i get a sticker



Would someone run after me with a torch and pitchforks if I’d say Leopard lady is actually a pretty neat base when creating sims? :D 

The only makeup I used on her is her lipstick, noseline, eyelines and eyeshadow. So It’s not like her sculpt is totally different due to shadings and stuff either like with my remake of Bella. 

Anyway, I’ll just leave this here and get myself a unicorn sticker just for the sake of… stickers. IDEK


Lots of people out at the San Jose March for Science. I have a lot of mixed feelings about marches like this but it was nice to see so many people in one place who believe that we shouldn’t be destroying the planet for fun and profit. There were several tables for groups signing people up for local action. I got a free sticker from the lady with the trump banner. I followed them to get a picture and she said she was selling stickers but I didn’t have any cash so she was like here just take one. (They are selling them at naughtyraven.com if you want one too.)

The weirdest interaction I had was with this guy flyering for a socialist group. It wasn’t clear what he was handing out so I walked up to him. He couldn’t really look me in the eye and said something like “yeah you can have one” when I was trying to see what his flyer said?

Apparently San Jose Comic Con was also this weekend so in between all the pro-science sign holders were random cosplayers, my favorite being the Quail Man guy who looked slightly embarrassed.

A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!


(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

let sheith lie in an alien flower meadow 


i don’t think i do much shameless advertisement of my redbubble on my tumblr as much as i do my other social medias so:

here are some cuttlefish that you can buy as stickers.  they have names and biographies and i poured my gay little heart into each and every one of them.  link here!

Why is everybody leaving Seth? :(

There’s rumors floating around that Roman and The New Day might be heading over to team blue…


Some sneak peek for Jkt YOI Only event preparation :’D  I sure miss drawing, it feels like it’s been awhile… ;;

After getting those trial stickers prints today I have like 200% of energy. It like never happens and never holds this long. Yay!

So I finished casual Cassandra. I think I’ll sell those versions as postcards/small prints. Unfortunately they don’t look too good as stickers so I’ll remake them to flat colors and all should work out well.

previously drawn: badass Josephine, badass Leliana, casual Cullen