i get chills when sam says this

Civil War Characters as History of Japan Quotes
  • Steve: "Knock knock. It’s the United States."
  • Bucky: "A lot of people support him, but a lot of people support not supporting him."
  • Wanda: "You technically fought in the war, which means you get to sit at the negotiating table with the big dudes."
  • Sam: "And Japan says: “Can you maybe chill?” And Russia says: “How about maybe you chill?”"
  • Scott: "And Russia builds their railroad, supervised by a shit ton of soldiers. And then, when the railroad was done, they downgraded to a fuck ton."
  • Clint: "“That sucks.” they said. “This sucks!”
  • Tony: "And they stole China’s alphabet and wrote a book. About themselves."
  • Natasha: "♫Hire a samurai♫"
  • Peter: "Did I say downgrade? I meant upgrade."
  • Vision: "The shogun actually didn’t care. He was off somewhere doing poetry."
  • Rhodey: "And the United States started helping Britain because they are ♫Good friends♫."
  • T'Challa: "“Hi, China.” They said. “Hi, dipshit” said China."
Cuddles sammy

“I could really use cuddles”

Today it was snowing, and my car was packed in my the snow, as well as my driveway, the only way for me to get anywhere was to Walk. But since I didn’t have any plans you could say that I was fine with just chilling in my sweats without a bra and any make up on. When I felt my phone vibrate, looking down I saw it was from Sammy.


Y/N: have you seen what it’s like outside?

Sammy 😍: yes, that’s why I need you to come over.

Y/N: what for?

Sammy😍: so you can be the little spoon to my big spoon.

I honestly couldn’t wipe the smile off my face from that comment.

Y/N: maybe tomorrow after the snow plow comes?

I waited a few minutes, but after reading my message he didn’t reply. Causing me to feel grumpy and to throw my phone on the couch, not wanting to be tempted to text him again. So instead I turned on the tv before going on to Netflix and scrolling through shows before settling on the office.

I’d just started another episode when o heard a faint knock on my door. Curious who would be here since the snow was so high? Peeping through the peep hole i saw a familiar blond hair blue eyed boy.

“What the hell Sammy?!?” I asked opening the door and rushing him inside.

His nose and cheeks were bright red and he seems to be shivering. I took off his soaking jacket before ordering him to take off the rest while I’d go find him some clothes.When I get back down stares he still has his shirt on and is standing in soaking jeans.

“Sammy take those off, I got you some dry things” I say pushing them to his chest.

“I can’t y/n my hands are like ice cubes, could you do it for me?” He asks innocently.

I roll my eyes before pulling his hands up and tugging off his shirt. When I get it over his head I can see his smile, which causes me to smile. I roll my eyes before going down on my knees unbuttoning his jeans, showing off his white bans of Calvin kleins. I bite my lip as I unzip his pants and the slight bulge that’s there.

“Damn y/n you look good on your knees.”

“Shut the fuck up Sammy or you’ll have to suffer wearing wet jeans” I growl.

He laughs placing his hands behind his head as if saying please continue, and I won’t say anything more. But his eyes held glee as I pulled his pants down, my eyes widening a bit at his covered package. I blushed a lot before getting up quickly and taking the rest of his clothes to the dryer.

When I get back he’s wearing the clothes I brought him. Which are his but have been left at my place on occasion, and is laying on the couch with a blanket wrapped around him.

“Finally, come here y/n”

I comply making my way to him, as he pulls me down atop him, we get comfortable and situated before he pushes play.

“Sammy what were you doing out in the snow?”

He snuggles further into me and kisses my head smiling.

“I really needed your cuddles” he smiles.

Hope you like 💕

I can't believe you! (S.W.)


Me and my best friend Y/BF/N were chilling in our apartment chilling with our boyfriends Sammy Wilk who is my boyfriend and Nate Maloley who is her boyfriend with a couple more of our friends like the jacks, swazz, Madison, and Sammy wanted to invite Stas for some reason because Sam knows that she pisses me off. She says unneeded comments on twitter about me and always makes a rude remark about anything I say. It seems that every once else realizes it except my delusional boyfriend. She also gets a little to touchy on him for my liking. Even Gilinsky sees that it pisses me off but to Sam she is just being friendly. Friendly is when you compliment someones shirt or buy them lunch not sitting on there lap and leaning your shoulder on his shoulder. But we are all chilling at the moment and I have stayed come for this time being, we are all playing some stupid card game we came up with that is like go fish but with a twist like if you ask someone and they say go fish you have to grab a card and then you have to do a dare that the person who told you to go fish says. Complicated but honestly its a super fun game when you play because everyone does some crazy shit in the end. It was Sam’s turn and he asks Stas and she says go fish and I already have this feeling inside she is going to do something towards me even though is Sam’s turn 

“Sam I dare you to say 3 things you hate about Y/N .” Stas says

“I hate nothing about her, I love all of her” Sam says smiling at me.

“How could you love everything about her, First off she is a ugly whore, She is a gothic emo slut, and is a pain in the ass about everything” Stas replies to sams comment.

This set you over the edge you threw your cards on the table and stood up “Excuse me?” you reply not believe what she said to Sam. “YOU! You say shit about me every single fucking an I’m sick and tired of your buttshit! I will not let you say this stuff to me inside my own house so get the fuck out before!”

Stas stands up and says “I’ll leave, just like what your mom did.”

That tore you down you lunged at her but Gilinsky held you back. You got out of his grip and bitch slapped. She left your apartment. What you realized is that Sam didn’t even stand up for you.

“I can’t believe you Sam! You didn’t even stand up for me! You are unbelievable!” You yell!

“Babe I’m sorry I love you so much it just happened all so fast I’m so sorry please forgive me” he tries to hug you but you push him off and go to your and sam’s room and lock the door. You get in the shower and then go to bed but not before throwing sam a t shirt and basketball shorts and his pillow. and then lock the door again.

You then go to bed.


I know I fucked up. but im being honest this all happened so fast I couldn’t even reply. I know Y/N is pissed why would she not. All the guys look at me. they all make up an excuse except nate and his girl who is Y/N best friend. They then get up and say good luck and go to there bed room. im sitting at the table with my hands in my head. I hear a door open and I see Y/N with tears down her cheeks throw my pillow. a shirt and basketball shorts to outside the door. It looks like ill be sleeping on the couch tonight. But then I realized she didn’t lock the door so Im going to wait until about an hour till I know she is asleep to go in and cuddle with her knowing she loves that.


I slowly open the door to Y/N with her back turned and softly snoring I go to my side of the bed and lift up the covers and then grab Y/N waist and pull her close to me while brushing out her hair slowly. I grab her hand and intertwine our fingers and then give her a kiss on her cheek and then say “Baby I hope you know I love you so much and would want to have anyone else in my life as my beautiful girlfriend besides you.” I know she heard it and she turns her head around says

“I love you to Sam” the kisses me.

After that we fall asleep tangled up together