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Would you care to write a drabble of the castle redoing Mrs. and Mr. Potts's wedding because Chip found his mother's wedding dress and was bummed that he missed it?


“Oof.” Lumiere sneezes. “I try not to go up to this attic, much—”

“Why? Worried you’re going to find an old flame?” Plumette teases.

No! No. Where do you hear such stories?! I never dated a Christmas ornament, I told you that never happened—”

“Mm-hmm. So why do you live in terror of the attic?”

“It’s not terr—AGH.” Lumiere sees a spider and leaps. Stubborn, still, as he stands on top of a chair: “It’s not terror. I just…don’t like old things.”

The two of them stand, surrounded by the dusting heaps of objects. Unmoving hat stands, cutlery, trunks, closets, knick-knacks: it is all too silent for Lumiere, too dead. Nothing here moves or feels or glows. Nothing has a heartbeat.

 It reminds him too much of the night of the curse.

Plumette sees his eyes start to glance toward a dusty, broken feather-duster, and sidesteps in front of it so all he sees are her skirts. “Mon amour! Come, now. We don’t have to stay. She just wants her old trunk, to get the linens from it—”

“Oui! Oui.” He starts from reverie and jumps toward the old trunk, hauled up in the back of the attic. “Beatrice” is inscribed on it, hard nails in cracked leather; and it still smells like tea and clean muslin and English-garden-rosemary. “I suppose she hasn’t had this out since she came across the channel—uff.”

Lumiere has never been strong in his arms. They get it down the stairs—where Adam, thank heaven, is there to pick it up with ease—and the maître d'sighs and massages his limbs.

“We’ve found you your trunk!” he calls to Mrs. Potts. “And about ten thousand pounds of dust. Did you secretly want to kill me? You know I’m allergic—”

“You’re just French, that’s what, no backbone for the harsher things in life,” says the housekeeper, bustling forward and smiling at the chest. “Now! Look at that! You’ve done wonderfully, Lumiere, Plumette. Hold it there, there’s a lock—”

The trunk flies open, with another cloud of dust. Lumiere sneezes in misery and stands back.

The whole castle has gathered for the momentous occasion of opening Mrs. Potts’ bridal trunk—Belle and Chapeau and Adam and Chip and all the rest, to see Mrs. Potts’ old life in all its dust and rosemary. She herself hasn’t looked at it for years; but she wants the linens, now, the ones her mother wove for her. They’ll look nice, out on the table. Mrs. Potts doesn’t like to hide things away, any more—she has the good china out at every meal, and lets Chip run around to his heart’s content.

He is not running now, though. He peers into the box with an eager face.

“I don’t see any linens,” he says.

“It’s not pirate treasure, dear, I told you,” says Mrs. Potts, digging down inside. “Just a trunk, with a few old secrets. Like—oh!—that.” She takes out an old, English-style Christmas ornament—a hammered-tin angel, with cunning eyes.

“I told you,” Plumette whispers, poking at Lumiere. He pretends to sneeze and looks away.

“Now let’s see, this isn’t table cloths—nor this either—now! Dear! What’s this?”

She draws it out, with careful fingers. A beautiful, light-blue dress—of the old sort, the kind from thirty, forty years ago, the kind Belle knows from the sketches of her mother. It’s a costly dress, for Mrs. Potts; it would have taken a year’s salary for a miller’s daughter to afford such a gown, though it looks plain enough in Adam’s hall.

Chip gapes. “Is it a fairy-gown?”

“No, dear, though it might have fit through a thimble once—my mother made this lace herself.” Mrs. Potts smiles, and fingers the fading fabric. “I got married, in this dress. To Mr. Potts himself. Pretty, isn’t it?”

“You—got married in this?” Chip’s eyes wander over the little English primroses embroidered on the silk.

“Yes, dear. My mother cried to see it.”

“Why wasn’t I there?” he demands.

“Luv! You weren’t born, yet.”

“Well, why didn’t you wait until I was born?” Chip is inexhaustible. Plumette hides a laugh, and Belle’s close-lipped smile tucks up in one corner.

“Oh, dear, it was such a long time ago. You wouldn’t have wanted to be there for it.”

“But I did! I do! Oh, mum, please! Can you do it again? So I don’t miss it this time?”

Mrs. Potts starts to say no. But then she remembers—don’t hide anything away—and Chip is so eager, so happy, as he holds the dress made by a woman he will never know.

“Well,” says Mrs. Potts, “my mother surely wouldn’t mind. She always said we’d have to do it again, do it proper, without the cats all crawling on the altar.”

She doesn’t let Lumiere help. Plumette, she does—“Because you’re a rational soul, dear, and don’t get these extravagant ideas”—but she keeps a steady order to things, and turns down the buckets of roses and the twenty bridesmaids and the gold-trimmed invitations the maid suggests.

“No, no, that won’t do at all,” she says. “We’re honest folk, me and Mr. Potts. We’ll get married in the ordinary fashion.”

“But a swan cut from ice is the ordinary fashion—”

“In Paris, maybe. But we’ll have a Yorkshire wedding, here in Villeneuve.”

So they trim up Pere Robert’s little church, and order in blackberry ice cream, the kind that Stanley makes himself. (he’s taken to new hobbies, since the old ones went out of style.) Belle researches old English vows, and together with Adam cobbles together some little promises the two old lovers can keep—to keep a steady hob, and love each other beyond curses and broken crockery. Mrs. Potts gets out the dress, and looks at the seams with a furrowed brow, and carefully lets it out an inch here, and an inch there. She washes the lace and tucks it up on a chair, with little rose-bundle sachets to keep it sweet.

Chip is everywhere. He cannot be stopped. The castle gives up on keeping up with him—he slips past Adam’s fingers, and skyrockets past Lumiere’s, and Belle can only get him to sit down after giving him peas to shell, or rings to polish, or shoes to shine. He is never happier than when his father asks him to pick out a proper corsage—“no enchanted roses, now; there’s my boy.”

The wedding is held on a morning. Plumette insists that late afternoon would be more fashionable, but Mrs. Potts maintains that afternoon weddings are always rainy. Never mind if that was in Yorkshire—she has a morning wedding, and Chapeau’s sisters help her get dressed.

Chip is perched in the front row. His legs won’t stop jiggling. He grins at the church’s high ceiling, and the fresh-scrubbed altar, and Belle standing there with her fingers on her lips.

Mrs. Potts looks beautiful. The old dress suits her perfectly; and Mr. Potts cries to see her, and opens his arms, and lets Adam give her away. Cogsworth dabs his eyes, and hands the two the rings—crafted to look like two clasped hands, and the ones they’ve worn forever, but shined to look new by Chip. And they say the gentle vows that Belle wrote, and Pere Robert blesses them, right as it starts to rain.

“Oh! This is lovely,” whispers Mrs. Potts, slipping on her ring. “My mother would be so proud.”

“I know she would, love,” says Mr. Potts. “And—oh! Oh! Dear!”

There are cats flocking all over the alter, tipping over the candles and strewing the bread. Chip stands by, an open sack in one hand, another cat crawling across the other.

“I thought,” he says, beaming at his mum and dad, “if I spoiled it again, we could have another wedding every year. Like your mum would want!”

And the Yorkshire rain—come just to Villeneuve to say hello to Mrs. Potts—can’t drown out the laughter in the little church.

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Thank you. I am trying my best to start my One Piece ask blog and my art/doodle blog. I learned when I was making it, that I have been inspired by so many people and friends on here it’s ridiculous. These people gave me the courage to be myself and so that my mind and heart could tell me that I can do it. Im not a quitter, you got this. Believe in you. So I’m going to give thanks to the people who have seriously helped me even though I’ve barely started. Because I feel like Me and Tay haven’t said it enough. Because seriously, I wouldn’t have done anything or created these blogs, of it wasn’t because of them. (Plus P.S tis my birthday! Woo!)

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Now, this Mun, is *laughs* one of my greatest friends on here. She is so kind, very perky and basically has my back and I have hers. They are a little stubborn when it comes to taking a rest and sleeping though XD
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Mai…I have no words for you. You’re great. Great in all sorts of ways. You mean so much to me, for when I need to vent or just sit down and talk to you. Im so happy that I have someone is talented, charismatic, fun-loving girl like you. You inspired me from great lengths with your colorful yet wonderful pictures of that Revolutionary boy. I wish you deeply the best, and I pray greatness in the future for you.

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Holy hell, you my friend Cesi, *backs up* I gotta say thank you too. You have changed my perspective of writing and thinking forever. When you started up your Brotherhood AU and showed people that you don’t have to be canon to be liked, that’s when it hit me. You showed me that I can do and be whatever the hell I want and do so. You showed me that when you had the writing contest that I can stretch my imagination and gave you one of the best and longest things I’ve EVER wrote in my life. I literally cant thank you enough, don’t stop being you, because there no one like you. And I hope everything goes your way in the future. Plus, I can’t wait for the picture!

Where the hell to start. YOU CHANGED ALMOST EVERYTHING FOR MEYOU WONDERFUL CINNAMON ROLL. I cant believe it! You! Yes you! You have showed me enough things in the world that if I didn’t send one message to you, I would have missed out on. You are a great person in general and you have showed me that, you can be great no matter what you draw. Love ya!

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OHMYFUKIN- im good. Okay this mun she draw Law really well and unique like damn! Anyway, I hope your paypal thing goes well! You are awesome and I love what ya do! You’re great! Hahahahaha…yessss.

Ok she is just so adorable. Both the Mun and the Muse like there so sweet I might get diabetes. I live the way she draws Lamy, its so cutting-edge and just slick. Every color goes together so well its like- im looking at a amazing picture ever time… oh wait, I am! You are really cool to talk to and I love rp’ing with you! Hopefully we get to talk soon!

She is just a nice wonderful woman and she deserves hugs and kisses everyday XD I love how she draws Luffyko and how its just so cute, I mean it cant get over that! I am your friend if you need me always, because you’re never alone!

Ohmygosh there drawing of Sanji is soo good and you don’t know how times I’ve said to myself wow I shipSanji and Crocodile Oh woowwwwwww! XD You are so talented and I wish the best for you in everything. Their really nice to talk to and somehow I feel kinda calm around them.

This mun for this blog is one of the first One Piece Oc blogs I ever saw. Rosetto is such a beautiful Oc and I personality live her orange fluffy hairrrr. :3 I want to hug her and the muse all the time. I hope I can talk to them in the future, but they really inspired me to do my best in drawing and colors. They are all so palleted and calm its like going to Las Vegas. That’s how pretty her artwork his. Its great! You’re great! Thank you.

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Omfg Davy is fuckin little- idefk! Still! Your artwork is great! Like its so clean and hes such a freakin baby about stuff but he’s more of a mom somethings than everything. Another great marine Oc blogs just like YE- their muse is really nice! Great personality and just really kind.

Okay okay, they are so so great at drawing Penguin and Shachi! It blows my mind every time I see it honestly. There both such cute idiots. Anyway, this mun I absolutely adore them, I got to draw some of their Heart Pirates Oc’s and that was super freakin fun! And shipped some stuff on a Discord chat. Still I hope your anxiety stuff will go down and you feel better soon!

Wendy is just askdhaickwhsknzb so greattt. I mean the mun who draws her, is just so fucking amazing I cant- she one of the best Oc marine blogs out there in my opinion! I hope I get to talk to you in the future!! GAHHH! Youre so great in so many ways, don’t let people tell you otherwiseeeee!

This Mun is really nice in my opinion! They really have made their blog very interesting! Matter of fact, I’ve only met him in the WaterWorldEvent but they seemed awesome! Plus, I hope everything goes okay soon! Im praying! Love ya!

All of these people and more have made me want a ask blog and do one. I just hope I can be okay in this timeline, theres always a chance for anything. Plus my brother is living with me bow and its my birthday so I’m deciding to sleep and binge on Sherlock Holmes movies before I want to kick it into high gear. Trust me I will!
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