i gave up on trying to color this oh well


Spent too long on this trying toi figure out the colors I wanted and finally gave up “failing”. I’d like it to be more silver-ish since silver and white are my canon colors for Oromë.

This is sorta part of a scene I imagined, when he finds the elves for the firt time and takes a material form to avoid scaring them.

He should really have silver or light brown hair… :/ Oh well, next time.

Becoming an American

“Give me that bottle.” Uncle Arturo ordered in his new voice.

Javier handed him the bottle of water and Uncle Arturo dumped it over himself, rolling his shoulders forward, cracking his neck, and taking a few sips.

“These gringos aren’t adapted for this type of climate.” He said wiping off his brow.

Javier was planning on moving to America, but he had been arrested a few times in his home country of Mexico, plus coming into America was a pain in the ass because of Customs and Border Patrol. It turned out his Uncle Arturo had a more permanent solution; all you need is his special pills and an American. Uncle Arturo had picked up this particular one at a spring break resort. Moments earlier, he had slipped on the American boy and seemed to be picking up all of the mannerisms and memories of the boy within the minutes following.

“Isn’t it hot in there?” Javier asked.

“There’s no ‘in there,’ I’m him now,” Uncle Arturo answered.

“Wait, so you’re completely American?”

“As much American as this boy is… er, was.”

“So I get the pills, too?”

“Yeah, and only one set, so don’t fuck this up. I’m getting back to his group at the resort. I’ll meet you where we agreed in a week. Remember: BE CAREFUL at the border. These assholes are so on edge all the time. Just be compliant and get one of the Americans alone.”


Javier leaned against the wall near the window of the Border Patrol trailer while the buff American patrolman shuffled his papers. Javier was studying his impressive arms as he looked down at the papers. This guy was definitely older than Uncle Arturo’s American, but only by a few years. Probably in his late 20’s, he guess-timated. He looked damn good, though, and he better have been since Javier was going to be him in a few moments.

“Officer Frank Taylor, kid. And you are… Ja-vare? Like Les Mis?” the officer began.

“Javier.” Javier corrected, rolling his eyes.

“Javier. Not that it matters. Bottom line is you’re going back where you came from. No America. You understand?”

“I speak English, gringo.”

“I see. Well, you’re also going to get some charges for trying to enter illegally. Some more stains you can add to your… colorful record.”

Javier sighed, “I guess it was worth trying.”

“What, just walking in?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t the best choice, I guess. Overconfidence. Just a side effect.”

Officer Taylor looked up, “Side effects? Of what?”

Javier smirked. This guy looked like a recreational user. “Just some stuff my uncle gave me.”

“Oh yeah? What’s the name?”

“No name, just good stuff. Makes you feel like a god. When I was walking up to the border, I felt like I was 50 feet tall. It boosts the confidence. It just makes you just want to pump some iron, you know what I mean? Plus, it gives you a crazy sex drive.”

Officer Taylor was noticeably intrigued, “You, uh… Um… Do you have any on you?”

Javier beamed, “Yeah, man, just one.”

“Typical Mexicans… y’all are like a walking drug store.”

Javier produced the pill from his pocket, “Uh, yeah. Hey, if you like it, just tell your friends. It’ll give it a head on the market.”

Officer Taylor took it from his hand, “Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. But I’m keeping your information.” He popped it in his mouth.

“Sure, man. How you feeling?”

Officer was holding his head, “Aw, man, a little woozy. A bit hot.”

“Yeah, uh, it’s the energy kicking in. You feel pumped yet?”

“I’m feeling something,” Officer Taylor was unbuttoning his shirt, stumbling around a bit.

“50 feet tall, right? Man, you look it. You look fuckin’ jacked. Check out those pecs! They look like their bursting.”

“Yeah, man, I feel like a giant. You like those fuckin’ pecs, fence hopper?” He started bouncing his pecs for Javier. “Oh, man, the fuck did you give me? It’s so hot… so hot…” Officer Taylor was wiping his forehead. He started talking off his pants. His thick cock sprung through the slit in his boxers, “Oh, man! Hahaha! Look at that! I guess you’re right about the sex drive! Hahahaha!” he slurred drunkenly.

“Woah, man, relax a bit.”

Officer Taylor collapsed on the floor in a giggly moan. He took a deep breath and exhaled for a very long time. It seemed as though all of the air in his body was leaving. He still had a faint breath. Javier knew what to do.

Repeating what he saw Uncle Arturo perform days earlier, Javier disrobed all of his clothes and took his pill. He immediately felt like rubber. He moved over to Officer Taylor’s body and kicked it with his bare foot. It gave in a bit, as though it were empty of bones and organs. Javier sat down over his head, straddling the top of the officer’s head with his groin, and stretched the officer’s mouth open and fed the tip of his feet in. He heard the officer’s breathing get more labored though his nose, and Javier took a deep breath. He pinched Officer Taylor’s nose, cutting off airflow. Immediately, the officer began sucking. Slowly, Javier’s feet were sucked in, then after he was past his ankles, his legs and torso were sucked in as though covered in oil. As Javier was fed into the officer’s mouth, he could see the officer’s feet vibrating to life, like something was filling them up like a sack of water. He wiggled his toes and saw that the officer’s feet wiggled the same way. It was like his body was elongating to match the officer’s size. More importantly, it was working. Javier could feel himself getting hard at the sight of him being sucked into the officer. Once his erect member passed though the officer’s expanding mouth, he could feel it filling into the cop’s member. Next his torso, then he let go of the officer’s nose and fed his arms into the tight opening, immediately feeling the rush of power with the officer’s huge arms. He could feel his neck sliding in and took a deep breath as the officer’s mouth closed in around his head on his own mouth. It was all blackness as he could feel the features of his head expanding and reshaping and as his body felt like it was undergoing the last of the expanding into the shape of the officer’s body. He last felt like if he were to climb out of the body right now, he would have the exact type of size and shape he’d been working towards for a long time.

He felt like he was going to black out from holding his breath when he exhaled and sharply inhaled, opening his eyes, seeing his new heaving chest in the lower periphery of his vision. He stood up, looking over and flexing his new body. It had really worked! Not that he hadn’t already seen it firsthand, but he’d never done something like this before. He knew he had to act fast to cover himself. He took off his shirt, wrapped it around his fist, and punched the window he was leaning against in his former body, shattering the glass. He grabbed a shard and sliced himself in his new torso, wincing at the pain, and collapsed on the floor for his performance as the other officers charged though the door asking what was wrong.

“The hell kinda mess did you get yourself in, Taylor?” asked an older, paunchier border patrol officer.

“Kid broke the window and got away! I tried grabbing him but he sliced me before I could. Kid was doped up on some drugs. He told me.” Javier, or Frank Taylor now responded.

“Drugs or not, we’re supposed to be prepared for this kinda shit. You know that’s gonna be a suspension for you. Boys, get the ATV and see if you can catch that Mexican delinquent fucker,” the older man ordered.

He was right; Frank was suspended without pay for two weeks. But that didn’t matter; he was going to be quitting before he would be able to come back, anyways. Frank got in his truck, went back to his condo in Texas, USA, and took a shower in his new body, jacking off for the first time with another man’s equipment. He got out and put on some tight red briefs, downloaded a hookup app, and snapped a picture. Maybe he’d get to break in this body before meeting up with his uncle.

Solangelo Proposal part 2

 Hey guys! Sorry this took so long, but here is part 2. Sorry if it’s not the best. I really hope you like it! Send me some feed back also! Have a lovely night/day. 

 Nico thought he was nervous when he proposed to Will, but now the actual wedding was hours away and not even to gods could make him stop sweating. The past few weeks leading up to the wedding had be hectic and frustrating. Nico wanted it to be small and have only a few people attend, but Will had convinced him that this was a once in a lifetime thing. So naturally Will got his way and invited everyone. Almost the whole legion would be there, some Amazons, all the hunters, all the major gods and some minor gods that were friendly, Will’s mortal family, And of course everyone from Camp Half-Blood including every single nymph and satyr. It was going to be one hell of a wedding. Mr. D was probably the most excited, he told one of his son’s that it would be a party to remember. The biggest problem they had was where could they find a big enough place to sit 500+ people. It took a while to figure it out, but they found that firework beach would be the perfect place as long as Percy had the tide go back a few hundred feet, which he did, so all was good. It was also perfect because it was the place were Will asked him out on a date. 

They were both sixteen at the time, Nico sat on the beach with Will watching the sun set while the others got ready for the firework’s. It was The Fourth of July and the Hephaestus cabin always put on the best show, and the longest, it always ended at around 2 in the morning. They sat on a bed sheet holding hands enjoying each others company while everyone around them set things up and talked. Nico’s heart was pounding, and his hands were sweaty, but Will didn’t seem to notice.

“So um, are you excited about fireworks?” Will stuttered.

“Well, I’ve never actually seen fireworks. Actually I might have but I don’t remember. I’m still having trouble remembering my past and stuff… So yeah.”

“Really?” Nico could see Will’s eyes light up with excitement. “Well, sometimes, actually most of the time they can be really loud, and um, I think it’s really cool when it’s completely dark and they light up the whole sky. It’s always so beautiful.”

“I can’t wait to see them,” he gave Will a smile.

When the fireworks started the whole sky really did light up with all different colors. While Nico watched he was aware that Will was staring at him, biting his lip.

“Take a picture solace it will last longer.” Nico chuckled nervously.

“Oh um sorry.” Will looked away blushing trying to hide the his embarrassment.

“I was just kidding. It was cute the way you were staring at me.” Wills turned and looked at Nico in shock. “What? I thought it was cute.”

“Cute?” the word lingered on Will’s tongue until he heard Nico give a small laugh and continue to watch the fireworks. “Nico, can I ask you something?”

“Sure sunshine”

“Do you, I mean would you maybe want to go on a date? It’s okay if you’re not comfortable with that, I mean we have been holding hands but I just, I really really like you.” Will’s face turned bright red. Nico could tell he had a hard time getting the courage to ask him out.

“Yeah, sure.” Nico smiled.

“I will pick you up at your cabin tomorrow at around noon?”

“Sounds great.”

Nico could feel warmth filling his chest, and all the nervous tension that was building up was gone. He turned back to watch the fireworks and Will gave a sigh of relief and put his head on Nico’s shoulder. They stayed like that all night talking and watching the sky light up.

Nico smiled remembering the sweet memory while looking in the mirror at his now finished look. He wore an all black tux without the jacket, along with a yellow bow tie and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Will would be wearing the same thing except his tux was white. Since it was on the beach they decided it would be a no shoes wedding and people could sit wherever they wanted. Nico had no idea what everything looked like because the gods decided they wanted to set everything up. It was unlike them to be so helpful, but Hades said it was because they felt they owed it to Nico for doing so much for them, and going through so much heart ache. Plus Hades, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hera, Artemis, Hermes, Mr. D and even Hestia threatened war if it wasn’t the best damn wedding ever. That didn’t make Nico feel any better. Still staring at his reflection he ran his hands through his messy slicked back hair, and took a few deep breaths. He was wondering where everyone was when someone knocked on the door. Before he could get to the door of the Hades cabin Jason, Percy, Piper, Hazel, Annabeth, Frank, and Reyna walked in.

“Wow you look amazing Nico.” Hazel beamed with a big smile.

Everyone agreed right along with her. Nico looked around the room at all his friends and couldn’t help but smile. The nervousness drained out of him and hope and excitement took its place. He was going to marry the love of his life in just one more hour, surrounded by everyone he loved.

“Well okay then guys, I am ready to get married.”

“I’m ready, are all the ladies ready?” Jason said. “You all look amazing i must add.”

“Yup all ready,” Piper blushed. “You ready neeks?”

“Let’s get going, i can’t miss my own wedding.”

Nico couldn’t believe it, when he got to the beach everything was absolutely beautiful. Hundreds of white chairs with yellow bows tied to the back were on the sand, leaving the aisle big enough for four people to walk side by side. The sand had black glitter in it with jewels, probably underworld jewels that would disappear after the wedding. Hades told Nico that when the ceremony was over tables would appear with black table cloths and daisy centerpieces. The daisies would also be surrounded with diamonds from the underworld. The aurae from Camp Jupiter would be in charge of food, so everyone can have what they want. At the end of the aisle there was a white gazebo decorated with black roses and daisies, and the distance you could see the ocean and the brightness of the sun.

“It’s beautiful,” Nico gasped trying to catch his breath.

It was three o’clock and the wedding was about to start, Nico felt panic rise in his chest as he was standing under the gazebo waiting for Will to walk down the aisle. What if’s filled his head and he started to sweat, and then the music started. “Your Song” by Ellie Goulding was the song they decided to pick for the ceremony, Will wanted to go with “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles, but Nico thought that was to cheesy. Hazel and Austin where the first down the aisle, Hazel wore a black dress and beautiful diamond jewelry, and Austin wore a pair of nice shorts, a short sleeve button up shirt and a yellow vest. Kind of dorky looking Nico thought to himself. Austin was the best man, and was also holding onto the rings. Next down the aisle was Piper and Jason, Nico had become really close with both of them over the years and was really happy they agreed to be in the wedding. Next was Frank and Kayla. Who knew Frank would look good in shorts, short sleeve button up and a yellow vest. Frank became a good friend to Nico after the war with Gaea, he would check up on him from time to time along with Hazel, and sometimes come to ask him for advice about Hazel when they had relationship problems. He was glad to have him in the wedding along with Kayla, Will’s sister.

Nico was trying to get his panic under control when he saw Will. His piercing blue eyes looked right into Nico’s making him feel dizzy. Will walked down the aisle with his mother Naomi Solace and of course Apollo. When they got up to the gazebo they both hugged Will and told Nico to be good to him, and took their seats beside Hades in the front row. Will walked to Nico, took his hand and whispered in his ear.

“You look amazing babe.”

“You look even better.” Nico smiled.

The ceremony lasted for about twenty minutes, short and sweet just how Nico liked. Nico cried when Will was reading his vows that he wrote himself, and also while reading the vows he wrote for Will. While reading his vows, Nico looked up from his paper and saw Will’s beautiful blue eyes staring at him with tears rolling down his face. When he was done he looked at the crowd to see people also wiping tears from their eyes. Nico looked back at Will and blushed. Will rushed forward and kissed him with such force Nico almost fell back, the crowd cheered and whistled.

Ten minutes later everyone was eating their favorite food, drinking and talking. Nico and Will sat at their own sweetheart table drinking the best wine ever made, courtesy of Dionysus, although they had no idea what it was, and snacking on bread sticks and cheese.

“So you’re my husband now,” excitement danced in will’s eyes.

“Yeah, still seem so unreal. I’m so happy to be your husband.”

“I love you death boy, want to dance?” Will smirked.

“Yeah sure, but don’t call me death boy again,” Nico grumbled which made Will laugh.

He dragged Nico to the dance floor that appeared after the ceremony. Everyone who walked by congratulated them and told them what a great wedding it was. The muses were in charge of music, which wasn’t very hard because it would be whatever you wanted it to be. Nico heard some slow song and he guessed Will was hearing the same because they slow danced together perfectly. Nico rested his head on Will’s shoulder and closed his eyes, humming along. They both lost track of time while dancing, because when Nico opened his eyes the sun was going down. They sky was clear and brilliantly colorful. The air was crisp and cool, and the waves were gently lapping the shore. Nico saw Jason and Piper slow dancing a few feet away, talking softly to each other. Annabeth and Percy were walking on the shore picking up seashells laughing about something Percy said. Hazel was talking to Frank, Leo, and Calypso about something. Hermes was showing Kayla, Austin, and some of the amazons something on his phone. It was nice to see that everyone was hazing a good time Nico thought.

“Its beautiful isn’t it?” Will said looking out at the horizon.

Nico looked at Will, admiring his blue eyes and strong jaw, he wanted to tell him that he was even more stunning than the sunset, but he knew it was too cheesy.

“I could stay here all night,” Nico decided.

“We are staying here tonight, the gazebo will turn into like a little room for us once the wedding is over.”

“Really? That’s awesome, who put that together?”

“My dad. And uh Nico i have something to tell you.” Will sounded excited.


“Well now that we are married i don’t think we should stay in the Hades cabin anymore.”

“Where do you want to stay? It’s not like we can move outside camp without getting attacked every day by monsters.” They had talked about the living situation before, and they both decided that fighting monsters more than they needed to was something they didn’t want to do. Nico told Will months ago that he was willing to move to Camp Jupiter if Will wanted to, but he didn’t seem like he was thrilled about it. Camp Half-Blood was their home, and Nico had grown to love it more and more the longer he stayed.

“Well i was thinking we could move to Camp Juniper. Or i talked to Chiron and he thinks we have enough room near the strawberry fields or along the edges of the forest to build a house maybe.” Will suggested.

Nico looked at Will in shock. Their very own house? And Will maybe wanted to move to Camp jupiter? He couldn’t help but rush forward and embrace Will in a tight hug.

“I love you so much sunshine”

“I love you too, we will talked about it later let’s go take pictures with everyone and hangout.” Will said with a smile.

As the night went on the moon got bigger and the stars brighter, Nico and Will had taken so many pictures with everyone they would have at least twenty photo albums full. Hermes said that the pictures would be delivered to them in ten business days or less. They also ate cake and danced till their feet hurt. Everyone had eaten and had a good time and started to say their goodbyes. Some older campers giggled drunkenly back to their cabins trying not to fall. Some of the hunters and roman’s sat around the campfire with drinks in their hands singing loudly, it was also really bad singing. Most of Nico’s friends were drunk, including Hazel. He saw poor Frank trying to get her to the Hades cabin, having no luck, she was stumbling around falling and laughing at Frank. Him and Will were both a little drunk also, laying on a blanket in the sand, just talking about what a good day they had, and admiring the stars. Nico guessed it was about midnight when he finally looked away from the sky and saw Leo smirking walking toward him and Will.

“Hey guys i have a surprise for you, been working on it all night.” Leo yawned.

“What is it?” Will also yawned.

“You’ll see,” with that he pressed a button on his watch and walked away towards the cabins.

“Wonder what that was all about,” Nico mumbled to himself.

Suddenly the sky lit up with bright colors and Nico realized it was fireworks.

“Woah,” Will said in awe.

“Just like our first date,” Nico smiled.

“Better than our first date, this is amazing.”

“I love you Will Solace.” Nico said looking at will.

“I love you Nico Di Angelo” Will said turning to face him.

The fireworks went on for about twenty minutes. Only Nico and Will were left on the beach, everyone else had either gone to their cabins or back to the tents that were set up around the strawberry fields. Nico looked down at Will who had fallen asleep on his leg and kissed him on the cheek, then he laid back looking up at the sky and fell asleep.

Street Racer!Taehyung

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life, an absolute prince with the voice of an angel like I’m still not over Stigma, I’ll never be over Stigma bc my bby just sat there and proved to anyone that doubted him that he was a talented bub and that he could sing his cute ass off and I’m so proud, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • First up are the visuals bc I need to talk about this it’s so nice
  • Orange!Tae bc I gotta
  • Orange!Tae was such a blessing it is still my favorite hairstyle on Tae (which is saying a lot bc I love tae’s hair and it’s hard to choose just one favorite) I gotta stay loyal to it and choose it for this AU
  • Plus Vmin (for anyone that didn’t read Jimin’s part of this AU, I gave him his orange hair as well) it all works out great
  • But also I think that his hair would change a lot I don’t see him sticking to one hair color for too long
  • So he’s got the blonde for a while then he pops up at the next race with red hair and then it’s black and then it’s green
  • Side note I feel like Tae’s green hair is so underrated like that shit was nice as fuck I would love to see him try that type of hair out again bc wow oh wow that was a good look
  • Just gonna add in some bad boy!tae (here) bc once again Vmin, Jimin’s a bad boy, tae’s a bad boy and also my brain is just going in this direction so I gotta add some barista!Tae too (here)
  • Just to sum up bad boy!Tae’s visuals for anyone that hasn’t read the original post, he’s got a few piercings (snake bites, a tongue piercing and an eyebrow piercing) and he has a sleeve on one of his arms
  • So all of the boys have tattoos to represent Bangtan right, they all have a lil “B” on them
  • Side note quick head canon that Tae and Jimin get their tattoos together
  • Tae’s is on the back of his neck bc it’s another one of those spots that’s pretty easy to hide when he wants to but also show off when he wants to
  • He can very easily just wear a shirt with a higher collar or a jacket and there you go no more tattoo
  • But if he wears just a t-shirt or anything with a lower collar, he can show it off pretty easily
  • Like when he’s at work, he doesn’t really hide the tattoos but he also doesn’t walk around in a muscle tee pointing at his arm
  • He’s a total favorite at work, he’s so bubbly and happy and if you asked them, not a single one would even think Tae was a racer
  • They all see him as this total cutie who somehow knows how to make every single drink and WILL ask to pet your dog, even if he’s gotta go outside to do it he is petting that dog and getting a quick cuddle
  • The same thing happens when he’s with all of the racers, nobody expects him to be a lil badass bc he’s so smol and cute and giggly and he’s got that infamous smile that melts hearts
  • He’s friends with literally everyone, we’ve all seen how quickly Tae can become friends with someone he’s just so outgoing
  •   He’ll race you and then make you a super nice coffee of your choice 
  • Okay but I have this head canon that Tae is a street racer long before Yoongi finds him
  • I just have this vision in my head of Tae being lowkey about it and only going every now and then to goof off but then Yoongi sees him race
  • Tae is the first one to join Bangtan but Jungkook is quick to join like literally the next day Jungkook’s in and then it’s Jimin then Hoseok then Namjoon then Jin (and Yoongi is the one that starts it all)
  • Tae’s specialty is handling tracks that have a lot of turns
  • He’s not a full on drifter (although he can) but if the course is gonna have a lot of turns, they all know that it’s gotta be Tae bc he’s hands down the best at those type of tracks
  • He does it all while being in the lead, he’s another driver where you know once he’s in the lead, that’s it you’re done might as well just stop bc you aren’t passing him
  • He’s also really good at somehow knowing a l l of the shortcuts which doesn’t help with that whole not passing him thing
  • Tae is like lowkey really competitive irl like in that question game they played where they were sat on the pillows and they had to scoot forward to answer, this kid was racing forward with zero time to spare even if he didn’t have the answer bc he’s just so competitive
  • He’s gonna do his best to win every single time and he’s only lost a handful of times bc he doesn’t like letting the boys down
  • Tae’s reputation isn’t squeaky clean so when he brings you to one of the races you aren’t surprised at all
  • “I should’ve figured you’d be into this tbh”
  • You aren’t fully on board bc there are so many down sides to it like he could get hurt, especially since he’s the driver that handles the windy roads the most but all of the boys agree that they’d never send Tae out if they felt he was gonna be in any danger
  • You let it slide for now and you can’t help but smile when you see the excitement in his eyes after he wins
  • “Did you see me??”
  • “I saw”
  • “I was fast wasn’t I”
  • “That’s kinda the point of a race but yes, yes you were”

Soooo I don’t know what to do with my hair now ( ’ - ’ )b I knew I couldn’t get the gradation I wanted in my city because it fails so much, but I didn’t listen to myself and gave it a try anyway.


At least I didn’t go with my initial idea, which was pink… After checking many photos in Google, I realized only a very specific shade of pink would look good with my natural color, and that I was certain they wouldn’t do well. They would have messed it up for sure.

What bugs me the most is not the color or the fact it’s not a gradation at all. It’s the fact she started it so high it’s impossible for me to get a haircut now to solve this mess (which was my initial intention).

Lexi, I hope your gradation turns better than mine (TwT)