i get bored and put on makeup and stuff


so Amy is doing something with papers and Sonic is just hanging out at her place and he gets bored while Amy is doing her stuff and he gets up and gets to Amy’s makeup while she’s not looking and then he puts her mascara on his eyelashes and Amy asks him -while still looking at the papers- to pass the paper that’s near him

‘Sonic can you pass me that paper?’
And he just goes up to her with a girly voice and copies everything she says while doing the 'FAAABULOUS’ thingy with his arms.

'Is that my mascara???!?!?!’
-'ahehe is that my mascara?!?!!’

-'ahee are you copying me?!’

Amy was angry but then came up with an idea while making an evil girl on her face and said

’…. I love you, Amy’
and Sonic blushes and hands her the paper while hiding his face with his scarf/neckerchief/bandana/whatever thingy
-'here you go’


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Number 5 with Namjoon please love

Hey there! Thanks for requesting! Here you go:

Prompt Request:  “I made my baby cry!”

Member: Namjoon

Genre: Fluff

Imagine Summary: Y/N surprises her boyfriend Namjoon on his birthday by flying out to see him.

Word Count: 593


I walked out of the airport and hopped into a cab with a spring in my step. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in two months and I was dying to hold him again. He has been traveling around the world performing for his fans and seeing so many different places and I’ve been overwhelmed with happiness and pride for him but at the same time, I wish I could be there with him. I can’t though, juggling university and my internship, I don’t really have a lot of spare time which is likewise for him. So when my boss told me I could have the weekend off, I knew that I had to find a way to see him. I called Jin, the member of Bangtan that I am closest with and asked him if he could help me make a surprise visit at their stop in California. Jin has always been so kind to me in an older brotherly way that I felt like I could count on him to come through and he did.

Now I’m on my way to the hotel where the boys are staying. I asked Jin to leave me a key to Jonnie’s room at the front desk.

My cab arrived at the hotel and I got out thanking the driver.

I went up to the front desk and showed them my ID and then they gave me the room key.

I walked up to the room and slid in the key. The room was average sized and had a cream queen sized bed in the center of the room. I put my stuff down and checked the time. 6:30. Joonie probably wouldn’t be here until 12am. I decided that I might as well freshen up. I went to the bathroom and took a shower and then redid my makeup and hair. By the time I was done it was  9:30pm. I figured I would just watch T.V and check my grades online.

The program I was watching started to get a bit boring so I couldn’t control it when fell asleep.


“Goodnight hyung,” Jungkook said turning into his room.

“Goodnight,” I yawned back.

I was so tired. Not only physically but mentally tool. The tour was really wearing me down and I felt like I was just constantly having to push myself to keep going. I missed my motivator. My girlfriend, Y/N.

I slid the key into my door, thinking about what she could be doing right now and if it were too late to call her.

I walked in the room and shut the door. The first thing I saw was the light pink suitcase in the corner of the room. My heart began to beat a little faster. Than i noticed the small lump underneath the blanket on the bed. My hands started to shake in anticipation. I rushed over to see my beautiful girlfriend lying on the bed fast asleep. I knelt next her place on the bed and caressed her cheek.

She started to stir and opened her eyes and smiled that smile I love.

“Hi Joonie,”

“Hey, Jagi” My voice started to crack. I was so overwhelmed with joy.

“Aw, I made my baby cry!” She said teasingly.

“Shut up,” I said lightly and kissed her.

That night I just got straight into bed and held her close to my chest. I didn’t know how long I would have with her so I wanted to make sure I didn’t waste a minute.

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Makeover(Jack Jonhson)

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AN: Doing this is your point of view


*Y/N’S P.O.V.*

“What’s up guys its Jack and Y/N, here!” Jack says into the camera. “Jack’s sick, so I decided to do a video with my favorite person in the entire world, Y/N.” He points over to me. 

“Hey guys,” I wave with a bright smile. 

“So, babe, what have you planned for us today? Side note, I had nothing to with this, it was all Y/N’s idea.” 

“I’m giving you a makeover!” I exclaim as he laughs. “And I’m doing your hair because this is the first time your ever letting me get away with this, so I’m taking advantage.” 

“Alright, Johnson gets a makeover, lets do this.” He says and facing me. “What’re you doing first?” 

“I’m going to put on primer.” I grin and rub the product over his skin. 

“What does primer do?” 

“Preps the skin for makeup.” You tell him, going into focus on his skin. “Now foundation, I just picked out two light shades from Target.” He laughs as you put the product on the back of my hand and use the brush to apply it onto his face. 

“Jeez, how do you this everyday?” He complains to the camera as I grab the concealer. “What’s that?” 

“Concealer, its gonna cover up your under eye circles or acne, which you don’t have because you’re a lucky bastard. Now, look up.” I keep a hand on his chin as I make two triangles under his eyes. 

“Are you gonna make me look pretty?” He ask as I dab his face.

“You’re gonna like a pretty fairy,” I say in a high pitched voice. “Now time for powder.” I dust the product of his face. 

“What does powder do?” 

“Sets the makeup so it’ll last all day long!” I say picking up a powder a few shades darker than his skin tone,” Time to contour. Make a fish face.” He sicks in the hallows of his cheeks as I use another brush to apply it. 

“What does this stuff do?” 

“Not really sure, but its makes you look pretty.” He gives me a look, but before he can complain I pick up my blush, “Now time for blush.” He sighs yet again, most likely getting bored. 

“I hate makeup.” He grumbles as I put red lipstick over his mouth. 

“Stop talking, I’m trying to make you look less ugly.” 

He glares, “I look amazing. You’re ugly.” 

“I’m sexy.” 

“You right.” He agrees as I fall into a fit of laughter. I lean forward and give him a winged eyeliner and applied multiple coats of mascara before Jack began complaining again, “Ow! You got me in the eye!” He exclaims rubbing his eye, getting mascara everywhere. 

“Damn it, you ruined it!” I poke his ear and grab a makeup wipe, rubbing it around the right eye. “Now I have start over, sort of.” I say putting concealer and powder on the ruined area. 

“I don’t like that!” He complains, flinching as I reapply the mascara. 

“Okay now hair,” I clap as he groans. “Shut up, you’re hair grew long as hell, I’m gonna enjoy myself.” I say picking up my curling iron, “I should have turned this on earlier.” 

“You turn me on.” Jack winks. 

“Gross!” I shove him and plug the iron in, playing on my phone for a few minutes. “Okay, come here!” I stand and curl his ends. “God you look like shit.” I laugh. 

“Gee, I love you too.” He rolls his eyes. 

“Aw, you know I love you.” I kiss his cheek. 

In the beginning, Ezri was introduced as a young and confused woman who didn’t want to be put in the position she was in - to be a host to the Dax symbiont. I didn’t want to stay with that too long, and neither did the producers. If you had too much of her being confused, it would get boring.

As time went on, you saw that Ezri was intelligent, that she was endearing and a good person. She became a more complicated character than you might have thought in her first few episodes. You saw a lot of surface stuff at the beginning, and then you got more into the character’s emotional makeup.

—  Nicole deBoer in Starlog, June 1999.

I always get asked to show my makeup collection, and since I can’t fit it all into one photo I’ll make a series of photos that way I can describe everything without getting overwhelmed and forgetting half the stuff. I’ll start out with the boring stuff primers and setting powders since I don’t have as many of these as I have other things, and these are one of my most boring purchases in my opinion haha.Okay, so starting from the bottom left.

 Elf body glow- not a setting powder so idk why it’s even in this drawer, but idk where to put it since I never really use it and this is one of my emptier drawers, its a shimmery bronze powder, looks nice on your chest area haha.

Elf HD powder- Very nice, comparable to mufe and any other high end HD powder for only $6, totes recommend 

Laura Mercier Setting powder- its meh, kinda over priced, nothing special. You can totally find a cheaper alternative that does the same thing.

Urban Decay Naked ultra fine powder- It was a random impulse buy awhile ago, don’t use it much but its VERY nice for you under eye area or setting your face, its so lightweight and ultra fine that it feels like nothing on your face, recommend if you are looking for a nice lightweight new setting powder!

Elf Tone correcting powder- Haven’t used this stuff in awhile, but I used to use it for days I didn’t have time to do my makeup but wanted to brighten up my skin or in the summer when my skin got a bit red from the sun, I swirl a brush in there and then apply it onto my face, really evens out your skin tone and brightens complexion.

Revlon photo balm- pretty nice, makes skin look picture perfect esp on camera, 10/10 would recommend for selfiers.

Make Up Forever HD powder

Urban decay naked skin powder - (in the little purple bag) It’s the new pressed powder they came out with which is AMAZING btw.

Nars translucent crystal powder- its ehh, nothing fantastic or really necessary.

MAC mineralize skin finish natural- Current fave

Maybelline fit me matte - its okay, nothing special

Sonia Kashuk loose powder- really nice drugstore loose powder

KVD Pressed powder- not too bad, a bit too full coverage and matte for my liking.

Lancome powder- been a favorite for many years, it would probably go into my HG items

Sonia Kashuk pressed HD powder- just as good as the NARS one, also much cheaper and is very pretty packaging wise ( came stamped with a cool croc print)

Rimmel stay matte- BEST drug store pressed powder imo

NYX angel view

NYX honey dew me up

KVD lock it primer

Too Faced Hang over primer (fave)

Lancome La base

Lancome la base pore filler

smashbox primer that I never even opened yet

St. tropez gradual face tanner.

Let me know what you want part two to be!:)