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Imagine Running Away From Your Brothers

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Request: Hey, there! I wanted to ask if you could do a OS where the reader has bad hallucinations after a witch casted a spell on her and she’s really scared of her brothers because she thinks they try to kill her and they are sad that she saw them like that? – Anonymous

Author’s Note: I hope you like it! I tried writing this before and it didn’t turn out right. Also, I think Sunday’s oneshot might be posted on Monday or Tuesday, according to how the three day weekend goes and if I get any time to work on it. - Haley xx 

Those looming shapes behind you might have looked like your brothers, but they didn’t sound like them. They were howling and screaming at you, like wolves throwing back their heads and calling to the moon. You had to get away, you had to get back to the car so you could refill the clip on your gun and kill those monsters behind you before they killed you.

You darted between the trees, trying to confuse those monsters behind you. The impala wasn’t that far away, half a mile at the most. You could do this. You glanced over your shoulder and saw the tallest one – the one that looked exactly like Sam – getting closer to you. His long legs jumping over the fallen tree you had barely made over.

Both of those monsters looked just like your brothers, but you knew they weren’t. Dean and Sam would never hurt you. Would never howl like an animal. Would never hunt you down like an animal. But whatever those things were, they were doing exactly that. Sam and Dean must have been taking by the witch when she hit you with that spell. She was trying to confuse you.

You could hear cars going down the highway you all had parked off on and knew you were getting close to the impala. A few hundred more feet and you would be right there and able to take on the monsters. You saw the stretch of blacktop and almost reached it when a hand grabbed you and shoved you to the ground.

The monsters. The ones that looked like your brothers stood over you, smiling down on you while they whispered horrible things. They were going to kill you.

“She’s crying,” Sam said.

“I told you,” Dean said, crouching down next to Y/N. “That witch did something to her.”

Y/N flinched when Dean reached out and swept the hair out of her face. “I’ll kill you!” She sneered.

Dean pulled his hand back and stood up. “Y/N,” Sam said, softly. “It’s us. It’s Sam and Dean.”

“No!” Y/N screamed. “The witch did something to them. You two are not my brothers.”

Dean and Sam gave each other a look. Sam looked down at his little sister and saw the genuine terror in her eyes. She thought they were something or someone else; chasing her down in the woods because the witch made them.

She couldn’t see that her own two brothers were standing right in front of her. “We gotta get her home before she hurts herself,” Dean said.

Sam nodded and at the same time, they both reached down and grabbed one of her arms. Y/N started fighting back, kicking and screaming, threatening to kill them, but it didn’t matter.

“We’ll fix this,” Sam said, as they got Y/N into the back seat. “Y/N, we’re not going to hurt you. We’ll fix whatever is wrong.”

“I’d rather you kill me,” she said, before spitting in his face.

Sam sighed and closed the impala door. “Let’s go.”

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For the Drabble request could I please get Jimin, 32, and have it be a domestic!Jimin AU? Thanks, and congrats on 5k💕

thank you so much for requesting this i loved writing it! and thank you! i hope you like it! 

32.“Babe I did a pregnancy test.”


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Tom x Reader

Request: Anon-  A story between Harrison or Tom X Reader and they’re basically just having pillow talk after having (implied) sex with her on his chest happily and getting caught by someone, thanks

A/N I’m going on a writing spree guys. A spree for here and @keanakinnobi because Tumblr fanfiction is a must. Plus because I officially have a three day weekend not including my sick day today, I’m going to do my best to finish the requests here. I’m also going to make one huge post of every one shot ever to hold you guys over. seriously, there’s 20 some. Almost all of them are requests. Then I’ll post all of confusion. Then i will write more here. I’m gonna let you get to the story.

Warnings, because I am (not) contractually obligated to do so: none

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Falling In Love Part 5 (Cameron Dallas)

The weeks seemed to go by so slow. Me and Cameron talked everyday but it slowed down more in the past couple of days. We only talked twice today but I guess he was just busy. At least I had something fun to do to clear my mind tonight. It was Friday which meant movie night at Nash’s house. I was actually pretty excited about it. Nothing could make this night go wrong. I put on some jeans and a sweatshirt before sliding on my vans. I straightened my hair and put light make up on and then I was ready to go. I walked into the kitchen once I got downstairs to find Andrea. “Hey I’m leaving now.” I said picking up my keys off the counter. Her and Kian both looked at me with a scared yet sympathetic look. “What?” I said confused. “Oh nothing. Have fun at Nash’s.” She said returning her attention to Kian. Why were they acting so weird? All well. I just shrugged it off and went to my car. Mahogany wasn’t able to come so it was just me. The ride there took about 20 minutes. I pulled into Nash’s driveway and got out of my car. I walked up to the door and heard all sorts of yelling coming from inside but once I knocked on the door it all stopped. The door opened slowly and there appeared Nash. “Oh hey Kayla… Come on in.” He said stepping out of the doorway. He was acting the same way Kian and Andrea were acting. What was going on? “Nash what’s going on?” I asked as we walked to the living room. He didn’t answer me which made me kind of annoyed. “Hey Kayla.” I heard Matt say. “Hey Matt.” I said and then said hello to Carter and Hayes. The same look was plastered on all of their faces. Sympathy and fear. I went and sat down next to Matt, he would always tell me what was going on. “Hey Matt so your my friend right?” I said in a sweet voice. “Of course I am.” He said moving back a little. “Then you’d tell me what’s going on right?” I said putting my arm on his shoulder trying to guilt him into telling me. “Um I kind of can’t.” He said. I took my arm off of his shoulder and just looked at everyone in the room. “I want to know what’s going on. Why are you guys acting so weird?” I said and then my phone started going off. It’s been quiet all day but it wasn’t now. I opened it and twitter came on. Then there it was. Everything made sense now. This was why everyone was acting so weird. My heart broke inside and my face froze in shock. “Kayla?” Nash said walking up behind me. “You guys knew about this and you didn’t tell me!” I said raising my voice a little. “We were going to tell you, we just didn’t know how.” Matt said. “How could he do this?” I said looking down at the picture that was all over twitter. It was Cameron with some girl. They were at a party and she was all over him. “I’m sure there’s a good reason behind this.” Hayes said. “Can we just not talk about this right now.” I said trying to stay strong. This was great. My first relationship and he was cheating on me. Honestly I didn’t care right now though, all I wanted to do was watch movies and have fun with the guys. They did help me a lot though. We spent the night laughing and watching funny movies. I’m glad to have them to cheer me up. It was 11:30 and I was starting to get tired. I was going to get up and go home but instead I just fell asleep.


I woke up in the morning not at home. But instead I woke up with someone laying in front of me still on the couch. My eyes went up and there was Nash fast asleep still as we laid on the couch. I looked around trying not to move. Matt, Carter, and Hayes weren’t in here anymore. Was I really sleeping in Nash’s arms right now? Just then Nash started to move and his eyes slowly opened. “You kind of fell asleep on me last night and I didn’t want to bother you.” He said almost smiling. “Hey the two sleepy heads are awake!” Matt yelled coming into the living room. Me and Nash both turned quickly to look at him. “Shut up Matt.” Nash said. I laughed at him and then looked over at my phone. It was vibrating and a picture of Cameron appeared. I almost forgot about that picture of him and the girl. I just ignored him and let the phone ring on. “Your not going to answer him?” Nash asked looking concerned. “I should but I don’t really want to talk to him.” I said looking back at my phone. He kept calling me for 5 minutes straight. “Talk to him. Don’t make it worse by just ignoring him.” Nash said handing me my phone. I nodded my head and took my phone from his hand as he got up and walked out of the room. “Hello.” I said in an annoyed tone through the phone. “What the hell is going on?” Cameron asked. “You should know. Your the one who’s being with another girl.” I said. “Me? Your the one who’s all wrapped up in Nash’s arms.” He said which sent shock through my body. “How did you know about that?” I asked in wonder. “Um probably by the pictures that Matt, Carter, and Hayes have posted on Twitter last night.” He said obviously angry. I wanted to yell at the three boys right now. I didn’t know they took pictures. “I am not the victim here Cameron, you are. You are with another girl aren’t you?” I said annoyed with him. “That picture was nothing! I am only friends with her! She was drunk and all over me, I was not all over her.” He said. “I find that hard to believe.” I said. “What about you? I’m not the only one here. Your off sleeping with Nash.” He yelled. “That’s not what happened!” I yelled. There was a moment of silence as I just thought to myself. Andreas words rang in my head. Trust. "You know what, I’m done talking about this.If we don’t trust each other then I guess we should just not be together anymore.“ I said tears starting to form in my eyes. He was silent for a minute and then I heard his voice. "Fine, I guess we are done then.” He said his voice was quiet and full of hurt. “Goodbye Cameron.” I said and hung up the phone. I sat there tears falling down my face already. “You ok?” Nash said walking into the living room. I just turned around looking up at him. He came around and sat next to me wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug. “Why does it hurt so bad?” I said my voice breaking with every cry. “I know it hurts. Believe me I know.” He said trying to comfort me. “What picture did the boys post?” I asked pulling away from him. “Check your twitter.” He said pointing at my phone. I opened my twitter and a picture of me and Nash popped up. We were on the couch and I was laying on his chest with my hand on his shoulder while his arm was wrapped around my shoulders. I could tell why Cameron would think I was the one cheating on him. “What did I get myself into Nash?” I asked still looking at the picture. He laughed and I looked up to see his smile. “Be glad for what you got. Cameron’s a fool to give up on a girl like you.” He said which cheered me up a little. “Thanks Nash.” I said and hugged him again. “Your welcome Kayla. Hey why don’t we all go out for breakfast, it’ll clear your mind a little.” Nash said. “Ya sure, I’d like that.” I said. We got the three boys and drove in Nash’s car to get breakfast. I had lots of fun with them, more fun than I’ve ever had actually. They made me forget about Cameron. I got back to Nash’s house after spending the whole day out with them. It was awesome but now I had to go home and tell the story to the big sis. “Hey, we’ll see you next weekend?” Matt said with a smile. “What’s next weekend?” I asked confused. “Magcon silly.” Carter said. I went into total shock and my eyes widened. I didn’t know it was that close. “Um ya, ya I’ll see you guys then.” I said and then got into my car. If actually be seeing Cameron in person after we just broke up, great. After the 20 minute drive back to my house I pulled into the driveway. When I pulled in there sat Mahogany’s car. What was she doing here? I quickly got out and walked inside. “Kayla is that you?” Andrea said coming into the hallway. “Ya it’s me, whys Mahogany’s car here?” I asked. “Because I’m here and I was worried about you.” She said running out of the kitchen and wrapping her arms around me. I remembered my phones been off all day to ignore any contact from Cameron. “I’ve been with Nash all day and the other guys, it’s not like I was moving to Africa.” I said pushing her off of me. “How are you doing?” She said with her hands on both of my shoulders. “What do you mean?” I asked trying to hide the fact that I really wasn’t ok. “Did you happen to go on twitter at all these past couple of days?” She asked. “Yes I have, and honestly… I don’t care anymore. Me and Cameron are over, me and Nash are just friends, and I’m done with all the drama.” I said starting to walk up the stairs. “Are you still going to Magcon next weekend?” Andrea asked. “Of course I am. That’s not going to change, my fans are excited about it and I’m not going to let this break up get in the way.” I said and walked into my room closing the door behind me. There was a lot for me to think about right now. What was I going to do when I saw Cameron next? Honestly I was kind of glad the guys posted that picture of me and Nash. It was kind of a little piece of pay back for what he did.