the window!  So be you, and don’t be afraid of what people will think.  College is so much more chill than high school, and people aren’t judging your every move in the same way.  
  • You will probably lose contact with most, if not all of your high school friends.  This is okay.  It can be sad, but it’s not unusual.  Friendships come and go, and that doesn’t mean that they weren’t meaningful. 
  • Embrace change.  You’re getting older, things are different and new, and it can be scary.  Run towards the fear.  It’ll all be okay.
  • Drink or don’t drink.  Have sex or don’t have sex.  Do drugs or don’t do drugs.  But be safe.  Please be safe.  A classmate of mine died of alcohol poisoning while I was in school.  A classmate of mine went to jail for dealing drugs.  A classmate of mine got pregnant and had to get an abortion her senior year.  Please please please be safe.   Drink water in between your alcoholic drinks, eat well, use a condom, get tested…  Be safe.  
  • Don’t feel like you have to do any or all of those things. If you aren’t into casual sex, don’t do it.  No big deal. Nobody’s going to call you out and say, “Hey, everybody’s having sex, why aren’t you?”  If you aren’t comfortable drinking at parties, just bring a water bottle filled with water.  If anybody asks, just say you’re not drinking.  They’ll probably leave it at that.  Nobody’s going to say, “What an idiot, they’re not drinking, they’re probably judging us.”  Nobody cares.  Truly, they’re all too caught up in their own college experience to care.  But at the same time, if you want to break out of your shell and try new things, this is the time to do it!  But see the note above about being safe plllllease.  
  • Be aware at parties.  I went to one frat party in my four years, and any other parties I went to were just theatre folks, and we really watched out for each other.  But if you’re at a party where you don’t know many people, really watch your drink and just be aware.  I don’t want to scare you into thinking somebody’s going to jump you, but awareness really helps out a lot!
  • Don’t drink and drive.  Period.
  • Be careful walking around at night on campus or around campus.  Awareness.  That’s all I’m going to say.   
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors.  They’re often pretty cool!  Let’s say you’ve got a big paper due the same week for every single class. If you come to them well enough in advance and explain the situation, they’ll probably give you an extension so that you have a bit more sanity while writing. But if you go in the day before it’s due, they probably won’t be so kind.  In addition, if you already have a relationship with that teacher and a reputation for being on time, active in class, and diligent, they’re even more likely to give you a break.  So essentially…Your professors aren’t your enemy.  If you treat their class with respect, they’ll probably cut you some slack and help you out.
  • Start assignments early.  I know, I’m such a goodie-two-shoes, but seriously!  I would start my papers as soon as they were assigned, partially because I knew that if I waited, I would probably get bogged down by a show and stressed out.  But I cannot tell you how much more relaxing college was when I actually did my work early rather than waiting until the night before.  Though my friends did kind of hate me on those all-nighters where I was sleeping peacefully.  =)
  • It’s not a stress competition.  You will hear this, I promise.  “I only got five hours of sleep last night.”  “Well I only got three hours of sleep last night!”  “I have two big papers due this week.”  “Well I have four big papers due and a big test.”  Guys… We’re all stressed.  It’s not a competition.  It’s okay to want to vent to friends, but don’t try to one-up each other’s stress.  You really don’t want to be the winner of that competition anyways…
  • Don’t be afraid to ask where a building is.  Nobody cares, it’s not a big deal.  Don’t be embarrassed!  I promise the campus will feel like home soon.
  • Communicate with your roommate.  Otherwise little things will build up and you’ll want to strangle them.  
  • You don’t have to be best friends with everybody on your for.  I think movies and TV shows give this skewed vision of college where all the girls on a floor go hang out in one person’s door and watch Grey’s Anatomy together every week… Now, that does happen for some people, and you can often meet really great groups of people who you enjoy being around in groups, but if it doesn’t happen, don’t feel out of place.  College is not like the movies or TV shows, and it’s going to be a unique experience for everybody.
  • Get your focus off of romance.  If it comes, it comes.  If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  There are so many incredible things happening in college, and if you’re just focused on finding the love of your life (also an important thing, not denying it) then you may find that you miss a lot!
  • Go talk to the counselor!  I wish I had done this when I was at school.  We had free counseling services, and even though I never really had any serious issues in college, they’re open for anything.  You can go and just talk about your workload or something that happened in class or anything!  Utilize those services!  Some of my friends had serious stuff happen to them during their four years, and they really relied on those counselors.  It’s a great tool, and nobody is going to judge you.  
  • Don’t forget your hobbies!  They don’t have to disappear just because you’re not in high school anymore!  They will really help you manage the change into college as well, so don’t neglect them!
  • Get your gen-eds out of the way.  Particularly if they really suck.  You really don’t want to be taking shitty gen-eds your senior year, so get them over with early.  
  • Schedule smart.  I know in high school you had to get up hella early, but you don’t always have to do that in college.  I took a very small number of 8 AM classes because they were required for my major and it was the only time they were offered, but when I could, I started my day at 10 AM.  For me, I knew I would have shows at night that would keep me up.  When I didn’t have shows, I’d still get up around 8:30, but then I’d have an hour and a half of me time before the day started, which just made life so much more pleasant.  Try to schedule your stuff in chunks as well so that you’re not just going back and forth from your dorm to classes all day.  A little break can be nice, but you don’t want to be doing that for a whole semester between each class.  
  • Take classes that interest you!  My major was pretty restricting, but I did get the chance to take a couple of classes that were not major requirements, but were things I was really interested in!  Do it!  This is your time to learn, take a class just because!
  • Check your degree requirements.  So, for me, I had this site I could go to that showed my “Degree Evaluation,” and basically checked off what classes I had done and what classes I still had to do.  Be on top of this.  Plan your four years out at least loosely.  You do not want to be caught your senior year, realizing that you needed a semester of intermediate French to graduate.  It happens all too often, and colleges do have advisers who are supposed to guide you through this, but more often than not, they’re not helpful at all.  So take control and make sure you’re getting all of your requirements filled.
  • Have fun.  It’s a blast, really.  It may or may not be the best years of your life, but no matter what, it will be an experience you’ll never forget!

Dirk did not begin hoarding kittens as a method of psychic torture, Todd is approximately 87% sure, but in the end, intentions are irrelevant once the damage is done.

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The Silence of Stars, Waiting

My fic for Day 1 of Bluepulse Week 2017. n.n
I hope you enjoy.

Day 1: Stargazing

 It was a curious thing, watching the stars through the windows of the Watchtower. It wasn’t that they hadn’t stargazed before, they’d done it plenty of times since Jaime and Bart had gotten closer, but there was something distinctly different about looking at the stars when they were out among them. It was almost enough to distract from the fact that Bart was in the Watchtower infirmary getting a shard of glass about the size of his hand removed from his gut.

On one hand it was fortunate that he was a speedster due to how quickly he healed— minimal blood loss. On the other hand it was an unfortunate thing that he healed so quickly because the League doctors were having a difficult time prying the shard free without risking shredding both skin and organs.

Khaji Da had offered to handle it at least fifteen times already. Jaime had declined due to his own exhaustion, panic, concern, and the justified worry that even if Khaji Da was in complete control that his worry would be enough to distract Khaji Da. Eventually Khaji Da let it drop— once he was certain that Bart would be alright anyway. (Only Jaime had ‘heard’ the acidic comment about being able to ‘trust the competency of a surgeon who knows what they are doing’ in regards to speedsters. He hadn’t felt the need to relay the comment. Khaji Da hadn’t minded.)

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Arguments // Will Poulter

Prompt from @notommystahp : Can you make an imagine where Will & Y/N gets into a fight because he thought she cheated on him but then in the end they both made up?

Warnings : None

Word Count : 910

A/N : Requests will be slow this week, due to a start up of a musical I am in now as well as school and homework and everything else in the life of a teenager. Still, feel free to request! I have a place where I put all my requests and even if I don’t get to them right away, they will be written!

Sorry for any errors!

3:17 am.

I was exhausted, but I was determined to see Will come through the door. It was the same every weekend. Clubbing, drinking. He would always come home, stumbling into our bedroom and immediately falling asleep. I would leave Aspirin and water for him in the morning before curling up next to him.

But he never stayed out this late.

He was always home by one at the latest and now my mind had more time to fill with undesirable thoughts of what he could be doing in these two extra hours. I ran my fingers through my hair for the thousandth time that night, pacing back and forth through the room, trying to push all negative thoughts of him from my head, reminding myself that he only loved me.

But it was easier said than done.

I glanced down at my phone again, checking for anything from him, but of course, there was nothing. His phone was either dead or he was ignoring me, and he better hope it was the first. I threw myself onto the couch, phone clutched tightly in my hands and I waited. The clocked ticked on to three thirty, three forty-five, then four o'clock.

The click of the door sounded through the silent room and his heavy footsteps clomped into the room. I sat up and watched him as he kicked his shoes off, actions slow and buffered. I stood and crossed my arms over my chest as he removed his jacket and threw his keys onto the table. He turned and his eyes met my own, frown taking over his face.

“Why are you still awake?” He mumbled, gripping his head.

“You know why, Will,” I said exasperatedly, running a hand through my hair again. “Where were you?”

A smirk rose on his face.

“None of your business,” he said cockily, shaking one finger at me.

“Actually it is,” I snapped. “Just tell me where you were for three extra hours. When you ignore me I’m going to get anxious, Will.”

“I’m not telling you.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. My heart was pounding in my chest as self conscience thoughts floated into my mind.

“If there’s something you’re not telling me-”

“Jesus, Y/N, it’s really none of your business. Even if something happened, I wouldn’t tell you.”

I froze.

“Are you cheating on me?” I asked in a small voice.

His face didn’t change and no response was given as my heart dropped to my stomach. I nodded.

“You sleep on the couch tonight,” I said roughly, trying to keep myself from crying.

“But I-”

I sent him a final look that shut him up immediately and he looked down at his feet before shuffling into our room for blankets. I didn’t look at him once, knowing his eyes were on me the entire time. He shut the door behind him and I yanked my shirt over my head, tears slipping from my eyes. I curled into a ball in bed, quickly shutting off the lights before I let the tears flow freely down my cheeks.

I woke to a dip in the bed and familiar arms wrapping around me. I groaned sleepily and tried to escape his grip, desperate to stay angry. He fought my resistance and held me tightly to his body.

“Please, Y/N, I can’t sleep knowing you’re angry with me. And you need an explanation.”

I sighed and wiped my eyes before turning over, meeting his bloodshot eyes. My heart clenched but I ignored the feeling best I could and nodded at him to continue. His arms tightened around my waist and I couldn’t hide the excitement that still bubbled in my chest at the action.

“Y/N, I promise, no matter how drunk I become, I will never lay a hand on another woman. We were just out later for some reason tonight, and I apologize for ignoring your texts.  I know all you want is to check up on me. I love you, please know that.”

A sigh escaped my lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my face in his neck.

“I’m sorry for accusing you,” I mumbled, placing a feeble kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t apologize,” he whispered, gripping my cheek gently and connecting our lips.

Our lips molded so perfectly together it still made me dizzy, even after our long-time relationship. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I could faintly taste the mint toothpaste in his mouth. Our hands roamed each others bodies and even though our lips sloppy kissed one another, passion ignited in my body. All I had was him and I wanted was him and I knew he felt the exact same way, and that’s all I needed.

“I love you,” I said breathlessly, breaking away to lose myself in his eyes.

“I love you more, Y/N.”

Serendipity [Eric x Reader]||   Part Four

         There’s a moment
         Between a glance, and a kiss
         Where the world stops,
         For the briefest if times.
         And the only thing between us
         Is the anticipation
         Of your lips on mine.
         A moment, so intense,
         It hangs in the air
         As it pulls us closer.
         A moment, so perfect,
         That when it comes to an end,
         We realize;
         It’s only just beginning.
                             - unknown

Originally posted by riahmgc

If you thought they’d give you a break after a night full of action, you were utterly wrong. After a few hours of sleep (in which you dreamed of Eric, of course), you and the other initiates walked still half-asleep into the training room, where Four and Eric were already awaiting you. Almost automatically, your eyes fell on Eric who returned your look. Should you smile at him? No, no that would be stupid, you didn’t have a reason to smile. But looking away was also not an option since you were captured by his stunning eyes. Oh how beautiful he was!  The sudden realization that you had more than a crush on the Dauntless leader made you cringe. You swore to yourself that nobody would ever find out about this, much less would you tell Eric how you felt, not unless you knew what the deal was between you two.
“Today is the last day of the first stage, and your last chance to increase your points”, Four said and you noticed how he looked at Tris the whole time. It didn’t escape your notice that Tris had a thing for him. At least you weren’t the only one who had caught feelings for a superior.

You looked at the ranking board and smiled. You still were third, and although it would be nice to be second or even first, you knew you couldn’t stand a chance against Edward, whom you had to fight today. Since he was ranked first, your fight would take place last. It would be ‘the highlight of the first stage’, and you’d be the chosen idiot who’d lose in front of everyone’s eyes. Well, at least you’d remain third, no matter how the fight would end. Unless Al would win against Peter, but as much as you liked Al, he had no chance. 

The day went by slowly. After you warmed up and did some endurance – and strength-training by yourself, you decided to give yourself a break and watch the fights.
“Nervous?”  As you turned around, you faced heavily ripped, crossed arms. You always forgot how much taller he was, especially now as he was standing so close to you that the space between you wasn’t even elbow length. Seriously, didn’t that man understand the concept of personal space?
You lifted your head to look at Eric. “I have no reason to.” Liar. Actually, you were nervous as hell. You were always nervous when Eric was around you, and after what happened last night you weren’t capable of forming any clear thought at all. In addition to that, you really didn’t want him to see loosing the fight.
“Just keep in mind to always hold your cover up. It would be a shame if that pretty face of yours had to take all the hits.” You opened your mouth to reply something, but couldn’t think of anything. You were just speechless. How could he just casually mention something with such a straight expression while you were blushing as hell.
“Edward, [Y/N]”, Four called and you sent a silent prayer to heaven.
“Good luck”, Eric said and winked at you.

Edward was taller than you, stronger, and just as fast. There was nothing you could beat him at, but to your surprise, the fight was fairly equated. You had to take some strong hits from him, but not more than you dealt out. You were panting, and your whole body was hurting, every move caused pain. Fortunately, you managed to cover your face, just as Eric told you, well knowing that a punch from Edward in your face would send you into unconsciousness (you learned that from your fight with Peter). The fight lasted longer than you thought. If Edward was tired, he didn’t show it. Your punches didn’t affect him as much as his did to you. But maybe, if you’d punch him in the stomach, he’d bend over and you could reach his head. And then, with one strong punch on his temple… Suddenly, you felt sharp pain on your cheekbone- It was terrifying, you’ve never felt so much pain before. Your body hit the hard ground and Edward bent over you. 'Get up’, you forced yourself, but you knew the fight was over. Your head was spinning and you lost any feeling of direction. As much as you tried, your body wouldn’t listen to you. You closed your eyes as you saw Edward’s fist moving towards you. Another explosion of pain, followed by complete darkness.  

You woke up with a horrible headache and pain all over your body. With a groan you sat up and looked around. The medical area was empty, not even a nurse was here. A mirror at the end of the room caught your attention. The pain in your head intensified as you rolled out of your bed and slowly walked over to the mirror. The girl in it was covered in bruises. A sewn laceration just below her left eye surrounded by violet-blue skin. So much to covering your face. Your eyes moved to a small digital watch on the table. It was past 11pm, you’ve been sleeping for more than five hours! That final punch of Edward did surely run you hard.

The way back to the initiate dormitory led you through the room with the net. Oh the deja-vu feeling! You remember the first day in Dauntless, how exited you were. Everything was new and strange, but you knew you’d like it. And hell you did. Going to your limits and beyond, that’s what you were made for. Almost subconsciously, you climbed on the net and crawled to the place beneath the open ceiling. The full moon was shining brightly, lighting up the whole sky and even the room, and it seemed like all clouds made way for the view of millions of stars. It was breathtaking, simply beautiful. Back in your childhood days you used to do things like this more often. Just laying out in the fields and watching the night sky. And then you would look for constellations. Your mother once gave you a book about the star constellations and their myths, and from that day one you wouldn’t shut up about it. You’ve read it probably over ten times and knew the stories by heart.
You didn’t know how much time had passed -it could be only twenty minutes, or more than a hour-when you heard footsteps. Who would walk around here at such a time? The apartments and the pit were on the opposite side of the Dauntless compound. The person stopped just next to the net.
“[Y/N]?” Of all Dauntless people, it just had to be Eric. “What are you doing here?” You sat up, trying not to groan in pain. “What are YOU doing here?” you asked a bit too harsh.
“I asked you first.”
“I asked you second.”
“That’s not how it works, love. Don’t forget that I am your leader”, he said in a surprisingly soft tone. You crawled towards the edge of the net so that you could see him. In the shimmering moonlight he looked even more threatening than usual, but that made him only more attractive. And the way he looked up to you-oh dear!
“Oh uhm I was on my way back to the dormitory but the sky is so beautiful tonight!” You shrugged your shoulders and gave him a sugary smile.
“You’re supposed to be in the infirmary, after what Edward did to you.”
“I’m fine, and besides that, the infirmary is so depressing. I have no reason to stay there. Lying in bed I can also do in the dormitory.”
“You always find a reason to argue, huh?”, Eric said and crossed his muscular arms. “But I will take  you back to the infirmary, now!”
“Oh Eric, come on”, you begged. “The sky is stunning tonight. It’s really relaxing to watch the stars. Maybe you should try that too. It surely won’t do any harm..”  Eric lifted an eyebrow. “No way I’m going to that girl’s stuff.”
“Well then you can go and continue to do whatever you were doing. I’m not going to move.”
“I actually wanted to look after you, princess.” He did what? Eric really cared about you, didn’t he?
“Thank you, but I’m fine.”
“Do you really think I haven’t noticed how much pain your every movement causes you? And that big ass cut under your eye?“ Of course he did. But you weren’t the first one who got hurt that bad,  that happened on a daily basis here. Was there something wrong with him?
"Eric, what do you want?” You looked straight into his eyes, but surprisingly he looked away. It was  the first time he didn’t hold your gaze.

You turned around and crawled back to your place. Of all the people you’ve met, Eric was the only person you couldn’t read even the slightest bit. The way he acted, all the things he did, it was a complete mystery to you.
“Cling on tight”, Eric said all of sudden. Before you even realized what he meant, your body rolled over as Eric lifted himself on the net. With a dull sound, you landed on Eric. “Ouch”, you whispered. The surprise was written in Eric’s face, which was only inches away from yours. And then, a smile played on his lips. “So that’s what you meant when you wanted me to 'relax’, huh?” You felt your cheeks heating up, fortunately it was dark enough for Eric not to see it.  "You wish!“ With a grown you heaved yourself from Eric, crawled back and laid down. Eric followed you.
"See, it’s not a girl’s thing. Everyone can enjoy it”, you said after you two got comfortable next to each other, but still keeping a distance.
“It’s not that bad, I guess.“
You smiled and pointed at a certain star constellation right above you. "See those seven bright stars who look like a dipper? That’s the Ursa Major, the great bear.  According to Greek mythology, Zeus, the greatest of all gods, fell in love with a beautiful huntress Callisto. And they even had a son together which really infuriated Zeus’ wife Hera who was jealous as hell. Angered by Zeus’ betrayal, she turned Callisto into a bear, who lived like this for the next 15 years, roaming the forest and always running and hiding from hunters. One day, her son Arcas was walking in the forest and the two came face to face. At the sight of the bear, Arcas quickly drew his spear. Seeing the scene from Olympus, Zeus intervened to protect his love. He sent a whirlwind that carried both Callisto and Arcas into the heavens, where he turned Arcas into the constellation Ursa Minor and Callisto into Ursa Major.”
“Beautiful”, you heard Eric say.
“Isn’t it? Ursa Major is the third largest constellation in the sky and can be seen ever day of the year. When it’s not cloudy of course.”
“I didn’t mean the stars.”
You turned your head and saw that Eric was looking at you. Immediately you felt blood rushing in your cheeks. “Oh.” Crap! Your brain apparently stopped working because you hadn’t the slightest idea what to say now, so you just turned your face away.
“Where do you know that from? I always thought Amity people don’t really have it with knowledge.”
You shrugged your shoulders. “Both my parents were Erudite before Amity. Guess that lies in my genes. Just as changing factions and leaving your family behind.”

You didn’t know how much time had passed or when you fell asleep, but as you opened your eyes, your head was resting on Eric’s shoulder. You quickly jumped up and looked around. It was still dark but the moon had traveled quite a distance from west to east. Eric sat up and looked at you.
“Moonlight becomes you.” What was it with all that complimenting today? You decided to ignore his statement. “How long have I been asleep?”
“About two hours.”
“Why didn’t you wake me up?”
Eric shrugged. “Well you needed to rest after such a fight. And besides that, today is visiting day. I’m sure your parents wouldn’t like it seeing you all beaten up and tired.”
Oh how could you forget? On visiting day the initiates could see their parents for the first and last time after the choosing ceremony. Not that it concerned you. The chances that you’d get to see your parents tomorrow equaled zero, even if they were transfers themselves. In Amity, transferring to Dauntless was one of the biggest sins you could commit. These two factions were complete opposite. Even if nobody openly talked about it, you knew that a family whose child transferred to Dauntless stopped considering them as their family member. Suddenly, you felt a mix of sadness and anger inside you. It was faction before family, but still..

“When did you stopped being the cruel instructor and started caring?” You hissed at Eric and immediately regretted it.  Letting out your rage on him was not fair. “I’m sorry, I just- I should go”, you said and crawled to the edge of the net when Eric held you back. He jumped down and grabbed you by your waist to carefully lift you on the floor. “Thanks. But I could’ve done that myself.”
Eric sighed. “It doesn’t hurt to take some help from time to time. You don’t have to be always on your own.” You stopped and looked at Eric. His hands were still on your waist, and his eyes were fixing yours as if they were the whole universe. “Funny to hear that coming from someone like you. And besides, you still haven’t told me why you came here in the first place.” Seconds passed where Eric didn’t said anything. He just looked at you and the grip on your hips loosened. You held your breath. What was that strange feeling that sent chills down your spine? Your senses heightened in anticipation, it was as if you were hyper-aware of everything going on around you. But still all you could focus on were the lips of the man standing so close to you. All you could think about was yours on his. And those few seconds where you were both just looking at each other felt like days. Days in which you noticed all the small movements, the twitches and even the breathing cycle of him, trying to judge what was going to happen next. Your stomach flattered in fear. Eric reached out and put his hand under your chin to lift it up. His touch was so soft, as if you were made of porcelain and he was afraid of breaking you. He searched for permission in your eyes, waited for a reaction, expected you to back away, but you didn’t. Eric laid his thumb on your lips as he  leaned forward. And then, he kissed you, slowly, reverently,surprised that this was really happening, that he had wanted you so badly. The universe halted, no one existed around you two. You should have pulled away, it was wrong. Was it? But could something that felt so right, that you’ve been secretly waiting for the whole time, be wrong? Instead, you wrapped your arms around his neck. You didn’t know whether you were kissing for five minutes or five hours and your mouth felt bruised, but neither of you could let go. Because it felt so good to be held. Eric’s arms trembled as they held you and his heart beat against you and you knew that whatever you were feeling was mutual.

After what felt like an eternity, you pulled away. You actually didn’t want to, but you felt so overwhelmed with thoughts.
“This was long overdue”, Eric said.You opened your mouth to answer, but only a ripple of laughter came out while you shook your head. You couldn’t remember the last time you felt so happy. Butterflies were flattering in your stomach and you couldn’t help smiling brightly.  "You really could’ve done that earlier, you know?“ you said jokingly. Without further ado, you turned around and made your way to the dormitory. There was so much for you to digest right now, after all that happened. And you knew-you felt- that it was only the beginning.
"Good night, Eric.”

Muke: i am a pale boy in the sky with a cap on his head and a knot in his tie (part 1)

Simplicity was one of Michael’s favourite words and he surmised so because that was what his life was full of. It was easy to blame his parents for raising a son that could give two shits about what was happening two feet away from him and was almost always up for a sudden adventure.

He was carefree for the most part and he took life in stride, knowing fully well it would fuck you one way from Sunday either way.

His thought process was slow, exactly like you’d picture a person that had smoked too much weed, slow and soft with dopey smiles and cravings.

It was a miracle he was as good at video games as he was seeing as he barely reacted to the games until the last minute.

Today was no different. He was in the middle of killing off everyone in sight when he heard his mother yelling down the stairs. It was annoying how he was nearly twenty years old and his mother still treated him like a five year old although he had traveled around the world twice already and was completely capable of growing a beard.

The couch sank as Luke flopped down beside him, pulling his long legs up to his chest. He was wearing shorts and Michael almost had a heart attack because Luke never wore shorts anymore, especially outside of his house.

“Hey.” Michael leaned towards the boy who was watching him play. He looked entranced, sort of like a zombie that had been staring at a bright fluorescent light for too long.

They never talked much when Michael was in the middle of a game, probably because Luke was afraid Michael would lose and kill him, and while the redhead might’ve threatened it a few times, he wasn’t planning on going to jail before the new Mortal Kombat game came out.

Michael nudged the blond. “You good?”

Luke nodded, turning to look at Michael finally. He was smiling but the bags under his eyes screamed lack of sleep. Michael knew what that felt like, getting back after a huge tour was horrible, your internal clock was fucked beyond compare and it took like three weeks to even realise you were able to sleep more than four hours a night because you didn’t have anymore concerts to perform or radio shows to soundcheck.

“I’m a bit tired.” Luke yawned for dramatic effect, leaning his head back onto the back of the couch. His Adam’s apple shifted up and down as he swallowed and Michael really wanted to poke it. He’d tried before and Luke had ended up choking on his spit and swatting Michael’s hand away, threatening to poke his if he ever tried that again.

That was their friendship, threats and quiet conversations in the middle of the afternoon.

“Go home and sleep.” Michael resumed playing the game, fingers stabbing rapidly at the buttons as he fought to best the level.

Luke grunted in response, obviously not liking that idea.

It was like Michael really minded if he was there; in all honesty, he liked Luke’s company, and how whenever he would finish a game, usually because he got his ass handed to him, they’d cuddle on the couch and either talk or watch television.

He decided to quit his game because cuddling sounded quite nice then and he needed his daily fix of Luke warmth. The controller landed on the floor with a thump and Luke peeped up, eyes wide and alert before settling on Michael, unimpressed. “I was just falling asleep nice, nice and you had to scare the crap out of me?”

Michael smiled and nodded. “Sorry, let me make it up to you in cuddles.” He opened his arms wide for the blond who crawled in happily, previous annoyance forgotten.

It was nice and quiet for a few minutes, the only sound being the radio upstairs in the kitchen playing an oldies song and his mother’s footsteps on the kitchen flooring.

“I think I’m gay.”

Luke spoke so softly that Michael barely heard him. He tensed up and Luke turned his head to glance at Michael, worry in his eyes.

He hadn’t expected to ever hear Luke say those words. The blond was always surrounded by girls and he seemed to be in his comfort zone around females, and the confession was something of a shock.

Luke looked scared, probably because Michael was staring at him with wide, shocked eyes.

“That’s cool, man.” Michael said finally, smiling softly. The blond sighed loudly, turning his back against Michael’s front.

“I’m not sure though.” Luke mumbled, snuggling into the throw pillow, his hair tickling Michael’s nose. He sighed again, sounding exasperated. “Like, I think I am but I wanna find out.”

Michael nodded thoughtfully. “Find out?”

“Like go to a bar or something.” Luke shrugged and Michael watched the rise and fall of his broad shoulders. “Hook up with someone, figure my shit out.”

Oh. Michael’s heart clenched because no, Luke shouldn’t be going out and find a random stranger to help him figure out if he was gay or not. He shook his head. “That’s not the best way to go around it.”

The blond turned to look at him and rolled over so they were facing, noses close. It was better talking like this because Michael could see every expression that crossed Luke’s face.

Luke sighed. He looked careless, and Michael had never seen the look on him before. It was new and it made the older boy uncomfortable because he was supposed to be careless and Luke was supposed to be on top of things. “I’d rather it be someone I don’t know then someone I’ll have to deal with for years on end. And anyway, you can help me find a good candidate.”

And Michael realised that Luke was going to drag him along on this. “You gonna make me dress you too?”
“Yeah, that’d be nice.” Luke smiled sheepishly and Michael sighed, pushing Luke backwards so that he was almost halfway off the couch.

“Get up, let’s go get ready.” He knew it was still early, probably around six now, but Luke took hour long showers at a time and he was the hardest person in the world to please when it came to clothes. He rolled Luke completely off the couch and the boy landed with a huff of air and soft swearing, and Michael grinned standing up and stretching.

They raced up the stairs and Michael’s mom shouted for Michael to stop harassing the blond boy and clean his room. Michael rolled his eyes and shoved Luke against the wall outside of his room before rushing in and jumping on the bed. Luke stood in the doorway, panting and eyes glazed from the adrenaline rush. “I’m delicate and you just threw me into a damn wall.”

“I don’t want to hear your baby of the band bullshit.” Michael teased, laughing softly. “You look like you just ran a marathon, get fit.”

And Luke was scowling at him now, middle finger raised. He walked into the room and pulled his shirt off, his skin was pale, almost as snowy white as Michael’s, but covered in a soft glow that Michael suspected was from his time at the beach with Ashton. There was a fading bruise on his arm and Michael quirked an eyebrow at it.

Luke looked down and smiled at the mark sheepishly. “Jack.”

They chuckled because Luke always was play fighting his older brother and constantly getting his ass handed to him, but he always went back for more claiming he could feel Jack crumbling slowly.

“Get a shower. You smell.” Michael rolled his eye and Luke stuck his tongue out, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down his legs. He threw them at Michael but they landed on a few feet away from the boy and he frowned while Michael cackled loudly. “You seriously suck at everything.”

Luke stormed into the bathroom, shooting Michael a glare before slamming the door.

Michael kept laughing until his sides hurt and his lungs were struggling to gather enough air. He flopped against the bed, rolling around until he could get comfortable as Luke’s words flooded his brain. Hook up with someone a complete stranger, Michael shook his head because that was so unlike Luke, quite frankly that sounded like something Michael would do, and it was a bit worrisome. He heard the water turn on and Luke humming which turned into full on belting the lyrics to a song Michael didn’t recognise at which the redhead was shouting for him to shut up.

“Leave me be.” Luke responded through the door.

Forty minutes later the door opened and Luke scurried out, a light blue towel around his waist. Michael’s eyes fixated to his chest where beads of water were sliding down the skin. He licked his lips, wetting them before talking. “Did you even dry off?”

Luke shook his head. “You know I don’t dry.” He opened one of the drawers on Michael’s chest of drawers and rifled through. “Why are my clothes always buried at the bottom?”

“You never use them!” Michael retorted, dragging a pillow over his face and groaning loudly.

He could hear Luke rustling through the clothes and the snap of his underwear on his hips that made the hairs on Michael’s neck stand up because it sounded nice and it was loud which could only mean Luke purposely let them land on his skin like that, and he wasn’t sure if it was for his benefit or Luke’s and quite frankly he was going for the latter.


It was dark enough that the streetlights were on and Luke looked like some sort of anime cosplay doll whenever he walked under the lights, but Michael found it cute because the kid was downright adorable.

“Stop staring at me.” Luke swatted at Michael’s arm, mussing with his hair some. “Do I have someone on my face?”

Michael shook his head, putting his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt and digging his nails into his palm. “You look fine, Luke.”

It was true, the blond looked fine… hell, he looked better than fine, he looked hot, but Michael couldn’t exactly say that and it made his skin crawl that someone else would be able to and Luke would probably blush and do that stupid little foot thing he did when he got nervous.

The air was warm and thick, kind of like a humid night in the summer when you want to lay in bed naked with the fan on full blast and have someone dump a cooler of ice on you every five minutes. Michael thought about it and realised he could probably go for that right now. He decided that if Luke was going to hook up, then so would he, and though he had to watch the blond and make sure he wasn’t messing around with a creep, he was positive someone would come onto him and he’d end the night in bed with them.

“Hmm?” Michael responded slowly, he could hear Luke talking, probably gushing on about how excited he was, but he wasn’t paying good enough attention.

Luke huffed and rolled his eyes.

The club was only a few blocks away from Michael’s house and he could see it already, and he was nervous. They made their way to the door, slipping under the velvet rope a bouncer held up for them. Luke branched off almost immediately, zeroing in on the bar and sliding over to it. He had a goofy smile on his face and Michael’s hands shook slightly because god, Luke was so far in over his head to the point of shagging a random stranger in a club to see if he was gay, like seriously?

The blond boy was almost attached to Michael’s side moments later, a drink in his hand. He was looking at Michael with these pleading eyes, like he didn’t know what to do.

“Mingle.” Was all Michael said with a roll of his eyes. He had already noticed a few people staring at him and he couldn’t help but shoot them each a smile; he liked the easy personality he could throw at people that made them think he was easy to approach and talk to, it was one of his best qualities.

Luke squeezed Michael’s hand softly and moved away taking the warmth with him. Michael shook his head, firmly locking the thought that he wasn’t going to stop Luke from making any decisions tonight, even if it killed him.


Michael wasn’t one for being manhandled, and he didn’t like to be forced up against walls, but this guy was hot and Michael found himself struggling to say no.

He’d seen Luke a while ago sitting on one of the totally uncomfortable couches in the back area of the club, and he’d brushed off the fact that Luke had his hand on the guy he was talking to’s knee. This is what they were there for, Luke to find a guy and as much as Michael hated it, he knew he needed to support Luke and his decisions; as stupid as they were.

“You wanna take this to the bathroom?” The guy, Nate as he’d introduced himself as before they’d ended up in the shady corner of the club, questioned, lips parting from Michael’s.

Michael all but scoffed, pushing him away. That was literally disgusting, like seriously? He shook his head, eyes zeroing in on Luke holding the guy he’d been talk to’s hand and walking towards the bathroom.

And Michael felt his heart sink like forty times more than he’d thought possible. He watched the pair slid through the doorway and he decided he needed a drink; preferably something strong.

But when he reached the bar he figured he would probably need to be sober when Luke came back and wanted to leave, unless he left with the guy and then Michael would probably kill everything in sight.

He wanted to slap himself for letting Luke do this; it was stupid and so fucking dangerous, like who the hell knows what kind of diseases the guy had and really, the fucking bathroom in a trashy club? It was like Luke was screaming for ratchet sex.

Michael liked Luke, yeah, but it was more like a stupid schoolboy crush and he hadn’t really worried about it because the dude was hot as hell and trying to force feelings away would be pointless and make him feel like shit, so pretending like nothing was out of the ordinary was much easier. He flopped down on the barstool and ordered a coke, pulling out his phone. His background of two kittens playing in the grass stared back at him and he didn’t know what to do so he put it back in his pocket and sipped at his drink.

He sat there for what felt like hours, watching the bartender scurry around mixing drinks and bright strobe lights flash on the bottles behind the bar. He wanted to go home and play video games, probably lock himself away for a few weeks so he could mourn all of the shit that was going down that night.

“Let’s go home.” Luke’s voice was in his ear and his hand tight around Michael’s upper arm.

Michael turned to look at him, his eyes wide and nervous. Luke looked like shit, the good kind though, his hair was messy, clearly stating hands had been through it repeatedly and his lips looked kind of swollen, enough that Michael had this urge to touch them, and his clothes were wrinkled.

It was too much.

Michael nodded, turning back to finish the coke before standing up, almost knocking Luke out of his way in his attempt to brush past him. Crushes sucked, and they hurt, and you were fucking crushed when everything fell to shit, which was probably why they were called that. He hated everything, how Luke looked so good after getting fucked, and how much he felt like crying because everything was just shit.

It was a silent walk home. Michael couldn’t look at him, and he knew Luke was staring at him with big, worried eyes and it made him want to scream because what the fuck, you can’t fuck someone when your crush is with you and then be worried. But it wasn’t like Luke even knew Michael liked him so he was kind of being a total douche for no reason.

“Are you-” Luke started.
“I’m fucking great.” Michael cut him off, his voice bitter and chest heaving. He felt like punching Luke, he really did, and he knew it was pathetic but god, every inch of him was screaming in anger.

Luke sighed. “I know you’re not fi-”

“Shut up.” Michael rounded on him, only a few feet from his house. Luke’s eyes were wide and scared, he held up his hands in surrender, taking a step back. “Just don’t fucking talk. Get your shit and go home.”

He stormed up the driveway and unlocked the door, leaving it open. He knew his parents were both asleep so he made his way down the basement; he didn’t care what Luke did or how he got home, he just wanted to be left alone.

“Michael?” Luke called down the steps, voice timid as all get out. Michael heard the stairs creak from being stepped on and he glared over to where Luke stood, his hand on the wall behind him as he moved down the steps. Luke shuffled closer to him and Michael narrowed his eyes; what the hell didn’t he get? “Please don’t be mad at me.”

Michael rolled his eyes and flicked the gaming console on before settling into the couch with his controller. He could hear Luke shuffling closer and it took everything in him to not scream at him to fuck off.

“I’m scared.” Luke was almost on the couch now and he was talking softly. His head was down slightly like a puppy being punished, but Michael didn’t really know what his expression was because that required turning his head to actually look at the blond and he didn’t think he had it in him. “I was scared.

“Of what?” Michael’s voice was gruff and he felt like a total dick.

Luke sat down beside him, probably realising Michael wasn’t going to hit him or anything. “I don’t know. I got scared and he just…” Luke shrugged and Michael heard him take a sharp breath of air in. “He helped make it look like something happened because I knew you saw us go in and I didn’t want you to call me a loser because I’m still a virgin and now I’m gay.”

Michael snapped his gaze to the blond, eyes wide and alert. “What?”

Luke shrugged and Michael swore he was crying. “I just-.”

“I would never make fun of you for being gay, Luke.” Michael grabbed his face in his hand, turning his face to look at him. “And you shouldn’t think you have to do things that make you uncomfortable so I won’t call you a loser; I’ll call you that anyway.”

It hurt a shit ton that Luke was this scared of Michael’s thoughts and opinions towards him that he would do something as stupid as this.

Luke nodded slowly, as if he didn’t believe the words coming from Michael’s mouth.

The redhead sighed and pulled Luke towards him, cuddling him softly as the blond cried. He was mad that Luke had done all of this and he was pissed as hell at himself for ever making Luke doubt his feelings and even himself in general.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, Luke.” Michael murmurs, hoping he sounds comforting. He feels the blond nod again, and pets his hair softly. “Seriously, you do you, man.”


It’s two weeks later and Michael’s struggling to not pin Luke down on his bed and kiss the shit out of him. The blond was literally as stupid as they come; he pranced into Michael’s room ignoring the shocked look on Michael’s face and the way he scrambled about to pull his pants back up.

Seriously, wasn’t Luke the one that tweeted about ‘me time’?

His pants were halfway up his thighs when Luke acknowledged the fact that his cock was out, pink and hard as fuck, and finally stopped babbling on about some random shit that Michael couldn’t find in himself to pay attention to.

“Are you..?” Luke trailed off, his blue eyes wide and trained on Michael’s cock. He looked shocked, and Michael wasn’t really surprised, it was more like shock that the blond had just barged in when he did. “Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

He didn’t look sorry, and Michael kind of liked how Luke was staring at him with these hungry little eyes. It would have been expected that Luke would have left the room because it was completely awkward and uncomfortable, but he didn’t, he stood in the middle of the room looking on abashedly.

Michael was cocky, that was a well known fact, and he liked that Luke’s face suddenly flushed with colour and his eyes roamed up to Michael’s face. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Shut up.” Luke mumbled, his gaze shooting down to the floor. He didn’t make a move to leave and Michael was afraid to over think the whole shabang.

Michael pursed his lips, smirk threatening to break over his face. “No.” He chuckled, pulling his pants up the rest of the way before sliding off the bed and moving towards Luke. “I’m serious, take a picture.”

Luke stared at him, eyebrows knitted and cheeks flushed a dark red. “Mike-”

“Do it.” Michael smirked, taking the waistband of his pants and pulling them down. His cock bounced out slightly, resting against his tummy. He reached down, stroking it a few times as he stared at Luke, whose eyes were wide and focused on his cock.

Luke nodded slowly, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his phone. He fumbled around with it for a few minutes before looking at Michael’s face, staring into his eyes like ‘are you serious? is this seriously happening right now?’ Michael smiled and Luke snapped a picture. He glanced at Michael again before taking a few more.

“I’m gonna send these to fans.” Luke smiled, but it was crooked and forced, and when the smile slipped from his face, his tongue darted out to wet his lips.

Michael shook his head. “Those are for personal use, Lukey.” And Luke looked so done when Michael pulled his hand from his cock and dropped down onto his knees, hands now on Luke’s thighs.

He was breathing hard. Michael could see his chest rising and falling rapidly and it was kind of pleasant to know he could rile Luke up by just dropping onto his knees in front of him with his own pants around his ankles.

“Do you maybe want some different kind of pictures?”

Luke nodded so fast Michael was surprised his head didn’t fall off. He slowly unbuttoned Luke’s jeans and pulled the zipper down, he could see the black print of his boxers and the thick outline of his cock pressing against the fabric. Michael inched the jeans off of Luke’s hips and down his legs, watching as the tight material reddened his pale skin and it scraped down him.

It was pretty, watching the soft skin turn an angry red before fading back to an almost milky white. Michael liked it, how easy it was to mark the blond boy up, who didn’t seem to mind too much.

He mouthed at the bulge hidden in Luke’s boxers as the blond stepped out of his jeans and Michael launched them across the room. Luke’s hands clenched by his sides as Michael nuzzled his cock teasingly.

“Where’s your phone? Don’t you want pictures?”

Luke’s hands were scrambling behind him as he struggled not to move and knock Michael’s mouth from his teasing. When his hands located his phone did Michael tuck his fingers into the waistband of Luke’s boxers and pull them down ever so slowly, eyes glowing in excitement and focused directly on Luke’s cock which was peaking out from the black material.

Michael licked at the tip protruding from his boxers and felt Luke shiver. He pulled the fabric down a bit more, his tongue never leaving the soft skin of Luke’s cock.

It was quite obvious that Luke had no idea what to do with his free hand because it went from his sides to Michael’s shoulders, back to his sides and then to Michael’s hair, almost timidly for the last, like he was afraid that wasn’t okay.

Michael slid the boxers down Luke’s legs completely and took in his cock, how it was thick and long, and flushed the prettiest pink Michael had ever seen, and the redhead’s mouth was watering because it twitched when Luke’s fingers grazed the underside of it.

Luke was a virgin, he’d made that much clear, but Michael didn’t know how far he’d gotten before and the question was a bit too much for him to be asking the blond who would probably get embarrassed and shy, but he really didn’t want to push the boy too far, or do something that made him uncomfortable.

Luke’s fingers were needily scrambling through Michael’s hair, massaging his scalp and playing with the red strands, and Michael felt blissed out beyond control.

Michael didn’t hesitate to take Luke’s cock in his hand and stroke him softly, watching as the boy bit his lower lip and kept his eyes trained on Michaels hand.

“C-Can I video this?” Luke squeaked out, his hand which held the phone twitching slightly. Michael looked up at his through his lashes and nodded his head, leaning in to lick at the underside of Luke’s cock from his balls to the tip.

It was kinda cute how Luke’s hand shook when Michael took his length into his mouth and his tongue swirled around the tip, feeling the thick veins pulsing.

Luke’s hand tickled his hair and Michael realised that the blond was trying to sooth Michael; not that the redhead minded but still, it was a bit strange to not have a hand in his hair forcing him further down on the cock in his mouth; he wasn’t complaining though.

Michael pulled off slowly. His jaw ached slightly and he wanted to saturate himself in the taste of Luke. He pressed small kisses along his cock, up and down both sides and a last one on the slit on his tip to which Luke moaned softly, blue eyes blown wide.

He didn’t seem to actually realise what was going on and it was quite strange to see him take in the fact that Michael was on his knees with his cock in his mouth and his own hands twisting through the red strands of hair.

Michael liked being on his knees, especially for Luke, he decided as he sucked on his tip softly before pulling off and blowing on it gently. Luke moaned again and Michael smiled, taking him back into his mouth, his hand stroking around the base where he wasn’t able to reach without deepthroating. His tongue swirled and Luke made a soft noise that Michael liked a lot, his fingers gripping the red hair a bit tighter than before.

Michael saw the flash around the same moment he heard the picture take and he could only imagine how hard Luke would be able to get off to these pictures for the next few weeks.

He wanted to taste all of Luke, to bury his nose in the blond hairs covering Luke’s tummy and he wanted to feel Luke’s cock throbbing in his throat.

It was hard to swallow Luke’s thick length and Michael found himself choking back tears as his mouth worked down his cock, and he felt Luke’s hand together even more, just about pushing his mouth further down while moans slid from his lips.

He blinked back some tears, already aware a few were trailing down his cheeks, and looked up at Luke. The blondes chest was heaving up and down and his pupils were huge, he looked thoroughly wrecked and Michael wondered if this was his first blow job.

Michael hoped it was and sucked a bit harder, his hand twisting around the base of Luke’s cock and his lips locking tightly around his length. He worked at pushing Luke towards his orgasm and once again saw the flash, this time his lips locked around the base of Luke’s cock, his own green eyes probably hooded and almost fully black.

His hand moved to play with Luke’s balls, he could feel them tightening and he almost squealed because shit, he wanted to taste Luke so badly, he needed the boy to come. He pulled off to lick his length, tongue swirling at the tip once again before sucking him back into his mouth. Luke’s hand was impossibly tight in his hair, close enough to the point where Michael wasn’t sure if Luke was trying to pull it out or hold him steady.

Luke groaned loudly and his hips thrusting into Michaels face, and his come was shooting down Michaels throat, and the older boy was in heaven because Luke tasted fucking amazing.

The blondes knees were shaking when Michael pulled away, come dripping from his lips. Luke snapped another picture, moaned at it and then glanced back at the live thing.

“You look so good like this.” Luke sounded hoarse which was hilarious seeing as he didn’t have a dick shoved down his throat.

Michael beamed though, wiping his fingers along his chin, scooping up the come that had previously been dripping. He licked his fingers and Luke groaned.

“Now get the hell out, I’m having me time.” Michael stop up, his own cock thick and hard, and dribbling with precum. He wanted Luke on his knees for him but he wasn’t going to ask; it was much simpler to be jerk and kick him out.

Luke nodded, scurrying to locate his jeans and yank them on. He was blushing and staring at Michael. “Can we do this again?”

Michael nodded, already stroking himself, a cocky grin on his face. “I didn’t realise you liked my mouth that much.”

Luke groaned shaking his head. “Shut up, Michael.”

And Michael listened, shooing the blond from the room who slapped his hands away and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek, almost too close to his lips for comfort before hurrying down the stairs, peeking back once to see Michael with his hand wrapped around himself and his lower lip pulled into his mouth, thinking about how hot Luke looked above him.

Michael liked windows, you could see the lovely outdoors without actually having to brave whatever conditions lay beyond the glass.

He liked a lot of weird things for a lot of weird reasons and it was quite understandable to him seeing as it was too much work to try and sort through the things in life that made sense and through those that didn’t.

“Are your parents home?” Luke had just climbed in the basement window, narrowly missing the flower pots positioned directly outside of the window.

Michael shot him a look. “It’s like two in the morning, yes they’re home.”

He didn’t understand how Luke could ask such stupid questions, especially since he had to walk past their cars in order to get to the window.

Luke pouted, flopping down on the couch. He sat Indian style and started to bite at his nails; something he did when he was nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Michael sighed, putting the controller down after pausing his game. He turned to face the blond, eyebrows creased and lips pursed.

Luke shrugged, and it was one of those ‘something really bad happened but it wasn’t bad for me, just everyone else’. “I want you to fuck me.”

So maybe Michael wasn’t as good at deciphering looks as he thought he was. At least he knew why the boy wanted to know why his parents were home and why he pouted when finding out they were indeed there.

Michael shook his head. He could probably get away with it, if it was a someone capable of being quiet, which Luke wasn’t when it came to getting his cock sucked, so Michael was positive sex would be pretty noisy.

“I’ll be quiet, I promise.” Luke was making this dorky face where he tried to pout and probably look sexy, but it really wasn’t working too well, he just looked like a sad kitten.

Michael chuckled at his words though. “You don’t know that.” He shook his head. “I’m really not into my parents coming down to find us fucking.”

And Luke huffed, shoving his shoulder. His eyebrows were raised slightly and Michael raised his in return. “How about my car?”

“You drove here? But you don’t even have your license.” Michael suspected the next words out of Luke’s mouth.

“I might’ve swiped mums keys when she went to bed.” Luke shrugged, a quirky grin on his face. “You’re turning me into a rebel.”

Michael scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Yes, because sucking your dick makes you a rebel now.”

He liked these moments when everything was quiet and slow, and they could chat like best friends, giggling and staying up until all hours of the night.

Luke sat up and pulled his shirt off, snuggling back down and scooting over towards Michael who opened his arm and let the blond fall under his arm and onto his chest. Luke was warm, then again, when wasn’t he?

Michael could feel his fingers playing with the frayed edges of his jeans and he kind of knew Luke was going to make a move soon, and they’d both end up naked, probably with Michaels throat clenching around Luke’s cock.

Luke worked his way up Michaels thigh before going back down to his knee. He played with the soft skin in each of the holes and pulled at the light hairs.

“Why don’t we just-” Michael trailed off, sliding his hand across Luke’s forehead and knocking the small whispies of hair to the side.

“Alright.” Luke’s hand disappeared from his thigh and curled up against his side, along with the rest of his body.

His eyes were heavy and his brain was on overload. He knew Luke was going to fall asleep and they’d probably end up sleeping until noon, and Luke’s mum would call because her car and son were missing and Michaels mum would peek downstairs and see the two of them snuggled up on the couch asleep and tell her that Luke was safe and she’d send him home once he woke up.

This was very usual and it was like Luke’s mum wanted him to do stuff likes his as she always left the keys in the same spot and never yelled at Luke for taking the car.

Michael smiled as Luke made a gurgling sound. It was pleasant sleeping with the warm body, but it was even better when it was Luke.

Save Me - Chapter 14

I just finished getting the girls situated and sat down with a slice of now cold cheese pizza and a bit of salad when I thought I heard a knock on the door. Looking at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbors called security, up until 10 minutes ago, the girls were running around, jumping on the furniture and the music was blaring.

“Oh geez, Paige, turn that music down more, that’s probably security at the door.”

“I’m really sorry..” I started to say before I even opened the door all the way. “Jared..” I was shocked to see him standing there.

“Hey.” He said shyly pushing his hand through his hair. “You didn’t give me a chance to tell you that I’d like to come. I just had to grab my key card.”

It took a minute to register that it was actually him standing there. It had been almost a half an hour since I had left his room. I think he was lying. I bet he was debating with himself but maybe it’s just me. I mean, he’s only a handful of doors down.

“Oh, yeah, please come in. Are you hungry?” I asked trying to be more polite than my expression probably showed since I instantly realized I still look like a drowned rat and on top of that, I didn’t really feel like I wanted to take a chance at looking like an fool again. I’ve had more than enough embarrassment for one day.

As he walked in and the girls caught a glimpse of who was trailing in behind me, they stopped mid-sentence and sat there looking like three little deers caught in headlights. I wish I could have taken a picture.

“Look who’s joining us for pizza!”

The five us sat having pizza, well four of us had pizza, the extra cheese had Jared sticking to just a salad. The conversation was light and fun after I let go of my uncomfortableness. Tonight we got to see a different side of him than the other two I saw earlier. He asked lots of questions and the girls were showing him all kinds of pictures, some from the concert, some of family and friends. When he’s talking to you, he has a way of making you feel like you have his complete and undivided attention. It was intimidating, at least to me…the girls were savoring it.

He seemed interested in me too, asking what I did for a living and where I lived. He was shocked when I talked about what I did and I’m not sure how to take that. Was he shocked because I seemed like an idiot? Sadly I had to admit, it was a possibility.

By 2:30 am, the girls were fighting the good fight trying to stay awake but were losing the battle. How Jared was still awake, I have no idea.

“Come on girls, time for bed!” Surprisingly none of them argued at all. Each of them gave Jared a hug, thanked him then headed to their room. I left Jared in the living room while I went to tuck them in. It had been quite a day.

Mackenzie hugged me tight and said “Auntie Vivie, you’re the best Aunt ever. Thank you for my birthday present! I can’t believe Jared ate pizza with us, I’m never gonna forget this, it was the best night of my life!”

That…THAT was exactly what I hoped she would feel after today. And despite a few little bumps in the road, it was an amazing day. Moving to Paige and Lily, they both jumped up and pulled me into a big bear hug nearly knocking me off the bed.

“Love you both, you crazy kiddos! Sleep good!”

“We will, Auntie Vivie!” They said in unison.
“All I know is I can’t WAIT ‘til it’s our birthday, right Paige?!”

Hmm, I may have set the bar a little too high. Damn.

Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I walked back into the living room and found Jared cleaning up the girls’ mess.

“You don’t have to do that, stop!” I said playfully grabbing the garbage he had in his hands and throwing it into a garbage bin.

“I don’t mind at all, Vivie. Thank you for inviting me, I really enjoyed being here.” He said as he walked up to stand directly in front of me, his hands reaching for the tops of my arms. Wrapping my hands around his forearms I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes smiling.

“We enjoyed having you, thanks for all your help today. It was definitely a birthday adventure none of us will forget.”

And then he kissed me…. Wait no, that’s what I THOUGHT was going to happen. But it didn’t. He continued to look into my eyes seemingly contemplating something, making me feel like he was analyzing my very soul then said “I should go.”

Wait, what just happened? Does my breath stink? Did I do something wrong? I was rooted in place, it was my turn to look like a deer caught in headlights.

He walked towards the door, only turning back towards me to say, “Goodnight, Vivie.”

“Goodnight, Jared.” I said as I watched the door close behind him, still confused.

Throughout the entire night, we chatted and had a great time. He definitely wanted to be there. But those flirty signals were not there at all or at least I didn’t see them. He was friendly and curious, talkative even but was he eye fucking me like on stage, nope. Was he whispering in my ear? Nope. Or stealing every opportunity to touch me? Nope. Hell, he didn’t even hug me good-bye. Clearly all that flirting was in my head and I was embarrassed all over again.

Maybe he just wanted to connect with people outside his small circle, be around people who treated him like a regular person and not a celebrity to fangirl over or maybe he just likes kids. Maybe he did come over because he wanted to know more about me but didn’t like what he saw. I could go around and around with reasons why instead of going to bed, he chose to come over here until almost 3am but it’s just not worth it.

At the end of the day, if he liked what he saw and was attracted to me, I think it’s safe to say he would have done more than grab the tops of my arms, he had more than enough time and opportunity.

Shutting the lights off and walking back to my bedroom, I guess there were a few positives that came out of the night; the girls had dinner with a rock star, I hopefully redeemed myself from earlier and the most positive of all? I would probably never see Jared Leto again.

chikabika  asked:

I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED for the blackmailer and the baron's son! Any chance you will be continuing?

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight]

It’s three weeks after he’d woken from his coma, and Derek Hale knows one thing for sure:  Stiles is quite wretched at being wooed.

Procuring an out-of-season orange and leaving it at his plate, and sending away for his beloved horse definitely won Derek some ground, but it seems to only have been attributable to the element of surprise. 

Since then, Stiles has been about as amenable to wooing as a cat is to water. 

Derek’s attempts at breakfast conversation are coolly rebuffed, his suggestions to ride together altogether ignored, and his one try at sitting beside Stiles on the sofa while Stiles read caused his husband to flail his limbs in the air and overturn a mug of cocoa over them both.

A lesser man might have surrendered to the cold, superficially polite marriage Stiles seemed deadset on offering him, but Derek hadn’t survived a near-death experience only to settle for anything less then than the kind of love his parents had, the kind of love he had glimpsed with Stiles out in the glen, before he had gritted out his horrible proposal, before Stiles’s face had crumpled in disbelief and despair before smoothing in to a blank anger.  When Derek closes his eyes at night, he still sees it, replaying eternally behind his eyelids.  If he was ever to do anything with his renewed energy toward life, it would be to have Stiles look at him warmly, if only one more time.

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Olicity: The Right Thing

Anonymous said: Can you do a high school au of olicity kinda sad but has a happy ending?!?

Anonymous said: I don’t know if you do high school AUs (if you don’t feel free to ignore this, sorry), but could you do a high school AU where Felicity or Oliver is getting bullied and the other one helps them stand up to the bully or something like that?

niki-is-amazing submitted: Felicity and Oliver get together and Felicity ends up pregnant and Oliver proposes to her and in the end they get married and have a bouncing baby boy and the month after she gives birth they graduate highschool.




The last word has Oliver slamming his locker shut. One of the band kids who is standing next to him at their locker almost jumps clean off the ground in surprise. He doesn’t have to turn around to see what’s happening but he does anyway.

Felicity’s attempting to replace one pile of books with another, hidden behind her locker door that shields her from the faces of those shouting the spiteful comments at her. It makes his his blood boil, but he says nothing, even if he does almost bite through his lip in the process. He can’t because she doesn’t want him to, but he doesn’t know how much longer he can stand to watch this.

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First Year

        You’ve heard it plenty of times, from professors and older experienced nurses as they look at you with wide-eyed excitement “your first year as a nurse will be the hardest in your career.” They’ll smile wistfully and tell their story remembering their youthful days at bedside.  The simple fact of your first year of nursing is this: you are going to screw up, however, the same fact holds true for your second year through your 28th year and beyond. Yay, so much to look forward to!  I no longer am filled with a growing sense of dread the closer I get to my hospital, I no longer quibble in fear at the thought of what I might encounter. Instead, I have a small, but sure belief that it will work out. Let’s not sugar coat it, nursing is hard.  For twelve hours at a time, your world revolves around your patients, you live and breathe their every need or want. It is your job to fix it if they are hurting, scared, hungry, have to pee, haven’t peed, cold, hot, hypotensive, hypertensive, hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic, have an electrolyte imbalance, or shortness of breath. It is your job to coordinate every test, every consult be it with neurosurgery or physical therapy, you name it the responsibility and the call are on you and sometimes they are life and death.  Aren’t you glad you chose nursing???

            So, you probably want to know to leave work not in tears everyday.  The most crucial step is simple: make friends with the other nurses. Yes, one might be a bully, ignore them.   Endear yourself to these brilliant experienced people in some way and it will go miles. If people around you want you to succeed, you are that much closer.  You need them; they are your greatest resource. You have to be able to ask them a question; they know the answer without thinking 9 times out of 10. You have to ask questions to keep your patients safe. You know that small, sure belief I mentioned earlier? It was and is built on the foundation that there is always someone to ask for help.  

         Step two, and I already said this, but it bears repeating, ignore the bully nurse. The fact is you are a new nurse, you have enough going on finding your footing as a professional without fighting with someone. She will get hers one day and you can pine for the day and pray you’re around to see it. (Clearly the part about treating my coworkers kindly does not apply in this case).  I read in a book about nursing once that “no one is harder on nurses than other nurses.” I have found this to be and true and to be frank it is bull. Sometimes the nurse before you will forget to do something or tell you something or any number of things. Remember that the leaving nurse will be you in twelve hours and you don’t want your successor to run your name through the mud. So, do not run your mouth listing what was not done or said.  Everyone from the nurse to the doctor to the food service employee that delivers the tray should have the same goal in mind, get that patient better.  So why, if we all have the same goal, do we have to tear each other down? There are mean people in life, I’m betting you already knew this. Ignore them. Do not emulate them. Treat everyone kindly, say thank you, and try to set a better tone. People will notice, you can be the change.

         Step three: take breaks both at work and in your schedule; use that PTO. Your mental and emotional health are as important as your physical health and this job drains it all. 

         Step four closely relates to step three. Step four: sleep. You are probably going to be tired a lot at first, especially if you have the added physical stress of switching to night shift and let’s not forget you just came out of exhausting turmoil of nursing school.   Sleep can refresh your mind and change your perspective. When you leave work, after 13 hours and you are totally exhausted and struggling to remember where you parked your car, try not to think on all that went wrong and the horrible thing so and so said to you and how you have to come back in 10 hours. You will end up pulling the bookshelf over on yourself and spiral into a complete and total meltdown.  There is no way, to give your patients and coworkers your best, without being rested, so go home, take a hot bath, go to bed and do not let your mind dwell on every failure. Doing this job without sleep is the equivalent to climbing Everest backwards: dangerous, stupid, and unnecessary.

        Step five: try. You have to grow; you cannot stagnate at new-grad nurse level for the rest of your career. Learn when to wake the doctor up at 3 am and when it can wait till morning. Learn the policies and procedures of your hospital and let those serve as a guideline for your practice.  You will not meet every need, want or whim of all of your patients, but you have to learn which one must be addressed.

        Do you want me to make you feel better? Let me share some of my screw ups: I gave a patient going to PET CT insulin (fortunately the radiologist caught MY  mistake before it  ruined the test), it took a lot of failed IV starts to get good, I have sent a patient on AFB precautions to dialysis without calling ahead to tell them (although that was more a case of them needing to calm the heck down, realize we’re all on the same team and get on my level).  Laugh at me, but more importantly, learn from me.  

       One night in my very first months as a nurse, when I still worked on the floor, my patient went unresponsive. The bully nurse was there and her lover (scandalous) was charge nurse. I could not wake my patient up at 4 am, when only hours earlier she had fixed her hair before bed, because she was so excited about pending discharge. The bully and the lover, helped me, heck the patient transporter who was taking a patient to another room stood beside me to make sure I wasn’t alone while I waited for the emergency NP.  My patient woke up eventually, around 10 am after two lactulose enemas that I stayed and gave with my manager so the day shift nurse could see her other patients.  I went home after 15 hours and slept well knowing I had done the right thing.  A week later when the patient was discharged I encountered her exiting the hospital in a wheelchair as I was walking into work. She stopped the person pushing her and reached up to hug me, while repeating the word “Thank you” over and over. That was a flicker of hope in the midst of a hard year. You’ll start to have those, grasp them, remember them, go back to them during miserable moments. I think you’ll have to do that throughout this career, the road you chose was not an easy one my darling new nurse, but some days it’s worth it, as a whole we all need to focus on those times.

        I have a couple of prayers for you, my darling new nurse. I pray you have a good preceptor, manager and unit that is gracious, kind, and want to see you succeed, while understanding that you are still growing into those brand new nurse shoes. I pray you are just a little bit afraid. Afraid enough to make you check the med three times, but not too afraid to push the D50 at 2 am when your patient is hypoglycemic and you don’t have the order for that just yet. I pray you use that brain full of NCLEX approved nursing knowledge to be the best you can for your patients. I pray you never lose sight of the fact that you can do this.  - Jenna

Welcome to Breaktown  - A Crisscolfer fic

Title: Welcome to Breaktown
Author: Kbvibes
Wordcount: 2805
Rating: Teen
Pairing(s): Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
Genre: Angst with a happyish ending/Friends with benefits/Complicated relationship
Notes: Okay, guys. Blame this purely on my Hanson playlist and a half of a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Inspiration, lyrics and title all from the song “Breaktown” by Hanson. Giving the song one listen is highly recommended. 

This one’s dedicated to all the beautiful boys who keep us coming back for more.

“Whatever you’re selling, I don’t want any.”

They’re the first words Chris has said to him in person in months.

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bomsenpai  asked:

hello! if you don't mind, i want to make a req. hanbin's angst scenarios? he ignore you and hangout with lee hi more often than you. you two got into fight, you crying and he regret it. (Happy end) please? thankyou:)

Originally posted by junhwe-koo

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Group/Memeber: iKON/HANBIN

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this took a little longer to come out, writer’s block is horrid! I hope you enjoy!!


You tapped your foot impatiently as you sat on your couch, watching the clock more than you were watching the television in front of you.

11:56 pm

He promised he would’ve been back by 10:30 pm.

You checked your phone to see if maybe you had missed a call or a message from Hanbin, but there was nothing.

You grew more anxious by the minute. Hanbin was never one to break his promises, not even the most minuscule of them. Every type of scenario had crossed your mind, and those most terrifying kept replying themselves in your mind against your own will.

You picked up your phone and dialed him. It went straight to voicemail. You tried again and no success. You texted Bobby, the friend whom which Hanbin was supposed to be with tonight.

Bobby is Hanbin with you?

                                 Read at 12:01 am

He doesn’t reply.

Bobby!! Answer me!!

                               Read at 12:02 am

Still no reply.

That’s it, I’m grabbing my keys and going to your house. Be expecting me in five

                              Read at 12:04 am

Immediately your phone rings. You don’t even say hello upon picking up, you get straight to it.

“Give the phone to Hanbin,” you blurted out unintentionally sounding extremely rude.

“Y/N, um…. Hanbin is um……”

“Hanbin is what?”

“He’s um….. He’s in the bathroom! He’s been there for a while actually, you should just wait for him to come back home.”

You knew that Bobby’s gift and curse was that he couldn’t lie if his life depended on it.

“Stop covering up for him. Based off your bullshit excuse as to where he is, I figured out he’s not with you. He’s with her, isn’t he?”

The line was silent and you were beginning to become enveloped by anger and sadness. You knew the answer to your own question. A tear rolled down your face and with that you hung up the call.

1:54 am

You woke up with the bed shifting next to you. You opened your eyes only to meet his. He gave you a small smile and went to give you a small kiss on your forehead, but before he even came close enough for you to feel the warmth of his body, you got off the bed and turned the lights on. Your eyes immediately fell on the bedside clock and you realized what time it was.

“Hanbin why are you getting at home at this hour?” you asked innocently, hoping he would have any answer other than the one you didn’t want to receive.

“I was just at the studio with Lee Hi, no big deal Y/N. Now please come to bed.”

You almost lost your breath upon hearing her name.

“Come to bed you say,” you began to raise your voice, but the hurt within your words was obvious, “come to bed for what? For the past two months you’ve been getting home at ridiculous hours in the night, saying you were at the studio with Lee Hi. You spend more time with her than your own girlfriend of four years.”

You felt your eyes beginning to tear up and you bit your lip attempting to hold them back as he stood up and grabbed his keys.

“Y/N knock it off,” he raised his voice as well, “Lee Hi is a nice girl who’s only helping me and you can’t seem to understand that. If I come home at ridiculous hours that’s my problem, I’m the one losing sleep. But I’m not gonna sit here and deal with your bullshit. I’m out.”

And with those words he walks out the door.

3:27 am

You’re still in bed in the same position as when Hanbin walked out. The blankets were soaked in tears, your eyes were red.

For the past hour, you had been trying to locate where Hanbin had gone but no one had the slightest clue. You gave up.

5:47 am

You woke up upon hearing his voice. He was singing.

“I guess I felt burdened by you,

when you were just asking for the slightest of attention.”

You opened your mouth to speak and he shushed you, continuing on.

“I was always in different places,

every night with my friends.

I was out all night.”

A tear rolled down his cheek.

Mian mian,” he sang quietly as he lowered his head at the sight of your tears.

You sat there speechless.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. That song was just something I came up with right off the bat. I love you and I don’t ever want to lose you.”

You still remained quiet.

“I know I have been coming home at absurd times. I know in the mornings I’m too cranky to speak. I know I spend most of the afternoons sleeping and by nightfall I’m gone again. I’m so sorry. Lee Hi has been helping me work on a special project you know? I think it’s time for me to tell you what it is.”

And with that, he knelt down on one knee and pulled a small blue velvet box from his pocket.

“Y/N, I have been trying to come up with the most perfect words to tell you,” he stopped and shuffled closer, and grabbed a hold of your hands, “but even with two months worth of sitting in a studio and trying to get advice from Lee Hi as to what to say, I wasn’t able to come up with a single thing; that is until today.”

You stood as still as a stone, taking in every word he said.

“Today I realized that you are more than my earth. You are more than the sun that keeps me warm, you are more than the stars that make my night shine. I hadn’t noticed how my distance had taken a toll on you, and for that I am tremendously sorry. But Y/N, never again will I fail at bringing you utter happiness and complete joy. Never again will I allow myself to get caught up in my business, even if it was for the best intentions,” he snickers because of the current situation but nonetheless continues on.

“Y/N, will you do me the honors, will you marry me?”

By this point, your vision had been blurred, your nose was already running, and your heart had skipped millions of beats.

You knelt down in front of him and wrapped your arms around him so tightly wanting to never let go.

“I do.”

-admin J

p.s. The song Hanbin sings its Apology by iKON.

New Year's Kiss (Harry)

#56: “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

Going out with the boys was a crazy experience. Liam and Louis, well do I really need to go into further detail there? Niall was a happy drunk. He just took a bunch of shots and drank a lot of beer. Harry was the honest drunk. He was the one that would tell you how terrible your new sweater looked or tell you about how he kissed your girlfriend in grade five. He could go from 0 to 100 faster than I could blink.

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espeon-n  asked:

B2 ereri (i love your writing so much asdhdjdndnn)

Thank you!

Put an AU and a ship (SnK) in my ask box and I’ll write it!

“Thank you again for letting me stay here with you,” he says as he rinses the dishes in the sink.

I roll my eyes as I hand him another washed plate.  "It’s been a week.  When are you going to stop thanking me?“

Eren just shrugs with a chuckle, letting the subject drop.  When he had first asked me if he could crash at my place while his house was being renovated, there wasn’t even a hesitation before I told him yes.  He had been concerned that it would feel too much like moving in together, and that our somewhat new relationship wouldn’t be able to handle that.  But I managed to convince him that it wouldn’t be a big deal.  He was also afraid he’d be imposing on me and my daughter, but honestly that’s just ridiculous.  As a matter of fact, the whole arrangement has worked out quite nicely for me.  Not only am I temporarily living with my boyfriend, but he’s a graphic artist and works from home, and has very generously offered to babysit Mikasa while I’m at work.  So now I no longer have to pay a babysitter to come take care of her five days a week.

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