i get drop dead gorgeous

Drag Race Quotes to Live By

“Absolutelyyy” - Gia Gunn
“Emotions are for ugly people” - Willam
“I don’t know how to read” - Sharon Needles
“Anus” - Alaska Thunderfuck 5000
“Yes gawd!” - Laganja Estranja
“Winning is a habit of mine” - Willam
“BACKROLLS?” - Alyssa Edwards
“Sequinse gown💖” - Roxxxy Andrews
“Bologna!” - Bianca Del Rio
“Trinity reminds me of a friend I have down in NOLA. She’s dead.” - Bianca Del Rio
“Fuck.” - Adore Delano
“Girl look how fucking orange you look!” - Alyssa Edwards
“IM NOT JOKING BITCH!” - Coco Montrese
“Motherfuckin Dick Pig.” - Alaska
“Don’t fuck it up.” -RuPaul
“Don’t wear bacon.” - Kelly Mantle
“I feel sexy in anything. Even a body bag.” - Sharon Needles
“Large and in charge. Chunky yet funky.” - Latrice Royal
“Don’t get bitter get better.” - Alyssa Edwards
“Halleloo!” - Shangela
“I don’t get cute I get drop dead gorgeous.” - Alyssa Edwards
“Bitch, don’t come for me.” - Phi Phi O'Hara
“C'mon chinstrap!” - Trixie Mattel
“Sashay away.” - RuPaul
“Not today Satan. Not today.” - Bianca Del Rio
“I just want fried chicken” - Jujubee
“I like long walks on the beach, big dicks, and fried chicken.” - Jujubee
“GASP!” - Joslyn Fox
“When you’re getting booed at, you’re simply getting applause from ghosts.” - Sharon Needles

HI ARMY'S! #NamjoonStanSpeaking

I just want to remind you that Namjoon dropped his single “Change” along with Wale & I want ARMYS to hype him up as much as you hyped up Yoongi & Agust D. As you can till this moment notice that Namjoon as member,talented person & mainly leader is being extremely ignored & rather hated & called ugly than loved & for what? I really dont know myself….I guess because people can’t come at him for not being talented so they go for his looks.[ Which I don’t get either because hallooo are yall blind? The boy is drop-dead gorgeous tf ]

Yes I am aware of the fact he is in fact not the only member NOT being treated the way they deserve to [like Jin or Hobi…] but Hobi has been in spotlight more for a while since BS&T era,Jin has gained better feedback since his variety shows & dad jokes😂.

I don’t really see any improvement in Joon’s area. I know it’s not the members fault but the only thing on my dash in a while now has been mainly Maknae Line & here & there some Hobi or Suga. And Im honestly really dissapointed because what is the reason for someone not to respect all the members equally.

I don’t know, it was just bothering me for a while now that it’s a few new eras in & I see the other members being more in spotlight but still no results in Joon’s area. Like I see such a beautiful,talented,kind & intelligent person but some fans just don’t see it & it’s so…sad to be honest. So please show him some love,even if you are not Namjoon stan,just let’s all show him we care & that we love him.💞

Thanks ARMY✌

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If you’re perusing handcrafted works and find that something is too expensive, if you must explain yourself, say something like ‘that’s beyond my budget’ instead of undervaluing their work.

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i'm getting real mad with how jype are styling the girls, tzuyu in particular. i get she's beautiful and her body is drop dead gorgeous but she's 17, they can't be out here making her wear these tiny ass skirts. jeong and dahyun both ended up protecting her at the pocari sweat event and dahyun did it because tzu asked her herself to help her. honestly them giving her such short skirts and stuff is just asking for ugly ass perverts to sexualise her and it's irking the life out of me (1/2)

in no way am i blaming this on her at all. her own style outside of showcases and performances is way different and tzuyu herself seemed a little uncomfortable with her pocari sweat outfit and i can’t blame her. it’s not even just tzuyu, there was that time with momo accidentally flashing cleavage because her top was short as fuck. sorry if this was a little random but i keep seeing disgusting and vulgar comments about the girls and their outfits and i got really mad. (2/2) - momo stan anon

EXACTLY I’m tired of the exposing outfits. Tzuyu wasn’t the only one, Jihyo’s skirt lifted because of the wind at the Pocari Sweat event as well, and it’s obvious that they need to style them more appropriately, especially Tzuyu who is A MINOR. You pretty much said it all right here. 

The Signs as Alyssa Edwards Quotes

Aries- Backrolls?
Taurus- Get a grip, get a life, and get over it
Gemini- I don’t get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous
Cancer- I need to get up in this gig gurl
Leo- Girl look how orange you fuckin look girl
Virgo- I am not bothered .com
Libra- *tongue pop*
Scorpio- it’s not personal, it’s drag
Sagittarius- No T no shade
Capricorn- Don’t get bitter, just get better
Aquarius- Bitch, sit yo ass down and shut the hell up bitch
Pisces- Lemme get a look

rupaul’s drag race starter meme edition-

some nsfw words/language

“I like long walks on the beach, big dicks, and fried chicken." 

"Don’t get bitter, just get better" 

 "I’m still surviving and my shit’s together" 

 "I have a master’s degree in fierce”

“I’m feelin like a bitch who just buried her third husband" 

"Hate me because I’m a dude and your boyfriend still wants me.”

“This is just too fucking much!”

“I don’t get cute, I get Drop Dead GORGEOUS." 

"I am not bothered dot com." 


"You are shadier than a Palm Tree”

“Alright public school, calm down.”

“Drag Queens always say paint for the back row. I paint for the check cashing place down the street.”

“Now sashay away.”

“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

“Basic Bitches not wanted.”

“I’m not letting this skinny botox bitch send me home.”

“She is large and in charge. Chunky yet funky. The bold and the beautiful.”

“It’s okay for people to make mistakes. It’s okay to fall down. Get up.”

“I’m trying to call attention to one of my favorite causes- which is me.”

“Good God, gurl, get a grip.”

“Do what the fuck you want to.”

“I feel sexy in anything- even a body bag.”

“I just want fried chicken.”

“Your insides are dark nasty.”

“I am not done talking. You will speak when I’m done.”

“You don’t want to mess with anybody’s food. That’s a big no-no. That’s like opening a can of whoop-ass.”

“Always look neat, petite, and ready to eat.”

“She’s everything I want to be when I’m 57.”

“I don’t need to do that shit for attention- have you seen my mug?”

“I’m not saying you came for me, but I am feeling a little shafted by you today.”

“You might as well call me a dumbass bitch.”

“You have a very cold air about you.”

Ru Paul's Drag Race contestants bios if they were 16 y/o girls on tumblr
  • Alaska 5000: hIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII My name is Alaska, what's yours? I'm from the planet glamtron *alien emoji*
  • Willam Belli: I wasn't a whore, whores get paid I was a slut.#yourtoneseemsverypointedrn
  • Jiggly Caliente: You may know my name but you don't know my story *lips emoji*
  • Alyssa Edwards: I don't get cute I get drop dead gorgeous *nails emoji
  • Jujube: I like long walks on the beach, big dicks and fried chicken.
  • Gia Gunn: Let me feel my oatssssss #howisshetho? *sassy emoji*
  • Latrice Royale: Large and in charge, chunky yet funky #EATIT
  • Raja: fashion/make up/punk/genderfuck/ If you have nothing nice to say come sit with me. #heathers
  • Carmen Carrera: NJ, I am the body beautiful sweetie ;)
  • Miss Fame: #AngelsAreReal #blessed *wings emoji*
  • Laganja Estranja: #turnup #weed #theselegzareeveeerythang
  • Adore Delano: Mermaid/Chola/Libra/Party *dancing emoji*
  • Violet Chachki: Is that coneceited? #youcantsitwithus
  • Sharon Needles: Hit a niggie up? ;)
The signs as catchphrases of Rupaul's Drag Race
  • Aries: I'm feeling my oats.
  • Taurus: Look how fucking orange you look, girl.
  • Gemini: No Tea, No Shade.
  • Cancer: Back Rolls ?
  • Leo: I don't get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous.
  • Virgo: Flazèda
  • Libra: I'm a fucking libra.
  • Scorpio: the shade, the shade of it all.
  • Sagittarius: I don't see you walking the children in nature.
  • Capricorn: them shoulders should match those hips, but they don't.
  • Aquarius: Well come on teletubie, teleport us to mars.
  • Pisces: I'm feeling very attacked.
  • All of the Horoscopes in one room: COME THROUGH.
Assistant- A Jefferson One-Shot

Title: Assistant
Request: Can you write a Jefferson imagine where the reader is Reginas assistant and when she calls Jefferson I’m he notices the reader and Regina knows he will notice her but the reader doesn’t and he wants her too
Pairing: Regina Mills x Jefferson x Reader

Regina sat in her office, 8 am sharp as usual. Her assistant, Y/N came in with her morning coffee.
“Her you go Regina.” Y/N said, handing Regina the coffee.
“Thank you, Y/N. Anyone on the call list today?” Regina asked.
“Yes, someone by the name of Jefferson.” Y/N said, handing Regina some paper work.
“I’ll call him soon, thank you.” Regina said. Y/N nodded, and left Regina’s office to sit at her desk right outside the office.
Regina called Jefferson as soon as Y/N left the room.
“Hello?” Jefferson said, picking up the phone.
“Hi, Jefferson.” Regina said.
“Hello Regina how are you?” Jefferson asked. Him and Regina were good friends.
“Great. And you?” Regina asked.
“Good, thanks.” Jefferson said.
“So you’re coming by my office today? You know, to see her.” Regina said.
“Yes, of course. She still doesn’t know my name does she?” Jefferson asked.
“Not yet. I’ll make sure of it though.” Regina said.
“Thanks again, Regina.” Jefferson said.
“No problem. I’ll see you soon.” Regina said, hanging the phone up. Jefferson had come to her office a few times, and had noticed Y/N sitting at her little desk. He really had an interest in her, he thought she was beautiful. Y/N on the other hand, didn’t even know his name.
Regina walked out to Y/N, “Y/N Jefferson will be by soon, I’m setting him up to talk to you. Here’s the paperwork he needs to do.”
Y/N took the papers, “Why send him to me?”
“I’m going out for lunch.” Regina said.
“Oh ok, I’ll see you afterwards then.” Y/N said. Regina smiled, and left the building. Right outside stood Jefferson.
“Good luck.” Regina said as he went inside.
“I’ll need it.” Jefferson said.

He walked in, and smiled at Y/N as soon as he saw her.
“Hi! You must be Jefferson.” Y/N said, standing up to greet him.
Jefferson shook her hand, “And you’re Y/N. Great to meet you as well.”
“Sit down, I just have a few questions to ask you for some paperwork Regina gave me.” Y/N said, “Sit down.”
Jefferson sat down in front of her desk.
“So, first question, where do you currently work?” Y/N asked.
“I work at home.” Jefferson responded.
“Ok, wow there’s only one more on here.” Y/N laughed, “This is weird, Regina wants me to ask you what you are doing this weekend?”
Jefferson laughed, “Nothing actually.”
“Ok, we’re done I guess. I’m done for the day too, what a short day.” Y/N laughed.
“Well you seem to work hard and someone like you needs a break sometimes.” Jefferson said.
Y/N blushed, “Thanks.”
“Is there anyway you want to go get some lunch?” Jefferson asked.
“Sure!” Y/N said, “And by the way, I’m pretty sure Regina set all this up.”
Jefferson blushed, “Maybe. Sorry, it’s just I’ve been in here a few times and thought you were drop dead gorgeous. I just wanted to get to know you, and Regina and I are friends so I asked her.”
“It’s ok. Anyone willing to go that far to get a date with me deserves it.” Y/N smiled.
They walked outside together, and went for lunch. It went really well. They went out again the next day, and the next, and the next. Jefferson and Y/N got close fast, and loved each other’s company. Jefferson even brought Y/N lunch at the office a few times a week, and of course lunch for Regina too for helping him get with her assistant.


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  • Aries: I need to get up in this gig, girl
  • Taurus: Don't get bitter, just get better
  • Gemini: Coco was the one backstabbing me behind my back
  • Cancer: I may not be funny, and I may not be a singer or a damn seamstress, but I am a fierce queen
  • Leo: Sit your ass down and shut the hell up, bitch
  • Virgo: Backrolls?
  • Libra: I don't get cute I get drop dead gorgeous
  • Scorpio: Santino Rice would you please shut the fuck up with your no drag knowledge mouth
  • Sagittarius: Why the hell are you squirping like a chirping like a bird?
  • Capricorn: Girl,look how orange you fucking look,girl
  • Aquarius: Get a grip, get a life, get over it
  • Pisces: Every woman has a secret. Mine happens to be a little bigger.... Im a man
Do me The Honours (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

A/N: Well… I have no comment other than I keep saying I’m going to be active… and I’m really not 

Word Count: 970 approx

Request: None

Warning: none, but many tears 

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Do me the Honours (Cameron Dallas Imagine)


All my life I’ve grown up next door neighbours with the Dallas family.  When my family moved when I was five, I was shy and our families instantly connected.  I became close with their children, Sierra and Cameron, me and Sierra did are girly things together like make up but then Cameron and I hung around together.  At high school we were still really close, although we hung around with different people, after school we’d be at each other’s houses.  I grew feelings for him, but I never told Cameron, I thought it would ruin our good friendship, so he dated other girls and I dated other boys.

I was getting over him slowly, yes I thought he was drop-dead gorgeous and was the kindest person ever, but I met this other boy called Tyler.  He was kind and was the captain of college football team (I left high school to go to college, while Cameron was at magcon) and Tyler was sweet but he wasn’t Cameron.  I knew I’d never be with Cameron, because he was famous and he’d probably marry some model when he’s older; he wouldn’t want to marry his neighbour.

I stood infront of my mirror, applying my make-up nicely, making sure I looked nice, Cameron was lying on my bed, watching me get ready.

“Why do you put on make-up, I mean if this guy really likes you he wouldn’t want you to wear makeup,” he told me, in a matter-of-factly voice.

“I’m wearing it because I like wearing makeup,” I told him, mimicking Cameron’s voice. Once I was finished with my makeup I shooed Cameron out of my room and pulled on my black dress, I liked it, the dress sculptured my frame nicely and I smiled before opening the door to let Cameron back in.  

“I like it,” his smile was wide while he grabbed my hand spinning around before letting it go, bright cheeks from embarrassment.

“Why thankyou Mr Dallas,” I smirked back, we stood staring at each other for a few minutes before the doorbell rang, signalling Tyler was here.  I gave an uneasy smile to my best friend crossing my figures while he mirrored my back and I left my room going down the stairs, to meet my date at the

Cameron POV:

She looked so beautiful and I didn’t even tell her.  Sure, I told her ‘I liked it’, but I didn’t tell Y/N that she was the most stunning person I’ve laid eyes on.  That I wanted to stop her from going to that Tyler dude and ask her to stay with me for the rest of her life.  I didn’t say that.  Why not? Because I’m a douche.

While Y/N was on her date, I came down stairs, seeing as her parents were out with mine, I made myself at home, with a can of soda, some cookies and sat on the sofa scrolling through the channels.  An hour dragged on very slowly, so I kept checking the time to see if Y/N was coming home, but there was no sign, when it reached 8:30 (1 and a half hours) I received a text.

From Y/N

Can you come pick me up, I’m outside the cinema.

I instantly replied as she hadn’t sent her usual emoji’s, I knew something was up.

To Y/N

Sure, I’ll be there in ten.

Quickly I pulled on my shoes, grabbed my keys; raced out the door to my car, it barely took me six minutes to reach there, probably because I was in such a rush to get her.  She stood out very clearly (probably just her beauty) she was sat on the steps, still as beautiful as always, but mascara down her cheeks and even more tears pouring out her bloodshot eyes.  Her big eyes looked up at me, as I made my way over to her, sniffing however Y/N still looked joyful to see me, she got to her feet, wrapping her arms round my neck, squeezing.

“What’s up?” I asked, while she pulled away to look at my eyes.

“He-he, well Cam…” words didn’t join up together to form a real sentence, so she started again. “Tyler, he saw another group of friends, I went to the bathroom before the movie, when I got back he was kissing the Martha girl, you know the one from school.”  I remembered Martha very well at school, since she was the one who slept with every boy she laid eyes on, apart from me, I had eyes for only one girl.  "After that, he told me, ‘oh Y/N she’s nothing I swear.’ But they still went off together so I sat in the movies, alone watching a film.  Cam I really liked him,“ more tears began to spill out of her eyes.

“It’s okay, he’s not worth it,” I told her, stroking her beautiful hair.

“You’re right…” she sighed.  "Cam… Can I do something?“ her voice was soft, her cold hands touching mean, as my body twitched.

"Err. Y/N… What are you.” before I finished my sentence finished I felt cold lips barely touch mine, I kissed her back, my hands reaching up to rest on her hips.  I pulled away to realise my eyes had shut, just like hers.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long while,” she sighed, letting go of my hand.

“Me too,” I sighed back, giving her hip a soft squeeze.  "Y/N I love you.“ Her eyes widened and stared lovingly at me.

"I love you too Cameron Dallas,” she giggled, as a tear trickled down her face.

“Will you do me the honour, of going on a first date with me.  Would you like to go to the ice cream store downtown right now?”

“I would love too.”

Bangtan as Drag Race quotes

Taehyung: I don’t take things personally, except most things
Yoongi: I’m not funny, I’m just mean and people think I’m joking
Seokjin: I don’t get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous
Jimin: I’ve never had a sugar daddy, if I wanted one, yes I could probably go out and get one, because I’m what? SICKENING
Jungkook: Not Today Satan, not today.
Hoseok: I’m not joking bitch
Namjoon: bitch sit your ass down and shut the hell up bitch

RuPaul’s Drag Race Sentence Starters

“I don’t get cute, I get drop dead gorgeous.”
“She enjoys riding dirty and being a straight up mother fucking dick pig.”
“Tired ass showgirl.”
“I feel like a beautiful flamingo.”
“It’s not really a funky chicken, it’s more like a chicken that smells funky.”
“Her favorite saying was ‘you pussy mouthed motherfucker!’”
“We’re all shitting our pants a little bit.”
“I don’t want to scratch anybody’s eyes out. I just want to scratch my way to the top.”
“How am I supposed to wear something so goddamned ugly?”
“Gurl, look how fucking orange you look.”
“She reminded me of my Grandma at Christmas after too much eggnog with the karaoke microphone.”
“Is that wrong english?”
“You’ve been throwing dust and shade.”
“She’s been playing the victim and I’m pretty much over it.”
“You’re a silicone maniac!”
“I’m walking Tupperware, girl.”
“My look tonight is ‘rich white bitch’, and my attitude tonight is so over it.”
“I was gonna come out in assless chaps but they’re at the cleaners.”
“When you threw that cape off it was on!”
“How do you tuck your junk?”
“Long story short, the season of the fish smells like trout.”
“Making the world a fruitier place– one cocktail at a time.”
“I am the definition of fishy glamour.”
“Now on to the grand high bitch herself.”
“You’re so full of shit the toilet’s jealous.”
“Got a head for business and a body for sin.”
“It smells like a Kardashian sex tape.”
“Have I been italian this whole time?”
“That’s your orgasm? –Have you ever had one?”
“I’m serving up mariachi realness.”
“Hell yeah I like more ass!”
“You gotta sissy that walk.”
“I think I killed Judy Garland.”
“Everybody loves puppets!”
“By God there had better not be any bullshit!”
“Boy from the crotch down she’s a star.”
“If I’m guilty of anything…it’s of being fierce.”
“Ya’ll need to go and fuck, ya know what I’m saying?”
“I don’t even know what a Rolodex is!”
“It’s nine inches and fully functional.”
“I’m a fucking libra.”
“It was nothing to gag over.”
“Check out the size of that sack.”
“I looked like a lesbian Jonas Brother.”
“He wants some chicken leg.”
“This is all just hot glue and desperation.”
“That’s because you want to fuck her.”
“Don’t wear bacon.”
“The world’s most glamorous trash queen.”
“Milk? I’m heavy cream.”
“I got bills to pay. I have dogs to put through college!”
“So somewhere between Star Wars and Buckingham Palace?”
“I call it my little rolodex of hate.”
“This is the motherfucking Olympics, girl.”
“Have you ever partied like a drag queen?”
“My puss is very large and in charge.”

RPDR Starters

“And DON’T fuck it up.”
“You’re not my mama. Don’t be explainin’ nothin’ to me, sweetie.”
“I don’t get cute; I get drop dead gorgeous.” 
“I was raised right and I will not let you down.”
“Other people telling me I’m not polished enough. I’m polish remover, bitch.”
“I tried to tease it, but I just pissed it off.”
“You know what I’ve had? IT.”
“Oh no she better don’t!”
“Your makeup is terrible.”
“No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade.”
“Flazé da.”
“No. Sorry. Next.”
“Whores get paid. I was a slut.”
“Touch this. Touch all of this.”
“Crap. Now I’m going to have to be the funny one and not the pretty one.”
“Not today, Satan. Not today.”
“Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!” 
“She already done had hers.”
“Jesus is a biscuit; he’s gonna sop you up!”
“The shade of it all!”
“Water off a duck’s back…”
“You don’t like me! You really don’t like me!”
“You have this unshakable confidence and I admire that.”
“I need a smoke and a nap.”
“I look spooky, but I’m really nice!”
“Tired ass showgirl…”
“At least I AM a show girl, bitch!”
“Go back to Party City, where you belong!”
“I’m impressed… but not that impressed.”
“Your tone seems very pointed right now.”
“This is just TOO FUCKING MUCH!”

・°☆.- drag race starter/ask memes・°☆.。
  • "My alter ego is a stripper."
  • "I'm not polished, I'm polish remover."
  • "I don't get cute; I get drop dead gorgeous."
  • "These legs are everything!"
  • "Emotions are for ugly people."
  • "I cannot tolerate a heel that is less than 5 inches."
  • "If you can't hide it just throw some fucking glitter on it."
  • "I'm too punk to wash my tights."
  • "I wouldn't wear it... but for you it's cute."
  • "Thank god for all this body."
  • "Pain is beauty, and I'm the prettiest."
  • "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?"
  • "My eyebrows aren't that oatmeal-y..."
  • "It doesn't matter where you come from, what color you are, what shape you are, be the best that you can be."
  • "Water off a duck's back."
  • "May the best woman win."
  • "You are all fucking welcome."
  • "We get to choose our family."
  • "Do I have something on my face?"
  • "Please stop immediately."
  • "I don't wanna hear that shit!"
  • "Back rolls?"
  • "Sorry bout it."
  • "Maybe I'll go on the Biggest Loser and lose lots of weight and find a nice man."
  • "You can find yourself a nice man looking just like that."
  • "Sit down and shut the fuck up, bitch!"
  • "I don't see you walking children in nature."
  • "I woke up a long time ago, god dammit."
  • "I like long walks, big dicks, and fried chicken."
  • "Don't get bitter, just get better."
  • "I get it. I'm a bitch."
  • "I'll have what she's having."
  • "Well if you do finally get exposed you better have something to show."
  • "Thank you gay god!"
  • "Did somebody order a hooker?"
  • "Hashtag, too much."
  • "Your tone seems very pointed right now."
  • "I'm a libra."
  • "Get a grip, get a life, and get over it."
  • "You'll never be glamour."
  • "I don't take anything personally, except most things."
  • "I am sweating like a hooker in church."
  • "Take a fucking shower."
  • "I mean I'm impressed...but not that impressed..."
  • "Alright public school, calm down."
  • "You're so full of shit, the toilet's jealous."
  • "At the gym, I'm like a ninja. You'll never see me there."
  • "Call me young, call me illiterate or whatever."
  • "The best revenge is just to do better."
  • "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!"
  • "Did you find that dress for sale? Half off? 75% off? Did it keep going down? Did you have a coupon?"
  • "Go choke on a dick."
  • "I look spooky but I'm really nice."
  • "Not today, Satan. Not today."
  • "Party!"
  • "I'm not actually that young. I'm just ignorant."

Can this be my theme song orrrr…?