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86 and andreil??

86: “Perhaps you’ll take me out one day — or do I have to make an appointment?” (I combined this with a prompt from foxpaws10 from ages ago based on this post, and I kind of warped both of your prompts i hope this is still okaaay basically it’s doctor andrew and that’s all u need to know)

His morning is a string of disasters that begins with covering the ER in the Sunday rush of hypochondriac elderly and fussy children. It’s one long stretch of kicked over paint buckets, a mess you can’t ignore, splattering the walls and getting on his shoes.

Andrew chose surgery almost entirely for the distance of it, the sterility of a room with a slab of meat, a tray of knives, and a sickness he can actually cut out.

He’s a doctor because he can be, and patients sometimes like that he doesn’t speak a word to them, like silence equals genius.

He likes that there are some patients that come into the ER unconscious and leave the OR unconscious, and all he has is a problem and a ticking clock. He always solves the problem. He thinks maybe it’s because he is one.

The sinking ship of his Sunday in the emergency room goes from slippery to debilitating with one patient.

Two showy ER doctors with their lab coats off and their sleeves rolled up go into the private room they’ve cordoned off, and they both come out looking pinched in the face with their stethoscopes clenched in their fists.

“He’s a fucking disaster,” one of them says, leaning up against the information desk with his eyes still pulling back to the closed door of the room.

“I know. I thought, I dunno. That the news was exaggerating.”

Andrew tilts his head and listens without making any move to leave his post, filling out inane charts as illegibly as he can.

One of the residents chances a look at him and Andrew makes a point of catching him. The guy startles, then juts his chin.

“Maybe you’ll get along with him, Minyard. He’s as crazy as you.”

“You’ve mistaken the hospital for a playground,” Andrew says mildly. “Give me his chart.”


“His chart.”

He looks at his friend, mouth slack, and then the one holding the chart holds it out like a dirty rag.

“He’s Boston’s starting striker,” he stage whispers. Andrew takes the clipboard and ignores him, scanning the details. “We’re not supposed to let any patients know.”

“That Neil Josten is causing a scene ten feet away from them?” he says, and the men titter uncomfortably. “Why should he get the luxury of privacy?”

“How did you—“

“The news is available to everyone, Bryant, you fuck.” He rounds the desk and makes for the closed and shuttered room, dropping the chart in the receptacle outside.

“He shouldn’t be allowed to practice,” someone says behind him, and then someone else, softer, scornful: “surgeons”.

Andrew wrings the door knob and finds himself abruptly face to face with the singular most swollen person he’s ever seen. He’s obviously bolting for it, his gown gaping at the neck and someone’s stolen shoes jammed on. Andrew scans the defiant face, the shock of red hair, the near invisible trail of blood from an incorrectly removed IV.

“Sit down.”


Andrew watches Neil Josten— and it is him, one of the handful of strikers on Boston’s team and certainly the most newsworthy — size him up. His eyes run the same circuit Andrew’s would if he were looking to fight his way out: door, threat, surreptitiously behind him for a weapon, back again.

“I’ll drug you,” Andrew says simply. Neil’s good eye, the one that isn’t purpling, goes narrow.

“Are you allowed to say that?”

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Reasons to love Ryuji Sakamoto:

  • He is nice to the lost new student even though he knows everyone will be warning the kid off within seconds of getting to school.
  • Loyal as FUCK.
  • His Social Link can be equally easily read as platonic or romantic and either way you look at it, his growth and his realisation that he belongs with his new friend is adorable.
  • Constantly trying to abort the F-Bomb, even when facing the final boss.
  • May not always get along with the rest of the team but god save you if you upset one of them where he can catch you.
  • Acknowledges that he effed up when he makes mistakes or goes down the metaphorical wrong path.
  • Carries out the plan against the first Boss not for his own good - and considering said boss BROKE HIS FUCKING LEG - but because of all the other people who were getting hurt and intimidated by the guy.
  • Repeatedly puts the well-being of his teammates ahead of his own in life or death situations.
  • And is then super confused by them being upset and freaked out when they thought he was dead.
  • Shaped like a friend.
  • Makes an effort to get along with other people who Protag is friends with  when they hang out even if he doesn’t like them all that much.


Oh We're in Love Aren't We?

 Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Requested by anon:  “Is that my shirt” for either Lin or Daveed where you guys are best friends and it gets awkward and cute. Please and thank you

Summary: Lin and the reader were best friends all through their teenage years and college days. Like so, life pulls them in separate directions for a few years, only to have them reunite for a special occasion.


Warnings: none, except fluff

A/N PLEASE READ SO THE STORY MAKES SENSE: The story goes back and forth between the present & past. The present is in italics. LET ME KNOW IF IT GETS CONFUSING. Roughly based off of Ed’s ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’..enjoy :)

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Can we have a bughead living together please whether that's them living as southside serpents or just in riverdale love a bit of fluff ☺️❤️

A little early morning fluff!

“I don’t know, the boy just always smells like cigarettes and…cupcakes.” Viper said

“And his jacket never has rips in it.” Hause added

“Not to mention how panicked he gets when he gets a black eye in a fight, always mumbling something about “she’s gonna kill me”“ Venom shrugged, rubbing his head.

"Plus he rushes out of here soon as our meetings are done, doesn’t even stay for drinks afterwards” Harley continued, taking a swig of his beer.

The Gang leaders sat perched high on their bar stools, almost like Royalty on their thrones watching over the court.

Jughead Jones was one of the newest members of the Serpents, an excellent addition to the dangerous gang with his quick wit and even quicker left hook. He was F.Ps son and the calm, collected way he carried himself was almost identical to his fathers. But their was something different about this boy, unlike many of the young members he wasn’t a brute , he didn’t dedicate his life to the gang, he simply did what he had to do and headed home. But what was he going home too was the question.

Viper watched as the dark haired young man checked his phone and smiled before handing off his pool stick to one of the younger Serpents, laughing and waving as he headed out of the bar, his hands shoved in his pockets.

Quirking a brow, Viper turned to the older men,

“Alright men, who’s up for a little investigating.”

The men all smirked, always up for a little fun.


“I mean it’s like she never lets Smithers drive her home anymore, I don’t even know how she’s getting home!” Veronica pouted, dropping her hands to the cafeteria table.

“I know what you mean, i haven’t seen Betty through the window in weeks, I texted her last night and told her to come to the window to talk and she said she was too "busy” she’s never to busy to talk.“ Archie said, his eyebrows crinkling in confusion.

"All I know is that Alice and Betty are getting along much better, they even invited me to get pedicures last week and there wasn’t one nasty word between the two of them.. it was almost like they were friends.” Kevin shrugged.

Suddenly Cheryl Blossom was dropping her purse onto the table.

“Are you people really that dumb?” She asked, staring down at her cherry red nails.

“Excuse me..” Veronica started

“You’re excused. It’s fairly obvious what’s going on here, our very own resident Holly Homemaker, is no longer living at home. Perhaps she’s living with someone else.. someone who I don’t know, no longer goes to this school.” She flipped her long red hair leaving the three teens to stare at her retreating back

“You don’t think..” Kevin said wide eyed

“There’s no way.” Archie said finally

“Looks like we’ve got our own sleuthing to do.”
Veronica smirked wickedly.

Jughead walked through the doors to the trailer, instantly shrugging off his jacket and inhaling the sinful smell of lasagna. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head at the combination of the Lasagna and what he deduced were most definitely brownies, rounding the corner into the kitchen he leaned lazily against the door frame.

Betty was bent over the oven, her tiny cheerleading skirt rising up, giving him the perfect view of her blue boy shorts, she was wiggling along to Frank Sinatra playing on her phone as she held a chocolate covered spoon in front of her. Jughead walked slowly towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling his nose into her neck, her distinctly feminine perfume, mixed with the chocolate from the spoon had him moaning in appreciation.


“Hi juggie.” She whispered, turning in his arms and holding out the spoon to him as he licked it greedily, causing her to burst out in giggles and drop a kiss to the side of his mouth, licking off the remaining fudge.

“Hi Juliet.” He smirked, pulling her even tighter against his body, reveling in the way her eyelashes fluttered.

“How was school?” They both asked at the same time, before erupting in fits of laughter. Hotdog chose that moment to come barreling in, pawing at Betty who bent down and handed him a spare pasta noodle. Jughead rubbed hotdog with his calf, refusing to let go of Betty.

“Smells good” he whispered, dropping his forehead to hers.

Betty grinned, rubbing her nose against his
“You smell better.”

Jughead growled lowly, his eyes scanning hers with a mischievous smile
“Oh yeah, how good?” He asked, picking her up bridal style as she squealed, as soon as they were standing in the doorway to their bedroom, they heard chaos at their front door, Jughead stiffening as Betty wrapped her arms tighter around his neck.

He slowly placed her on the floor
“Stay here.” He ordered, dropping a slow kiss to her lips.

Moving to rip open the front door he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Viper? Archie? Venom? Veronica?! What are you doing here?”

Standing before his trailer was the four older Serpents and his three Riverdale friends, Veronica standing huffily in front of Viper as Archie shook his head behind her, Kevin hiding behind the red head. Venom, Harley and Hause were all watching the scene with amused eyes.

Viper turned to Jughead
“We found these guys snooping around the outside of your trailer. You know them?”

“Snooping?!” Veronica squeaked “I’m sorry but if anyone was was snooping I would say it was you. Jughead they were five seconds away from looking into your window.”

Harley shook his head
“Now listen little lady…”

Archie stepped forward
“You better not step closer to my girlfriend dude”


All eight sets of eyes turned to the door, where Betty was standing, wiping her hands on a rag.

“Now we can stand outside all day and argue or you guys can come inside and have some dinner, we’d be happy to have you in our home” Betty smiled as Jughead tucked his girlfriend protectively against his arm, smiling adoringly at her.

“Your home? As in both?”

“You live together?”

“The Jones boy has a girl? Atta boy?”

“That explains it”

Betty smiled,

“Come on them, there’s plenty for everyone.”

As the very different personalities filtered into Betty and Jughead trailer, Jughead bent down and dropped a kiss to the side of Betty’s head

“You ready for this?”

She looked up into his eyes, pressing her lips to his for a longer kiss

“With you? I’m ready for anything”

great comet things i remember from seeing it live

- balaga pops out of the salon pit during his introduction in the prologue
- there’s like four male ensemble members just playing guitar pitifully at pierre during pierre
- every female cast member kind of circles around pierre during the “he’s charming he has no sex” part
- it’s really funny watching mary and natasha hoist their stools over their heads to set up natasha and bolkonskys
- there are these gorgeous light bulbs hanging from single wires and move up and down during certain numbers that look like stars
- andrey never turns around and sees natasha during no one else
- dolokhov helene and anatole are kind of in this gossipy little group during part of the opera
- natasha and anatole don’t actually kiss during the opera
- the little lights on the table pulse along to a differing time of the beat during the duel
- the entire cast lines up down the mezz and orchestra during the backup parts of dust and ashes, sonya helene and natasha are all in the orchestra
- during dust and ashes pierre is bathed in blue light at the end which is the only other time in the show where the blue is used other than no one else
- natasha is in her underthings and then in helene’s green coat for a majority of charming
- the entire cast has these wine glasses half filled with water that they use to make the sounds at the end of the ball
- pierre sings his “napoleon is the devil” part of letters right to a portrait of napoleon hanging above the banquettes
- natasha and pierre are also facing each other during “i see nothing but the candle in the mirror” which i thought was a little nice foreshadowing
- during letters the people who were sitting at the stage on the bar stools took a long time to pass the letter so denee broke a little trying to signal them to pass it faster
- pierre really does silently watch all of this shit go down and kind of reacts to natasha’s many declarations of love for anatole
- denee was on the platform right behind me during the abduction in the house right orchestra
- at the end of find anatole the entire principal cast is on stage (except andrey i think) and anatole has to maneuver and pass around all of them to get to pierre’s salon while they glare at him
- natasha takes the arsenic while pierre and anatole are still arguing right in between them
- at the end of pierre and andrey mary tries to comfort her brother but andrey like shoves her off
- pierre and natasha are only face to face three times in the show, during letters, during “pierre grew confused” and at the end around “i leave the room smiling”
- helene is actually sitting (along with the rest of the principal cast) somewhere on the stage and she flinches at the “and if i were free” part of pierre’s dialogue
- the bows are killer and denee and josh came out of the big doors at the top of the stage
- also natasha gets the final bow


Ao3 Link

Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

Chapter 1

Adrien was never the writing type. He did write well - written papers and essays – at least according to his teachers – and was even occasionally asked by a few of his classmates for some writing tips. But, it was for educational purposes only. He‘d never had any sort of passion to write an actual story and he never thought of himself as the imaginative kind anyway. His mind was almost always focused on school, his responsibilities set by his father, and his masked identity. He never really had that luxury of being able to think about anything else. Well, except for his Lady, but that was something entirely different.

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Are You Two Dating Now?

“Love? Can you grab the plates?” Joe calls out, glancing up from the food he’s cooking.

“Yup.” Y/N closes her computer, jumping up from the couch, she crosses the floor, her hand sliding along Joe’s back as she passes him, reaching for the plates. “Smells delicious.”

“We went Italian tonight!” He replies proudly, smiling over his shoulder at her.

“Always wanted to go to Italy,” She sighs, pausing briefly, plates in hand.

“I’ll take you one day.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Sugg.”

“Me? Never.” He chuckles, wrapping an arm around her waist as he pulls her to his side, placing a kiss on her temple. “This is one I will keep. I’ll get you to Italy, Y/N. Just you wait.”

“Mhm, sure.” She rolls her eyes, placing the plates on the counter. “Can we eat now?”

“Just have to dish it out. Go take a seat.”

“How did I get so lucky?” Y/N asks, sitting at the work top on the other side, “I have an amazing best friend who cooks me delicious food and promises a trip to Italy.”

“I know, I’m pretty amazing.” Joe answers, winking at her as he places a plate of food in front of her. “Enjoy!”

The little moments between them were so normal now, that they never paid attention to them.

Of course, the boys had noticed, wondering why the two best friends acted like a couple without actually dating, but Y/N and Joe just shrugged and said it was who they were.

How they acted with each other was just who they were, it felt right for them. They never considered that they might have real feelings, they were just part of each other’s lives, and it was left at that.

“You ready for bed?” Joe asks a couple hours later, looking down at Y/N, who’s practically asleep on his lap.

“Hmm, think so.” She mumbles, yawning lightly. “Unless you wanna finish the movie?”

“The movie will be there tomorrow, love. Let’s go to bed.”

Nodding, she sits up, stretching. “Your couch is too comfy. And so are you.”

“My beds much comfier though,” He tells her, holding out a hand to help her up.

“I know. I always sleep better in it than my own,” Y/N laughs leaning against him as he leads her up to his room.

Once they’re in the bedroom, she walks over to Joe’s closet, grabbing a random shirt before stripping out of her own clothes, slipping it over her head a moment later.

“Here,” He’s waiting for her outside of the closet, a warm facecloth in his hand, and she takes it with a smile, beginning to wipe the make up off of her face.

“Oh shit,” Joe curses softly, pausing in his movements of pulling the blankets back on the bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to send an email. It’s pretty important, too.”

“Then go do it, and then come to bed.” Y/N tells him, walking over to wrap her arms around him, looking up at him. “You won’t relax until you do it.”

“Sorry,” He smiles sheepishly down at her, one hand reaching up to brush the hair out of her face, “I know you were all ready for bed.”

“It’s fine.” Lifting up, she places a simple kiss on his lips, “Go write your email. I’ll be here when you’re back.”

“Thanks, love.”

Neither think of the kiss that just occurred, another moment that just felt right for them.

And when Joe slips into bed beside her a short while later, he pulls her close, kissing her forehead softly.

“Night.” She mutters sleepily.

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

And when he kisses her good morning, they don’t think anything of it either.

The shift in their relationship simply happened, and both accept it without saying anything.

“The boys are coming over for brunch,” Joe tells her, his fingers running along her arm.

“Then we should probably get up and get dressed.”


Yet they remain cuddled up in bed for a while longer, only dragging themselves out when Jack texts them to say that he and Josh will be there in ten minutes.

Y/N tosses her hair into a messy bun before pulling on her pants from last night, leaving Joe’s shirt on. He smiles over at her when she appears downstairs, commenting how nice she looks in his stuff.

“I should steal it more often.” She teases before going to answer the door as the boys arrive.

By now, the boys were used to the two acting like a couple, even if they didn’t really understand the relationship between the two, so no one batted an eye when they saw her wearing his shirt, or when Joe’s eyes followed her around the room.

And even when she wrapped her arms around him from behind, leaning against him while she chatted casually with Jack, the boys just took it in stride.

It wasn’t until they were cleaning up from brunch that the boys grew confused.

“You don’t have to do that, love.” Joe says to Y/N, trying to pull her away from the sink where she’s doing dishes.

“It needs to be done,” She laughs, flicking bubbles at him.

“Make one of them do it, then.” He grins, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

“Do you not want clean dishes?” She asks, her arms moving up to around his neck.

“Hmm, fair point.” Joe answers, leaning down to kiss her gently. “At least let me help?”

“Fine, you can dry.” Y/N tells him, lifting up to kiss him once more before she turns back to the sink.

The group of boys all stare over at them in shock and confusion, exchanging glances.

“Okay, what the fuck?” Caspar finally says, drawing the attention of the couple who aren’t a couple.

“What’s wrong?” Joe asks, taking the plate from Y/N, drying it.

“When did…that happen?” Conor asks, gesturing between the two.

“When did what happen?” Y/N glances over at Joe, but he shrugs, placing the plate onto the counter.

“You two just kissed.” Jack tells them, “I mean, we get you two are touchy and she wears your clothes and stays the night…but, you kissed.”

“Well, at least we know Jack can see.” Joe laughed, “But what’s the problem?”

“Are you two dating now?” Josh asks them, glancing between the two.

Y/N and Joe share a look, a silent conversation happening between them before she smiles, placing a soapy hand on his cheek as she reaches up to kiss him again.

“Suppose we are.”

“Guess so.” Joe shrugs, smiling fondly down at her.

“You two are so bloody confusing…” Oli mumbles, shaking his head.

Yet to Y/N and Joe, it all makes perfect sense.

Because it’s just who they are.

O Helga Natt, yousana style (for tomorrow’s clip)


So here I am again with this fic that it’s going to be based on what I’d like to see tomorrow (final clip of 4x09) between Yousana + all the squads scheming together to get those two to talk

I really hope you enjoy it and that it’s not confusing with all the conversations.


Have the world’s best summer”

He read it over and over again trying to make sense of what had happened.

For a moment he thought that Sana was finally giving him a chance, he had been over the moon for 5 minutes, the time that it took for her to answer to his text saying that she couldn’t meet him and that she wished he had a nice summer, the world’s best summer, well guess what, he wasn’t.

He looked down at his phone and noticed he had one more notification, a missed call from Noora. Why would Noora called him? He was about to find out.

“Hello?” Noora said

“Hi, Noora? I have a missed call from you?”

“Oh, yes, it’s true. I called you yesterday”

“What for?” Yousef asked

“Uh…well actually it’s because you weren’t answering Sana’s text. I know it sounds stupid but I was worried”

“I left my phone at work and I haven’t got it until now” Yousef explained

“That makes sense.” Noora said “So, did you text Sana back?”


“And when are you meeting?”

“Apparently never” he said bitterly


“I asked her if we could meet on Friday and she said that she can’t this week and that she wishes I have a nice summer”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I wish”

“Ah, I can’t believe this girl!” Noora said exasperated

“It’s okay Noora, she’s just not interested in me. I get it”

“No Yousef, you don’t get it. Look, I shouldn’t tell you this but she was really excited to meet you, she…she likes you Yousef and if she’s cancelled your date it’s because something must’ve happened”

“What do you mean she likes me? She doesn’t”

“She does and I’m going to find out what is going on”

“Wait! What should I do? Should I text her? Should I go to see her?”

“No, she clearly needs space. I’ll fix it, we’ll fix it”


“I’ll find help, you just…keep on with your life like nothing happened”

“Noora, you just told me that the girl I’m in love with likes me back, you can’t expect me to act like nothing happened”

“For this plan to work you’ll have to”

“What plan?”

“Bye Yousef”

“Noora! What plan?” he said but she had already hanged up the phone.

Yousef sighed and sat down on the bed.

“She likes me” he whispered to himself with a goofy smile “she likes me”


“Pick up, pick up, pick up” Noora said pacing around her room nervously


“Elias? Hi it’s Noora, Sana’s friend”


“I know this is weird but I need to talk with you”

“How did you get my number?”


“Okay…what do you want to talk about?”

“What do you think about Sana and Yousef?” Noora just asked

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think about Sana and Yousef being together? Are you okay with that?”

“Sana and Yousef? I thought Yousef was with you”

“No! Why everybody keeps thinking that?. There’s nothing between us. He’s in love with your sister and she’s pretty much in love with him too”

“Oh…okay uh…Well, I’ve seen those two pining for each other since they met”

“So, you’re okay with them being together?”

“Yes, yes, I’m totally okay with it”

“Cool, ‘cause I need your help”

“My help with what?” Elias asked confused

“We need to get those two to talk. I have a plan. Are you in?”

“Yes, I’m in but what is the plan?”

“Meet me at my house in two hours and I’ll tell you. Oh! And bring the rest boys, they all need to know. And of course you can’t tell anything to Yousef or Sana”


“Okay, everyone’s here right?” Noora said as she stood in the middle of the Kollektiv living room

Vilde, Eva and Chris were sitting on one of the couches while Mikael, Adam and Mutta sat in the other one. Isak and Even were also there both sitting on the floor with Isak between Even’s legs and his back resting against his chest. Eskild and Linn were also sitting on the floor around the table. Finally Elias was standing right beside Noora.

“Why are we here exactly?” Eskild asked

“Well, actually I don’t really need you or Linn but since you also live here I thought you could hang out with us if you wanted” Noora said shrugging

“So I don’t have to be here? I can go to my room?” Linn asked

“Yes, Linn you can”

See ya” Linn said standing up and leaving.


“Oh no Noora, I’m staying”

“Okay, so the thing is…we need to talk about Sana and Yousef”

“We need to get those two together and soon before Yousef leaves” Elias added

“So Sana likes Yousef? I mean we all knew Yousef’s been in love with her for years but Sana too?”

“Sana likes him a lot!” Vilde said excited

“She told me” Eskild added

“And me!” Isak said

“Okay so long story short, I got Sana to text Yousef so they could meet but then she backed off and…” Noora started

“I’ve talked to my mom. I asked her if she knew something about Yousef and Sana, I told her how I thought they liked each other and I really thought they should be together. Well, she told me that Sana received Yousef’s message while being with her and that she told Sana that she should think about the difficulties she’d have to face if she married Yousef. So basically?” Elias continued

“She backed off because she’s scared” Noora ended

Everyone in the room looked at them trying to process all the information.

“Are you sure you want to be with William, Noora? I mean you two would make a powerful couple” Eskild said pointing at Noora and Elias

“We’re here to talk about Sana and Yousef, Eskild” Noora said rolling her eyes “Okay so I talked to Yousef and I told him Sana liked him and that I’d fix it so that’s why we’re here, to fix it”

“And how are we going to do that?” Eva asked

“Well, we need to lie to them” Elias said

“On Friday Sana will be with us, we will be driving around with our van” Noora explained

“And us boys, we will be with Yousef and we will take him some place he and my sister apparently went in their first and only sort of date. Sana told Noora about it apparently” Elias said

“Yes, she told me that they had been playing basketball and that they had talked, like really talk, for the first time so I think it’d be nice if we plan their meeting there”

“So we will take Yousef there” Elias explained to the boys “Isak, Even you two can come if you want and also your boys. And the girls…”

“We will drive around with Sana and we will take her there without her knowing” Noora finished

Again everyone just stared at them.

“Yeah, I see what you mean” Mutta told Eskild pointing at Noora and Elias “They definitely make an interesting couple”

“Can we focus?” Elias said clapping his hands

“Have you understood what you have to do?” Noora asked “Any questions?”

Eskild raised his hand slowly

“Yes Eskild?”

“I have a question” he said turning to look at Adam and Mikael who were sitting on the couch “How long have you two been dating?”

“What? what are you talking about?” Adam said removing his arm from Mikael’s shoulder and sitting straight.

“You’ve been holding hands since you arrived” Eskild said

“No, we haven’t” Mikael said

“There’s nothing between us, we’re bros that’s it” Adam added

“Okay…whatever…not pressuring you. Just know that my gaydar never fails” Eskild winked at them

“We’re not together” Mikael said

“We’re not. Come on guys say something” Adam looked around waiting for someone to defend them but they were all awkwardly silent.

Guys?” Mikael asked

Even held back a smirk while Elias looked at the floor and Mutta scratched the back of his neck.

“So, what time should we meet tomorrow?” Mutta asked breaking the silence

“Around 8 will be okay, any more questions?” Noora said


“Where are we going? I thought we were going to chill at Adam’s” Yousef said on Friday evening as he walked with the boys

“We were, but we thought that we could go to another cool place instead” Elias said

“What cool place?”



“Why are you stopping Chris?” Sana asked as she sat inside their Loser van

“Uh, I think we can rest for awhile here” Chris said

“Where are we?” Sana said trying to look at the windows but Noora Vilde and Eva were blocking her view

“Okay Sana? We need to talk” Noora said


“What are we doing here?” Yousef said when he realized where he was “What is this?”

“Yousef man, we need to talk” Elias said “We need to talk about my sister”

“Sana? What about her?”

Well, see that van parked over there?” Elias said pointing behind him “She’s inside”

“What? Why? What is going on?” Yousef said anxiously


“Sana…look where we are” Eva said moving so she could see

Sana got closer to the window and recognized the place instantly. They were on the basketball court where she and Yousef had had their first and only real conversation.

“But how? Why? What are we doing here?” Sana asked confused

“Yousef is here, Sana” Noora said “And you two need to talk”


“Just listen to me okay?” she said “Sana that boy, he’s in love with you and you’re in love with him and I know you’re scared because you think that you two can’t be together, I know you think that it’ll be impossible but Sana he’s a good guy, you know that. He would never do anything to hurt you. And look, at the end of the day, this is your decision and we will respect it but you need to at least talk to him and tell him how you feel.”


“Yousef I know you’re in love with my sister”


“And she’s in love with you”


“She’s in love with you but she’s scared. She thinks that you two can’t be together because you’re not muslim. But you are Yousef, you are the most muslim boy I know, you’re the best guy I know and I wouldn’t want anyone else for my sister. And I know you two can make it work. All you have to do is talk to each other, prove to her that you’re worth it”


“Sana, are you really in love with him?” Noora asked

Sana nodded holding back the tears

“So go there and tell him”


“Yousef, are you really in love with her?” Elias asked

Yousef nodded closing his eyes

“So go there and tell her”


Sana took a deep breath and got out of the van. A few meters from her she saw Yousef standing with Elias and the rest of the boys, but he wasn’t looking at them, he was looking at him.


Yousef saw her getting out of the van, his heart skipped a beat and before he could stop himself he started walking towards her, his eyes never leaving hers.


She walked towards him and for a moment it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist. It was as if she was walking in slow motion, her eyes never leaving his.


They kept walking towards each other until they were only a step away.

“I’m in love with you” both of them said at the same time

They stared at each other’s eyes, trying to process their words.

“I’m sorry” again, they spoke at the same time.

Yousef couldn’t help but chuckle while Sana shook her head smiling. They either didn’t talk at all or they wanted to talk at the same time.

“You first” Yousef nodded

“I’m sorry Yousef, I’m sorry for giving you mixed signals and for being always back and forth with you. I just…I’m in love with you but I’m scared, scared that we won’t work. I thought…I thought that I’d rather lose you now than in a few years” she said as tears were rolling down her face

“But you don’t have to lose me. Sana, I’m in love with you, I’ve been in love with you pretty much since I met you. And I know it’s not going to be easy and that we will have bad moments but I think that the good moments will be totally worth it. Sana I respect you and I respect your faith and I would never ever do anything to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“I know you wouldn’t…” She said sniffling

He swallowed hard trying to keep his own tears from falling

“Sana is your choice and I’ll respect it but…don’t you think that a chance of being together is worth the risk?”

“It won’t be easy” she warned him

“I don’t want easy, I want you, just the way you are”

“And you’re leaving tomorrow” she said looking at the floor

“I’m not”

“What?” she looked up at him frowning

“You said you couldn’t meet this week so I postponed the flight a month” he said shrugging

“What? Why would you do that?”

“Don’t you remember? Alt for deg girl”

Sana’s face lit up and her lips curved into a big smile. She took the step that was keeping them apart and wrapped her arms around his neck. He was taken aback for a moment but soon hugged her back.

“Does this mean you’re giving us a chance?” he whispered in her ear

She pulled apart and looked at him with a big smile


“Yeah?” he asked smiling

“Yes” she nodded

“SHE SAID YES!” he shouted using his hands to amplify his voice

Suddenly everyone started to cheer them, on one side the girl squad who had been standing by the van the whole time and were now hugging each other, and on the other side the balloon squad and the boy squad who were clapping their hands and patting each other’s backs excited.

“They’re going to think that you just proposed to me or something” Sana laughed

“I can’t help it. I’m the happiest man alive right now. Are you happy?” he asked grinning at her

“I’m happy” she said smiling right back at him.


Prompt:  Hey I don’t know if you’re taking any prompts but I have one based on today’s clip… Noora has had enough of the will they/won’t they with Yousana, and decides to get the girl squad, balloon squad, boy squad/Evak etc to help her FINALLY get yousana together to talk and admit their feelings for each other. Basically everyone scheming to get those kids together.. thank you xx

So this is it!

I hope you’ve liked it!

If Julie screws up tomorrow at least we will always have this

Just imagine that Yousef and Sana walking towards each other was in slow motion okay?

And YES I’m going to hint at Elias x Noora and Mikael x Adam for the rest of my life until they’re canon

Thank you so much for reading!!!

anonymous asked:

In my story there's a scene in which my bilingual protagonist is speaking to her also-bilingual grandmother. Is it realistic to have them regularly switch between languages?

As someone who is extremely fluent in Spanglish, yes. I do this all. the. time. to my parents and it drives them crazy. My cousin can even flawlessly switch languages within the same sentence so you get such gems as “Yo no se why the gato no quiere ir to the park” which is like grammatically correct and totally makes sense if you’re fluent in both languages (it also totally makes other people super confused which is fun. I once did this on purpose with Spanish, English and French with my sister just to annoy another cousin 😈).

Just a little tip, in my experience kids who grew up with two languages are more likely to the weird switch thing than someone that learned a second language later on in life and have a clear native language. For me, my sister and cousin who learned Spanish before English but grew up in Canada with English we can and do switch often when speaking to other bilingual people, depending on the context. I think it’s because we’re fluent and comfortable enough with both that we just choose the words that fit best? I don’t really know to be honest, it’s just weird. However, our parents and other adult family friends like them who grew up with Spanish and learned English as a second language and occasionally struggle with the finer points usually stick to Spanish if they can. So because of this the grandmother could be slightly annoyed by this but she could still go along with it for her granddaughter. 

100 Reasons Why I Love You – Theo Imagine

Requested by Anon: Can you do a Theo imagine where you are his gf and you always had been there for him, supporting him, defending him, and he never understood why you are still with him after everything he had done. And one night he asks you why love him and you give him like a hundredreason why you love him? i just need something fluff and cute w theo!!

Word Count: 1,293

Warnings: Mentions of sex but no descriptions. one curse word, and FLUFF!!!!!

Author’s Note: Feedback is always appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by hugwithsleep

Y/N sighed in contentment as she snuggled closer to Theo in their shared bed. He had his arms loosely wrapped around her figure, which she found a bit odd. He always held her tight against him, with the intentions of never letting her go and holding on to her for every second possible. Wanting for his affection, she buried her face at the crook of his neck, but got no reaction from him. In fact he was tense. Something was bothering him and she didn’t know how to approach it. Theo had never been good at talking about his feelings.

She slowly and carefully started tracing random shapes on his chest as she peppered his neck with small kisses. “Babe?” Theo hummed in response. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he sighed deeply.

She looked up and quirked an eyebrow at him. “Liar.”

Theo just gave her a small smile, which surprised her even more. She expected him to chuckle, maybe even defend himself, but he didn’t. She knew this was serious.

She gently pulled his chin down, making him look at her. “Talk to me, babe,” she said softly.

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Them Coming Home And Finding Her Curled up Watching Ice Age: BTS


I feel like SeokJin is a very family kind of guy, so seeing you like that would simply make him think of the right decisions he took to be able to meet you, and that he would not trade you for anyone.


He would turn so soft, like no fucking joke. So soft, and so happy, and he would just feel at home, and his tiredness and everything else would go away as he’d just want to cuddle up to you like a cat.


So much emotion you might even see this man tearing up while holding your bouquet of roses, and I’m not joking. It would be the closest to home he would ever feel, and the fact that it’s the love of his life would make the experience all the more worthwhile.

Rap Monster:

He’d simply saunter off towards you, plopping into the sofa at your side and wrap himself all around you, challenging you to a night-long marathon of animations or something of the sort. He’d simply want to relax with you.


Personally, I feel like JiMin would be a mix between Jin and Hobi. Nothing less and nothing more. He’d think that he wanted to spend his life simply living in that moment, getting very emotional out of nowhere.


I think that he’d be very confused whether he wanted to continue watching you in that beautiful, half-sleepy state, or join you and feel you close to him.


He might make fun of you for watching such `childish` movies even though he literally loves them to pieces. In the end, he’d join you in your watch, all the while teasing you.

hunter-hi  asked:

Chubby phil hc???

It’s not that Phil dislikes it, not at all. He just can’t focus with Dan all over him constantly.

And yes, he understands he’s getting a bit… larger. He’s getting older, and his body is reshaping itself, the food he eats is going straight to his thighs and hips and middle. And he understands that Dan absolutely loves it. Really, he’s obsessed with it. He just doesn’t get why, or why Dan has to be on him 24/7.

While he’s editing, eating, on his laptop, playing video games… constantly. Dan is either cuddling him; clinging to him like a bloody koala, or trying to get in his pants; straddling him, massaging his thigh, kissing his neck or jaw.

“Dann,” he whined, trying to play his game while Dan was peppering his face with small kisses, sitting on his lap. “Baby, I really need to focusss.”

Dan pouted, resting his head on Phil’s chest. He drew unknown images with his finger on his shoulders and chest and down to his stomach. Phil squirmed.

He sighed, pausing the game and looking at his boyfriend. “Dan, look, what’s going on with you? You’re being so clingy, are you okay?”

“Yes,” Dan said, frowning. “I just love you. Can’t I just love you?”

Phil grabbed Dan’s hands, intertwining their fingers. “Yes, but I think it’s more than that. You’ve been all over me constantly.”

Dan bit his lip, shrugging. “I just… i just really like your body, okay.”

Phil frowned. “Why?”

“It’s so…” Dan’s eyebrows furrowed, trying to think of a word. “Soft.”

“Soft,” Phil repeated.

“Yeah! It’s like every part of you is a new beautiful field for me to explore, and I’m addicted.”

Phil laughed, rolling his eyes. “Or you’re crazy, and I’m just getting fat.”

Dan’s eyes flashed, and the corners of his mouth turned down. “Do you not like it?”

“Baby, I love you, and I love that fact that you want to always be touching me…” he shrugged. “But I don’t know, I don’t necessarily adore the fact that none of my clothes fit me properly…”

“I’ll buy you new clothes,” Dan said immediately, and he looked far too worried in Phil’s opinion. “I will, you need to appreciate this.”

Phil frowned, confused. “What is there to appreciate?”

Dan sighed, moving to straddle Phil again, draping his arms over his shoulders.

“The fact that you’re getting cuddlier, and when you hold me, I feel like I’m being enveloped in love and fluff.” Dan smiled. “The fact that your collarbones are less prominent, and I can leave love bites all over them now. The fact that your cheeks are squishier and there’s more room to kiss.” Dan kissed one, as if just to prove his point. “And your tummy is a perfect pillow, and Jesus, I just want my head between your thighs constantly.”

Dan slid his hands over Phil’s chest, cupping his face in his hands. “There’s just so much more to love.”

Phil was silent, soaking in this new information. He touched Dan’s lower back, pulling him closer.

“Kiss me,” was all he could say, before his lips were on Dan’s and he was lost in his hands and mouth and the literal pure love in Dan’s touch.

Maybe being chubby wasn’t so bad after all. Yeah, Phil could survive this for a little while longer.

anonymous asked:

While open to the idea of nonbinary genders, I am confused by the grammar of it all. I know you prefer "they/them," but I've also occasionally seen "hir/shi" used. Do you know if the pronouns are used for the same circumstances, or is there some nuance I'm not getting between them?

Some people prefer to use new pronouns. They look at the English language and go “Well if the word doesn’t exist then I’ll make a new word!” Like true pioneers. I admit I’m pretty naive about a lot of these pronouns but I do know they exist and if someone likes them then I will use them if asked. Cause it’s common courtesy ya know.

Harley’s Daughter Imagine: That Dress

Request: (anon) Love your stories! Can you do an image on where the clown princess is just super shy and not really self confident? Then Harley takes her to the club, dances with her and shows her that she shouldn’t give a sh*t about what others are thinking of her? That it is important so be yourself, especially when you’re the princess of the underworld 😏💪🏻That would be awesome!


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Cat Grant Appreciation Week

Day 4: Favourite inspiring speech or advice.

This is a breakup scene. It packs more punch than Kara’s actual breakups, for a start. Cat is hurt. By the end, Kara is devastated. But even in such an emotionally charged exchange, Cat is still bringing it as a mentor. 

She isn’t even mean. Not in the way she could have been. Kara gave Cat something so unexpected: a chance to know the son she gave away. Not only by getting him there, but by smoothing the path once Adam arrived. So when he showed an interest in her assistant? Cat saw a way not just to get him, but to keep him.

Who better to trust than it’s worth it, family always is Sunny Danvers? Surely she’s the last person to send Adam away. She does, and she breaks Cat’s heart right along with it.

Does Cat call her names? Threaten to fire her again? No. She uses her own failings, the ones so freshly dragged to the surface, and gives Kara a lesson from them. About priorities, about putting the work before the people you care about. About the difference between a career (a calling) and a life. A whole and happy life.

In fact, from this moment on, I think our relationship should be strictly professional. Boss, employee. That way, everything is very clear. Nobody gets confused. Nobody gets hurt.

It’s a rejection, one that stings Kara (and Cat herself, honestly) but in a lot of ways it’s the best possible decision for Kara’s job security and progression. In theory. We all know it’s better when they’re close, when they’re up in each other’s business, but when their personal lives have encroached on work this is probably smarter.

But the fact that even in heartbreak Cat still points out the mistakes to Kara gives away just how much she cares, how much she’s desperately trying not to. Sometimes the best advice is the toughest to hear.

Panicking And Flirting.

Jughead x Reader 


Summary: Reader has a panic attack but Jug comes and saves the day but not forgetting to make sure he sees his damsel in distress later on for dinner. 

Words: 1407

Warnings: It could be triggering but it’s really not anything too intense.

Originally posted by mallverine

I didn’t really tell people about my anxiety because no one actually payed enough attention to notice or to care so I would just live life as normal and hope I could avoid situations that I knew made me anxious and panicky. This was hard because even though I had anxiety I still tried to be as out going and confident which made it hard to try balance the two.

But today was different, so many things were going horribly and I was actually surprised that I had held it together this long. I walked in the student lounge and set my bag on a table to try find something to eat because I felt like I was going to be sick. I wasn’t alone for long because soon after the school jock, Reggie, walked in with his little minions and a few other people like Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper walked in and sat on the couches.

Not finding anything in my bag I took money from my pocket and went to the vending machine in hopes they would have a energy bar. I just got to the vending machine when Reggie stepped in front of me, I tried to ignore it and move to the side but he kept following me and all his friends were laughing or passing around snarky remarks.

“What’s wrong (Y/N/N) am I in your way?” He slurred meanly as he stood over, getting too close in general.

“Please Reggie.” I whispered and tried stepping to one side to get past but he mimicked my move.

“Sorry princess, I didn’t hear you.” He smirked, I turned around and started walking away when he pulled me by me jacket sleeve. I got pulled back and was now leaned against the cold vending machine while Reggie snatched my money away from me, “What would you like?” He purred, I know this was just playful boy flirting but it was too much. My anxiety was over the roof and I couldn’t stop it now, I was pushed too far and there was no turning back.

I just stared at him in shock and helplessness, "Helllooo earth to (Y/N).” He mocked, all his friends started laughing and I couldn’t help it any longer, the tears just fell and there was no point in stopping them now. A confused expression came over Reggie’s face  before he started laughing hysterically. I was now shaking, with tears running down my face, sobs and breaths choking in my throat and had a group of teenage boys laughing at me.

“Hey assholes! What the fuck are you doing.” I heard someone say from the end of the room, the laughter grew from the boys.

“We did nothing, she just started freaking out.” Reggie said between his laughs.

“Get out, all of you.” The voice said, I could see him in the corner of my eye, dark hair and a smallish frame. “Before I call Weatherbee.”

“Okay, calm done Mr. detective.” Reggie laughed, “Come boys, lets go.” He called and walked out the room with his friends.

I felt two hands wrap around my shoulder, they felt softer than the voice’s, I didn’t open my eyes as they lead me to one of the couches and sat me down. I opened my eyes, they burned and I was still shaking, battling to breath, my stomach doing flips, and my hair matted to my wet cheeks.

“(Y/N) it’s Betty, and Archie and Veronica and, you know what it’s the whole gang here actually,” she chuckled slightly, “Just relax, breath in… and out.” She carried on for a while until I calmed down a little. I sat there for a good thirty seconds after she got me to stop crying, the all watched me, which wasn’t making things better. I looked around the room, Veronica and Archie giving me emphatic smiles but when my eyes fell on Jughead he looked panicked himself. I looked over at Betty, she saw my shy expression and chased Veronica and Archie off to get us all food. Betty told me to stay where I was while she got me a new shirt from her gym locker because I had used mine to wipe away my tears.

As she walked out the room Jug turned to me, “Are you okay (Y/N/N)?” He got up and sat next to me carefully and handed me his jacket.

“Yes, thank you Jug.” I said and gave him a teary smile as I draped the jacket over my shoulders.

“You’re still shaking.” He pointed out, I sighed when he continued “What’s wrong, because I feel like that there.” He pointed in the direction of the vending machine, “Was the tipping point of something much worse.“ He talked with a soft tone as his gaze raked over me.

"It’s been a long day.” I said, he was clearly unsatisfied with my answer because he sighed and looked at me like I needed to explain further but when I remained silent he didn’t give up.

“Have you eaten?” He interrogated me further. I shamefully shook my head, his eyes widened slightly and he began to rummage through his backpack only to pull out a bag of chips and handed them to me. I held them as we spoke not wanting to eat his food. “You’ll be fine now right, just a sugar low? Do you need water?”

“It’s just my anxiety, Juggie.” I said quickly with a soft voice. “Relax, I’m fine now.”

He looked up, his brows furrowed together in confusion, “I never knew…”

“Because I’ve never told anyone.” I cut him off while shaking my head.

“But Betty knew, when I got up to make them stop, she knew what to do.” He stared at the ground with his elbows on his knees.

"Betty has dealt with it before…” I replied back monotonously.

“Oh.” He frowned and fiddled with his dark hair for a moment, “But you’ll be okay right?” He said taking my hand for reassurance.

“Yeah,” I said taking his hand and smiling at him, “Thanks for helping Jug.” I squeezed his hand and settled back into the couch.

“Anytime.” He said with a grin. We sat in silence for a few seconds, my heart went from racing because of fear to excitement. “Do you want to come to Pop’s tonight with me? We could talk more about this?” He motioned to in between us with a giddy smile on his face.

“And what would this be?” I smirked playfully.

“So you don’t want a this?” He acted sad but then squeezed my hand making sure I knew he was joking. “So, Pop’s tonight?” His eagerness evident in his tone.

I could feel the blood rush to my face, he arched an eyebrow waiting for an answer. Just when I was going to say yes Archie and Veronica walked in and I mentally groaned, why couldn’t they’ve waited two more seconds?

“Turkey sandwich madam?” Veronica placed the neatly packaged sandwich on my lap and Archie handed me a bottle of water.

“Thanks guys.” I said immediately unwrapping the food and taking a huge bite, I could feel my stomach settle almost instantly. Jughead had pulled his hand away from mine when they entered the room but that didn’t stop him from giving me sweet glances, every time he looked over at me I couldn’t help but get butterflies.

I looked over at Jughead because he was staring at me, he mouth Pop’s  and shrugged his shoulders I then gave him a quick nod and we turned back to the conversation. I watched the grin grow on his face as he pretended to listen to Veronica. The bell went and Archie shot up saying something about forgetting his math homework and left the three of us alone.

Jughead stood up stretching and then held a hand out for me, “I’ve sorta got AP English now.” He said as I took his hand and pulled myself up next to him, “but I’ll see you later.” He smirked and fixed his hair before heading off to class. I grinned and felt the blush burn on my cheeks.

“Was that what I think it was?” Veronica squealed, I bit back a smile and nodded causing her to erupt in a fit of giggles and squeals, “Come on we have to find Betty!” she exclaimed and took my hand dragging me down the corridor.

Unrequited Love

Hey angels!
I’m not quite happy with this one, but I hope you like it anyway. Feedback is always appreciated! xx

Also, please note that my mother tongue isn’t English so there might be some mistakes. Feel free to correct me if I made mistakes!

Requested by Anon: „hey i was just wondering if you could write a jughead x reader one on unrequited love. maybe with a happier ending tho. thanks boo! Xx“

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Warnings: self-hate
Words: 1,487

My whole life Jughead and I have known each other. At first we weren’t really friends but as we got older we also got closer. We never were as close as he was with Archie, but close enough to share almost every secret and feeling with the other. However, as we got older I also started to notice that the way I feel and act around him has changed. My heart began to beat faster whenever I was with him. I had this indescribable tingling in my stomach. I couldn’t control my mouth anymore, it constantly was formed in a big smile. But the worst change was my confidence when he was near me. I began to stutter and I was a nervous mess.

I was confused and tried to push the unknown feelings away, not really caring what’s the meaning behind them. But one day when I realized that they got worse I decided to ask my mom, finally wanting to know what that means. She just had a big smile on her face and told me that love feels that way. I remember how I shrugged her off, telling her that she’s wrong and that we’re just friends. Since then she always smirked when she sees Jughead and me together. A few months later I’ve come to realize that she was indeed right about my feelings for him. Since then I tried my best to be my usual self around him.

I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that he doesn’t feel the same, that he deserved better anyway. After a while I’ve decided to ask Veronica to help me to get over him. She wasn’t a big help, though. All she did help me with is telling him, and when I say she helped me I mean she forced me in her own loving but yet determining way. “Believe me, he’s totally head over heels for you,” she assured me with a smile. After she convinced me, we, mostly she, planned my confession to him. To say that Veronica’s excited would be an understatement.

And that’s how I ended up here in the student’s lounge. My heart beats like crazy and my breath is probably the quickest it could be. “Jug, erm, could we… Could we talk for a minute? Alone,” I ask, trying to avoid eye contact with him. “Sure,” the raven-haired boy says, standing up and following me to an quieter spot. I quickly glance to Veronica, who gives me a thumb up. “Is everything alright, Y/N?” His voice sounding concerned. My eyes are fixed to the ground, too nervous to look in his. I take a deep breath and open my mouth when Betty enters the room, telling us that she needs to tell us something important. “Can we talk later?” the boy in front of me asks me. “Yeah.”

To be honest  I’m a bit hurt that Betty was a higher priority to him than I am. Sighing I walk up to my friends, sitting down next to Veronica. Betty begins to tell us her oh so important story but I don’t listen to it, too busy to sink into my own thoughts. Should I really confess to Jughead? If I don’t, Ronnie’s going to rip off my head, I think, biting my lip. I get pulled out of my thoughts when I feel someone grabbing my hand and squeezing it lightly. Confused I look at her, wanting to know the reason for her action. She just looks straight forward. My eyes follow hers. I freeze at scene in front of me. Jughead’s arm is wrapped around Betty, obviously trying to comfort her. I let my eyes wander between them, noticing the loving look they exchange. A sick feeling starts to fill my stomach. The others must have notice the odd behavior, too, since all of them have confused look on her face. My mouth slightly opens. All I can think of is the way he holds her.

As realization dawns, my chest tightens. I can’t stay here, I think as I stand up quickly. “Where are you going?” All eyes are on me now, making me feel more uncomfortable. “I, erm, I forgot that I have to do… stuff,” I stutter, collecting my stuff and exit the room as fast as possible. I try my hardest to hold back the tears as my vision gets blurry. Knowing that my parents aren’t home I decide it’s the best to just go home. The walk home don’t last long since I basically ran the whole time. The first thing I do when I get home is going in my room and sit down on my bed. Not strong enough to hold the tears back anymore, I let them flow freely down my cheeks.

How could I be this blind? Of course he would fall for her. Stupid me. Who would pick a daisy in a field of roses, right?

I don’t know how long I cry for but after some time the tears stop. All that’s left is that hurt but yet empty feeling. With dry eyes I take my phone out of my pocket and unlock it. Veronica sent me a message, asking me if I’m still up for Pop’s. I type a simple ‘yes’ even though I know that Jug and Betty will be there. Sighing I stand up, making my way to the bathroom since I have to re-do my makeup. When I look in the mirror my breathe stops for a moment. I look how I feel. I not only have red and puffy eyes, I look exhausted in general. “That’s gonna be a lot of work,” I murmur to myself.

Sighing I enter Pop’s, automatically walking to our usual booth. Betty is the first one that notices me. “Hi,” she smiles at me. My eyes wander to Jughead, who’s sitting right next to her. “Hey,” I reply, putting on a fake smile. “Is everything alright? You stormed off quite fast earlier,” Betty says, concern lacing in her voice. “Yeah, I just had this really important thing to do,” I lie with a small smile, while sitting down next to Veronica. I sense how she sends me a worried look. I turn to her and mouth 'I’m fine, really’. She narrows her eyes, not believing me. I roll my eyes at her and turning back to Betty and Jughead. “Anyways, can you believe-” And that’s when I space out. My eyes are fixed on the two person in front of me. Betty leans on Jughead and laughs about something. He looks at her and smiles lightly. I always knew he doesn’t feel the same but seeing how he happy is with her really hurts. Although looking at them hurts me, I can’t seem to look away.

She’s so much prettier than I am. I understand why he fell for her. I wouldn’t choose me, either.

I feel tears filling my eyes and my throat closing. It’s getting harder to breathe. The world’s spinning around me. I’m trying to focus on my breathing but it seems impossible. I quickly stand up, mumbling a quiet 'I gotta go use the bathroom’ and leaving the table. As soon as I enter the bathroom I slide down the wall and let the tears flow for the second time today. The room is empty, all you can hear is my sobbing. I’m too focused on crying that I don’t notice how someone opens the door and sit down next to me. Arms are wrapped around me and soft words are whispered in my ear.

I look up, seeing a sad smiling Veronica. My mouth opens but before I can say anything Veronica mumbles, “I know”. We sit in silence for a few minutes until  I decide to speak up. “Why does it have to hurt so much, Ronnie?” I sob, laying my head on her shoulder. “I don’t know,” she mutters. Her hand starts to trace patterns on my back, trying to comfort me. “I’m sorry, Y/N/N,” Veronica says quietly. “For what?” She sighs, tightens her grip around me. “I told you he feels the same. I got your hopes up” Guilt filling her voice. “It’s not your fault, Ronnie. You can’t make him love me” a sad smile on my face. “He doesn’t deserve you, anyway,” she tries to cheer me up. “What do you think if we order some pizza and then watch a movie at my place?” the girl suggests with a smile on her face. “Just you and me, right?” She nods and wipes away my tears. “Of course,” she replies, standing up. I follow her suit and stand up. A small smile forms on my face when I realize how lucky I am to have a friend like her. Although I still feel heartbroken I know that I will get through this with her by my side.

Imprisoned AU

AU where the bros are actually inmates in prison.

Gladio is there for assault. Despite how menacingly jacked he is, he has the smallest sentence out of all of them, he just got a little too angry one day while drunk and accidentally may have broken the limbs of some poor guy.

Ignis is there for attempted manslaughter and murder. As it turns out, he created an elaborate scheme where he indirectly forced two coworkers to try and kill each other, then finished the job himself after. Just for fun, and to see if he could do it. If you ask him for details, he just smiles.

Noctis is there for theft and sexual assault. “Which isn’t true, she came onto me first. I just took a little compensation from her.”

“Dude, you somehow managed to take her car, her father’s car, her grandma’s jewelry and… and everything including her doghouse in a single night, how is that a little?”

“Meh. If you want a night with me though, the only compensation I’ll need is you being good to me.”

Prompto can only laugh nervously because this guy has already stolen his heart even before he said anything. Stupid master thieves with their dark and mysterious looks, chiseled features and hauntingly beautiful blue eyes.

Prompto gets put into the same cell as them, and it doesn’t take much to realize this cinnamon bun doesn’t belong in prison. They get to know him. They see how he misses his family, and how he’s good animals (even the guard dogs like him?? He’s like a freaking Disney Princess, birds gather around him during lunch time) Ironically though, he’s got the longest sentence of them all; he’s imprisoned for life.

“I-I don’t think I did it?” Prompto stammers, an incessant stream of tears flowing from wide, innocent eyes. “But maybe I just don’t remember and I actually did? I don’t know, I’m just really confused and I don’t want anyone to get in trouble but…”

And that’s how he kept bawling when they tried to ask about what he did. As it turned out, Prompto was just too scared to testify against someone else and all the blame got put on him. Over time, the three of them get attached to Prompto and they decide to break him out. They use every scrap of violent muscle, psychopathic genius and sly trickery between the three of them to do it.

So they nearly make it out of prison when the head security guard catches them. (It’s Regis, and his son is about to have the grounding of his life along with his friends.) Noctis, Gladio and Ignis all resign themselves to their increased sentence, because they honestly gave it their best effort and would likely fail if they tried again.

Until Prompto comes in, guns in both hands and shoots everyone in the room.

“Prompto, what the Astrals—That was my Dad!”

“Dude, these bullets are all rubber, you don’t think they actually give real ones to the guards around here do you? They’ll wake up with like, bruises tomorrow.”

As it turned out, he was a government agent from a different country (cough Niflheim cough) and had tried to assassinate the Lucian councilmen—and succeeded in multiple occasions while stealing highly classified secrets to boot. He’s supposedly given the authorities the slip dozens of times, giving him the title of “Quicksilver”, the infamous and deceitful Agent NH-01987. In the end, Prompto ends up breaking the three of them out of prison, not the other way around.

“Iggy, I thought you were supposed to be in here for your evilly genius brain, but you couldn’t even figure out what I am?”

“The amount of times you’ve slipped on your own candy wrappers have been awfully convincing,” Ignis adjusted his glasses. “You certainly are deserving of your title, eight-seven.”

“That…” Prompto looked away, embarrassed. “That wasn’t an act, actually.”

Then, with Prompto’s mad skills, they break out of prison, steal a really cool sportscar for their getaway vehicle and live happily ever after. :D 

But they’re still a little psychopathic so they raise hell everywhere they go. :3

anonymous asked:

Hey! could you do a bughead thing where nobody knows their dating, but Betty's mom is being really horrible to her and Jughead defends her and everyone finds out their together? Thanks!

The gang was all hanging out at Archie’s watching a movie. Betty and Jughead sat close together, their hands intertwined underneath the blanket thrown over their laps. None of their friends knew they were dating and at the moment they wanted to keep it that way. It was their own private honeymoon, away from all of the drama that seemed to surround their friends. For the moment, Betty and Jughead were happy living in their own private world.

Veronica, Kevin, and Archie were all too involved in the movie to notice the small glances and smiles shared between the two.

What the did notice, was the sound of raised voices coming from downstairs. Archie paused the movie and they all went to investigate. They found Alice Cooper standing in the front doorway, yelling at Fred Andrews.

“Mom?” Betty asked, stepping forward.

“Betty, let’s go.”

“Mom, what is going on?”

“I’ve told you how I feel about you hanging out with these…people. Now let’s go Elizabeth.” Alice took Betty’s arm and started pulling her out the door, but Betty yanked free and stood her ground.
“No, mom these are my friends, and you are just going to have to accept that I am going to be hanging out with them, because I’m not going to stop” Betty said and Jughead felt a swell of pride watching his girlfriend stand up to her mom.

“Elizabeth” Alice stepped close to her daughter, her voice quiet and deadly calm. “We talked about this, you are too easily swayed by the people around you. You don’t have the strength of character to be around these people. You are too weak to be able to stand up to their bad influence.”

“Now wait a minute…” Fred Andrews started to defend his son and his friends, but Jughead interrupted him. He didn’t care if Alice insulted him, but he couldn’t stand the way she was talking about Betty.

“Mrs. Cooper, I think you have your daughter all wrong. She is the strongest person that I know. She makes us all better, not the other way around.” Jughead stepped forward so he was next to Betty. He felt the surprise looks of everyone in the room, he knew that standing up to Alice was not usually his thing. He usually avoided Betty’s confrontational mother at all costs, but Jughead’s protective side was taking over, keeping him from staying quiet.
“How dare you talk to me like I don’t know my daughter. I know my daughter better than anyone, better than she knows herself. Certainly better than you Jughead.” Alice said, her calm voice slipping slightly. Jughead saw her eyes widen in slight alarm as she looked between Betty and Jughead.

“No” Betty spoke up, stepping closer to Jughead and slipping her hand in his. “Actually mom, I think it’s Jughead who knows me better than anyone.” Jughead heard Veronica gasp behind them watched as Alice looked at their hands like she had never seen anyone hold hands before.

“Elizabeth…” Alice tried to recover her composure.

“Mom, I think you need to leave. You are embarrassing me and yourself.” Betty seemed to gain new confidence holding Jughead’s hand and her mom seemed to pick up on that. Alice could tell that she was not going to with this battle. So with one last seething look at Jughead, she turned on her heel and stormed out the door. Fred Andrews shut the door behind her, looking like he was trying really hard not to laugh. He gave Jughead a knowing wink and then headed upstairs.

Jughead, suddenly realizing that he was holding Betty’s hand in front of all of their friends made a move to let go, but Betty held on firmly. She gave him a smile as they turned to look at Veronica, Kevin, and Archie.

Veronica was looking at them in slight shock. Kevin was looking at them in glee. And Archie was looking at them in confusion.

“Oh my god, finally” Kevin was the first to speak up. “I was afraid you two were never going to get together.”
“Wait, what?” Archie was still looking between Jughead and Betty in confusion.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Jughead Jones stood up to Alice Cooper and held hands with her daughter while doing it.” Veronica shook her head in amazement. “That was some crazy stuff guys. Alice looked like she was going to blow a gasket.”

“Did you see her face when Betty took Jug’s hand. Priceless.” Kevin said in excitement.

“Wait, everyone slow down for a second. Did you…are you two…?” Archie struggled to find the words.

“Dating?” Jughead offered and Archie nodded his head.

“Yes, for a little while now. We were going to tell you guys eventually. We just wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little while” Betty said, squeezing Jughead’s hand.

“Wow, well I can’t say I saw this coming. But I’m happy for you guys.” Archie said, clapping Jughead on the shoulder.

“Thanks Arch” Jughead gave him a smile.

“Alright, let’s go finish the movie. But Betty, you are for sure spilling all of the juicy details soon. I can’t believe you kept this from me!” Veronica pulled Betty out of Jughead’s grasp and up the stairs. Betty threw an amused look over her shoulder at him. With a shake of his head, Jughead followed them.

This time, they did not need to use a blanket to hide their intertwined hands. This time, Jughead and Betty snuggled up on the couch openly. When Betty wrapped her arms around him and lay her head on his chest, Jughead was incredibly glad that their friends knew and they no longer had to hide.


Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Soulmate au

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

You were walking down the halls of your high school, best friend beside you babbling about another boy.

“And oh my god here he comes! I hope he’s my soulmate, y’know how awesome that’d be?” she squealed, before turning bright red when he locked eyes with her.

“Hello Irene.” Markus said smiling, before walking away.

“Oh my god he said hi to me!” she whispered holding onto you for support.

“Oh my god it’s just Markus that stuck up pompous asshole that has daddy issues.” you said rolling your eyes, you never could recall why Irene was so into Markus, he was the school’s golden boy, good grades always straight A’s, never got in trouble.

“You just don’t understand y/n, he’s so….” Irene sighed dreamily staring off into space.

“Irene? Earth to Irene!” you called waving your hand in front of her face when you felt a sharp pain in your finger. “Ouch.” you hissed bringing your hand to your face to inspect it.

“What’s wrong?” she asked finally brought back to earth. You paused and watched the red blood well up and form a small bubble on your finger. Sticking it in your mouth you tasted the iron, sighing you grabbed a band aid and secured it around your finger.

“It’s nothing, just a paper cut.” you said,

“How’d you get it? You weren’t even near paper.” she asked,

“I don’t know…” you mumbled, a conversation catching your ears.

“Damn Yoongi, did you get another paper cut?” Namjoon asked grabbing a band aid, “You’re always hurting yourself whether it be out fighting in the street or making music.” he shook his head.

“Fuck off Namjoon i’m fine I get them all the time.” Yoongi mumbled as Namjoon handed him a band aid.

“Y/n!” Irene called, narrowing her eyes, “Why were you staring at Yoongi? You do know that’s the Min Yoongi right? The one that you hate, the boy that spilled paint on your hair in third grade?” she asked,

“I wasn’t staring!” you huffed walking faster to put some distance between him and your confusion. Alas, luck was not on your side. “Oof.” you grunted, bumping into him.

“Well look who decided to drop by.” Yoongi smirked, “Couldn’t get enough of me last night?” he asked,

“What does he mean last night?” Irene hissed from behind you.

“Nothing!” you snapped,

“By the way you were screaming my name it sure wasn’t nothing sweetheart.” Yoongi drawled having fun twisting the story.

“I have a class to get to, move Yoongi.” you hissed before pushing past him Irene timidly following.

“What did he mean by last night? And why must you pick a fight with Yoongi every day? I fear for my life you do know he’s dangerous right? He fights in the streets, he’s in a gang I heard, all seven of those boys are dangerous!” Irene said determined to get answers.

“It was nothing, I was coming back from the convenience store and this guy tried to pull something, Yoongi came and stopped him.” you paused, “It was nothing!” you said, before walking into your chemistry class. Searching for a seat you found one in the back corner, just what you wanted. Walking up the aisle you passed none other than Markus.

“Not even gonna say hi baby?” He asked smirking, rolling your eyes you kept walking. “Aw c’mon I even saved a seat for you!” he called but you just ignored him sitting in the back,

“Class please be quiet we’re going to learn about the periodic table today!” The teacher called walking in. Soon you were lost in your own world, doodling in your leather book.

“And so that’s why this is….” the teacher droned on, you sighed. It was going to be a long class, the clock had barely moved to signal five minutes. Looking around the room your eyes landed on Yoongi. Hand moving on it’s own you scribbled black lines of ink on a page, filling in the hair before drawing the delicate neck. Looking down you realized that you had drawn him.

You had drawn Min Yoongi.

Slamming the book closed the teacher looked at you with disapproval. “Drawing in class again Miss y/n?” he asked,

“N-n-no sir!” you stuttered before catching Yoongi’s eye. Blushing you stared straight ahead for the rest of class.

Why did I draw him?

Shaking your head you quickly left class glad that you had a study hall next. You vowed to never show Irene she’d never let you live this down.

“Y/n!” Irene called motioning for you to join her at a table outside.  

“Hi,” you said sitting down and pulling out a pencil and your journal,

“Drawing again?” she asked looking over your shoulder,

“Yup,” you responded absentmindedly drawing the scene unfolding in front of you.

“Ya! Respect your hyungs you brat!” Yoongi snapped as Jungkook sprayed them with water. Laughing Namjoon used him as a shield to stay dry. Looking over he saw you staring at him, winking he laughed.

Embarrassed you looked down and saw that you had drawn him laughing as Jungkook sprayed them with water, groaning you closed the book and slammed your head on the table.

“What’s wrong?” Irene asked looking up from her phone,.

“Hey, the whole soul mate thing, do you believe in it?” you asked,

“Of course I believe in it, it’s been proven if you’re soul mates you feel the same pain they feel, the same emotions, it’s a beautiful connection! Don’t you have a tattoo on your wrist?” she asked, concern showing, “Y/n, the whole soul mate system, it works. I’ve seen it my parents are living proof, so are yours.” she sighed, “just because you haven’t found your soulmate doesn’t mean you should completely disregard the system.” Irene paused, “I haven’t found mine yet, besides I learned something interesting.” she paused, “I heard you got caught drawing in chem, you never get caught anymore. What’s going on?” she asked,

“Nothing, why I get caught all the time.” you defended,

“Oh, sure the last time you got caught was about five months ago, when Mr. Jung showed your drawing to the whole class you vowed to never get caught again, something’s up y/n and i’m gonna find out what.” she said before getting up and leaving for her next class. Groaning you reopened your journal and looked at the two pictures you had drawn, one of Yoongi’s head facing away from you and one of him laughing while Jungkook splashed water on him. Sighing you grabbed your bags and headed to your art class hoping that drawing the model today would get your mind out of the gutter.

“Oh! Y/n, I have the pencils you lent me last time! Thanks you really saved me!” Taehyung laughed as he handed you the pencils. “C’mon! Let’s sit do you know who’s modeling today?” he asked, you just shook your head and flipped to a new page before grabbing your charcoals. “I heard it’s Min Yoongi!” he whispered as the teacher walked in, “I don’t know what convinced him to model or what the teacher did but damn.” Taehyung giggled.

“Taehyung do you have something to share?” Ms. Park asked, “that’s what I thought, Class today we have a special guest modeling for us.” She clapped her hands before Opening the door, “Yoongi has agreed to model for us so I hope we all have fantastic drawings today!” smiling she had Yoongi sit on a stool in surrounded by easels. Internally groaning you picked up a piece of charcoal and stared at Yoongi.

You marveled at how the sunlight hit his hair just right making him seem like he almost glowed. He had porcelain skin and chocolate eyes. Everything about him was beautiful, and you hated that you loved it.

“Beautiful.” you whispered before finally getting to work after staring at him. Looking down at your blank sketchpad you marked it with bold black lines, soon a rough face formed. Glancing up so every often you found that Yoongi’s eyes never strayed from your view, he was always staring at you, analyzing you, watching you, but you didn’t mind that you found out.

Yoongi watched as your eyes flitted back and forth from his figure to your paper. It was mesmerizing, how each line you made on your paper was highly calculated and perfectly executed. It sent shivers down his back how whenever your eyes landed on his figure it was like you were memorizing him. Memorizing each and every nook and cranny, like you could see and point out each and every one of his flaws.

“Damn.” Taehyung breathed looking at your drawing, it was a living masterpiece. You had drawn every stray hair, every shadow down to how his eyes sparkled and his hands rested peacefully on the stool. “Y/n….” he started,

“What?” you asked, looking up at Yoongi before adding some more shading to his cheek bones.

“That, that’s not a drawing or a sketch y/n.” he looked up at Yoongi for a minute making him squirm before looking back down at your drawing, “That’s a masterpiece.”

“Why do I hear you guys talking and not drawing?” Ms. Park said walking over about to scold you both more when her eyes landed on your drawing. “My god….” She whispered before plucking it about to show it to everyone…….Yoongi included.

“No!” Suddenly burst from your mouth when you snatched your pad back and flipped to a new page, “I don’t want them seeing my artwork thank you though.” you muttered before starting a new one. Shrugging Ms. Park just walked away.

“Are you going to model for us tomorrow too Yoongi?” Ms. Park asked him, he nodded watching you leave silently. “She’s got talent,” she said noticing his interest in you, “She’s shy about her artwork though, that drawing of hers today was one of her best yet I’m surprised she didn’t want to show the class.” then she went to work on papers at her desk.

Grumbling you punched the numbers into a vending machine to get a snack waiting for Taehyung and Irene to meet up with you.

“Ya! Why didn’t you show the class your drawing?” Taehyung called walking next to Irene. You looked like a deer in the headlights holding a candy bar.

“What drawing?” Irene asked staring at you,

“She drew a beautiful drawing of Min Yoon-” Taehyung started but you suddenly slapped a hand over his mouth,

“Nothing!” You snapped staring at Taehyung pleading for him to not say anything, not that he needed to because Irene was a smart girl and had figured out who your model was.

“You drew Yoongi!” she said grinning before Yoongi came running around the corner.

“Ya! Listen to me!” Jaebum yelled chasing after him,

“No! Get away from me!” Yoongi called when he suddenly tripped over Taehyung’s thoughtfully placed foot falling face first into the concrete. “You little!” He started before playfully tackling Taehyung who just laughed as you and Irene slowly backed up when she suddenly gasped.

“Y/n,” she said, catching everyone’s attention looking at a couple of bruises forming on your arms and legs. Yoongi stared at you, “H-how?” she asked, “You didn’t do anything to hurt yourself….” she trailed off before glancing at Yoongi who had the same bruises, “But he did….” then it clicked, “He-he he-.” then, she fainted. Gaping you groaned internally before reaching down to pick her up. Nodding and ignoring Yoongi you walked with Taehyung to take Irene to the nurse.

“Hey, is it true that Yoongi’s your soul mate?” a classmate asked when you walked past her,

“Fuck off.” you groaned as you kept walking. You were were living a nightmare, out of all people Yoongi had to be your soulmate. The boy who poured paint in your hair in third grade, the boy who always tripped you during recess, the boy who terrorized your high school life.


“Goddammit!” Yoongi yelled kicking open an abandoned classroom door and slamming it shut Namjoon following.

“Dude what’s wrong? Have you heard the rumors about you and-” he started but Yoongi whipped around,

“Yes, I’ve heard the rumors Namjoon.” Yoongi hissed,

“W-well is it true?” Namjoon asked, Yoongi didn’t respond turning away. “Is it?”

“Yes.” He huffed, “and if one more student asks me about it I swear to god I’m going to kick them to africa.” Namjoon paused, before grinning.

“Don’t-don’t you like y/n though Yoongi?” he asked slyly,

“You-she doesn’t like me back anyways.” Yoongi said shrugging, “Besides she hates me and I’ve gotten over my middle school crush.” he said firmly before walking away to his class, “Are you coming?” he called over his shoulder. Namjoon just nodded praying that the poor classmates wouldn’t bother Yoongi today because he was pissed.

You stomped into your class to your spot in the back, noticing a smirking Markus you promised yourself that if he said anything you’d punch his sorry ass.

“Hey baby, why don’t you sit next to me today hmm?” he asked,

“She can’t she has a soul mate now Markie!” a girl giggled,

“All more reason for her to sit next to me,” he said smirking, “I’m better than Yoongi y/n I promise.” he winked at you as you walked away,

“Don’t bother she’s just a stuck up nerd anyways.” Jennie said smirking as she walked up to Markus, eye twitching you stomped up to her and slapped her across the face silencing everyone in the room,

“At least i’m not some slut that sleeps with every male in sight.” you snarled before stalking out of the room bumping into Yoongi who stood in the doorway shocked, never has he ever seen you slap someone with such force. “Move.” you said pushing him out of the way and disappearing around the corner,

“What ha-” Yoongi started but Jennie was furious, not to mention embarrassed.

“You tell your soulmate to watch out Min Yoongi, I’m not going to stay still and I will make her life living hell.” she hissed, but Yoongi narrowed his eyes,

“Have you forgotten who I am?” he asked raising an eyebrow before walking slowly towards her, “I can make you wish you were dead Jennie so think about your next move, I have a gang that would happily make your life living hell.” he whispered quietly, yet the whole class heard his threat and with that he walked out of the room.

You stomped down the hall kids jumping out of the way not wanting to face your anger. The thing was you didn’t even know why you were so angry, it was just like something snapped in you. You’re not normally a violent person and before you would have never dreamed of slapping Jennie.

What’s happening to me?