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“Space. It seems to go on and on forever.”

Futurama (March 28, 1999 - September 4, 2013)

B.A.P 6th Anniversary VLive Things




Yongguk not giving a darn and being happy eating his noodles

Yongguk belly laughing sooo much

Yongguk just looking so smiley and content and safe and at home

Himchan going BEEEP several times


Himchan squeezing onto the couch to sit between DaeJae because LOVE


Daehyun going “MMM!” in that high pitched voice every time he ate

Daehyun giggling, squirming, laughing and being a happy kitty


Youngjae feeding Daehyun his lettuce wrap like a true birb after Daehyun repeatedly said no (and then conceded)

Youngjae setting the mood and being so elegant in his leather jacket??

Youngjae (about Himchan) “HE DRINKS LIKE A HIPPO” dkglfjdgd;


Jongup playing with his sweater and the holes in his jeans endlessly




Junhong making punchlines and looking so full when everyone laughed dljf;d

Junhong just silently appreciating everything and everyone around him

Why Mike Zacharias is better than everyone: a real and canon list
  • is the literal erwin smith protection squad
  • was humanity’s strongest before Levi arrived and can actually keep up with a lot of his moves
  • can make good and accurate judgements of character based off of a persons scent 
  • can smell titans from a distance and can accurately predict how many + how far they are
  • instead of intimidating his squad members or scaring them into becoming alcoholics, he supports and motivates them
  • he literally fucking died because he was distracting the titans from getting to the baby squad members and if that doesn’t make you cry then you are wrong bYE

Your… Your leg

jessica and tiffany were literally soulmates like same hometown, born at the same hospital, got casted by the same company, debuted in the same group, their solo debuts were in the same month of the same year.. like even their common ass english names ‘tiffany’ and ‘jessica’ go well together like how bffs do so im just getting emotional ok bye

I’m gonna get emotional so bear with me, when Harry started the tour, she was still shy amd he didn’t know his stepping ground. He was trying to put on a good show and please everyone. But then he started to get more confident he started singin Medicine louder and clearer he started waving more flags, he started helping people come out, he created a safer place for people to come out. Do you know how special that is to feel like you are safe and protected by your favorite artist when you don’t even know them personally? That’s grand, Harry grew into the most confident man, his support to various communities especially LGBT+ and BLM! He wants everyone to feel validated he invites us to his show telling us we can be whoever we want to be that no society can refrain our shine. He is doing this because he knows what’s like to hide who you are, he knows what’s lile to have to come out to your parents or friends he understands the struggles we go through because he experienced them and still does everyday. He conmects with through these shows and through the flags ans signs. Harry if you ever read this, thank you for giving a safe space to be who I am and tell me that I’m loved for who I am you don’t fathom how much fhis means to me when I can’t even come out or I’ll be disowned thank you for everything you have done 🌈

The thing is, Louis applied twice to the x factor and he got in the second time, then he was eliminated in boot camp after that he was put in a band and throughout the x factor he was neglected and his beautiful voice was neglected and even when one direction rose to fame Louis was painted in the most sickening images always being sabotaged and it carried on to his solo career, yet he didn’t give up! I’m so proud of Louis Tomlinson and I’m so grateful to be able to witness him achieve his dreams even though he was been sabotaged and let down by everyone around him. He is a talented artist that deserves all the recognition he can get ❤️💙

Secret Love

I sigh as the door opens. I hear people talking which gets louder as I get out of the car. I hold my dress up so I don’t trip and embarass myself.

The lights start flashing, blinding me. You think I’d be use to this by now, but here I am, struggling to find my place. All I can see are black spots because of those damn cameras. I smile even though I’m slightly irritated. Just a few more minutes, then it’ll be over.

The yells bring me back to reality. I look towards where my name is called out. I glance at the entrance and see their car roll in. My manager motions for me to move along. I let out a much longer sigh.

I get into the arena and walk to my seat. I take my phone out of my purse and keep myself preoccupied until the awards start.

I lock my phone as the lights dim down a bit. Why can’t we sit together? I would enjoy this night much more with him right here.

I patiently wait for the category that I’m nominated in to come around. A few awards are given and performances play out, then Best Female Artist is about to be awarded. I look and there they are, dressed so nicely while presenting what could be my award. My heart races and my palms start to sweat. This is the moment I’ve been anticipating. With the envelope in hand, Connor opens it saying “and best female artist goes to…” My name is announced and the clapping gets loud around me. I stand up and make my way to the stage.

The sadness that once was present disappears as I look at Brad, he looks so handsome in his suit and his hair all done up. He smiles proudly at me and I smile back. I die a little inside. James hands me my award and hugs me. “Thank you”, I say. The boys step to the side as I begin my speech. Wow, there are a lot of people. I breathe in, not letting my nerves get the best of me.
“I want to thank my fans because without them I wouldn’t be here today and to be able to do what I love. I also want to thank my team, label and family for their endless support. Thank you!” I say.
I walk with the boys and we all head backstage. As soon as we’re off stage, Brad turns around to me.
“Congrats love! I told you that you were going to win”, he beams.
“Thank you, I never doubted you.”
He puts his arm around me and I wrap my free arm around his waist. He grabs my hand and we interlock our fingers together. He lets go as soon as my manager walks up to us.

“Congrats! You’re still up for the after party, right?” my manager asks.
I nod.
“Okay good. You are going to leave first so again, it looks as though, well you know.”
“Yeah, that we didn’t leave together”, I mutter.

We get to the after party, but I lose all hope when I’m told that my boyfriend and I can’t celebrate together because of the people here. I have to hang out with people that I could care less about. I look across the room and see him with the boys, having fun. The anger and frustration started to build inside throughout the night. Thank God I didn’t stay long or I else I wouldn’t have lasted anymore in there.
“Sorry for the inconvenience”, my manager says.
“It’s fine, I get it.”
“Don’t worry you can go with him”, she says, restoring some happiness in me.

“Hey”, Brad says running to me.
I hug him tightly. I hate being apart from him. “Lets go home.”
I get in the passenger seat and he closes my door. He gets in and as we drive off, I had to fight back some unexpected tears.

We arrive at my house. He walks me to my door. “Did you enjoy the after party?” he asks.
“No. It wasn’t fun without you by my side..” The tears escape, I can no longer hold them back.
“I’m here right now. Shh”, he comforts me. He wipes the tears that roll down my face while holding me tightly.
I look up at him. “I hate this. I can’t take it anymore Brad! I don’t want to hide anymore, I don’t want us to be a secret. It’s consuming me! Tonight takes the cake…I didn’t want to arrive to the red carpet alone, I wanted to say your name in my speech, I wanted to dance with you at the after party. When we’re out, why can’t I hold you in the street? At parties, why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor? When I’m being asked about my relationship status, why can’t I say that I’m in love? I wanna shout it from the rooftops”, I sob angrily.

“I want the whole world to know that I am in love with the most incredible, caring, loving, talented, beautiful woman. I want everyone to know that I’m gladly taken. I don’t want to be known as the lead singer, the only member with no significant other. I want every soul on earth to know how every piece of you just fits perfectly with me. I hate this just as much as you do. I don’t want you to hurt anymore, it kills me. Fuck the contract! I don’t care if I lose my job! I don’t want to be kept away from you, I don’t ever want to lose you”, he says then kisses me passionately.

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Can we talk about size differences?  

  • How big Thorin’s hand is when he clasps it around Bilbo’s
  • Thorin is also wider and protects Bilbo with just a turn of shoulder
  • Perfect chin resting height
  • Bilbo curling up in a little ball on Thorin’s chest while they sleep
  • Thorin picking Bilbo up and over his shoulder like it was nothing
  • Bilbo having the perfect view of an exposed neck and chest
  • sitting on Thorin’s shoulder if he’s really feeling daring
  • Thorin pulling Bilbo on his lap at every available moment
(✿ ♥‿♥)

tbh even if these four are no longer part of seventeen, they still trained with them in the past and will always hold a special place in our hearts. They all went through the same experiences, hardships, and laughters as the members who have successfully debuted. Though they have left the group, they are always going to be a part of the group and even after ten years later, our minds will still remember the past members. Their departure wasn’t inevitable―it took us all by surprise. But things happen, right? I guess what I’m trying to say is that since seventeen successfully debuted and beginning their journey, we should never forget Samuel, Dongjin, Doyoon, and Mingming. A lot of us probably misses these four and perhaps the other members as well but there’s nothing we can do than wish for the best, support seventeen, and love these four boys as well! Years later, when seventeen becomes one of the biggest boy-bands out there, we’ll still be reminded of these four and smile.