i gayed

shiro: hey, is it really true that you faked your death and then left a secret message on your grave revealing your true location in a code only your long-lost family members could possibly understand?

matt: ya lol

shiro: … why??

matt: because i’m a paranoid, bored, and dramatic gay with a genius-level intellect, that’s why. sue me shirogane

shiro: what??

matt: i’m. gay. bitch.

reblog if you can’t chose between pricefield and amberprice so you just choose them both bc why not, more gay

@lilldov and i made an ith au that includes lincoln :^) !! i haven’t seen any headcanon designs for him or anything but since there’s been a bit of negativity floating around the fandom, i figured a cute au would be fun to have!!

y'all need to calm down that scene with oswald and sofia was drawing comparisons between oswalds mother and sofia. if it was romantic it would be overtly creepy. oswald is becoming attached to sofia in a way that he sees his mother in her and sofia is preying on that. it was an intimate scene, yes, but still platonic. not every connection oswald makes is romantic. we’re good. oswald is gay.

pros of tonights riverdale ep:

  • cheryl blossom in lingerie
  • cheryl blossom lying on the stand to save jughead’s dad, bein’ a true compassionate soul
  • cheryl blossom in lingerie
  • cheryl blossom helping her mother get closure even though she treated her terribly
  • cheryl blossom in frickin thigh hight boots
  • cheryl and josie being gay aS SHIT
  • ChErYl BlOsSoM iN LiNgErIeEEE

‘Everything’ includes you, Nadine.

This is legit dialogue lol (minus the sexual undertones, unfortunately)

for real tho i cant be the only one who chuckled when when she said this … k i probably am but MEH