i genuinely liked this show

Lars of the Stars

The age of killing your darlings on TV for the shock factor is dead. It’s been dead since Game of Mainstream Appeal killed off Sean Bean for the eight thousandth (8000th) time in onscreen fiction. The only possible shock left (the only one) is to make your main character queer. This is the time of the Shock Gay. The Surprise Asexual. The Bi-the-Way.

Bring all your characters out of the closet to startle and amaze in 2k18. I will be shocked you had the guts. I will be thrilled. I will watch your piece of crap show

i feel like going for a walk, but with someone else. i want to hold hands and go have a picnic. we could draw bad pictures of each other and eat ice cream

whether someone prefers Chandler and Monica or Ross and Rachel really says a lot about them as a person tbh

hey there pals i have an opinion that is entirely my own for you tonight which is completely unrelated to any events that may have transpired: cheating, no matter how minor, is not a normal everyday part of healthy relationships, and cheating does not make a fictional relationship any more realistic or three dimensional

Omg but a non-magic HP au where there’s this Saturday morning show called ‘Newt and Charlie’ and Newt’s this really kind, old man who runs an animal sanctuary and Charlie is a kid from the neighbourhood who’s fascinated by animals and who (with the help of his friends) helps Newt look after them. It’s supposed to teach kids all about animals and treating the planet with respect and all those good things (and it does) but it has a massive grown-up following because Newt is so damn delightful and Charlie is adorable.

One of the things that’s seldom talked about in the Gilmore fandom (but totally should be) is how the stylists handled Rory and Lorelai’s looks (i.e. clothes/hair/makeup), especially in the first couple of seasons.

Like, in so many shows, if the main characters are young, supposedly attractive women they always have perfect makeup, their hair is always flawlessly highlighted, cut and straightened/curled, and their clothes are generally the latest “styles”. Or even if they’re older, or playing a specific role (like detective, lawyer, doctor, etc.) they’re given a certain ‘look’ that we’ve come to associate with that type of character. Basically, they look like no real woman actually looks unless they’re at a magazine photoshoot. But for Lorelai and Rory, their style actually reflected their respective personalities. 

Often, early on, it appears that Rory is not even wearing makeup, particularly in casual situations (obviously they wear stage makeup but you can’t really tell). Her hair is cut pretty basically, one length, parted in the middle, and often looks a bit frizzy (aka just normal and not straightened). Her style is pretty much just what you’d expect from Rory - casual, comfortable, not super trendy or “cute” but you can still imagine she enjoys her clothes and did pick them out (hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, cargo pants, chunky sweaters and the occasional rather frumpy dress). I feel like it’s so important to show that Rory’s look is simply Rory - she doesn’t look stereotypically “nerdy” even though she enjoys things that are often pegged as “nerdy” - i.e. reading, studying, etc.

With Lorelai, she’s given unique and wacky outfits (some of which are cute, some of which are not, but all of which totally scream Lorelai), with her hair alternating between nicely curled (probably when she’s feeling fancier) and straightened/pulled back in a low ponytail. She’s not the kind of person who will have one hairstyle or hair routine every day for years. She also experiments with makeup - I specifically remember a weird icy blue eye shadow and a nude lip gloss…neither of which were particularly attractive, and I love that. Because in real life, women who wear makeup don’t look like they’ve come straight from getting a perfect makeover - they try different stuff, get bored of it, move on.

It’s not just Lorelai and Rory either - it’s Lane, it’s Sookie, it’s Paris - and when someone (male or female) doesn’t change their look much (i.e. Luke or Emily) it’s shown to be a character trait, not something imposed on them because they have to look a certain way to really embody the character or whatever.

It’s especially important because most TV shows don’t show women this realistically or complexly when it comes to how they look. They usually have one style, one look, generic ‘perfect’ makeup and clothes that get more dramatic for special occasions and less when they’re meant to be casual - but not in a way that rings true to how women actually present themselves. It’s so validating to see people who some days dress up and do their makeup, other days just kind of hang loose, try new things with their hair that aren’t always the latest trends. 

I’ve just been thinking about this a lot lately, watching other shows that I genuinely love but feeling like unless it’s supposed to be a gag where a female character looks ‘ugly’ they always stick to this perfectly manicured look - wardrobe, hair, makeup. It’s frustrating and I wish more shows would take a page out of Gilmore Girls’ book and create more realistic and diverse looks for female characters.

one of my favorite jojo scenes will always be when joseph interrupts his own funeral that ending is Iconic and i love it so much

a white rose in disguise 💭


We ultimately fear what spawns from within us. 

Shinsekai Yori (2012)

!!! babrs

(note: for the kathryn picture it looks weird without context. in the beginning of the stream there was a picture of kathryn in one of the facecam panels and ethan looked down at it and he was like “whadda you think kathryn” and of course there was no answer and i was dyING OF LAUGHTER when ethan just says “ah shes a lil shy, sorry” cause it was so cute and funny)

i love ncis: la so much bc like, here are all these giant dudes with guns tryin to save the world and shit, and when one of them is like, [very soft voice] “please leave, i need to be alone with my girl and my feelings,” the others are all, “love is so great” [single tear]. 

Power Rangers (2017) thoughts (minor spoilers!)

-Soundtrack is cool as heck
-Billy: I’m on the spectrum. My Autistic Ass: That’s my son. I love him so much.
-Trini is my wife, no contest. She’s mine. I love her.💛💛💛💛
- Rita was like, genuinely unnerving? Like, the Rita in the show wasn’t scary, this one was.
-the references were good.
-when the zords were running to the theme song? Iconic.
- special effects are good
-They had relatable problems! I could relate!
-bitch slapping Rita into space? Also Iconic.
In short, if u haven’t seen this yet? What are you doing with ur life?

Peter’s not even gone and I want him back asap. No other Doctor will hold a candle. I really, really hope he knows the appreciation everyone has for him.