i get excited about bugs


A small child playing with an Ox Beetle (also commonly called an elephant beetle or eastern hercules beetle, though there are plenty of different varieties)

LIL BABY…. Ox beetles are so cute


“Praying Mantis VS Laser Beam”

The coloring book I’ve been working on for the past few months is done!! All that’s left is to send it to the printers, but I wanted to share the finished cover just because I’m SO EXCITED!! I’ve finally finished a project all by myself!! I’ll be releasing a PDF copy in case you can’t make it to SPX to get a hard copy, but hhhhhhhere you go!!

There was a bunch of talk and thought about my becoming a Bug-Type gym leader in Pokemon, and I wanted to expand a little on it, if that’s okay!

  • A very serious trainer who emphasizes respect for Bug-types as well as any other type of Pokemon. Most bug gyms are super easy if you have a fire or flying type on your hands, but the strategy of this gym revolves around how bug-types can learn various movesets that can really surprise you! Fire-resistant Pokemon are used frequently, and you ought to keep a ton of status healers on hand!
  • The gym also serves as a greenhouse and a small sanctuary where bug Pokemon run free. In order to get through to the leader, you have to answer quiz questions about bug-type Pokemon correctly, but if you answer wrong, you face off against a swarm of powerful bug Pokemon. If you can pick them down, you might be able to capture something rare!
  • If you beat the gym leader, you get the Exobadge, shown on the belt and clasp (preferably one of the later badges- a challenging gym like this shouldn’t be placed at the beginning of the game).
  • All gym trainers wear armor based on bug Pokemon as a sign of their skill (Samurai Armor looks like exoskeletons, and Mushido [mushi=bug, bushido=samurai life, also kabutomushi=japanese rhinoceros beetle and kabuto=ancient japanese armor helmet] is a great pun) and battle with a good deal of strategy.