i gave you my heart and then you turned around

Have you ever felt that ‘electricity’ with someone? I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about but it’s that jolt that goes up your spine when you’re around that certain someone. Your stomach turns, your hairs stand on end and maybe your heart skips a beat. I don’t know if my explanation gave it justice but I hope someone reading this has an understanding of what I’m getting at. I hope all of you are lucky enough to experience this, that instant magical connection with someone. Have you ever felt that ‘electricity’ with someone?
—  The Khool Haus
A Calzona advent calendar - December 22nd

There were Christmas carols and loud giggles coming from the kitchen, and as Arizona hung her coat up and walked toward the back of the house, the sound of her wife singing reached her ears on top of it all, creating quite the little holiday scene – almost like something out of a movie.

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away.”

“I’d never.”

Arizona approached Callie from behind where she stood at the island and wrapped her arms around the other woman’s waist, catching her by surprise. 

“This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special.”

Callie grinned widely, turning to look back over her shoulder, and she captured Arizona’s lips in a gentle kiss. 

“I know you wouldn’t. You’re my someone special.”

Dropping a second kiss on the brunette’s neck before pulling back, Arizona watched as Callie turned her bowl upside down and plopped a large mound of dough onto the counter, continuing to sing along happily to herself.

“So what’s going on in here?”

“Mommy we’re making cookies!”

Sofia jumped off her chair at the island opposite the two adults, and she skipped around and bounded into Arizona, hugging her tightly around the middle. Her hands and her t-shirt and even her hair were dusted with flour – as was most of the counter and some of the floor – and bits of dough stuck here and there, but she just looked up with the most adorable face at her mother, grinning widely. 

More cookies?!”

They’d spent Sunday the weekend before baking up a storm already – they had chocolate chip, and butterscotch, and heaps of chocolate coconut drops…not to mention the two rather large gingerbread houses that sat on the side table by the window. 

“We didn’t make these yet! We saw them on TV and mama said we could make them too!”

Arizona just bit back a smile as Callie turned and gave her a sheepish look, flour dusting her own black t-shirt. 

“Sugar cookies. I thought they’d be fun.”

“We can make trees and stars and angels! Then we’re gonna put sprinkles on.”

Sofia hopped back up onto the chair so she could stand at the counter and she grabbed the cookie cutters, holding them up excitedly. 

“Come help me, mommy. You can make the angels cause you have yellow hair.”

The older brunette burst out laughing as she separated their dough into two smaller pieces, setting one in front of them and grabbing the rolling pin. 

“It’s true. Mommy is angelic." 

Sofia giggled again – the tone of Callie’s words going clear over her head – and Arizona just raised her eyebrow slightly, pushing up the sleeves on her long-sleeved shirt as she joined the baking brigade.

"Does that mean she’s really pretty and really good? Cause I think she is too.”

Sofia watched her mother roll out the dough, her little fingers playing with the flour on the counter and spreading it even further around. 

“It does. Mommy is the prettiest, isn’t she, baby? And she’s very, very good.”

The little girl glanced up at the blonde and grinned happily, and Arizona leaned in to kiss the tip of her nose before giving her wife another look across the island – her mind wandering to just how good Callie had thought she was the previous night. 

“I hope that means I get some extra special cookies.”

“Oh, I have something extra special for you to ea–”

Catching herself and looking up to see young brown eyes gazing directly at her, Callie paused a moment, willing her mind to think of an ending to that sentence that was not dirty. It was proving difficult though, because she’d had distinctly dirty things on her mind all day, all of them involving her hot, gorgeous wife who was now standing in front of her. And those blue eyes were suddenly darkening with a lustrous desire, a hungry look on her face that was not helping things one single bit.

“…to uh, snack on. Later.”

“Can I have a snack too?”

“It’s a grownup snack, made of brussels sprouts,” Callie had a quick comeback ready, and she diverted her eyes from the blonde, “But if you really want some…”

Their daughter’s horrified look was almost enough to make Callie burst out laughing again, and behind the little girl, Arizona had to bite back her own reaction, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. 


“Come on, miss brussels sprouts, show me how to make some cookies.”

The blonde woman looked over and winked at Callie, picking up the cookie cutter as she leaned in to talk to their daughter. The young girl was obviously completely oblivious to the innuendo of the conversation, but if Arizona was going to last until bedtime without getting her hands on her wife, she needed to focus on cookies, and it needed to happen now. 

“Like this.”

Sofia took the angel shaped cookie cutter from Arizona and carefully placed it onto the sheet of dough, pressing down with both hands. She lifted it up with a delighted grin, showcasing her perfectly cut cookie, and looked to Callie for approval. Callie could only grin right back, glancing over their daughter’s head to make eye contact with her wife in a silent communication that she knew the other woman would understand perfectly. 

A silent communication that promised plenty of non-angelic behaviour later on.

“Looks just like mommy.”


Credence Barebone x Reader

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„Can I have anything with mlm Credence Barebone, please? And just fluff, cuddles, anything to help my poor gay heart thank u ♡♡♡- Requested by Anon, I hope you’ll like it nonnie !

You felt two arms around your waist and a warm breath down your neck when you woke up. Those arms belonged to Credence, who gave you a visit last night. His mother gave him a hard time at home again so you invited him over to your place to stay overnight.
„Good morning Y/N, did I wake you up ?“ Credence had a stressed and scared tone in his voice.
You turned over to him to give him a kiss on his cheek. „No you didn‘t, but I wouldn‘t mind if someone as pretty and nice as you would wake me up every morning.“
Credence blushed and smiled flattered. „Stop it, you’re too nice to me, I don‘t deserve your kindness.“
You placed another kiss on his cheek before continuing speaking. „Don‘t say something like that, you deserve all nice words and compliments in the world, you‘re such a wonderful person !“
Credence buried his face in your neck, he tried to hide his blushing cheeks. „Look who‘s speaking, you‘re a wonderful person Y/N ! How do I even deserve someone like you ?“
You pulled him closer to run your fingers through his soft hair. „By just being you Credence, no matter what other people or your mother say, you matter and you‘re a great person.“
Credence held you tighter now, he was really touched by your nice words and the love in them. „Thank you so much Y/N, you make me so happy and I couldn‘t think of a better boyfriend than you are.“
He pulled you into a tender kiss before you could answer him again.

I was feeling like shit because of a cold and had to take mmidterms today, and bought a giant tub of soup and it was snowing and I swear the world was against me, and while waiting at a stoplight I saw a man and his dog in the snow with a cardboard sign that was too snowed over to see. I was 10 mins late for class when I turned around and went back to the man, and gave him my soup, an extra jacket, a carhartt hat and a wool blanket from the toolbox in my truck. He started crying and said that no one had stopped to give him anything, not even a smile. I was half and hour late for my test and I still feel feverish, but my heart aches a lot less. Happy Thanksgiving you guys. Don’t forget what it feels like to be thankful for what you have.


requested by anon

And then, in a blast of blue light, the demon was gone and you were safe. You let out a noise which resembled a sob mixed with a laugh. Wil slowly turned around after making sure nothing else was near, “Are you okay?” He asked, voice soft so’s not to scare you, “Are you hurt?”

You meekly shook your head as your heart hammered in your chest, “I’m fine, thanks to you…”

He gave a half smile, “S’what I do now, I suppose.”


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(Gif not mine) Look at that cute dork!

Bucky x reader 

Word count:1388

Warnings: None(?)

A.n: Sorry I’m taking so long to up date, I really hope you like it.


“Aunty Y/n!” The voice of the little girl that warms up your heart.

You turned around and there stood Cassie. “Oh my! Cassie you’re getting so big!”You picked her up from the ground and spun around. “Why are you here Cass?”

You finally stopped spinning and placed Cassie on the stool.

“My daddy brought me here.” She gave you a toothy smile.

“And where is your daddy?” You leaned against the counter and waited for her answer.

“I don’t know, he was talking to a man in the living room.” Cassie jumped of the stool and went to were you just finished icing the cupcake. “Can I have one?” She asked sweetly.

“Of course sweet, just don’t tell your dad.” You put a plate where she was previously sitting.

“Don’t tell dad what?” Scott came walking into the kitchen.

“Scott!” You ran to him which he was quick to pick you up and spin you around, like you had to Cassie just moments ago.

“How are you Y/n?” Scott let you and leaned against the counter.

Bucky’s P.o.v

“I didn’t know that Y/n and Scott were related.” I looked over the couch and into the kitchen were the three were all laughing and talking.

“There not, Scott is like a brother that Y/n never had. They met way before Scott was in the team,when Y/n was roaming around after leaving the pyromancers. He brought her in,she would only ever talk to him. She then soon became the Y/n that we all know and love.” Steve explained.

“Yeah that we all love.” I mumbled.

“What was that?” Steve looked over at me, which I only shook my head.“Hey you never actually got to finish telling me who you had your eye on.” He crossed his arm.

“Oh yeah. I’ll tell you later.” I waved him off.

“Just tell me know Buck, have I met her? Does she work here? Is she the girl from the coffee shop?”

“Hey do you guys want some cupcakes?” Y/n sweet voice was heard causing my heart to pound.

“Did you make them?” I asked her.

“Only for you.” She handed me a cupcake while she took a seat next to me, giving me a kiss along with it.

I just took the cupcake while having a wide grin on my face along with blushing cheeks.What I wasn’t paying attention was to the huge smile on Steve’s face as he stared at the both of us.

Your P.o.v

“So how long are you staying in Los Angeles Scott?” You smiled at Scott.

“Just a week maybe a week and a half, I was thinking of taking Cassie to Disneyland.” He put his arm around Cassie and pulled her closer.

“Really daddy?” Her eye’s were huge in excitement.

“Yes peanut.” He smiled down at her “What do you guys say?” He turned to look at us.

The three of you looked at each other then back at Scott.


Soon the rest of the team came into the living room and we all agreed that we would be leaving to the amusement park tomorrow morning.

“So since most rides are two person rides, are we going to pick out partners now or later.”Clint spoke up.

“I’ll take you.” Nat pointed at Clint.

“Pietro and I will be together.” Wanda announced.

“I want Y/n.” Bucky spoke up which caused the whole team to be surprised “I mean if that’s fine with you?” He looked over at you.

“I would love to Bucky.” You gave him an assuring smile.

“I guess I’ll take you.” Sam told Steve.

“Doesn’t it seem a little odd that Bucky didn’t want to be with me?” Steve whispered to Sam.

“Aw is Steve jealous?” Sam teased which only earned him a glare from Steve “C’mon Steve it’s obvious the guy has a crush on her, let him enjoy his time, he doesn’t get that often.Y/n would never hurt him.”

“You’re right.” Steve nodded.

“Plus you wouldn’t want to get Y/n mad, she’ll melt that pretty little face of your right off.” Sam warned him


“Look at your face Steve!”  You pointed to Steve face as you let out a laugh.

“Shut up.” He blushed and gave you a little shove.

“It’s okay Steve you look mighty adorable.” You pinched his cheek.

“I need to get a copy of that.” Tony yelled as he ran to get it.

“Tony don’t you dare!” Steve ran after him.

While you stayed back and observed everyone’s face giggling every once in awhile, Bucky had stayed behind as well but you didn’t notice him.

“You enjoying your time,doll?” He finally spoke up which caused you to jump.

“I am, are you?” You smiled at him and walked over to the group.

“I’m having a great time.” Bucky shoved his hands in his pocket “Do you want to walk over the castle to look at the fireworks?” He asked.

“I would love to.” You linked your arms around him and walked over to the castel. “Did you ever think you’d have a somewhat of a normal life again?” You asked.

“I honestly never thought this would happen, to be honest I thought my life was going to be over before actually having a group of people that I could call a family.”

“Oh Bucky.” You stopped a couple feet from the castle and pulled him into a heartwarming hug, which he was quick to copy your action. Just as you were going to pull away the fireworks went off which gave you a scare and made you hug Bucky even closer, but shortly after that moment you pulled away.

As you were pulling away you got caught staring at those beautiful blue eyes that you love so much, neither of you said a word, it was like it was just the both of you. You hadn’t even notice that he was now closer you, just as your lips were about to meet the moment was interrupted by Cassie.

“Aunty aren’t they just so pretty!” She squeaked as you picked her up.

“Yes they are ,but not as pretty as you.” You pecked her cheek,which only caused her to giggle and Bucky’s heart to swell since the scene in front of him was way to cute.

“I want to go with daddy, will you let me down?” Cassie tilted her head.

“Of course.” Placing her down she ran to Scott.

“Your really good to her.” Bucky smiled down at you.

“Thanks, she means the world to me. I honestly think if anything bad ever happened to her I would die.” You chuckled but you knew it was true, you told him as you leaned against him.

“Y/n?” Bucky spoke up again.

“Yeah.” You looked up at him.

“Can I kiss you?” Buck asked and man was his heart beating hard. He couldn’t stop staring at you as the colors from the fireworks illuminated from your face.

“Thought you’d never ask.” You got on your tippy toes to give him a kiss, the first one was short and sweet until he pulled away and gave you a huge smile and then pulled you into a deeper and  longer kiss. The kiss was powerful, hot and everything you imagined it would feel to kiss those lips of his.

“Go Y/n!”

“Barnes got game?”

“Is that even cute? He’s like 100 years old.”

“I think I’m going to puke.”

“If he ever pisses her off she can just melt his arm off.”

“Would you guys shut up!”

Was what you heard and you even saw some camera flashes go off even with your eyes off.

“You’re everything I ever wished for doll.” He mumbled as he rested your head against yours.

“You have me now Barnes, and you didn’t even have to ask.” You wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Guess I’m stuck with you now.”

“What a shame.” You pecked his lips.

“Ok this is the cutest photo ever, I want it framed and sent out to everyone we know, the president must have this as well.” Clint went and broke the two of you up as he stood in the middle to show the picture.

Bucky and you only looked at each other and shook your heads with a smile in both of yours faces and then turned you attention to Clint, but not before grabbing your hand and rubbing it with his thumb.

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Toothbrush by DNCE

When you’re standing there in your underwear

She stood there only in her underwear making me weak at the knees. I had walked in on her changing. Her back was faced towards me as she looked in our closet finding something to wear tonight. “Babe.” I said deeply. She jumped and turned around. “Gosh don’t so that to me! You almost gave me a heart attack!” She said trying to cover her body up. “Don’t do that.” I told her sternly looking her up and down. “What?” she asked confused throwing a shirt on over herself. “Don’t cover up. You’re beautiful.” She rolled her eyes and blushed. “Be quiet I do not. Just let me find something to wear and then we can leave okay?” she asked turning back around to her clothes. I walked up behind her and rested my hands on her hips pulling her hair to one side. I softly pushed my lips on her neck kissing and sucking. I felt the blush come up her neck. “You’re beautiful babe.” I told her pushing my hands up the shirt she had on. I unhooked her bra and pulled both the shirt and bra off of her body. I rested my hands on her breasts and kissed her shoulder making her whimper a bit. “I think we should stay in.” I whispered in her ear. I ghosted my hands down to her lower region and felt up her slit. “I think that’s what you want too.”

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This song's been stuck in my head all day, so I figured I'd give it a mention here. It's called "It'll Be Okay" from the fanmade My Little Pony project Friendship Is Witchcraft. I never got into MLP myself, but the song is ridiculously catchy. ("Though the law forbids it, this is kismet~")

I gave you my heart and then you turned around
The secrets that we shared, the moments that you cared
I gave you my heart and then you turned around
We went streaking in the park, skinny dipping after dark

I gave you my heart and then you turned around
Depressing melodies, suppressing fantasies
I gave you my heart and then you turned around

I always wanted my own brother
And then he showed up at our door
I didn’t question where he came from
I wasn’t lonely anymore
Soon we did everything together
He taught me how to fly a kite
I watched him grow into a stallion
I watched him sleep in bed at night
It’s not creepy

But then he signed that record label
A cute quintet of boyish sound
But now that everybody loves him
I’m just a face out in the crowd
I threw myself into my studies
To have the world in my control
I vaporized the competition
Nobody understands me
It’s not evil

I gave you my heart and then you turned around
Romantic pony dreams, they never came to be
I gave you my heart and then you turned around
Twilight please make this song end, we’re a bunch of floating heads!

Just take it from me, I know you’ll come around
Though the law forbids it, this is kismet
Say “I do” and seal our souls together
Voulez-vous, our love will last forever
Since we’re not related it’ll be ok

So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed…

Wow, that *is* catchy! And those lyrics!!! I’m laughing so hard. 

I don’t know how to tag it. Some of the lyrics are so incestuous, and then some of them totally subvert it. 

Thanks for sharing, Anon!

Loving you wasn’t unplanned. It wasn’t an accident, but a choice. I did not trip over nor stumble for you. I had the option of building a barrier around my heart, but I actively chose not to. Fully knowing that one day you’d hold the weight of my world in the palm of your hands, I did not turn away and run. Instead, I gave it to you on a silver platter. My heart, my soul, my everything. So you see, when people say they fell in love, there’s a cynical side of me that wonders if the love they’re experiencing is truly authentic or if it’s at best infatuation. Because with you, I never fell in love. I rose in it.
—  C. K. Armwood
Sing (Everlark Drabble)

Everlark Drabble prompt by lifeloveanddance: Everlark going to a concert. Anyway I want.  Thank you so much for giving me the prompt!  I was in the mood to drabble and had no idea what I should write.  (((Hugs!!!)))

A million thanks to bubblegum1425 and katnissdoesnotfollowback for reading. Post-Mockingjay, Canon Compliant.

“Go without me,” Katniss snapped, crumbling the flyer Peeta had handed her and launching it in the direction of the rubbish bin.  It landed instead on the floor.  She was immediately ashamed of her tone and harsh reaction but she was too proud and filled with a sense of her own correctness to apologize right away. Instead, Katniss turned around to lean against the kitchen counter, wanting with all her heart to make him happy and finding herself completely unable to do so.

Peeta gave an audible sigh as he bent to pick up the discarded announcement of the first annual District 12 Summer Festival. Her back was turned but she sensed his frustration and the way he struggled to control himself.

“I’ll stay with you.  We can cook and watch a show. ..”

“You’re not obligated to stay with me.  You’re not my babysitter.” She turned back to him when she said this and caught the flicker of hurt as it clouded his blue eyes.  She wanted to tell him he’s more than a babysitter, more than accidental company. But like everything else that could be a benefit to someone else, she swallowed it.  Causing suffering is what she did best.  

Peeta furrowed his eyebrows, still staring at the paper.  "You’re right. I’m not your babysitter.“ He placed the wad in the bin and turned to leave, getting as far as the kitchen door before pausing.  "She would have been happy to hear you sing again.” he said with unbearable gentleness before leaving without another word. He paused to glance towards the primrose bushes, the air fragrant with their new blossoms and Katniss knew precisely why he looked at them.  It made sense.  Even now that Prim was no longer there, most of Katniss’ decisions still revolved around her.  

When Katniss was sure he was gone, she laid on the sofa, curled in a ball, waiting for the day to end as she had often done those first three months after she’d returned to District 12. Sun up.  Sun down.  Sun up. Sun down. Over and over.  Nights had been long and filled with spirits of the dead from which waking brought no relief. But the sun persisted in rising and one day, so had she.  Peeta returned and she’d found the way to move again.

Now the primrose bushes were in bloom, fresh and young, as she had been. It made Katniss’ heart ache even more to see how well he knew her.  But it ripped at her soul even more that Prim was gone and there was not enough music in the world to drown out that truth.

Yet after all of that, he wanted her to sing.

Katniss scoffed at him in her heart.

Day turned to twilight when Katniss heard the slow unfurling of a folk ballad sneak its way across the main road of Victor’s Village.  Fingers of fiddle music crept into her half-sleeping consciousness like a caress. It was soft like her father’s touch when he woke her before dawn to go hunting. Gentle as her mother’s breath that tickled her cheek when she carried Katniss as a toddler. Implacable as Prim’s arms around her waist when Katniss volunteered as tribute in her place.

Katniss shot up from her spot on the sofa. Why that? Why the Reaping? Of all the things to remember, why that?

Her breath came in gasps and the tears burst out of her. Why that?

The music became more insistent, the tempo livelier as Katniss became angrier. It felt good to feel more like herself and rage was an emotion she recognized.

Prim loved flowers. She dressed in pink and braided ribbons in her hair and dresses. She tucked bits of pine branches with waxy, bright red berries in the rags she found around the house, out of waste, making something beautiful. When she touched a wounded Lady, her beloved goat, there was healing.  When she made Buttercup love her, she’d tamed that mangy beast like she’d tamed her older, savage sister. There was her sister. Not in the Reaping, the Revolutions, the bombs.  She didn’t know that dead girl at all.

She was in the lullabies Katniss had sung to her at night.  The songs of comfort her father had sung were gifts he’d left to Prim through her older sister.  Katniss found her little duck there.

Prim was hers and she would not remember her with the Capitol’s taint.  

Peeta had understood that.  Damn him for knowing her so well.


Katniss found him sitting at a bench, sipping a local, homemade ale, made from wild barley, typical of District 12.  Delly and Thom sat across from him, all of their attention riveted on the fiddler and the handful of residents milling about. The center had been cleared and somewhat rebuilt but the town had a long way to go. They all had a long way to go.

Katniss snuck up on them on silent feet. Delly was startled, drawing Thom’s attention away from the fiddler. But Peeta continued to sip his ale, giving Katniss a half smile before pushing his still icy mug towards her.

“I won’t sing,” she said resolutely before taking a draught of the cool drink, losing herself in its icy comfort against the balmy night air.

Peeta shrugged, wiping a droplet of foam from the corner of Katniss’ lips with his finger.  “I know. But one day you will.” He took the cup from her and aligned her lip imprint with his before taking a lingering draught of his own. “Let’s just listen to the music for now.”

Katniss nodded before finally turning to acknowledge Delly and Thom, exchanging a few polite words and tidbits of town gossip as the music played.  

She then rested her head against Peeta’s shoulder and spent the rest of night humming the songs of District 12 under her breath.

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Charlie! When you think werewolf speed do you think blurs? or just straight up disappearing? bc I always thought it looked like blurs but now I can imagine the disappearing kind being hilarious, imagine derek being like castiel? or edward cullen? and stiles squealing every time! I can't stop laughing at this and I had to share the thought with you.

I’ve always thought of werewolf speed as a sort of blur too but oh my God

Can you imagine the smug look on Derek’s face after he’s silently moved into Stiles’ room (very season 1 bedroom scene like) and Stiles turns around, sees him, and jumps and screams in surprise, yelling “You nearly gave me a heart attack, asshole!”?

Can you imagine Derek using his werewolf speed to constantly confuse and/or irritate Stiles? He’ll be standing on one side of the room one moment, Stiles will turn around for no more than a second, and then Derek will be halfway out the window in the next

And on a warm summer day where Stiles let his window be open, Derek silently rolls in and is just suddenly there and Stiles just squeals very manly and tells him to “fucking stop that, it’s getting annoying”

Thank you for sharing this with me, sweet anon, it’s an amazing mental image omg

Happy late b-day shade-shypervert !! ♥

I’m sorry i didn’t made it before…And I’m sorry for a lot of other things you know what is…Also sorry for maybe being annoying about that. pfft

Anyway…All what I am trying to say…is that even if I’m not around…or even if I’m acting like a terrible sis…I really love you and miss you. And even if i’m not around I’m still there, cuz as the pic says…and the gift i gave you when you left…”We are sisters connected by the heart”. 

And once again, sorry for my mistakes, I hope you like it. I actually wanted to turn it into a keychain or sticker, but there wasn’t a way to send you and no time anyway. Welp…Happy b-day sis! I love ya!! ♥

Your Song - One Direction Preference

Louis - Rhythm Of Love - Plain White T’s

My head is stuck in the clouds
She begs me to come down
Says, “Boy, quit foolin’ around”
I told her, “I love the view from up here
Warm sun and wind in my ear
We’ll watch the world from above
As it turns to the rhythm of love”

Niall - Long Way Home - 5 Seconds Of Summer

Take me back to the middle of nowhere
Back to the place only you and I share
Remember all the memories?
The fireflies and make-believe

Liam - Angel Of Mine - The Icarus Account

I’ve never been the type to go all in
But you were different it was evident
So you gave me your heart
I’ll give you mine
All of the time

Harry - Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots

You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time,
But that’s ok, I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine,
I’m driving here I sit, cursing my government,
For not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement.

Speaking of the new corydoras,

So I was drip acclimating them, right? Like a good fish owner.

I turned around just for a moment (drip acclimating takes ages okay), and when I turned back MY STUPID CRUSTY OLD CAT WAS SITTING THERE, DRINKING THE WATER FROM THEIR CONTAINER.

I quickly recovered from my heart attack and gave him his own cup of tank water to slurp from. Seriously, cat??

Why would you even want to drink tank water? Does it taste like fish?


Yeah that’s right, leave them alone and drink your own cup of fish poop water.


Seriously, animals…

Effie Trinket, survivor.

“When I’m all grown up like you, I’m going to work for the Games. You and father will be able to see me on television, mother. I will look all pretty and people will love me, and you will be very proud of me, won’t you?”

As it turned out, being an escort for District Twelve was not something to be proud of but Effie was undeterred. Effie Trinket, an escort.

Adele’s Million Years Ago gave me a lot  of Effie feels. This one is Effie-centric but don’t worry, Haymitch is there!

The Ballad of A Drunk & His Lady: Effie Trinket, Survivor

I only wanted to have fun
Learning to fly, learning to run
I let my heart decide the way
When I was young

The piece of lace fabric twirled around her small, petite frame as she spun around in her room, her laughter rang loud in the quiet room.

“Euphemia,” she mother exclaimed, standing at the doorway all severe face and taut lips. “What is the meaning of this? A lady should never laugh as loud as you just did. It is not very polite, is it?”

“No, mother, I’m sorry,” she stilled with her hands clasped in front of her, head bowed apologetically.

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